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, '
The Kinth Kill End Sale Now
-' Going On.
Mill Ends are Juot as Good and
a Whole Lot Cheaper.
Mill Ends are Bargains true bargains bargains with a reason . and with Vvengence. Some people
side step bargains it's unwise to side step TRUE Bargains-MI 1 End Bargains, because a piece of dress
coods to sell in the regular way must contain sixty yards of goods and because a Mill End may contain
onlv tw- ntv-five yards doesn't make one iota of dlfferen ce in the Mill End's desirableness or value to
you ' But it does ialts price, ltrabout cuts tt in two-THAT'S SOME DIFFERENCE. . Odd-Garments
and oJds and ends of Usefuls-because they are not here in full jlnesand assortments have received the
same treatment. -They are just as good and a whole lot cheaper. A few prices will do you good. r
White Lawn Waists, button front,
tucked back, embroidery trimmed
- front, Ions sleeves with deep tuck
ed cuffs, tegular price $1.00.
. Mill End Sale Price 75c each.
White Lawn Waists, button front,
' open embroidery front, also tuck
Ted back and front, long sleeves,
'( with deep tucked cuff, edged with
; lace, regular price $1.00.
' Mill End Sale Price 75c each.
White Lawn Waists, all sixes, button
' front, daisy design, . tucked back,
; long sleeves, regular price $1.26.
Mill End Sale Price 96c each.
1 Two other styles at this price. -
Lot 1 consists' of Corset Covers, Mar
guerite and. tight fitting. V, round
and square neck, lace and ham
burg trimmed, all sixes.
Drawers, wide tucked, ruffle, good
quality. '
8hort Skirts, wide ruffle, tucked, fin
ished, with yoke. t ,
Gowns, all sixes, V heck, tucked yoke,
trimmed with ruffle neck and
Mill End Bale Price 85c.
xot 2 consists of
Corset Covers, lace and hamburg
Hill End Sale in the Drapery Department,
1,000 yard Dotted Swiss Sash Mus
lins, regular price 12 He.
Mill End Sale Price 9c yd.
1$ yards Scotch Muslins, sheer white
ground, with dainty colored fig
ures, regular price 25c.
Mill End Sale Price 15c yd.
$0 yards Vestibule Lace, suitable for
front doers, regular price iso.
M1U End 81 Price 13c yd.
$$ yards White Elahnet Lace, suita
ble ror euner long or aasn ourisius,
regular price 13 He.
Mill End Sale Price 9c yd.
Colored Scotch .Madras, rich color
ings, wrought out In striking de
signs, regular price 60c
. Mill End Bale Price 45c yd.
16-inch . Figured SllkoUne, regular
price 12 He. . -
M1U End Bale Price 9e yd.
Regular price 75c.
x Mill End Sale rare Jtoc yd.
36-Inch Figured Cretonne and Art
Taffetas, regular price 15c.
... Mill End Bale Price Ue id.
'Regular price JOc.
( Mill O.I. DJu 1K mA
PMH UHV 1J-IV . W w f V
Regular price 45c."
t -mu km sale nice wcya.
. ' i. ins sen ipm
tVull site lace Bed Sets with Boa
Feumo valance, large lace center
piece, holster roll cover to match,
regular price $5.
- MM End Sale Price 93.93.
Great Sale of
at 3teitiertfs
We havo accumulated a num
ber of used P.anos which must
be gotten ril of at almost any
price. For example a
Waa Vow
oacxx miasr I37s$ioo
germ mzzst .... m m
W00IS7XTOT2KST... $50 110
woorrTXT xmnsr. .. izo tsi
IXWSIT tmi32T...... S79 ITS
ET7X&V7XI3XI 100 S7I
. XZW Z7SIAZ9 CZ01V $10
tCTAiz mro .............110 ;
Besides the above which have
beta set la flae order and are great
oargalao, we have' a fine let of the
' Hami, Jcwctt,
IVcodbury, Curtis. .
AH these tsetrmments are soil oa '
ey teres.
Cor. Lecztis&ortk end
WLUai 1175 d 1176
White Lawn Waists, , button back,
embroidered front, short sleeves
with narrow tucked cuff, collar
and cuff edged with lace, regular
v price $1.49.-
Mill End Bale Price (1.19 each.
Odd lot of Waists in lawn, Jap silk
and taffetas, were $3.75, $1.19 and
.' $5.00. . -.:;- - : '-
Mill End Bale Price 92.05 each.
