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Ft;;? Cstss, tj PcslxICItrks.
At tbe annual meeting of the Con
necticut. State Business, Men's asso
ciation in New Haven yesterday offl-
3 erg were chosen as follows: Preel
ent, E. L. Graves of Bridgeport;
vice-president, A, Howard Abbe of
New Britain; second vice-president,
Daxtnr T. Riahon of llerlden: secre-
k tary, p. S. Valentine Qf Derby; treas-
- urer, F. W. Mills of South Manches,
. ter. O A. Ziglatzkl was chosen a
- member of the board of directors and
0. F. Hughes was appointed tooths
legislative committee. ',v;
J During the afternoon session a res
olution was introduced by T. W,
O'Connor of New Britain, asking that
the association go on record -as fa
voring an increase in the pay of pos
tal clerks and that tne Connecticut
senators and representatives be
' asked to support the Wilson bill. The
resolution was adopted. ,.'" V
The question of the telephone Jaw
was brought up again and an anl-
mated discussion ensued for ' and
against the repeal of the law, which
lasted throughout a great part of the
session. The matter was finally dis-
' posed of by the adoption of a resolu
tion which referred all matters per
taining to the 4elepbone service to
the legislative committee. ,
A. M. Cooper of Bridgeport pre-
1 sented a report fom the committee on
' Insurance. In this the Insurance com-'
islttee reported that it had bills in
process of composition whereby there
I will be created a' state Insurance
board of appeals, tp whom any ag
grieved policyholder may apply for
relief from burdensome rates and
.conditions. The committee has also
a bill prohibiting any fire insurance
company that - writes Insurance
amounting to more than 80 per cent
of Its surplus to policyholders in the
conflagration district of any city from
doing business in this state. A bill
was also presented requiring fire In
surance companies to hold its rein
surance reserve as a trust fund for
the benefit of its policyholders.
In an editorial Monday the Bridge
port Post said:
It is reassuring to note that the lo
cal agitation in reference to exces-
Ljive insurance rates has not abated
aespite me concessions gamea ny tne
committee of the ' State Business
Men's association. It is true that the
remarkable zeal and activity ' dis
played by the committee has forced
the New England exchange to sit up
and take notice, and that in a num
ber of cases the advance ', in rates
scheduled has been cut down consid
erably. It Is also true that in other
eases the advance still stands, the
tendency of the exchange be rng' to
mollify those who are most urgent
in calling attention to what Is un
deniably an imposition on tbe public.
But if we estimate the character of
the State Business Men's committee
correctly, it will not be content to
rest quietly in satisfaction at what
has already' been accomplished, bnt
will press, on' and push the reforms
advocated to the very limit: That
tile Insurance interests also appre
hend renewed attack Is shown by the
reports that sundry lobbyists are
girding themselves for the fray at
ttartiora. ine people win waicn out
caretuuy., Tne general public Is on
poeed to the desire to advance rates
on the part of the insurance com
panies and it is believed that there
should be legislation enacted in this
state which shall protect the small
property owner as well aa the man
of large Interest. Anything that can
be done In that line will have the
support of everyone.
Pilled Eagle Hall Lait Night at Aa
anal Entertainment
The aid society of the employes of
Waterbury Clock company will have
to get a larger place than Eagles'
hall to dance in for their next an
nual. Last night the hall was over
thronged. There must have been
1.600 there. About 90 per cent of
the employes of the shop were among
tbe dancers and they had a great
time. The hall was, dressed as tt was
last year, with simple bunting here
and there and the face of a largeJ
clock. In action at that, high up In
the four sides of the hall.
On account of having a long stage
entertainment the exercises of the
evening ,begaa early, and once the
crowd began to pour In the hall was
filled in no time. The few mono
logues and duets on the program
wef much appreciated, notwith
standing that the performers were
well known to the audience. The Ho
gan brothers were repeatedly encored
la their sketch "The Hotel Man and
the Minstrel Man." and the fancy
drill by the guards of Noeohogaa
lodge of Odd Fellows was very well
executed in varied colored light. The
dance program was a hit each dance
being dedicated (la disguise) to each
of the foremen. One of tbe boxes was
occupied by Senator. Irving H. Chase,
treasurer and secretary of the cluck
company, and a few members of h!s
family and the family of Superinten
dent Lerkin. - '
It was near 11 o'clock when the
stage entertainment was over and
dancing began Immediately, the
grand march being led by Foreman
Peter B. Reeves, president of the aid
society, and hie daughter May. ' It
was early morning before the last of
the sixteen dance numbers was rolled
Of all the sensations In bargains In
rervot years none ran cooiparjp with
the sale that rkwea to-morrow at
Weasel, A sale rrattcht with val
ne laden bargains, n sale that at
ery turn is resplendent with atoanl-.
