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tablUk4 UM.
rkiiih4 Dally tod Bandar by ika BaliaUn
uoiupaaj. a iim uaio guw. rnona r.
Subscription Rates by Mall
Invariably Oaak la AdTano.
Ob yaar, Dally and Baaday.,,.
Subscription Rates by Carrier
By oarriar In Cairo .8flc a month
br carrier, ouUld of Cairo. .-! a month
Notice to Subacribera
Mjbaoilbeni will cantata taror fey reporting
lo thla offloa any lack of prompt d alii try oa
part ot carrier,. -
atarad at tha Cairo Poatoffloa aj icoond-clau
Mall Matter.
administration is concerned. What will (ho dining rot m wore beautifully decij
llO floilO llftor flint he H tint m-li:iru-l t I'!.,..! nrnmitiMim u u.,l-t',i,,it,2 , in,.'i ... I
Average numbor of complete and
perfect copies ' of the Cairo
Bulletin printed daily and Sun
day during the year 1907 2116
Average number of complete and
perfect copies of the Cairo
Ilulletln printed daily and Sun
day during the month of March
1908 2036
March Circulation.
.2061 16 2013
,. 2002
be done lifter that be is .not, prepare:!
to say. But the leading saloon men
do not favor reopening on Sunday
and the bent public sentiment in the
community is strongly against it. Sun
day closing is one feature of that sys
tem of "regulation" for which conser
vative sentiment in Cairo stands
fitrong'y and saloon men probably will
admit that, had the propositpm lata
Tuesday been less radical had it beeu
regulation with a Arm hand instead
of exterminate n the vote against
tuem would have been very much
greater. The election demonstrated.
what has been demonstrated nianv
times, that the people of Cairo are lot
easily taken 'iff their feet they ar?
not easily carried away by waves of
impractical emotionalism. And saloon
men will do well to show their appre
ciation of the people's decision to give
them "a chance for their white alley.
They will have to admit that there was
much cause for complaint asanst them
and they owe it t themselves as well
as to the people who stood by them in
the recent contest, to conduct their
business so that there may be little or
no reason for complaint.
rated, presenting a gorgeous appear
ance. The army aud.aavy were well
represented, and tleneral Urayuian
was present. The principal booths
were in charge of Miss Libbie John
ston, Mrs. Dunning, Mrs. Kchtitter,
Mrs. DeVassa. Mrs. Clark and Mrs.
Haird. Mrs. Charles Calicher won a
beautiful watch that was raffft-d. Miss
J mile Slno was voted a handsome
liamond ring, bavin?: 1-I votes over
her highest competitor. The ni t pr .tit
on this ling was $.111 the entire pro
feeds of the fair being about $l,Koi.l.
11 2010
12 ....2016
13 2011
14 ...........2011
15 ..196;
The above Is a correct statement of
the circulation of the Cairo Bulletin
for the year 1907 and for the mouth
of March 1908.
Business Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before inc
this first day of April. 1908.
Notary Public.
A oh I 27.
According to the JVielodramas.
Genevieve, the Sewing Girl Why we
can't explain
"Dreadful villains try to hurl under
neath a train.
Ethclwyu, the Kitehon Maid, cannot
go (o work.
Gangs of scoundrels, she's afraid in
the parking lurk.
(Vok. must
Vote? No!
American W oman
Does Not Desire
Right to Ballot
Australia's Woman Leader.
Marguerite, the l'retty
desert the sink.
For upon her trail a "dook" and his
minions slink.
After Housemaid Goraldine, vicious
rascals yelp.
That is why. or so I ween, horse
wives can't get help.
1 10 1
The Bulletin Is on sale at the fol
lowing placet:
Coleman's, 214 Eighth street.
Halllday House News Stand.
Blue Front Restaurant
Congressman Hobsun will have t
keep hopping if he wants t keep un
with all the nations which are en
gaged in war like demonstrations t r
preparations. Of course, all such dem
onstrations or preparations are aimed
at Uncle Sam and he must keep ahead
of the hounds.
People who read base ball news will
find it just as interesting this season
as last. Soma changes have been made
in the rules of the game but the lan
guage in which the game will be de
scribed will be about the same this
season, and the average reader will
find some entertainment in guessing
wfc:t it all meaiis.
Philip the Hold, founder of the
second House of Burgundy, died.
Horn I3I2.
