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GRIEVE, - BISSET. & HOLLAND KjteZ&t&tt te&esaacg
38.40 Batik Street. Tel
Watcrbury's Busy Corner Store.
' The brisk businen we are enjoying in this particular section of our
tore is proof positive that the women of this locality have found our
dualities, styles and prices all to be rieht. They find that here is where
perfect satisfaction in burins: garments is to be found, and if you're not of
the ones that have learned this from experience we'd be glad to demon
strate the truth of the assertion to you.
Women's Tailored
Suits at $19.75.
A diversity of fabrics to select from
In the line at this price. They're
Herringbone Cheviots, Herringbone
Serges, in the plain or fancy mixtures
and the Novelty Stripe Serges In
Blue,, Brown, Black, green and grey.
Coats are strictly tailor made, 27 to
86 Inches long .lined with guaranteed
satin lining. Skirts are either plait
ed or. plain gored, with fold, trimmed
with buttons, fine value at $19.75 the
euit. f '
Women's Fall Suits
at $25.00.
Made in the most attractive Fall
Styles of Serges, Cheviots, Panamas
and Herringbone Novelties, in all
popular shades, including the new
London Smoke, Catawba and Greens.
Coats are 27 to 36 Inches long In sev.
feral styles. Skirts made either plain
gored or plaited effect, $25.00 the suit
Women's Net Waists,
at $3.98.
In Cream Color " or White; lined
tflth silk, tucked lace yoke, trimmed
with-Persian, Inserted and piped with
Blue, Brown or Green Velvet, button
back, the latest musketeer sleeve,
extra value at $3.98 each.
Women's Nuns Veil
ing Waists.
A very dressy fall wa!st that is
strictly tailor made,' button front,
trimmed with French knots, another
style is trimmed with embroidery
and fancy insertion, button back,
short sleeves, both . styles come . in
White, Cream, Tan, Grey and Black,
and are splendid waist Values at
$2.25 each.
Women's Tailored
Linen Waists.
Made in the Gibson effect, with
plaits over the shoulder, pocket also
in the plain tailored effect with wide
plaits front and back and laundered
cuffs, $1.98 each. . .
There are dozens of other fine
style waists here which ' you'll take
special delight in seeing.. We'll glad-
ly show them to you. '
nig arore mm me
Little Prices.
1 Ranges'-;
? ?"V7'''"'''''''V''
We carry the largest line of ranges in the NAUGATUCK
VALLEY for you to select from. Prices range from $18 to $150
set up complete in your horn?. Ever? rn;e is fullv cuarantewl
. ' on a money refund basis. Now is the time when $1.00 WILL
DO THE WORK. OF $2.09. If in nesd of a range call and look
over our stock and if we have not the best you have ever seen
for the money, do not purchase. REMEMBER IT IS NO
TROUBLE to show goods. Whether you purchase or not come
in and see us at the BARGAIN STORE.
Benson Furniture Co.,
188-190 South Main St.
Waterbury, Connecticut.
$3.50 SHOES')
The reason W. L Douglas
$3.50 shoes are worn by
more men in all walks of
life than any other make is
because I give the wearer
the benefit of the most
complete organization of
skilled shoemakers in this
country, who receive the
highest wages paid in the
shoe industry and whose
workmanship cannot be ex
The selection of the
leathers and other materials
for each part of the a hoe
and every detail of the
making is looked after by
specially trained experts in
every department
If I could take you into
my large factories at Brock'
ton. Mass.. and show vou
how carefully W. L. Douglas $3.50 shoes are made, you
would tnen understand why they hold
their shape, fit better, wear longer, and
sure of greater value than any other make.
Cannot Bm Equalled at Any Price.
3.50 SHOES. THE SAME LEATHERS, FOR $ 1 . 7 5 AND talpo.
f t V L PU. -. tm4 prfc. It HJg4 - U. Wt. .Hf .n tin wrCT rOMl
ala trtcm mt tefcrW .W. iwuft PTO MATim TMIM. TAXI MMtnBTB. I
The new Odd Fellows' hall In the
Twltchell building on Park place was
dedicated last evening, Grand Master
Urant H. Klersted, assisted by tn,e
members of the grand lodge. The
hall presented a handsome appear
ance. The members of Centennial
lodge, No 100, Magnolia , Encamp
ment, No 16, and Columbian Rebek-
ah lodge, No 35, were present and as.
elsted In the ceremonies. The order
of exercises consisted of Instrumental
music and addresses, and all of the
numbers were very good. After the
exercises all present adjourned to the
banquet hall where a fine collation
awaited them. There were a large
number of out-of-town guests present.
The following are the different com
mittees that made the affair a suc
cess: Committee of arrangements, A.
