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Iut)iihd mm.
f aMIlhad Dally and Bandar by th Bulletin
bwuimny M 7H UB oueei. rnone
CsfeMt-lption RMw fcy MaN.
UTeriablj Oah lu AdTanoe.
Out imr. Daily hJImiIb
SubMrlptlo HatM hy Carrier.
r carrier In Oalro.. .............Mo a month
T . ......... I AlLn . ......if I.
by earner, uuiaiue ui w ,...-
Notice to iubaorlfcafa,
flubierlbsn will oonfar a (amr br reportint
to offlee any luck of prompt dllTry oh
the part ef wrier. :; ;: - -
; Itntered at tbe Oalro Poetofflce aa lacoDd-elaM
Mail Matter.
, Average number of complete and
perfect copit'H of the Cairo Hul
Mln printed daily and Sunday
during the year. J90"
Average number of complete and
perfect copt'ls of the Cairo Bui
the keen political observers that many
votes would be transferred to the Re
publican column
Probably more Interest was felt in
the mayoralty context In Cleveland
than In any of the election of the
day. ThlH partook Hoinewluit of na
tional significance from the fact that
ConirreHUiuuu Buiiun, who Ik chair
man of the rivers and harbors com
mitten, had the moral support of
President Roosevelt, and his eaitilt-
lecy wan Indirectly identified with
the Taft, presidential boom In Ohio.
t Iva'i widely believed that this back
ing would cut down the size of John
son's vote, and it did have consider
able effect, but the Democratic eandl-
late was re-elected by a considerable
majority, overcoming the indirect In
fluence of the president. The result
of the election in Cleveland will- be
regarded as a net -back to Secretary
It's strength in Ohio no far aa the
2023 'prenldental nominatln is concerned.
, Gratifying features of the elections
!(n Salt Luk City and San Francisco
were the nverwhelmliiK victory
Itniifh tati& Amur
Hntljtug Ulut a 3Mr
Former Commander New York SUte Militia.
I.U it'lntul ilnll v n tit I Riinihv
.,....,.J .th nf rvt.il.er !" anti-Mormons in the former, an
.11... wt, i.." . r,,,, ,
nAftt Lie'- IflllUIMil III I.-" lllt' I itl.iu
i good government forces in tne latter.
J 907
October Circulation.
2110 JC
20. .
. 23.10
The above Is a correct statement of
the number of complete and perfect
copies of the Cairo Bulletin printed
for the year 190C and for the month
of October, 1907.
Business Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this first day of November, 1907.
(SEAL) Notary Public.
1 793-
The Bulletin la on tale at tht fol
lowing placet:
Coleman's, 214, Eighth street.
Hallfday Houae Newa Stand.
Walker', 101 Sixth street.
Blue Front Restaurant
It is not altogether a satisfactory
commentary that, with so-cft'led pro
hibition in force in all but four or
five counties In Kentucky, that noble
,hlnte is overrun with , crime, and
'crime of the violent sort, too, arson
pnd murder. Commenting upon this
Blato of things the Courier-Journal of
Wednesday says editorially: '
"How long are time-serving author
ities going to allow anarchy and an
rrchiats to interfere with the natural
liberty and legal rights of Kentuck
Inns? ."How long are they to permit the
tobacco planters of the state to be
without the protection of a govern
ment organized for the protection of
all citizens?
"When are they going to give proof
that this is a State and not a mere
loose-jointed region of barbarism?
"Every day recently has brought
1(!2n The Pilgrims came In sight of
land afttr a voyage- of sixty
three, days. v
-Baron Viomeil. second in com
iiand of the French forces In
ithe American Revolution, died
in Paris. Born Nov. 30, 1728
-First newspaper issued In Ohio,
called "Sentinel of the North
west Territory," and published
at Cincinnati.
Asa Mahan, first president ot
Oberlin College, born. Died
April 4, 1889.
1830 Political panic in England, re
.suiting in the downfall of. tht
Willingtun ministry.
1 S.17 Failure of the Western Bank ui
1872 Bi ginulng of the great Bostoi.
1 SMI Free mail delivery extended t
all cities in the Cnited State
having 5,noO inhabitants.
