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TELEPHONES 1175 and 117$
SALES NOW GOING ON The Annual Silk and Dress Goods Sale, Tha Ann
ual Linen and Towel Sale, The Annual Sale of Men's Wear.
The Annual Sale of China and Chinaware Commences To-mor
row, Wednesday Morning and Continues for (he Week.
Our stock of China, Glassware, Lamps And Lamp Shades is one of the most complete in our establish
ment. We mast make room for our New spring Goods hence these big reductions lrom tiie regular
price: -
Inverted Gas Lamps, complete, were $1.50, sale
price 1.10 each
Lindsay Gas Lamps, complete, were $1.25, sale
price ' 0SJ each
Bead Rims for Lamps, were $1, sale price O'Jc each
Lava Bar Gap Mantles, sale price .... : 9c
Best warranted Mantles, regular price 35c, sale
price .., 2"ic each
Ignito Gas Mantles, regular prica 35c, sale price
s ........... . ... 10o each
White Flare Shape Gas Lamp Shades, regular
price 25c, sale price . . 15c each
Fancy cut Electric Glass ShadeB, regular price
.12 Mo, sale price ..... . 10c
Bradley & Hubbard's complete Nickel Lamps,
with shade, regular price $2.50, sale price ..
... ....... $1.89 each
Mercury figure and plain pillar Gas Lamps, com
plete. 3hade bead fringe, tube, etc, regular
' price ?6.75, sale price ; $4.98 each
Decorated Porcelain Lamps, shade and base to
match, regular prices $7.98 and $8.98. sale
price .' $l-ft ch
English Jet. decorated Tea Pot, all sizes, regular
prices 50c to 89c, sale price .. 45c each
G-inch Jardineres, assorted shapes and decora
tions, were 25c, sale price . . i 10c each
White ware Bowls and Pitchers, sale price 8c each
White ware heavy Cups and Saucers, were $1.20
a dozen, sale price .... 08c doz
White ware covered Vegetable Dishes, sale price
.... ...... 45c each
Whife ware open Vegetable Dishes, were 15c, 25c
and 35c each, sale prices . . . lie, 17c and 25c each
White ware Serving Platters, were 10c and 15c,
sale prices Oo and 8c
White ware Soiip and Breakfast Plates, sale price
7c each, 75c Hot
White ware Dinner Plates, sale price 8c each, 85c doz
Fancy Crystal decorated Vases in colors, assort
ed shapes and sizes, were 25c and 35c, sale
price 10o each
Special prices on odd pieces Cut Glass. ' large'
Berry Bowls. Nappies, Pitchers, Cream and
Sugar Sets, Vases and other fancy pieces, were
$6 to $8.5 0, sale price $5.00 each
Cut Glass Bon Bon, Jelly, Olives and other shapes,
small and medium size cut glass dishes, plain
and with handles, were $1.50 to $1.98, sale
price $1.11) each
2-quart heavy cut glass tankard shape Pitchers,
The January Sale of Muslin Underwear
Below are some of the details of this remarkable sale. Mudy the prices and you'll deride that such
values in the face of a rising market are nothing short of marvelous.
Marguerite Corset Covers, lace and hamburg
trimmed, all sizes, good value at zac, saie price
, 21c each
Corset Cover with torchon lace insertion, bead
ing and edge, all sizes, sale price 25c each
Corset Covers, good quality, with lawn band, rib
bon run, sale price 25c each
Corset Covers, trimmed with torchon lace, two
rows Insertion, beading and edge, sale price. .
20c each
Corset Covers, fine quality, hamburg edge, bead-
I lng, sale price :n
Corset Covers, torchon lace ede, ribbon, tucked
front, sale price w 30c each
Corset Covers, trimmed with wide hamburg edge.
ribbon, Val lace, 2 rows insertion, neaaing ana
lace edge, a large variety of stylos, all sizes,
sale price 50c each
Better grades, a complete assortment, from . . .