Dressing Sacques in red, blue and
pink, In 82. 34 and 36 Inch ilses.
regular price 79c.
Mill End Bale Price 40c each.
Ripple Eiderdown Sacques In red,
Muslin Underwear in the Hill
trimmed, tight fitting and - Mar-
Drawers tucked-and' hamburg ruffle,
another style lawn ruffle, torchon
lace insertion and lace edge, v
Chemises, cambrlcv arm sizes and
.neck trimmed with torchon lace
edge, ribbon run through, another
style square neck, .trimmed with
hamburg edge, beading and rlb-
, bon. - . v
Short SklrU. wide lawn ruffle
trimmed with torchon, lace Inser
tion and lace edge; another style
Kegular price $6. j ."
MUl End Sale Price 94.95.
There are about three dosen all told,
and this la how they are priced:
IVftxltt yards square, regular
price 9 6c.
MUl End Sale Price 69c each.
2x3 yards square, regular price $1.60.
MUl End Bale Price 95c each.
, ' - -TOILET
Fine quality boxed bone Hair Pins,
assorted shapes.
MUl End Bale Price, 10c box.
Violet scented Ammonia, quart hot-
tie. .
MUl End Sale Price 10c each.
Eastman's rote and violet scented
Talcum Powder, value 15c.
MUl End Bale Price 10c each.
Doetschman sample sixe Almond
Cream, value 10c.
MUl End Bale Price 5c bottte
MUl End Sale Prices, lc, 89c, 6t
bottle, .
Restorlne, hair restorer. Infallible.
MUl End Bale Price 89c.
Dr Lyon's Tooth Powder.
MUl End Bale Price 15c
Large bottle Llsterlne.
MUl End Bale Price 75c bottle.
The Kiath Kill End Bale Sow
Going On.
blue and pink, sixes $2, 34 and 86,
were $1.00 each. 1
j Mill End Sale Price 69c each.
Ripple Eiderdown Sacques,' in red,
.gray,' pink and blue, trimmed" with
stitched; satin bands, ere $1.25
, each. v : l " '"
Mill End Bale Price 95c each.
Ripple Eiderdown Sacques in sall
, sixes and'all colors, regular prices
$1.69, $1.75. $1.95, $3.25, $3.95
and $3.39.
. MU1 End Bale Price 1.40.
Knitted Golf Sweaters, in red, .gray
and white, were $1.75 and $1.95.
Mill End Sale Price 8 1.49 each.
End Sale.
fine quality,
good width, tucked
Gowns. V neck, tucked and hamburg
trimmed yoke, round, lowneck,
lace trimmed, i-
Mill End Bale Trice 50c.
Drawers, made of good muslin, wide
tucked ruffle, regular price 2 Be.
Mill End Bale Price Sic pair.
100 All Silk Petticoats in all new
and desirable colors, blue, brown,
red and changeable.1 worth $5.00
. . Mill End Sale Price S3.00 each.
Extra long Emery Boards, value 25c.
M1U End Sale Price 10c,
Extra long Emery Boards, value 10c.
MUl End Sale Price 5o.
Hand SapoUo. .
Mill End Sale Price Sc cake.
Pears Unscented Soap. ' - -
Mill End Sale Price 9c cake.
Mennen's Talcum Powder.
. ' Mill-End Bale Price, 19 He.
Armour's Flottla Bath' Soap.
Mill End Sale Price 4c cake.
La Belle, box toilet soap, 8 cakej in
a box.
MUl End Bale Price 10c box.
Assorted flower odor. Toilet Soap, 8
cakes in a box.
, MUl End Bale Price 80e box.
Manufacturers' sample line of fine
Tooth Brushes, value 15o to 8 sc.
Mill End Sale Price 10 each.
Pearl Lace Pins, assorted slses and
colors, value 10c
MUl End Sale Price 6c
Pound '.packages Absorbent Cotton,
value 350.
MUl End Sale Price Sic pkg.
Small packages Absorbent Cotton.
Mill End Sale Price, 4c and Sc each.
Vanity Manicure Bet, complete.
MUl End Sale Price 45c each.
All, bristle Hair Brash, with comb
' MUl End Sale Price 85c.
Mrs Wlnslow's Talcum Powder.
MUl End Bale Price S for 25c.
