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Explain Why They Have Re
mained Single for Many Years.
Miring the past week The Bulleti
ha.: been in receipt t a number of
letters ritten by unmarried senile
in. ti residing in or not lar Ironi mei
city, who, while desiirini; t:i forsake I
tho discomforts and misery of ce i !
b.M v. hat e noi b t n al le
ion Of
attractive young lauies 'n iii"
The subject was brotighl to tie a
tl.,n of The Hulletin by a lette!
drmtsed to the editor by one of
prominent citizens of Cairo, i
el a family, an the sobricpie; .(el
by "Paterfamilias" in singulis 'hj
fer indicated. The gentleman
pounded the question, "Why is it
the stock of eligible bachelors i:
tajrge, and. In fact, so much la
ihan it was. say five 'ears e:;n?"
this quest I, n that The Bulletin hasltal ti
attempted to answer
s I RH -Me d ,
In recent issues a number o! the run '
phglb)e of the local bachekn s. an I e
pecially tlu.se usually designate I I
the pitiable expression "hopeless
w, re Intemdewed on the subject and
Illrly and squarely asked for an ex
planation of the situation iu general
a:' veil as the particular reason In
each case for such a stage of things
Practically all of the gentlemen In
terviewed were frank enough to ad
mil a willingness and In many en
an actual desire for a radical ohangi
in the state of celibacy. With bill one
exception it was agreed tiiat 'single
blessedness" Is a snare and a de
lusion and the general concensus of
Opinion was that it only needed an op
portunity on the part of many to cor
ii i tne omsissions ot tie pas,
"U is not the girl's fault." said on-
"bachelor, with tears in his eves, "!
have been on (lit point of a pre
pi sal a half down times and was oulv
re i rained by my natural modesty and
tmidity." "I felt postive more than
once." he continued, "that my sttil was.
fanwaMy roc ived, lot I ctold , .:
bring myself to the Kint " Thi s gen
tleman, a ( in terfleld in manm-rt r.
address, bitterly cnmplaine.! o.
fact Hint 1900 was not a 1
year. He explained that he was too i
young four years previous t.i that j
time to apreclatc the opportunity and I
lie has never ceased regretting that he j
met the several overtures whith which
which he was favored at the time
to appreciate the oportunity and he
has never ceased regretting thai hi i
met with Bevcral overtures with
which hi .;
much less I
they really d
at the time, wli
tsidetation ths
In one case. 1
servo .
acknowledged, be almost ridiculed Ihe
suggestion. Something of which he
repented again ami again.
In order to remedy lust Rtich con
dlfions The Bulletin decided to offer
Its services nr..! to throw open it
columns to those unmarried gentlemen
who, anxious to mend the evil of then
ways, lack the necessary moral com
age to openly assume the iniative in
the matter.
An Invitation was extended to all
gentlemen anxious to tale advantage
if the iM'ctiliar martial prvils ac
hnrded the ladies during eat!, hi:
tile year and now in order for tin
the flrat time in the past, eight long
years to express their susceptibility
to overtures of this kind. The timid,
diffident bachelors, shrinking from
To The Dry Goods Trade
mission. Our establishment is new and our stock is entirely fresh, up to date and complete in everv detail. Our prices will
market can afford, giving vou the advantage of discounts obtained because oi large cash purchases. Our traveling men will be
January 1st to 15th, and it will be to your advantage to reserve any orders you may have until you can see what we have to offer. , W7e respect
fully solicit your patronage, and lhank you in advance for any favors you may show toour 11 r-R r D HDV rrrsrG. rrtluiDAtviv
ipnipiPntniY pc
theniselve.-', gere 6B-1
te of their troubles1
in tin form of a public letter to Tlie
Hullelin 'villi the ntuicrsi aniline; that
the names of tae writers woulil be
Bald in sacred ami Inviolable conti
dines, it was at first feared that few
would avail themselves of the op
portunity but after the Ice was once
broken the resoonce was even tiioi
s :l '''
are published
it will be Been
endahlc dt sir
M least that BMM to
u past deQtQuraclea.
