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Cairo Clearing House Certificates in Trade or For Any Djbt.
We Allow One Dollar and Five Cents
In Merchandise For Every Dollar.
. -.... .
rue caiko in .i-htin
Bunion labels
(lend at Ikf Oiro PoatoAo for irmaimlMloa
tfcroafk ths mall At ciid-oaM rate
Many Good Men and Women Guilty of
Wrong Doing Through Human
Rev. ("has. H. Armstrong' of the
Lutheran church took for his subject
.yesterday morning "So Many Hyio-
He spoke iu
Yesterday's Cairo Temperature.
Maximum .'.,. 38
Minimum 41
At 7 ). m. :v . . 02
At 12 midnight (street record .. . 41
General Conditions.
Yesterday was fair and quiet, with
no sign of rain.
Washington Forecast.
Washington. Nov. 3. ILLINOIS
Fair Monday and Tuesday; light to
fresh west winds.
' iffl
is m slow
crits In the Church."
part as follows:
In John 21:22. last clause. Christ
makes rse of the following words, j the good that 1 would I do not. but
iee? ' Follow thou the evil which I would not, that I
of any church granted that this is
your objection. Men and women, in
this life, do not reach that exalted
plane where they are perfect. As
"eternal vigilance is the price of lib
erty," so eternal watchfulness is the
price of faithful stewardship. The
doctrine of "sinless perfection" is-un-scriptural.
St. John says, "If we say
we have no sin, we deceive ourselves
and the truth is not in us." Paul, be
yend a doubt regenerated, said, "For
Chicago, Nov. 3. London, founded
w;me 2,0'H) years before Chicago, ha
just claimed 4,758,217 population for
the city proper almost exactly twice
the population that eats, sleeps and
hi'stles in this city. What amazing
things have been done in the Vnited
States of America. It was 1.500
years ago that the Romans, who
found London a village, left it a city
for those days. It was 1. 100 yea's
before America was discovered. It
Is less than a century since wild
ducks quacked undisturbed on the
Chicago river. Now London and
Miburbs "Greater London" have an
ai-ea of 434.419 square - acres, as
Bgainst the 114.932 acres Inside Chi-
cago's city limits. London's munici
pality expended less than Chicago:
it j streets are MM miles in length
as against Chicago's' 4.22C miles of
atreets. New York lias 2.91 1. miles of
utieets and eiids 5.G;:2.8"6 each
year cleaning tlic-it. while street
t leaning in Chicago costs the city $3,-
C1C519. As to the majesty of the law.
the Loudon "bobbies" and their
bosses cost $12,339,865 while the New
York jiolice force cost $14.3'0.499 and
Chicago's $.").G1$.8I5. However, going
back to population figtires. Chicago
has more than most of the states in
the union, Including Iowa, Wisconsin,
Tennessee. Nebraska, Minnesota, Ken
tucky and Arkansas: there are only
seven states that have more people,
among them being Michigan, Mis !
nmrt. Ohio nmi Indiana anil only two!
rtates have as great a imputation as
a a a a
o TstlMsltasdaltntVanJcrburgh J
0 Vielin Jtutrueticn J
1 $crJitfermaticn9kcKe36'Galre I
What Is that to thee
nic." We deem this response of his
in reply to a trivial question by one
of his disciples, a fitting answer to
these who magnify the number of
bvnoeties" supposed to be in the
The Infallible Basis.
In dying Christ consummated the
"plan of salvation," becoming the
"comer-stone" of the Church. In this
institution, hoary with age and c.f
Divine origiu. there is one way of sal
vation recognized; viz., through faith
iu Jesus Christ, to whom "every knee
rhall bow, every tongue confess." He
himself, says: "I am the way, the
truth, the life; no man cometh to the
father bi t by me." The Church was
mercilessly assailed by unconverted j
Jew and Pcgan Rome, but within
three centuries after the church's In-,
edition the God's qf the Panthecn
paled Into mist and legend, and
throughout the great empire the new
faith that of Christbegan to be
dominating one. The Church still ex
ists, a Wvlne institution, numbering
among her standard bearers the faith
ful followers of Christ, found in every.
denomination in the world. Men dif-
fei In religion, politics, sociology. It
could not be expected for unanimity
to be found in the Church regarding
much of detail doctrine and polity.
Any fair-minded, sane individual will
admit his fallibility, that his "think
ing so" doe not always make it so!