S. F. !!. Morse, inventor of th
telegraph, born. Died April 2.
IS 72.
IS0.1 Dorne, Pripoll. captured by Am
erican marines.
S'; Maria Christina. Queen i f
Spain, born at Naples, Died a'
Havre, .vug. 2:. 1S7S.
IS22 (ien. Ulysses s. Grant born
Died July 1SS.1.
lyj."! Mail steam or Anglo-Saxoa
wiecked off tape Race, widi
loss of lV!7 Jives.
' S7C Queen Victoria declared E
press of India.
'Si' Grant's Tomb, Riverside 1'arV
New York, dedicated.
IS'.'S Matanzas, Cuba, bombarded liv
American squadron under Ad
miral Sampson.
"I go to grand opera first to hear
the orchestra and seondly. the sing
"And you are wise. The orchestra
never refuses to appear."
'The hatni that rocks the eruille rules the world."
"Womanly women sway the world through subtle
home influences." l'retty t rife phrases, gentles, sound
ing in mine ears like old, half forgnlten tunes, hut I
crave knowledge of the sex whose individuality is a
striking feature in the history wo are writing for an
other posterity.
it i.- true that to the woman America has verita
bly proven itself to he a land Uowiug with milk und
honey. So much freedom of action has been conceded
to her that the ijuestion naturally arises, is she perfectly satisfied with
her status? Socially, unlimited power is hers to command, hut politically
she is non-e.is!enr.
Xow to the crux of my ipiery. Does the American eiti.etiess desire
the frnnchi.se extended to her? From keen and careful observation I
have drawn the conclusion in the negative. There are many women
striving, I know, through the heat and labor of the day in this land whose
name spells Liberty to win for themselves enfranchisement; but for the
majority the right to exercise approval or otherwise in the interests of '
their country is a mutter of little moment. It is thus the every-day Aim ri- i
can woman stands revealed to mo, "the stranger within vour trats.M
To the Southern Illinois and Mis
souri Bridge Company; C. & E. I.
Itai'road Company; C. & T. Itailroa.l
Conma -y i ml the Grand Tower C. G.
Rail.-eioi Company, and all other per
sons interested. Yen ami each of vou
are hereby not 'lied that on the 2i;th
day or July A. D. l!.ioi; at the Court
House lu the Ctv of Cairo. In tin.
Comity of Alexander and State of Illi
nois at a o.ibiic sale of real estate.
for impa'd taxes and costs, bv James
3. Koche, collector of taxes in and for
said Alexander County, Lee Ii. Davis
purchased the following described roc
st.'te. situate jj. the County of Ales
i. lei. to 'vjt: pa,t of west half in
until west i:ii!i:ter eonta'ninir 5.711
acres, und pei of the southeast quar
ter of southwest quarter, containing
2. Pi acres, all in section 4, township
13, south of base line, and range '5
west of third principal meridian, ami
taxed in the name of the C. & E. I.
Railroad Company.
Part of the southeast quarter if see.
linn S. to naming l.VHiU acres and pa:'t
of the northwest quarter of section 9.
coniiiimiiK T.'.Sl acres all in township
13, south of base line and in ran ire
v est of the third P. M., taxed in
name el tlie Southern Illinois ami
Missouri Inidge Company, also a pn c.
of laud oi' : f the southwest quarter of
Miio iea;d ouarter of section 12, town
-hip 11 south of the base line and in
ram-'o :! we-t of the third P. M. eon
taming acres, ami taxed in the
Alexander County,
Population 16,147.
Mayor, CEORGK TAItSONP .. ..
Clerk, It. A. HATCH BR.
City Attorney. FRANK MOOUE.
Ceniptroller, ERNEST NOR DM AN.
Police Magistrate, A. ROSS.
Chief of Police, M. S. EAGAN.
Alexander County, Population 22.467.
County Clerk, JE8?K K. MILLER.
Circuit Clerk, LEE II. DAVIS.
Sherirf, FRANK E. DAVIS.
Suite's Attorney, ALEX. WILSON.
County Sir)Mr!ntendeiid of School.
Asseseor and Treasurer, FRED P.
Board of County Commissioners.
J. J. JENNELLE. Clialrimin. V
Not a Cat! Down.
"Yotmu man." said the prospective
'.it.'ier in-law. ' I understand that you
smoke cigarettes."
"Yes. sir "
"Hnc you promised the coupons to
aim- ef Hie (V .- T l(:illri:i,l f'.i.i.
