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tomorrow Will Be Walerbory's
tasy Diy ParUil list ol
Tag, tag, tag! To-morrow will
be tag day in thU city, weather per
mitting, and after a couple of weeks
of preparation the executive commit
tee has everything in readiness (or a
big day. It the weather should he
rainy or very stormy, the tagging
will be postponed until some later
The main office of the committee
to-morrow will be the City hall an
nex, where the women supervising
the hundreds of workers in the city
will be located during the day.
All the taggers will have a red
cross band on their arm, and none
that has not a band will have the
right to collect money. So see to it
that every coin you part with goes
to a person with a white bund
marked with a red cross on their
Some of the business men in ihe
town seemed to think they are only
to be tagged once. Far be it from
the youthful taggers to allow n.en
with money in their pockets to escape
with one touch. As already stated,
and for the last time it should be
thoroughly understood business
men, merchants, and in fact every
body else will be tagged as often us
they will permit it. Undoubtedly
some men before the day is over will
look not unlike a billboard, their
coats will be decorated with so many
of the tags. In Hartford iind New
Britain, which have already had tag
days, some of the men went throe gh
the streets with their hands full of
bills, and kept giving them out until
they had none left in their bamla.
A 5 cent piece is the smallest
amount acceptable, but there is no
limit on the high, water mark. The
collectors will have sealed boxes and
into these the contributors will drop
their; money. '
Anyone wishing to give a larse
amount may take it to the commit
tee if he so desires.
The executive committee wishes to
thank the telephone operators of the
Southern New England Telephone Co
for their promptness in answering
calls during the past week.
Although a number of automobiles
have been turned over to the com
mittee for to-morrow, still there are
more needed. You men with automo
biles should get a little hustle on this
evening, call up some one of the com
mittee and volunteer the services of
your ears for to-morrow. They will
be much appreciated and with them
the committee can do their work
more thoroughly. So give up tho
pleasure of your car for a whil-3 at
least to-morrow.
The city has been divided into
twenty districts and City Engineer
Cairns has made a map of each dis
trict. One automobile will cover
each district. Cars will also be sta
tioned at the factory gates during
the noon hour.
The following with their cars will
look after the factory interests: ' Mrs
T. J. Kilmartin, Mrs Charles Meigs,
Mrs Theodore Nuhn and Or Grave's
District will be attended to
by Mrs John Booth Burrall,
Mrs Oscar Fltzsimons, Mrs J. M.
Daly, Mrs C. P. Trott, Mrs Harry
Chase, Mrs Warren Hall, Mrs J. H.
Curtiss, Mrs Thomas Kelly, Mrs F. a
Peabody, Mrs J. Leroy Mintie, Mrs
Anna Benedict and Mrs Irving Chase's
The committee has been working
in their office at the City hall annjx
during the afternoon and some ol
them will in all probability remain
there this evening until all details
have been completed. They begin
their duties to-morrow morning at 7
o'clock, so you see they are giving
much of their time to the anti
tuberculosis cause.
The following list of aides had
been handed to the committee up to
noon to-day:
Station 3.
Aides, Rose Jacobs, May Hall, Mu
. riel Welton, Alicia Morrisey, Evan
geline Glynn, Genevieve Kilroe, Bar
bara Frost, Martha Slebert, Annette
Watts, Beatrice Greenberg, Vivian
Neary, Miss Ellis, Gertrude Johnson,
Miss Lannigan, Miss Sheaser.
Station 4.
Aides, Robert Larkin, Maud Gray.
Frederick Rowe, Edith Lane, Adeline
Pratt, Edward Metheny, Warren
George Neuman, Frances Meskill,
Harold Pawles, Sterling Riggs,
George Neuman, Frances Meski,
Horatio Chase, Fenman Ketcham,
Lloyd Raper, Hazel Skinner, John
Coe, Robert Scott. Hazel Smith, Sam.
uel Jones, Robert Geist, Mary Con
don. Station 6.
