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The Want Columns of the Bulletin are consulted by
hundreds of people every mornlag la search of real
estate bargains, articles for sale, lost or found, sit
uations wanted and vacant.
RATESa One Insertion, per word . . .01
Three Insertions, per word . .02 i
One Week, per word ,. . .03
One Month, per word . . . .13
No advertisement Inserted for less than 23c.
tatea for Classified Notices,
nsertion, per word .... .01
j Imertloni, per word .0J
Week,' per word
jnonth, pei" word ......... .15
advertisement Inserted for less
twenty-five cents.
RENT Furnished rooms for
!r more gentlemen. 310 Fourth
t RENT Good house, 7 rooms,
i, and bath, 828 Twenty-fourth
. Inquire at 2106 Poplar street.
best house for rent In the city.
;venth street, has 10 rooms and
tu and furnace. AH in best of
: Apply to Samuel White.
-Seven room house
barn two lots, 513
Apply 511 Washlng-
jath and
ith street
RENT Five room, cottage,
to A. J. Ross.
RENT Two story, 7-room
Twenty-seventh and Elm. Ap
S. Dewey, court house.
MS For light
oplar street.
1 . KENT Furnished rooms
it board. 415 Washington Ave.
Iter from sand dunes.
of Part of the Netherlands'
Drinking Supply. ,
supply of water for Amsterdam
le Hague 13 collected from sand
bordering on the sea. In the
' near Harlem,, where they have
;h of nearly v0 and a half miles,
Imimits arc 20 to 23feet above
level. The" quantity ot rain
is la esuniaieu ai k i.im-jnuiien
nnum. From Amsterdam the'
is collected In open .'canals,
are never excavated below .-pea
For The Hague it is collected"
neware pipes in a bed of shells
t a depth of 13 feet below sea
, Harlem is beginning to build
50 to i0 feet below sea level to
t water. As fresh water is found
rh depth under the dunes, while
later at the same depth In the
uliate neighborhood is salt, it is
,'lit that the hydraulic pressure of
junc water prevents sea impreg
n The water contains much iron
Jufion and for this reason, as well
t other reasons, is filtered at the
places mentioned before being
led into the mams. When the
Is collected In wells or pipes
irt he aerated before being fii-
of Young Girl Yitlds Good Finan
. cial Returns.
, ( 15-vear-o:d Caushter of a farm-
jlng on the shores of Chesapeak-
,wheii wild ducks are found in
rr numbers than anywhere else
ie United Siatcs. has proved her
k better hunter than any of the
jWho make a l-'vin? by it. She no
that at one spot hundreds , of
came ashore to eat the sorrel
She sot a pctl; of corn, soaked
r two tUy i whUky, and thtn
i:ht srat'ied it on the around.
father laiiph'-d at the idea, but
inched too soon. The next niorn
l l.rp number "f the durks iame
f fnf th prirrfl. but took the
, Inst'itd. Th result wss that
60 of thm wpt med so dmnk
tr,er orf tntily rsptured cn th
( or by a beat, and !h Ctrl mad
I? at one haul. Prtip Hurks
ldn t N fpmp'ed to berom
kards, but it Is certainty an easy
profitable way to gathT them
or the market. Tb wonder is
ie pec pie who cat them will also
ime hilarions?
Hourglasses for Pulpits,
ie SOminute ernion is a purely
tra Invention, as is proved by the
br of pulpit hourglasses that
still to be found in many old
Tb. In ih raster of St. Cafh
. i,Msae. th (ciio'wlng entT.
-6 Ihfi. occurs: ' Faid ter ta heir
that hsf ed ty the pilrlt, where
preacher ds4h matte a sermcir.
t t'O "ly Vnrw hew '.i onr fSre-
0000 00 OOOOQ
oo ooooooooo
VOTi nKWT lirlck cottage, 327
Ti-..i I J... I. .... . . 1 T T
Twentieth stroot. nenti
$20.H0 per month. . ; j
two story, brick residence, with bath:
centrally located. Address 338 Bul
letin office.
FOR KENT A suite of 4-rooms,
suitable for a physician's office. Good
location. M. J. Howley, Real Estate
Stock of Mens' and Youths' cloth
ing, bats, caps boots, shoes habadash
cry, etc. Also store furniture and fix
tures. Sale at Ava, Illinois, Decem
ber Ith. at 2:00 p. m. New stock.
late styk-s, celan mid up-to-date, All
must no. Promises to be the bargain
bankrupt sale of the year. Col. Ed.