Australia is the first country to irive woman the ixilitieal riirht to en- Span v.
And the tinn ti r redemption of siin
eal s. ile. froiu sab; will expire on
the L'Cth day ef July A. D. 19uS.
I low about those investuniit vou
. were to look up for me?"
"We have done so madam. He can
offer you a first nmrtirae on a nu st
desirable forty-foot front Eastc- hat.
S:r.ator Foraker, of Ohio, has been
talking vigorously of late. In a speecli
before an assembly of negro Methodist
bishops, he used language Implying
that he etcod ready to bolt the Repuh
llcan party in case Taft or Roosevelt
were nominated for the presidency.
Speaking of Taft delegates from the
south, he said: "They do not belong
to my party, and I will not belong to
That Cairo will have to do some
hustling to make good the population
figure set for her by the late city dec
tion is the c pinion of many. Accord
fng to the vote as recorded we havt
about 23.000 people inhsbiiing the
thirteen hundred seres enclosed by our
levees. Two years ago a school ceo
eus carefully taken by Superintendent
Clendenen, showed that we had nearly
lit.OUO population, with about fifteen
hundred additional in Future City, our
northern suburb. A great deal may
be drne in two years in the way of
boosting a city's population also on
election days. r '
William Lorimer, representative in
engross from the Sixth district ef
Illinois, was born in England. April
7, lfctil. When five years old lie emi
rated with his parents to the United
Hates and In 1S7D the family locate !
in Chicago, where young Lorimer re
ceived a public shool education. Hi
father died soon after and at the ng
if 12 William went to work a'; a sign
lalnter's assistant to aid in the sup-
'rrt of the fsinily. He continued in
various trades until 1 HSC. when be be
came a real estate agent, later enter
ing the contracting business. At about
the same time he became prominent
u Chicago politics as an active Rrmub
Mean and soon was one of the recog
nized party leaders in that city. Oil"
his first public positions was that
if superintendent of the water depart
nent. In 1 SI5 he was elected to con
gress and continued to serve until
'Ml. when a political lamUlide swept
him to defeat. Two years later, how-
ver. he was again - returned to con--ress
and since then he has bcei
wlce re-elected.
In Convention.
When ladies gather now and then
They set example to the men.
No ugly squabbles then see we
And all is peace and harmony.
Just as Good.
S".ch a thing n-
"Is there
vou Hi?"
"No; but there is such a thing n
yoi'th fur a lifetime. For iiisinu ,
the contemporary portraits of ties
actress are
in lSU."
same papers print"-!
ter congress. I claim this proud dislitution for my nation, the youngest
nmong inc. Kingdoms ami republics of the civilized world. Through its
decree it has pro. I tiiued to the dwellers of the vast continent lapped
by the waters of the South Pacific that, should a woman candidate be
fortunate enough to head the poll, she shall have the right to sit with the
men elected in the federal parliament.
Prominent Sr-w York .-uiTrage enthusiasts have twitted me with the
fact that the adult vWc was thrown it r the feet of the Australian woman;
thi-! is only half a truism. When Australia gathered her different state
together ns a commonwealth the members of the federal b.idv unaniimm.-lv
agreed to give the dee(qidanl of the pioneer colonists adult suH'r.iee. but
in the separate sta'cs the battle had to be fought through long years of
unwavering turmoil. Along the I "me of the ictory who what nr.' the
imigihlo results? "No miracle achieved, hut a ,-tendv progress toward a
.-mmd citiendiip," is, the erditt of the men and women w.aving cut their
destinies in the island continent.
LEE Ii. DAVIS, Purchaser.
Dated at Cairo, Illinois, tills lOtii
lay of Apiii. A. D. llt'iS.
In Bofton.
"I understand that somothinr inter
esting has happened at your hoiie.
"Yes. madam. My Infantile sist i
has developed what appears to he a
Those Kentuckians who took si
much interest in Cairo's moral wel
fare recently, sending fervent and
numerously signed petitions to our
merchants to influence them In ti c
recent city election, Becin to hav
great heaps of rubbish at their own
doorstep. Lawlessness bas le c. l
rampant over there for many mont1;. .
and lately threatens to slop over fi u i
Ballard county into Cairo. Judg
Bngg. In his charge to the WickiilT
grand Jury last week, urged that bod
to go after the bank rohlters. boot
leggers and skulking tobacco bandits.
