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j. W IV TO-NIGHT am, TELEPHONES 1175 d1178 thanksgiving links
Fancy big button Women's Slde-Pln-On Hose
Supporters, were 25c, to-night....... 15c a pair
24 ytird rolls Tape, to-night 7c roll
10 yard best Tape, to-night. ....... ..... c a roll
Manufacturer's samples Nail and Tooth Brushes,
the 15c and 25c values, to-night. ... . . 10c each
Daggett & Ramsdell's Cold Cream, to-night 31c a jar
Dr Lyon's. Tooth Powder, to-night. ... ( . . ... 122c
Mennen's Talcum Powder, to-night. ... c
Mum, to-night. ' . . .... 18c a Jar
Lily of the Valley Perfume, to-night. ...... 25c pas
Corylopsls Talcum Powder, to-night. . . J .... 12c
Ball Top Hair Pins, to-night 9c each
Chain handle Silver Purses, inside pocket, value .
25c, to-night . '. 15c each
Shell color Ribbon Combs, to-night. ... . . . . 5c each
Jade, Turquoise and Coral Shirt Waist Rings, to-
night.... ...... 10c each
Gold Plate Cuff Pins and Black Enamel, to-night '
. . . .' ............ ............... 5c a pair
New Wrist and Carriage Bags, also Sheath Bags, ;
in black and colors, to-night.... ..... 05c each
Enamel and Gold Plate Oxidized and Black Enam- '
el Belt Pins, to-night. ... .... . , . . . 10c each
Alligator Claw Purses, never wear out, were 50c,
to-night . .. 35c each
Outing Flannels, the 12c quality, to-night 7)c yd
Figured French Sateens, short lengths, for waists
and dresses, the 15c quality, to-night, . . . 8 l-3c yd
Striped Madras Cloth, 36 inches-wide,' the regu-'
lar 19c quality, to-night. .... . . . 12c yd
We carry In stock all the staple articles and'every
Toilet Section of ours and at less price than is asked
Kolynos Tooth Paste at ' 25c'
Kolynos Liquid at. . . . ...... 60c
Regal Almond Cream at 10c and 25c a bottle
Madam Weimar.! Peerless Face Lotion at- 80c
Madam Weimar's Peerless Creme. V . . 2 . . 25c and 80c
Royal Pearl at. . . . . . . . .:. ... ....30c
Florayne Sachet. .'. - .-. ... ....... 50c 02
Colgate's Heliotrope Toilet Water at..... 50c bottle
4711 Violet Toilet Water at 50c bottle
Corylopsls Toilet Water at ... . 50c bottle
The Gul Liquid Dentifrice at 25c and 85c
The Gul Antiseptic at . . . . ....... 22c and 68c
Dorothy Vernon Toilet Water at 25c and 50c
Nail Tonique at . . 45c
Colgate's Dental Cream at 20c
Spaulding's Plasters, all sizes, at. . . . 10c to 50c each
Spauldlng's Corn Plasters at. . . . 25c a box
Pond's Extract Cream at 25c and 50c a box
Pond's Extract Vanishing Cream at . . 25c and 50c box
Pond's Extract Talcum Powder at 25c
W. & B. Hair Powders at. '. 45c a box
Bocabelle Pure Castile Soap at 8c a cake
Best Flexible Nail Files at. . 10c each
Face Chamois at .... ......... 5c and 10c each
Beecham's Alabaeterlne at , . 65c
Lanollne at '. . . : .V. f . . ........... 12c a tube
. . .. Yin 1 wi wiiiiniM" m m
We have the finest 50c, 75c and $1.00 Rolls in the city.
New stock just received.
146 Grand Street,
Will bear close inspection, and will look as good as gold to
v you on a frosty morning. We have a good stock of
it Your order will receive prompt and
careful attention.
Citizens Coal Company
11 South Main Street, 21 East Main Street. " :
This is Fur
r at Our Store
On Wednesday, Thurs"
day and Friday
The representative of one of the best Fur
Houses will be here with a Hue' of Rumple Fur
Coats, Neck Pieces and Muffs. You will have
the. choice of every known fur from a high
grade stock, made up in the latest styles.
Come to-night to the Fur Exhibit.