Hot Yator OottlGS
We are headquarters for Hot Wa
ter Bottles. Our business Is selling
Rubber Goods. It stands to reason
that this Is the place to buy better
goods for less money than of the
dealer thst only carries a small
stock. .
1-gal Water Bottles . .
,f Mc. 63c, Oc
sVsjt Water Bottke
j ........ aoc, Kr, l. HAS. $iJ6Q
SXt Water Bottlea
I roe. a&. ais. bum
Fountain Svrinqcs
Over SS stlee ef roaatala aad Bdb
Srrlaare la st SS to faJM
Rubber Sheeting
fi-rd wide abeedeg
1-rd wide Sfccetlaa .
BOe yd
. aoc yd
1U f Me "ixag
Ths AEizj Rdbtr Ca
T.L48?.i 139 Bank SU
Bonds and Stocks
teen nrrrrrrirn
" . mcuiiT.
, There Is surely no need to patron
ise one of the so-called "rubberneck"
seeing New York automobiles when
a visit to "Chinatown Charlie," the
melodrama to be presented at Poll's
this afternoon and evening, Insures
such sights as are usually included
In a half dosen trips aboard one of
those monstrous perambulators. No
matter how many excursions are
made in charge of - a guide whose
stock in trade consists chiefly in an
assortment of megaphone stunts, the
visitor to the theater where "China
town Charlie" is being offered, guar
antees a far better and much more
vivid " conception regarding the
haunts of the white light districts,
as not only are the scenes faithfully
portrayed on canvas, but the actual
occurrences are so graphically ex
posed by actors who hate made a
careful study ot the characters who
Infest the wicked part of the city,
that nothing remains to impress the
enormities of the situation more
clearly upon the minds of those who
are interested in the dark side of gay
metropolitan life. Prices, matinee
IS and 25 cents; evening 25, 3$ and
60 cents.
, the average play nowadays usual
ly depends for its success upon some
element foreign to the real story of
the plot. The American flag Is waved
wildly, mock heroics are Indulged In,
the pathos Is turned sometimes to
the burlesque and the comedy de
pends on the liberal use of the slap
stick rather than the exercise of true
wit. Lincoln J. Carter in his suc
cessful drama, "Shadows ' ot the
Past," has written a simple, plain
story appealing so directly to the
heart and mind of the auditor that
It enlists his Interest and gains his
sympathy from the opening speech
and holds it with ever Increasing
force until the final word Is spoken.
This play will be seen at Poll's Fri
day afternoon and evening. Prices,
matinee IS and 25 cents; evening
28, 35 and SO cents.
"If I Were King," Justin Huntly
McCarthy's thrilling and engrossing
romance, .in which E. H. Sothern
scored one' of his greatest and most
decided successes a season or so ago
at the Garden theater in New York
will be presented here next Saturday
afternoon and evening at Poll's thea
ter with Lester Lonergan In the role
of Francois Villon, the vagabond poet
and hero, a cast of uniform excel
lence and the same gorgeous and
costly production used by Mr Sothern
during his triumphant run In New
York. Ot all the swashbuckling and
romsntle plays of the modern stage
not one approaches In point of con
sistency ot plot, exciting action and
rare and exquisite poetry the play ot
"If I Were King." The story hss to
jdo with the experience of Francois
viiion. a poet or r ranee, a no- Be
sides making ballads to the beauty
of the ladies ot his day. has written
burning erlt'clstns of the manner la
which the French government Is
conducted under the reign ot that
crafty old monarch, Louis I. Mr Lon
ergan. who will appear in the charac
ter of Francoia Villon, is admirably
suited to the difficult and active part.
By reason ot a long and especially
brilliant association with the con
temporary stage, during which time
he has appeared la a long and In
teresting repertoire. Mr Lonergan is
sslendldlr able to interpret the pom-
,lcal part of Francois Villon. Mr
Lonergan will doubtless be beet re
membered by local theatergoers be
cause ot his performance of Macbeth
with Modjeska and with Nance
OXtll. Prices, matinee ti aad S
cents; evening. 2S. la. St and Ti
testa. Sale ot seats Friday, Jaeaary
23. Tel 1014.
The remarkable thlsgs which clev
erness, agility aad practice caa ac
eosspUsa is easily esea at the Jaeqaee
tXia week where the Fear reran, two
staters aa4 two ereteera, are giving
ff If if?
