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float e llirr nkM I'loin-eri Reached
lb oiilli- Will llr
from Olilllernllou.
One of the most famous routes trav
"ised by the early oettlers of the
lUUrtlWWt m i notfn as the Santa Fe
trail. This has been almost wholl?
jblltl rated of late je irs. but the Kan
sas Dauavbitrs ol the Hevulutiuu pro
pose that it aba)l he marked foi the
Uenttit of future (fenerations. They are
lOS seeking to mark it through ibe
tate by stiidf Monuments H IHI not
attar how itmpl the monuments
'.nay he, they are to he representative
if the entire stat." of Kansas. In their
iork they propose to interest the
vhooi children of the various counties
through which the trail runs. These
MMrtfj will i-rei t the pMBumenti sad
sill be aidul in their work by the
hihlren of other counties.
Mrs. V. KV Stanley, wile of ex-Oov.
Stanley. explain' 'he work in a short
all: lfore the u. etlnj; of the Kli.a-
i-th Ben too chapter, held at the home
t Mrs. Daniel Boone. "It has always
teen the plan of the Kansas Daughters
'o tarry ou hs much local work as po
tlble." MM Mrs. Stanley. "V have
marked the spot where the first man
to enter Kansas stood, anil now we In
land to mark tin- oUl Santa IV trail
IVe are trying to Interest! lie' school
hlldren tbrouguoul the state In this
ind especially the children of the coun
ties througi w hi( h the trail passes. W'e
iv ill mnke this our work for the com
it!,' year, and in the end of that time
ie hope to have marked the entire
length of the historic old road in our
l Not MhImmbi IV:ilr, Bui ln
l.rii tn!t mii'.i from Which
imi Neei Wards Cass.
The English language Is no station
h, J affair, Ixed and limited iu its si ope,
bat few appreciate how fast it U grow
ing, A new dictionary, just issued, sas
the Hartford Coat, shows this; in fact,
every new dUtbyiiaty of importance
hat pretends to give the Wolds In the
language la comnjjltenesH do side sanit
i he particular dictionary referred to
tives no lesa than IT.ooo m-w terms or
ii w meanings of old words. A larn
number of new teams iu the language al-
" ways eotue from mil Bttflc vocabtilariee.
I'liere is also a (HSQSlderahte audit ion
through the adoption or modification of
orelgn words. As maps are expanded,
banned or filled up through Hir labors
f geographical explorers, so t he In
vestigations of the savants in astron
nniy, chemistry, elect rieity and other
jf the physical sciences, as well as ;n
psychology. .onoinics and philosophy.
index widened mental horlsons in terms
hat take pOfaatftoat place in the lan-
y ritape. The Spanish war brought many
S If words Into use in the Kngllsh laB
i - .age in ibis t onntry,
Among the new wolds that iheup-'.e
late diet ionarv must consider are such
terms as tiogey, a term In Rolf: border
eau, briquet, chauffeur, expansionist,
therion. immune, laveriik, manywhere.
j ripen door, ostcopathist, ping-pong
popover, radium, ragtime, roof gat den.
! rough rider, two-step, Zionism.
Ti-hIii Started ill Mi-nl I'm Iiit. IOO.I, nml
iin Jui ReacSwd I la lostlm;
lion 7.1 Hilea Awa) ,
Persons who became fretful over the (
delays of snriace cars of the detention
of steam trains ought to sit up and be
; chtsertul when the) itad what theNea
, Vork Press has to buy of a Texas I ruin.
The Press declares that recent!) aQnlf
at Interstate railway train arrived In j
Ueaumout nearly three years late, tud
explains the matter as follows:
The train left Boiirar, just across
lialveston hay from lialveston, on Sep
i (ember X. I WO, and was caught in the !
I (Teal storm Which so nearly destroyed )
I Galveston. Bolivar is 7,"i miles from
Beaumont Before the train had trav
led fat on its Journey It was caught in
tin storm. Thiny miles of the track
i were washed away, and the train was
I left stranded on a sandy waste.