Ha eon. Auctioneer.
WANTED Young men for trnin
service. No experience required. Van
Noys News Co.
AGENTS Desiring exclusive rights
for a ready selling article with big
profit should apply at once at 715
Washington avenue, up stairs, room
No. 1.
LOST Gold stick pin, shape of
star; set with pearls. Leave at Curry
Bros, saloon and receive reward.
eth away, one shilling." A modern
pulpit glass probably the only one
of its kind is to be found In the
Uliapt'l Royal, Savoy. It is an If-min-nlc
gtasa, and was p.lneed in the
chapel on its restoration in I8G7.--West
minster Gazette.
Remember the Ploneert.
It may he that some of the younger
generation are inclined to forget the
delit Ihey owe to the pioneers, and
even to scoff at their Influence and
ideals. If this is true it is unfortunate,
and there is all the more reason for
the ' perpetuation of pioneer associa
tions and the wielding of pioneer in
fluence. To belong to such an organ;
ization is to bC inscribed on a role of
honor. In Ibis new country it is al
most a title of nobility. The sons and
grandsons of these sturdy men and
wom-Mi should cherish their history
and traditions and preserve them from
oblivion. "
Brigand's New Means of Extortion.
Keen cremation has boen made to
subserve (he purposes of the brigand
in a manner In which tlio-ie Interested
ought to take note. At Strasbuvg
there Is a crematorium with a depos
itory for urn attached. From this
place there disappeared sore" days
nan the urn containing the nshes of
two members of a werPhy family
named Perle. The police hive been
quite ttnaMe to obtain any clue but
(he family were failed up by tele
phone the other evening and notified
that the restoration of the urn would
(St them 5.000. London Globe.
' Decorations Not Necessary.
I If iv a Mi TInhart'a fii-t fttiprl-
enee with waffles and be liked the
laste of them. When he had been
served twice he called the waiter to
tiiin and sioke confidentially." "I'm
from Pokeville." he said, "and we're
phiin folks there; don't care much
ror style, but we do know good food
v.-hen we frr? it. I want another p'ate
fnl o' thns cakrj, but ou tell th
r.Mik she nondn't stop to, put that
fanV ' printittc on : Ji i"n nl
sl-ua pla!n."--Yrn(h'i Companion.
m In the-World of Letters.
"I'm e1d that spcl'ina; reform rraie
fijuN gtjbiii'jcl," fat1 th proofreader.
"I ir?t eenf" it had me worried."
' not off easy,'- anjwered th? copr.
h'dder: "suppose there had beii a d
fre ordering us to take np Volapuk
er Ksperanto."
London's Peril.
To elderly timid people London la
no longer a peasant plare of resi
dence. The. streets bavp become a
labyrinth of horror and difficulty, a
region of hideous sounds and foul
mells. With motor 'buses toppling
over on the sidewalk, and privaie. mo
tors tfjoi'Mvc ' Ump f"'ts. an'!
Imnireing cn th. pi,,r. the nafor.
t'nae c!t';sk-krews net whither ti
td t!s treniMiEj etrr Laiy V15
let Gre'-r'e, In Lel Gfarhlc
p Stocks u Bonds Cereals i
New York, Nov. 30. Special. terly uuublo to IsslmiluU?,
There is a distinctly better feeling In
the financial situation due flmost en
tirely to 'Improvement In the money
market which has been workiug out
its own cure. Hoarded currency is
being returned ; foreign gold is pour
ing into our coffers; bank reserves
are beginning to rise; the credit situa
tion is less strained; call and time
money rales are lower, and .redemp
tion of Clearing House certificates is
already In sight. These yniptoins of
ellef have fortunately shown them
selves even before the additional cur
rency furnished by the Government
become available. They show
natural and healthy tendencies to
wards recovery. As result we have
had a fair rise in tho stock market
and confidence lias been correspond
ingly improved. It is quite evident
tliut the corner has now been turned,
and that liquidation m the main' is
complete. Possibly further weak spots
may develop later on, but thee prom
ise, to be of minor ; Importance. ;;Aftc.if
tho enormous shrinkage ; ami .'liquida
tion of the past few mouths, the
market is evidently on a safer and
sounder basis than it has been for ;i
long period and as soon as the mone
tary situation rights itself and com :
fidemee is more folly restored, values
should go back to a , more normal
It is nut pretended that tho market
will promptly or wholly recover from
tho terrific shock which it received
in October last. For somo time to
come irregular markets must be ex
pected with more or less depression
and inertia. It must also be remember
ed that there is comparatively little
money available for investment. The
country's liquid capita! has hofii prnc.
