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A Few Left
Of those $6 and $5 Suits (Sizes 4 to
17 Years.)
Reduced To $3.48.
I $3.0 to $4.SO
Reduced To $2.48.
$2.00 to $3.00
Reduced To $1.48.
Straw and Cloth Hats Divided by 2,
R. R. Harder & Co., 105 Rank Street
Said f All Stationer.
Works. CtmdI.N.i: STEF Zl PEN CO. 26 John St., New Yorfc.
a.- a a a
Lee's motion about the constitution in
A. On the 7th of June, 1776, xtich
ard Henry Lee offered a resolution in
congress that these united colonies
are, and of right ought to be, free and
independent states." The motion was
seconded by John Adams. The Mas
sachusetts signers of the Declaration
of Independence, which was written
by Thomas Jefferson and published to
the world on the 4th of July following,
were John Hancock, Samuel Adams,
John Adams, Robert Treate Paine and
Elbridge Gerry.
Postmaster Please publish a list of
the states with the electoral vote of
A. Alabama 11, Arkansas 9, Cali
fornia 10, Colorado 5. Connecticut 7,
Delaware 3, Florida 5, Georgia 13,
Idaho 3, Illinois 27, Indiana 13, Iowa
13, Kansas 10, Kentucky 13, Louisiana
9, Maine 6, Maryland 8, Massachusetts
10, Michigan 14, Minnesota 11," Missis
sippi 10 Missouri 18, Montana 3, Ne
braska 8, Nevada 3, New Hampshire
4, New Jersey 12, New York 39, North
Carolina 12, North Dakota 4, Ohip 23,
Oregon 4, Pennsylvania 34, -tnode
Island 4, South Carolina 9, South Da
kota 4, Tennessee 12, Texas 18, Utah
3, Vermont 4, Virginia 12, Washington
5, West Virginia 7 Wisconsin 13, Wy
oming 3; total, 470.
M. R. R. 'None of your Coins are
rare. '
J. W. T. Your 1894 dollars is worth
Just 100 cents.
J. T. Benzine will take machine oil
out of white wash silk. ,
R D. B. There is no premium on
Silver dollars of date later than 1858.
J. O. There is a state (not a United
States) soldiers' home at Orting, Wash.
Miss W. L. W. The difference be
tween pastry and. ordinary flour is one
Date. What day was the 24th of
September, i860?
A. Monday.
g. T. C For information about a
British army officer write to the- war
office. London.
Reece As you state the case the
smaller judgment will be deducted
from the larger one.
A. G. A. What is the value of half
dollars coined in 1843?
Fifty cents.
Los Animos. What is the address
of J. P. Morgan?
A, New York city.
P. T. President William Henry
Harrison died in Washington and was
buried at North Bend, Ohio.
Shell box How are shell boxes,
jugs, etc, made?
A. The shells may be glued to the
B. F. K. Please give the address ol
a government assayer in the east.
A. There is an assayer at the FEila
flelphia mint.
g H. Please tell me where Car
niole is and if there is a U. S: consul
A. There is no such consulate and
I know no such place.
H S. How can I get a letter to a
member of the Seventh U. S. cavalry,
troop M
A. Send it in care of the war de
partment, Washington.
Pt f. R. C What is the value of
confederate postage stamps and U. S.
internal revenue stamps issued in
A. I do not think they are salable.
R. W. C Please give me a descrip
tion of the golden seal so that I may
Jbe able to find it?
A. I have not the faintest idea what
you mean.
L. K. H. What time is it in Mil.
Jedgeville, Ga, when it is 9 o'clock in
Chicago? (2)' Have roasted peanuts
e nutrition ascribed to raw peanuts?
A. The time Is the same. (2) Yes.
L. C. S. Please give recipe for re
silvering mirrors.
'A. I am unable to do so. And n.t
the low prices at which mirrors can be
bought it would be much cheaper to
When was Jennie Cramer murder
ed? A bets it was 27 years ago; B
says it was not so long as that.
A. B is right. Jennie Cramer was
found dead at Savin Rock August 5,
E. T. What was the population of
the United States as given by the last
i2i Number of immigrants
from 1890 to 1899, inclusive? And
from 1900 to 1903, inclusive?
