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Met Last Evening at Crosby High and.
Elected Officers.
- At a meeting of the Senior Debat
ing club of Crosby High last evening
oflicers were elected as follows:
President, Edward Kllduff; vice-president,
Miss Kathleen Coughlau; sec
retary, M1ss Katherlne Healy: treas
urer, James McKnlgut; committee ou
debates, Lawrence Phlpps, John
Fitzgerald, Miss Christiana Kenney
and Miss A. Kane. A constitution and
by-laws were adopted after which tho
llebato was held. ' "Itesolved, That
the United States Should Govern Cu
ba," was the question. Iawrenco
Phlpps and Miss Kenney argued for
the affirmative, whlleVJoho Fitzgerald
and Miss Helen Kenyon spoke for
the negative. William 8 nder, How
ard Phlpps, Miss Kane 'and Miss
Bowes, who were the judges, gave
the decision to the affirmative. Reci
tations were delivered by Harold
Caesar. Miss Katherlne Healy and
Miss Kathleen Coughlan.
Buy Your
are advancing,
The ZpzMarks Go
110-116 South Main, r
Much of the comfort derived from
reading eveninga depends on ... the
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AcJ PfcUI? Cavd's till tls
sppesred la Start Crier.
Philip Duval, who conducts a barsj
ber shop on South Main atreet, ia a
good fisherman, so much so that some
claim he Is able to do more with the
line and hook than any other dis
ciple of Isaak Walton in this part of
the country. . But that's another
matter, although there is some con
nection between it and what we
started out to say. Mr Duval had
Planned to spend a few hours on one
of the reservoirs next week and as a
preliminary he bought about 200
shiners and put them in a pall about
half filled with water in the cellar.
When he went down this morning to
see how they were getting along the
first thing that attracted his atten
tion was a large rat sitting on the
side of the pail eating one of the
shiners. He drove It away , and on
looking into the pall found that al
most all the bait had disappeared
and he immediately concluded that
rajs had been Ashing in the pall all
night. Some say that rats don't like
fish, but you aan't make Mr Duval
believe anything like that.
One Game Played fat Y. M. O. A.
Building Yesterday.
One game of basketball was played
on the Y. M. C. A. courts yesterday
when the Dartmouths defeated the
Yales in the Second Section league.
Brown and Columbia were to have
played, but Brown failed to show up.
The game between-the Dartmouths
and the Yales was a fast one and
was only, won out In the last halt
minute of play. The line-up and
summary: 1 .
Dartmouth. - - -Yale.
Squires (c) Divers
Hoadley (c)
.:. Forward.
Welton .... . ..." "
Kyros Bruneau
1 Center.
Lord ' Divers, Devlne
' Guard. - - . '
Score -Dartmouth 22, Yale 21;
goals from field, Squires 5, Kyros 4,
Bruneau i, Devlne Z, Welton 2,
Hoadley 1; goals from fouls, Devlne
2, Hoadley 1. Referee, McPartland.
Scorer, Goodyear.
" Second Section Standing.
' Won. Lost.- P.C.
Dartmouth ........ 7 -2 .778
Columbia 7' 2 .788
Yale ...... ....... 4 ' , 5 - .444
Niagara ,2 -6 .250
Brown . 2 7 ' .222
Peanuts Were Too Speedy for the
Casino Five.
Bridgeport, Jan 26. The Musante
Bros, or the Peanuts as they are. best
known, turned the tables upon the
Caalno alley team of Waterbury last
night, by trimming them badly,
somewhat in the manner In which
the Peanuts were treated In the
Brass City two weeks ago. The Pea
nuts took every point, the first by
only two pins, though, and rubbed it
into the visitors on totals by 311
The totals were 2720 to 2409. The
Peanuts' score is the best made in
the city In- several months. Father
Dudley was high with three nice
strings all over 200 and totals of 611.
He had to go some, for his opponent
was Bostwick, who squeezed out high
total of 216 and grand total ot 602,
but nine pins behind Dud. Frits
Musante was hitting the wood the
best for the Peanut brothers. The
Pete Musante,. 14S 142 285
Joe Musant, 148 148
Louis Musante, 208 174 117 Sl
Frits Musant, 181 190 189 660
Dudley, 203 207 201 611
888 893 879 2720
137 123 143 402
200 172 1S4 S26
174 139 134 447
159 154 129 433
216 189 197 602
886 777 "756 2409
Beardsley's team 812
Itachner's team .-785
Scovill Manufacturing Co .... 884
Waterbury Manufacturing Co.. 361
Diver's team Diver, Mechanic. A.
