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Cl iSaaaSSSasaaasaaaaaaas , ,', 'I (foundation of their characters. Death tTt'i iVi'i i"i i rtea'..-'-'-'-'--'-'-'-'-' r
' V . W fc. di 1 ..... . ... IA ' 'TTTTTTTT yAAAAAAAA A A ....... . . . I
' . .'i -f vS . su-'kcb ino srnnnrjiijig nn.t the strap. I . . , -'wwo. i
I?! B;-' :; it. i' ; '.- A tu re totters. Poor . Indeed Is tho man "
'A tC' 1 rr t 4 si -1 1 I " 1,0 11,13 miilnK theWnrfoiding.
lA Ml 1 1 llyl' I I II r1 II I I Pi I p,it to th" "ln hohi)H bunded wen,
4ji "lit I M llwl. I hi .lonlli-dny J the '.real birthday or o '
ForThree SATURDAY Positively
MONDAY ' V. -Only.
W offer you, without restrictions,
you ever dame Wrbss at this sea
son of the year:
Overcoats at - $6.67
. Oiir'$r2-50bvercoats' at - 8 33
Our $15.00 Overcoats at - 1 0 !00
Our $20.00 Overcoats: at, - , 1 3.34
A reduction of 33 ic on each dollar.
We are not making this extraordinary
Offer on account of the money string
ency, no indeed, our goods? have long
been paid for, it is the unfavorable
weather that has left us with an
overabundance of Overcoats which
we prefer to hand out to you at less
than cost rather than take chances
of carrying them over.
The Eulorfes.
The eulogies of t!l three who ilur
Int? the past year int. this mortal coll
wore deeply JtnpreHHfyc hrlnginK Into
expresKion the , peraonial aortow felt
by the order and all the friends -of
the decedents. ,'
Prof. T. C. Cleml(D(n. recounted the
Rood traits of Albert T. Osgood who
died May It, 19i7, in the thirty
eighth year of hi ase. None of the
sentiments expressed were exag
gerated for all who knew the depart
ed recognized the truth iu , the de
scription of the decedent's loveablb
traits. Singularly enough Albert 0
Kood and William E. Smith both of
whom were honored in 'memory by
this service were boyhood friends to
gether in Eau Claire, Wis., and their
ll'-es closed but ten ' days apart.
IIon.'Keed'Green, 'whose powers of
oratory have long been recognized
Pud appreciated was heard for the
first time in several years outside the
court room. His eulogy of William
,Vl Smith or "Billy" as' he was affec
tionately known to his friends was
told from the knowledge of one who
knew the excellent (itallties of mind
and heart of his subject by chise per
sonal association and the' friends of
the decedent ' were touched to tears
by tho remembrance of the character
istics that made him dear to him.
The tribute to the departed was such
mm would be wished by his - devoted
and loving family and could they have
heard it, the wordd would have been
a balm to their sorrow. ,'-
Henry Gilhofer eulogized his boy
hood friend in a tender,: impressive
way . which evinced a" heart-felt sor
row. Tlie kindly, peaceful disposition
of Frank Gossniau whose lifo closed
only a, few weeks' ago in the earlv
lay of -manhood, was told of in a
manner lliat touched all hearts. It
was a most tilting office performed in
a beautiful way, 'was the tribute paid
(o the decedent by Air.' 'Gilhofer,
The ' Music'
No less beautiful ! and impressive
than the oratory of th's ''occasion' was :
the music. Mayor George 'Parsons' In j
Hie' rush of his multifarious" ' duties
prepared tho musical . program and
rehearsed tho quartette composed rtf
ATi-S. W. I. Holt, Miss Una Wood
ward, Messrs. B. It. Thlstlewood and
C S. Bourfiue. their voices blended
perfectly anil tho numbers were most
appropriately chosen. Mr. O. N.
Buchanan sang "Here's To Our Ab
sent Brothers," in his pleasing man
lier. ,
The invocation was pronounced by
Rev. C. H, Armstrong pastor of Tm
manuel Lutheran church,
I '.
tlj! .
Bracing, food for steady
Nutritive food for heal
thy appetites
Strengthening food for
sturdy muscles
The "most nourishing
wheat food
" t - - ....