Dozens of persoM who lived on Boll
var peninsula were saved from death
by taking refuge In the train. After
: the storm subsided they walked to I
Bolivar Ih the passengers. Bui the
abandoned train was left on the prairie, j
The storm bankrupted the railroad,
it'll no effort to rescue the engine and '
i cars was made until recently. Had the !
' road noi suffered so seriously in that ;
j storm the property would have proved
9l great value a few months later, when
oil was struck at Beaumont. The road
j 13 now undergoing repairs and develop
ment, and a little While ago the train !
ivas drawn into Beaumont, w here it was
treated by cheering multitude.
Myatori In Imtln.
Things lometlmts btppea in India
which Maggie SVCI those who have mad'
a lifelong study of Indian matters. Tree-
: Iguhing and v.ei'.-poisoniiig are weil
known, and a very remarkable move- i
ment. which ;has recently been taking
place at Hehar. must he added to the
list. A strange order was circulated
some weeks back in the district that for
the space of I!Vs days sons should not
look on their fathers, nor fathers on '
their sons, and that If the order was (lis
obeyed the time would be extended to'
months. Only Hindus wi re affected,
and even queer "waves of underground
excitement" Indicate that there are mil- !
lions in India still who can be swayed
by mysterious agencies over which ih(
civil government has nn control, and tc
which it can sometimes find no sori ol i
1'lmn for ("urari enver.
A French phsician. Dr. Mare hal
advocates the passing of a law making
the wearing ol a corset by any worn-
,iu under :iu an offense punishable by
three months' Imprisonment If she is
f age and a One of M to J;'ou im- :
x.sed on hct parents or guardians n
he is vkriPP tpa
Facilities in all
Banking Lines.
I uteres! Paid
Time Deposits.
CAPITAL STOCK 100.000.50
.Sol a alr of It-Mem Bui of S Vlr.
kaadtae The Often aiu
An i:iiin.f ion.
Referring to thi
against the metho
department r disp
articles of mercha
latcd in the dead
me tfl say. say:
p.i'jt.'S! i n -
post C.ltii
a wrong impression, that
put uii for sale, pa! tin
they chance to ct ain
received at the dead t.'ttei
ranted as strictly private,
arc. Tluy are at once re
he writer or forwarded ti.
in rchandi
ah letters
oltice are
which the;
turned to
the addresses, wheu either can be
done. Otherwise Ihey are destroyer;
Parcels or articles of merchandise are
hi Id some .wars. afK-r a diligent effort
naiie to nstore ti. ra to a rightful owu
r has failed, after wbtcti Mich merchan-
Sfge a- is salable and tit then fur is pv
iared tor the ainual sale, the orir nal
wrappei and all identity o! tu- form I
twuer having been removed, Hence Ii
cannot make a particle of dlffi rence to
' he form' r owiu r of Inch parcel wlo t hei
it was sold or destroyed, and but Utile
ri mains to satisfy the "morfctd cnrloalty"
if the buyer, beyond theintttot natur
ally felt in a speculative way. Then, if
tai eager buye. pi'oSts by the dial, which
is the general rule, and $:i.intn or 14,000
go to th" govet
bursemeat for t
lc? for the pu
'hem who wo
i men I as a partial n im-
ii expenses of ti.i- lrV4
lie; why rot '.' Wbo Is
Id not prefer to bavi
ins or Hi t' stray goot.s soli
st nf both the attHtic. am
to t he inti r
the govern-
ment to i
hi ing bnrnefl. and which
at .iru'aU.us?"
On One Sacred Rite ta Ggml Tcssnles
Had Bp a Plied on Ratal or
Qtliei Teanle,
For the first tiate 11P w-hole history ol
one of the great national sit. of Kgypi
hi-,-; been opened before us: dating from
the beginning of the kingdom, and end
lag with almost ths last of the Bttlr
kings i mm Mena, ebon: 1700 B. 0.. t..
