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Grieve, bisset, & Holland
V 4l A ATI ir-av O
Tel 583
.) ' Wtcrbury'i Buiy
Saturday Night
; r In navy blue,, brown, tan and ,
' t rey,' 1 H 'yards long, 1 regular
: price 50c, To-night. .... .360 each
; CLOVES GusBeted fingers, reg
ular price 11 a pair, To-night
.70 a naii
! Aed, . regular price " 15c, To
, ' ! night. .. - He each
i , COTTON HOSE Regular price
( price 10c, To-night .80 a nair
I 'AND PANTS Regular price 50c
. , To-night . . . . .... 4 39c
Tucked: and trimmed with era
1 broidery, regular price 29c, To-
night .v.......... '.'.23c. a' nair
' SWEATERS In black, white, .
-red-and grey, regular price $4.50 ,
! To-night- ..-......$1.98 each
' In satlneor plain twill, regu
; lar price 50c, To-night ... 39c each
All colors. To-night. . . -16c a nail
Guaranteed to wear six months
without holes, in tan color only,
1 sizes 10 10 and 11, regu-
Room 41 Buckingham Building. Open Evenings.
The Big Store With the
Little Prices.
We carry the largest line of ranges in the NAUGATUCK
VALLEY for you to select from. Price range from $18 to $150
set up complete in your horn;. Every me is fully guaranteed
on a money refund basis. Now is the tims when $1.00 WILL
DO THE WORK OF $2.09. If in need of a range call and look
over our stock and if we have not the best you have ever seen
-for the money, do not purchase. REMEMBER IT IS NO
TROUBLE to show goods. Whether you purchase or not come
in and see us at the BARGAIN STORE.
Benson Furniture Co.,
188-1 90 South Main St. &
Waterbury, Connecticut jT
Five Strong Reasons for Fall
1. 1 In the fall, the surface is thoroughly dry. During the spring a
anrface which needs repainting is sore to contain moisture and damp-
ROSS Or IrOSt, ana ll Cannoi Or suctcssiunj I'a'unu mim 11 u uiurcuglMJ
dried out.
. - - 2. When the wood is dry, it absorbs more of the paint. The paint
penetrates deeper into the wood, therefore get firmer hold on it, giv
ing the paint coating greater tenacity or holding qualities.
3. Paint cannot be applied as successfully in damp, cloudy or un.
settled weather as in warm, sunny weathr, in the fall . the weather is
more settled and uniform and is warmer, therefore it is an excellent tiror
for painting. . ' "
4. A house needs its protecting coat of paint more in the winter
months than at any other time. A houv. in need of repainting should
never be allowed to go over the winter without this protection.
8. It is easier to keep moisture awd dampness ont by applying a
'coat of paint when the surface is dfy, than It is to get moisture or damp
Hess oat of the wood when you want to apply paint. " -
I MORAL See WOODRUFF now and be sure of best results.
George M.
145 BANK
Vi b Vapiafv of nalimf Ikectan T.iinfh
! at All Hours.
16 tad 18 Harrison Are,
Corner Store-
Specials !
lar price, $2
To-night . .
a box' of six pairs,
. price 10c, To-night. . .'. . .4 for 25o
' pink, amethyst .and, amber,, reg- ,
ular price 15c, To-night 10c
PERFUME Rose ,and violet
odors, regular price 25c an oz, .
, To-night 18c an or
In black and brown, regular
price 50c, To-night ......... .39c
. Regular price 25c, To-night. .19c
price 5 0c To-night .. .39c vd
.' SILK All ' silk, regular price 1
. 59c, To-night.'. .'. 149c a yd
wide, . natural color, regular
price 75c, To-night -59c a Yd
; colored chambrays and percales,
all sizes, 34 to 44, only 5 dozen .
waists in the' lot,' regular ? price
59c, To-night 39o each
color,' two. styles to choose from,
lined, with extra quality silk lin
ing, , sleeve, . regular . price
$3.98, To-night. $1,95 each
Woodruf 1
for Kidney, Liver and Stomach
- Trouble.