.. i ......... ; .. 75c to $3.50
Tight fitting Covers, lace and hamburg trimmed,
at '. ..... c to $i..o eacn
Good quality muslin, wide ruffle, torchon lace in
sertion, sale price 25c pair
Good musiin, made with wide tuffle and cluster
of tucks, sale price .... 25c pair
cut handles, were $5.50, sale price .. $3.08 euch
Fan cut Table, Tumblers, heavy cut, were $3.50
a dozen, sale price .... $2.00 doz
Colonhtl design Table Tumblers, were 75c, sale
price 50c doz
Best thin blown Table Tumblers, plain and
etched, were 60c, salo price . . 40c doz
Fancy China and Glass Novelties, as Ash, Card,
Pin and Ring Trays; Pitchers, Plates, Vases, '
Hanks, Serving Dishes, Salts and Peppers in
large variety, were 15c to 35c each, sale price
10c each
Decorated China Punch Bowls, sale price . . 40c each
Fancy imported Novelties, as Vases, Card Trays,
Wall Plates, Cabinet Ornaments, In Bisque,
Tolhind, Teplltz, Bonn, 'Inlaid Cloissene, Rock
wood, regular prices $1.39 to $2, sale price . .
$1.00 each
Regular prices $2.50 to $3.98, sale price $2 each
Regular prices up to $5, sale price $3 each
ONE-HALF PRICE on 2 designs, heavy gold
decorated French China, Haviland make, in
cludes Plates, Cups and Saucers, Chocolate
Pots, etc, were 75c to $7.60 each, sale price
37 He to $.1.73
Haviland China Salad and Berry Bowls, Cake,
Fruit and Wall Plates, Cups and Saucers and
fancy pieces, were $1.39 to $1.98 each, sale
price 98c
Fancy Cups and Saucers in French and Austrian
China, Coffee, Tea and After Dinner Coffee
sizes, were 50c and 75c, sale price 45c each
Japanese, Austrian, English and American China
Cups and Saucers, Chocolate, Coffee, Tea and
A. D. Coffee sizes, were 25c to 39c, sale price
10c each
Novelty French and Austrian decorated Cups and
Saucers and Bouillon Cups, were 85c to $1.25 .
each, sale price 05c each
i:o;i;r & Hamilton's silverware.
Weur guaranteed; one letter marked free on each
Teaspoons, sale price $1.13 set of O
Dessert Forks and Spoons, sale price $2.10 set of O
Table Forks and Spoons, sale price. . $2.30 set of
C Table Knives and Forks, sale price $3.73 set of 12
Cold Meat Forks, sale price OOc each
Berry Spoons, sale price . .. $1.10 each
Bread and Butter Spreaders, sale price $2.10 set of 6
Ladles, sale price $1.00 each
Gravy Ladles, sale price 70c each
FLArS aivl) PLAYERS. '
4 , r ,
Viola Allen is to produce this sea
son "Her Greater Love."
Augustus Thomas Is writing a piny
In which John Muson is to star.
Tyrone Power Is to play the principal
rolo with Henrietta Crosman in "The
Christian Pilgrim." ;
"The Thief," which has turned out to
be a great success in New York, is to
have four companies playing It en tour.
E. M. Holland is playing to large
houses eii tour. His medium is a
dramatization of "The House of a
Thousand Candles."
Deumau .Thompson Is" back on the
stage ngain, doing his part in "The
Old Homestead," and reports say the
veteran actor is as hale and hearty as
So far Charles Klein's play, "The
Stepsister," has failed to win favora
ble notice from the critics. It is char
acterized as a modern version of "Cin
derella." Jo mes O'Nell has again revived
I'he Count of Monte Cristo." He has
been giving "Virglnius" for some
time, but his return to the Dumas play
brought forth a large audience.