Aides. Mrs Tracy Manville. Mrs
II. W. Stevens, Mrs Robert Leach,
Miss Bess Segur. Miss Edna Johnson,
Miss Emma Manville, Miss Ernestine
Noera, Hazel Russell, Grace Newell,
Olive Risdon, Lillian Blume.
Station 7.
Aides. Albert Johnson, Archer
Rowbottom. William Bannon. Doug
las Pierpont, Eric Sundin.
Station 10.
Aides, Lillian Kaplan. Doris Tay
lor, Jessie Childs. Margaret Zeibel,
Jessie Patterson, Eva Hopkins.
Station 11.
' Aides, Marjorie Chase, Dorothy
Williams, Helen Wells, Jessie Banna
type, Margaret Coe, Irene Hall. Rita
Jones, Alta Risdon, Bessie Riggs, Mil
dred Riggs, Violet Harcke.
Station 12.
Aides, Madeline Dreyer, Xavier
Drayer, Madeline Fitzgerald, Mary
Cairns, Joseph Riley, Oris Hull,
Charles Goggins. Mary Kenny, Maud
Belanger, Mary Roberts. Esther Law
lor, Rose Moran, Thomas Byron, Flo.
Ta Deuze.
Station 17.
Aides, Alvilda Peterson. Hazel
Charles, Vena Charles, Etbel Piatt,
Lester Piatt, Myrtle Doming, Mil
llcent Bugden. Florence Greenlcaf,
James Christman, Anna Wbitaker,
Harry Goldsmith.
Station 21.
Aides, Edith Prichard, Gertrude
Kilduff. Marguerite Dooley. Gladys
Cass, Gladys Calhoun, OrTiile Hotch
klss, Mabel Pringle, Rhea Demurs,
Eitelle Hendrickson. John Costello,
Frances Garrity, Sadie Dawson, Anna
Whitley, Marcia Furrev.
Station 22.
Aides, Annie Kelly, Emroelin
Keenaa, Mary McCarthy, Julia Ma-
loney, Margaret White. Laura Moran.
Grace Lee, Margaret Maloney, Cath
erine Malonay, Dorothea Wood,
Elisabeth Riley.
Station 24. '
Aides, Irene Erwin. Alma Peter
sen, Sara Freedman, Bessie Blutuen,
Elizabeth Berllng, Katherlne Powers,
Mary Garrity, Anna Powers, Ida Al
bert. Edna Ruel. Hazel Pitcher. Lil
lian Goederke, Sab Hall, Mary Zlbell.
Station 25.
Aides, Margaret Dodda, Winifred
Kane, Kathryn Hayes, Thomas Mc
Carthy, Joseph McCarthy. Robert
Kiely, Eugene Slosson, George Char
led, Edmond Gorman, Thomas Dru
mee, Marian Houghtaling, Margaret
Station 26.
Aides, Anna Meskill, Fannie Mes
kill, Madeline Keeley, Madeline Dal
ton, Madeline Carney, Minnie Men
del baum, Hazel PUcher, Catherine
Gibbons, Flossie BarrowB, Agnes
Fallon. Rebecca Harkavy, Eva BIs
wanger, Genevieve Flupatrlck.
Statiou 28.
Aides, Catherine Chase, Helen
Chase. Eleanor Chase, Freda Kel
logg, Richard Atwood, Hobart Weav
er, Wilfred Wlllets, Leon Warner,
Samuel Joues, Cecil Smith.
Station 29.
Aides, Helen Sherwood, Helen
Clark, Marion Welton, Frances
Feinn, Maud Spurr, Mildred Hell
mann. Louise Weltou, Madeline Wel
ton, Gertrude Welton, Natalie Wil
son, Eva Lewis, May Longworth.
Station 31.
