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DASD C? Kltm
E:;srt cl CUy Trexjxrcr Tell!
Cttito Ewd.
, 'At the meetln of the board of
finance yesterday afternoon the re
or t. of City Treasurer Edward L.
Tuttle wan read, accepted and or
dered on file. It was as followi
Balance on hand Sept l.f 197,706.71
.From 0. M. Beach, li
censee ., . ,
From W., E. Kennedy,
water repair
From W. D. Bradstreet,
' evening schools . ....
From N. Palomba, rent
- of land ............
' From liquor licenses , . .
From J. R. Law lor, sale
of houses . . .
From J. J. Fitzgerald,
' rent Broadway Inn ..
From J. J. Fitzgerald,
tuition ..... ......
From J. J. Fitzgerald,
text books . . . , .,.
From J. P. Kellogg, sew
er assessments
From J. P. Kellogg, pav
ing, assessments
From J. P. Kellogg, post
poned taxes
From J. P. Kellogg, In
terest t
From J. P. Kellogg, Hen
J' fees .... . .
From J. H. Crary, hos-
i pltals .....
From J. H. Crary, out
s side poor -..... ......
, From J. H. Crary, Brook
, side home ....... .
From F. T. Reeves, tax
: list 1905 V. ...
From F. T. Reeves, tax
list, "inside. . .
From F. T. Reeves, tax
list, outside
From F. T. Reeves, list
1906, military
From F. T. Reeves, list
J906, percentages . . '.
From F. T. Reeves, list
1905, Hen fees
.From F. T. Reeves, list
1906 .. .
From F. T. Reeves, list
1906, inside ..... . .
i Frora F. T. Reeves, list
1906. outside
From F. T. Reeves, list
1907, pole .........
: From F. T. Reeves, list
1907, military ......
, From F. T. Reeves, list
V" 1906, percentage ...
From F. T. Reeves, list
: 1906, Hen fees
From F. T. Reeves, list
1907 ......
From F. T. Reeves, list
1907, inside
From F. T. Reeves, tax
list 1907, outside ...
From F. T. Reeves, tax
. list 1908.-poll ,
From F. T. Reeves, list.
1908. military....'..
From F. TV Reeves, list
1907.; percentages . . ..
From F. T. Reeves, water
rents, Nov, 1907
From F. TV Reeves, per
centages on same
From F. T. Reeves, Hen
on same
From F. T. Reeves, water
rents, May, 1908
From F. T. Reeves, per
centages water rents,
May, 1908 ...... ..
From F. T. Reeves, Hen
fees, water rents, May,
1908 . ...
From F. T. Reeves, sew
er assessments .....
From F. T. Reeves, street
assessments .....
From F. T. Reeves, Hen
fees on assessments..
From F. T. Reeves, street
permits . . . . ....
From F. T.' Reeves, ped
dlers' licenses ......
From Fv T, Reeves,
amusement licenses . .
From F. TV Reeves, spe
cial water rents
From Manufacturers' Na
tional bank, Interest
city, account . ... . . . .
Interest collection ac
count ..... . . . . . . .
: 30.00
. 3.00
' 63.71
' 2.00
. , 11.20
. 6.00
Total .... . ..... . .1510.661.25
Several bills, including one of $7,-
uuu ior joun u rueiii, were approved
Dr McMahon Made a Monslgnor,
Thomas M. Mulry a Knight.
New York, Oct. 16 Before start
ing on his trip to Emmltsburg, Md,
and St Louis, Wednesday, Arch
bishop Farley, the papal representa
tive, called to the archeplscopal resi
dence the Rev Dr Dennis J. Mc
Mahon, rector of the Church of the
Epiphany, Second avenue and Twenty-first
street, and Thomas M. Mulry,
president of the Emigrant Industrial
Savings bank, and announced to
them that Pope Pius X desired to
confer ecclesiastical honors upon
them. ;
Dr McMahon was made a monslg
nor,' which entitles him to wear the
purple and makes him a Roman
prelate of the papal household. Mr
Mulry received' the decoration of a
Knight' of St Gregory, an honor
which may be conferred upon a lay
man only, and which makes him a
soldier of the papal household. ,
' The following concert in addition
to 15 dance numbers Is the pro
gramme for the. concert and sociable
at Buckingham Music hall to-morrow
evening by Fulton's American band:
' Overture "Raymond" . . . . Thomas
4 Serenade "Sleeping Beauty" Tobanl
r Cornet solo Selected . . . . . .
