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Waterbury evening Democrat. [volume] (Waterbury [Connecticut]) 1903-1917, November 17, 1908, Image 3

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14 Years in the
Arcade Building
14 Years of
Continuous Suc
cessful Efforts
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. . -
The Crowning Bargain Event of Our Career
Enters its Second Week With
Multiplied Attractions.
We have just passed through the busiest week .we have ever
experienced crowded aisles and phenomenal selling have been the
record of each day since the Anniversary Sale commenced.
The big event enters its second week with reinforced under
priced stocks and bargains are as plentiful and as wonderful as when
the sale started.
We have fairly scoured the market in securing choice bar
gain lots, and have made liberal inroads into our magnificent regu
lar stocks so that values and varieties unparalleled might character
ize this important epoch in our career.
Here are representative proofs of our Anniversary offerings
beyond competition in the freshest, finest and most desirable of
cold weather merchandise.
One loU of Plain and Fancy
Braids, all colors and different .
widths, prices from 15 to
25c, Sale Price g0
Fancy Embroidered designs in
Net, all colors, Sale Price 39c
Satin Folds and Piping, regular
.price 19c, Sale Price .10c
One lot of 45-inch Net for
Walsting, figured and spotted,
. Sale Price 49c
A pretty Spotted Tosca Net,
regular price f 1.50, Sale Price 98c
Common Pins, 360 count, Anni
versary Sale, 3 papers for 5C
Coats's Parnlng Cotton, alt col
ors, Anniversary Sale, three
spools for 5c
36 yard rolls White Tape, An
niversary Sale 6c roll
Stockinet Dress Shields. Nos 3
and 4, Anniversary Sale. . .4c Dair f
Linen Tape Measures, Anniver
sary Sale ic each
Four Hook. Corset Clasps, An
niversary Sale. .4c each
Anniversay Sale of Silks
73c Silk Plaids, complete assortment of the most subdued fall and ,
winter colorings, in all pure silk plaids for waists, trimmings and
millinery, regular price 75c, Anniversary Sale Price 1 . .59c V(j
75c Satin Messaline Silk, this offering of Dress Silks comprises the
most wanted street and evening shades, regular price 75c, Anni
versary Sale Price 55,, y(j
$1.00 Black Taffeta, 30-inch Dress Taffeta, chiffon finish, suitable
for suits and skirts, made to sell for not less than $1 a yard, war
ranted to wear, regular price $1, Anniversary Sale Price 7gc vd
$1.25 Black Taffeta, 36-inch Costume Taffeta, fine yarn dye, excel
lent luster and Jet black, dependaable wearing quality and guar
anteed by manufacturer to give satisfaction, regular price $1.25,
Anniversary Sale Price .'. 95c yd
Underwear From the Anniversary
Women's Extra Heavy Fleece Lined Vests a.d Pants, regular 39c
quality, Anniversary Sale .-. .. . . .-. . . . ... . ... ...... . . ,f7, . .. . 25c
Women's Extra Size Fleece Lined Vets and Pants, very large and
- elastic, value 45c, Anniversary Sale ... ..,,4 . . . r , , 29c
Women's All Wool Camel's Hair Vests and Pants, ail sizes, value W'
Anniversary Sale . , y ggc
Children's Fleece Lined Vests, odd sizes, value 25c, Anniversary
Sale Prke jgc
From the Anniversary Sale of
Dress Goods.
10 Pieces of Panama Suitings, fine crisp finish, in brown, green, navy,
garnet and black, strictly all worsted, regular price -50c yard,
Anniversary Sale , 3gc
Imported Cream Mohair Waistings, 44-lnch Cream Brilliantine in
neat stripe effects, for shirt waists and gowns, regular price 95c,
Anniversary Sale 49,5 v)j
54-Inch Diagonal Worsted Suitings, very nobby fabric in the new fall
shades of navy, brown, green, taupe, garnet and black, regular
price $1, Anniversary Sale.. 75,,
54-inch Chiffon Broadcloth, satin face, twilled back, fine light weight
quality for tailored gowns, all colors and black, regular price $1.25
Anniversary Sale jgQ
Hosiery From the Anniversary
Women's Black Woolen Hose, ribbed top, regular price 25c, Anni
versary Sale, 3 pairs for. .-. . ; 50c
Women's 25c quality Black Cotton' Hose, double sole, Anniversary
,. . Sale Price 15c
Children's Fine Ribbed Hose, triple knee, heel and toe, regular
price 19c, Anniversary Sale..... 12Vic
Children's Wide Rib School Hose, sizes 6 to 9&, value 12 c Anni
versary Sale, .three pairs for 25c
Women's 2-clasp Black Suede
Gloves, Paris Point stitching,
regular price $1.25, Sale
Price $1.00
Women's Mousquetalre Glace
Gloves, Black only, $2.25
quality, Anniversary Sale... $1.00
Men's Heavy DogBkin GHoves,
wool lined, tan and brown,
value $1.25. Anniversary
Misses' Cape Walking Gloves,
1-clasp, oak and tan shades,
Anniversary Sale ......