From the editorials in Mr. Hearst
American on political corruption, h
mkes it plain to the miner leaders of
the Independence Icasue' that they
must not exiect m.ich hoodie this
year. It may be anticipated that Mr.
Hearst will not himself be a candidate
for he always opens his barrel when
h" heads a ticket. This was jar-""-(icularly
evident In these parts di i
ing his presidential rampaien three
years ago when Rev. Col. Sam
Small handled the Hearst slush fund
here and tried his hest to corrupt the
Democracy of Alexander county in
the interest or Mr. Hearst. The R-.
Col. Sam Small seems slnep thn to
bare become convineed of the sinful
ness of surh practices and Is now a
Contrary to confident predictions
made before the recent, city election,
the saloons of Cairo were not reoiwm
ed yesterday, the first Sunday after
the cTerwhelmlne defeat of prohib'
tion. All were closed as tightly as
they hare been since the mayor's order
was issued. The mayor has declared
that the Sunday closing order is wr-
riineiil c r far aa Ihu ram a I i4c;r if Kl nwA c-. . . . rvt . . ..
,,,.,.., k-v- - v . v ot-rufii birtei. ae two nans a
' i
CAIRO IN 1864.
A special committee of the city
ouncil, conisting of Williamson. Mor
is and Clancy, reported airainst grant
ing a petition of saloon keepers as':
:ng a re-lueti n of salnon licenses.
Martin Walsh was eh cited by th
t'lincll .assessor and collector of taxes
'or the year lS'il.
Mrs. Mary E. I.ahaiigh, will' of Rev.
I. P. LabaiiKh. die.l at her residence
in Cairo, mi April L'lst.
A mass meMing of citizens, called
!iy Mayer linker, was held in front of
he City Rank. Mr. Allen addressed
'he meeting, making n truly el- ipicnt
tppeal to the sons of Southern Illinois
',) enlist, in the m-p use of their coua
try. He was followed by Genera!
Frank P. Pdair and Col. Rinakor in pa
triotic speeches.
The Democrat uet s from the Me
Topolis Register as follows, regarding
.Senat e William H. Gieen's removal
o Cairo: "The community will re
gret to learn that our esf -emed and
distinguished lellow citi.i n. tln Hon.
Win. H. Green has determined to. or
has perhaps by this time,
from this place to Cairo. He has
Weii a resident of this plac fo- many
'ears we believe from his first com
mencement of the practice f f law. He
has twice represented this county In
Hie lower house ol the legislature, and
The Osarmakcrs' Union will vote
it.fi an amendment to Uie gete-rai con
-.dilution providing tint a member ol
the international for l!.j years may
draw upon any heal union for $:;i.u
the same to be deducted from his
death benefit.
At a recent meeting in New York
the National League of liaseiiail Clubs
decided that the live million tickets
t-i be used during the present base
ball season should bear the uiiic-n
An effort to standardize the wage;:
of engineers employed by the variou?
state departments and institutions ol
Massachusetts is to be made by the
Hoston Engineers' 1'nion. working in
conjunction with the state branch e.f
the American Federation of Labor.
All indications point tot be large",)
((invention at Hoston, next Angus'
that has ever gathered since the insti
tion of the Internal Pinal Typograplii
eal I nli m. Many tmi ust hat havi
heretofore fail"d of representation ar-'
arranging to send delegates.
Jly a referendum vote of Stov
Mounters and Steel Range Workers
International I'niou has decided to
hold ii general eon vent i ti this year
The convention will ass-'inble in Chi
(ago the third week in July.
Tin' Austrian printers and imta't
workers are nearly all working nin
hours ad ay. The textile and food
winkers have still longer hours. The
women work, as a rale, even long;-;
h urs than the men. but this is sup
posed to tie made up by a longer ret
at noontime.
Cardinal Gibbous the highc-t digni
tary in the Catholic church In the
1'uiteii States, urges the purchasing
A study of the eyes of the lower animals,
especially of birds, is likely to throw light
upon the biology mid pathology of the hu
man visual apparatus. In other words, the
practical ophthalmologist studies the eves
of birds only to hotter understand the care
and treatment of the eyes of man. In
bird.-) we have the highest type of vision. The
very c.xistMice of every bird dejtemls upon
good eyesight with which to escape its aiie
lii led and to obtain food. S uue mammals,
fishes, reptiles, and amphibia tret through
tit t -.. ... ii i ,.i i . . ,
mmmmmmmmmm nL' lainy wea wnnoui eyes, out there are
no blind bird families.