Heavy weight Bleached Sheeting, full 81 inches
wide, regular price 30c a yard, to-night... 25c yd
Unbleached Cotton Cloth, 36 Inches wide, value
6c a yard, to-night.... 4c yd
Crochet Bed Spreads, full double bed size, in
-plain, hemmed and fringed, regular price
; $1.39, to-night. 8c each
Bleached Sheets, good round thread cotton, large
size, 81x90, regular price 55c, to-night.. 45c each
Hemstitched Pillow Cases, 42x36 and 45x36, val
ues 16c each, to-night ; 12c each
Silkoline Comforters, large size, value $1.25, to
10c for a strong Japanned Coal Scuttle, only one to a
20c for a 45c Glass Wash Board. ,
Sc a cake for Fairy Soap.
sj8c a cake for Export Borax Laundry Soap.
8c for a quart bottle of Household Ammoula.
lc for one dozen Clothes Pins.
8c for one pound bar Castile Soap, 15c value.
15c for can 6-5-4 Self-Shining Stove Lustre, 25c cake.
20c for a Vegetable and Fruit Press.
7c for a 10c Gas Mantle with double support rod.
3c for a hand decorated china Salad Dish.
8c for a gold band porcelain Cup and Saucer.
5c for aiRuby Night Lamp, complete. .
4c each for thin crystal blown glass Tumblers.
10c for a Russia Iron Waffle Iron.
I He yard for white Cotton twisted Clothes Line.
new specialty that comes out can be found at this
Black Shell and Amber plain Side and Back Combs
at 10c, 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00
Mounted Back -and Side Combs, shell and amber, ;
at. ...... . 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50 to $5 each
Sculptured Side and' Back Combs and Barettes in '
Black Shell and Amber, at . . ..
Yi . . .-. . ... 10c, 25c, 50c, $1, $1.25 to $2.50 each
New Rhinestone and Gold Inlaid Barette Side and
Back Combs .... ;' '. $1 to $5 eac h
Ball Top Pins, Rod Pins and heavy Hair Pins, at
5c, 10c, 12ge, 25c and 50c -ach
Jet mounted Side and Back Combs at
50c, $1 to $2.50 each
Pearl Colored Barettes, Side and Back Combs,
plain, mounted and sculptured, at
25c, 50c, $1 to $2.50 a set
Hair Pins In Shell, Amber, Black and Pearl for
gray hair, all sizes, at . . 10c to 50c a dozen
all colors, black and gray, 10 to 24 inch
lengths, at 10c, 15c, 25c, 35c to 60c
Wire Rolls, hair covered 25c and 50:
Wire Rolls with Combs ?. . . 25c, 50c and 75c each
Barettes in gilt, plain and rhinestone set, new
"Mary Garden" Barette, at
25c, 50c, $1 to $1.50 set
Real Shell Side Combs 50c to $8.50 a pair
Barettes 50c to $1.50 each
Plain and Fancy Back Combs 65c to $10 each
Opp. Postoffice.
Lehigh Coal
' v.
98c eacli
Positively the Lowest Prices in the City
Most Recent
Models in
Direct from the hands of our
expert trimmers In a profusion
of nobby Imported fashions.
An elegant showing of Fur
Turbans, Dress and Tailored
Hats In smart effects. Prices
very low, of course.
Boston Millinery Store,
'.. P. Friedman Prop. -184
So. Main St.
, AND ' '
Gas Goods
. Now, boys. 'get busy and tell your
ma and pa about the swell line we
have In our windows on sale and also
Inside of Knives and Forks, Spoons.
Carving Sets, Single and Double
Roasters from 15c up to $2 each;
Knives and Forks 69c per dozen; 98c.
11.49. $1.98 and up to $3.98, all of
the best steel. Rogers Silver Knives
and Forks, $3.75 set. We are going
to open your eyes this season and we
trust we don't have to use the
knives and forks to do It, at the
Magner Hardware Co.. Inc.
79 and 81 East Mais St.
To-nfgbt "Shulamith," a new Yid
dish operetta, will be the scene of
much interest for our best theater
goers ut Poll's. Although the per
formance will be In Yiddish the in
terest need not be lessened because
Edwin A. Relkln's All-Star Yiddish
company beaded by the four most
celebrated Yiddish players, Jacob
gilbert, time Anna Simon, Noah li.
Simon, Mnie Liza Silbert will be the
attraction in the new piece. The
piece was written by that well
known Yiddish playwright, Prof Ja
cobl, and the story was taken from
the ancient Biblical history. Prices
25c to 75c.
Franz Molnar's famous comedy,
"The Devil." which was the reigning
sensation of the New York theatrical
season, the sole version of which is
held by Henry W. Savage, will be
presented In this city at Poll's with
Edwin Stevens and the original
Garden theater, New York city cast,
to-morrow evening. "The Devil" Is
first of all a lively entertainment and
Is played by the able Savage forces
as a brilliant, witty comedy, permit
ting the lesson that the play un
questionably contains, to lie learned
In the most agreeable way. Prices
25c to $1.00.