Children's Black Double Mit
tens, 15c kind, Anniversary
Sale ......... ... ,.
Men's Coat Sweaters in grey,
a small lot of. $3 jrajues. Sale. ,-
Price $1,39
Men's Fine Wool and Worsted ,
Coat Sweaters, regular $3 val
ue, Sale Price -S1.98
Men's and Women's Coat Sweaty
ers, in white, oxford and
fancy trimmed, values up to
$3.50, Sale Price -$2 00
Goat, Suit and Fur Bargains in the
Anniversary Sale
When the choicest garments are offered special low prices at the very
commencement of the season purchasers are getting by far the best
of it. These values will prove the benefit derived by shop
ping at our Birthday Sale. "
Tailored Made
AT $12.50 TaJlor Mae Suits that
sell regularly at $17.78..
AT $15.00 The Tailor Made Suits
that sell regularly at $21.50. .
AT $17.50 The Tailor Made Suits
that sell regularly at $23.50.
AT $19.50 The Tailor Made Suits
that sell regularly at $25.00.
AT $25.00 The Tailor Made Suits
that Bell regularly at $32.50 and
Long Coats and
AT $8.98 The Coats that sell regu
larly at $10.00.
AT $8.50 The Coats that sell regu
larly , at $13.50.
AT $10.75 The Coats that sell re
ularly at $15.00.
AT $12.50 The Coats that sell reg
ularly at $17.50.
AT $15.00 The Coats that sell reg
ularly at $19.50 and $21.00.
Fur Lined Coats
and Furs
AT $22.50 Fur Lined Coats with
French coney collar, worth $29.50.
AT $25.00 Fur lined Coats, worth
$32.50 and $35. OA.
AT $1.98 Fur Scarfs of brown
French coney, worth $3.50.
AT $1.98 PiHow Muffs of brown
French coney, worth $3.50.
AT $14.50 A large variety of Fox
Lynx, Black and Blue Wolf Neck
Pieces and Muffs, worth $20.00.
The Carpet, Rug and Drapery end of
our business is receiving special
attention during this -Anniversary-Sale.
The work of laying and
making is being' done "Free of
Charge" and special prices have
been put upon everything in this
' line in stock.
Body Brussels, very best quality, 5 frame goods,
in small aut medium sized oriental designs.
size 9x12 feet, value $27.50, Sale Price $24 50
Extra Close Weave Tapestry Brussels Rugs, size
9x12 feet, designs suitable for dining rooms.
value $19.50, Sale Price $15 95
Brussels Rugs, size 9x12 feet, large variety of
new designs, value $17.50, Sale Price. . .'. . .$13 95
Parlor Rugs, best quality Axminster Rugs in rich
oriental and floral designs, size 9x12 feet, value
$39.00. Sale Price $24 95
Royal Wilton Rugs, very best quality and the
most select patterns obtainable, size 9x12 feet
value $40.00, Sale Price $35 00
Genuine Inlaid Linoleum, perfect goods, neat de
signs, value $1.25, Sale Price...., .955 Tj
Cork Clnoleum, large variety of small and me
- - dlura sized designs, value 60c yd. Sale Price. .42c vd
Dress Skirts and
$5.98 Skirts on sale at $4.50
The $6.50 Skirts sold at $5 00
The $9.00 Skirts on sale at $QJ5
The $10.50 Skirts on sale at. . .$7.50
, The $12.50 Skirts on sale at. . $8.75
The $1.75 Lawn Waists $1,25
The $2.25 Lawn Waists . $1.50
The $3.50 Net Waists... $2.25
The $4.98 Net Waists $3,50
50 dozen Large Size Linen Nap
kins, worth $1.39, Anniver
sary Sale
10 pieces White Mercerized Da
mask, worth 50c, Anniversary
5 pieces 70-inch Bleached Da
mask, worth $1, Anniver
sary Sale
1 dozen Hemstitched Sets. 2 V.