A-i an example of the visual capacity of some birds one has hut to
A Bird's
Noted Ophthalmologist.
To Cassie liernard: The lg;il li-ir.-t
Cass.ie liernard, and all other m i
Irons interested. Yon an, I each of yoi
I are li li notified that on the IPUh
jday o, Julv A. D. Rum;, at the Couit
I House in the Cil v ( f Cairo, in tin
mmiy o Alexander and in the Stan
,et Il'mo' :. James S. Roche, collectcr
I of t.icj in and for said Alexandei
( ounl.v, i ee It. Davis purchased th
tellcwrtg described real estate, situ
ate in t ie County ot Alexander, to
wit: Let numbered U in block nun
lured 2 In Cassie lieruard's addition
to the town of Sandusky, taxed in th
name of Cassie liernard. And th
time for redemption of said real e
t ite. from said sale will expire on th
Mdh day of July A. D. lftdS.
ROtSA JUNKS. Assignee.
Dated at Cairo, Illinois, this 23rd
cay of April A. 1. 1908.
BELT LINK can Uim u, leava ntwoud M.
tig north on UuuiiurivUl Ae., mnr( 11 lata
ita from A . ui. Ui U p. m.
Going north on Wnlnut St. ery 1( nlont
from 8:UH m. to H;:M p. ui.
I'ON.AR HT. LINK Holhrook AT, oar
o leave Heconu HI. getuit nnrlh on Hslkroo
Ve.. ftt 6:578.27; :43; 6;5?; 7:12 ft. m. Mid ot
me uiiintei tsivrj hoar tiotli .u nd II :l
p. m.
Going wnt on T wen if Kl(thtb fit. ftt ItU'
1:11; S:M; :4U; nd 7:04 . m.ftndon umo mlu
atoi erpr hoar until 10:34 and 11:114 p. u.
Poi.lnr Mt. cri due to p flt. Mry' pftrk
iA uiiiiuu-n ftftr loftrtoK Mvoond Ht,
3KLT LINK OWL OARH north un Wnjnnl .
11:80 p. m. U:M ft. m.; t:M a. m.i 1.80 .m.
I o ft. m.i 4 80 . ni.j 5 80 ft. in.
North on Oonimerclftl U:oo p. m.: l:nn
-n. 2 00 ft. m. 8 Oil . m. 4:110 ft. m. 6 ft. m.
Belt and Owl cr r dna to ptaa Wh
I'hlrtv fourth 8t. It tnlnotof ftttor loft T4 of
Hiooond 8t,
ggn MAN DO
J K Hniiif, nirtlH 1
ViJ imlr lr. i.mmo ,url ,f
g J n. . t n.. .!,
. ntr kii.I rrllMl.lp .1...
.llnlnrr knnnn. I.hi-,, bottlo ftl.oOi
) lllp. r,t tr I kli-l Irr.
Madame Josephine Le Fevre,
'l" Clinluyl St.. Ilnilu.,
Dy H. C. Schnh.
To the A. M. 1-J. Church and to C. A
Marehildou, and lo all other persons
interested. Yon" amT each of you ar.
hereliy notified that on the L'Sth day
July A. I). l'Jlifi. at the Court Houst
lu the City of Cairo, County of Alexan
der and State of Illinois, at a putdi'
think for a moment of a hawk ik.hc.1 several humlreil yards above a , , , ' ,, "
1 1 " and (( Kts. hv .laoe-s S. Roche col ec
nioihlow in vliich a cliickcn, or even so small a living ol.jctt & a Held j tor of taxes in and for said County o'
mouse, is hidden. In a few focoiuIs after the ijiuirrv is sialijed it is Alexander, i.ee ii. Davis, purehasei'
; ,.l 1... il,,; l,.,-l- -l,..c.. wl,r wt.rhf ...,e ....!,. .1.1. ......! :, . i : i:.... i i'"1 i"iiowmg .0 scrincl real eHiiK
m K.vit "ii-.- .-u,ii ji nil.- "in ui'HTini 111(1111
place, hut whose vouderlul iict'iuipylative apparatus .TiniN of a sure
f.nd continuous fixation f sipht from a di-tcm-e of eral hundred me
te rs to one le.-s than u lneii r williin an incrediiily short smicc of time.