Oneeda Biscuit
trf In moisture and
vV dust proof packages. .
will bring happiness. She must, either
obey God'iit her marriage or refuse t
marry at alt. She is not reeuired lo
marry a man she doesS not love; sh
.... l 1 ..I . , 1 1
biiiijii.v loniiMueu ro marry a man
Hie docs not reverence and is? not
vinmg to oney in the 1m. "With
ti.at one restriction she can consult.
her own wishes. The ideal mania
is when the wile reveres, loves and
v.ill cheerfully obey in the Uud her
husband. That is the lot 1 hope God
will ftlve to every maiden before me.
to marry without reverence is for
bidden to woman, no matter what
her motive is. One may love very
passionately, for a while a bad char
acter, whether the badness consist in
and the vice or l'ettv meanness, but when the
Impressive Memorial Services at Opera House
Rev. S. R. Maxwell; of St. Louis, Elo- ,
quent Orator of the Day
The memory of (ho deceased iu iii
bers of Cairo Lodge No. (;r! was
never mow beautifully honored than
.'esterda.v When the unnuul' memorial
exercises were held at the opera
house before an audience that filled
the house
The lidkn were' especially fortunate
in the choise of their orators and the
i i me cnoite or ineir orator? aud tn(
result was a memorial which it is to
be regretted, could not have been at
tended b; the far 'distant friends or
those who have passed to the Other
Side, so beliitlng was the spoken
word and I lie song to this solemn ami
sacred occasion.
M Maxwell's Address.
The nif-iiioi iiil address of the Rev.
S, A. Mavwell ef St. I.iuis. was a
lliastcrlv i.ne In elciip'eut sentiment
and iiowi iful ileliver.v. Those who
heard liini were' Indeed fortunate and
tb(se ho failed to attend G e exer
I ises inise, one of the mddest lira
tioim I'lcr delivered here or 1 -Vi
here, hi iiHi t be said :
a manf" l.ifkd by the majestic power
of love John B. Goff becailie a great
power,, for. the world's good. Ixive
accomplished what the law failed
to do.
The order of Elks. Is based on loVe
and, it will stand as long as God lives.
The great spirit of humanity teaches
u& id write uie laiiings or our
brothers on the sand and let the
great ocean of love springing from
our hearts wipe it out.
In the pictures of the great Alex
ander, the artist portrays him with
ne of bis fingers hiding a scar on his
face. Love puts bis linger over th--
scar of his brother.
Lovr the Mightiest Power.
Socalled sin Is simid.v the fault
of a creature- en (lie wav to greate
achievement. Iive is Hie" nrighties
IM.wer ol the universe. The intellect
U simply the uheids and the holts bill
h.e I" tho giant engine that drives il
He literature that persists, lhat
-' i:'.es. that holds, is ' the literatur
benediction by the Rev. W. T. Morris 'SKlon 8llaJ1 tiav'e Ient its wayward
pastor of the First M. E. church. Jtoiee an tne nest of the race shall
In Memoriam. team to tneir hitter sorrow that only
The deceased members of Cairo c wn,'" ,s rooted in reverence is
Lodge of Elks are as follows: turning. J no bitter conserpiences of
Joseph P. Robarts, Died October ,llsl'e':ll''-i of this law are not con
190'!. nncti to tne poor girl, who in the
John A. Haynes. Died February 25 , lnolRht.Iessiiess of her youth, and un
19-14.. "or ",0 teaching of what she has
Ernest W. Rees, died November lit !,'lrf, a'l'l read, marries a man be
i!n. . cause she loves , him, with littli
Hepry Bernstein, died Julv 2S. -19()5 tll0"Sht of character. Alas! the sins
John P. Mockler, died August 17 j''alnst tllls biw are also visjte.l upon
i:in.3. mini an. 1 lorrtn generations. Not
..,.i, .1 41.- , . ....
' . uut.-a mi' Dime, teacn mat a
woman reverence her husband, an.
have but 0110 husband, and he om
wife, but pati-'lit plodding scienci
AlbiM-t T. Osgood, died May 1 1, 1907 w""08' ,vl(h i"lerlous voice to say
William E. Smitli, died May 23. ,Ilat H 1 "tily this way that the goal
01 nunian nappmess can he reached.
The monogamous family is the foun
dation stone upon .which rest our
social and civic fabric. We speak of
patriotism. Hut there is no patriot
ism where there is 110 hearthstone,
ratriotism in its last analysis is love
01 noine. .o man ever seized n stint
Vi soule.l :n it? Tnat I -i lli I'rieiidii
fellow un 1. and o h"r jj;,.