ticany exhausted, so that time will
be required for the accumulation of a
frosh supply; and in view of the re
actionary tendencies which have de
veloped in business.it is quite prob
able that a longer period than usual
will be required for saving purposes.
Another factor which must not be
overlooked is that in spito of the
largo volume, of business profits are
showing a material shrinkage, ow
ing to the immensely augmented cost
of doing business. This is strikingly
I'i'istrated in the current returns of
railroad earnings. In September th
r.-mds repoitlnj? showed a gain of over
f l:!,0(ii.ei 0 in gross earnings, - whib
net earnings showed a loss of f. 3,000,
000. During the nine months ' ending
Sopteuiher there was an increase of
f ir(;"oo,eoo in gross earnings-accompanied
by an increase or only il5,-
t'uO.OOO in net earnings. This is an
almist startling diminution of rail
road profits, especially when It is
considered that grows earnings are
making less and less satisfactory re
turns, while the increases of ex
penses aro still abnormal. No doubt
the railroads will soon bo compelled
to make every possible economy In
operations. .Many Improvements and
extensions have already been post
poned, and it is a serious question In
the minds of conservative managers
whether it will lie either possible or
good policy to maintain the high rates
of dividends which have recently been
paid, especially in view of the very
low prices at which many excellent
stocks are selling.
Now that the panic in over and
sober view is taken of current events,
the question is ronstantiy asked:
What caused tho crash? The answer
is necessarily a difficult one, because
the causes worn ninny and complex.
The main reason, however, has been
that of geenml overdoing. Credit was
over extended: speculation was ex
cesslve and 111 advised: expansion of
every sort was being carried to excess
b over-confidence, until finally the
country's floating capital was prac
tically exhausted through being turn
ed too rapidly from liquid Into fixed
forms. We have only to glance at the
demands uK)ii new capital during the
past year or two to realize this act.
During the first ten months of thi
cuiit-nt year, tln amount of new se
curities authorized amounted to over
$1, 7.-0. nno.i iM). cf which at least $1
OiMi.Ono.ooo was actually ined. These
figures simply Include railroad and in
dustl.il ttocuritioR and notes, tho great
bulk .f uhfi-h was offero.1 previous n
September luf-t. ,. Tho year J!wt w,m1
a jH-riod x.f PXie.li,sy heavy
if-ni". the t.t-t then helnu f C,Ol
mnviiort nTith.rt7-H ni, H.sn.VKn
i.:-oed within the tuelvf. months
The.. fi euros t V - no arrntmt of 1h
issued of munielpat seriirjtri and
thoso of many other buslnesa con
cerns of a mfnof' character, but they
are quite sufficient to indicate the
extraordinary demands . ujion the
money market during the two
years: demands which in conenctioa
with hip simulative borrowinas Ini
IM.te.1 an unbearable strain upon the
banks and precipitated the March.
August and Ortober collapse in the
?tof k market. Other influence have
undoubtedly b'-on t wmK tn rn,mn
tlte .T."kdown. nr. zi,,-,, fJr,,f
f 'Q ytaro which thr eruntrr was i
The easier conditions which ilevel
oped in the stock market also pro
duced a better feeling in mercantile
circles. The latter, however, still feel
the general restriction of credit which
the banks appear compelled to en
force. Our commercial markets are
ail more or les unettled by the tend
ency towards lower price! s It. Is gen
erally ' recognized that the various
markets have entered into a period
of readjustment which, though less
violent and radical than what, has
occurred on the Stock Exchange, must
neverthelos be anticipated ami dealt
with according to developments. The
mercantile situation fortunately, finds
itself in much sounder condition am)
better able to meet, the reaction, than
did. the stock market. 1 no tee
ft-w cases of ever production, and
there is a general disposition to avoid
such a contingency by a prompt shut
ting, down of mills when that seems
advisable. Quite a number of hands
have already been unfortunately
thrown out of 'employment in conse
quence, though the percentage of un
employed Is not yet important and is
being kept, down by unusual emigra
tion to the Mediterranean ports this
full.. If reaction is to como in the
merchandise markets, and that seems
likely, it promises to be more gradual
land more easy toguard against than
was the case in the financial markets.
