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One of the wealthy residents of
Waterbury gave a woman who, has
been In the habit of complaining of
having too many children a nut to
crack the other day and she -doesn't
know what to do with it, The parties
met in one of thelocal drug stores
and after hearing the woman talk
about how hard it is to get along on
mail means and maintain a large
family, the gentleman inquired about
her circumstances and on learning
that she has a lot of boys he told hei
that he knows a family who would
give her $5,000 for one of them.
Thinking he was joking the woman
said she would let him have a girl
at that price, but the man gave her
to understand that he meant Just
what he has said and added that he
would glre her a week to make up
her mind. She says she never
thought seriously of the matter and
that it didn't take he'f a moment to
decide what to do, but she would like
to get hold of that 15,000 without
being asked to give one of her chil
dren in exchange for it. Which is
the more selfish?
Great Preparations Made for Coining
V , ,v Musical. i
Not only has the Waterbury Ora
torio society engaged for Its concert
in Music ball.The Buckingham, on the
evening of Tuesday, February 12, two
such excellent soloists as John Young1,
tenor, aud Leo Schulz, vlollncello
virtuoso, but it has secured the co
operation of one of Waterbury's best
known musicians. Haus Saro who has
consented to act as piano accompan
ist upon this occasion. R. A. Laslett
Smith, who accompanies the society
at Its rehearsals, will occuppy the or
gan bench on the evening of the con
cert.. Mr Young, the tenor, has been
heard with pleasure In Waterbury In
former years, and bis many admirers
will welcome the return of an old ac
quaintance. Ills lovely tenor voice
will be heard to particular advantage
In the solo iu Horatio Parker's
- "Dream King," -which the society
will sing. Leo Schulz Is equally well
known here, and bis 'cello selections
promise to add notably to the variety
' end general excellence of the per
romance. The tickets for this concert are
Triced at 60 cents, 75 cents and II.
The tickets which the chorus mem
bers will offer for sale will be dis
posed of at the uniform rate of 75
rents. Those who wish the choicest
rests, which will be reserved at $1,
can obtain them by paying the extra
25 cents when making their ex
change for seat coupons. The SO cent
seats will not be placed on sale un
til the subscribers to seats at the
higher rates have made their selec
tions. At the next rehearsal, Mon
day evening, the chorus members will
be given their allotment of tickets.
...-.: 1 ' i .
Some Stray Leaves (rem Reporter's
Not Book. . ,
The request to omit flowers Is be
coming quite common in connection
with obituary notices and many say
they hope to see a few words more
added in the near future in the form
of a modest hint that a long line of
carriages is not desirable. At pres
ent carriages come high and a work
ing man who hires one to attend a
funeral and remains out himself
spends more than half his week's
wages in one forenoon.- The folly of
this ig so apparent that It needs no
elucidation and it is a miracle why
the custom has not been abandoned
long ago. There was some sense in
attending a funeral when mourners
carried the dead person all the way
from the house to the cemetery, but
since that good old custom was rele
gated to the grave of oblivion a large
crowd at a house of mourning Is in
most cases a source of annoyance
rather than anything else. On the
other hand. It is a man's own busi
ness whether he attends a funeral or
remains away; but even so, people
have a right to discuss the propriety
as well as the wisdom of siich things.
The recent finding of a tomb stone
lu a cellar of a candy store on South
Main street t caused much conimtmt
among those who thought that it was
rather peculiar that candy should be
made on a slab which some time be
fore designated the resting place of
some person that had gone to join the
majority. Yet those who claim that
they are positive of what they say,
assert that numerous headstones are
in use just at present In this city by
candymakers, who find tbem a very
useful article for stretching their can
dy on. Although In the majority of
the cases the Inscriptions are erased
from the slab, still as was made plain
by finding the old Upson tombstone
in the Lillian store on South Main
street a couple of weeks ago, that
often times the bead stones are pro
cured before the name, is obliterated.
Confectioners find that the marble
slabs are Just the tblug for their pur
pose. Still in all probability those
who now buy candy would without
doubt cease to enjoy their sweets if
they knew that the . material was
pressed out moulded and cut on a
slab stone that at one rime was rest
ing In some cemetery.
. ... .