' By the quart, glass or gallon at
J. E. WATTS' CAJE. South Main St
Thomas Kiernan of Scott street
died yesterday at St Raphael's hos
pital in New. Haven where be had
been taken several days ago to un
dergo an operation. For a number
( years the deceased was day watch
man at the Glqve Cos factory on
Rubber avenue and he was well
liked by all who knew him. He
was a most respected citizen and
he ' leaves a large circle of friends
who will mourn his loss. He leaves
a widow' and three sons, Benjamin,
John and Edward Kiernan, all of
Naugatuck. The body will be
brought here for burial.
No successors have yet, been nam
ed for Carl W. Thompson and A. C.
Tuttle, nominated for repbllcan
representatives at a meeting held
several days ago, but it was said last
evening that nothing had . been done
in the matter and that probably the
nominations woudl be made to-day.
Attorney John M. Sweeney has
brought suit for Rafferty & Hosier
against Frederick Seldol, proprietor
of , a grocery . store on North Main
street and the store has been closed
on a writ of attachment served by
Bailiff O'Connor. The amount sued
for Is $96.
Secretary Barnum of the Water
Co says the street and lawns must
not be sprinkled any more with the
city water as the reservoirs are very
low. Persons who use the city water
are requested to see that all leaky
faucets are repaired at once.
The Elms basketball team will
give a dance in Columbus hall on the
evening of October 21. The mem
bers of the team expect a large at
tendance and a number of out of
town guests will be present.
The Naugatuck band has been en
gaged to furnish music for the dem
ocratic rally to be held next week.
The rally will be held on Monday
Mr and Mrs Henry Jackson of New
Haven, who have been the guests of
friends here for the past few weeks,
left for their home last evening.
George C. Stallings of Church
street,-who has been spending the
past few days with friends In New
York city, has returned home.
Andrew Kirk of Bridgeport is the
guest of his parents, Mr and Mrs
John Kirk of May street for a few
. Harry French, who has been the
guest of friends in New Haven for
the past few days, returned home.
Richard Da vies has returned from
a visit with relatives in New Haven.
, William Clay and family have
moved from Welch street to Patter
son court. f
. Mr and Mrs Bill of Iowa are the
guests of Mr and Mrs H. S. Patter
son on Patterson court.
Miss Nellie Twelves is ill at her
home on Thomaston avenue with an
attack of typhoid fever. .
Winfred M. Hall, salesman for
the Waterville Cutlery Co is home
from a .business trip in the south
and west.
"The Waterville Alumnae associa
tion will hold their annual reception
and dance in Goodwill hall on No
vember 6th. - - .
C. N. Wood and family of Thom
aston have moved Jnto the house on
Yale street, recently occupied by
James Wright.
Philip Rodden is spending a few
days in New York city.
Thirty new voters were made by
the board of registration yesterday.
The' Rev P. C. Dunigan will soon
erect a dwelling house on Catherine
Spear Lockwood, a student at Taft
school broke his collar bone while
playing football. ".
Russell Woodward has taken a po
sition with the Cost department of
the Oakville company.
John Carroll who was injured in
a runaway accident a short time ago
has resumed his duties at the black
smith shop.
The Rev William McNichol, a for
mer pastor of the Methodist church,
attended the tenth anniversary ol
this church yesterday.
William Walton, who has been on
the sick list for the past two or three
days resumed his work in the Oak
ville factory yesterday morning.
. A number of the local school
teachers attended the convention in
Hartford yesterday while others went
to New Haven for the same purpose.
Yesterday afternoon at the Taft
Athletic field the Christ church foot
ball team defeated the Taft third
team in a well played game by the
score of 4 to 0. The game was won
by Bormolini, who kicked a goal from
the field from the 25 yard line in the
early part of the game. The teams
will probably meet again in the near
Interesting Items Boiled Down for
. Our Has Headers.