Burgess. Drachenfeld, T. Burgess,
497. 609 and 643.
Hout's team Dews, Merrill. Hout,
Allen, Ross, 614, 604 and 569.
Jaeger's team .............. 2139
Adam s team 2107
Bob Htoae, the Waterbury Chaeipkw,
Loeee Game.
Hartford. Jan 26. Although Man
ager Eraser had a special pocket
built In his waistcoat to accommodate
the V. 8. paper wagered on the pool
games, the pocket was not large
enough to hold the sums that were
pat np at Campbell's last night on
the game between George Brttt ot
this city and Bob 8tone. the Water
bnry champion. Stone has claimed
at various times to be the champion
of this state and many thought he
would win. But Brttt has been im
proving steadily and he la now In the
best of form. 8tone had a lead la
the early stage of the game bat BrUt
quickly overbaaled him and played
more brilliantly. William Gamer
dinger was enable to be present and
Frank Crane was choeea to referee.
Howard Buckley and Benny Badge
of the eah:tute staff were oa hand.
Manager Fraser saade hie first ap
pearance since he wsa kaocked oat
by the grip aad ae his eyes are Mill
week he was oeCged to wear esaeked
-Commissioner Donahue ot Bank
street entertained friends from Naug
stuck and New Haven yesterday.
There will h a menHnr nf tti
Junior Amateur league to-morrw at
me roms or the Quaker Athletic
Club. ' :- . 0
Rev Joseph M. Gleeson of' St
rairicaa. wno uttnnciori tha rnnorti
or Kev Father Gleeson ot Willman
tic, has returned.
Ralph N. Blakeslee will become
unpopular in Brooklyn if he does not
include this section of the city in the
route ot his big sleigh party next
year.,, . ,; .,. . . , .-.
: James White of North Riverside
street, who has been in East Liver
pool, O., the nast week attending the
funeral of a relative, returned home
last evening. ... . -r.
t A horse, the uroDertv of'a sew
Ing machine agent, ran away on
South Leonard street Thursday nieht.
but was captured on Bank street be
fore it had done any -damage. -
. A big delegation from Brooklyn
will go to the Auditorium Tuesday
evening to witness the preliminary
game Detween All Brooklyn and Com
pany G polo teams. "Hogan" Clark
is the goal tender and Lew Cronan
the halfback for the military boys.
Although the residents of Brook
lyn would like to see William Raffer-
ty named assessor, the fellows on
this side say that the bookies are lay
ing loo to 1 against the Brooklynlte.
Some of his friends did not know he
bad the slightest intention ot enter
ing the race and are of the opinion
that Mr Rafferty regards the matter
as a Joke. : . --w --
' Last evening the members of the
Brookyn Athletic club held the last
sad rites in connection with the ter
rible calamity that befell the basket
ball team a week ago last evening.
To-morrow another five might be
formed at the club rooms to have it
out for the championship with the
quintet that is in mourning. Some
of the club members are really tak
ing the defeat to heart. .
If the parents of any of the
scholars of the Barnard school are
Indignant becauso their' children are
selling tickets for a raffle for a $5
gold piece, the writer coula not find
any tnis morning, although he made
several inquries. The plan of raffling
a )5 gold piece for the purpose ot
raising money with which to furnish
the school building with statuary and
pictures is considered a good one by
all who are interested in the welfare
ot the school. The children of the
various schools ot the city have for a
long time been bringing money in
order to beautify their rooms with
works of art Principal Thomas Con
don of the Barnard school has the
confidence of the Brooklyn people,
and his corps ot teachers is also con
sidered an excellent one. As to rais
ing money by the plan mentioned
above, no complaints have ever been
made to any of the teachers or to the
Does your back ache? Have you
rheumatism? Axtell's kidney pills
will cure you. For sale by all drug
gists, price 25c. Take no other.
Every Available Space fa the t Hall
Was Taken Up.