A. 76,303,387. (2) 3,851,150: 2,437,-
W. N. K. To settle a dispute state
the number of weeks from the 6th ot
October to the 6th of July, and the
amount a man would earn at $8 a
A. Thirty-nine weeks and one day;
amount earned $313.83 1-3.
M. H. How lonsr does it reauire for
lumber to season after it is cut?
A. By the natural process from two
to four years, according to size. 1 Va
rious methods have been devised for
hastening the process, such as kiln
drying, steaming, boiling, etc.
F. L. L. Where can I study civil
service by mail? (2) Where can I get
a history that contains all the religious
denominations? ,
A. Read the advertisements of cor
respondence schools. (2) Address the
Christian Advocate, New York.
G. W. R. A widow with three chil
dren marries and brings her husband
two children. On the death of the sec
ond husband the mother is heir to half
the estate. When the mother dies will
the children of both marriages share
A. Yes.
M. J. Please give me the pronuncia
tion of Blihu. (2) Do you know a syn
dicate that buys literary manu
scripts? A. El-i-hu, with accent on the first
syllable. (2) American Press associa
tion, or McClure Newspaper syndicate,
New York.
F. P. What was the paid attendance
at the world's fair July 4, and the
total attendance? Would a letter ad-di-essed
to President Francis of the
world's fair bring a reply?
A. Paid attendance 172,140; total
not known. Probably any reasonable
inquiry would be answered. '
H. H. IT What reservation will be
open for settlement in Wyoming, anC
where is it located? (2) Where can I
get the book. "Thirty-one Years On the
Plains and in the Mountains"?
A. Ask the general land office,
Washington, D. C. (2) Never heard of
it. Perhaps a bookseller can help you.
J. T. B.--Where can I obtain a
book showing the flowers adopted by
the states of our country and of the
different countries of the world?
A. You will find a list of "state
flowers" as adopted in most instances
by the vote of the public school school
scholars of the various states, in the
World Almanac. I do not know any
book giving the national flowers.
Mrs E. B. G. Of what is the drink
coca cola composed? (2) What is the
address of Lieutenant Bailey K. Ash
fvrrl. assistant surgeon of the U. S.
army and specialist in the disease"
A. You will have to ask the manu
facturers, but perhaps they won'tjtell.
(2) If addressed in care of the war de
partment, Washington, the letter will
be forwarded.
D. H. P. Please give a recipe for
putting up pickles.
A. Pick yoxir cucumbers each morn
ing. Let them stand in weak brine
three or four days, putting in mustard
pods and norse radish leaves to keep
them green. Then take out and drain,
covering with vinegar for a week; take
out and drain again and put into new
vinegar. Add an ounce or two each,
per barrel, of mustard seed, ginger
root, cloves, pepper and red pepper
O. R. W Who was the Massac hu
setts man who seconded Richard H.
Was Too Much for East Indian Who
Braved Cobras and Other
Deadly Reptiles,
Saalleen Brandon, Hindu, who has
braved the terrors of giant pythons, boa
constrictors, cobras and sundry other
reptiles of the jungle with no other pro
tection than his glittering eye, fell to a
common American "rattler" at Coney
Island the other afternoon, and just now
he is in the Emergency hospital, with
doctors having grave doubts as to his
living to charm another snake.
The New York World says that in an
effort to save the life of the snake
charmer. Dr. Hall and other surgeons
literally drain e a his arm of almost every
drop of blood, through an inch and a
half incision, and then swathed the arm
in compresses of powerful antiseptics.
Saalleen played with his king cobras,
his boa constrictors and other snakes at
the animal show while several hundred
Royal Arcanum guests looked on and
shivered. He had transferred all of the
big ones back to their cages, and as a
final act brought forth his prize dia
mond Arizona "rattler."
This snake is five feet long and has
fangs that make it most dangerous. As
he yanked it about, the little American
snake sounded its rattles just once and
then struck.
Saalleen wasn't quick enough to avoid
the darting blow. The fangs buried
themselves in his left wrist. Saalleen
didn't lose his head, but quietly put
the rattler back in the cage. A few min
utes later he , was writhing on the floor
of his dressing room. Dr. Hall was
called and hurried him off to the hos
pital. It's only an even chance that the
Hindu will get well.
