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T . Wot Point Appolnteei.
. - ippointtte to West Point must be
f'twen 17 and 22, sound physically
unci able to nana an examination ti
reading, writing, spelling, English
grammar, composition and literature
erlthnietic, algebra, through quadra
tics, plane geometry, descriptive geog
raph'y and the elements of physical
geography, especially of the United
fltates; United States history, the out
1'nea of general history and the gen1
eral principles of physiology and
Government by the People.
There are those who confidently
hope that In ten years wo shall elect
locomotive engineers, conductors and
train porters in the August primaries.
And wouldn't It be a glorious consum
mation? The proposition would evoke
applauso even now from all save the
lallroad representatives and organs.
Charleston N ews and Courier.
To Remove Cinders from Eye.
A simple remedy for removing cin
ders from the eye Is to dip a small
and F"'fTtly clean camel's hair brush
in water and pass it over the ball of
the eyes. This operation requires lit
tle skill and . generally removes al
particles of dust Instantly withou
' danger of inflammation. Of course
this remedy Is not suggested for the
train, where no, one could get tl
' brush. . , j . ;v : v .
',' Some Weather Wisdom.
Red skies at sunset indicate fine
weather, a bright yellow- sky in the
early evening denotes wind, a red sky
In. the morning betokens bad weather.
Small, dark clouds foretell rain; gen
erally the softer the clouds look, the
less wind,' but more rain may ba en
pected. Fog is at Indication of flue
weather; so Is dew. ' , '
Suburbs In Class by Themselves.
. "It is said," oiervea the Thiloso
pher of Folly, "that God tnadothe
country and man made the towtl.
Neither God nor man appears to wish
to HRHimie responsibility - the sub
ttixixit 1 1 wtttrttiuu
iWrmrmit intmi
Mrs. Myra H. Spencer of ('hTc:ive,
arrived in the city last eveul-in I' r a
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Fivu'; M ni
cer, of Kleventh turret, and ui.i"- i " n
Funeral at Mound City.
The funeral of Mrs. George Reed
will take place this Mrnday morning
at Mound City, services being held at
the Church of the Immaculate Conception.
Bridge Whist Thursday.
The Bridge Whist Club will be on
tertained by Mrs. E. C. Halliday, of
Twenty-eighth street, on Thursday
afternoon, not Tuesday as has bee:;
To Deliver Lecture.
Dr. A. A. B ndurant will go to Sikrs
ton. Mo., Tuesday, to attend the meet,
ing of the Southeast Missouri Medical
association. The doctor will read si
paper before the association.
Three Raids By Police Indicate That
Mayor's Order Was No Joke
Must Behave on
Trying on tltc Wedding King Ik-fore
the Ceremony, Tearing the Wed
ding lircss, and ' Many Other
Thing Bring l)!re M'afortunc,
The Old, Old St )ry. a
Investiture magnificently
depicting woman's Icvu and
man' perlidy and duplicity
i tupeiidi us
proiluc .d
point ng
Arcade Theatre
221-223 Eighth Street.
Moving Pictures
' Illustrated Sands
Program Changed Dally.
Cairo's Water Walker.
Simpson iioiniiiiaiit, son or Dr. an i
Mrs. A. A. Boiiclurant, gave an oxhiM
tion In "water walking" yesterday at
ternoon on the river above the wharf
boat, lie hail built himself a pair of
"foot brats" similar to those used by
lldiieve who was here some months
ago. The boy gave a very successful
demonstration and had an interested
audience on shore.
River Excursion Tonight.
Woodmen of the World will have a
grand excursion on the river fnight
on the steamer "W. W." This boat
is owned by the same people who own
the "J. S." and is in every respect
first class craft for excursion purposes
The boat will leave on her first trip at
fi.'.IO p.' m. and on her second trip at
8:30. There is an excellent dancing
pavilion and there will be fine niusl
and refreshments. All are Invited.
Offaa 707 Commercial A
Cannon Pfcont 71.