Kekht-horheb, S70 B. 0., aaya Harper'i
Magazine. History is hue Laid out foi
us in strata, from Which the p:ict c;;n bt
read as we lift them away one from an
other. In order to read, however, one mttt
know the aluiiabet of the subject; and
thai has lately been learrfd, from the
pottiry, the (lints, the beads, which
show, each, t he age lo which t h y belong
Excavation on a site with a taog bis
tory is mere destruction if each
stratum is not n ad and interpreted In
telligibly as it ut opened! unfortunately
this has never !,pen done before CB an?
suili site. On the earl test sacred rite ot
Abydoa, the Ural capital rf Bgypt.Um
pies had bnen piled one on the rules ol
another until ten ages i f bn'.lulnga iteod
stacked together la abotri 2 iei depth
of llltti, Kach tem Die bad In i nine tart
t me: t3E:s"r
Your Business Solicited.
Melp Build
A Home.
rtr.d . . nnnGENiU5 IN THE BUCKETSHOFj
meat I -i nulltd down. leaving s
.-tit or l..o i the w.tl! and found!
ions: and a Dew tftnpleofa SlfTerei
dsn wys thtn erectid on the grouot
m?rloa is not old enough for this to 1
ore evrn once, bin London itands On
H ! DMXll.
, It tl
H .1 1 U I.e. i
, 1 .1.
i tit able shat
In the fentli ai d la
" ff ot au r. r into antunin, a ion doe
ndlao summer begin? I - it a genuine
alhcrltatlvc Indian summer it cofros
as preceded 1:? Or must the wood
ight qp fa. ir bangers to ht raid its at
f r.t ? An Endtin sttmmer hat i no
':on of a few frosty nights may sud
lanly backalidt and become a reversioi
0 sunimrr itself, says the St. Louh
l!obeDentocrat. We can reconcile n
ciuls of that perfect sta.-in (f th
ar with a return to perspiration am
he cast iti- off of coats. An Indian turn
ner of hot days Is no Indian en mmer, 1
.Mini com" scorch I trg and swelterlni
is July, August and Septi tuber, tat
1 lleti in blue mists or gray, everyday
b ijeakipg in the ame unvarying tint
nd (ones and llkeadsjetemperatttfa.o
the one before it.s if nature had savei
her beat iu ibe botton of ibe basket ate
were banging out an iinauotti d one evi r;
morning. Indian summer may contii.u
iM::g after the last baf has fallen am
brcn cat in red to i:s compgntoci in th
Drown wiik rows, ii is tu
j di-co( r when "nciftti s"
Ii is s,wep; out and w .'shnl :
"ild Nnveniler rain, that
wcrning s'reriers across
perpu aim
tehee n
sky f(
cays before it spreads It's dripping win
try pall over the iarth. Hut when doei
Indian summer brpln?
Railway I 'on I met ion .
in is."i7 an American) named Colllm
:',rst proposed a railway from the mdi
tQ the village of Tchita. Later, severa
plans were formulated, but ii was noi
until atarth 17, 1891, thai the Trans
Sfberian railroad was definitely deter
atlned on and projected by an Imperil
order On May 19, 1891, the firs! stotii
was laid. The line covers 3,503 tulips li
Russian territory and I. tint miles ir
Chinese territory. In ten and one-ball
years S.lW miles of rails were laid Ir
he Canadian Pacific, constructed undei
similar conditions) it took ten years t
lay 2,921 miles of rails.
Cruel Pttutabtttent,
A man who was OftUghJ in the set o:
committing burglary at Raterton, N i
was ducked several tunes in clean wtiie'
mil then told to have town. It is re
orted that the friction he created In t hi
ii as h' li i' uleiti. aei lils tlothea ol
In Ratrll ll:ia.
The i ar test railroads wi re . igr:td t
)C tollwaja, mi which any rran cotil
in hi own cart ou his own KchcdBle.
804 Commercial Avenue
Nt-w York (tperalor (Jot Oaln a Fail
Wire anil It Hi-ought lllm
a BaWaiati
"It takes two wide open eyes to keep
the sharps from oatiti); you up in this
business nowadays." nid the backet
shop man. relates the NeW York Sun.'