Extradition treaty between the
railed States and Norway rat
British vlstory at 1-idysmith.
John Temple Craves, the well
known Southern journalist and orato!
who has decided to leave Atlanta fe.i
the wider field offered by New York
journalism, was born in Abbeville
county, South Carolina, November J.
1830. He conies of distinguished an
cestry. His father was Gen, '.Junior
Porterfleld and his grandfather ou hi-
mother's side was the eldest brothm
of John C. Calhoun. After graduat
ing from the university of Georgia
Mr. Graves began newspaper work
and has since filled the highest edi
toriul jKisitions on leading papers of
Jacksonville, Atlanta and other cities
in his section. He has delivered ora
tions on various occasions In many
sections of the country anil is consid
ered a leader ot the progressive and
patriotic sentiment In the South.
"Why didn't I learn to ride, and
why wasn't 1 brought up on a ranch
or a farm, or somewhere?" mourned
Hatty Townsend. '
Helen llarttland, daughter of tha
great rancher, Cyrus iMarsiand. had
come from her home in Big Timber,
Vll army in America is nothing but a fake. The sham which
protends that the United States army is ellicient is kept
up by the higher officers, who would be loth to face a wieiiUic Ariz., just a week before to visit her
inquiry into their own iinulifii'atioiw which would endanger liut- Site had taken tho young men
their pay and perquisite. Xo intelligent captain or lieu- j She W1JS undeniably attractive. Pa
tenant can he found in our army to defend the existing system. ' tito, vivacious, sunny tempered, with
Why, I have sometimes seen a parade where only three a,ul great masses of gold.
, ,. , ,, . . . en hair and dare-devil light lu hr
regular wildiers to a company were prewnt. Parade drill, lor . ,,inu.kang grav wye8j ghe wa3 a wom.
that matter, is absolutely valueless in training soldiers for ; an to be desired. She dressed tast-
war. All that nonsense gwu by the board when men are;" wd modlshly and possessed that
' ... ; savior faire which made her at home
out on a real campaign, ln the beat society.. Moreover, there
j " " j was about her a certain poise that
! Eiding, shooting, marching are the main' things which ought to 1 ; luigj,t almost be called a "swagger,"
taught thoroughly. Shooting at a target, too, is useless. The French ami ', and a tinaffectednesa that came
German armies are beginning to recognise these points. j "xau chb0ttndk'S8 . ,,,a"ja,f
, I "Oh, how I love to see a man that
It is not true patriotism to hide the fact that our army is in a state ' can St a horse we," 8ne had exclaim-
of inefficiency. It is rather the duty ot a patriot to point out the shams : d on the occasion of the first visit
. ... , , . , i i of Townsend to her and when that
uioux servafi, especially since critics are already iivva re of them. youn8 maa was alreadv hooelessly
in love with her. She had described
the bronco "busting" scenes to him.
Townsend couldn't ride at all, and
saw the death of his hopes right
The next day he saw her riding
with Griscom, and his heart was torn
with anger and, though he didn't real
ize it, jealousy. He began taking rid
ing lessons. But one cannot becomo
a good horseman in a day, and mean
time he saw her almost daily with
Groscotn. Griscom could ride, but
that was about all he could do. And
on this fact Towsend fastened his
hopes. He believed tho girl liked
yniat h wanted is an appropriation of $120,000,000 to establish
a strong, permanent army, well trained according to the most modern
methods known to military science and with officers schooled as highly as
any nation's are. The American army is far behind the armies of the
Continent in such matters as the utilization of automobiles for com
missariat purposes.
St. Louis,
"Tis not the. maid well groomed and
Tho maiil with merry eye.
Who fills the worl.l with woeful care
For men like you and I.
fresh accounts of lawless depreda
.Ions against men who. in minding Tjs M' th1 gayMlt of the gay
ineir uwit uutiiueHH lu uieir uwu wnj,
ns they are supfoset to have every
right to do, have aroused the resent
ment of others who desire that it ba
minded differently. The burning of
two dwellings in Trigg county, as
described In a dispatch from Hopkins
vlile yesterday, could be exceeded In
MitragaoiiHiiesg only by murder. In
the zones of anarchy no man's soul
fi-nis to- be granted to be his own.