''eiindal !', 1 h i wiiicli ,-
left Safur-
llli'lded, -.v,
ti God, ir
Who !'i ii.f
faith in ;::-i can re- Tlr.it ,.i,.-i..t l," U e Jacksonville, HI., where she
at. -I 'liurf'v wMcli. ah - ha-i a , 'ill accept a position In the Insane
demand, f.u.'ii he as starves:-: U !iim
is he ditmai'ds in ite.-; and. tnat brav
ery ' which i)ii:iils n il befoi" - danger lil'KiifsH Saturday,
:,'. heed 'wither mil s sne r-, n r h- K. Lewis of Valley Iteclu.se, wai
H eir thre i'f The.',-! irj wlrt" won,- ip t:)W Saturday,
en reverence in men an 1 these our "'- ". -la of Mounds, wan n ,.nnrf ju ,,m m nn
Walter Dishingcr was In Mounds on
.(j. .
J he Villaze
Hfro wa -)rrfct' Overgrown BU
RKrriard puppy. JH cot w ramted
tind Khort about th body, but on hU
nerk it. had filled out.tnor and ther
Was tuft of air t tho end of hi
tail. In olor"he 'ira'i "tawny jal-
low. ';-.- f ;-;--'" ;';;,'':,,, 'X ii;i'
rner'o wacUoV rtShnarkiblia In th
amount of intelllienrtVe-displayed. ,
H had an lmmen ciirlonlty, how
ever, that brought him a great repa
tation. , "; '"; .-'- . '..- ' -Xot
having a 'little master in hit
home, he had made friends with a
boy who lived at the other end of
the small Cape Cod . vlllane., The
village night grew,, tame , for' Hero
when this boy waa at school or away
from the town. 8a he pften trotted ,
along ' the Aunty highway to th f
nelgUboring towns,, or, followed ib,,
sandy coast pat ha that led over tlej
hllK " - ' '.,.' 7
On one of these Jaunt he turned
Into , a path that led through a
rfowth of.Bcrub plne-a trail that
h? had hever, taken before Beyond ;
tM'f' Pines, n . hill overlooking1 ih
tlaV. f i 1 ernnn nt cnttiirna 1t s
co'ony or families from the-rlty.!- -v
. i.rrovioton wgn crawled daily
tkVough die wind, keeping them la
touch wish t oo ufslite world ntfd
the town below. Iu thiaj WBy,th
mail and (he day old papers repelled .
them.'v.. ;,.'v -'t::r'i.,-;.;.': -i '"'',''".-
.In one of these papers there had
appeared tbe notico of a lion , that
had broken looj from' a traveling
circus further up on the Cope, '
.-'pCow.lt happened at the very nio-' -ment
when Hero came In sight of the
cottages, a group of cottagers aatr Ip.
a' llt'le pavilion reading this , and
Wondering whether the lion could be
In the wood t near by.
. i Hero ambled joyously toward the
grOup, when suddenly one of thra
spied him. With a shriek! "There's .
that terrible lion now!" she 'rushed'
for the nearest, rottnue and stnmntcd
the door. '
The other, not so fortunate..-hud-died
In terror In (be pavlliou. Those
who could climbed to Us roof.
All the inmates' of the cotfHces
barred and bolted the doors, draw
down the hades and waltd In tor
nit for a iuiddeit Mpring through the
ttnproieeted glnns uirirfows. ,
The dog. siariled by the scream,
qufckriie-d his pace and disappeared t
over the fun her tilde of the ,hlll. Be- '
youths mtist, strivo to
4M,t Mound City shoper Saturday.
they are worthy to risk noble women
te become their wives,
There are other-things 'ipon which
1 have 110 time to dwsil. j
Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Bauer of
Mounds, were ' In town on business
SaUitda ,'.
the main rdad and followed Jt back
home. . , ,
After almost an hour bad elapsed.
a cottager cautiously emerged from
IS, H105.
Harney Co.by
1 !(;.
J. Wheeler, Died November
died February 22,
GoBsman, died October 27,
,t has heart ill if. The irre:itewt
'"'"'i '' 'il-arte,i' .in,l t':dr , ,,r i.. the one who sM-aks from
ears near no eulogy. 1 win address the soul the pathos of love1.