Four Revolving Cutters made of
best crucible Bteel tempered in oil.
spiral form shear cut and self.sharp
ening. Highest grade ball bearing
parts. Perfect adjustment, noiseless
In operation and light running. Pi lees
much below many other makes. We
have a full line of Garden Wheel
barrows, Garden Hose, Hose Reels
and Mizzles, and Lawn Sprinklers.
Call and get prices.
1005 Ohio Street. Cairo Illinois.
Tkt Moit BUrMfclif brisk la tke World
it all ( Ban. Uroc-triM nt gtai4a
m m, v m
Expert Dentistry
S3.50 and S4.00
Sets of Tccih $6.00 up
f xpert Ex'racting 5Cc.
213 8th Slreet, CAIRO. ILL.
Called New Pastor.
The Christian church congregation
of this city have extended a call to
Rev. Frank Thompson, of KayettevUle
Ark., and he has accepted and will
probably be here to conduct services
next Sunday. Rev .Thompson Is an
ame young man. He was tiere some
time ago and delivered a sermon that
impressed his hearers fahorahly. U"
has been for some time pastor of th
First Christian church of Fayettevllle
Reorganized Choir With Soloist From
Peoria, Were Features at Services
At the First Methodist church yes
terday the services were of extraor
ilinary Interest, aside from the sermon
by the pastor, Rev. Morris. A feature
at b th morning and evening services
was the singing of Mr. A. Joel Bond of
Peoria, and the music by the reorgan
Ized choir, for which Mrs. H. R. This
tlewood, the organist, was largely re
sponsible. The choir consists of about
20 voires.
At the mem ing service in the First
Methodist church a week ago, Rev.
Morris christened a number of chil
Iren as follows: Donald I!., infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. farter:
Miriam, infant daughter of Mr. an 1
Mrs. H. It. Kills; Lottie, little dauith
ter of Mr. and r.Ms. S. I,. Shepherd;
Ksther Elizabeth and Ruth l.urile.
daughters of .Mr. and r.Ms. .1. M. Koeh
ler; Doris Elizabeth, infant daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. I). S. (IHls; II. den
Marguerite, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Walter.
l-ast night one yrung man was con
verted and joined the church.
Roses and other plants at Mrs. Mad
den's. 819 Twenty second street.
Wave orders for cut flowers.
Pastor of Cairo Baptist Church Says
Giving Franchise to Negro Was
Great Mistake.
At the Tairn Haptist church last
night Rev. Olimm spoke fe.l nily
about the late rity Hection. de
nouncing in srathing terms the meth
ods employed in some of th.' ward.-i
to carry the election acalnst Prohibi
tion. The buying and selling of vot. a
he sal. I was disgraceful to h th buyer
and seller. He exprese, the belief
that not over a hundred negroes aim
voted did so honestly t'le rest a'l
being borght. and he naid the great
est blunder the federal government
made was to grant the negro the
franchise. He said conditions were
such that no gentleman would want
to be a candidate for mayor, as he
would have to do what no genfeman
would "nt to do.
Washington, May 3. Addresses en
logistic of the life, character and pub
lie services of the late t'nlted States
Senators Stephen R. Mallory and Wil
liam J. Bryan of Florida, werp .le
Ilivere.l today in the house of ic presen
The police made three raids Sun.la.N
which seem to leave no doubt Hint
there ia to be no relaxation in th
lid order in Cairo. 1 he Inst waa
made shortly after 11' o'clock Saluiaily
night at the "iiti Horse In" on
Washington avenue, as stated in yes
terd-ay mornings Hulletin, iiy OUieers
Casey and Johns n. The second was
made between 2 and I! o'clock bv a
pin.l headed by Sergeant Cowoll, at
a negro resort on Poplar street, near
Thirteenth street, and the third was
nude yesterday afternoon by Chief
I'gun, ut llalliday's saloon, corner of
Nineteenth and Commercial.