New Haven William H. Davidson,
aged 98 years, was made a voter yes-
ay. He is a carpenter and still
rks at his trade.
louth Coventry The wood work
ings plant of Noel Perry waa burned
yesterday under conditions which
suggest Incendiarism. The loss is
LeHanon Mirs George " H. Hewitt,
who was hurt in a runaway accident
at.Uberty. Hill on August 20, died
at her some yesterday as the result
of those Injuries. She was 58 years
old. . , '
Stamford Morton Shook, son of
Sheridan Shook, the late theatrical
manager. In New York, had his name
changed to ' Morton M. Palmer, by
permission of Judge Reed of the su
perior court yesterday.
Bridgeport Captain Ezra Clark, a
coal bargeman, was fined f5 and costs
for giving away coal that did not
belong to him. John Lazar and Jos
eph Pozzo, who were arrested for
taking the coal, had their cases dis
missed. Hartford Two boys, Joseph' Dan
iels and George Herbert enlisted in
the United States navy at the local
recruiting station yesterday, the for
mer entering the service as a musi
cian, second class, and the latter as
an apprentice seaman.
Mlddletown Ground was broken
yesterday for the new factory which
is to be erected on Center street 'by
the Friable Motor company. The
company has a large number of ord
ers and hopes to be able to occupy its
new building by December.
Westvllle Falling from" archest-,
nut tree on the Grelst estate late yes
terday afternoon Louis Wasserman,
aged 14, of Congress avenue sustain
ed a severe fracture of the skull and
Is now in a very serious condition at
St Rachael's hospital, New Haven. .
Clinton Mrs Frank W. Coe and
f-her daughter, Mrs F. H. Scranton,
both of New Haven, were . thrown
from a wagon while driving here yes
terday afternoon and were quite se
riously hurt. The accident was caus
ed by the frightening of the horse,
which Jumped when a train passed.
Hartford There has beeh on' exhi
bition in Long Brothers' restaurant
window for several days a fine speci
men of the Hubbard squash family,
measuring sixty-two ' Inches in cir
cumference and weighing seventy-one
pounds. It, was grown In Policeman
Frank - Geary's garden on Bushnell
New Haven Edward Stanford,
aged 7, and Raymond Bannon, aged
12, of this city were struck by an au
tomobile on East Chapel street yes
terday, both of them being' seriously
hurt, the former perhaps fatally. . It
is said that the boys jumped off an
Ice wagon directly in front of the au
tomobile. . '.
Hartford Charles H. Wright, who
!s a representative of the census bu
reau at Washington, . was hurt on
American row early, last evening. Mr
Wright stepped off one car and start
ed to pass around in back of the trol
ley when he was caught between the
first car and Ashley street car No
639. He is badly bruised about the
body and one leg appears to be se
verely injured, although it is not
likely that any bones are broken.
New Haven After lying about 48
hours in an unconscious condition at
the New Haven hospital, Leonard
Hitchcock,-the young man who was
struck by a trolley car in Whalley
avenue on Wednesday afternoon re
covered consciousness for a little
while yesterday afternoon but again
relapsed into unconsciousness and
last night was still in that state.-His
condition is considered quite serious
although it is thought he - has an
even chance for recovery.
. New Maven The American Oyster
Co, for many years one of New Ha
ven's best paying oyster concerns,
was yesterday removed from this city
and hereafter will do its business en
tirely from Providence, where a $30,
000 plant has ben erected. The firm
which made a' specialty of bottled
oysters, employs about 100 hands, in
cluding shippers, openers and pack
ers. However, by an " arrangement
with the firm all the employes in the
local shops at City Point, which has
been used, for the past year or so as
a distributing station, will be engag
ed at Providence if they wish to go
there. '. " . '
Would yon wjtnout what yoa
want when a 2fie ad misfit ret It?