.... , l,,.- ,,,,, ;. , ;., C riJl ,. Js l,-,,,, (J,,, vfrV
Two thousand years ago si:ch a-i fr.-ee ;.:a: brought the universe Int r
a emuiage as thU would have ben , b ii.g for God is love and Irtve Is God.
nit ot tne ipiestion. men the world (Not only of Human love do I speak
as governeu ny torce. 1 ne words , but of the divine love. The linker.
Ineght by the great Nazarene makes
I Ms occasion ixissible. This order
I11 la:t because it Is built Uon the
iiilshtiet irineiiie in . the nuiverse
ind p.'raded-by it love. In ancient
hues Greek, Egyptian and Persian
diil'Sipln'i n ilelilu 'rated oil the iiim
leu. What is He Kiipi"iiie fori-e of
he tlHH ,'l-S"? .M (lot liil. t!er.
"re Hir-: Treat ra- t-K, the I l.-tieefl s. j
ire-t. and tie- H-mians, J re . i
1 t-n-- and Rome it Hie tpur-
is ui expression of (kjd s love. The
fields, the orchards, the, vineyard':,
men and women declare It.
In estimating a great man do not
pet a taif -line around bis brain. Some
ef the great.-M, si-ouiidrcls r the
world have had the bigg.t in!, I
h cts. M'ensinv him not by Ms 4'.'.tat
f"f have not runny if the ri best men
a -eiiri'd tie ir wealHi l.y tri Kerr.
hiianciv an, liko xr tuemurr
1 ' llil;ielc. The man n hn uprvoq
To Hie IJoiii.ti min i the -rld. wbi has ove in bia lem't
ill power-were thelfu- hnaianily hh e as for tl lm
:tat fentcrs.
etadution end
ICCMiie f,,n. They id'lte.! to , is the truly ureat I challenge ytr.t
neir crei ma. is. tm-ir nrmles. tn'ir t iid a virtue in man or woman that
nm as evidence of their not the la.t analysis of love.
-wcr. Bet with the Roman's: Religion is love expressing itself In
icantie organization, the empire f. il.'al' biniian telationships. If you taVe
hivere.1 by a mightier force. fv it j love net f life you take aay its
1 with he who relies iion bis oanjn.iufe whether yon take it out of the
ill for his streneth; be will liit i family or the lodae or soeb-tv. What
rcumttances thst will -msh him to have (u in the world without love?
le earth. ' might as well preach the world's
jlobn B. Goff. one of the world', funeral sermon if you eliminate it.
atchless orators, was saved by thej I saw a handsome structure fin
iwer of love. Wh'-n strong drink i.- h d but still surroundeil by the waf
ol nearly wntke.I liini. a no". I em I fdninz nn-cwirt in its building. Tli"
Frank I
The officers of the Elks seated on
the stage were Messrs. T, J. Prvor
P. H. Smyth, Charles Feuchter, J
YA. D. Bannister, Louis Block. James
II. Galllgan. Morris May, Herbert
Steinel, John Sullivan.
rows in the panpiette the other mem
hers of the order were seated
' ' - - - , ;
v ' Almond Meal, '
Nothing Is better than almond meal
to keep the skin smooth and white.
Use It in place of soap or rub on the
hands when almost dry.-'
Miss Grace Morrow of Sparta, who his door, plstoj In hand, prepared to
rescue the people in the pavilion. "
'lie was joined by another carry
ing a stove polter. Then other p
,1)1:8 held the K,altion as trimmer for
Mrs. Kate Robards, returned to her
, honi'i Sunday
f Mr, Ed Craig of Eyansville, ispent I pea red armed-'wlih table legt, ,arr
Thanksgiving with his parents, Mr. Mm? knives, rakes and ahovels.
and Mrs. D. G. Craig, and returned
le his home Saturday.
' ' A Good Diver.
The sperm whale can remain below
the surface for about 2) minute at a
time. Then it cornea" to the snil'aco
and breathes 50 or ti') times, taking
about 10 minute to do so. ts
j Marion Haukson visited frlonda st
Pul.'is!'' Thursday.
M.'. Ben Hargan of Valley Recluse,
transacted business In town Saturday,
U. p.. Pace of Uolloway, Ky., was
l i tc.vp on business Saturday
.Mr.), t'has. I.lvesay was among the
(air siuppeifi Saturday.