. f J'? ' jfc
" T 4 a t
I Jacques I
a remarkable exhibition of hard' shoe
dancing. The shoes rattles against
the hard floor like the 'rattle of a
snare drum and with Just as much
rhythm. Every "syllable" of the.
tour pairs of shoes is remarkably
distinct. It reminds one of the clink
of the castanets of the Spanish danc
ers. Miss Sadie Julia Oompers, "The
Girl with the Union Label," is be
coming . more popular at every per
formance and her son, "Smile on
Me," has made a big hit this week.
Miss Oompers is the daughter of
Samuel Gompers, the president of the
American Federation of Labor. Other
features of the bill are Myles Mc
Carthy & Co In "A Race Tout's
Dream," Claude Frederick's educated
pony "Don," Bowers, Waiters and
Crookek, Howard and Rutherford,
the Majestic Trio, and the elctro
graph. Prices 10, 20 and 30 cents
evenings; matinees 1,00 seats for
ladles at 10 cents, a few reserved at
20 cents. Tel 1090.
if- T
m ' '
Jan' 21. Grange
hall, Prospect
Mission Circle fair.
Jan 27. A. M. E. Zlon
Grand candle rally.
Jan 30 Eagles' hall, seventh an
nual promenade ot Big Seven Social
club. '
Jan 31 St Cecilia's hall. German
supper for benefit of St Mary's hos
Jan 31 Private masquerade at
Mrs John F. Rick's, (formerly Miss
Nellye T. Reed's) dancing academy,
43 East Main street.
. Feb 1. Leavenworth hall. Dance
and reception by St Mary's T. A. so
ciety, for benefit of 8t Mary's hospl
tal. - ,
' Feb 4-5 Poll's theater, entertain
ment by Talma club minstrels.
Feb 6--ConcordIa hall, third an
nual dance and reception of the Rose
bud Athletic club. '
Feb 7 Turn hall, - sociable and
dance given by St Karl Barromaus
Feb S. Brooklyn Athletic club
rooms. Eighteenth anniversary
Feb 8 Grand sociable given by
Lithuanian National Alliance of
America at Lithuanian hall.
Feb 9 Turn hall, grand ball giv
en by the Russian people, for the
teneflt of St Volden'er society.
Feb 10 Concert by the James
Meagher branch of the Gaelic league
at Jacques opera house.
DeWltt's Little Early Rlsm. reilaw?
little pills. Recommended by H, W.
Lake Drug Co. Jos A. Smith. (0
Bank street. Brooklyn.
0(117 V0 Vlfl) CKffl flD
?MIW (JBltHPfllH? tDlMflfc
cimi) m crsMUfD (pror (ill
I -"I IIF nil i lV, ,
We have scoopeJ the woolen mills
c ean?d out their unolJ yardage of fine
woolens and worsteds at unhtarJ ol
prices, and we are passing the bargains
on to you.
For JiOjo we wi I rut to measure a
m all woolen suit or overcoat and a
$6 pair of trousers Uti.
For $19 a $30 su t or Overcoat to ord
er and a $6 p-ur of trousers free.
Our Watcrbury store has recently
been eijtirely organized. Mr. E m.-r
Osborne, . a well known Waterbury
clothing mn,-is now manager As
socisted with htm are the best clothing
and tailoring talent we cou'd secure.
We are now turning out garments such
as you have never before had the pleas
ure of wearing. ' Test and see.
12S tank St., Ore Red h Hsrtns
Qpea "fredaesda v aad lahaaat ak to '
rouaLTS gassy;
Senator Jrim South Carolina Talks
of Curing k Cold.
Senator Tillman of. South Caro
lina, while In lower' Maryland the
other day, looked "glum;" but to a
Baltimore Sun correspondent he ex
plained that he had a cold, a head
ache and a few other things. And
he seemed rather worried because the
cold would not disappear, so he de
clared he was trying to starve it. For
more than twenty-tour hours the
senator ate nothing but a few crack
ers and drank a glass of milk, but
be declared he could speak for two
hours at any' time without feeling
any bad effects.
His idea Is starving the cold out
sounds good when he reasons It out
that is, to a layman. He argues that
food naturally causes blood-making,
and that blood-making Irritates that
particular part of the mucous mem-
.r r
braue.; By refraining from eating
nature will have an opportunity to
scatter the inflammation so that the
cold can get well. , '
After he told what he was doing to
himself the senator laughed and de
clared that he supposed the old wag
on was getting ramshackle, for his
pet prescription for a cold failed to
work on him any more.
"What la the pet?" he was asked.
