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Deonlv Corooer and Doctors
Give Their Tcsliraooy.
. irv Aif eta va nt tViA aara In rmirt.
AUO lUO D1B' vr vw '
i : .,.l, n TJitirh T rioVnr fnr the
.... T AHVt.tA T"
niansiaugmer vi tii duBejiuius t.
, Hale, wife of Charles W. Hale of 58
; Center street, through a criminal op
';': eration, took plr.ee in the city court
... to-aay Deiore jiiubb rcaoiDj.
witnesses for the state were Corner
Makepeace, Medical Examiner Crane
i f and Drs Cooley and Anderson. The
I doctor was defended by Attorneys
; $ Bauby and Russell. His wife ac-
2 ' ine nrst witness was meaicsn rt,x-
J aminer Crane. The drift of hU tes-
timony was tha. he first saw Mrs
Hale on October 21 in consultation
with Drs Anderson and Cooley.
What Mrs' Hale said on that occa-
eion was ruled out. Five days later
,t the doctor was present at an opera-
,? tion upon the young woman to off-
"4 set, if possible, the operation she is
I': said to have undergone in Dr De-
t ,ver'B office. On November x peri
i tonitis had greatly developed. He
J Raw her apnin Ahmit. three hours
. ueiore ner ueai-u oumhuvcuiuci
1 at. J ..U T .J lnlrnM ..lnnn In a av
i j ii . i j . . a e J ti
uiuinea me uuuy auu iuuuu il icxi.-
ly emaciated. It. weighed about sev
enty pounds and certain organs were
removed and preserved by the hos
pital pathologist.
Coroner Makepeace, the next wit
ness, testified substantially as fol
lows: He saw the woman on Octo
ber 26 and spoke to her as to her
hopes of living. On that date she
spoke to Dr Anderson and then she
made her statement under oath. She
did not die till November 14. She
finlrl eho hnrl tin hnnpa nf rfifinverv.
that she knew she was beyond human
aid and that only a miracle of God
would save her. She did not say
this until after Dr Anderson had
tcld her there was no chance for her.
He said: "You've been a brave lit
tle girl, but I-fear there is no hope
for your recovery." She then told
the coroner she did not expect to live
and she -made h;r declaration, know
ing that she was dying. The declara
tion, or rather as much of it as is
publishable follows:
"1 have sworn to you to tell the
truth. I really believe I am dying
1 have lost all hope of recovery ex
i cept through a miracle of God. I
i' am making this statement freely,
without compulsion and in expecta
tion oi aeaui. n ib my solemn state
ment and it Is the truth. I am clear
in my mind and know what I am
saying, and it is true. My name is
Josephine Hale and I live. at 58
Center street, Waterbury. I am
twenty-four years of age. I went
to the office of Dr Hugh DeVer at
about 3 o'clock in the afternoon of
October 14, 1907. I went alone.
He told me he could get me out of
it with perfect safety, that it would
cost me $25 eash, that he would do
it any time when I brought the
money. We made an appointment
for Thursday, but instead I went
Wednesday afternoon, October 16,
1907. I was alone." (Here fol
lows her description of the opera
tion.) "I had several severe cramps
and he told me there was no danger,
that I could do my regular work or
go to a dance. I paid him $25 and
left. I was not in his office more
than twenty minutes. I saw Dr
DeVer for the first time when I first
went to his office. He Is a big,
pompous looking man with no
whiskers. I told my husband before
I went the first time and after I
came back.
Some time after taking the
woman's alleged dying declaration j
the coroner and Dr Anderson went
to Dr DeVer's office, found some in
struments there and took them away.
II was Dr Cooley who sent the first
information about the case to the
coroner. When he got to the house
Miss Fitzgerald, a nurse, and Drs
Cooley and Anderson were there and
he had Mrs Hale withdrawn from
the room as they did not wish to
discuss the details of the matter in
her presence.
Attorney Russell had the coroner
admit that the alleged dying decla
ration of Mrs Hale was written part
ly In his office and partly in her
apartments and was made np from
the answer she made to his ques
tions. The words used In the docu
ment are not tier's but are substan
tially so. After the declaration was
drawn up the coroner administered
to her the oath of telling the truth
and she swore to it. Her answers
were clear and lucid, he said. Mrs
Hale told him how she found Dr De
Ver when she first called there and
he said that she told him he was
dressed ill the uniform of a fraternal
society. He was positive that she
used the words "except through a
miracle of God." She did not say
that she knew she was dying until '
after she was so informed by Dr :
Anderson, and even then she did not i
express any wlah to see her children
or her husband or where lo be
buried, or why the should expect to
die. or what should cause her lm-j
pending; dissolution. I
The coroner admitted that he was
( brief as possible In taking the
woman's declaration because he
knew an operation was Immediately
necessary, yet. he proposed to get
I complete and valid statement from j
To the defence Dr Anderma stat- j
el that at the time of the flr.it mo- '
sulfation at Mrs Hale's home her hns-1
fond and her mother were prevent i
I ml the biwtwrhl broke dowa snd bad j
to leare the mom. He did not say
snrthmc but Just left the room This I
testimony was ruled out. as it was j
heM to IrreWaat- The talk in the '
mnm wa alnnt the reams ne iter. I
terhurr boHtal. Pr AmVrsnn tokl
Mrs Hale tbat she might die en the
"dentine table at the nneptfal Mrs
Mile talked the matter erer with Ivt
instead aad tfer derided to take the
The nwntaa mmm M
r'mt erenlnr tn the nnr;til about
5f. Mrs Hale nn umt of the upera- '
km very wefL tbat la. she tn no!