, .At a recent performance of "A
Good Fellow," which will be at
Poll's. this afternoon and evening;, a
record was kept of the times the au
dience indulged In hearty, resound
ing laughter, and when the total was
made up 114 explosions of merri
ment were recorded. It is one . of
the merriest, maddest comedies ever
written. It is a panorama of laugha
ble scenes nhd incidents from the
rise .till the. fall . of the curtain.
Every character is a distinct type
and the situations are side-splitting
without any resort to horse play. As
a laugh maker it stands supreme and
the lover of good comedy will enjoy
every moment of it. Popular prices.
Applique lace waists are often given
high stocks of chiffon laid in loose
folds. These shape to the neck and
are very smart.
Waists of chiffon, lace und net are
not precisely novel, but dyed to match
the skirt of cloth or velvet they are
strong features of this season's styles.
Tfie newest ties are the knitted ones.
They are four inches wide and of the
proper length for a conventional four-in-hand.
Naturally they are to be
worn strictly with tailored shirt waists.
. There are many new belt and buckle
designs, but there always are. Tfhe belt
usually matches the gown color or har
monizes with it, and the buckles are
oddly shaped, and if they are gro
tesque in design so much the better.
White waists have grown more elab-
I orate, and they are fashioned now of
j an almost limitless number of materi
als. For the winter season the heavy
laces will prevail, but there are also
lovely lingerie effects for those who
are not afraid of winter's chill and
dread pneumonia. New York Post.
Charles Frohman will present at
Poll's theater on Saturday, matinee
and evening, January 18, a new
French farce, "Twenty Days in the
Shade," which is the great laughing
success of the present Paris season.
It is in three acts and was written
by Messrs Hennequiu and Veber.
This is the first farce production Mr
Frohman has made In America in
several seasons. "Twenty Days In
the Shade" is full of riotous fun and
the most laugh-provoking situations.
For its American presentation Mr
Frohman has engaged an all star
cast. The principal roles will be as
sumed by Dallas Welford. the orig
inal "Mr Hopkinson"; Richard Ben
nett, recently seen in "The Hypo
crites"; Ernest Lawford, for thrae
years leading man with Maude Ad
ams; Pauline Frederick, a noted
beauty and recently leading woman
with Francis Wilson; Grace Heyer,
Charles Dickson, Frank Burbeck,
Hallen Mostyn, Edwin Nicander, Jef
freys Lewis. Vir.i Stowe and Fannie
Hartz. After the performance here
"Twenty Days in the Shade" will go
to the Savoy theater in New York
for a run. Prices, matinee 25 cents
to $1; evening 25 cents to $1.50.
in ocrtniniv eood. One of their wise
remarks is, "No matter how hungry
a horse is he can't eat a bit." They
are willing workers and deserved all
the plaudits that went their way.
3ttll the smaller member of the team
could get along almost as well with
out his partner. The Marco Twins,
another tall and short pair, have the
ability to produce a side splitting
number, but lose many good oppor
inniHui Tha taller member of the
team twists himself into some laugh
able shapes and handles himself in
such a manner that he Is sura to get
an audience laughing, . out raucn oi
his act borders closely on vulgarity.
The pygmy in act gets more abuse
than tha iitn fellow with "Jack the
Giant Killer." Knight brothers and
Sawtelle start off well in a singing
and dancing number. They would
h more successful if they confined
their efforts to offerings similar to
their first rendition. Miss Sawtelle
as a monologue artist is not a howl
ing success. Their wind-up is no
nearly as good as their beginning.
The Searl and Allen company have a
very poor skit, entitled "The Travel
ing Man." The scene is on a car
going from New York to Chicago.
It had ought to get stranded some
where. Anna Hamilton and com
pany present a sketch of Mexican
life called "The Beggars." The skit
Is too long drawn out, is poorly put
together and is not enacted any too
well. The make-ups and dialect of
the male members are away off.
Miss Hamilton tried hard. The
opening number is presented by the
Devoie trio, who do some remarkable
feats on the rings. Their act is far
and ahead of similar numbers of thiri
kind and is given in such a clean cut
manner that it is to be appreciated.