to if low priced merchandising. Te
aterrew night - doses thin f ameoi
trade extragavnasa. the petes of
Waffeoary's bsctaeea history win
be lllvmined with tne stories of
this sale. Be one of the sharers of
tbe glorto before the aifht ennonnces
Its pass lac
Feb 1 feelireri halL Set
anal sx " ' tzl daaea glees ly Ct
Delftao ftid $10 and Costs for1 An-
-H noyine , Cattlint. . .'
' ' Upon the - complaint of Catalina
Maresca,' Itllo Delflno was arrested
yesterday and A Is affairs were told
in the city court to-day before Judge
Burpee. It seems to have been a case
of unrequited love. Catalinas story
was that some seven months ago' she
became acquainted with Itllo and
since then-he has been following her
and making life miserable for her.
I Apparently he wished to marry her,
out she nad no such fancy. In that
way things went along until the
other evening when he followed her
to her mother's store at 479 West
Main , street. Rafel Stango was in
the store 1 and she called him out.
Itilo is known as "Romeo" and it
seems Romeo threatened to kill Catff
Ilna right there on tbe sidewalk un
less she would throw him a morsel
of mercy. But instead, she called
out Stango and then Itllo struck Ca
talina in the face and Ifls hat fell
off. He picked It up and ran and a
cry went up and all the small boys
in -the street ran after him, Stango
being in the crowd.' ? , -
Itilo'8 defense was that he. never
followed the girl, but she happened
to be wherever he was. He denied fol
lowing her from the American Web
company's shop on the evening in
question or that he even struck her.
He Bald she spit in his face, which
to an Italian is a very serious matter.
he said that she has done' this some
three thousand .or four thousand
times since last summer.
Officer Cclesanto testified that last
summer he was called upon a few
times to warn the man to keep away
from Catallna's abode. Itilo did ad
mit that he had been warned off by
the girl's mother and brother, but
that she herself Invited him around
to the back door and he went there.
He did not want the girl if she did
not want him, but he could not help
it If she happened to be wherever he
was. "V... '
Instead of he striking' her, it was
she was struck him, he said, and then
he ran and all the boys and the dogs
and cats ran after him. All this was
so true that he could put his hand
on the Bible, he said, and prove it.
He was fined $16 and costs.
Thomas Leary was charged with
Intoxication, but as he is suspected
of something more serious, the case
was held over till to-morrow morn
ing. '....;
Mary Durham was committed to
Brookslde for ninety days fer intox
ication. ,
Patrick Rellly wa fined 110 and
costs for over-indulgence, and a case
against Joseph Pukis for non-support
of his wife and child Was continued.
WaterburyY Largest
This January Offer
of Suits, Overcoats,
Trousers and Shoes
is Making Them all
Situp and Talio Notice
All roads lead to our January
Sale ; if you follow the crowd
you re1 sure to land here, because
never in the history of retail mer-
chandising in this city has the
ordinarily dull month of x January
been turned into such busy ac
tive selling days. Here are the
price magnets that draw the dis-!
criminating buyers from far and .
$15 00 Overcoats for men, . ,
25.00 Overcoats for men, . . '
15.00 Suits for men, . ;
4.50 Trousers for men, . ,x.
4.00 and 3.50 Terhune Shoes, . .
3.00 and 2.50 Suits for boys, .
6.00 and 5.00 Overcoats for boys, ' v
1.50 Norfolk and Coat Sweaters for boys.
. . . . .
" i . "
Prof asily Was Not Allowed.
The hearing of the suit of Stiles
Atwood against Ephrlam F. Atwood,
his stepfather, for $1000 Is dragging
its slow but laughing lengths along
In the district court. Twice yester
day Judge Cowell felt It necessary to
remind the plaintiff that he' was in
the august presence of the law and
that profanity is not allowable in
such a place. Atwood, the plaintiff,
is a most emphatic person and if
there is any of the witness box left
after the case Is through it will be
a wonder, for he is forever pounding
it with his fists and scratching it
with his finger nails in emphasis of
nis HittieuieuiB. . i
The greater part of yesterday af
ternoon and to-day was taken up
with the domestic relations existing
between the plaintiff and his wife.