Visitor in "Select Circle" Loses Only
Hypodermic Syringe and
Morphine Supply.
A curious story is told in the London
Chronicle about a dabbler in literature
who has been studying the criminal
classes at first hand, and succeeded in
obtaining an introduction to "a select
circle of clever pickpockets," with a
regular meeting place of their own. The
first time he shared one of the "social
evenings" of this group he carried noth
ing in his pockets save the money neces
sary to take him home. On the next
occasion he took some gold with him,
and on leaving the house, early in the
morning, found that it was still in his
possession, but, on the other hand, he
missed something "of no value to any
one but the owner," a bottle of morphia
and a hypodermic syringe. He hastened
back to the house and begged the mem
ber of the club with whom he was best
acquainted to get the missing treas
ures restored. But he was too late; he
was shown the fragments of the bottle
and the syringe. The men liked him,
and, knowing his weakness, had deputed
one of their number to prevent him
gratifying his morbid desire, at any rate
for that one night.
First Mention of Shaving.
The first mention of shaving is in
Genesis 41:14, when Joseph shaved
himself just before setting forth to in
terview King Pharaoh.
Way They Tell It.
All spinsters are single from choice
-they say. Chicago Daily News,
Example and Precept.
One bad example spoils many good
precepts. Smith's Weekly.
Cost of Living.
Since 1898 the cost of living has been
Increased 11.8 per cent.
jgsgi yi -yt y JE a
m The Kind You Haw Always Bought
(Fifty Years Hence.)
I believe that in the next generation it
will be vulgar to be rich, vulgar to spend
money. Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis. '
Come, my darling, come away
From those dressed-up children there.
For their father yesterday
Got to be a millionaire;
Get your playthings, dear make haste
Or I'll have to wield the switch
' They have ceased to have good taste.
It is vulgar to be rich.
Nay, it nearly breaks my heart,
But I cannot be your own;
You must leave me, we must part,
Gladness from my heart has flown.
Once you lived on humble fare,
Once you labored in the ditch
But you're now a millionaire
And it's vulgar to be rich.
Darling, 'tis the only course!
You're an heiress now, you know;
I must get me a divorce
Dh, but 'tis a crushing blow!
If your uncle had not made
All those millions out of pitch,
Gladness with us might have stayed
It is vulgar to be rich.
Colleges and libraries
Sending all my money back;
All the old-time charities
Closed to me, alas, alack!
Not a channel left to-day.
Not an avenue through which.
I may send my wealth away;
And 'tis vulgar to be rich!
S. E. Kiser, in Chicago Record-Herald.
Short Cut Through
the Alders
I HE village church was crowded with
decorous worshipers. The organ
voluntary had died away, and a silence,
broken only by the hushed footsteps and
gentle rustle of some late arrival, per
vaded the place of worship.
The minister was just approaching the
altar by a private entrance when Mrs.
Mary Ann McDougall passed up the
aisle, loudly heralded by the musical
squeak of new shoes, and paused by the
pew occupied by Lawyer Larkin and
family. Leaning over this village mag
nate with a benign smile, she presented
his wife with an immense bunch of pen
nyroyal, sayng in a shrill whisper, dis
tinctly audible in; all parts of the church:
"Here's them herbs I've been a-prom-isin'
yer so long, Mis' Larkin!"
Then, with the air of one who has
faithfully performed an important duty,
she squeakily tiptoed her way to the pew
reserved by the town fathers for the
poor. j
A half-suppressed smile swept ovei
the congregation at this little diversion
in the regular exercises of the day. Mr.
Larkin bit his moustache with an aii
of amusement, not unmixed with vexa
tion; Miss Viola Files, Mrs. Larkin's
younger sister, flushed with mortifica
tion; three-year-old Myrtle, the baby
idol of the family, reached an admiring
hand for the pungent bouquet; ten-year-old
Harold was too busy watching an un
equal combat between a spider and a
fly in a corner behind the blind to no
tice the gift in any way; but his mother,
unruffled and serene, received the
aromatic offering with as gracious
thanks as if it had been a bouquet of rare
orchids, bestowed by a royal princess.
Viola looked at her sister's serene
face reproachfully. ' 'Throw it out of the
window! " she whispered behind her fan.
"It scents the whole church."