As the result of telling a very
Bickncll Young Will Speak at the
Buckingham To-morrow Afternoon.
BIcknell Young. C. S. B., the lec
turer, who Is to explain Christian
science to Waterbury people to-morrow
afternoon in the Buckingham
Muaio hall, la a graduate of the Na
tional Training School for Music of
London. England, and was a well
known baritone singer and a lecturer
upon subjects relating to music. In
1890 he was healed of serious physi
cal diseases by Christian Science and
since taking up its church work was
soloist and precentor for First church
of Christ. Scientist, of Chicago for
nearly five years: first reader of Sec
ond church for three years and pub
lication committee for the state of
Illinois ror one year. He was ap
pointed a member of the board of lec
turesuip about four years ago and
since that time has been in constant
demand .rom all parts . of i the United
States. Mr Young has also lectured
In Canada, England, Scotland, Ire
land and Germany. He comes to Wa
terbury under tne auspices of First
church of Christ. Scientist, of this
city. I he ..ciure will commence at
3 o'clock and the committee an
nounces that admission will be free,
with no t-u..cction. and that the pub
lic are cordially invited.
clever story to a crowd of willing
listeners at Washington recently,
Representative Ryan of New York
has been unanimously elected a mem
ber of the Amalgamated Order of
Fableltes." "Buffalo Bill," as he is
fondly called by his intimates, was
sitting in the democratic cloak room
of the house, apparently absorbed in
figuring out just how badly cattle
might suffer for want of rest, food
and water, when some low comedian
addressed him with, "Tell a story,
father." Mr Ryan complied with the
following: "A down souf colored
lady who was visiting in Buffalo,
heard about a great magician that
was in town, and of the wonderful
things he could do, and decided to go
and see blm. She went to the thea
ter where he was performing, and
secured a front seat. When the i
magician appeared-he had a piece of j
rea flannel with which he covered a
newspaper and : read the news
through the flannel. The old lady
began to squirm in her chair. The
magician doubled the flannel and
again read the. paper. At this the
old mammy turned to a lady sitting
next to her and said: 'Lor, chile, I
must git out ob heah.' The lady re
assured her, saying the man would
not hurt her. 'Ah knows dat, honey,'
replied the colored woman, 'but dis
alnt no place for a woman wif a call-
nsjicr , dat;gs
Gvercs:e&t Gay Give Cosine!
to W. J. Oliver oo Conations,
WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.-AS a re
sult of an extended conference at the
White House last-night It was decided
to reject the bid of Oliver & Bangs,
who proposed to complete the con
struction of the Panama canal for 6.7S
per cent of the total estimated cost,
in so far as Anson M. Bangs of New
York city Is concerned. , ,"
At the White House It was authori
tatively stated that if William J. Oli
ver of Knoxvllle, Tenn., can enter Into
a satisfactory arrangement with some
other contractor who is financially re
sponsible be will be given the con
tract for the construction of the canal.
The fact that the MacArthur-Gllles-pie
company of New York, whose bid
for the construction of the canal was
12.5 per cent, were represented at the
conference leads many of the interest
ed parties to believe that a combina
tion may be formed between that firm
and Mr. Oliver. It Is known that the
MacArthur-Gillespie syndicate has con
vinced President Roosevelt aud Secre
tary Taft of its financial responsibility,
and after a most thorough Investiga
tion the canal commision officials have
expressed satisfaction that Mr. Oliver
is able to carry out his end of the
agreement. .,.
It Mr. Oliver refuses to consider the
contract, after the rejection of Mr.
Bangs, the canal commission will Im
mediately issue a call for new bids.
Anson M. Bangs, of New York, Mr.
Oliver's associate' In the canal pro
posal, who was rejected by the canal
It commission, was the contractor for the
Soo canal locks. He Is president of
the Federal Construction company of
New York city, which Is capitalized at
$2,000,000. Mr. Bangs Is a brother-in-law
of John F. Gaynor of the firm of
Greene & Gaynor, who were implicat
ed with Captain O. M. Carter in the
Savannah (Ga.fharbor engineer frauds
case. This fact, however, it Is stated,
had no Influence with the canal com
mission In rejecting Mr. Bangs as joint
contractor with Mr. Oliver.
Xtnr gerrios toon With Hew Karen
Car From the Green.