Aides, Lucy Reld, Agnes Brennan,
Nora Sweeney, Stella Keefe,
Miss Howard, Bertha Adams,
Mrs Louis Kirschbaum, Mrs Shea,
Mrs Gennest, Frank Slebrecht. Flor
ence E. Bryan, Ethel Bryan, Howard
Wright, Charles Waugh, Harold Lo
gan, Arlene Siebrecht.
Station 32.
Aides, Bessie Shaw, E. M. Bevere,
Blanche Wooster, Ethel Vaden, Ar
morel Welton. May Hall, Mrs Hollis
ter. Miss Kyle, Miss Lord, Mabel
Ryan, Mabel Pettijean, Hazel Petti
Jean, Amy Trowbridge, Mrs Mahon.
Station 33.
Aides, Miss Ruby, Mildred Pinney,
Eulie Valentlue, Antoinette Valen
tine. Station 36.
Aides, Beatrice Henry, Mildred
Heinze, Florence Webster, Edith
Munson, Genevieve Bannell, Edna
Divis, Dorothy Mabbott, May Strubel
May Lee, Margaret Griffin, Rosella
McMahon, Loretta Gallagher, Albtna
Clarlo, Gladys Blackman, Mary Moy
lan, Rose Hubar, Stella Adams, Dora
Station 37.
Aides, The Misses Reel, Mary
Gallagher, ' Marie Casey, Gertrude
Hellmann, Kittle Carmody.
Station 40.
Aides, Catherine Heffrin, Florence
Bordinet, Mary Geraghty, Flora
Woodcock, Elsie Slink, Frances Mes
kill, Annie Meskill, George Morey,
Edgar Rochon, Gerald McDonald,
Harley Dennison, Charles Durfree,
Rath Hickox, Mabel Slauson, Jennie
Mrazik, Marian Austin, Doris Taylor,
Frank Henderson, Thomas Watts,
Robert Slocum, Ackley Reed.
Station 41.
Aides, Gertrude Hogan, Helen
Kelly, Margaret Scully, Ethel Lough-
lin, Lauretta Bowes, Josie Clasky,
Susie Sheehan, Margaret Sheehan,
Statis McDonald, Francis Donahuer
Genevieve Hogan, Helen Morris,
Mary Morris, Marie Bowen, Anna
Station 42.
Aides, Mary Laffin, Mary Carey,
Catherine McNamara. Lulu Coyle,
Mary Donahue, Mary Morris, Mary
Moriarty, Mary Brennan, Anna Mor-
iarty, Amy Casey, Helen Quinn, Te
resa Lynch, Mary Presto, Ella Flan
Station 43 .
Aides, Catherine Grady, Catherine
Seery, Agnes Quinn, Jennie Freney.
Nellie Freney, Helen Brennan, Sadie
Wolff, Miss Doherty, Miss Ryan, Miss
Dion, Miss Tobln, Miss Warner, Miss
Station 46.
Aides, Ella Downey, Anna Nolan,
Anna Fltzpatrlck, Kitty Dorn, Ger
trude Pyne, Marcella McKay.
Station 51.
Aides, Marion Pilling, Edna King,
Margaret Condit, Evelyn Carey, Ma
bel Wright, James McKeon, Gladys
Barnes, Mildred Daniels, Hazel Wil
liams, Marie Walsh, Margaret
Station 52.
Aides, Mildred Simons. Anna Con
don, Hazel Lamboux, Edward Lam
boux, Kathleen Garren, Mary Garren,
Jennie Rooco, Angelina Sylvester,
Hilda Sulivan, Elizabeth Ennis,
Helen Lane, Anna Munson, Mary
Crone, Martha Clark, Gladys Cassl,
Catherine Geigle, Anna Rvan, Elsie
Station 53.
Aides, Mary Larkin. Mary Hogan,
Alice Degnan, Laura Bart, Ella Shee.
han. Sadie Delaney, Agnes McCarthy,
Nellie Sullivan, Anna Flaherty,
Laura Veriker, Lauretta Hartnett,
Gertrude Hartnett, Emellne Phelan,
Helen Phelan, Mary Sullivan.