I Mrs. Will Smith and daughter, of
America,' was shepping in town Sat
1 M ' Tim Casey of Cairo, was
busliicsH caller here Saturday.
) C laude Johnson of Mounds,
As they grew braver, they made a
syiniatie search of the place, 'and
even penefttated a short distance Info
tKe woods 1 But the terrible "Kipg
of the Desotf," ns not to be found. .
Hero, aever laiew, of course, that
he hnt eaptnrerf a eumrucr colony,. .
btti meat of the folk on the Cap who .
knew him found It out and he be
came a great comhr hero.
mi. .. . . ' 1M0" Fll,la his mother, Mrs. Jas. W.
ivu-ic oejiuour 01 t,asi si. .lolinsi 1.
t tlllu tUn ,1... . 1 .
., Uaa ,;,- lII3 Bl.Wl 0j ,,,. ,,, ... , h . ,,,,,.
.... .v., v. ii..... OLi 11 r. . ill nsiwr ,............ 1 . ,. t . . . . .
, 1IMI1DIUM'II III 1 If weeK.
. hcijs, ifii louay iMun.iayi for her. Mrs i'..i v,.n..
. I - ... ... n. . .(i IQUV.1 4m-UITI,
Miss Kettle Armlti of America, was
shopping in town Saturday.
( apt. H. Bartleson of Olmste,
I O-tl.1 nr., I n'i.t ... A t 1
In tho middle ""i""."'""" " "01""-
11, noiise. 1 up ot Koine has
horn explained from a hundred stand
points, but the honest student of Ids
buy knows that her decline came
when licentiousness and drunkonneKM
Irove virtue froiii her homes.' Tlier
was a day when her soldiers were u.
Vincible; when tho sr-i'i-aiu of (lie
Roman eagle was echoed In- ft,,.
limit of iclor.v, mid that was th
time when the wh if o-rohoil vil
ki-oi pei-eiuai tire n.,,n tno altar ot
(Concluded from Sixth Fao.)
h!m. I want to say that, the state
inent mis never been denied bv the
I !,.... 1...... I... . rri M.. I. . .. .... ...
1.1.1.... 1 " " ouicers. I liere I esi.i, i lie lioiiiless of ( hastily. I'.nt
is nothing that a inpior .baler will (here lam- a .lav when the ,llv..rr.
not do or say. loimg ladies, walk laws were relaxed, there were im
.town Ohio street to 107 j,nd look enough Vesta viielns to wtM, n
ll,,A T.n, ...t.. 1..... t ... I A ...... .
.in. iiiui im,ni aim you win see a I ere. iincKcreii and went out. Satin
P'ctt're with the fa"es of Kfx men rnlian revels stifled the last tlowei..
upon it. Each one says, "We drink of modesty, a bloated image of lust
uie dick wniKKey. tan yen revere I stood on every snuare mid In v-,.r.
was sneppin-i In town Saturday.
Ibv ,. K. Freeman of Cairo, made
profehslonal calls here Saturday
3 I Ml'K l.'ll.vl,, I llflr,,', l, ..r
1. l.vl..o.u' 1.. . , . ' " .IIM.-IIL..,
, . , . o oamruay. was shopping in town aSturday
" w"" wiro. H. Haukson was
spent a few days with his daughter business Friday.
ai .viempjim, returned home Saturday.
His wife remained tor a short visit.
Maurice Tripp was tin
In Pulaski on
guest of
Mrs. J.din M.Cune Is in Cairo this
week on a'.c.Miiit. of.' the lllnisa of. her
r: t, . ;
1 said to I' im. "Mr. Goff. I HHiew it.
Von cn f-t HI hf a nmn."
Touched by a Viing band tt
Otd ef bj:- brrt bra. fiere
crt aa4 r.vt and -.di i ' I ill !
r. f la the saffii!ding was lorn
a-ea" a'.-t thre the trui-t nre t.Kt. i.i
f it strencth Slid hsitT. " Rome
Vim sro biiitdinc scaffobKnc all their
liv.3 md D'. vif lay a etont fur Ih?
a ymins; nian who would enter a
llmior saloon ? You know you can
rot. Should you simply love such a
fellow, then see how he will look
after he has ben drinking "Old Dlrk
Whiskey a few years. These are
the kind if fellows that are turned
-ut of that saloon. Any woman who
1 1 1 . . . . .