Through service New. Haven to
Waterbury, leaving New Haven
every 24 minutes, beginning Jan
uary 28th, 1907, is as follows:
First car leaves New Haven tor
Mt Carmel 5:30 a. m. and every 24
minutes to 11:54 p. m.
Leave Mt Carmel station for New
Haven at 6:06 ft. m., 6:30 a. ro.
Mt Carmel switch 6:54 a. m., and
and every 24 minutes to 12:30 mid
night. ,
. First car leaves New Haven for
Cheshire and Waterbury 6:18 a. m
and every 24 minutes to 11:54 p. m.
: Leave Waterbury for Cheshire
5:45 a. m.k 5:64 a. m. and every 24
minutes to 11:80 p. m. u
Leave Cheshire for ; (Waterbury
6:16 a. m., 7:18 a. m., and every 24
minutes to 12:54 midnight.
Leave Waterbury for New Haven
5:54 a. m. and every 24 minutes to
11:30 p. m.
Cars leaving New Haven for Wa
terbury will connect with car for
Milldale at Cheshire from 7:18 a. m.
to 11:18 p. m. except the cars leav
ing 30 minutes past the even number
hour. ' - .
Last car from New Haven con
necting with cars for:
Plalnville and Meriden, 9:06 p. m.
Southington, 10:18 p. m.
Cheshire and Waterbury, 11:54
Last cars from Waterbury for:
Plalnville and Meriden, 9:30 p. m.
Southington, 10:42 p. m.
Cheshire and New Haven, 11:30
Lost car from Cheshire for:
Mt Carmel and New Haven, 12:06
Sunday first car from New Haven
to Waterbury 7:06 a. m. (then same
as week days).
Leavex Waterbury for New Haven
6:42 a. m., then same as week days.
72 UA 74 So. Kiiafit
: oil
Toulon Depot Dofued.
TOULON, Jan, 26. The provision d
pots of the government here were de
stroyed by fire last night. The damage
s placed at $200,000. A regiment of
colonial Infantry was called out to as
slst in the work. Ten soldiers of this
regiment were arrested for pilfering
from the burned buildings. ,
Faat Line From St. John' to Irelaad
ST. JOHN'S, N. F Jan. 26.-EngllsIi
capitalists have closed a contract wltl
the government of Newfoundland foi
a fast transatlantic steamship line to
run. between a port on the Irish coast
and St John's. Tbe steamers are to
make twenty-two knots an hour.
by our new process. Cleans thorough
ly and kills all disease germs. Tbe
price Is reasonable. Ingrains and
Brussels 4c per yard. Velvets, Wil
tons and Moquettes 6c per yard.
Telephone 288.
co dress on.' 1
The members of Court McOlvner.
. Daughters of Isabella, gave a dance
la Knights of Columbus hall last
I evening.
Miss Sadie E. Cunningham, former
ly employed as stenographer at The
Elton, has accepted a position with
tbe Waterbury Rubber Tire Coach
Miss Eileen Dnna of S3 Meadow
street, who has been suffering foe the
past three months with an acute at
tack of arthritis deformity Is able to
fit up.
The cold weather of the past few
days, aided by the snow, have kept
the trains behind time, some of them
being a half hour late. Yesterday
scarcely a train was on time while
almost all of them to-day were sever
al minutes" late. .
Fulton's American band is' meeting
with much success In the effort to
collect f 1.000. The band has found
It hard going by endeavoring to keep
together on the proceeds of engage
ments and now the members are call
ing upon their friends for aid. Tbe
persons contributing a dollar become
honorary memkers of the band.
Aa automobile going at a very
fast clip narrowly missed colliding
with a car on West Main street this
morafng. The machine was travel
ing along the car tracks and as It
rounded the curve near St John's
church, the cb a off ear had to hurtle
to get the automobile late the middle
of the street to ss not to crash
saalcft sa oaromlag car. It appears
as though there are a few persons
with the automobile ferer who drive
their cars throah Exchange place at
a pace inch greater thaa allowed by
The other day Representative
Charley Landls accosted Representa
tives Hay and Lamb of Virginia and
asked them if there was any truth
in the story he heard In Indiana
about the large number and the
great strength ot the Virginia crows.