Variation. of this tnnderfitlly ucute vision are seen in other hinl.s:
in the hti uui. i up: hird that dart Ihtc and lluTe so .piickly thai the human
eye caimo! follow it, and yet suddenly comes to re I on an almost invisible
twie;; in the wooih-oek that llies throu'ih thick io'"ls, iioidiii every tree,
shruh, nnd bruin h as if they were iiun-.ilent ; in the owl t lint combine
1 U' i ! i I eini.l tlli-t II rilfil V!-li!l :H!il Ml 1 1 ., ItkiI!-! I I ... i
... ..... ,,, ,1.11-1111 mi. 11 see.'.
II the air.
ill the Comity of Alexander
trood iliurna! with ruml mxlurnal vist'
couallv a well in the water a it d"e
Bird vision, then, is not only the highest cvjin.i.n of evesitflit,
hth n. to .-lenity and variety, hut it repeats the ofi-iohl tale of the cor
relation of sieht in the animal to its life history as wit nosed chiefly in the
pursuit, of food and the escape from do;itl
thnlmohcisfs we enirairc in the sludv of the
the vision of birds, it i will worth whil
i or injury. I f, then, as oph-
phy.-i'icej-y and meciianics of
Caste of
in France
is at present representative of this dis
trict in the senate."
The IvirnM-rat notes that th Sister
f l-orctto were ohligcd to bus pen 1
iuiililing operations, ai; tho soldiers
liMik away their lumper. Father inu
hert called -n the different military
authorities, in the hope of having the
matter remedied, hut signally failed.
A few weeks lat"r the- building, w hich
was net inclosed, wan blown down
In a storm.
remove 1 ;"f union labeled goods as the best and
most prartieal method of abolishing
sweatshops. In a senn n to his cov
gregatlou recently in Baltimore he
urged them to discriminate in making
purchases in favor of such employers
as tieated their employes with jus
The ladles of the Episcopal church
held a fair and festival 0:1 t''- even
ings of May 17th and ISth, at Winter
block, corner of Commercial
The Remedy
that Always Cares
fcKMO it rrcocniM-d m (he mott hnncit tt4
taccimful nediciu ia th world to-4r.
Intuntlr rtlttrrt ar.d pM'tiTfljr tv.i perm.
rrniir t-airs HL7nia bp4 III ItcMrf Ilia
Mtcusu Oct lo t.' All Ulustiltl.
Wnu tot auniiic.
F. W.Rw-dlincC.
SL Ituis, U.
For sale by Paul G. Schub &. Sons.
In France the eate of all the nobility
hns ceased to i.it. The revolution lnieaded
them, banislied them, tore in pieces their
parchments and letters patent, destroyed
and burned tin ir castles, appropriated their
estates nnd thoroughly abolished them.
The emirrants who returned a quarter
of a century after the deluge were mere
memories gliosis, spook, apparitions: they
had lost their reality. Napo'enn sought b
re-(.:stiibli-h a nobility. lie could create
titles, hut not an aristocracy. Even Un
titles have become worthies. A ilar of
the adenturer clings to tho.' assuming ti
tles, for every one knows miit of them are usurped. That thev are to lie
found in the l'.lne I' ;ok and regiter proves nothing, for clever swindlers
assume the title off.fiin.-t fainilies, tie g nuine owners hcijig j)0 longer
able to challenge their rL'ht. In this manner thev possess themselves of
coats-iif-arms, genealogical trees and family history, entirely genuine cx
icpt that the honors do not belong to those that hear them.
The very few families who have inherited a legal title of nobility in
regular descent from father to son no longer form the first ranks of French
society. In matters of state they have nothing to say. In diplomacy and
in the army they are scarcely to he found, and in the leading professions
not at all. They have no power and then fore no influence. Tin y are
not the richest and therefore are not the most elegant. The greatest mil
lionaires do not think of cultivating them, llnthcr thev opect to he cul
tivated by them. They would smile if any should esteem lhclii honored
by becoming related in marriage with people who hear cri sis or eoats-of-nrms
upon their visiting cards or carriages. They do not regard such
things as an lienor.
Let numbered ."1 in block utmiberei
" in the town of Hedges Park, taxed
in the name of the A. M. E. Church.