idlers written auony
le real name of the
accompany the OOflQ
witheld and several
b) individuals The
I feel itself justilled
either on account
I wnter
wmlcatioa, are
letters written
Bulletin did no
in reconmeedin
txtereme youth or advanced age:
.wing to the SOcUd standing of the
cr. weie returned without com
Phone published, however.
peak for themselves and it is with
melt satisfaction that The Bulletin in
fterodudng them can recommend the
.Titers to the ladies in the city de
I sirtng to taKe advantage .t tne pnv
'leges of leap year at this earl dale
and before the best subjects have all
r your tuggea
bat I am not
of anbject dis-
mis by "Pater
m.alit over the
but haw besl'
subject to any
e young ladies
am determined
t for some
one ,
to bring about a change in this par
tit ular and will be glad to hear from
any young lady between idxteen and
twenty-six years old. I prefer a
niotiite with contralto voice, good ar
coitipanist I am under thirty year
of age and domestic in im habits
Address care Cairo Bulletin.
, i
To the
year m
large r
a wife
"to dO
m uii
no I. .,! I
:'an snppori
j amply and w ill not
I the eoohing t,r wa
Kgaatt h
ir waaMng I
ith Hazel eves.
imofcing, I like
Prefer Htite
i and slender
I Italiits exeelit
j after supper.
ny pip,'
type of
lady wiili dark hair. Will exchange
photographs Write me care general
delivery, city. "ARTHUR."
your class
f age. but
is black. I
if in mak
although i
look in uc li
MlSle.l l,
nt i
over thirty thou
n gaeetl and in
icss which Is a
? of competition
tile S,0A( on h
cent. Am tired
or my entertainment and
ir tin- true happiness of
No objection to a wife
domestic uti
over thirty
""' ' i
I am
dievpr in ttiic Ii.tii var '
am not very well ac-
city and so write to
a 'hat if any lady young, health)
I 1
if who 1 think
Section will
'erv. I will be
1 '"Hid
write v.
clad to call around and see if v
ten but have
obtaining a
V'oiild not expect my j Can hike now if all this was Cut out
d r we got married I Btarrag is would increase and divine
e to Oklahoma next es decrease I am dead Willing to (let
STRANGER ; tfarrtod Hut I BeUeve In the Standard
I exp.
ii MMBgeMMMMMM wmmmmmm mm
Trade: j
With ke
Editor of Cairo Bulletin.
l arn Kentlemea of mikl ami :.ff
disposition. Am considered good look
ing and would ;itit a stylish wile,
but not a money spender One who
can dance and would not v. ant to
five np socK-ty after niurrbis l as
! a member of Alexander Club and at
! tend a prominent church regularly,
. Am not tall but well DTODOi tinned and '
wry lifiht on raj feci. Hair light :ind
I curly, light mustache and good com-!
I plexion Grey .,. Am denton&tre-1
: 1 1 v by nature and wniic t ha.v al-
Ways tried to ! polite to the Indies;
have a con t a nt heart for Uie risrht i
Send nte photograph
in .i-jlrd tetter, merited
Hulletin Printing Company,
Hear Sirs:
I have saved up several hundred dot
lass in the haul, and own fifteen
shares of a Springfield Building and
loan stock winch i save been paying!
on for over four year. Own an in I
tores in a farm in this county. I am;
not a pretty man and dont put on any :
grills but wain a good, clean, sensible!
wife, who Is not afraid of farm life.
Have a so"1' orchard Started, Ad-
irihuter. oi a fond and successful bus
Mmfl and rawer. Am not yet )!. live
lit 1' incV.. all! Well piopeirtiolled
; Waii i a young "Wfo with merry disKt
IntHua Own a goad aaune and lot on
. W alnut street in the resident .' district
which can be tarnished by degrees
out of my salary Must see photo
graph with each application No
Write, care Bulk i in,
K.litor of Hulletin Co
Am in search Of true heat ted, sym
lathelie girl of loving and affectionate
; trying to win anotner l
from worldly stanpoint
. take me if she can't gi
worth when she sees it. Am
old and have a good job
Write tne care Bulletin Co.