- P. P. W. What Is the address of
Mrs Andrew Carnegie?
A. Her principal home la In New
York city, and mail so addressed will
be seen by authorized persons.
Ivy This lotion Is said to whiten
the neck if faithfully applied night
ly for several weeks. Five grains
each tincture of benzoin and borax,
10 grams spirits of camphor and 100
grams rosewater.
V. S. What is it that takes the
discoloration off - silver without
scratching or damaging the plate?
A. There are numerous silver pol
ishes on the . market, obtainable at
any grocery or drug store.
U. F. A. Please tell me something
that will clean skates badly covered
with rust?
A. Cover the rusty portions with
sweet oil and let stand a little while.
Then rub thoroughly with emery
powder and sweet oil.
A. G.- H. Please tell me what iron
cloth is, and for what It Is used?
A. It is made from a compara
tively new process from steel wool
and has the appearance of having
been woven from bair, like hair
cloth. It Is used for coat collars to
give them a good fit.
A. C. What Is the definition of
the word "baraca," and whence did it
A. The word does not appear in
any dictionary at hand. Perhaps you
have spelled It incorrectly. If you
will give some idea of its meaning I
will try to trace It.
A. J. L. What day was September
30, 1877, and what Is the horoscope
for that day? Also the horescope of
those born July 14, 28, and' June 26
and July 14, lovers of home and
family, talkative If women and quiet
and close in money matters if men.
July 28, can adapt themselves to;
most any condition In life, Impulsive,
lover of nature.
Silly What are the horoscopes of
persons born April 19, December 6,
December 22 and 23?
A. April 19, natural reasoners
and leaders, make good lawyers or
teachers. . December 6. bold and not
easy to become acquainted with, ac
tive, true to friends. December 22
and 23, proud, versatile, competent
to hear .large responsibilities.
. V
: B. J. E. Whence comes the name
Indian Summer?
A. The name appears . to have
been derived from the fact that it
was more noticeable in regions which
were chiefly occupied by Indians at
the time the term became current
than in the eastern regions, to which
the white population ; , was limited
prior to the beginning of the last
century. '
Student Please tell me something
of Zoraster, of whom I find nothing
in encyclopedias?
A. Possibly because the Persian
name was Zarathushtra. He was the
founder of the Perso-Iranian national
religion, which prevailed from about
BOO B. C. to 641 A. D. It Is repre
sented to-day in Persia and Russian
trans-Caucasia by a population of
about 5.000. and in Bombay and vi
cinity by about 60,000 (the Parsees.)
B. D. F. Please print a remedy
for chapped hands. .-
A. Here is a receipt which was
popular in England many years ago:
Melt four ounces of honey and two
ounces of yellow wax which are put
into six ounces of rosewater in a
double boiler until they are .well
blended: then, while still hot, add
one ounce of myrrh. Before going
to bed apply this thickly to the skin
This is helpful when the skin Is
Ell What sort of an engagement
ring seems most proper when a man
Is in moderate circumstances??
A. One that does not put any
tax upon bis resources and that his
Judgment approves, . A plain gold
ring with some -loving little senti
ment -engraved within, or ' a gold
band with "Mlzpah" in raised letters
upon Its surface . Is pretty. The
words means "The Lord wateh be
tween ' me and thee when we are
absent one from another."
' . . ;" v
R. B. E. Is there a national mon
ument and where?,
A. It U an imposing structure of
granite on Cemetery hill, Gettysburg,
and was erected In honor of the Un
ion soldiers who gave their lives for
the country at this place In the great
battle of July 3, 1863. It stands in
the center of the enclosure, which
contains the bodies of 3,500 soldiers,
representing eighteen 'northern
states. The monument bears upon
its base the famous words of Presi
dent Lincoln, delivered at the con
secration of the cemetery in Novem
ber, 1863.