Christians today are divided into
those who recognize an Infallible
Chrrch and the ones adhering to an
Infallible revelation from God through
a book, the Bible. Comment is un
necessary as to the "right" and
"wrong" of these camps. Instead of
the different "denominations" being
an element of "weakness" as is some-
do." Yet we desire to emphasize
this: it is possible for Church-members,
Christians, to become more
nearly "sanctified" set apart from
the world for God's service each
lay; for the elements of religion in
the individual are capable of cultiva
tion, resulting in growth. Being
'saved" is not something between a
man and his neighbor, but God and
n an are involved: 'no mater what my
fellow does or leaves undone, so far
as my personal salvation goes; it is
w hat I do; my "faith and works." You
tied I should not hold back because
of the unworthiness or inconsistencies
or others, ami anove an means tio
i.ot feel that, because one identifies
himself with a church, he is to be
H enceforth Iniprtgnable to tempta
tion! But to these "hypocrites" one
more. It would be wisdom for us to
investigate the meaning of the term,
seeing whether or not we use It cor-
A Hypocrite Defined.
Webster, good authority, defines it
in this connection thus "a false pre
tender to virtue or piety;" "one who
Fimulates virtue or piety." Pretends
this is the burden of the meaning.
Now, objector, by what means do you
nrdertake to determine as to the pre
tended piety or virtue of the Church
m ember who sins, makes mistakes,
yields to temptation? Moses, Abra
ham, David, Solomon, Peter, Paul and
many other Biblical characters were
guilty of wrong-doing, yet would you
call them "hypocrites?" Without an
extensive argument, we unhesitating
ly affirm that, many good men and
women commit sins; they walk for
bidden paths; they fall on life's Jour-;
ney; yet it will not do any to say that.
they are not striving to lead a Chris-
ages," so that when the storms of
time rage fiercest, we as Christians
may be able to fold our hands and
trust, full of serenity, In the one who
fotinded the Church. Is our lot
humble? Be not discouraged. When
the Father's time conies for us to
enter Into some greater sphere of
usefulness, if we are ready we will be
advanced. The way to be ready is
through Christ into the Church anil
finally through the Church Into
Subject of Strong Sermon By Rev.
D. Bass D. D. at Calvary Bap
tist Church.
times alleged, we believe them to be tan nfe, , that they are only pre-
tfe. h fctt.t. L ia h .
13 -'Ti-ss:
It all tA r
la source of power! An element of
strength! True, In the years gone by
much time was spent and animosity
ngendered far from a Christian
f;pirlt in profitless "debates" and un
called-for stiife among the leaders In
the different branches of the Church:
I til. happily, those days are over, and
while "differences" exist now as then,
reason dictates that (hose who "see"
alike doetrinally should associate
themselves together for concerted ac
ticn. not asainst "brethren" of oppo
site, or different "faiths." but against
Evil! More and more with each pass
ing year, the slrgan cf the Church is
becoming. "In essentials unity, In non
e-i.i-entlals liberty, and In all things
Harmony in Choice.
harn one of ns should identity nrn- Jrsus Christ, and
self with the Church, with that branch , irt. the Chrrch
tenders, niasuueraders in the Church.
Paul once taid something about lay
ing "aside every weight and the sin
which doth so easily beset and "run
ning with patience the race" the
Christian race. Your "besetting sin"
is not mine and vice versa, but we
n.t.st all "wiitcii" lest we fall when
come certain temptations. Men and
women should have charity for each
other, writing each other's faults In
the sand that by and by the gentle
tide of love may efface all signs of
Final Answer to Objections.
We will admit that there are folk
In the church who are not what they
should be. This is no reason, how
ever, that you and I should refuse to
rrrept the grace of God, through
identify ourselves
Remember, "If we
llev. L. D. Bass D. D., in his ser
mon at Caivaty Baptist church yester-
I'ay to a good congregation said in
pi; it:' "There must be a new educa
tion in the American people in regard
tc the drink evil ami murder. It must
be carried in the homes, in the Sun-
lay school, in the public schools and
from the pulpit. We have witnessed
this week in our fair little city the
murder of a worthy man by a saloon
keeper and murderer. Could you read
the saloon keeper's ledger what would
ii reveal? It is a book of results. Its
balance sheets are the accumulated
harvest of day-book and journal. The
people of Cairo have had business
with the saloon a good many years.
The day-books of every-day occur
rences have passed into the journal
of the years and these have crystal-'
lized into a ledger of public knowl-1
edge. The liquor saloon, like any-
other business must stand or fall by
Its ledger.