"It Ij not possible for a State to
resent a sorrier picture than Ken
tucky has done in Its failure to lift a
Lend to protect its citizens from this
terrorism and incendiarism , and to
pi nish those guilty of such lawless
ness." ;
At party, ball or show,
Who make life seem a fun'ral day
For all mankind O, no!
All thanks to her with laughing eye
And ruby tinted lips.
Who,, at our elbow lingers nigh
And .f love's nectar sips,
Tis not the polly girl, I claim.
The one with saucy wink.
1 a just the over-proper dame
That drives the men to drink.
From the November liohctnlali
Terre Haute. Ind., Nov. 8. Yegg
men blew open the safe at the post
effice at Hume, ill., early this morn
ing, but were frightened away by eiti
ens before getting the contents.
However, they held the citizens at
buy with revolvers in making their
In the elections Tuesday in a num
fcer of states less interest was mani
fested than for several years. This
wan due to two things; that the atten
tion of he country Is largely fixed
upon the. financial itution. and that
few of the canU&i partook 5f any
national significance Most, of the
elerti'tcs commanded only local, Inter
est, and in a, number of tbem only
kcal'lssues were involved.
TheRepubllcjuis had things their
own way In MasBaehmetts.whcre an
entire Republican ticket was elected.
headNl by Governor Curtis Guild. Jr.
ThU was not surprising. Inded. it
wan conceded some time ago when
the Democratic party in that state be
came badly snlit
In New Vork wherp the fight was
between Tammany and the fusionists,
made up of the Independence league
Republican candidate?, the Democrats
won by considerable majorities. They
carried nearly everything in th' city.
Heavy Democratic gains over the
h.t election were made In New Jer-f-ey,
many thousands of votes having
shifted from tbe Republicaa to the
Democratic column. Late returns In
ii irate that the Democrats carried
.varyun.i. giving taroiners a con- Chicago today and decided to bold a
si.teratiie plurality, liovernor nig-'
fins, Democrat, was re-elected in ;
Carml, 111., Nov. 8. Claiming rtiat
be' defrauded tho company of $l,4tio,
Illinois Central r.fflelals today caused
the arrest of Oils Bogard. agent at
Grayville. He was brought to this
city by Sheriff Grissom and held irt
uer f 1.000 lsind. His aceuseis say he
stmandere.l the money on a woman.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 8. Governor
Folk of Missouri was In Lincoln t
day a the guest of Mr. and Mre,- V.
S. Bryan. He left this evenin for
the east The statementvVa made
that Folk's visit was of a nocial na
ture and had no oiitical signifn aur.:
Chicago, No. 8. Flower growers
from all parts of the country met in
Xo achievement with
out a purpose. Merely
drifting along with the
stream, waiting for
something, means fail
ure. Where there "is a
will there is not always
a way, but often there
is. Daniel purposed in
his heart that he would
not defile himself. Daniel's noble purpose wan the guiding angel of
his life. It led him safely through the loin's den to become king be
cause his ideal was king at first. Moses had a purpose, and the possibility
of its achievement never left him, even through forty years of obscurity,
until at last he led the people through the sea, and up to the gateway
of the land of promise. : f
Xo achievement without enthusiasm." The people had a mind to
work. "I have half a mind to do it," is a common expression, but
what ha9 "half a mind" ever achieved? It never wrote a book, painted
'& picture, scaled a mountain, discovered a new world, won a battle or
built a wall. The spirit in which one works is all important. "Xo
wonder he failed in business," said his friend. "He starved his work, he
did not even put himself into it." The artisan, by putting this spirit of
enthusiasm into his "work is in reality an artist. A village cobbler may
manifest as much enthusiasm in his work as the village clergyman. In
shop, in store, in office, in home, in school, in church everywhere, en
thusiasm must accompany achievement.