TV tram befnre. thantcn her heart
vad to he stimulated nin it Next
fn she sawl clear la salad I
sd afced fb SVa-tflT If sbe weeld
re. He toM her lu mold cfr fcer :
Mrs Bale eenswted wita
Two Divorces Granted By Judge
CorfJs To-Day.
One Who Thinks Much of It Goes
For Amusement.
At short calendar in the superior
court to-day Judge Curtis allowed
udgment to Robert A. Cairns for $2,
483.13 against Harry Reppen, alias
Harry Rlppen. Law day, the first
Monday in February.
In the suit of Miles McNlff against
the city to be restored to his position
on the police force additional reason
for appealing from the decision of the
board of safety In dismissing him was
filed and an order was issued for an
answer in one week. The additional
reasons are that the plaintiff had a
vested right in the reserve fund or
police pension fund at the time of the
action of the board of safety and by
said action was deprived of the bene
fit of that fund.
Judgment for $1,259 with interest
was given M. J. Daly & Sons, incor
porated, against the L. J. Coburn
Land and Lumber companyy.
A motion for alimony pending the
trial or the divorce suit of Rachel At
wood against stiles Atwood was
A bond of $ 50 was ordered in the
suit of Angelo Morelll against the
Noera Manufacturing company.
I wo divorces were granted, one to
Charles B. Loughrain from Margaret
Lougnraln and one to Elizabeth Mar-
tel from Magorique Martel. The first
was allowed on the allegation of
habitual intemperance. A number of
policemen testified to having seen the
defendant on the streets repeatedly in
a state of intoxication and once or
twice she was arrested. Her maiden
name was Murphy. Desertion was the
ground on which a decree was allow
ed in the other case.
Vnlversalist Services.
Rev W. F. Dickerman, state super
intendent of Unlversalist churches,
will preach in the Buckingham
building to-morrow at 3 p. m. Sub
ject of sermon, "Our Thought of
God, and Its Bearing on Human
Life." Public cordially invited. En
trance to hall, 11 Cottage place.
Dr Anderson before she went to
Dr Crane was recalled to the stand
and he produced two long shaped
sleuder instruments with a sharp bend
at the end. He said that after Dr
DeVer was arrested he and the cor
oner Lieutenant Dodds went to his of
fice and searched the place and they
found the instruments in evidence.
He did not know their nse, and he
never saw their like before. But
there are thousands of instruments
used ill the profession, he said, which
he has never seen. A lot of other in
struments be saw In Dr DeVer's of
fice were not disturbed. ne also
found a large bottle containing prob
ably 1,000 pills, which he said, could
be used for the purposes charged
against the accused. Mrs DeVer made
no objection to the office being search
ed. She was quite civil, in fact.
This evidence was objected to on the
grounds that it did not tend to prove
anything, but it was admitted. This
closed the case for the state.
It Is strange how widely good citi
zens differ from each other on ques
tions which one would think all
would see from the same standpoint.
To-day two merchants were talking
about the money question, when one
remarked that he didn't think it
would amount to much, anyway, and
expressed the hope that it would
blow over without causing any suf
fering. This didn't appeal very
strongly to the other gentleman, and
he pitched right into his neighbor
without gloves, telling him that this
is the kind of talk that is raising
Cain with everybody. "What can
you expect," he exclaimed, "when a
man will mortgage his home and put
the equity he had in it into an auto
mobile? Isn't it a fact that you
can't get anybody to occupy a house
now unless it is equipped with all
modern improvements? Isn't it so
that the theaters have such a patron
age it will soon be necessary to build
another? Do you see anybody put
ting by a dollar or willing to make
the slightest sacrifice to provide for
a dull season?" The man kept on
iii this strain until he said so much
one would think everybody in town
was crazy, and that is about what
he meant. He wanted people to save
a little right along. This is all
right, but this thing of saving is al
most out of the question with work
ing people. How is a man going to
save? If he does not eat enough he
will soon die, and If he neglects to
clothe himself ha will not live long
either. Talking about paying big
money for rem, what else can a
family do so long as there Is no other
kind in the market. Any house built
these times commands from $15 to
$30 a month rent for each tenement.
Whose fault Is this? Certainly the
tenant didn't prepare the plans so
that if the owner has to get a high
figure in order to make it pay the
blame rests on his own shoulders.
and not upon tlie man who Comes
along to rent it after it is ready for
occupancy. Looking at it this way.
and it is the proper way to view the
matter, It is the landlord and not
the tenant that should be called
down for the high rent question.
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ROASTERS you will find not only a
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the purpose.
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Arizona Bank Dropped.
Globe, Ariz, Nov 22. The First
National bank of this city, with de
posits of $750,000, was dropped from
the Globe clearing house association
last night and v ill not open to-day.
This leaves no nutional bank in op
eration here, the Globe rational
bank having closed three weekJ ago.
The heavy drawing of exchange
since the Globe National suspended
is believed to be the cause of the
suspension. National Bank Exam
iner J. H. Page took charge of the
DeWItt's Cnrbollzed Witch Hazel
Salve is healing and soothing. Good
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1 1 mm
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