Before very long we will unques
tionably see much easier conditions
prevail in the money market. Aboe
$100,000,000 of gold has been en
gaged or imported; there has been a
large expansion in bank currency anil
the recent measures of relief initiated
by the Government , will insure a re
dundant currency or morn or less
sebsequeut inflation, which , is to be
regarded as , unfoJunate.. ( Hank ..re
serves should now begin to rise, anil
by next spring if not sooner ( wo, must
be; prepared to see .gold, exports on n
liberal sacle, the low rates ot interest.
stimulated by an excessive and rigid
currency supply, being an Important
stimulus to such an efflux.
Next week Congress opens and the
President's message Avill be awaited
with unusual interest. It Is fully ex
pected that his remarks will bo more
assuring than they have been iu the
past. Currency legislation will un
doubtedly le one of, the most active
subjects of . dUcusbiou this winter,
and it is to be sincerely , hoped . that
ideas will bo followed which ha vti. the
support of scientific authorities and
actual experience. The chlet difficulty
Ju securing p, scientific and elastic
currency system will be the ignor
ance and consequent multiplicity of
Ideas which prevail on the subject.
As a rule, the number of. remedies
proposed is iu proportion to the Ignor
ance of the doctors. I'nfortunately,
there is scarcely any subject sq lit
tle understood and yet so vital to the
welfare of tho country. Congress
badly needs a sane and strong loader
in behalf of sound currency legisla
tion. Short, sales in the stock mar-
kit should be avoided hereafter, ex
cept for very crnicl- turns,
Mistakes of Drug Clerks.
"There is one. loss sustained by
druggist that very few people know
about," said the experienced clerk
"That is In the prescriptions that have
to be made over, the same as clerks,
stenographer, writers and artists, no
matter how painstaking. . frequently
have to do Ihcir work over. The most
careful drug clerk In existence is
bound to make mistakes sometimes in
measuring and mixing.
"He may pour in too much of some
kind of liquid or sift in too much of
a certain iniwdcr. In most cases the
overdose would not really affect the
value of the medicine, but the con
scientious clerk Isn't . going to take
any chances of murdering anybody, so
he throws away the whole , mixture
and makes up another prescription."
Natural Curiosity.
A a'A'-riiisT forest of non rolnmne
at Dikllaieli, in l:.iaria. been vis
ited by Prof. Ie nay. a Frenrh
geographer, who rniorts test this ruin
lik formation rxK-mtn over m space
about l.f.09 feet tori? h 100 to lie
fet broad, on itn of a pla'ean
in the open country, fh" mlofrwn pm.
'Pa 1 tJ L'O feet high, and w of
them a ?ard thirr, tbir ahspe blns
absolutely cylindrical. Tli1 hav
bn produced by erolon of irasfrs
of th gray nuinmu!i?ie 1inw-.ton
broken by joining. A special Mudy
was roado by Prof. I" Laimar. and he
eenlnd,8 that Is io the bed of
a torrent gay the column their isola
tion and ahape.
It Pays.
"How l ou f.i.d things out tils
yT' aked a trauser.
"V.y adve.-MsiBg tot 'em," wa tt
l-.romnt reply of the sleL IJMruIt
Free Prs
t'ziirn Ve-t'en. . (
"i tVe t'.tizl r, fitlz," isJI
pd tri; o! ier
f-rct-il r.'ljo.
Fortuno's Smib
The Inventive Intellect of
Mrs. Peavy
"I wish we were rich,'" suld Mr.
Peavy. :" '
And having delivered himself of this
original remark, recited with an In
finite depth of feeling, b looked over
at Mrs. Peavy and sighed.
"Well, Paul," said' Mrs. Peavy, put
ting aside her needlework and folding
her hands on the table, "how can we
get rich?';
"That's' it," said Mr. Peavy, laugh
ing bitterly. "How?"