It seems that he married a Mrs Ra
chel Allen and he did not get along
with her very well. They then lived
on Phoenix- avenue and Atwood was
employed in Norton's livery stables.
He did not get along with the work
men there either and oneay he left
his 'job and the town together' and
has not lived with his wife since.
That was about nine years ago. Mrs
Atwood admitted that her first hus
band was a fine man, but her second,
Atwood. was of the lemon variety.
She admitted alsoi that had she
known him longer she woufa not
have married him. ,
When Atwood took the stand he
was as impetuous as before. He was
very fidgety with his spectacles, tak
ing off and putting them on again
and at length he made his interroga
tor. Attorney Russell, very nervous.
' "Why don't you keep still with
your glasses? What's the matter
with you anyway?" he was asked.
"Nawthln the matter, Mr Russell.
I'm only glvin' you time to get yer
wind," said Atwood.
Sallies like this keep the audience
good natured. and prolong the hear
ing.:.; v- : : ..".'
by our new process. Cleans thorough
ly and kills all disease germs. The
price is reasonable. Ingrains and
Brussels 4c per yard. -Velvets, Wil
tons and Moquettes 6 c per yard. -
Telephone 288.
Outfitters to Man and
Kwssxul act cocial
Coming Events of Interest to Many
Waterbury Peoplev -, w
The Daughters of Isabella will
hold a sociable this evening at K. of
C. hall. Those not having tickets
may secure them at the door.
On 'next Wednesday evening ihe
Big Seven Social club will give their
sixth annual promenade at Eagles'
hall, tamer's orchestra will furnish
tbe mush: and will render music
which has been carefully selected for
the .event ,-.-.":' '", V
Rev John N. Lewis, rector, acted
as toaetmaster at the third annual
banquet of the Men s club or at
John's parish at The Elton last night.
The principal speakers were Dr W.
M. Grovesnor, rector of the Church
of the Incarnation, New York city,
and Rev J. W. Walsh, rector of the
Church of the Good Shepherd, Black- j
well's Island. There was a large
gathering present. ,
The annual reception given by the
faculty and alumni of the Sprague
school was held lar.t evening in Good
will hall, Waterville, and was a big
success.. About Jifty couples were
present, the greater part of whom re
mained until the last car left Water
ville. The hall, although not decor
rated to any extent, contained sev
eral cosey corners which were favor
ite spots during the night. The floor
was in excellent condition and as
Lalller's orchestra furnished some
fine music the sixteen numbers on the
dance program were really enjoyed.
Many of the. numbers were encored
three or four times.
A large number of the members of
Barcelona, Sheridan. Hendrlcken aud
Mulcahy councils will Journey to New
Haven next Tuesday evening, Janu
ary 20, to pay a fraternal visit to
Loyal council, at K. of C. ball. 1)34
Cbapel street At this meeting an In
teresting debate will take place, par
ticipated In by students at Yale, who
are members of Loyal council. The
subject will be: "Resolved, That the
Constitution of the United State
should be so amended as to provide
for the election of United States Sen
ators by direct popular vote." William
J. Mekenna and Arthur B. O'Kecf
will speak: In the affirmative, and
William A. Bree and Charles J. Mar
tin in the negative. Invitations to
attend the debate have been tendered
and accepted by the members of
twenty-five councils from Now Haveu
and surrounding towns. , v.-
Mar 10 Speedwell hall. Lecture
by A. B. Cohen at the annual test of
the Workmen's circle. 1,
Boy-Hats to Shoes
. 2.95
L (
72 and 74 So. Vain St '
: This cold snap makes the rooms
more than chilly and uncomfortable,
but an Oil Heater will make such a
change as will surprise and please
you, and the comfort and satisfaction
that will result will prove their val
ue. They are Inexpensive, smokeless
and without odor.
$3,50. $3,90, $4.25
C OA L !
makes a elowinsr fire.
' Our coal contains bnt little clinker
and a small amount of ash.
John McElllgott.
Office 60 South Main, with Fitzpa'.
; rick 4b Oloster.