The annual concert and1 ball by
the Burns club of Waterbury la a
social feature in the lite of the city
that everybody waits for with pleas
urable anticipation. Last evening
the club celebrated its twenty-second
anniversary in the City ball, and
though the kilts were about the same
and not a change apparent in -the
faces of the wearers, and the per
formers in the stage program were
as familiar as a year ago, still the
music of Bonnie - Scotland seemed
sweeter last night.
: The hall was crowded. There was
not room for scores of people, though
every available place was taken np.
At 8 o'clock the concert program
began, and ably and aweetly and en
dearingly was it rendered. Each
number was heartily encored and the
quartets were particularly sweet and
harmonious. "There Was a Lad"
veritably brought down the house,
but It was the "Bonnie, Bonnie Bank
o' Lochlomond" that caused the audi
ence to burst out with appause that
was never before heard In the old
City halL The singers did not re
spond to the encores, but swung di
rectly Into familiar "Auld Lang
Syne," the final number, because it
was getting late.. But the audience
would have waited as long as the
singers were willing to sing.
There were in the audience people
who hsve never missed an anni
versary of the Burns club since It
waa established twenty-two years ago,
and when the last number was sung
they retired, for their dancing days
are over. Their presence, however,
was the greatest compliment they
could pay to the club and the splen
did music. Mr Craig s dancing waa
enjoyed by the audience as much as
by himself. The "Sbean Trews."
which brought out the orchestra, was
delightful, bat "Sailors Hornpipe."
danced In costume, wss the feature
of his part oa the progras. For A
encore he danced an Irish. Jig and
the Lancashire clog, each In. cos
It was an evening most delightful
ly spent by those who attended, and
It was the 148th anniversary of the
birth of Scotland's exquisite but un
fortunate poet. Robert Barns.
Arrangement committee, T. Baker,
A. Clark. D. McKellar. D. Mackle, R.
Mackle. O. Stevens. W. Kennedy. J.
Wallace. A. McKay. W. Walker. F.
Mitchell. A. A. Armstrong.
Reception committee, D. Hunter,
A. Callaa. William Lawson.
Floor committee. Robert Mackle,
.Misted by D. Murray. WilUam Walk
er. C. Kellie. J. Callaa, R. Allaa.
VmU Star Utn SM Mm..
WASHINGTON. Jan. 26L Private
Secretary Leeb may be the next a
President Koowvelt'a Ultimate asso
ciates to leave the pabue eervlre far a
corpora tioa Job. Lob is Bow consid
ering offers from more than one eor-
poratino. end tber ar iatlBMHooa
that be will strep. He esya. awwrvrr.
be weoU hk te rteaai ee the pml
dent's can2detial man rill the end t"
the president's tens. He reretrea 6-V
OPO a year, aad his friends ttaak he Is
Vt!c!i City fee Ccat'iiay Ct
eJ A;:i;sl Cc ZtvelStls.
'The temporary Injunction which'
the City Ice company obtained
against Joseph and Adolphus Zwelbel,
rostra lulug them from cutting ice tflT
Lake wood was dissolved this morning
by Judge Peek of Bristol, who heard
the arguments in the matter yesler- -day
afteruoou. lu view of the con
ditions of the lease held by the
Zwelbels. It is said ' the attorneys,
Hunt and Pierce for the City Ice eom
pauy, were not surprised at the de
cision. Attorney Russell appears for
the Zwelbels.
The City. Ice company which ob- -
taiued a lease from the Great isrooK
Manufacturing com pit uy to cut the -Ice
on tho pond, contended that ev
ery drop of water was necessary in
the pond and William B. Brooks,
treasurer of the Great Brook Manu
facturing company testified that tho
concern would give any money to be ,
able to. double the capacity of the.
pond. "For said be, "not only la
every drop of water in It absolutely
necessary to the four of five brass in
dustries using the water, but four or
five thousand families get their bread
aud butter from these Industries and
to have them stop for want ot water
would be a serious matter, for this
large number of employes." Attorney
Russell wished to ascertain from Mr
Brooks If he Is a stockholder In any .