Station 55.
Aides, Mary Krom, Dorothy Brak
enridge, Katherine White, Madeline
Rosa, Mary Tafel, Alice Wheeler, Isa
belle Johnson, Josephine Nugent,
Helen Hough, Edna Upaon, Nettie
Musler. Mercedes Edwards, Josephine
Menottl, Martha Parsons, Bessie Ko
sowsky. Imogene Beerbaum, Kather
ine Marshall, Loretta Ahem, Eva
Munroe, Martha Wheeler.
Station 56.
Aides, Geraldine Tierney, Lena Her
mann, W. Mitchell. G. Nltkin. M.
Tierney. R. Alanoff, L. Brennan,
Helen Fltzpatrlck. Elizabeth Herbert,
Minnie Buck, Edna Lowd, Gertrude
Station 5S.
Aides, Florence Harmon, Alma
Hartman, Loretta Desmond, Louise
Borchardt. Emma Zeck, Ottilie Feltz.
Station 61 .
Aides, Nellie Egan, Josie Carmody,
Roee Caralon, Laura Caralon, Mary
O'Donnell, Catherine Ferris, Susie
Meehan, Anna Meehan, Gertrude
Rlordan, Olive Rlordan, Sophia Ba
con. Laura Carmody. Catherine Car
mody, Anna Connors, Nellie Wall.
Mabel Comesky.
Station 62.
Aides. Marjorie Chapman, Helen
Stoddard, Evangeline Vaughn, Ma
rlon Griswold, Leola Gilford. Marion
Parker. Walter Weible, Oswald Jones,
Mabel Todd. Philip Allgor. Alice La
vlgne, Paul Shepardson. Bernlce
Janes, George Taylor, George Gal
loond. Earl Wooster.
Station 63.
Aides. Mrs G. V. Dunn. Marion
Clark, M. Kilmartin, Irene McGrath,
Julia McGUI, Elizabeth Lyons, Mar
guerite Hodson, May Hodson, Lillian
Hodson. Mollis Thompson. Amy
Thompson, Florence McGrath; May
Splaln, Pauline Luuny, 8adle Cun
ningham, Janett. Kgaleston, Marie
Watts, Harriet Tompkins,
Station 65.
Aldus, Gertrude Cotigbluu. Juliet
Keeley, Jennie O'Hara, Lucy Freney,
Anna Larkin, Alice Gooding, Alice
O'Connor, Dudley Hotcbklsa. Beth
Burrltt. Evelyn Piatt. Percy Hickox,
Eva Clearwater, Marlon Keavany,
Leona Keavany, Adeline Pratt, Mar
guerite O'liara, Arthur Johnson,
Charles Turner. Mary Mulcahy, El
ton Goldsmith, Gladys Tellforn, Kulh
Turner. May Latham, A. Krdmnn.
Station 69.
Aides, Fred Buttner, AverrUl
Crane, Ellsworth Reynolds. Ernest
Boesel, Frank Haven. William Guest,
William Prescott. Hazel Ewen, Mar
garet Leonard, Mamie Denovo, Mary
Dloro, Lucy I riano, Haze) Bristol,
Lena Martella, Mary Fitts, Florence
Anderson, KlUabetu Mctullougn.
Station 67.
Aides, Helen Burpee, Susie Heath,
Ethel Phlpps. Mrs Lamont Hall,
Margaret Reed, Mary Riley, Nellie
Ray, Gertrude Gorman, Hazel Ham
ilton, John Cairns, Ida Weitzman,
Edith Olsen, Ida Parker, Alfred
Rowland, Margaret Murman, Eva
Osborne, Mary McCoy, Rosolla Caf
frey. Station 68.