Landls says somebody told him the
following story and swore it to lie
gospel: "The crows' were terrible In
Virginia, and we had scarcely plant
ed the corn when the crows followed
up, scratching up and gobbling every
grain, and we had the planting to do
over again. The men would fire at
the crows, driving them over in a
field ot the next plantation, where
they would settle on the branches ot
a dead tree. Then the men there
would fire at them and drive them
back again. Thus they went to and
fro like a shuttle. At last an idea
struck me. I was having the roof of
ray barn pitched and graveled. I
called over a man and had a talk.
We agreed to take several buckets
and pitch and send the workers up
that tree with brushes and buckets
and pitch the tree branches and
trunk. We did so, and then gath
ered in the other Held and scared the
crows out. Away they went, helter
skelter, for the tree. They had not
more than lighted than they stuck.
Having our axes handy, and clubs
convenient we started to cut down
tbe tree. As soon as the tree began
to fall the trunk parted from tbe
stump, when, with one accord, the
crows flapped their wings and flew
away with the tree."
la some reftpects the snow h!ps
because It gives men who are willing
and able to work lots to do, but thine
who are ok and feble and not very
we, fixed financially find It rtivttv
bard to ret along, and as a conxe
inenre the department of charities
have a few raller during mow
storms that do not show up at any
rtbef part of the year. TbV are all
dvMTVuig rases, too. Think of oM
nien nesting the end Inquiring tfelr
way to tbe rttr ball building in this
sort of weather and asking to be wit
to the altuidKHifte Imraoae tbeir chil
dren don't want thom around tbe
houe. Tbe anna sml daughter bare
them Insured, hut that snakes no dif
ference: they prefer to bare tbe old
folks lire on tbe town so that all they
have Invested In tbem may be clear
profit This mar be baaines. bat It
doesn't look right. A man who la alle
to carry a Ms- Insurance policy oa
his father ought to he sha raed to
let him ! a town ehanre. To tv snre
fome folk are hard lo handle sod
oac in a while fhej ret fcuffjr nrer '.
nothing ni try to get sqaare with i
the boys and girts by applying for i
are em;thna, .
taaSard Oil Mas Will Not B Jstlce,
MIDDLETOWN, Conn., Jan. 26.-
John Boylan, local agent for the Stand'
ard Oil company, convicted of selling
oil of inferior quality and of a flash
test below that required by law and
whose conviction has been upheld by
a supreme court decision, will not hav
to serve his sentence of forty days In
jail, this being made possible by an
order Issued by Judge Case of tbe sn
perlor court, which places Boylan In
the care of a probation officer for for.
Rovaatv-lvo Miles aa Hoar oar Ice.
PATCHOGCE. N. Y.. Jan. 2.-A
new form of scooter, which promises to
mark a new era In Ice Competitions,
has been Invented by Nstbaniel Roe In
this village, who expresses confidence
of attaining a speed exceeding a hun
dred miles an hour with bis new de
vice. He easily runs it at the rate of
seventy-five miles an hour. An ordi
nary fourteen foot scoster is furnished
with a powerful motor which last yeai
served for drlvln a flyln- machine.
How many legs will you have
at 99 contact piece? , '
All Sizes. ,
Jardinieres, Primroses, -fine large
plants in bloom, 20c and 35c v
Cut Flowers.
32 Union, and 13 South Main St.
Telephone 418.
: This cold snap makes the rooms
more than chilly and uncomfortable,
but ah Oil Heater will make such a
change as will surprise and please
you, and the comfort and satisfaction
that will result will prove their val
ue. They are inexpensive, smokeless
and without odor.
$3.50. $3.90, $4.25
In)' . :
looking f9r big values will still
find them in our Boys' and
The former prices on every
garment so you can't be dex 1
ceived. Come and look X
makes a glowing fire.
Oar coal contains but little clinker
and a small amount of ash.
John McEHIgott.
Office 60 South Main, with Fitzua'.
rick A Gloster.
r Yard. Jackson St
New Styles
of ultra
and $4.00 Shoos
for ladies are the latest shapes and the finest leathers. Our
BROOfcPORT S3.00 Shoes are unsurpassed by any dealer in the city.
Come in and try on a pair. Rubbers of all kinds at redirced prices.