L' a pair
Good quality muslin, lawn tucked ruffles,
price ' 2!
Cambric, lawn tucked ruffle, 3 rows of feather
stitching, sale price 30c a pair
Musllu, tine quality, cluster of tucks, hamburg
r utile, sale price 30c a pair
Fine quality Muslin Drawers, cluster of tucks in
rufUe, Val lace Insertion and edge, salo price
50c a pair
Better grades, hamburg and laco trimmed, from
09c to $2.30 a pair
High neck, long sleeves, embroidered, tucked
yoke, tale price OOc each
Low neck, short sleeves, hemstitched ruffle, sale
pvlco 75c each
Low neck, short sleeves, torchon lace Insertion,
lace edge, all sizes, good assortment, sale price
. . 80c each
Square neck, short sleeves, alai high neck and
long sleeves, hamburg trimmed, sale price 80r each
Low neck, short sleeves, embroidered yoke, lace
Insertion, ribbon and lace edge, V neck and
long sleeves, embroidered and tucked yoke,
sale price $1.00 each
Better grades, lace and hamburg trimmed Gowns,
from $1.23 to $3.08
T A rniTi? Q
Getting What' Coming to Him.
Innkeeper That chronic kicker Bel
zer Is sitting over there.
Waiter Yes, sir.
Innkeeper See that he gets a bad
dinner. He shan't always grumble for
nothing. Meggeudorfer Blatter.
. The bill at the Jacques is fairly
good this week aiid has a little of ev
erything that goes to . make up
vaudeville. Although the Zazell and
Vernon company in their pantomimic
act is featured as the big noise of
the bill, last evening Banks and New
ton, comedians and eccentric dancers,
easily won the premier honors in tho
applause line. The pantomimic of
fering Is called "The Elopement,"
showing all kinds of ludicrous situa
tions that arise while a man is en
deavoring to get his bride-to-be from
her home for the purpose of eloping.
The groom's valet Is the comedian
and has some old hut funny materlM.
The usual number of swinging doors
and apertures in the walls are
brought Into piny Banks and New
ton have some breezy dialogue and
the little chap as an eccentric dancer
January 16 Leavenworth hall,
reception of senior and junior classes
Crosby high school.
Jan 10 Rick's dancing academy,
East Main street. First annual dunce
given by the Dover club.
Jan 17 Washington Hill A. C.
room. Receptiou and dauce given by
tho. club.
Jan 17 Leavenworth hall. Sec
ond annual social and dance given
by the Berma Deltas
Jan. 21 Leavenworth hall, so
;iable given by the Albermarle club.
Jan 24 Leavenworth hall, 17th an
imal reception and dance given by St
Thomas Cadets' Athletic association.
Jan 31 Leavenworth hall. First
annual dance given by Laurel Social
Jan 31 City hall. Leap year party
given by the Catholic Women's asso
ciation. Jan. 30 Turn hall, Scovlll street,
first annual dance given by the Lady
Turners of the Waterbury Turn
Feb 1 Turn hall, Scovlll street.
Grand ball given by the Russian peo
ple for the benefit of St Yoldenier so
ciety. Feb 14 Music hall, sociable and
dance given by The Three of Us.
Feb. 27 City hall, seventeenth
annual concert and sociable given by
R. J. Costello lodge, No 423, B. of R.
R. T.
Feb 2S City hall. Lpap year whist
party under auspices of Young La
dles sodality of St Thomas's church.
Feb 29 Nw hall, 44 Green
street, grand ball for benefit of Theo
dore Sabaleuckuys.
If .It's Made of Rubber,
We Have It.