The saloon is the mother of nearly
ail the crime in Cairo. It is a curse
from which there Is no mitigation.
The fact is, that the liquor saloon is
at heart an ootiaw. The only 'effec
tive way to deal with it is to take it
for what it Is, a criminal, and deal
with it as a criminal. When you can
tame a gambling hell and make it a
srffe resort for men; when the Ethi
opian can change his skin, and the
leopsrd his ppj.U' ther you may
hope to draw the teeth of the liquor
saloon. N'othing but the hard fist of
the Ten Commandments, with the
police power of the city and the
elate and nation tiehiml it. can ilea!
with such an Institution. Are we
r ot. as citizens, responsible for allow
ing this murderer with his saloon, in
cur fair city? Not only is he a mur
derer, but he has been dealing out the
(lamnaoie sturr mat may make your
boy and mine a murderer.
We have the picture of the mur
derer before vs. The victim lies in
lis blood: and the murderer with
clenched pistol is stalking away. Over
the victim poises the Angel of ven
geance with drawn sword pointing to
the disappearing viilian. the svmboll
divine assurance that crime shall j rj
in plan and method by which he hop?s
t'.. cover his tracks, Even then, as
we have seen, crime proves oftjnest
its. best tletective, and the test laid
plans of criminals, will "gang alt
egleo" upon the principle that false
hood and crime are never consistent
at all points with themselves
Ariadne's due of vengeance will fnl
lew them through the very labyrinth
c; their seneme or iniquity ana nmi
them cuit. More than this, the
t'Towth of detective 'education keeps
race with the skill of evil; and In
no period of human history has it
ever been harder for the criminal to
escape than now. The only difficulty
In the way of civilization in this
country, at least upon this point, is
the low sense of Justice which re
fused to convict often the highest
crimes and inflict their just penalty,
cr when convicted, find their commu
tation cr pardon at the hands of cor
rupt executives, wnose only patriot
ism lies in party politics, or else in
Discussed By Rev. O. D. Map-e at Saf
ford Hall Yesterday Morning
and Last Night.
Both services at Safford Hall yes
terday were largely attended and
very Interesting.
In the morning Rev. Maple preach
ed from Matt. 11:28-40 on the subject:
"A Christ to Comfort." In which he
showed that not only must Christ be
the Savior of sinners, but a comfort
to saints. Most people need comfort,
peace and rest and Rev. Maple drew a
distinction between stagnation per
fect quiet and rest. "Rest," he said,
"was undisturbed quietude, in the
very midst of trouble and tempests
and the conflicts of life.
That saints may have this rest
Jesus said, "Come Unto Me." Learn
of Me.
(Concluded on Fourth Tage.)
Notici h Pulaski Co. Bank Customers.
WHERE VS, The action cf the reserve bants of
New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Cairo and other Clear
ing House cities has rendered it impassible for the
bmks of Pulaski county, Illinois, to secure additional
supplies of currency; and
WHERE VS, This condition cf affairs is calcula
ted to interfere with the operation of regular business,
if the supply of currency now on hand should be with
drawn from the county; and
WHERE S, It is the desire of said banks that
the money of their depositors should be safeguaided,
and the business interests of said county should be
protected; therefore be it
RESOLVED, That beginning on November 4,
ISO 7, all the banks in said county shall require notice
of withdrawals on all savings account; be it further
RESOLVED, That beginning on same date all
the banks in said county will in lieu of currency, pay
in Pulaski County Clearing House Certificates, guar
anteed by all the banks in said county, or in ex
change on reserve cities.
Bank of Grand Chain.
t -
First NationaljBank of Mound City,
First National Bank of Ullin.
First State Bank of Mound City.
First State Bank of Mounds.
. i - i i t i i i a i)
& Q U U EI
wnich in his opinion interprets re- rrnfPS onr jnS- n s faithful and
v.aled Truth In harmony with hlK,j.,K, t(, f0rRVe us our sins and to
views. c.ecia1l.v bo If he i-hall have fiofliise us from all unrighteousness."
made a careful, prayerful, rt i
.-ten I
vour t.raver and mine ahouldl
tious effort to find oet wnat t.iy or "Forgive us our trespasses as
t"n Church holds to the truth as hewe forgive those who trespass against
eon honestly se it. I ne c nun n is Nofl c hurch member, you ran
the way Into Go.l's V.insdoni To nil a,i,i(.e no valid reason why you are
who at out of the Church, we would 0,lt of tIl church: too all of voi r
say. -Cease to do eci. learn to do 0,i.vtions comes the calm replv of
i.np,t aniMrnlte actively with om'thf niaster. "What is that to thee?