Altogether forty-five men and two
w .men were caught in the drag net.
t the first named place 13 men and
lie two women were found. They ar"
'barged with loitering at a gaming
home under Section 577. At the Pop
house under Section f.77. At the Tap
eauctu, wno were attending a crap
same. This place is not a saloon. At
'he saloon of the Ilnllidavs ten whit-?
rpen were tonnd drinmng. the names
if the prisoners as they appear on tho
notice record are as follows:
By Casey and Johnson, at White
lorse Inn Cot Wilson. F. Hall. T
'oyle. 1 . Curly. H. M. Hoop. 11. Ford,
eercn Miller. It. Smith. R. Dunlap. ().
I. Spull. John Cannon, Tom flaunt.
M W. Pierce, Daisy Lawless, Mrs
I hnson.
By Cowell. Carmo.lv, Casey, Johnson
Tiid Rigcle at Poplar street resort
Doug. Wilson. Ewen Harris. Wm.
VDonely, Clvde Williamson. F.
Vaughn. Ned Barton. Dave Johnson,
Ed Partee. F. Good. II. Adkins. Watt
Murphy, Al Murphy. 'Wim. Ware, Ed
Hannon. San.lv IV fin go. Ed Powell,
im Cat. J. Eangfrrt. Ue Williams,
d Lovelace, Chas. Cruniwell, W.
By Egan at Hallidav & Halliday's
aloon. corner Nineteenth and Com
merrial Harris Morgan, Berlev Bevel.
lenrv Wilson. CJtto Miller. Tom' Peas-
ley. Gilbert Russell, dies. O'Hammel
Oscar Conner. Ed Hubbard, Ned
linois Executives Will Convene
Springfield Today Alderman
Greaney Represents Cairo.
Alderman Wm. P. Greaney has gone
to Springfield to attend the meeting
of Illinois mayors . to be held there
today and tomorrow, as the personal
representative of .Mayor Parsons who
Is unable to attend becausH of mat
ters which demand his attention at
home. Alderman Greaney carii--s a
letter of introduction from the mayor
which will give him immediate stand
lug before the distinguished body f
men. The mayor's action is favorab )
oliimented upon as Aldoima.il Gr. a
uey is peculiarly iiualihed to r 'Pre
sent the cilv at this meeting, having
been acting city treasurer for some
time and being hooked as chairman of
the finance commute" of the new itv
oimcil. lie is familiar with the
citys financial condition and with
the laws bearing on same, which will
bo the subject of exhaustive d'seus
siou at the meeting.
The purpose of the meet'tK is to
agree i-pon some plan of re lef for
muni, ipalities which are in financial
list ':, to be present' d f the Illinois
General assembly.
President Orders Col. W. F.
to Remain in Command of
doncd Post.
Wflshinrton. May :5.-Col. Win. T.
Stewart, of the coast artillery, wh:
bears the distinction of being the cn"
fficer of th" army assigned to com
mand an abandoned post until the date
of his retirement arrives. lias acal'i
received new orders direct from the
president. As a result of the latest d'
cree, ( ol. M'-wart will continue in.le
finitely bis command of Fort Grant.
Ariz, where he as sent last Septeiu
her in lien of hi.s refusal to retire.
Ernest effort on the part of tie-
friends of Col. Stewart result".! in a
reversal of this r.b-r a week or so ag
when it was officially announced that
the colonel would be permitted t'-
M'end the thiee or four years of his ac
live official car-cr in an abandon.-!
barracks at St. Aneutlne. Fla.
This order was couiitrm."indcd tcv
ay bv direction of the president, and
V1. Stewart will remain at the Ariz
m a V st. This reversal of the order
was the result of a vigorous protect on
the oart of the iw-opo of Florida, made
known through the senators from that
state. No cither explanation is made.
Baltimore. Md.. May 3 -Monsignor
Dennis John F. Connel, rector of the
Cniversity of Washington. D. C. was
today consecrated titular bishop of
a moral. Is the plcti.re prepared as an
Inaugrral feature tonight for the
patrons of the Cairo opera house.
The title of the pliU.iv. Tli'( Old,
Old Story is mighty unci pisneiv
but the story ltadf, with its intense:
pathos and an emoti na! bri'lia'icy,
Is mightier and more persuas ve. It
grasps the heii't with is aprcaliu
earnestness and nmaing fid lty to
nature's seiuencV cd' e.enti.