Yard. Jackson Ct.
at Cost
All Btecl Club Skates 50c
All Steel Club Skates (nickeled .. 75c
Ladies' Skates ..75c and ?1.(X
Sleds that were 25c 10c
Sleds thst were 50c 37c
Sleds that were 75c ..V......... .VJc
Sleds that were 11.00 7fc
Sleds that were $1.25 , S9c
Telephone 168-4,
Custom Made Skirt
Oft January 2, 1907,
No. 50 Center Street,
will make Skirts with full satisfac
tion for 12.00. Other garments at.
lowest prices. Woolens from 76c up.
We have a full line ot
Kr.ira, S3;?,
Lest CtwrrwfSf
Brt, Bnistss, Sck;:r,
" to,
Spring Balance Hanging ana
The Barlow Bros. Co.
63 Grand Street
Full Line ot
Stamford Stoves and Range?,
for the season of 1935 and
1907, now ready for your
rrf 403-4. Ml B
HeatUg aai munkUc
Tho Lonest. Prices
ta Ike state preraH at
230 East Uals ' street. T Biga
school Big redact! foe a few days
ea Braea aa4 tie Bedstead. SMt-
U atUewa, sesjehea. U esstaa,
Msk eta Iraa Osaca aai Mattress
1 -m e"t er er C-s. y
t-). ti act c-xa
'V iTTN. sry
looking for big values will still
find them in our Boys' and
. Departmeimt:
The. former prices on every
garment so you can't be de
ceived. Come and look
Our New Styles
$3.50 and $4.00 Shoos
for ladies are tbe latest shapes and the finest leathers! Our
BUOCKPORT J3.00 Shoos are unsurpassed by any dealer la the city.
Come in and try on a pair. Itu bbers of all kinds at reduced prices, -
FRANK- The Shoeman,
Will be your choice of any of our Coffee Cakes on sale Saturday after-
noou and evening. Price 10 ceuU eac h.
Wo will have many other good till ntfs on sale at the same time. If yon
lung for something to please your ta ste and fancy, come to our stores .
Saturday, you will find it there. .
Trott Baking Co.
122 East. Main Street STORES tT est slain. Corner North Blrermld,'
and make your suit before your eyes
for 15, $18. and 120, and we Uke
no money If not satisfied. The same
method In pressing, cleaning and re
CAUTION Bur no woolens of an
agent who shows a stamp that reads
British manufacture and tells otner
stories to thst effect. Come to us
snd we will show you how many peo
ple were buncoed that way.
L EECKEK, Graduate Tailor.
28 Eschangs Place Tel. 251-4
Single bonee of six rooms, hall
way and Urge attic aU Improve
ments, electric light, finished hi oak.
ah, cypres lot tiuxlZO with young
fruit tree, pleasantly located in one
of our beat residential eertions. near
trolley and a fine school, for price
and term apply to
loom 5. 108 Bail St
Tmdpll- tha 4 bit ter. wishes to
aaaonacc to the pnblie that his Big
Far Store will be open every sight
this week with a fall tine ot Far.
r-nwtM aartv mA avoid tbe rasa, aa ww
m k. mini la mil deoertineata. I
Our 119 Squirrel Sets wtli make yoa )
Isngn; oar ihwu. kv& mbu
Pelerines will opea yoar eyes, won 1
forcet every alsat this week we ex-
Mrt yoa for a set of far.
Kale oa uieaoea Hrxca oeia w
aeeday alghU
By ordertag aa leso thaa two
osbs at a ttm we will give yoa
absotately free aaasr aa4 herder for
aar els room.
W asaer room from fl.it aa.
Palatlag very rtaaoaasl.
vrv e- r a
is yet limited but what we hare ia
good. A car ot M0LAC BOB8E and
DAIRY FEED has arrived and we
are willing to stand back ot eaeu
bag. A cow will give richer milk
and a larger qaanlty If this HOX.A.O'
DAIRY FEED Is used. It will oaiy
take one bag to convince 700. of tt '
merits. , ,
natly fed win keep your hone ta
fat and healthy condition. ""
Tha Plall 01 G:,
Cold. Silver or Greenbacks tea
la small amounts to relieve tempo
rary financial embarrassment. Ail
business confidential.. Odd FeUowa
Building. K00XSS.
Toa would enjoy your meaia bat
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dessert oar Whipped Cream OooCa
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"The Pecpl's Cttcrcrs
Hata, ta
Taoae UML
ions cir.
X '"v "f.

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