In Which They Seek "Intelligent Re
adjustment' of An Accepted
Policy to Meet Changing
A circular letlor la being sent out
over the country by officials of .three
important organisations of the coun
try tit large, which, will receive gen
eral nttcnlion, as a plain business
proposition. U read as follows:
"Adivuale protection lo Amei it iiM
labor and industries is the established j
policy of tlil'4 country. It. is a noto-
riotts fact, neverthelosH;-- that existing J
cftstonw classifications, uh well aa
j;iles if duty, are sadly out of liiie
v KM eruditions now prevailing in th"
world of trade. Mauv of these, how-
Indigestion J
Hurried eating, ill chosen food,
over eating- any of these iiuliscie
tious frequently result in acute pains
and other uncomtortalde sansations
which are -wearing on the nerves
and temper.
For all ills of the stomach '
are specially valuable, as they act ,
amiO'i iinnicciiatciy on trie uiuu
yj sled food ami carry it out of the
stomach. These wondciful pills
combine certain vegetable ingredi ents
in exactly the right propoitions
to secure the best results, without
doing violence to the delicate liu
ir.ft' of the stomach,
Before the public for over half a
century, for indigestion aiul kindred
complaints, Bceeham's Tills
" Have
Wo Equal
Sold Everywhere.
lixc;, ice. auu 25c.
t w tt ho iv.i'ie fiW f;irt.
are in
clined to postpone as long as possible
the work of n nd.iu.-Intent for (V rea
son that tariff changes as hertofora
made have unsettled business. The
oueslion arises, therefore, is there no
v :iy ill which abuies cm !- coi reeled
our foreign trade safeguarded, and
jtistice served the consuming public,
without menacing the general jh'(,s-
'Three nr. -at national ctineiitioiiR
j of commercial and agricultural inter-
Miss Marsland delighted to ride the h 'sls- to wit : 1 no .National Keeipi-o-most
spirited horses tho livery af- t'i,,'r Convention, held at !liicago. in
forded. She laughed at Young Town- 1 11'5- the Coivisin Commerce Cotmm
sond when he expressed fear that she I'W :it VashIn:cion. U. C, in
inlEht set an nnmanaeeahte ono. - Rut t January,' l!t7, and the Annual O 11-
Calro, Alexander County,
Popu ation 16.W.
she was pleased, nevertheless, at his
concern for her.
Townsend had ridden into the coun
try one day. He had stopped still
and tried to dismount and rest under
a tree. He didn't like to ride, and
would cheerfully have given it up but
for the girl ia his mind that had spur
red him on.
ventioii of tho Na.is;nal Association
of Manufacturers, hid. I in N'.nv York
City In May, !!)(", have considered
this -matter and agreed unanimously
ir. calling upon congress to create a
permanent nonpartisan tariff coin
mission with semi-judicial functions-
such as the power to summon wit
nesses which shall make an un-
Msyor, GEOitGR I'AliSONH.
ClHfk, K. A. llATCTHH.
Treaaurer, THOMAS K. MAHON.'f
City A'tnieey, )?. M. MfilllilO.
Coniptrollor, KHVKT NOItPMAN.
Police Magistrate, A. J, ROS.?.
Chief of Police, M. S. RAO AN.
! Xo achicrement without 'prayer. Xchemiah began his great work
with prayer. When he and the people saw that their enemies conspired
to fight against Jerusalem and cause confusion, they made their prayer
unto God and set a watch day and night. Time spent in prayer is no
hiudrance to the best service. Andrew F.onar discovered himself work
ing more than he prayed, and at once set about to form the habit of
praying while he worked.
Xo achievement without courage. The soldier spirit enters into all
true sesrvice. Every one of these builders had his sword girded by his
side. 'Can you think of a greater soldier than the Apostle Paul? Had
he not been in every prison on the shores of the Mediterranean? Had he
not been stoned in Lystra, mobled in Ephesus and kicked through the
streets of Iconium? Were not crusts his bread, dungeons his home, rag?
his clothes, slaves and gladiators his companions and persecution and
exile his lot? What though the morrow promised naught but the exe
cutioner and his shining ax? Paul wrought on with the sword of the
BpLrit, saying: "Xone of these things move me," and at last wrote,
ul have finished my course with joy."