of the concerns referred to and Mr
Brooks pleaded with the court for
protection, on the grounds tbat he did
not want his private affairs to get In
to tbe public prints. The court al
lowed the question on the grounds
that it was necessary to show Mr
Brooks' Interest in the matter and bis
kuowledge of what he was testify
Jug and then he snldMie was treas
urer of the Great Brook Manufactur
ing company. He had no Idea of the
capacity of the pond, however, ami
said It had nevea. been estimated or
measured. He said tbat tbe - state
surveyor has been Interviewed with
regard to raising the dam and maps
of survey of streams aud land be
yond the upper pond have been made
at great expense as It Is proposed to
Increasethe capacity of the pond if
As Mr Brooks was about to leae
tbe stand h turned to the court aud
said that this Is a serious matter in
volving tbe livelihood ot four or five
thousands ot people, but tbe court
cut bim short saying that tbg attor
neys would make the arguments. "
Adolphus Zwelbel then testllU-d
tbat bo bad fourteen men cutting ice
on the pond when the papers in the
injunction were served upon him and
be Immediately stopped work, leav
ing tbe cut ice in the water. He ua-l
hutlt a Inrea Ice house and evidently
will sell Ice this summer. As o tlw
decision on tbe injunction, it is likely
tbat the City Ice company will take
the matter to the superior court, -
Lyons Committed to Brookiide Soma
, to Straighten Oat
Michael Lyons, a member of the
coast artillery, stationed at Fort Mc-
Klnley. Portland, Ore,' was before tbe
city cpttrt. Judge Cowell presiding.
this morning. He was charged with
Intoxication and waa found by Offi
cer 8. McCarthy sleeping on the steps
of the Salvation Army shelter yester
day noon. It wss stated that he came
to town three weeks ago on a fur
lough and had with him about 1600.
Last night when searched at the sta
tion house he had about 330. He
looked considerably done up this
morning. He waa ail a tremor with
the effects of liquor and was taken
twice in the station with fits. He said
hla furlough expires next Wednesday
and until then he waa committed to
Brookside to straighten up.
Thomas Leary, who was detained '
yesterday on suspicion, ws let go
last evening.
William Scott, alias William Mil
ter. was picked up by some boys out
sleigh driving last night. Scott wss
asleep, drunk, la the highway, and
In danger of being run over by teannf.
The police had been looking for him
singe last April when he failed to re
port . on probation. The sentence
then was revoked to-day and an ad
dltional fine of $5 and costs wss lm
posed. Benjamin Noether was chargsd
with stealing manufactured goods.
teleMoplc drinking cups, from the
Scovill Manufacturing Co. and An
gelo Nigra waa charged with receiv
ing stolen goods. Both cases went
over, to Monday. The value of the
cups is 60 cents each.
Martin Tleraey was fined 85 aad
coats for Intoxication.
XiIUmI l al vanity Tf IrvlaaS.
DUBLIN, Jan. 21. Replying at Dub
lin castle to deputation, repreeentlng
Presbyterian and Catholic Interests.
Jamea Bryce. the newly appointed am- '
baaaador of Great Britain to tbe Unit
ed States, outlined tbe intention of tbe
government to create a national uni
versity for Ireland. He said tb. gov
ernment bad derided to create a aew
college In Dublla entirely free frees
any theoiogk-el teet
Mrxtraa Tr Defeat Taaal lalaa.
EL PASO. Tex, Jan. 24-1 a a battle
betweea Mexican troop, aad Taqnl In
dians la Ponora, Mexko. oa the Taqnl
river on Wednesday tbe Mexicans de
feated tbe Taqnls after a hard fight, la
which heavy Iomps were Inflicted ea
tbe Indians. The Mexicans suffered
severely, losing twenty-five killed. With-
tbe Yaqnl Indian, were two white
men. said to be criminal refugees frees
tbe United Ktatea.
Mm, Hiimi Mlcalaa BWt.
OLEAN. N. T, Jaa. 2&-Dr. Et
bard said after a rail ea ox-Governor-
Hi infos ffcat tb patient bad lost a
tittle grosmd, TeHerday Mr. Hlgflaa
a"uit t be gaining asd waa do4ng
o ea half the stlmetanrs required np
te Iweaty-foor boar before. Early ia
tbe BMraiagt however, ate conditio
tec a sodden cbaaee for the
Try a Cczrrrt c:;

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