Mrs. Larkin shook her head, "It's
the Lord's incense and worthy of His
house," she whispered back whimsi
cally, "but if it is offensive to you, I
will place it on the window ledge out
side," and she did so, dimpling with
amusement at her sister's look of re
lief. This little episode would not have
seriously disturbed Viola if she had not
seen the quick smile which played ovei
George Wayne's face, and the responsive
giggle of pert Sadie Griggs, who sat
by his side in the choir. It is not pleas
ant for even the meekest of girls and
Viola was far from meek to have her
family made ridiculous before the eyes
of a recreant lover and a triumphant
rival. Not that she cared about George
Wayne's good opinion, Viola told herself
over and over again during the sermon,
looking very proud and self-possessed.
Why should she care, when he had shown
himself so fickle and despicable
They had been playmates from baby
hood, and merely because she had told
him he seemed just like a brother, and
persisted in accepting the escort of Carl
Bennington, a city boarder at the hotel,
to the Shakespeare club picnic, George
had pretended to fly into a jealous rage.
All mere pretense, of course, a scheme to
fid himself of his old playmate, for he
had ttiken Sadie Griggs to that very pic
nic, and the moonlight ride and tennis
tournament afterward, and Viola, to
show him how little she cared, had kept
up a furious flirtation with Mr. Benning
ton although his presence bored her al
most to the point of insanity, as George
might know if he took the slightest in
terest in her happiness, but he did not.
Now, when they met, he caMed her
Miss Files. Miss Files! when they
had pulled hair over their peppermint
drops at four, fought like little savages
over croquet at ten, and been the frank
est and jolliest of chums from that date
to the opening of the present season.
She didn't call him Mr. Wayne. She
would not be such a fool. There was no
occasion to call him anything. A frosty
bow was sufficient to express her present
attitude toward him
But in another week he was going
west. 'Way out to Oregon! His cousin
told her so. She didnt care, of course,
but there was something very depress
ing about the weather, and she wished
people wouldn't inquire so solicitously
about her health and persist in telling
her how pale and thin she was growing.
It was all imagination on their part. She
felt perfectly well, only langnid and
nervous; that was the fault of the
After the sermon she lingered to avoid
George. Let his walk home with that
siily Sadie Griggs if he enjoyed such
company, and he seemed to. She walked
decorously beside her sister and brother-in-law,
who were discussing anew the
little short-cut through the alders.
"It is all right, Jean," said he, "for
you to be kind to Mary Ann, but I don't
like her conspicuous way of sujj,gij icy.
you with herbs, and" as for that path
through the alders, I shall have it closed
with a good strong fence before the
ground freezes. We have no use for it
ourselves, and if Mary Ann or the other
paupers wish to visit us, let them come
around by the road."
"Now, Jack, what harm does it do?"
said his wife in her gentle way. "It is
full a mile farther by the road, and poor
McDougall is too rheumatic .to take any
extra steps, and her visits to us and my
little gifts to her are the only solace she
"You make a nuisance of her," said
Viola, who was feeling hard and bitter
against the whole world In spite of her
naturally sunny disposition. "You can't
imagine how it mortifies me," she went
on, "to hear her tell folks you are just
like a sister to her, and see her rush up
to you, when you chance to meet in pub
lic, and greet you with all the familiarity
of an intimate friend. And that short
cut through the alders," here her voice
grew hard with misery as she thought
of George, who had once kept it well
worn with his frequent calls; but now
never designed to use it, "that short-cut
is a nuisance, as Jack says, and I
wouldn't keep it open for the benefit of
tramps and paupers any longer."
"Why, Viola!" said Jean in surprise,
"what ails you to-day? You know it
would break poor McDougall's heart to
close that path, and you have always
been so kind to her, too.'
But they had now reached the house,
and Viola rushed to her room without
pausing to reply. -
The next day she threaded her way
through the winding alder-bordered
patch in search of wild asters, she said;
but if so, she forgot to gather any, and
was sitting disconsolately on a log by
the old spring, when Mary Ann, in pur
suit of gold thread, ran upon her. But
for once she had no smile or merry small
talk for the poor old creature who, after
a vain attempt at conversation, went pn
her way disconsolately.
"That girl ain't Well .'"mumbled the
old woman, as she sank down to rest near
the gate which opened on the highway.