Mr Rditor.
i don't know whether your scheme
is a "lake ' or not hut if it ist.'l an i
"Psfrefamilias" is the gentkiuau I
think he La, it win only be neeeeaary
for on of his daughters (not the m-
est and not the youngest I to wear
a "white rose" at Btbalh school n t
Sunday, for DM to satisfactorily an
WOT his question go far as one bach
elor is concerned.
Mr Bjdltor
uper to Ex
Murrlage Children
alow Me
plain my
ma :
Questloathere la
getting Married
to and Both Making Such
of it that it has IVi-onio so i
ing for us good Men that
Something we must stand
Listen to the Charlie Boy with his
.lb .-tisHng i.'lk and the Cerlgettn fiend
,1th his BtOOked Brains if a Remedy
Could be Appll '! to get them out of
Ihe way then us good nien Would take
action .and do SomethiagBut to make
a Succ esc of it the girls also would
haft to make a few ('linages Such as
irlng french heels eating arc-
waifers to make them Look nice and
white and boldig theim nmbrell in
th - Middle Walking dovn Commercial
nve Umklag Sideways at themseief
as they Pass those Big Plate class
Windows trying to see how hiyh they
e Drv
Ohio Levee, Cairo, Illinois. N. Y.
We take pleasure in advising voti that after the first of the New Year, 1904, the Weber Dry Goods Co., of
Cairo, Illinois, will be ready for business at No. 701 Ohio Levee, with a full line of Dry Goods and Notions, di
red from the largest mills and factories in the country.selected with scrupulous care by our Mr. Herman Web
er whose lonir experience in the wholesale drv goods business has thoroughly qualifed him for this important
Vi Vnnr . n-a Vniirc
on Both Sides 1 am Ronntng By all
dry good sioi-i-.-. and walking faal by
all offices i haii- parlors and i ami
healed for the Kitchen l like to Ml
and to gel some one that knows bow
; A IV ilK I I.KR
... res poni
i,r,-au :is
I am a Mlowex
had mv letter all
in Bjttfcn, eotteci
standing ihurcli
aembenthip. and an on but. when I
teen the voting man shut
out I waa
knOW they are Hot in it a lollg side,
of. a. widower but begs, if you will
break the ntieoa ttifcf nad W m
in I wiil promts not to answer any
letire from any or.ng l.udy. but will
find me a jolle little Widow, and. be
out of your way bclore. you are
through figuring and wondering what
wraps fttrs and Hats Would cost rather
out tit ever)
I , an
11 blonde, with curly mus
due eyes. Banare ahoulder-
i til lived lu Cairo a few
I like the place and want
own, I have a few debts
wife of means, ag.' not .in
mil looking. I will do the
i." If I had alittle capital
ko a good thin, of it I am
ai conntgal and with iu
nl I command a good p.isi
be glad to send my photo
meaning business,
general delivery.
I tin
Dip I t
teaea l o
an one
Rditor of The Hulletin.
I have saved up $1,000 in cash ai.d
v. ant a wife with that much or more.
Before I
tame to Cairo I worked In
In Cblcago ami am eonvers
that business. Thete is ;:
opening here with a good
help Prefer one familiar
work. Want a brunette,
care general delivery quick
ite u
River man bul the River Is'
j about played owl i beheve i could dol
well in tho groc tv business up town
it i bad some capital i would like to
jlntereel some one with capital want-1
ing a good home and kind treatment j
Who aint afraid of B little housework j
and to lieln in the ItoVe when Mtsy. I
Any lady wanting a young, band- !
some husband who has some means of I
j her own and not dieaoeed to be stingy j
get quick reepoace by writing, to gen-!
I i
oral deifvi try, etty, to
ntaanteSaaw iiowuu Wttfe t-crtit.
Candy Catbartle. cur.- constipation forave.
aV.$5c. IfC.C.C t lit. .tru.-.-4V.s refund monet
A. , I FEVERri, ( ongrvlton iniiuimuk
t.eig t-1 -wr, Mill. trrr.