yards long, worth $6.50, An
niversary Sale $5.00
5 dozen Hemstitched Mercerized
Cloths, worth $2.50, Anni
versary Sale $1.69
50 dozen Large Size Huck Tow
els, worth 12 c, Anniver
sary Sale 3 for .25c
20 pieces All Linen Crash Tow
eling, worth 11c, Anniversary
. Sale go
20 dozen Hemmed Tray Cloths,
worth 19c, Anniversary Sa!e.l2V.C
1 bale yard wide Unbleached
Sheeting, worth 7c, Anniver
sary Sale 5C
1 case 9-4 Bleached Sheeting,
worth JOc, Anniversary Sale. . .25c
20 dozen Bleached Sheets, worth
45c, Anniversary Sale --32c
Thankssivins is But a Week Awav
and housekeepers will have a chance to replenish there housekeeping outfits at this opportune Sale.
Dinner Sets American Porce
lain .choice of 3 pretty deco
rations, 100 pieces, including
3 large platters and soup tu
reen, regular $10.00, Special '
Anniversary Sale at $8.98
Dinner Sets English porce
lain, deep green border with
floral spray, 100 pieces, regu
lar $17.95, Anniversary Sale
t $14.95
Dinner Sets French and Aus
trian china, choice of ( dainty
decorations, 10 pieces, regular
$22, Anniversary Sale at.. $17,95
Tea Sets German china, neatly
decorated, 56 pieces, regular
$5.96, Anniversary Sale at.. $3.93
Berry and Salad Sets Austrian
. china, daintily decorated, set
consists of one large bowl, C
berry saucers and sugar and ,
cream, regular $3, Annher-
sary Sale at $2.39
Chocolate Sets Imperial Ger-
man - china, tinted back
ground, with floral decora
tions, full gold handle and
gold traced, regular special
$2, Anniversary Sale at. . . . .$1.39
Requires no bastings
and will make your
roasts rich, tender
and juicy, in three
sizes, Specially Pric
ed at.. 79c. 69c and 49c
Carvicg Knives and Forks Genuine Stag handle.
h:ive 9-inch blade of best quality steel, regular '
$1.69. Anniversary Sale at --$1.25
Tea Spoons William Rogers AA quality, war
ranted to wear 10 years, regular $1.65 dozen.
Anniversary Sale, a set of for 60c
Food Choppers The Universal kind, chops ail
kinds of meat and vegetables, regular $2.00,
$1.50, $1.25 and 98c, Anniversary Sale
$1.50. $1.25. 98 and 75c
Family Scale. With scoop, weighs 24 lbs by
ounces, regular $1.25, Anniversary Sale at 98c
Serving Traya 26 inches long, oval shape, nicely
japanned and gold band, regular 49c, Ann!
versary Sale 25c
Fruit and Potato Ricer The best kind, regular
2c, Anniversary Sale at -21e
Salad Bowls In cut glass, bril
liant cuttings, regular $6.00,
Anniversary Sale at $3.00
Spoon Trays Cut glass, rich
deep cuttings, regular $1.75,
Anniversary Sale at '.$.135
Mustard Pots Cut gla, rich
cuttings, regular $1, An.
versary Sale at .....75c
Water Sets Cut glass, set con
sist of tankard shape jug add
6 glasses, regular $3, Anni
versary Sale at.... $2.39
Salad Bowls Austrian china,
neat decorations, regular 60c,
Anniversary Sale at 29c
Cake Plates German china,
dainty decorations, regular
25c, Anniversary Sale.. 15c
Sugar and Cream Set German
, china, and decorated, regular
25c, Anniversary Sale, ,4: . . . .12c
Celery Trays Austrian china,
tinted and decorated, regular
SO and 75c, Anniversary
Sale at . Me.
..- miiimniiiimiiHiuiti 1

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