H. Eagan, P. G., chairman; Robert V.
Parker, P. G., llobert T. W. Adams,
P. G., Frederick W. Weber, P. G.,
William C. Painter, P. G., Warren D.
Abel, P. G.; reception committee,
Glenn F. Noble, P. G., chairman;
Harry Bickerdike, noble grand; W. G.
Hard, Charles H. Hoadley, P. U.,
George T. Wlgmore, P. G., L. H.
Winslow, F. F. Schaffer, William H.
Eastman, vice grand ; F. W. Tolles, P.
G., Thomas Bowen, P. G., Thomas
Bowen, P. G., Frank H. Judd, T. M.
Bull, M. D., T. S. Walte. P. G., P. C.
P., A. H. Dayton, P. G., P. C. P.; ban.
quet committee, William H. Eastman,
V. G., chairman; R. E. Owens, P. G.,
J. E. Marsden, P. G., William A. Tit
ley, P. G., G. W. Moss, P. G., Albert
Mai; Mrs Lizzie Stahl, V. G., chair
man; Mrs Clara Walte, P. G., Mrs
Mabel Lutz, Mrs Mae Titley, Mrs
Mary Jackson, noble grand; Mrs
Mary Newton.
Michael. B. Reidy and Seth D.
Bingham, nominated by the imo
crats for representatives, are two
well known young men and they have
been before the public for some years,
having held office on numerous occa
sions, and they will receive the full
democratic vote and many republican
voters. Mr Reidy is at present one of
the representatives from here and he
is engaged in the mason business. He
is, a member of the firm of. Reidy &
Kelly. Mr Bingham is one of ihe
leading real estate agents of the boro
and he has held the office of .justice
of the peace for several years.
The democrats will hold a rally in
the Gem opera house next Monday
evening. The speakers will be the
Hon Theodore A. Bell of California
anc the Hon Donaldson Caffrey of
Louisiana. Both men are well known
public speakers and the opera house
will undoubtedly be filled with Voters
of both parties. The rally will begin
at 7:15 sharp as Mr Bell will go to
Waterbury to deliver an address in
that city after he speaks here.
There will be many visiting "Yea
Yea" boys in Waterbury to-morrow
evening, when the big Eagles' fair
opens in the nest on South Main
street. They are coming from many
places In order to give their breth
ren a fitting send off. They will find
a warm welcome.' The nest will be
a blaze of electricity, for M. F. Grea
ney has promised to outdo all other
electrical displays.
Since the nominations of A. C. Tut-
tle and Carl W. Thompson last Satur
day night by the republicans, and
their refusal to run, the party has
been at a loss as to whom would ac
cept. They wtll undoubtedly an
nounce the cnadidates soon. Nauga
tuck men do not seem to be anxious
to go to Hartford. Men named by
both parties have declined.
A rally will be held, this evening
by the Swedish-American Republican
club in the hall on Hillside avenue.
The speaker of the evening will be the
Rev Dr S. G. Ohman of New Britain.
There will also be speeches by local
men. After the rally a smoker will be
held and all are cordially Invited to
be present.
The Taft and Sherman Glee club
have been invited to sing at the ral
ly of the Swedish-American Republi
can club this evening. ' The next
meeting of the Taft and Sherman club
will be held next Wednesday night. "
The Parish House Association
Men's club has elected the following
officers for the ensuing year: Presi
dent, Charles P. Slade; vice-president,
Ralph E. Smith; secretary, Glenn F.
Noble; treasurer, Louis C.Knox.
At Columbus hall to-night a whist
party and dance will be given by the
Altar society of St Mary's church. It
promises to Be one of the most enjoy
able social events of the season.
H. C. C. Mills was appointed as the
nominee from the fourteenth demo
cratic senatorial district to take the
place of John M. Page, who refused
to be a candidate.
Thomas O'Loughlin, grand secre
tary of the Foresters of America, has
returned from Litchfield, where he
has been oil official business.
There were 25 births in Nauga
tuck last month, 14 males and 12 fe
males. There were six marriages
during the month.
Abe Rosenblatt of Bridge street,
who has been visiting friends in New
York city for the past few days, has
returned home.
Mr and Mrs Thomas Tucker are
spending a few flays with relatives In
New Haven.
Two pairs of knickerbockers with
school suits at Upson, Singleton & Co'i
terday and will be continued to-day
when many of the former pastors
will be present.
Mr and Mrs E. W. Wheeler are out
of town attending the funeral of a
relative. . - '
The public and parochial schools
are closed to-day as the teachers have
gone to New - Haven . to attend the
teachers' convention in that place.
There will be a republican rally in
the Town hall on Saturday evening.