"Only resterde) I stopped a gaii thai
"Vou ste. our Rochester office gets iti
quotations hy a direct wire from New
York, while our Buffalo office is on a
circuit of a Htm York-Chicago wire, and
is about two minutes slower. We ha:
a direct wire from the Rochester oifi
to the Buffalo office, as well as lonc.-i.i-tance
'phone connection.
' The operator In the Rochester oft
get wise that his Wire was two minute-1
fast' r than the P.uffsio ticker and got tc j
trading with the Buffalo oTice over (hi
direct wire whenever atOVemegt of a;
stock was enough to glve'hlm a marcir
the best of It. This ssastled ua fot
a while, for Rochester was taking all thi
prolt out of our BuKato afaeeta"
"Suppose ou fired the Rochester op I
efator?" remarked the listen
"Not ai all,'' said the bucket-shop man
"I brought him down and installed bin
In the office here. Rochester Is too smal
a town for the operation of such getttoi '
I ti l e r w or hi r'ill' Mlloll .
Prof. W. W. Waits, tiic Kngllsh gcolo
ftlst, strongly advocates a new gi ..If.glca I
survey of Kngland, which shall t o gl
much to make known the 8ubterraMai
world there as existing surveys havi
done to make known that which li' ICti
the near surface. Thll demand growij
out of the ever-recurring quest loa rnj
the approaching exhaustion of the Brit- '
lsh coal-fields. Prof. Waits says that
there Is still an area of coneeafi ii t
fields left, possibly at If art as larseanc,
productive as those already tvpiorfd'
but to develop them work will l ave ti '
be done at a depth of thousands in-uao
1 of hundreds of feet. The Rral step tuns' ;
be systematic and detailed expioratloi j
I of these invisible tjeb'.s Under the gold j
I anee of scientific principles.
'I'lir s.ilu'" 1'ri r iMglSh
The "tola" of India Isasmall tree fron
to In feet high. w!iu a tapering stem
The leaves are consumed aa a vegetable
: and the light spongy wood serves tor i
, variety of purposes, one of the latest be
I Ing sun-proof hats or helmets. Tin i
wood is cut into thin bands whtel
are stuck together and molded Intt
j shape. Another recent use (Of tbl
wood Is to make non-conducting CO Vert
or vessels for ke
drinks cool. Th
bomi iti summer
1 1 and othei
be useful al
Maldaprraal Decora I eil.
Sho Masuda. a domestic servunt of
Nlwagori, Jajian, has had a grien rile j
i boil conferred on her by the Japanese
bureau of decorations q icionnilioti of
, her remarkable fidelity to the family
: who employed tier. This is l ltd to hi
the first instance of a domestic servant
: beiut: decorated by a government.
London Mail.
Call for
One of the
Little Banks
And Save
Your Change.
5 Want Your Xamc on )nr .trencv Rooks for 1004
jj Byery Company which we represent ti tower
- oi rinancial Strength whose Polices are
( lOO
ii v Kmc
The Business Interest of Our City is respectfully
called t' the following list of Companies
"ia which we have the honor of representing.
jm Continental of New York
2g Germania " u
New Hampshire
American of New York
American of Philadelphia
Rochester German of
Nw York
jj 1 desire to thank the Business Interest for their
5 valued patronage of ilk: past year. m
" Chas, R . Stu in1.- J;
Hotel Illinois
510 512 COMMEh'CI Al. cAVE.
Cattrtlly Located in Business Portion of die- Gtyt Six Doors
from Opera House.
FA 1 ES $2.00 PER 7M Y. 4
Both Lines of Street Cats Puss the MgAI
f.i U tkpots .imi
Free Sample Room. EDW. C & It L. ALIEN. Props.
"Capital stock $100.000-
V .
Safety Deposit
Boxes $3.00.
Don't Wait
For Fire or
Burglars to get
Your Valuables.
- ' a i
National Union of
Williamsburg City of
New York
Prussian National of
( rermanv
Entrance Eofy 7 2 MitmUs. Convenient
Strimhut LmHMft.

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