"She won't take pennyroyal nor catnip
nor nothin', but she don't look right, and
she don't act right, and she's as cross as
a bear poor creeter! " And the old crone
shook her head forebodingly.
"Now, who is that comin'?" she asked
herself, as she heard a heavy step ap
proaching from the highway. She craned
her neck and strained her dim eyes in the
direction of the sound.
"George Wayne!" she chuckled, her
face lighting up with a sudden inspira
tion. Then she did a strange thing. She
quickly jerked off one of her rubbers and
hid in beneath her shawl, then began
to moan and complain.
"Why, Auntie, what's the trouble?"
asked George, leaning on the gate and
gazing down upon her quizzically.
"Oh," she whined, holding out her
rubberless foot for his inspection, "they
was bran' new only last month, and
now one's gone. I dasn't go home with
out it, and I dasn't go back for it and wet
my foot.
"You are In a bad fix, surely, Auntie,"
said he, jocosely, "but why can't I find
the missing rubber for you? It can't be
far off."
"Oh, no," said she eagerly. "If you
take the path through the alders and
turn to the left till you reach the spring,
it will be all right, I'm sure, for I didn't
go a step beyond there, and thank you
kindly, sir."
After making sure he was out of sight
she replaced her rubber and settled back
comfortably upon her knoll with a self
satisfied smile. "He'll find her, and I
never lied once," she chuckled, shaking
with silent mirth.
She waited patiently a half hour or
more, when she heard the low happy
voices of the young couple approaching,
but before they reached her, they turned
back toward the house. She could see
through the tangled alders that his arm
was about Viola's waist and she heard
him murmur, "I shall always love this
little short-cut for your dear sake." Then
they disappeared, totally forgetting the
old woman whose little scheme had re
stored their happiness. -Housekeeper.
Harvard Professor Tells Story of a
Broad Hint Directed at a
Bashful Lover.
"I heard last week," said Prof. Gates,
of Harvard, "a good example of double
entendre. There was a man who had
been courting a woman for five or six
years. This man, it was plain, loved
the woman; he called on her five nights
in the week, but in that shy mood com
mon in New England he could not bring
himself to propose. He sat one even
ing opposite his sweetheart. He had
grown quite bald since his courting had
begun and, as for her, little lines had
appeared about her mouth and eyes, and
she stooped as she walked. Very desper
ate she was. It seemed to her that they
might have been married five years ago.
'I seen,' said the shy lover, 1 seen an
ad. to-day for a suit for $ 10.' 'Was it
a wedding suit?' the woman asked in a
strange voice. 'No,', he answered nerv
ously, 'it was a business suit.' 'Well,
I mean business,' said the woman."
Better Than Mere "Thank You."
There is something of the German
kaiser's character in the young king
of Spain, and already his people are
well aware of that fact. Recently, when
driving through Malaga, a small and
ragged urchin broke through the guards
and jumped right into his carriage.
"What have you to say?" asked the
king. "I want a new jacket and shoes,
your majesty." "But have you no fa
ther?" inquired Alfonso. "Yes," replied
the" boy; "but he is too poor to give me
any." The young monarch thereupon
took his address. "Are you not going
to thank his majesty?" inquired the aid-de-camp.
"No, sir; but may the king
live forever!" was the startling reply.
Hunt Stamps
To Everybody with Everything.
- - jfcdid
1 lb Best Butter - - wfe 30c
3 lbs Pearl Tapioca WM - 18c
2 lbs Ginger Snaps - - 14c
1 box Matches - - 05c
Samples of Our flany Bargains.
40 " " -
25 " m mm
20 " " -50
" "
Prairie Girl Wearies of Trees.
A prairie girl from Waterville, Kan.,
went to th Indian territory with her
parents. Writing of her new home, she
says: "I have enough trees at last. I
am tired of them. It is pretty tiresome
trying to make friends of the mountains
and the trees they grow monotonous
and their very beauty makes one lonesome.
With 1 box Matches, 05
With 1 lb best Butter, 30
With 1 Pk Potatoes, 25
With lb best Tea, 15
With 1 doz Lemons, 25
With 1 box Cocoa, 25
The Union Supply Co
118 South Main St.
Telephone 7II-4, Free Delivery.