"Let's think It out," said Mrs. Pea-
j vy In her practical manner. "How do
people get rich?
"That's It again," complained Mr,
Peavy. "How?"
"There's1 Mr. Hockefeller," mused
frs. Peavy. "How did he make his
"In ihe oil business."
"Well," she said, smiling brightly,
"It's an old saying thnt what one man
has done another caii do. Isn't there
some way you can start in the oil busi
ness, Paul?" . - '..
"Not on the same scale," said Paul.
"It all depends on the' scale, you
know." ' '
"Very well, tl 1 much for the oil
business. Now, what about the meat
trust? Could you start a meat, trust,
Paul'?"'"' .' '," ;
"It takes too much capital," sighed
Mr. Peavy. "Von must think of some
thing that requires no capital. That's
what yon want to think" of."
"Then," cried Mrs. Peavy, more
brightly than ever, "we niust invent
something, Paul."
"Yes, yea," said Paul, "but what?"
And from that moment the Peavy
family moved about, wrapped Iq
thought, and when Mf. Peavy went
down to fetch tb coal he stood on
the stairs with the coalhod in his hand
for five full minutes grappling wllh
the genesis of thought. He pulled
himself together with a start, know
ing that Mrs. peavy was waiting for
the coal, hut. when he . entered Ihe
kitchen he found that ady in a rev
erie, with the stove lifter in her hand.
"Paul," she said, her voice shaking
Slightly. "I believe I've got it.''
"IX) you?" asked Paul in jealousy. ,
"Yeg," she said. "I , really believe
I've got it. I really believe I have."
"What is it. then?" asked Paul, and
ho sat down like a man who Is golus
to have much real enjoyment In ex
ploding a theory. ,
. "Paul," she said. "I'd rather not tell
you now. I bplieve it ,w.oti,ld. be ..un
lucky. I'll try it., firsts ; and ,,'if
works" . ' , .-. ,
, She fell Into , a . . reverie again
(though with a look on, her face that
was almost smugness) and sheaecmeil
to be so full of ber inspiration that
she might have stood for, a tableau of
."JCmbodied Thought." and when she
put the coal cn the fire it didn't ap
pear to be Mrg. Peavy who was doing
tho act, but creative force, and when
s,he shook the stove down a few mo
uienta later, it was as though, invent,
ive , Intellect were shaking obstacles
out' of its path., , ' .. ;.
"Yes," she said, firmly, "I'm sure I
have It sure'"
"Is it a manufactured article?"
asked Mrs. Peavy,
"Er yes," she allowed.
"Mineral?" asked .Mr. Peavy,
"No." .
"Now, Paul, .you mustn't aU me
any more questions. v If It works you
shall see it .to-morrow jlht. Now,
that's all I'm-going to tell you."
"I'm," said Mr. Peavy; 'a manu
factured article, vegetable substance
Is it a luxury?', . ,t
Put to this and all subsequent ques
tions Mrs. IVavy answered, never a
s-prd, but prewrved a silence so irii
futlng and yet withal so itorientoua
and mvaiifylng that whin Paul came
home next night his first words were:
' Well, did It work?,'" , , ,
"Did It!" cried Mrs. Peavy, her eyes
shining . "Hut you , must . hay your
suppT first, Paul, and then' I'll show
"And is It a go?" askd Mr.
IVavy, sitting dwn, "honestly and
"Is It!" she cried. "Paul! How
much. dos It cost to take one of thos
tours arouod the world?"
"O. a lot of money' said Mr., Peavy.
Why?" '"''.''
"O. nothing!" she said; .her eyes
sparkling. . "Ton eat. your soup! . .
Do you like those treat big automo
biles. Paul? Would yoi rike to have
on for your ery own?"'
"I mouldn't iiiIikL" said Mr. Peevy.
"O. nothing! ' she said, aniiling glee
fully. "You eat your flub! . . . U
mnst be nice to wake np In the morn
Ing on your own private yacht and
catch trovt and sidruon for breakfast,
eh. Paul?"
Crest!" said Paul. "Why?"
And heirs; unabie to restrain, her
self any l"Prr h from her
chair, bckoeed Mr dm ti friit
lr. and led th-'wi int tte kJtr-tS.
Look!" h' whtapered , . . .