A story, briefly told of Wi)inans
abiding faith and of man's villiany,
The Old. Old Story. R iiai re) 'a'e 1
lts"lf since cjvil'zation's carthlv
dawn and unfortunately net always in
real life, do the perpetrat lis cf tin s
infamous crimes against innocent
girls, meet with such fitting earthly
puiiishiiient or justly deserved retr-
hution as befalls the rogue of this
In the last scene this picture sur
passes any exciting climax in a tew
stirring thrilling moments that holds
the spectator breathless, that has lat'-
ly been roprodreod and must le seen
to be appreciated.
The Old. Old Story, will be at the
Cairo opera house only one night, the
program being change.! every d,ty
matinees being inaugurated tomorrow
afternoon at " : Il't and continuing
every day .luring Cie entire season.
Everyone Was Meant For Some
one, an old. but very popular ballad,
will be the song t ils evening. Mr.
Henry I lasen.iaegar, Jr.. a local vocal
ist of great promise rendering the il
lustrated selection, while Mr. Bright-.r
will officiate as pianist.
Convictions For Violations in Various
Part of the State Reported
to State Warden.
a License
Wells Arthur
Welch, lr
Springfield, May ,1. Convictions for
violations of the minors game law
have been reported to State Game
Commissioner John A. Wlie der since
last report, as follows:
For Hunting Without
Conor.! Narado, Bush,
county; Dwight Heed.
Schuyler county; IjciiiI"
and Arthur Malience,
Moultrie county; Henry
vlng, Montgomery county; Joseph T.
Johnson. Plymouth, Hancock coun
ty; Amis Tiffin, Vermillion, Tdgar
county; Harry S. WVYn, Oak Park.
Cook county; Homer Sliaers and Joe
Stoner, Charleston, and Charles
Fisher, Mattoon, Cole s county! each
lined l-T, and costs.
For Killing Water Fowl Morros
Butler, Havana, Mason county, was
fined $:;t and cents for shoot'ni two
wild .lucks from a gasoline launch.
Morris Ellis. Peoria, Peoria county,
was lined lo and costs tor snooune
a duck from a gasoline iarnch. Hariy
llorg, Geneva, Kane county, was lined
and costs for killing three rails.
For Killing Prairie Chickens-
Henry Theolen. Chicago. Cook conn
ty; Fred Fawcett. Princeton, Bureau
county: each fined $1.1 and costs.
For Killing Song Birds Oliver Di
ns, Meyer, Adams county, lined $i.
in. I costs; J. B. Perry. Brooklyn. St.
Clair county, fined ." and costs.
George Job. Meehanicsiiurg. Sanga
mon eciiiutv, was fined " and costs
for robbing birds nests.
For Violation of Trespass Law
llox Dixon, Sheldon's Grove. Schuyi r
countv; P ter Koch. T. .V 1 liotnsen.
Johnson, and J. St'-lnliracher, C I-
-.- . 1. t
cago. ( cok countv. tieorge j-riee, r-iv
Ion's Grove. Schuyler countv; ea h
fined M mt hii.I exists, the same lieing
paid into the common school fund.
John Vale, of Chicago, was fined
II", and rests for killing a s-pnrrel crt
of season.
Gern'ahy eeems to he especially
prolific of bridal superstitions. A
German writer has Just offered theso
comments on the bridal day, by
w hich it may le Been that bad luck
. t Inlhur tVl'lli uvie1 li1s haa tha nAlnt
and1 " . . B
or empnasts.
According to tho Germans tho
bride! must be especially careful on
her wedding day not to put the left
foot out of bed first for that would
mean perpetual strife.
It Is most necessary to see that
thirteen persons do not sit down to
breakfast together that day. Many
ml; fortunes will befall that bride
who tries tho wedding ring on tho
proper finger before the wedding;
this is considered an anticipation of
I fate and fate Is not to be to caught.
lit is even possible that In such cases
I the -wedding may fall at the last ruo
i ment. In fact some brides think It
a bad sign If tho bridegroom even
( show them tho ring before the wed
! ding.