He heard a cry, and looking around, ; biased investigation of the operation
saw a horse coming galloping down 'of ocr customs duties, regulations and
the road In a cloud of luL The ant- , classifications, hear complaints, study
mal was plainly running away. As it 'domestic ami foreign market comlf
earue nearer he saw a girt in the sad- tioua, and report to tho executive and
die. . It was Helen Marsland. ito congress from time to time such
As she came nearer the young man modifications as in their judgment
saw the look of fright in her face, may safely and proper!- be made in
She had lost hold of the reins and 'the interests of the general welfare,
was clinging to the horn of the sad- "We seek not a reversal of a policy,
die. I but an intelligent readjustment of an
He didn't hesitate a moment It i'accepted policy to meet changing con
would be a pleasure to be killed try- ditions. The Tact that tlie protected
ing to save her, and immediately he industries of the country th -mselves,
was in pursuit. Slowly he drew near- as represented In t he National Asso
er though It seemed every instant the 'eiaticn of Manufacturers are eranest
animal would throw him. . He could j ly-supporting this proposition, reflects
almost touch the runaway. The girl I the general ..desire of business men
Alexander County, Population 22.467
County Clerk, JKSSfS VI MlLLKIl
Circuit Clerk, I.KK B. DAVIS.
Sheriff, FHANK E. DAVIS.
State's Attorney, ALKXANUr'h
County Superintendent of School!,
Assessor and Treasurer, FHKf) 11
Rhode Island, with Democratic gain
oyer the plurality last year.
Kentucky appears to have gonp R-publlf-an
electing Wilson for governor
by a majority of something like 10.-
TI.--- wan a warm content in that
ptRip, but tb result ws not in th
atare of a ferrpriic. a it was rot-
! 1 '-..rn time ago by a number gf
national flower show in this city, th-
first two week in November next
year. Cnarantee funds of JIO.Oim)
have already tx"en subscribed.
Oidiit 8peeifnn of Glacs.
In the British Moswim fs the o!dst
epeeimen of pure glass w!r b-rs
.any date. ThU is a lion's hi-ji. hav
ing cn it tbe name of an Egyptian
king of the eleventh dynast
Ammnt a ffiabyriutlt
uf (Eontrasts
Xo people is so rich
in inventions for rapid
ity of traffic as the Ameri
can, yet he miters with
patience in the busiest
streets holes in the pave
ments that are a nien
a.e to life and limb of
men and horses. Wall
street, a typical artery of
the materialistic world, ends at Broadway in the graveyard of Trinity
church! But the hundred of thousands who daily crowd the pave
ment between this cemetery and Wall street never notice the contrast
which strikes a stranger at first glance. 'I bis is comprehensible only if
we realize that this callousness to contrasts is related closely to a must
pronounced desire for the juporlative.
The highest building in the world, the quickest horse, the dearest
picture, the most costly jewels, the larg'-st library, and the richest man
in the world as a neighbor are the pride of the average American. But
there is a charm for him also in having FuiTered the most disastrous
earthquake, to have seen the most devastating conflagration, or to be
able to boast of some other event which, unpleasant as it n ay have
been, yet satisfied his desire of the superlative. ' I remember that a
citizen once showed rne tbe city hall in his town wliose architectural
charms chiefly were noticeable by their aWine, and proudly related
that more money had been stolen during its construction than in any
city hall in the world.
This land of contrasts could just as well J called a labyrinth of
contrasts. But who will give us the psychologic Ariadne's thread?
Above all things it is necessary to avoid suf-erfliial generalizations. This
Innd of contrasts is at tbe same time a land of individualism. Ilules
re lrokc:i .i often hy exception that it is always doubtful LUt ia
..! h is exception.
Snbacribe for the Bal'tla and g4, Friends of Ibm Bulletin r r-i
all tba news. Only 80c pr month tor i to and or tHepbrm Itro trt tW
. pr rj 4a; U ti (. tOtm.
swayed and fell toward him. With .
a great effort he reached ahead and j
caught her with one arm and lifted
her to bis own saddle. j
She had fainted. He brought his I
horse to a standstill, lifted her down
ana laia ner on tne green grass oy 1 uocld
the side of the road. He brought , Mjto
water in ins nat irom a oroos. una (
revived her. How pretty she looked 1
with her flushed cheeks on which the j
long dark lashes rested. "' "'
Her head was on his knee whhn j
she opened her eyes. She smiled at
him ruefully, and in that moment his I
paradise was complete, for he read f aher Kreat comnircial nation.;
her heart in her eyes. i f th(, wo,,, ,,,. v,aidiin these seb
"That cayuse was certainly a wild j(,,ts leads to the v-oiiclusli n that the
one," she said, and the slang word yuiu.,i states most call into its ner
on her dainty Hps, and her refined j vi(!(, in ,). neiir future the aid of a
tone, had an irresistibly charming ; M.j,., iSO(y (,f liu.n to enable us to
80un(l- lir,, f t iiitelliuent.lv the various per.