B. 11. 1 -Oil VINe, Laswnwa, loJurUra.
mat RhrumatUm.
It.C.IMRK TIIROVT, Qnlnav. t:iiolic.
' Hi - i Ootrini i-r.
-KIT. )
UK VI.. Hull. ..:....
R. E. H Ol I.e.
) i. Ida. iBgaMSSa, lliflni
cvssaj I. una. I'l. iir.i-I'iii umiiiiiu.
t. V. i I'piJG, M.o.. ; VVIud-Ulowo.
IMirrhrs. Wirfleimtri
I'r vpn . MtwaaauasiK.
jyj KIMSY BLAnBt:Uvt)Bii(;B8.
1.1. KIN DIBWAaWL Mna". KraaaWaBj
1 1, . i tin- .. Parry,
i. K. It ': OKUITMrV, Ktorlnic Coat.
i..., 11 .:-ll. .a, M'.iti. i-I. .lurtn.-r-i
....-. b; SMMp Ca.TiiiStaXTlftr.!l..l:.a;,gt
At flriipnrlrt or n:;t peaeaM on iwlpi d i-ricft,
HontDhmfV Unllclao i.o.,t u. William fl .oca
iVtfWKt 'j-rr ;v,f( ,
ti" BOOK ll.MLKD i'HEE.
Goods and Notions
1; ii ' I" i' "TT.f
c1 New Year
Story of the Gre
1 UEA t ads of yelks
.-- Hi bine ..:,
" in. I '. long re le-s
iaudi the midwinter southwest
sidina the nalntmi train
I Millie kiag ho was now oil a
I Uu lancaes look tag :.itr sleel
I lid
e!l-b.. d herds.
Tkq cattle kinaa daughter, vimst
pTOSD Ivfl wealth entitled her to the
i r.ul; pi princes, sat under the sti'toed
awniag ub that rear platform t the
tJiiitt, gnatng wearily at the mount -
toot landscape.
"How tORg ;ire we ti. stay here?"
Mt demanded al the porter
.ndu.are.usly trying to I 'vp site tenia-er-cmer
d eh.tirs ete.;n HV did not
he aid an
the parlor
.' ' oSt d ! II
the witidov
hiae "i w:,at a .idiiit, horse- ij.iick!
The :oa,i dirii trembled in his anx
let to serve the city pin, ami in ;
, in.;.:, in she was cantering over m
aid :::.,! sage brush, headed Straigh
lor t!ie gyetn bills In the distance
a. vv . j and away she rped. delightiag
in th rush of the wind!, theswiafa faster toward th- object of their in
uf wit ; iy'a b ud.' tbroMgh the trass tewatj the faibn horse pointed and
jnd the exhilaration ofthi op en land".
A I la-- she r.irtied the horaea lead
-wl: i. was the station? Xothii.g but
a rolling plain, not shining with sitn
iigh;. but dampened by shadovs, Wttb
a lo.ie cry of terror she sent her
moua ra lug ahtad and strained bet
e i -;
i be engine btnoki
hei t
ther ti
d tu r
As shi
IIDllle r
iw oi to the i'
e-hatted ram
qw. ,
mar,- ; rWard him she n
irew nearer her cheeks j.
ier syu brishtt ned. onc
ind tin r.. d as If to leave
A :
in in Th
te came do ;e to her.
"On. Mr. Mason, what shall I do';"
Prank Mason, the handsome ranch
ferintaadent, seaneiy Moagauaad
Mr, bow.ng BO slightly that it seemed
o be merely the motion of his horse
"What is thi matter, madam .'"
"Don t be meau" the girl's
were lieatechlng
"Raj you told n.e never to sp;-t
o i ac.iia -only 'his morning "
"Yes. I 1 now. but you see bow
Ihe train has gone it is tl
eviniiig ami hi re I am."
"It doad look serious, doesn't
fc to i
It H
When do they think you are1"
"They don't think Aunty's prob
ably gone to Bleep and won't wake up
until midnight the others think I'm
l 1 1 . roods In ,.ai ,i . car."