Some idea of the ambitions of
Lillian Russell, now meeting with
great success in the racing comedy,
"Wildfire," can be gathered by an
experience she had in New York
during her wonderful run there. A
publisher, who ia also a personal
friend, approached the former prima
donna and sought to urge her to
give him the rights to her autobi
ography, "liless your soul, but you
are too early," she replied. "Why,
I'm only just beginning. In twenty
years it will be time to talk about
autobiographies. All that I have
done heretofore was just the primer
grade exercises. The real work is
beginning, and it feels fine to under
take something actually worth
while." "Wildfire" will he seen at
Poll's Friday, November 20.
"A play to suit all tastes." This is
what is confidently claimed for "The
Choir Singer," a refined comedy dra
ma by Carroll Fleming, which will be
presented at Polls' Saturday. The
most elaborate stage setting has been
provided by Manager W. E. Nanke
ville for "The Choir Singer." Popu
lar prices.
Almost an entire carload of spe
cial, scenic effects is used In the pro-
auction, of "Mr Busybody, ' the bill
liant musical comedy feature to be
seen at the Jacques next week. The
act is the production of C. L: Water-
bury, who has spared no expense or
pains in imparting to the act all the
little details needful to make It com
pare favorably with the. most exten
sive of the complete musical come
dies. Irving S. Cobb, the well known
humorist of the New York World,
and bafford Walters share in the
honor of the authorship of the act.
In engaging Ed Wynn for the title
role of the piece, Mr Waterbury was
especially fortunate. Mr Wynn is
recalled as "the man with the hat."
of the team of Wynn and Lewis, who
last season created a mild sensation
with their unique singing and talk
ing skit called "The Freshman and
the Sophomore." This act Is the
head of a list of tempting offerings
tor-inanksgiving' week. The podu
larity of this week's bill continues
unabated. Harry W. Fields, the well
known German comedian, with his
Redpath Napanees in the funniest of
all school room travesties, continues
to score heavily at each performance.
Johnson and Hardy, the unique sing
ing comedians; George Armstrong,
the happy chappie, with new mono
logue and cleverly turned parodies:
Lizzie Evans and Jefferson Lloyd, In
a western farcical sketch, "Turning
the Tablfs;" Four Prevosts In a sen
sational acrobatic comedy turn, "Fun
in a Turkish Bath;" Carney and
Wagner, singers and wooden shoe
dancers with many new numbers;
Boutin and Tlllson, with an original
Instrumental musical act; and new
electrographic views are the other
numbers of the programme for this
Extensive alterations and improve
ments are being made inside the Au
ditorium on South Main street In
preparation for the opening of the
new Empire theater next Monday
evening, when the David M. Hart
ford Stuck company will present
"Old Heidelberg." on an elaborate
scale. Miss Lillian Seymore, the new
leading woman of the stock company,
who succeeds Miss Frances Nord
strom, who was to have appeared at
the Empire theater, is a native of
Detroit and a woman of charming
grace and personality. Miss Seymore
is already here and has made nu
merous friends. She was in Water
bury the night of the big Are. Feb
ruary 2. 1902, and recalls it vividly
to mind. She was formerly leading
woman to David Hlggins in "PIney
Ridge" and will be remembered here
In that rapacity. -Miss Seymore is
fond of hunting dogs and is an ex
pert horsewoman. She owns a sad
dle horse and three hunting dogs as
well. She was recently in Alaska
and ber experiences in that portion
of the far north are of more than
usual interest. Popular prices will
prevail at the new playhouse.
Victor Herbert .the foremost com
poser of American light opera, who
will direct his orchestra at th nun.
Ing concert of the fall music festival '
ai ine ttucaingnam next luesday by
the Waterbury Oratorio society, ac
cepted the engagement to come to
this city only because of the great in
terest he hai felt in Waterbury music
since he opened the Buckingham la
the fall of 1905.' Mr Herbert will be
present at the rehearsals of the fes-l
1 tival and at the popular orchestral i
concert will direct his men In a num- l
ber of his own compositions. In'
spite of the vast growth of coualoj
opera and Its popularity In the
United States for almost a decade
Victor Herbert has stood at the front
rank of the composers of this popular
amusement. -There are many who
remember Mr Herbert's "Fortune
Teller" from which Alice Nellson
graduated to grand opera while to
day he still holds the boards and the
"humming" public with "The Prima
Donna," "Mile v Modiste" and "Al
geria," the last said to resemble
grand opera more closely than any
thing be has ever written. Herbert
is not an American by birth but by
adoption. He is an Irishman who de
veloped a love for music in Germany
and later brought that same love to
a great profit in this country. For
his Waterbury programme Mr Her
bert will render the favorite famil
iar numbers of several of the mas
ters and will Interpolate a number of
his own compositions. The pro
gramme will closely resemble those
which he has rendered each year
with great success in New York city.