He laughed and helped, her to rise, j ,j)eXng questions arisiuR out of the
ir. neral munition of maximum ana
everywhere, regardless of party, to
f.ee the considerations of thpse (oies
j ions' removed as far as possible irom
the arena of politics. . It is believed
It hat a permanent commission of tlvs
sort to be named by the president
in de I'ot'.rse ff time demon
its value and win the c n
lidence of the peojue and 01 -i!ni;iess
to sii(;li a degree tiiat its findings and
1- eomnieiiiiiitioi.s bused upon broad
lit s-invss ct.csi.lerations, would be re
spected and as a r;.'iier:il rule np
"A study cf the methods under
She blushed at the admiration which
showed so plainly for his eyes. Then
she regained her self uossesslon.
"You are really an accomplished
horseman," she said.
"Helen," he said It was the first
time he had used her first name,
and she dropped her eyes, blushing.
"Helen", mayn't I ride beside you al
ways?" 8he struck the side of her buck
akin skirt with her riding whip fas
tened to her wrist. Then she looked
"Do you think you can keep up
with me?"
The young man's arms went around
the girl, and there on the quiet coun
try road, they felt the ecstasy of
their first kiss. Chicago Journal.
of our
Apartment Building Bird.
"Rirda build all manner of quer
nests." said a nature atudent. "but
the umbrette builds an apartment.
This bird is of the stork family. It
is only a little more than a foot
high, but Its nest is ! fet in diam
eten And tfjtS nest is very neatly di
vided into three chambers a nursery,
where the eggs are hatched and the
young reared; a dining-room, where
tbe family feeda, and a lookout rooru,
ulinbtiy elevated, whence the air !
taken and the view admired."
Beautiful Thought.
Somewhere before the benediction
of the marriage ceremony might well
be Inserted Arnif-1 a beautifully ra-dent-ed
words to women facing their
great life work: "Never tire, never
grow cold; to be patient, sympathetic,
tender; to look for the budding flow
er and tbe opening heart; to hope al
ways, like God to love always Uiia
is duty." Exchange.
Vuch Coal in Chroa.
It is believed that in China there are
i'O times as much coal as is all o
ro,te. . '.
nd'iiimutn tariffs by severnl
rtronfcut competitors f
in,' .
' it '. ; t.M "1nt Hi:' tarl.T will h'
revised niter the next piesidenthtl
eb'tion. This would be in l!Wfi. The
iir,t revision mest be fre from graft
Pom -::t and rciiKunaljle; based . r pun
ttitl flirts. It will require not less
than two jtnr.i d careful ftiidy and
it. v Ktbr.it i n to determine as to what
tariff (baiiR'S rdionld be mieh'. if.
therefore tevifioll Is to be aprouell'd
iii 1 ::!!. it is of the !iit;!n: t lmMrt
nnce that the intejveuin? time be
utilized wisely. If siieh inrjuiry is not
utithotizftd nt the corning sesb.n of
it !i?r, :-F.. it will men.1 tluit actual re
vision will n.t be r.aehed until 19M
tir 19U. Mrnlin. vf losing
trade iibread, and ar bti'ig Impoicd
epon at home by reasoii of the opera
tioa of 'he "billing 'i,w- W( T
sportively Mibnilt thercfoie that
-cry const delation jf wisdom and
M ijdetve PUKt ' t ls 'be creation bv the
IrcoTing confess f f a permanent
ttiiiff commission as rect,i:iicnde. by
the thi.e nnK.rtant conventions first
p.lKive m ntif ned."
K siteetively ;ubiiiitt'' I.