"See saw. See saw." See us go up and go down. Say kids, don't
It feel like an automobile? The rest of this with the music will cost you
"Castles In the Air," and all the good numbers, roval and instrumental,
can be found at
146 Grand Street, Opp. Post Ofllce
"If It's
Made 01
We Have It"
fc w4 nwdi fete cafflm.
a liM Mth to MtU tvnfcor
Look Natural
Vwt aw mw ? "
TktMtatiiMtwMi Or Kim -ri
Om lwr!0.i' ! 4 win;
TV-vDf ltr at aantSntl'M -KMml Qmm
m an avr wui to Bjtmmmtttkm
n w trv,l n 1-4. trmL irHmiartMMNt.ikiMtMmMtf Ml
kit i)nM Mmn rn M M hmmi at '
"We thought we had a pretty good
Joke on one of our leading Louisville
physicians not long ago," a representa
tive from the blue grass country re
cently remarked In Washington. "There
was a little celebration on band, and a
number of banners had been bung
in the streets, most of them bearing
the coat of arms of Kentucky, the
motto on which, you know. Is 'United
We Stand, Divided We Fall.'
"Well, the doctor had. consented to
have one end of the rope supporting
a banner uttached to his house, the
other end being fastened to a building
across the street. To his astonishment,
be observed that whenever a person
passed by be would break Into a roar
of laughter, point out the banner to
some one else and go on, still laugh
ing. "This worried the doctor for some
time, and finally he undertook an In
vestigation. "Imagine his feeling, if you can,
when he discovered that the other end
of the rope was made fast to an un
dertaking establlshmentr Harper's
Named For Hr.
"What does I.Ibby call her new baby,
Mandy?" a southern woman asked one
of her old servants mho had recently
become a grandmother.
"She names her HJabrlelle, miss, at
teryou." "Why, the Idea. M.mdy! You know
my name Isu't iJabrielle. Von've called
me 'M If Katie' all my life."
"Vas'm; Misa Katie, dat I doe. But
when bit come to namln' babies atter
folks hit ain't what dey Is called: hit
Is what dey is tike dat you names 'em
fob. You sboly Is mo' like 'Mhw Oa
brletle' dan you Is like 'Miss Katie.
Jos' like Ubby says."-Youth's Com
panion. At tha Top of tha Loddor.
A man who from pinching poverty
had grown to .plrlng affluence had a j
wife with social ambition. She had j
Boston Banker Says His Life Has Been Hope
less for that Length of Time.
Carleton H. Hutchinson, a leading
banker and broker of Boston, with
offices at 8 Congress Street, In that
city, has recently come out with a very
strong statement.
In the widespread discussion over
Cooper's new theory and medicines
which has spread over the country so
rapidly, Mr. Hutchinson has taken the
side of those who say that Cooper's
theory is correct and his medicine all
that he claims.
Mr. Hutchinson's emphatic state
ment is as follows: "Anyone afflicted
with chronic 111 health and a general
run-down condition caused by stomach
trouble, who does not try this man
Cooper's medicine, is Tery foolish. 1
say this after a most remarkable ex
perience with the medicine.
"I heard of Cooper's success first
when he was In Chicago, as I bars a
private wire to tnat city la connection
with my business. Later, when he
came East. I learned more or him ana
ills theory that stomach trouble causes
most 111 health. I bare bad no faith
In anything not prescribed by a phy
sician for each particular case after
careful diagnosla. but after eight years
of cons taxi luSerliig, during which
time I spent over 11,500 with' abso
lutely no relief. I felt that It would at
least do no harm to try the medicine
which I was hearing so much about
"During these eight years I have
been forced to go without solid food
for five and six weeks at a time. I
always had a sour stomach, was
troubled with formation of gas, and
led the usual miserable life of the dys
peptic. I was dull, tired, nervous and
gloomy all tho time, and was always
"I have taken Cooper's medicine a
comparatively short time. For the
past month I have not bad the slight
est sign of stomach trouble. 1 can eat
anything with no bad effect whatso
ever. I have a fine appetite, am gain
ing flesh Tery rapidly, am cheerful,
full of energy, and my nervousness has
disappeared. My bowels are In perfect
condition, for the first time in eight
"I dont hesitate to say that I would
not take 150.000 and be back where I
was. My relief and thankfulness la
beyond description.