Madame Marie Stoddart who is to
sing Marguerite in "Faust" at the
evening concert will assist Mr Her
bert at his popular concert. Madame
Stoddart will sing Bachelet's "Cheres
Nults" aria and the famous Bach
Gounod "Ave Maria." The sale of
single seats for both concerts of the
festival will commence to-morrow
morning at 8 o'clock at the Bucking
ham pharmacy.
This lively and Fascinatine Person
to Be in Waterbury Three Davs.
Manager Harry Parsons of Poli's
theater announces to-day the opening
of the mail order sale for the engage
ment of "The Merry Widow" at that
playhouse during the three days be
ginning Monday, November 30. The
mail order plan to be followed is en
tirely different from anything of
that nature ever attempted in Water
bury and he Is especially desirous of
having it thoroughly understood.
Mail orders will be reeclved com
mencing to-day and will be number
ed consecutively in the order In
which theV reach the box office. They
will be filled In the order of their re
ceipt, beginning next Monday. The
regular seat sale will not open at the
box office until Friday, November 27.
Under this plan those sending in
mail orders will have their tickets
In hand before the opening of the
regular window sale and will thus
be relieved of the necessity of stand
ing in a long line on that particular
In order to take advantage of this
exceptional offer Manager Parsons
requires that certain conditions be
lived up to. The orders must be ac
companied by checks or money or
ders for the full amount made pay
able to H. E. Parsons and a self-addressed,
stamped envelope. Patrons
are urged to specify the number,
price and preferred location of seats
desired. It. will be manifestly Im
possible to give each one sending in
an order .the exact seats ordered," but
It is said that a conscientious effort
will be made to give every one seats
as near as possible to those ordered.
The company which, Henry W.
Savage will send to this city to pre
sent "The Merry Widow' 'is the or
ganization which concluded a run of
one solid year at the New Amsterdam
theater. New .York, on Saturday
evening, October 17. This run broke
all records for receipts and during its
progress more than 700,000 persons
I ft)
hi -
heard this singularly tuneful world
famous operetta. Prominent in the
oast to be seen here are Charles
Meaklns, R. E. Graham. Fred Frear,
William C. Weedon, Mable Wllbuf
and Mizzi Miller.
Mr Savage is also sending here his
famous English grand opera orches
tra under the direction of . Louis
Gottschalk. The production requires
three seventy foot baggage cars for
Its transportation and the entire
company numbers 87 persons.
The company to be seen here will
play a series of engagements in the
Important larger cities of the east
during the present season. It Is
booked for two weeks In Brooklyn,
Baltimore, Washington and Pitts
burg and for a run of six weeks at
th ew Fnrrest theatef in Philadef
' v; - s I, .
; f , v. - ;V
Jr j
. "v "i -" t. ',
7 Lz&l
jbdfcb, IRockwclUnb Jorester
"Correct 'Dress" for Women and Misses.
129 BANK ST.
Tailored Suits
AH the newest models reproduced from the very latest
designs all popular colorings.
Directoire Models with graceful Long Goats,
New Hipless Goat Styles, Dashing Military
Effects, Colonial Model Suits of Broadcloth,
Perfect Tailoring, Skinner Satin Lining : ;
$25, $29.50, $35, ,
Fur Coats and Sets
Long Coats of Pony, Caracal or Seal. Sets of Mink, Lynx,
Ermine and others. Beautiful pelts, lowest prices.
Furs selected on deposit will be held till Xmas.
Nov 17 to 24 Town hall, Water
town, St John's church fair.
Nov 19 Town Plot school build
ing, entertainment for benefit of
Nov 19. Hamilton Hall, Mill
Plain, Coon supper given by the East
Waterbury Game club.
Nov 19 Chicken supper for bene
fit of Grace Baptist church at Mrs
Snead's, 28 Bronson street.
Nov 19 Leavenworth hall, cele
bration in honor of fifteenth anniver
sary of the St Joseph T. A. society.