A!-o let numbered 1 in block timn
bered IS in the town of Hodges Park
t ixcd in the name of (1 A. Mnrchildot:
and the time for redemption of said
r ai ertate, from said sale, will ex
pire the I'Sfh day cf July A. D. 'M
l.i:K It. DAVIS. Purchaser.
Dated at Cai-o. Illinois, this H'.t
d-.y f April A. D. l:i"S.
Unpallant, Even If True.
Woman's way? What Is It? Th
Atliftr u a v cui.ro ttma ihlracm T? ar-
thiag and becouw Bomebody. Munr. jjgieral4
Youth the Time of Opportunity,
Youth is the opportunity to do sume
To Felix Hauler, (ieorge W. Park
V.'. F. Alsup, (Jcoige V. I'owless. Pol
lock and Huhner. Con Mauley, K. .1
I lodges, It. V. Shook and the Trustee:
of the A. M. H. Churi-h a 1 I all the
persons innnet, d. You :i.:4 each o;
ou ar" I. ,-. by m tilied that on tin
:'.'th day of duly A. D. 1 !(!. at tie
Court House in the City of Cairo
County or Alexander and .State of III!
mils, at a public sale of real estate
for unpaid taxes and costs, by Jainct
S. Koche. collector cf taxes in and fie
taid Alexander County. Lie 1!. Davp
purchasiM the follow in;; descrihtd rea
sl-ite. situate in the County of Alex
ander, tnv.it: I.4it, numbered 3 In
block numb-red .'1 in Kn ezes seeoiie
addition to the town of Sandusky, tax
oil in the name of W. I- Alsup.
Lot numbered I in block numbered
.". in Freezes second addition to tie
t iv.a of Sandusky, taxed in the mum
ef W. F. Alsup.
!t numbered 1 in block numbered
7, in Freeze'n second addition to tie
town of Sandusky, and taxed in th.
name of pollock & Huhner.
I -of numbered 2 In block numbered
11. in Cas -ie pernai-d's addition lr ;h
t iwn of Sandusky, taxed in the nam.
( f K. Y. Shook.
l et tu:inb"red 1 in block nuiiiberc.
in C,i.,:de n. iniid !. addition to tie
I 'Wii ef ;:;n. dusky and taxed In th
name , f ti, Trustees of th- A. M. K
A'ld the time for r- d' nip'ion of sab
eal ertit-e from sai.1 sale, will xpif
( n the ;;iti, ,a- f jv ,. lv pins.
1.::;; IS. DA VIS. Purchaser.
Dated at Cairo. Illinois, this I'Jrd da
f April A. I), inos.
Gained Their Point.
' The girl students in the Pennsyl
vania Academy of Fine Arts have had
a concession granted and may now
smoke cigarettes in a little room es
pecially dedicated to that purpose.
They had been ordered not to nnku
In the corridors, so "fought it out'
with the directors, gaining what they
call a "moral vlctorv."
mwrr.eo 10 t-tje vrnuvio,
I'uder the English law of the eigh
teenth century women were absolved
from all debts on marriage. Fashion
able women who had list heavily Bt
cards sometimes wedded a criminal
on his way to the gallows to escape
their creditors.
Civilization's Advantage.
A Chinese actor in Honolulu was
badly beaten by iron burs in the hands
of disapproving auditors. How matil
Test are the advantages of civilization,
which prescribe the less violent slain
egg and vegetables.
509 611 Ohio St. Cairo, III.
A Change.
Twenty years ago respectable
French families welcomed translations
of English norels. They could put
tteni vPhoti! fear into the hand3 of
tteir girls. That would be a verj
riky t;Aj:erir.ieat cow. The Christian
.VciJd ... ...
Strong and well equipped
Progressive, Yet Conservative,
Inquiries are invited as to Corn,
any's functions as Executor, Admin
!Rtrator and Guardian; as . Flsci.
gent and as Trustee for Indlvidu
ils and Corporations.
Safety Boxes for Rent in
. Our Steel Vaults.
j. s. aisthokpe, '' ;
President. ,
Candoe Insurance Agency. ,
Cotter Bros. & Co.
, Attorney-at Uw. f
Pres. Cairo Elec. & Trac. Co.
H. E. HAI.I.inAY.
Pres. II. I,. Halllday Milling Co.
Pres. Schuh Drug Co.
R. Smyth & Co.
Wood & Bennett
The Largest Deposits ox
any Bank In Southern

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