Office, 16 Thomas
truK. w ii
"it i.: serious and rtohtxtyi nl tne
ranch to take care of you I suppose
they will ..i.ie'bavi. to-morrog any
how." "'fo-moirev, !" i'he gftrl fatrl
screeched in- wo. d. "We uuzt get
them now night don i you under
stand now!"
hit it ft 5u n:ih a :.i the Bat tele
graph station how i an the rngioeei
get ortii rs:"
K looked toward the train, whicj
Whs tllsappcarinn a a cat l.rt .veu
:.oa;e i ii-ek bluffh a mile or tv.o below
(ka ...a.i.kU.
Von na, It's N'ew Year's d.i am.
everybody but the stable boys ami its
lion agent na I torse to the count;, seat
o a eelehratien Th. re-;; a dame to-
a'pbt, t..i they won't be hump -yes, Is !
Their horses were moving siowii
toward the station, yet a Ion; distaste 1
away. They were talking earnest I; '
and did Dot no:i e the cunouj mevc
ments of a herd of cattle that bat
grayed irom th- grasslands towgr
the station and now. hur.tlrcd : am !
j bt! ml teds of them were pBShittg i losi j
I" j to the two figure- 'Che girl's bright
is i isekei and the Bashing red of the eai ,
thai 'o pcd her brown curls ma,.- havt i
caused iheir xaeediug Intereti win .
a huge fellow trotted la Hunt of he?
w..:iy bor.-c. the girl stared about let ;
iu alalia.
' t!i. Prank- Mr. Mason -look! "
Tie youag ruchnan seemstL much .
excited, "Hurrv:" he sadahned. and;
tuged hi; borne into a run. sue uu
leieil b; his side, al-i.'o-ed by the
straiit"i apparition oi the berd, which.
it seemed bad rism out of tn soil, j
i tie ranehman saw something elsi. j
ih.it the girl did no: a clu Iter otj
sartfe moamtj thrown up in the level
of the p ain. the work of piralrli dogs
or some other burrowers of Ihe plains
Hefot he could caution the girl, her
bar e stumbled, fell, staggered, weal
tumblin.: in a heap with a broken leg
Now It was ...riot The cattle
more rnrioua than
, r, scamiM red
snorted; the skp
ter pri.or.er
a an Instunr Ma
tui r:- at Ihe tan harden When she
.i tree be found her helpless from
a strained ankle, and with lenderneat
he lUted her in bli arms and to In
uv, ., saddle Then Jumping beside hei
rhed the nervous animal, drew
oiv, i and shot uiieriingly lit.'
W,NS V i j g,'-
"iii sohsy I WAS long"
struggling beast on the ground then
away tow aid the station res! ing on
ihe broad rind dusty plain.
Arrived there, lie lifted her gently to
one of the benches which stioii in ihe
liny waitlng-ioom; he transformed it
Into a betted with blanket from ihe
livery siable; he heard with pleus.ire
her words of satisfaction.
"That pin you wear- where did you demand is Increasing rapidly The
get It?" she asked. IrrelevaiKly. "It ' birds are usually brought to ths conn
looks like Harvard." try from Cuba, Mexico and A.rlca by
' a is Harvard 1 graduated there " sailing vessels, the slow voyafe grad
"And you are herding catile?" naUg CCUstoming theru to theclimate
"I am superintending a ranch my Any good parrot should say a word or
lather own I H-Puioo head." two al three months of age and ot
"'And yo u live'.' " i ihe end of a year should urn; up rx
' in Chi.'iso -my special train .4 prca.-,.ons readily. So comipoa !uvo
at St. Louis now with my sister at
mother aboard, bound hue." I
So this was the "COaboy" she had '
patronised and made fun of as he . ime
'o the train day after da to see her
lather She bad been am r-ed by his
uwuraare and had a. Barreled with him
hat very morning. Now she was at
ils mercv -ami she found it rut her
' This is a strange beginning foT the
Vew Year." she broke out. I ttouuci
vben the train will be back."