- Louis Bovlno.
, (a) Romance "In Thoughts".
...... Frolelgh
(bf "Piwicatto Polka" . . Strauss
Polish Dance No 1 .... Scharwenka
Selection "Talk of New York"
f Cohan
Petite Suite "The Forest
Ranger's Courtship" .. Ellenberg
(a) Forest life.- . i
I (b) Foresters serenade.
c) Foresters' wedding march and
dance coon the greensward.
8erteilo Not Held oa Anna Kelson's
' Charts. To-Day.
Lovs, In the fair form of Anna Nel
son, landed Armenlo Bertgllo alias
Joe Montagus la the city court this
morning on a cbarga of breach of ths
peace.. Miss Nelson decked In the
latest form of fashion, with a trailing
feather from a hat that without ex
travagance of statement could easily
be called enormous, extremely high
heeled coffee colored shoes with cloth
uppers, and all the rast of the fan
dangles described by style and fash
ion, testified that on Monday Bertgllo
beat ber and left ber arms black and
blue with marks and bruises. It was
apparent from the story told by her
that she has been living on Kings
bur street, near the accused. Bert
gllo in bis best English, said the
young woman has been following him
all over the country from Cincinnati,
Pittsburg, New York and queering
him in every job be gets hold of.
How she found him out in Waterbury
he could not say but the last he saw
of her before his encounter with her
on the date in question was in West
Hoboken, N. J. He said he had a
good thing there with a club when
Miss Nelson only he did not call her
Miss Nelson, got wind of 'him and
"queered" him. How the "queered"
him he did not state only that he
had to quit.
' He admitted knowing ber very
well, and that he cannot lose her
"She Is the sport," he said, "She Is
the eh what you calL 'em. Well,
don't know but she bother me now
for two year. She chase me from
Cincinnati, from New York, from
Phlladelph, from Chicago from every'
where. I no get away from her.
work with the show, with the circus
but I can't get away from her. I
give her five dolls the week to keep
away but she no do It. I giva the
mon to her people but she no Seep
away and leeve me 'lone. Finally
he denied striking her or in any way
being responsible for the excitement
that prevailed on Kingsbury and
North Main streets yesterday after
When another witness, an Italian
was on the stand, the. complainant
exhibited the wildest emotion. Bert
gilo was let go. '.
Edward Sullivan, who failed to
present himself in a case he had
against another man yesterday was
fined $5 and costs for contempt of
court. His explanation was that he
requested the prosecutor to withdraw
the case and he understood it was
withdrawn, and that he saw it in
the papers some time ago that when
a complainant fails to appear in court
the case is nolled.
Harry Snagg pleaded guilty to
theft of a watch worth. $10 from his
friend John Crowley. Intoxication
was his excuse. He was fined $5
and costs. :
Belle Ward was fined ?5 and costs
for intoxication. ,
tVL'l Cessresfsii UUej It Hi
la tt$ Issslii P.
It was common talk about town to.
day that Mr Lillsy is now entiled to
membership In the Ananias club af
ter his brush with President Roose
velt over that letter which Mr Lllley
said he received from ths big stick In
the white house.
W. E. White, state organizer of the
socialist party, will give a lecture
Saturday evening, October 17, at 8
p. m., corner of Bank and Grand
streets. 8ubject, . "The Significance
of the Present Industrial Panic."
Something extra in $2 trousers at
Upson,- Singleton & Co s.
Invitations are out for the wed
ding of Miss Eva M. Bouilard of
1052 North Main street and Henry
L.' Walker. The ceremony will be
performed at St Anne's church, Wed'
nesday morning.
A special reduction in gold filled
glasses for the next 10 days. The
Best Optical Co. 18 Abbott avenue,
will examine you' eyes free of charge
and nt you to a pair of their regu
lar $3.50 gold filled glasses, com
plete for $1. It will pay you to in-
vestlgate this offer.'
Jessie M. Deming of Prospect has
brought suit for divorce against her
husband, Vernah S. Deming, on the
grounds of desertion. She also asks
that her maiden name, Palmer, be
restored to her. The couple were
married on December 24, 1902. and
three years after, on October 6, 1905,
Deming , disappeared.', wnen last
heard from he was employed in Tor
rington. '
The first rehearsal of the chorus
for "The Mocking Bird" which is to
be given by the Daughters of Isabel
la at Poll s theater in January was
held In K. of C. hall last evening.