The Hon E. J. Hill congressman from
the fourth district will be the prin
cipal speaker. . , vs
Application, Is to be made at tbs
next session of the legislature to have
Oakville set off, as a separate voting
district from Watertown. Just why
this has been delayed is a mystery to
many, as it should have been done
As the result of hazing four
of the younger students of the Taft
school for boys, all of whom are the
sons of prominent men of the coun
try, and one of whom is John'N. Gar
field, son of James R. Garfield, secre
tary of the Interior, were, suspended
from the Institution to-day. ThB
boys suspended are: Kenneth Mont-
eagle of San Francisco, Fred Andrews
of New York, Henry Fournes of Pitts
burg, John N. Garfield of Washing
ton, D. C. Three of the students will
be gone for six weeks, while young
Garfield is suspended for only three
weeks.. Three of the malefactors
were members of the regular foot
ball team and Garfield was center on
the second team. Everything was
quiet about the school building when
the oldr boys went to the rooms of
the new men and, taking them from
their beds, without giving them time
to dress, led them to the wash room,
which is on the lower floor, and there
"paired them off.'.', This part of the
programme consisted of giving them
boxing gloves and allowing them to
test their , prowess on one another.
The fun was at its height when J. S.
Dutcher, a master of the school walk
ed in. ' . .:' "-y ' -
T. F. Atwood has gone to Wash
Ingtota on a business trip.
TheXlate Samuel Cnrtiaa left 11.000
to the Watertown firt department.
The ielebratlon of toe tenth anni
versary of the dedlcition of the
church was ccfamenced yes-
Interesting Items Boiled , Down
, Our Busy Readers.
Hartford Michael J. Pigott was
found dead in his room at. Long's
hotel about noon yesterday. .
Norfolk The ; derailing of , two
freight cars here last night blocked
the east bound track of the New
York, New Haven and Hartlord rallJ
road for several hours.
Norwalk Tax Collector Frederick,
Brower of this city was thrown from"
his carriage about noon yesterday on
West avenue, and had his left thigh
broken. He is at the Norwalk hos
pital. " " .:
Stamford A man thought to be
William Kowins of Ansonia commit-
ted suicide in a lodging house here
Wednesday night by turning on a
gas jet and filling the room with gas.
He was about 40 years old.
New Haven The trial of Albert
L. Judd of Willimantic, the state po
liceman charged with using his re
volver during a raid at a Savin Rock
cafe last June,, has been put over
until the January term of the su
perior court. .
Hartford The 7 train that left
Hartford for Springfield at 4:28
o'clock yesterday afternoon in charge
of Conductor Miller was delayed for
five minutes because a herd of" cows
decided to cross the track at Wilson
station just at the moment" that the
train was passing that place. The
train stopped for the cows, but not
before two of them had been struck
and killed. The cows belonged to a
Mr Anson. .
- Marlborough Raccoon " hunters,
who were going through the woods
in the northern part of the town
Wednesday night, found the skeleton
olt a man in a section of woodland
near the Glastonbury line. The man
had been dead perhaps a year, as all
the flesh had disappeared from' the
bones and the clothing was in frag
ments. In what remained of the
clothing was found a dollar watch.
60 cents in money and a jackknlfe,
but nothing else which would tend
to Identify the remains.
Manchester George L. Wilkinson
will leave town Sunday and on Mon
day will start the manufacturing, of
acetylene tanks of his own Inven
tion. Mr Wiiklnson- hae Invented
many different acetylene contriv
ances, but was unable to get them
onto the market owing -to financial
conditions. An East Hampton man
has become interested in the new
tank, which Is to be used on auto
mobiles, and has come forward with
the money. A place is being fitted
up in Cobalt 'where the tanks are to
be made.
Greenwich It was learned . late
last night that the burglary here In
connection with which the New York
police arrested two suspects, was In
the residence of W. W. Hyde, who
lives on Field Point road. The jew
elry stolen was the property of Mrs
Howard Morton, daughter of Mrs
Howard Morton, daughter of Mr and
Mrs W. W. Hyde, who is visiting her
parents. Mrs Morton was called to
the telephone at dinner time last
night and she left the light burning
In her bedroom after she had an
swered the call. After dinner - she
returned to her room and found that
the light had been turned out, and
that her jewels were missing.
Glastonbury About 9 o'clock last
night Michael Wlerdak, aged 30
years and unmarried, called at the
home of Peter Ruaha, aged 54 years
and married, and told the Utter that
Ruaha's dog had bitten him. Wier
dak wanted the owner of the dog to
make good the damages and dispose
of the dog. ,-Ruah had different
ideas on the subject and, being, of
quarrelsome disposition, commenced
an argument which led to the death
of Wlerdak. John Saverock, aged
26 years, wai Implicated In the mur
der, it Is thought, by Dr H. O. Rich'
ards, the medical examiner. Hit
hands showed that he had been in
the row and one of the two. either
Saverock or Ruaha, etruck Wlerdak
In the left side ot the neck; severing
the artery. . , .