Paul looked Fss'eRe re t?! sp"i
of the kettle was a toy windpj'll At4
with wtr In ich a poeltfOB tst il
the a am puffed out of the upo-it tt
tamed'the mill srotiod.
"O, Psul!" whimpered Mrs. Peavy.
her voice t rml!ir g with emotion as
she fondly kl-sed him, ' won t it be
a 'and t t rtcfcT
' I
Increaeed Pensions.
The British Inl aa arovemmeat has
IncreaseJ the r-erai'na of ristre eol-
, trrt I'
ll of I-"
' -. -rr? T.'e-
4 , . -
Vh fv ho lie tailed a.
ftealre tha Moal Carefal tttratta m
Wrll aa Guo Mull.
DM yon vr nc a rohnsh whlca
dcupita the most bennflrenl environment
of noil or aunnhipe anrt cf atmosphere,
,-spctnc4 never ia achieve a healthy
A t"h of minnre will not h:r a plSnt
t!i. ,t is.is a ar.ker eating out tta heart.
Tin tnmt otrny the causa before ye-J
can remove tha effect , , . . .
ton cannot eure Dandruff and Bald.
cms by ruhbln- .on hair lotions, and
luhbltiff In vaseline, etc.
Tod mdsf look to't'tha cau?e of ' th
trouble (fa a term at -the roots f
your .air which ceue It to fall out,
N'ewbro'a Herplctde destroys th Verm,
ind healthy hair is the sure result ,
Sold by leading drnpirtate Bend 10c. In
tamp for aample to The Herplctde Co..
Detroit Mich. ... ,
Two a I -- eanta ana Htl.
t'aul Q. Sehuh t Sons, Special A (eats
Senator's Advlc Brought , Friend ta
8ce Joy ' of Living.
"Did you"' ever hear how Senator
Piatt saved ' Ashley. VV Cole's lire?"
nskc4 one Of Hie a'num corner reju-
,ai's-' 1
"While Ashley Cole was railroad
cointiilfisioner ,he went to Plnit's'apart
nieiils and said.' 'Scyntor, you know
lliai I have been tufierint; fronr rhcu
maiisin in the xin.iil ot inv bacu ,for
aboiu. five -yea m. 'I,he piiin has almost
driven m nmd. I Inive sulTered tor
tures. 1 have iritd a score of doc
tois .oing f inn one to the other as
each failed to give me relief, ltecently
1 have thought of suicide as the only
escape, and I h;v come to consult
with you, my closest lricnd, on that
very sublect.'
"'Suicide!' said Piatt. 'Stuff and
lions ji'.e lh'lnie jo-l think seriously
of passing I9 your checks, why not go
uptown and see tr,e man who lias done
such wonders with niv crippled legs?'
"I'oTe hadn't much felth In the. ex
pert, but screed to call on him to sat
isfy Ins old f 1 lend, the senator.
Klienumiisrn. ell?" said the exnert,
as he examined Cole s back. 'I guess
not- Just lean over this chair.' ,
"Cole complied The expeit slnick
him a powerful blow 011 Ihe back and
commanded him to straighten up. .
"'How is the lain?' he asked,
" It's gone,' said Cole with a shout
of joy.
'it. was merely a dislocated muscle
and Cole did not commit suicide." -New
York American.
' , ,' ... , . t . ' ,:, ' ,-, ' ' "'
Hids for erecting a new smoke
stack and brick stump nt the Tenth
street pump according to the plans
tnd specifications on hie in the office
of th cltv engineer No. 1111 Com
lencial itMiiuie will be leetned bv
Hie undcislgiied until 5 p, in.. oh De
ceinber !. l!ii)7. ,
City Com pt roller. ,
' : i A t
w ----.n ,,. ,i, , j. ... r 'i ,, " a
Corrected , to , November 1, -1907.
' Trains Leave Cairo: ,
1:32 a. m. Dally Chicago . Vestibule
Limited, arriving Chicago 11:30 a. m
2;32 a. m. Dally St. Ixiuis Night
Limited", arriving St. Ixiuls 7:08 a. m.
PleepUig car open at 8:30 p, m. .
5:00a. m. Chicago Daylight Express
except Sunday.
5:00 a. m. St. Louis Morning Ex
press, except Sunday.
11:15 a. m. St. I-ouls Fst Mall.