It was originally intended to produce
"The Toreador" but the society fin
ally decided for "The Mocking Bird"
Frank Nelson of New Haven - who
will direct the opera was present
last night and much pleased with
the' splendid chorus that was on
hand. The soloiBts were tried out
last night and parts will in all prob
ability be assigned within a tew
days. William J. Shannahan will be
stage director, "v
At the annual meeting of the State
Business Men's association in New
Haven yesterday directors were chos
en as follows: L. E. Lock wood, An-
sonla; G. A. R. Hammer, Branford;
F. W. Boland, Bridgeport; B. A. Peck,
Bristol; E. Wessel, Danbury; W. J.
Mulligan, Enfield; J. W. Curtell,
Glastonbury; C. A. Pease, Hartford;
O. S. Troop, Manchester; F. B. Smith,
Merlden; T. Thompson, Milford; H.
H. Scofleld, Naugatuck; F. J. Porter,
New Britain; S. T. Butler, New Ha
ven: J. A. Allen, New London; S.
Keeler. Rldgefleld; F. Woodhull,
Rockville; W. F. Gould, Southing
ton; E. F. Knapp. Torrlngton; W. S.
Jones, Waterbury; E. Hart Fenn,
Wethersfleld; John E. Brick. Willl
mantlc; E. W. Mather, Windsor
Locks; E. B. Brunson, Wlnsted; M.
E. ' Kelr, Seymour; E. M. Wheaton,
Plainvllle; A. B. Judd. West Hart
ford, and George W. Seward, Guil
ford. .
The following item was taken
from the Norwich column of the
New London Day: "Dr and Mrs Pat
rick Cassldy celebrated Tuesday
evening at their home on Washing
ton street the fortieth anniversary of
their marriage. Four children. Dr
P. J. Cassldy, Mrs J. hdward Driseoll
Mrs Mary Cahlll and Attorney John
H. Cassldy of Waterbury were pres
ent, also four grandchildren. Mrs P.
J. Cassldy and James Duggan of
Hartford, and intimate mends, ur
and Mrs Cassldy have spent their
entire married life in Norwich. , Dr
Cassldy Is one of the veteran prac
titionars of the city and one of the
most beloved of the physicians. He
has given freely of his time and ser
vices without questioning whether
his patients were able to pay or not.
Most of the older families of Nor
wich have had tie ministrations at
one time or another. Dr Cassldy
not only has the good will and pleas
snt wishes of his friends, but of ths
nth community."
la the local option vote on the li
quor question taken over a week ago
it was at first given out that ths
town of Cheshire had voted no li
cense, and this was published In many
of the papers of the state. Consider
able confusion arose as a result as
the town really did vote for the li
quor license.
Judge F. M. Peasley's chickens
have been causing him some anxiety
lately. Every morning he found one
or more dead In the coops. This
morning when he visited the coops
he found a stranger there, a bird,
somewhat smaller than a rolibln, but
with an extremely long bill. He
caught the bird and put it in a box
and brought It to. town. At a bird
store he was told that It was a speci
men of the Amerlcanus. democrats
cub brlgantus, democrat brigand for
short. It is a fine, proud looking
bird and the judge proposes to keep
It In a cage and make a republican-
Itus brlgantus of it. It scared the
life out of six of his chickens last
Long aS Senator John Hurley has
been In public life in Waterbury
there is .one rather prominent citizen
who never knew him until yesterday.
The senator was alighting from a
West Main street car at the center
when a Democrat reporter remarked
to the republican referred to, Wilfred
E. Griggs, the well known architect,
by the way, that the senator was
looking' great. "So that is Senator
Hurley, Is It?" asked Mr Griggs.
"Well, long as 'I have been reading
and much as I have heard about him
this is the first time I ever saw him.
I always thought he was a man of
about 60. Why, he' looks scarcely 30.
Good looking fellow, too, isn't he?"
and in this way the well known archi.
tect expressed his gratification on
seeing the bed rock and foundation of
democracy in the sixteenth senatorial
district. s i
Officers Elected at" Close of Conven
tion Yesterday Afternoon. .