Aides. Dorothy Roe, Elizabeth Dal
ton, Lucie Skilton, Lottie Blttner,
Laura Debarbera, Mildred Miles,
Lauretta Skelly, Olive Osgood, Es
ther Royce, Violet Kropp, Richard
Humphrey, James Murphy, Edmund
Daly, George Condit, Roger Lavlne,
Robert Upson, James Caffrey, Har
riet Riggs, Ruth Schroeder, Hazel
Smith, Helen Sturrup, Constance
Farnhani, Ophelia Bassett, Ida Bas
sett, Clifford Ogden.
Station 73.
Aides, May Gaffney, Blanch
Blanchette, Margaret Sullivan, Helen
Sheridan, Gussie Oswald, Catherine
Moynlhan, Helen Daly, Irene Hyland,
Helen Cassln, Nora Pendy, Evelyn
Havlcan, Julia Dowling, Margaret
Ferris, Irene Kemp, Margaret Shea,
Joseph Burnes, Edward Barnes, Mich
ael Brlordy, Joseph Briordy, Edward
Cashln, Thomas Farrell, Mary
George, John Healy, Bernard Hayea,
George Lynch, John McGrath, Frank
McGrath, William Purcell, Stephen
Station 74.
Aides, May Vaden, Ethel Vaden,
Ethel Kelsey, Helen Bristol. Fannie
Ford, Ethel Davis, Gertrude Mcl
lenny, Helen Mcllenny, Alice Brad
shaw, Ruth Fitzsimons, May Web
ster, Beth Hanchette.
Station 75, 76, 77.
Managers and chaperones for Wa
ter vllle, Mrs J. G. Phillips, Mrs T. B.
Carney, Mrs John Stevens, Mrs Davis
Mrs Harper, Mrs Faber, Mrs Alcott,
Mrs Holroyd, Mrs Grelle, Mrs E. J.
Young, Mrs Ferdinand Wolf, Mrs
Oeorfce Thomas,. Miss Mary Congdon,
Mrs Ford.
Aides, Norma Adams, Miss Davis,
Edith Van Alstyne, Edna Van Al
styne, Ruth Bates. Alice Chatfleld,
Delia Davis, Edna Davis, Edna Tul-
lar, Florence Cullen, Lizzie Sixer,
Jennie Slzer, Beatrice Post, Rose
Bruenels, Hazel Harris, Mary Davis,
Marion Hubbell, Clara Sugden, Hazel
Johnson, Annie Johnson, Katie Cad-
en, Helen weus, Gladys Fond, Dor
thy Jones, Edna Bell, Mildred Tul
lar, Eunice Slack. ' -v
"Religious bodies, regardless of
creed, must co-operate with ntedical
Wallace & Co.
Your Winter
Is Here
Comprising all the latest shades
and weaves greys, blues, olives,
in kersevs and meltons.
$12 to $30.
For the little fellow we have
good serviceable Reefers in grey,
oslet blue and brown, sizes 4 to
8, priced from 12.75 to 7.
See this youth's Grey Overcoats
we have marked $5.50. You'll
agree it's worth more.
KahnJ1a.de Clothes
Near Jacques Theater. . .
men 'if the crusade against tuber
culosis la to be successful," "td
Blihop O'Counell, reotor of the Cath
olic University of America, who pre
sided at the fourth post session meet
ing of the international congress on
tuberculosis. Bishop O'Counell ex
pressed gratification at the success
attending the congress. "I cannot'
speak of the sclent I do results at-'
talned," he said, "but I can testify
as to the great . popular interest, it
has awakened. We are now all :
ready to enlist aa crusaders in this '
light on our insidious common ene
my, consumption. These scientist!
have told us that tuberculosis Is our-'
able. Admitting this to be so, It la
our duty to co-operate in this war on
the disease. To shirk this obligation
would be criminal."
Jones, Morgan ft Co have Harvard
sack suits from $12 to $25, the kind
that men like; lots of style to them.
TO RENT On Walnut st. two Ave
room rents, first and third floor,
$10 and $16; all Improvements. In
quire George N. Marshall, 16 East
Main st, room 2, evenings only.