11:15 a. m. Chicago Mid day Special
2:35 p. m. Daily St. IxjhIs Limited,
2:35 p. m. Afternoon Express for
Odin. Effingham, Mattoon
5:10 p. m. Thebes Accomodation.
7:15 p. m. Chicago and Eastern Ex
3:15 a. m. Memphis and New Or
leans Limited. -
6:00 a. m. Paducab and Louisville.
1:41 p. m. Dally Memphis and New
1:41 p. m. Dally, Nasbivtle, Chatta
nooga and Atlanta. - , !,
4:30 p. m. Fulton Accomodation. I
5:50 p. m, Paducah and Louisville.
6:00 p. m. Memphis and New Or
leans Special. - .
For through tickets, sleeping car
accommodations and further Informa
tion apply at Illinois CentfU Passen
ger Station, Cairo, Ilt.njv -r , -, ;
J. H. JONES, Ticket Agent.
S. A. MATCH, O. P. A.
A. H. HANSON, Pass. Traffic Mgr.
No. 1 Kipn-se. aany it ii.ni.
No. 3 liaraBS Ltd , dily. It 2:1 a m.
iNo. i Express. d.iy. It ....li::a p.m.
No. 2 Eiprees. dally. 1r.....l:41 pm
Ni 4 Umlied.' daily. 1t...'.2:1 aw.
3. V-
.. stt.:.
BMiam r- 11
.' :iUrt 'M
I ' 'J jVlt ' " ''''' "" '"'
$ SXvrx.'.. ..';
OUR PPPB wmaaskeeeaaeeike krifk
uun, teen ,ti t v. u vir
welaaa baaaase lt I AtaOLPTKLT Vl
Itaeseeaaela tft4.lm taa kmtN M tkle
Mi lor we pride onraalvea on ;f U yea a
mi tkal eaaaol be rullei lor Its aisllew
sate sa laoroaca pontf,
the dig stone
DcilWlr IvcrjrtMMf lkt ft t H
Eat, UM m WeaV.' JCmliMfvt AgtetU
fee BLANKE'I Clfertel ;C$K9 .
1 "f
Cairo Hosnccnt Co.,
ft' .- .. ', '' a ' V'1 ' '''('...v. jr; .
IKiytih. ife-, Cliff ,01.
County National
Bank ; ; ;
Commercial Avenue eni Elhtl ttml
1 t
. .' -ti ,.. 100,000
J9. A-'Hodtr ,..vi'. 'fteelleni;
Chas. reuchterJr , . . .Vice Pre!enl
J. H. Galllgaa' r, .;.Cashiar
r. 8pneer .'."JaSelttaBt Caahiet
ccoont '6t corporations an IndlvJeV
ual eeheclaily sollelted.'. ib.ehf,
'urnlihed to ey part ot the wotK. .
4, tj ., - e -e-4 l't I ,
Afexarfder 'County
Savings;, Bank ;; ;
cairo; ILLIflon., f
.1... . , . (-
f 4
V. A. B4er-,,,-,,. .v",.FreMl
C. 0,. Patter .i.....:V.TtPrertdM '
J. R., CMdHgam (SubJ
r. Ipeater ...w.aVMttaal Oasasasl
,. j. ;:r.- ' "' -" '-'j
, ,v mntzrtni - -:.
Chaa. renchtJir, Jr, K- TUUTea
D. f. Laasdea ' (Hewa Fansrai .
Intereet Paid ea Tint eaaMfaa;
Cairo City Trwsfer Li
( laeeBora to 8tclt Waaat
, J. H. KIERCE, Prep. , n
All Klnila e Hauling Dona Preenptlp,
oth Phenea 1t
1111 Waahlnateai Av, Calea JIHae!
River Tfansportatiba7
- - 3-
lie line Supers
1 v:
yTtjt MawpWp t4 We
StscVer Lew
jfettrs Lee.. ...Jhvr$y. 5 (.
, Sadie Ltt....:. Tuesday p.m.
' for tt Leule end Way
.Lane'lnge .
Stacker Le Friday p-m.
Peters tee ...-..!. .Tuesflay a.m.
. . . -. - --- .t - -
fit Freight and Passat apply
at Halliday Y PhUllpe .Wharf
beat, Calra. ....
"' E..LCE.
aswsircrfiar um pi-rf tty

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