(p-iir.nan N'aipnal Assixdathn of
Xlauuf.e tti'n.
C'l:airn:an National Poreien ('un-
rc.erce Convention.
Chairman American Reciprocal Tariff
Ingue. .
Board of County Commissioners
J. J. JE.VNELLTC. Chairman.
MELT I.tSB cars doe to lve Swon.l 8t. go
ing north on Uouiniorcia) A,, Tl-y IB uiin
nli from 6 . m. t II p. m-
(ltilt.fr north on Walnut St. erery 15 Dilnntel
trom 8:08 ra. to I0:.W p. m.
1'OHl.AK HT. LINS Holbronk Are, nt in
to l?av Hocoie Mt kHii npnh ou Bolbrank
Ave., ftt, 5:67; 27; 6:12; 6:67; 7:11 a. in. nd 01
?Hme ui inn tea every boar a 11 til 10:42 and 11:11
p. to.
Ooinweton TweDty.KIghth St. at B:4'lj
:1; 8:34; 8:49; and 7:Ot a. m.acdon ainmlu
ntrs every hour until 10:34 and 11:04 p. ra.
Poplar St. cars doe to pan St.- Mry' pa. k
minute aft' lea)D!t Sfoond fit.
BKI.T LI N K OWL CR4 north on Walnot
!1:S0 p. m. l'2:S4a.m.; 1 :80 a. m.; 2:80 a. m.
J SO a. ra.; 4 ;i0 a. tn.; 5 JO a. in.
North on Commercial l'i:oO P- m. ; l:ro
to. 2:00 a. hi. S OU a. 10. 4:1)0 a. in. 6 a. m.
lt and Owl ears are drie to imu W?
Thirty -fourth St. l& mluuto after lewfiug
Seoood. t.
T-i For Drunkerir.MS. 0f.iu;t
i t&gfrQ is&r m"'uM .t
W nd ficurj'.tllf.r::
Office 707 Commercial. Avar.a.
J Gsnncri Phone 71.
1006 Commercial Ave.
Cairo, Illinois.
fr due in a lars nta-Mro to nb cf
ihe bowels, by cm!l"1ng drastic pur
S tiKS. To av-i! all d-'tiL.r r.-
mi!- in-. Kic' N- w Life Tills, the
...,.e. g t!e cl t;e - Hid i-l
tr rs. .arantv.! to cure hi -a dach
lilirtosncs. tnalsria and Jaundice, at
ail dt tig stores ZjC.
will find by inquiry that in the
schools their children attend, Web
sf r's is tho Dictionary by which
they are trained, and that their
schfydb xik s ro:;i'om to this same
autiifrity. In it not best to have
the same Dictionary in the hornet
Tbe cor.s-tr.ntly wicreasinjr Rale of
Webster's Internationa! Dictionary
proves that parents are wisely fol
lowing the :Lv.-.-e s.if;:ef tion.
K. LymiB I-blclt. i.D..T .1 O r c.f The
ui... n: .H ij-r tin flwuyii U-cn
1 li (urnrhc- in our !.,! In .Ul. and I hav
wn no rrHMfi !.itrai'.er my alleioan
to any d lti,1 coTnit'',,!. i-h. ' 0
Tho New and I'luufrcl Edition
has 2380 quarto pngts with 6WK)
illustrations. It has 25,000 new
words anl phraKa, also a new Gaz
etteir of the World and a new
iiiopraphical Dictionary, til I""eD
T. Harris. 1'h.D.. ! L.D.. U. S.
Commissioner of Education.
Ita appendix v,t!h dc-artmcnts
of Biofcraphv, GcoKraphy. Fictkm,
etc., is a packed storehouse of valu
able information.
Hiiri A VHnJf wa iri-nn to tbe JntT
natMHtai. mt ttie WirW Fair, SI. 1mim.
Oitr tismf ion thkNprriirr,t fienf nP
t ttiiifieiitic UM-tMrietrf- v4 ibt- WlI-r
FREE- A Tet ia 1rouaBrtion,w in-
i Ht lff! 4 f'tft'i.fiJf
r th1 hii) f.imiij. Aim
pusLraHcna '
EfeiMOFiEl.D. M,

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