Hartford There was a high old
time In a home in the center of the
city about 4:15 this morning. The
man of the house was awakened by
a chorus ot acreama and exclamations
and descended in (lightly garmented
array to the first floor. He . made
out in the ghostly dark the form of
an Intruder and closed 'with the man,
contriving to get word to the police
at the station, from which the patrol
was sent In hot haste to the theater
of the war. After the smoke ot bat
tie lifted the Intruder was discovered
to be a well known friend ot the fam
ily, who had in some mysterious .way
entered the house In the. early even
ing and found the atmosphere ' ao
composing that he had gone quietly
to sleep in the front parlor. Awak
ening in the early morning he had
unwittingly aroused the ever watch
ful owner, and the adventure' fol
lowed. Explanations ensued and the
Intruder was released from the cool
er . , -; ' ';.. ''..,
Ladios' and
Gents' Roliablo
You lose money every day that .ten
ement Is Idle. Invest 25 cents 'and
put the rent adv in the columns of
the Democrat. It will reach the per
son that wants the tenement. -
' ' ' -
i . . .
Easy Terms, .
Satisfaction Guaranteed;
V 25 Abbott Ave.,
Near Jacquts' Opera Housa
Those that are nervous about 1
having; dentistry done, should
I I.-
tuiiMiit us as we mane nycuai
ity of doing dental work for ex
tremely nervous and sensitive
patients. Try us and be, con
vinced. ,
Don't forget the name and
place over the Manufacturers
Bank, 4 :w
65 Bank St.
Best Dental Co,,
Yon have something to sell. If
you want a purchaser - the people
must know where to And you.. Let
them know by placing a want adv m
the Democrat; 23 words 3 days for
25 cents.
Our Regular $3.50 Gold
Filled Glasses for cJmp?.
have met 'the public approval. EYES EX
AMINED FREE. If you have failed to set
property fitted gltssei call and see us.
Our pr.ces are the lowest for the right
, The Best Optical Co.,
'' 18 Abbott Avenue. '
Notice is hereby given ' that on
and after this date all the land ly;
lng west of Library park may be
used as a public dumping ground.
Entrance to same must be made in
and 'through Hall street. - '
Dated at Waterbury, this 15th
day of October, 1908.
,Y Superintendent of Parks
7 U U "
Never Falls to Restore
Gray Hair to its Natural
Color and Beauty.
No matter how long It has been gray
or faded. Promote a luxuriant growth
of healthy hair. Stops its falling out,
and positively remove Dan
draff. Keeps hair soft and glossy. Re
fuse all substitutes. 2 times as much
in $1.00 as 50c. size. Is Not a Dye.
tl and 60c. bottles, at drngglsta
Send 2c for free book "The Care o the Hair."
Phiio Bay Spec Co., Newark, N. i.
Hay's Harflna Soap cnrapimp)ei,
ted, rouph and chapped hands, and aU akin die.
aara. Keep skin fine and olt- 25c. dnievists.
Send 2c for tree book "The Care ( tba bldn."
Martin Berlin's Sons
Cor. Scovill and South Main St.
Telephone 94. v
Night Calls Answered by
Thomas F. Berlin, 75 South
Elm Street Tel. 132-2.
Patrick S. Bergin 102 Walnut
Street.. Tel 571-2.
Finest Hacks and Coaches in die
City. Experienced and
Careful Drivers. Tel.5 132-14
1 Bottle of Port.
Or Sherry Wine
The Hub Grocery
118 south' main street.
,6 -.M . K.
With Scovill Manufacturing Co. and E. L. .Tyrrell. If you really want
the fiest Bookkeeping or short hand training and the Best Positions
you should study with us either day or evening. Night school only $1
per week. Begin to-day, right Nnow. Call and' talk it over.
The White-Simmons Co.
New Location, 190 Grand Street, Corner of
Leavenworth. - ? ;
Our Fall and Winter Stock
is coming in fast (business is better), and our prices are Rock Bot
tom. ' . 'V. s '..' '-' ;
Our Special Blend Coffee the best value in the city for ' 25c,'
.for Saturday and Monday " ,
15c lb.'
The White-Simmons Co.
Phone 710.
Wholesale and Retal
The Single Damper Patented
This Damper Is found only in Crawford Ranges.
It is worth the price of the Range. ,' One movement
controls absolutely and perfectly both fire and oven.
Insures better baking; saves waste of fuel and food.
Other exebsive Crawford features are the patented Dock-Ash Grates; Cup-
joint uvea rwes; Atoestos-eaca uven; Keuaoie Uvea Heat Indicator,
r Kid. krWttor Pratt (. Co ji-JS 0loat, Boats : . . -
BOSTON FURNITJJIIE CO. wiriausujtT agists.

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