beam h of the Church where vou can ',, ,,,. tho1 mo JV) not n,isurider.
be at home,' thereby working hoping . .p Rn, ot ailoocizinf? for
and praing (or Gods will to be done,,.,,, nor co,t)ninK t. neither are we
on earth as in heaven-" endeavoring to establish a belief that
To this advice om will reply, "but ;. mst sinaa followers of Chri,t
-there are o many hypocrite in thejTh,. chur.n.nlPni)Pr. ,,,Mise.llv a
C hurch." If by "hypocrites" you , christian, ouaht to - keep himself uu-n.-n
th.-e who are not jet i-rf. ct. ' K,;,t frolI1 lne world." Let him
who commit sins, make mistakes. Ilf,mf)(.r lf hf. ,(Kg con,mit wrongs,
then yon wil! n"ver become a member .h,. hp ha .,. , Hte with Christ
Jesus: let him pray, in faith for par
don. The non Christian sins and asks
ne pardon: the true Churc tt-niiiher
non-tim-s sins and grievously and
ak forgiveness, and receives it: this
is the difference lietween the two.
Many lives, seemingly, hate iKcn
f;.i'urrs as the world jjndeis: they
left tin estate, no tncmt tiers, no
"prominent" acquaintance friends
I" n't the word to nsi. As God saw
th'-m, they were mt "faihres." but
i tnrs. Public opinion at lvc-t i
cften a fa!s thermometer si far as
its registry of mot al-spiritual worth:
the world's encomiums are a "sound
int bra?." No matter as to the !m!
t,nn otheis ruay take, or their prac
tices. In regard to the Church and
onr duty towards it, Hrsona!!y each
ere h"ii!d that he is firmly
auchcrd to the etei-pa! Roek of
Will allow $5.25 in merchan
dise for every $5 Cairo Clear
ing House Certificate,
r.ft escape punishment at te hands
of God. "Where is thy brother?",
asked the Almighty of Cain: and
thus we see the purpose of G".i that
no gtilty man shall escape? I
Hehind the counter stands the Devil ,
who instigated the crime and who
now mocks the murderer as he points
to the nlstol. the evidence of his gul't,
and by the side of t;e criminal walks
the skeleton of conscience, and wio
will lie under his -ot, and tand be
hind his door the balance of his life.
This is the fate of the murderer; anil
though he may escape from the law
of man, yet he cannot get away from
God and conscience, himself nor the
Devil. Conscience may sometimes" or
fot awl. lie be dead; but even then
there is a silent, sullen and Inert
sense of despair wliich settles down
upon the blood-stained and ruined
soul. There may be no pr"; ':it or
pt ignant regret, but there Is' no hoe
and no peace. The darkness and
dread of midnight lowers forever uion
the dead heart, even when conscience
ceases to throb through its blood for
a season. Often the murderer can
sleep soundly after his crime, but it
it the sleep of death, "lie sure your
sin will find you out," If conscp-nce
has to wring the confession from
jour lips; and thus thousands of
n urden-rs have brought themselves
to Judgment.
A tain the criminal bent on r ii
often convicts himself bj- the rerk
lexsness of his conduct. Men pur
suing evil become blinded by dcsjic ra
tion or infatuation: and a short c i
rcer of successful evasion of on en
ablca vice or crime so that it be
conies an easj- prey to detection. Sin
without method U r.iadness in a mul
titude of ca.ios. Cautions fit the sta'l
grows darinc and reckless iv
- i i ii
Whose follower must love it to ex
cel in it and into 'which he must put
7 something of himself, his feeling
& fev his personality his ideals We love l
'i dawn to dusk No one pursues their
work Tftith keener zest and zeal than
Ttie pursue ours Whats the logical
result he finest tailoring true
skill can produce.
rvvr- p
kl D
b) baking your girments tailored to your indiviluxl m-.tsure. N 'thing can tike
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SUITS $30 to $50. O VERCOA TS $35 to $60
are-es, ae. sometimes vice pri l cri to
ere so infatuating as to become earv
les of eosure. Thoi sa'ii.s hn
they come to themselves by detection
or reformation wonder and shudder a'
their inadvertency and reck!e-isi s
It is only he coed headed and roTd
biooded villain hi s-h'-vb ti-cif
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