"Perhaps you can get results with
It," be said, "so I'll tell tou about
it." -.
"Get plenty of hot water just as
hot as you can stand it and soak
your feet. See that you get into bed
immediately after soaking your feet
and cover up well lest you get
chilled. The other Ingredients you
can have served you in bed. Have
some more real hot water and cut
up three lemons, allowing the skins
to remain, and put them Into the wa
ter. Next you get a good, tumbler pt
rye whiskey and place your put on
the bed post. '
"Just keep your eye on the bed
post and drink until you see two
hats. You may get Into a little
sweat, but when you wak. up In the
morning you'll feel like S two-year-old."
Every week there is issued from
the presses of the New York World a
section of the Sunday paper known
as the Sunday World Magazine. This
publication is to-day in the lead of
all others In the world, so far as me
chanical production is concerned. The
make-up of the pages, the pictorial
excellence and novelty, and the dis
tribution of color throughout put It
In the class of wonder works. Twenty
years ago such a collection of pages
would have set the country agog.
Even ten years sgo Birch a thing
would have been practically impos
sible. .
inwis me time oi year w
pose of all REMNANT and
BROKEN LOTS at far less
than 'their value to make room
for other goods.' Only a view
of the goods will convince you
of the bargains we are offer
ing and we mention the follow
ing facts to Induce you to call
that we may talk the matter
over with you. IN WALL PA
PERS we have laid aside about.
200 patterns, representing sev.
eral thousand rolls for this
sale and quote a few prices:
60c papers at ....... 25c to 80e
50c papers at ...... 20c to 23c
40c papers at 10c to 20c
80c papers at 10c to 15c
25c papers at 8c to 12c
20c papers at ...... 4c to 10c
15c papers at ...... 5c to 10c
10c papers at Be
6c papern at , 3c
Some new lots at 50c, 60c, 75c,
$1.00, $1.50. .;, ,: V
LANDLORDS would do well
to investigate. Our new goods
are already being received, so
kindly keep us in mind for new
buildings or repairs.
The W. R Hoffman Co.
Interior and Exter or Painting
ann Decorating
158-160 Grand St.
' Opp. Bapttt Church
F. S. Kext Week Sale on Car
' pets.
Week of Jan. 21-26.
Headline Attraction,
The World's Greatest Dancing Carj
:: nlVal. - , t :
. Special Feature, . , j .
Miss Sadie Jala Gompers-
Daughter of Samuel Gompers, the
Noted Labor Leader.
Carthy & Co in "The Race Tout's
Dream," Claude Frederick's pony
"Don," Howard and Rutherford; Ma
jestic Trio, Bowers, Walker and
Crookek and the Electrograph.
Popular Prices. . Tel. 1084,
Matinee and Night.
A. H. Woods Offers the Big Melo
drama. . ,.
By Owen Davis,
With Harry Fields as Louis Lottos.
Prices, matfnee, 15c aad 25c; even-
Ing. 25c, 35c and'BOc.
f NIGHT. -
Fourth Annual Tour of
In-Lincoln J. Carter's Sparkling, EpU
grammaatlc Comedy,
Shadows of the ?zS
Prices, matinee. 13 and 25centsi'
evening, 25, 35 and CO cents. Sale,
flafeiWIa Tan Oe'latfaAa
k Xicat 1
imituH , ... w 1
Justin McCarthy's Romantic Drama,'
If I Were ICinj j
Original Garden Theater Productlot,'
"Francoia Villon." Ue
Beggar Poet. -
PtIpm Matinee. 95 and CO eaatst'l
evening, 25. 25, 60. 75c and It. Self
of Mata Frldar. January It.
of seata Thursday, January 24
ETOTiraCT t:i QL7TZI :
Given by the . v
. . ot Ue -
At Eagles' Hall,
Mnsle by Full American Band, ' .
. E. J. Bonffard. Prompter.
Admlsesoa, 23 Crate Eacti Pweai.
Th e Caoko
Under New Management v
Bowlbr, COUanU asd
135 East hkhi Z
F. Z. 8EARD8LEY. Mgr.
Mrs John P RIc!i
formerly Mkae Nertye T. ReeeTe er rt
cboni for dancing. 43 East kU..'a
otreet. Advaaced rtase Frtday st
mr. ctaas for Xreglavr aarorday or
eniag. Itegtaners' dase etartiag IZjm
day evening. January 22. TeteekM

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