At the closing meeting of the fif
teenth annual . convention of the
Order of the Eastern Star in Forest
ers' hall yesterday afternoon the fol
lowing officers were elected: s
. Royal grand patron, G. H. S. Bell
of New Bedford, Mass. '
Royat grand matron, Mrs Laura
Martin of Worcester, Mass.
Royal grand associate patron,
Charles Carmon of Ansonla.
Royal.grand associate matron, Mrs
Emma L. Caesar of Windsor.
Royal grand conductress, Mrs
Carrie Hoxle of Boston.
. Royal grand associate conductress,
Mrs Amelia Simmon of New Haven.
Royal grand secretary, Walden
Banks of Boston. f
Royal grand treasurer, Mrs Mary
Scott of Waterbury.
Royal grand lecturer, Mrs Susan
Latham of Providence., ,
Royal grand chaplain, Mrs Mary L.
Young of Providence.
Royal grand herald, Mrs Joanna
Baskerville of Bridgeport.
Royal' grand warden, Mrs Annie
Johnson of Yonkers, N. Y.
Royal grand marshal, Mrs Eva
Gray of Ansonla.
Royal grand wisdom, Mrs May
Bell of New Bedford, Mass. '
Royal grand faith, Mrs Alice Dur
ham of Waterbury.
Royal grand truth, Mrs Lina
Mitchell of Bridgeport.
Royal grand charity, Mrs Sadie A
Dean of Newton, Mass.
Royal grand sentinel, Mrs Rosa
Jones of New Haven.
Representative to the supreme
lodge, Mrs L. L. Foy of Boston.
The new officers were Installed by
Past Royal Grand Patron John A
Hall of New Haven, assisted by Mrs
L. L. Foy of Boston as marshal and
Mrs Alice Croford of Boston as as
sistant marshal. The next meeting
of the organization will be held with
Eureka chapter of New Haven on
the second Tuesday and Wednesday
of October, 1909.
For $15 we will make to order a $25
Suit or Overcoat-Extra $5 Trousers
FREE extra $5 trousers
With every Suit or Overcoat. Two pair of Trousers make a suit
last twice as long.
FREE pressing and
mending for two years.
FREE woolen pieces
To mothers to make their little boys some trousers.
Rich Beaver and Meltons made to measure half price.
Extra Trousers FREE.
To ladies who bring or send a customer for our bargains. The ostrich
farms of California have sent 5,000 long, rich plumes in black, also white,
to be given away. Come and see them, bring a gentleman customer for
Suit or Overcoat, and get a plume free.
Employment Bureaus.
The result of the operations of the
five public employment bureaus for
the month of September was publish
ed yesterday and was as follows:
Hartford Applications . Ior em
ployment, males 218, females 287:
applications for help, males 116, fe
males 203; situations secured, males
107, females 172.
New Haven Applications for em
ployment, males 114, females 151:
applications for help, males 73, fe
males 131; situations secured, males
66. females 115.
Bridgeport Applications for em
ployment, males, 88, females 224;
applications for help, males 57. fe
males 241; situations secured, males
48, females 192.
Waterbury Applications for em
ployment, males 75, females 146;
applications for help, males 67, fe
males 121; situations secured, males
55, females 119.
Norwich Applications for employ
ment, males 21. females 26; appli
cations for help, males 11, females
27; situations secured, males
10; females 22.
Out of the total number applying
86.5 per cent were furnished with
help against 89.8 per cent in August.
Of the number of applications for
employment 67.1 per cent secured
work against 65.2 per cent In Aug
Something you want? If so let the
public know it through the want col-
ana of the Democrat and the chances
re tm to one you'll art it. Want I
ads 15 words S daa for 3 cent. - I
" You naturally ask, how can we make first class suits and overcoats to
order at any such prices ?
. It's easy. - -
When your tailor buys one bolt of goods on credit we buy five car
loads of woolens for cash. Times are extremely hard for woolen Mills. A
large amount of ready cash does wonders in buying woolens just now.
1 We have just bought the bargain of our life and are passing it on to
you at ground floor prices.
NOTICE We can make and deliver a suit or overcoat in two days if
' ; ' . ' '
J - 111 v 2 -yys. 1
i ; WITH In
19 Stores in 19 Cities.
Opposite Reid & Hushes
Will be increased to 50 Stores
1 i
4i A"tili
if . ' ,
u " 1
a. t
Comptroller ot Currency Under Mo
, . Kinley Favored Insurance of
, Bank Deposits.