., ,. 11-13-tf
TO RENT Six room flat, first floor,
south side, all improvements, fur
nace, 153 South Elm st; key on
premises. L. A. Walsh, 61 Leaven'
worth t. 11-13-3
TO RENT 3 rooms on first floor
and 5 on third. - Inquire of Mrs B.
Tlernan, 60 So Riverside st. 11-13-3
FOB SALE First-class second hand
furniture;, will sell all or a part
cheap if taken at once; 23 Vine st,
third floor. 11-13-3
TO RENT Two tenements of five
rooms each, all improvements, rent
reasonable, at corner Mill and Fast
Clay sts. Inquire on premises or
of William McGrath, 26 Maglll st.
Given by
in aid of St Patrick's, Friday Even
ing, November 27 in City Hall.
Doors open at 7:30. Admission 60c.
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to all neighbors and friends
for their kindness during the sickness
and death of John Tyrrell, We also
thank all those who contributed
Court, Nov. 12th. 1908.
Estate of William J. Duncan, late of Waterbury,
in said district deceased.
Tlx administrator having exhibited his admin
istration account with said estate to this court
for allowance, It is
Orders, that taa ltlth daT of Nov. A. D.. ttM,
ate o'oloek la the forenoon attkeProDateOfflce
in Waterbury. bo ad toa Sana is assigned for
a hearing on the allowance of said adminis
tration account with said estate, and this court
directs the administrator to cite all persons
Interested therein to appear at said time and
place, br publishing this order In some news
paper published la New Haven county aid
having a circulation In said district
By Order of Court
James J. Cassia, Clerk.
are the terms we make you on our CREDIT
SYSTEM. Have your purchases charged and
pay us later, weekly on the account, if you
For one hour you are offered the golden opportunity to buy the best of
Merchandise far below their standard prices.
These Hourly Sales are for SATURDAY ONLY,
and for the HOUR specified only.
From 9 to 10 O'clock a. m.
Ladles' Corsets, regular selling price f-Qp
89c, at '.V
Men's Fleece Lined Underwear! regu- ' rm7 g
lar selling price BOe, at. ....... ,
Men's Pine Quality Kid Gloves, regu. fCLgy
lar selling price 89c KJkZJS-'
From 1 to 2 O'clock
Ladles' Cambric and Muslin Corset
Covers, regular price 26e...,'. ..,
Ladles' Fine Quality Back Combs,
slightly damaged, regular price
Ladies' Fine Quality Lawn Aprons,
regular selling price 16c. ....... ,
From 3 to 4 O'clock '
Men's Best Quality Four-ln-Hand -v
Ties, regular selling price 60c. ... V-JiW'
10-4. size Cotton Blankets, regular jmw
selllns: urice 69c d C
Full Size Comfortables, good quality,
regular price $2...
From 5 to 6 O'clock
27-inch Best Quality Rubber Sheet
ing, tegular price 50c yd. .
36-inch Best Quality Rubber Sheet- jg
ing, regular price 69c yd. ...... . JC
Best Quality , American Prints and hL c
Challles, were 7c yard ,.
The best $1 Dress Shirts from 8 to qss Finest All Wool Sweaters, value JS,- ESsfl
10 o'clock at
We changed our firm
WANTED You to attend the Rus
sian ball and dance at Concordia
hall, Saturday evening, Nov 14.
Gents 26e, ladies 16c. Good muste.
Dancing from 7:30 to 12 o'clock.
WANTED Six ladles for a house to
house canvass; must be able to
show results, as we have an article
that sells. We pay a salary. In
quire for Williamson at room 7,
95 Bank st, Friday, from 2 to 6 and
7 to 9. 11-11-3
WANTED Salesman. Excellent op
portunity for up to date active man.
Apply manager, 78 East Main st.
WANTED The people to know If
they have not $7 for a ton of coal
they can get a big bag of Otto Coke
from their grocer for a dime.
FOR SALE A small lunch room.