"I think It If a food In ilnnlng I'm
niii r4wwhrw
ture i don t know about that train
ibere Is no connection with it ytt.'
I'm sorry I was. so rude this morn
ing, Pr .Mr. Mason."
Doe'l worry. Anna Mis Sean. ans '
He smiled, liutiousl). at her.
"It is tine of you to i are tor and
prefect we this $tie we . ou
ad 1 tlon'i know how to t!i:.nK jou.
"Don't fry. This is not the drat
time I have secu yog- 1 danced with
I do not
yon hue
til not tot
"1 know- but don't you think ii
would le a line thing lo have uie lake
are of you all the time?"
She gave a pressure of her hand
but no more. Aluios: at the door wa
t rumble, a high note "T-o-o-t:" ami
the sniped awitine of the rear car
a, ue inio view a few feel nway.
"Quick-love, will ui i.'" His words
were eager, and as he lifted her in
his arms once more lor a' jour,ie io
llu train She whispered: "Y-x."
Almost as soon Irani tne oppostte
direct ion came Mr. Seamaus auu hi
loreiiieu. He greeted ihe pair with
.-miles uml laughed al ihe daughter's
injuries wheu he louud they were am
"Stay on with us." bs lavlted
afsa "Weil bring you back before we
leave for Chicago.''
"How did the train come back SO
COogT" asked Miss Seanuns, rising
troin her coitrh. "1 thought it t,a;
miles te the next station!"
' Wireless telegraphy." vt. ,;e ,:, .
Shucks," said the sum, caatemptli
oualy. "The engineer pnlleti it down
to the creek to fi:i the boilers. We
.veren't gone hail an hour."
The girt looked quickly into the
laughing eyes ot the yeahg raBchamo
1 kaUeTd yoa knew It all the iim
the exclaimul
"I did not tell vott differently," h"
pleaded "You remember t wu-. a.'.dc.
She was not satisBed. That evenii, .
as they sat out lUMtef the slii,t.d uw n
ing on the rear paltform and Watched
the landscape. gHsieiiitig unjtr L
win!'r luo,)n" ,ne ,rail ned sonts
wrt- sht" ntinued: "Really. Prank,
Ji,t" 1 yu" ,l'il,e 'he engineer tu run
"emuu tne nut so u would tear rat!
tint le- did not answer nor has he
answered yet. though his wife pre
pounds 'he inieatioa every New Year!
How Are tour Kldaeyt f
Dr Hobbt' Sparanas Hills curestl klduvr m .
.,'.,. am Stsrli ns BanadV On. . I'hltuwo nHt
In tiie Earl) ii .
The world has been a long time In
making a little progress. The delight
with which the public greeted he
slow -going ttagl conch Ifeowa, how it.
lie was required to arouse the pscnia
and caii foilU iiieir BSUlulshmtlt, Tin I
I Vehicle Which required two days tu
Brake :be trip from Nev, York to Pill
affelphia should have been known at
The Plying Machine," no longer ago
than Ittjt). seems almost incredible in
this day when we go from New Ytrlv
lo Chicago in half that time. As a
Vtnd of t'OntrastS, before and after .he
STegl awakening which followed the
inh of sii'iini power and the Inattnt-
rniion of the locomotive, this cha.ter
rom a hundred ycurs ago is Intetest-
ing. The stage ebfcch was the inrrvel
! of a slow age which the world has
been centuries in reaching; the oco
motive is the ue. easily of a rapid age,
which has not yet celebrated its cen
tennial - From "The Kra of Uage
Coaches," by w. s. Dunbar, In Four
, Track News.
Ferrets im treading,
Bnch year the burden of Oiieago
landlords is added to by the stle of
1,000 panels to flat dwellers, jnd tne
they become that unlc-.. a viriul v
rabui.iry Is m.cd they are s!dojn ao
Heed. Where tier, was io.-nerlv o:, l
dealt I in domestic pets, who sold par
rots, there are new a doWt, T... :
alone w ill give an idea oi tin in re ) o
ib Bawd 'or taste blhU Ohjcagu Tr.u
; tiue.
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