Charles O. Dawes was comptroller
of the currency under Mr. McKlnley.
Since 1902 1 has been president of
the Central Trust company at Chi
cago. Writing in The Public Louis
F. Post calls attention to the fact that
several years ago Mr. Dawes -wrote
a book entitled "The Banking System
of the United States." The following
Is taken from Mr. Test's article:
In describing In that book the "pres
ent need of our national banking sys
tem." Mr. Dawes distinctly argues for
the Insurance Idea that Bryan advo
cated In congress and upon which his
campaign is now advancing in tne
west." Referring to a proposed law,
advocated by Bryan in congress.
which would have levied a tax upon
national banks for the purpose of cre-
et.cg a fund for the insurance of de
posits, Mr. Dawes wrote:
"National banking statistics snow
that a fund oC the necessary amount
wonld soon be created by a compara
tively small tax upon each national
It must certainly be ad
mitted that tin! establishment of such
a fund would taTe a tendency to pre
vent the mad rushes of small and
large depositors during times of panic,
for money which they hoard away in
safety deposit boxes or other hiding
places. '
If tne effect of such a
lsw would be to render bank deposits
more stable under all conditions, as in
our judgment would be the case, no
law could be of more vsue and Im
portance to the debtor, or to the cred
itor, or to tne community at large.
Besides the great importance
bf the law, as related to the general
prosperity of the country, K is meri-
torioua as preventing the keen suffer
ing in those localities where bank fall
urea occur, and where the bard earned
savings of the community, under our
present laws, are often swept away.
By sucn a law, losses are distributed
as by insurance, the beneficial effect!
of which need no argnment -To the
passage ot such a law la proper form,
we trust the efforts of conxreas will
be directed."
Does your back achat Do you get
up lame In the morning? Do you
feel dull and tlrod T Does it hurt you
to bend over, to lift anything, to get
up from a chair? Do you have sud
den "catches" or stitches of pain In
the back? Does a dull, throbbing
ache settle In the small of your b,ck
and bother you day and night? Do
you sometimes feel that you simply
cannot straignten up?
If you do have backache, be care
ful not to make the very common
mistake of treating it as a muscular
trouble. Do not rub the sore place
with liniment, nor put on plasters,
for the seat of the trouble la Inside
In the kidneys, which He Just be-
seath the small of the back, on either
tide of the spine.
A cold, a chill, a fever, overwork,
tver-eatlng or over-drinking may
rtart a slight congestion or inflam
mation In the kidneys that will at
ttee interrupt the kidneys' work of
lltyriog the blood. It is this condi
tion tiiof, sts np the aching, and
cakes jrJur back so bad.
Tou cannot make any mistake by
treating the kidneys at once, for it
theee email troubles that lead to
Iropsy, diabetes and Brigbt'a die-
I there is any doubt In your
PiSur W V .V
Tells 1 V y
scl o V
mind that the kidneys are aSeetai,
notice the urine for a few day, a
passages are Irregular, painful, ot
too scanty, discolored, or full ot Md)
ment, the kidneys need help right
away, and there ia no other medicine
more helpful than : Doan's , Kidney
Pills, a simple remedy tor the kid
neys, yet so powerful that It quickly
cures the cause and so ends all ths
painful and annoying symptoms.
Home testimony proves the unfatUnf
merit of Doan's Kidney Pills.
Mrs James Dewa ot 11 Hospital
avenue. Waterbury, Conn, ears: "MJ
husband made a statement for publV
cation in August, 1901, in which M
said that ha had suffered oonaidere
hly from pain In the loins and kid
neys, especially during changeable
weather or after taking cold, aad
that although he would often be a
lame and sore that he could not da
Justice to his work, Doan's Kidney
Pills, procured at the H. W. Lake
Drng Co, relieved him entirety of the
trouble. It gives me pleasure ta
confirm his testimony and to say
that the euro has been permanent.
He has never complained of his bacS
since Doan's Kidney Pills . euro
him." - 1
Sold by aO dealers. Prise So cents. ! Torn Milsumi Co, Buffalo, K.Y., Proprietors.
Try a Democrat Wml kL
Immediate Reoultc,

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