Will sell cheap on account of nlok
ness. Address L. L.. care Demo
crat. 11-12-3
FOR SALE Shoe repair shop; good
business. Must sell on account of
sickness. Will sell cheap. Call 442
South Main st. 11-11-3
FOR SALE A three family house,
price $2,900, rent $386 per year,
$500 down. For particulars see W.
R. Adams, 78 Abbott ave, 11-11-6
FOR SALE Apples, apples, at Bohl
building, 594 West Main st; N. Y.
state hand picked fruit. $2 to $8
per barrel, you furnish barrels.
Pries t Horton. 'Phone IBS 6-6.
SOTS made from Irish tweeds. The
most reliable place to get a suit,
overcoat or trousers is at the Irish
Woolen Mills Co. 161 Bank st, room
4. Farrelly ft Dwyer. Best material,
. best workmanship, latest styles.
Made to order on the premises.
rL A. DVLAC, builder and contrac
tor, stair builder and cabinet mak
er, store fitting a specialty. Office
and shop with J. E. Smith ft Co, 65
Benedict st, Waterbury, Conn. Res
idence 62 Tracy ave; postofflce box
st. Is where you get that $110 and
$1.40 hat that in years past you
have found has no equal. Remem
ber the place, 74 Grand st, opposite
Democrat office, 9-16-tf .
TIRE The cheapest place in the
city to buy yonr furniture. I have
whatever yon want at the lowest
S rices. If yon have any second
and furniture to tell let me give
yon a price on It. . Philip Miller,
S4I South Mala st. 9-J4-tf
MACHINIST Have building and or
ders; wish 'to connect with party
baring some trade and machinery.
Address V. 9., Evening Democrat
Try Democrat Wait.
From 11
Ladles' Fast Black
selling price 18c,
Ladles' Belts, all
gelling price 29c.........
Ladles' Pocketbooks and Hand Bags,
regular price 29c..,....,,
From 2 to 3 O'clock
Men's and Boys' Bow Ties, regular
selling price 10c.....
Children's Gray Sweater Coats, reg-
ular, price 25c.
Men's. Fancy Negligee Coat Shirts, y r
regular price 60c. , .
From 4 to 5 O'clock
36-inch Brown Cotton, fine quality, y
regular price 6 ftc yd '
Best Quality Amoskeag Apron Ging-. p 1
hams' worft Kc vrt f
C8-inch Bleached
regular price 29c
Men's Latest Style Linen Collars,
s regular price 16c, at 3 for. ..... .
Men's Working Shirts, all colors,
regular price 50c, at
8 to 10 o'clock
name from the Guarantee
33 to 35 East Main St.
Money Refunded on All Unsatisfactory Purchases.
TO RENT 'Four large rooms at 210
Baldwin st. Will rent cheap to
right party. Inquire on premises.
TO RENT Tenements of 1 and 4
rooms at 487 Baldwin st; rent rea
sonable. Apply J. J. Cassln, 16
Stone st. 11-12-3
TO RENT Very desirable rent In
two family house, quiet, healthful
location, 22 Brennan place. Inquire
at 28 Pleasant st. D. J. McCarthy.
TO RENT Tenement of four rooms,
third floor, Improvements. Inquire
at 76 South Elm st. 10-81-tf
TO RENT Five rooms, first floor,
68 Vine st; 5 rooms, second floor,
60 Vine it; 4 rooms, first floor, 93
Wood at; all improvements, fine
condition; rent low for winter. W,
R, Price, 16 Wlllard st.- 'Phone
955-8. 10-14-tf
TO RENT Storage room. $1 and $2
per month. Inquire John Moriarty,
over Poll's theater. 12-31-tf.