W. C.s J. Is there a leaning tower
In Bologna,- Italy and how does It
compare with the one at Pisa?
A. There are several of them.
The torre Asinelll, built in 1109,- is
323 feet high and four feet out of
the perpendicular. The torre Garl
senda, built in 1110, 157 feet high,
but probably once much higher, - is
ten feet out of plumb. The campa
nile at Pisa, built in 1174. is 179
feet high with an overhang of. 13
feet. The question whether the In
clination was accidental or through
design in many of the leaning tow
ers which exist has never been au
thoritatively settled. -
W. J. C. How high was the tow
er of Babel at the time of the confu
sion of tongues?
A. The plan (Genesis xl:4) call
ed for "a tower whose top may 'reach
unto heaven." - Somewhat short of
this extreme altitude the confusion of
tongues came upon them and the
work remained unfinished. The only
basis for an estimate of the height
when the work was stopped lies in
the expression in verse c, "this they
began to do." Biblical students hold
that It is quite uncertain whether the
building-ever advanced above Its
foundation. A similar tradition as to
a tower, where speech was confound
ed has been found among other peo
ples of the Babylonian plain.
No Name Will some reader be
kind enough to tell me how to get rid
of the small pests called silver moths?
I have seen them all my life and
thought them harmless, but. they
have got In my book case and are eat
ing the book i., and have eaten all the
labels off my bottles?
A. Wash all the woodwork with
hot alum water. Fill a bowl with
formaldehyde and keep the room
tightly closed for forty-eight hours.
Afted this fumigation open the win-
The White-Simmons Co.
New Location, 190 Grand Street, Corner of
New Comb Honey Just Received.
1,000 Combs for sale at
Regular Price 25 Cents.
10 Bbls of Schip's bulk Cocoanut, long Shreded at
13c lb , 2 lbs for 25c. Regular price 25c lb.
The White-Simmons CoM
Phone 710.
are distinguished by simplicity of
construction-rsimplicity of damp
ers simplicity of management ; .
Any housewife can cook and bake '. :
with them. An extra large clean
, out plate at the back of lash pan
provides for cleaning out oven
flues. No dust to fly in kitchen.
jS. Main
Those that are nervous about
having dentistry done, should
consult us as we make a special-
-C Jantal rlr fnr
tVJ l UUIU UlUMM nvi v" -"V
tremely nervous and sensitive
patients. Try us and be con
vinced. !
Don't forget the name and
place over the Manufacturers
Bank, V r . T
65 Bank St.
Best Dental Co.,
Our Regular $3.50 Gold
Filled Glasses for gSmpu?e:
have met the public approval. EYES EX
AMINED FREE, if you have failed to get
properly fitted glsses call and tee ua.
Our pr.eei ire ' the lowest for the right
The Best Optical Co., 1
18 Abbott Avenue.
dows and allow fresh air to enter.
Fill drawers and place on shelve!
powdered cedar shavings;' this gives
a rreso odor ana is a proiecuun
against destructive invaders. For
maldehyde is a liquid that must noi
touch the skin. While evaporating it
sets free a suffocating gas that enters
the cracks, killing all insects, rso
living thing can exist in it.
W. C. M. -Kindly tell us the points
of pure bred Buff Rock chickens, es
pecially as to color of legs and feath
ers on them? Must the flock show
uniformity in these respects? (2)
Also describe the method of propa
gating roses from slip and subsequent
A. I do not find this breed of fowl
in any book at command. Buff Coch
ins are a variety of the Cochin fowl
of which both cock and hen are of a
uniform buff color. ; Buff rock would
Indicate a cross between two breeds.
In which it is not likely the color
would be uniform. Some' poultry
journal can give you Information on
the subject. (2) Some varieties of
roses are easily propagated by cut
tings, the sole requirements required
being good soli and plenty ot air
and water. Other, kinds .are less
hardy and would not be likely to
thrive." . .
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