J Waterville and Oakville DeliveryTuesday and Friday.
) 8 A&vmus 'spERiSi
4y tB TfMm STAMPS.
ST 1 tfmmmWr ' mmW ' ' 47" W ftM
VmWmmmmmmmmWmW-. - 'HH 4
r Better merchants give them; better premiums giv&M:
for them. The oldest, the best and most reliable premium
proposition in existence. Thousands have imitated it, but
none have equaled the famous " Sperry Hutchinson "
Green Trading Stamp. Don't be induced to give up some
thing which you know is valuable for something which
is yet untried.
If Adoption in Ocean Telegraphy
Proves Practical, Price Will
Surely Advance.
"A new use has been found for radi
um," said Robert F. Amend, the repre
sentative of a chemical supply house.
"If it proves practical It probably will
go even higher than it now is. If radi
um be placed near the receiving end of
an ocean cable the message will be re
ceived much more clearly and distinctly
than without it. This would be a great
advantage in ocean telegraphy, but just
in what way this influence is supposed,
to be manifested I do not know. The
price of radium has gone up 40 per cent,
in the last two or three months on ac
count of the large demand and the com
paratively scarce supply. Our house
represents the Curies of Paris, the origi
nal discoverers of the new metal, and
their product is by far the best manu
factured. They have made little of late,
however. Considerable radium of a
cheaper grade is being made in Ger
many. For medicinal purposes no proof
has yet been given that it has practical
value. Much is being bought, however,
as a curiosity."
Nearly Every Offense Under Law Is
Penalized by Horrible
Korea must be a nice place to live in,
remarks the Liverpool Post. Here is
a list of penalties for various crimes,
according to Korean law:
Treason, man Decapitated, together
with male relatives to the fifth degree.
Mother, wife and daughter poisoned or
reduced to slavery.
Treason, woman Poisoned.
Murder, man Decapitated. Wife poi
soned. Murder, woman Strangled or poi
soned. Arson, maia Strangled or poisoned.
Wife poisoned.
Arson, woman Poisoned.
Theft, man Strangled, decapitated
or banished. Wife reduced to slavery;
confiscation of all orotmn v
Desecration of graves Decapitated,
together with male relatives to the fifth
degree. Mother, wife and daughter poi
soned. Counterfeiting Strangulation or de
capitation. Wife poisoned.
Prench Physician Finds That Walk
ing Is an Almost Infallible
" Dr. Marchais. of the Paris hospitals
has just submitted the French Acad;'
emy of Medicine a somewhat novel treaty
meni for the cure of varicose veins in
the legs. He had observed that among
rural postmen, obliged to go long dis
tances on foot, there were few men who.
suffer from varicose veins and thos
who had varicose veins quickly re
covered from them. Now, as a rule, pa
tients with varicose veins are advised,.
to walk as little as possible, but Dr.
Marchais has changed all this and as the
result of experiments he has success
fully carried out on 21 patients he as
serfs that the most effective cure ftf
varicose veins in the legs consists of
walking. He shows that, in order t
obtain lasting results, it is necessary
to go back to the cause of the afflictionj:
which is the hypertension of the blood?
In the veins. It is, he says, possible
even for those badly afflicted' to cure
themselves by rational dally walking
exercises, preceded by massage of the
Tells How Birds in Midoceaa Gefe;
Fresh' Water During Bain-Storms.
"When I was a cabin boy," said atl
elderly sailor to a Portland OregoniaK
man, "I often used to wonder, Beeia
birds thousands of miles out to sea
what they done for fresh water wheal
they got thirsty. One day aqu&ll aa-
swered that question for me. It 'was n
hot and glitterin' day in the tropica, .and!
in the clear sky overhead a black rain:
cloud appeared all of a sudden, Then
out of empty space over a hundred sea-,
birds came dartin' from every fllrmif
tion. They got under the rata ctoaM
and they waited there for about twf
minutes, clrclin' round and trnwd audi
when the rain began, to fall they!
throwed their heads back an them
drank their fill. In the tropics, vrtxerf
the great seabirds sail thousands
miles away from shore, they get
out a storm a long way off; they trave
a hundred miles, maybe, to get under
and they swaller enough raindrops
keep, them stcia'." ':r-

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