TO RENT A new 9 room house, 12
minutes' ride from , the center;
price right. Overlook Land Co, 11
Sast Main at. Tel 1004. 10-5-tf
TO RENT Four steam heated flats
within 2 minutes' walk of Exchange
place. Overlook Land Co, 11 East
Main st. Tel 1004. 10-5-tf
TO RENT Stores and flats In the
new block corner East Main and
Cole sts; rents reasonable. Eugene
Martin, 81 Union st. 10-3-tf
TO RENT -Tenement with all Im
provements. John Moriarty, over
entrance to Poll theater. 4-21-tf
Time having elapsed the follow
ing pledges will be sold at private
sale if not called for by tba 1st of
November, 1908.
Number Article Date Issued
1836 - watch Oct. 14, '07.
2208 ring , Feb. 4, '08.
2487 ring Feb. 24, '08.
2494 watch Feb. 26, '08.
2644 ring April 14, '08.
2648 'ring April 1$, '08.
2607 watch March 14. '08.
2611 watch March 18, '06.
3515 watch March 20, '08.
2826 ring March 30. '0$.
2632 watch April 1. '08.
(533 wateh and chain April 1, '08.
2639 , . watch April 10, '08.
2546 ring April 18. '08.
Many other bargains on hand,
come in and see them.
8. M. SCHNEER, Jeweler.
$1 Leavenworth at
OSEPH 7. SMITH Architect. 81
North Mala it
LINE YOUR chicken coops and work
shed for winter with patent wind
and damp proof paper boards;
cheap and easily applied,-In sheets
18x22 M Inches; 60c a hundred.
Twenty will cover a wall 6x8 feet
Address or call at Democrat office.
find teaaat far tnat
M te
mum Wr plMtaf
4T to
to 12 O'clock a. m.
. . ... ...........
Cotton Damask,
6 to 8 O'clock
V-r) '
Credit Clothing Co to
LOST Roll of money containing
$76.00," between Hotel Marlbor
ough and Model market. ' Suttabto
reward if returned to James Ksr?
nofsky at Model . market. 11-11-3 f
LOST Sum of money and a bank
book. Finder will be rewarded on
returning same to Democrat office. ;
LOST Left in public place, Nov 4,
near center, . packages containing
dry goods, tobacco and pipes. A r
ward will be paid if returned to this
office. 11-11-3 .
Business. Cards
J. H. GRAY CO 286 Norm Main
L Funeral Undertakers. Tele
phone day or night
LOUIS A. WALSH Architect,
Leavenworth st
Apothecaries' Hall bulldinc-
of New Haven, ss, Waterbury, No
vember 12, 1908.
Then and there by virtue of an exe
cution to me directed, I will sell at
public auction at the sign post on
the green in the city' of Waterbury,
on Thursday, November 26, 1908, at
2 p. in., the following goods belong
ing to Alfred Chilcott; 1 hat rack;
1 desk, 2 clocks, 4 pictures, 2 elec
tric fans, 1 sideboard, 1 refrigerator,
quantity of linoleum on floor,
1 water tank, 2 coal ranges, 1 gas
Btove, 1 carving board, 184 plates,
149 saucers, 70 glasses, 2 coffee pots,
13 jugs, 13 silver table pieces, 28
salt and pepper shakers, 10 pieces of
glassware, zo pieces of china
ware, 6 tablecloths, ' 1 drawer
of assorted silverware, 3 table
castors with bottles, 1 heating
stove, 1 lot of cooking utensils, pots,
kettles, etc, 7 tables, 13 1-3 dozea
napkins, 55 chairs. (Attest.)
11-12-2 , . Constable. ...
( you ar In n4 of readr money wltfa wblrhi
to pajr the landlord, the butcher or trocar, com
in us ann tvtwhat you nt prl.sarly. Va tS
lays, no embai ramnetit, no enonnen raqoiraoVi
Von ft the money ins sasss day you apply. !
Ksegenick. Taesssttoe. WsterrtUe, OakvuW
see Merits syeUcsaeas ghee
preapt sueatlae.
American Loan Co.
Telephone M9.- - , -.
Vrm til Ml p. a. WaoMadej mi
y V ' ACI Upwards
v - t
-I "

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