Nov 20 Washington Hill Athletic
club social and dance.
Nov. 21. City hall, concert and
social: given by Lallier's. Military
band and St Anne's drum corps.
Nov 24 Elks' hall, whist, and
dance given by the Queen's Daugh
ters. Nov 23 Rick's dancing academy,
East Main street, Thanksgiving novel
ty dance.
Nov 25 City hall, social and
dance given by Brass City lodge, No
Littw 7k. .
Tr i i v
... r - t
- ' .
m i r-v-'i
250, L. A. to B. Of R. R. T.
Nov 26 Music hall, private leap
year dance.
Nov 26 Elks' hall. Thanksgiving
social of Court McGivney, No 28, D.
of I.
Nov 26 City hall, annual sociable
and dance given by the Brooklyn
Athletic club.
Nov 27 Good Will ball. Water
vllle, athletic carnival and entertain,
Nov 27 City hall, grand concert
in aid of St Patrick's church, given
by the church choir.
Nov 29 Linden Park hall. Vnlon
City, popular concert given by the
Sons of Lithuanian society's band.
Dec 4 Hamilton hall dance given
by the Jolly-Five.
Dec 41. O. 0. F. hall. Cheshire.
ercil u4 4sca given by the B. B.
Rick's Academy, 43 East Main St.
New beginners class starting
Monday evening, November 23.
1908. Private and class lesson dally.
Regular dancing , for pupils and
friends, Friday evenings. Phono
177-5. . '
leacner oi rruss uuu airiug instru
ments. , Band and Orchestra
74 Abbott Avenue. Telephone 480.
Music for All Occasions.
Arithmetic, Algebra, Bookkeeping,
also Languages.
H. S. GULLIVER, M. A. (Yale),
51 Walnut st. Tel 2229. 11-16-tf I
(Branch of Fred T. Ley Co, Inc, of
Springfield, Mass.)
Controllers of the ; Bone System of
Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls
and the Reinforced. Luten 'Arch In
New England. -jt.; ,
95 Bank St. 'Phone 2155-4.
G. B. Hall, Gen Mgr and Engineer.
50.000 Rolls at 4c a Roll.
Ceiling and Border to match. Hang .
leg paper 12c a roll. We furnish la
bor and paper for yi a room. 10 per
cent oft for cash.
Com. Decorating Co,, Abbott .iv
Get th rlzht itor.
N. assembly.
Dec 4 Turn hall, Scovlll street,'
dance given by the active Turners of
the Waterbury Turn Verein. v
Dec 7 Lafayette hall, Bank'
street, whist and dance given br
L'Artisant Canadien Francals.
Dec 9 Red Men's hall,' social and
dance given by the Four of Us. , ,
Dec 11 Red Men's hall, first an
nual dance of the Ivy -Athletic club.
Dec 18 Leavenworth, hall, social
and dance given by the Jolly Fel-'
Dec 31 Town hall, Watertown,!
social and dance given by tbe Hanky
Panky club.
Jan. 8. Leavenworth hall, social,
and dance for the benefit of Michael
Lawlor. ' . 1
Wednesday, Nov 18 Yiddish play.
Thursday, Nov 19 "The Devil." ,
Friday, Nov 20 Lillian Russell.
Saturday, Nov 21 "The Choir
Sunday," Nov. 22 Imperial Mov
ing Pictures.
Monday, Nov 23 George Ober In
"The Bishop."
Tuesday, Nov 24 "Peck's Bad
Wednesday. Nov. .25 Hilda
Spong In "A Man and his Mate."
Thursday, Nov 26. Hilda Spong
In "A Man and His Mate."
Friday, Nov 27 "The Wolf."
Saturday, Nov 28 "Girls."
Sunday, Nov 29 Imperial moving
Monday, Nov SO, Tuesday-Wednesday.
Dec 1-2 "The Merry Widow."
Thursday, Dec 3 A Yiddish play.
Friday, Dec 4 Joe Weber's aU
star stock company.
Saturday, Dec 5 "Human Hearts"
Sunday, Dec 6 Imperial Moving
Wednesday, Dec 9 "Polly of th
Circus." . -
Thursday, Dec 10 "Polly of Lhs
Friday, Dec 11 Otis Skinner nl
"The Honor of the Family."
Saturday, Dec 12 "Lena Rivers."
Sunday, Dec 13 Imperial Movluf
Tuesday, Dec 15 The Rays.
H yoa . kMBM (r VoarOers,
try lb bsmem tut advt for rs
salts; SB worts 6 ars for Z3 Mats

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