The Shoeman,
All Steel Club Skates
All Steel Club Skates (nickeled .. 75c
Ladies' Skates 75c and f 1.00
Sleds that were 25c ....... 19c
Sleds that were 50c ............ 37c
Sleds tha were 75c ............ 50c
Sleds that were fl.OO 79c
Sleds that were $125 ........... 30c
Telephone 188-4.
Custom Made Skirt
On January 2, 1907,
No. 50 Center Street,
will make Skirts with full satisfac
tion for IJ.00. Other garments at
lowest prices. Woolens from 75c up.
v.tl I
Sharp price
on high grade
S6.C0 TROUSERS $4.59
Good time to tone up
that Fa I Suit or to Invest
In a nev dress trousers.
Young men's fancy chev
iot Peg-Tcp Trousers at
these prices t
u.u n:nss sirs
Jones, Morgan fir Ca, Inc.
We hare a full line ot
Kite, to,,
M Ct:pf8R
E::cfi, Brusb, Sen
Spring Balance Hanging ana
The Barlow Bros. Co.
63 Grand Street
Will be your choice of any of our C ofTee Cakes on sale Saturday after
noon and evening. Price 10 cents eac h. , - -
We will have many other good things on sale at the same time. If yon
long for something to please your ta ste and fancy, come to our stores
Saturday, you will find It there,
Trott Baking Co.
122 East Main Street STORES W est Main. Corner North Riverside.
and make your suit before your eyes
for $15. f 18. and $20, and we take
no money if not satisfied. The same
method in pressing, cleaning and repairing.
CAUTION" Buy no woolens of an
agent who shows a stamp that reads
British manufacture and tells other
stories to that effect. Come to us
and we will show you how many peo
ple were buncoed that way.
L BECKE2, Graduate Tailor.
28 Exchaaga Place Tel. 25 1-4
Full Line of
Stamford Stoves and Range?,
for the season of 1906 and
1907. now ready for your
rel 40S-4. Sll Baak 84
Heatlag and PlamMag.
The Lowest Prices
ta Che stats. preraU at
ISO East Ua!a street, epp Big)
scheoL tig ml uc Una to? a few days
aa Brass sad Irea Bedstead, mat
tresses. Utow. reaches, eU detas,
1 tags, etc Irea CesjcD a ad Mattress
, t -Seas. s2M er ena sate, eats
Slugle houie of six rooms, hall
way and Inrge attic, all Improve
ments, electric light, finished in oak,
an, ryprex. lot tkixl2U with young
fruit trees, pleasantly located in one
of our best residential sections, ant
trolley snd a fine school, for price
and term apply to
Boom 5. 108 Sank St
is yet limited but what we bare M '
good. A car of MOLAC HOUSE and '
DAIRY FEED has arrived and we'
are willing to stand back of eecb '
bag. A cow will give richer nCk
and a larger quanity if this HOLiX)
DAIRY FEED Is need. It will -
take one bag to convince yon el lea
merits. (
nally fed win keep your horse ta
fat and healthy condition.
Tl)9 PlaflOI 0?,
Money Loaned
on salary or personal property. Low
est rates. It will par you to Invest!
gate our terms. ODD FELLOWS
building. Boom tl
Yon would enjoy your meals bet
ter If you were served with any et
L. Tmdell. the mirier, wishes to
snnonnce io the public that his Big
Fur Store will be onea everr nlrht
this week with a full line of Fare., our rightly-mads bread -Scuffs.
Come early sad avoid the rush, as we .dessert our Whipped Cream
have tw real as In ail departments. M .v. .u-- T
Our $10 Squirrel Sets will make yos " tt "ml tMnc- Try BL
laugh: our Isabella Fox Maffs and. .
n . 1 111 n t
reiennCT win vmm jour tjn. van I
forget every night this week we ei
pert yon for a set of farm.
Sale oa Blended Marten SeU Wed
nesday night.
By ordering ao lees thaa
aa at a time we win give yon
abeolutety fre paper aad border for
any sine room.
We p orr rooms tram $2. SO aa.
Palatlag very reasonable.
C?eai tveaiag. Ttos) 1IT-.
"The People's CtUrcn"
joan sir..
Tart xrr I - 1

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