Mii,i ioi- mi. 11 i.Hihing iinile, as
tho--" l iclure.) M ii that. card. iuu:-t
have the iMomaeli if a miw m: .,f
irsbK. That i:s the produ.t nf tie-
;!iMill. IhiK at thi;,e lrf.r;. l,l.-i :
MM T'l" Bulletin iav ;,)i,,nr.
a 'if in alverti.tnr a budn...' r.. ,nv
ouiir mail who will iili at th.n.e dr-
nr.s ami flir'ii co in there and .irint
'Old Dick Vhiskc" is not v..irlhy to j
pleasure garden, family life withered
and died and the "proud mistress of
the seven hills" went down never to
Use again. .
onnnv: uown from St. Louis to
Cairo the other day a young lady on
Lie (" asled me to secure her a
ixisilion in om- (.f our large k(oitk.
ri ptie.l to In-r: "Young (adv. I would
r.tlnr have n.nj,. a.res of this
Uliiioi; t.nid with 3 ,.g 'H'.ifi mi It
and 1 he man I revrrenco mid hue to
III' the land a ..( r bn 'haiidman
-nltti a Itfitr. nra r.y. windiui; path,
le-eling d';--vii t' the f.priric, nhere tl,o
vat r r rcle- fr..n the Im. of e3,th I
Htdsllieg day and tii;;ht lo the whit..
m hi.h-s it i'i M'in-il i, n itli hollv
a.csoeiate ith any won, an who hicl-s entwine nt the inn,,.. ,.r ti.
values her future happim-vs. That ) l.cuse cud moMiing-glories blotii.iin'K
is a correct pit ture. young ladie. of, over n.e lowthar ked door, with latice
yonr future his-bnnd. if yrai marry j work nvc- tee wiidoWK si that Ih-"
n:en who visit tliat saktoii. That is Uen'.iubt would fall checkered toon
- t -v.' ?.. ..' .;
Followers of Cooper and His Novel Ideas Give
Reason for Their Belief in Him.
a picture every snloein kec"r should
hang in his windon. How lt.ng wii
it hang there to warn the young
women. It will not do for a girl to
say. -1 win be happier married to
this drunken tb-Pms nian whom I
the dim;, lei h,i!n In th era
011. Is !ikr eons- lth w
With a theory that human health g
dependent on the ntomach and with a
medicine which he aaya proves this
theory, X T. Coooer, a comparatively
young man. haa built op an immense
following during the past year.
t oopt r ba3 lsiud most of tho lead
nc rtfics of the country, and tn rarh
rlty ban amu sed a Ftnrm of d:;ruf.-Non
li"ul hi.-,. WUrtH and hla mHf. ln-
nhnvpr he has rone, twotde h-t-
Cali'l upon Mm br t-ns of thonoanil-;
end bis prenartien hai sold tn Im
Inrnpe TJnni-.
The ;-1e of tbh furdftn bus tiow
I i'-.id ever tb" e-ntlre rotintrr. and Is
rT"v H15 nor?BOU . ly rsrh tty. In rwj
er thia, the folloaln? stilcments from
"o of tha treat, nuieber of folio wen
vhieh he new has, arc of general In-
!!). Agnes Yr?tiliouer, of H2 St
Lonia Avenue, Chirac, hai the follow
In? to My 011 the subject of the Cooper
I-reoe rat ions: "For more than tn
rears 1 was broken down In bealth.
hue. than I woe M Im- iiiailied lo any tiimii n 1
irn ret.rcner. tir in retnaini-is n
marri d "" Iter o n f.t-ar.tir i. eo
f ,rn for dr-ob"jln5 flr-, and bo-
Mos she in sadly mistaken in think
itij that a marrij- BoMy lor lo'
' - ' I f-ntl I (I Win a anH 1 w
in summer ?ir. tbaa ,be fW usT 'yTU
n the t icft on earth, or i.n memory, until I could not remember
the onr of : i( h a store. j things from one day to another. I tad
'.T-at are Ji i;?.ii?!e' .vi i. 'i into eere pains end tramr In mr hnAv
i" nor in tn -n? T. ii.i. pet't --
and I would at times nee dark rpots
i i )."; ? . - ,ra- , - an
te-o Ith !t !,.
l! .it ftt-.tj ;t ncth ot , ev
is the fe ni.tion of iil -r't-i-'tr at. (
3l':Jfa!tv b-j i!'tii a ..;-
I Iu.Im.
oi ,ti e
(- , h
Coopefa remeilea. . I decided t "tire
tbem a trial, and 1 began to feel better
t once. After taking the medicine for
two weeks I can aay tbat I am a new
woman. I ran cat with enjoyment the
pains in my body ha0 j,.ft tn, and I
am htrengrr than I have been for
J i re. -
'I cannot, aay . rnntigli for Mr.