We sell Cooper's famous preparation
described la the above statement.
G. L. Dexter a Co.
a minced to give a dinner party on one
Wholesale and Retail
orraston, and when her husband ram j
I downstairs la his evening rlothes sbe ,
; observed h attire with critical eye.
I "Why, George." she exclaimed,
j "where ere your dlnmond studs?"
I "What's the of wearln' VraT he
; protested. "My napkin Tl hide m any
! how."rht!adeIpbia Ledger.
Amateur ftportsaiaa (after shooting
I best friend v Too bed. too bad. but I
: thought you were a deer. The Virtha
loo't fret Amateur Sportsman
Don't fret! Why. man, I promised my
wife a pair of borna. Illustrated Bits.
Office: '
Apothecaries Hi'l Building.
2 to 4, and 7 to 8 p. m.
The Main Treubie.
Wise-On. aire as a rest for awhile,
won't yovl IouWey-Well, every fel
low has a rigtt te tie opialoa and
Wise-Yet. but the trouble la that he
real be aaade to tvejtxe that there may
be a wroeg te It IadiaaaaoUs ICesra.
On Hot Calces
Karo Cora Syrup a better syrup
than rou ever tasted.
is a fi sweet and best fulfils
rrery purpose) lot which a syrup
a a
can be iucm.
la 10c, SV, 50c sir-tigM tiae.
km. csv
We Start Our Sale
Many lines are broken sizes,
other lines we want to clear.
See our
and Counters.
Lecture Notice.
Mr V. Henry Lannin of BostoB.,
Mass, will deliver a free public lec
ture In the Advent Christian church,
Cherry street, Thursday evening of
this week, . Lecture topic, "Man
kind's Time Clock, and What t
Tells." Hour for lecture, 7: 45. You
can't afford to miss hearing this lec
ture. 1-13-4
. Have a Good Laugh With I
By Mark E. Swan.
Author of "The Top of the World."
Special uiatinee" 15 and 25o. t
Evening 25, 35 and 50 cents. I
WEEK JAN. 13-18. f
In the comic pantomime.
"The Elopememt."
An Hamiltioa & Co. b Beggars,
The Searl & Violet Allen Co., Marco
Twins, Knigbt Bros & Sawtelle,
Banks and Newton and De Voie
Academy, 43 Eust Main street, over
5 and 10 cent store.
Class for new beginners stnrtinit
Thursday eveningJanuary 23. 1808.
Mr and Mrs John F. Rick
Dancing Every Friday Evening.
Beginners' class starting January
16, 1908. Special terms.
Dance in Buckingham Hall. Thar
da? eveniwr. January 9. 1908. .
Afteraeoa 130 te 5:30.
Evening 7 JO te 10:30.
AFTERNOON Admission and skates
IS cents.
EVENING -Admission 10 cents,
skates 15 cents.
1 have Just received 10 cars of No 1
Timothy Hay and owing to lack of
space am selling ft at $123 per hun
dred by the single tale. I have also
S cars of Brsa which I ana cloalng
em at a special price.
Oats 1.65 Per Bag
At all ti.ncs yon wUl Bod a full line
ef Grata. Feed. Bay, Straw and
52-54 Canal Street.
Phone 731-2.
auattra of
1. 0 rreight and Express Address,
Oak r til Con a. Ttkgrapn Add rata,
Watertin Cos a. New Tork e-Sce
IS Howard Street.
Mar-" I Jaaresee opera koea.
fifth v' wrt given by the
Jaete 3Mertt traach of the Gee he
Marrk I.- Ci f halt, the pwwrfil
tritfc draroa, kaifel O CoaaeH. an
ew the a Ladies a axillary,
ffivistoa S, A. il H,

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