(oonrr'c rcmrdira. They are wonder
ful, for they ham dene everything
claimed for thrtn In iny '
Anobr statpmont by Mr W B
Jiienart. jo? . Madlsott Kt . f'blf'airo'
la M follow,: -1 bad sfom,fh'
troii).I for years, and anrnne ih. i.
amieted this way knows what aa awful
distressed felina; It causes. Many a
tiit,e I have felt that I would give moat
any price to be cared. II was by ac
cident that I kard of this m&a
Coopers remedies. I Immediately
made op my mind to buy a treatment
of him. I a.ed It for about two week,
and it Is Imponslbbj to tell tow aur
rood It has done me. I teej altogether
different I have more life ad energy
than I bare had for yeara. Tbta med
icine certainly does etlmalat in.)
strengthen the whole rystem. Tired
reefing- s9 Tk condition . th
i The Caretof Canaries,"'1 1 .
The first thing to consider tn look
ing after the comfort and happiness
of the canary Is its cage. Have' ne
large a on as possible Thl4 gives
spent I chi-nce for exercise, A good rase. Is
the small sized mocking bird's cm;.
which la about 23 Inches' lone and IS
Inches wide. Tho. ahhcn-c of paint
and .brass wire make. It more
healthy for a bird,' as the former
sometimes contains arsenic and the
latter become touched with verdi
gris, which is poisonous.
Next, the perches , should be of
proissr size, or rather, sli.es. The use
of different i?ed perches enables tho
bird to exercise all the mnsclesof the
feet, keeping them in healthy condi
tion. -Where .little scales upon the
bird's , feet and legs cause sorenea
and lameness. It la well to occasion
ally cover one of the perches with
vaseline, which will rub off on tho
bird's feet and soften them. -
:,rerches and cage must always be
kept' clean,' ahd the little Inmate
should be given a bathing dish of
dean water every day, leaving him
to choose his on time for bathing.
The cuttle hone should always ho
within reach fr sharpening the bill.
8and la another essential, cither put
on the floor of the cage or In a dish.
This Is eaten by the bird and helps
dlfceat the food. -
'For food a good quality of rcd
should be bought, using two-thirds
canary seed and one-third mixed
hemp, millet and rape seed. Occa
sionally add a ptach of lettuce seed.
Then vary the see-d diet with lettuce,
apple, celery, bread and milk, sugar,
hard-boiled eggs, red pepper a
onre In a while even a bit r.f fat b
enn. Gesse ta sfd and "plan'
atalk are lll.es ! good
1 ftlrds are rK ' MnMt h f'to
draught and shoo b , farL'i"v
guarded In, .ttiis yp-t;', . rirt yt
prf orto tll-tA' 'o rifl? "o: f
po1hlf.'il'.1ng, eior rrt H"ft
aa th V,yf ot!fr' t:"
aoeaW Cteafnt-es anf - ;W.f ffo
lonell?is when pnl oif a'r" w'!
out compan'fonS!ii of bV kd.
I was tinaMe to dolMema-li b'cnflrfir nailed a.r i
any work wbtvrr, as wr MrecEthf f1 e3I aa." - . 4
was faiJiBg. i fcd o arpttitc. aorl We wll Coor-r ri.brtr4 sit
I hd shout give, no bor- ef ,r.r record la a'l pen of Ut ce-a'nL
The Cne of It.
Say, pi? Ugaa Itfite""
again, wtit - w " " ' -
-now; bei, t;;
rnpted. to'd jot f e!.!n"! ?!-
aer any tuiwe i..'-. I et rvt
th. laau. ' Vari V.r " '
"1 J"et &s 4 j,4 1tJ-f". n v
joa doa"t atec tsj iv"j;.,i.4 '
It 5cl'r Itav-s! i
raue yr ctv
tionv tew ttt fTVas) u
ll to ww c?y te wra l-

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