When the bride puts on the wed
, ding dress she must be very careful
not to rip or tear it not evcti a bit
I of lace, nor should she pick-up any
, thing on it for this, too, la a bad
! sign. If, however, anything be torn
, It should not bo sewn for each
etitch brings tears and misfortunes.
In English society bits of court plas
ter are used for such emergencies;
The bride should admire her dress
before the wedding day, for If It U
completed and she look In tho mir
ror on her wedding day each glance
means misfortune.
It Is an awful sign for tho bride
to look back over her shoulder, for
this is a sign that she looks back to
the past with a heavy heart, and does
not look to the future with Joy. If
she should see herself .n the mirror
when thus looking back, all luck Is
gone from this wedding.
This refers of course, to an acci
dental look backward. If the bride
ia In her carriago and any one calls
to her, she must on no condition look
backward. Before her wedding no
bride who hopes for good luck
6hou!d weep crying la permitted
only after the ceremony. A mother
who embraces her daughter and,
weeping, makes her weep, calls
down misfortune upon her child.
Ix ii'uus wmj n;uu n-it-g i a 1110 iw a
bride should so time them that they
arrive ony after the ceremony, for
misfortune comes with premature
congratulations. Hundreds of tele
grams afterward can do no harm
but a single one too soon Is bad
Under no circumstances should
the bridal bouquet be forgotten, for
this Is of evil omen. It is a bad sign
too If the bridegroom Is late. If
the bride drops her bouquets Its is
well to aandon the wedding if luck Is
It is remarkable how far bridal
superstition goes. It ' extends even
to tho wedding presents. Some
think it ill luck to receive any pres
ents that cut, and yet many send
fish knives, fruit and dinner knives.
Few consider how many tears thesa
well meant presents cause the bride,
who especially at this time s hrlnki
fro mthe last portent of evil.
Call up Buchanans Music Store if
you want your
Resident Tuner. 2b years experience.
All Work Guaranted. Moderate
Cheese Omelet.
Three eggs, A desertspoons of
flour, 1 ounce of grated cheese, pep
per, salt and 1-2 ounce of butter.
Beat the eggs, flour anj seasoning to
gether until smooth; add the cheese,
melt the butter lour in the omelet,
stir until it begins to set, then fold
k towards the handle of the pan and
turn on to a hot dish; sprinklo tha
top with grated cheese.
Graham Bread.
One cup water, 1 cup milk, 1 cup
molasses, 1 teaspoon soda, pinch of
salt, 3 cups of graham flour. Place
dish In water, set tn oven, steam 3
hours, last half-hour remove your
bread In dish to bottom of oven.
Orange Fritters.
Divide the -oranges Into quarters,
removing all the pith carefully; dtp
each piece Into stfteJ sugar, then In
to good frying batter and fry In deep
fat until a golden color. Drain by
the fire and serve on a dolly.
County fairs are becoming very
carce jn Illinois. The state- le ar 1
f agriculture has sent out a list of
enmity fairs for this year, and out
rf the jie' counties in the state only
tiftyfHo will hold fairs. Many of the
lairs in this oart of the state wore
mrt out of business by the biz sta'e
fair, w he re pcopl- can cn and so
yii.-h iin , isnlavH anil trood races as
well as the ether lectures mat it h
io-Ki!1e for a larce city to offer. Tlx i"
was a time when every county had Ps
fair and when the interest began ti
wane the abominable street fair was
hatched out and every town went wild
lor ono. After a round of street fain
wl.i.-h 1 conducted in the tieht wav
nnvht 'o be a crand success, the towns
were wild because they had tolerated
iiieh an affair. Hillsbory Journal.
Mock Indian Pudding,
Two 6llces bread buttered put In
dish, Just cover with boiling water,
toak a few minutes until soft; add 1
egg (beaten), 1 quart milk, 3-4 cup
molasses and bake 1 hour. Eeasy to
make; nice hot or cold, with or with
out cream.
Onion King.
Peel and flire, not too thin, sev
eral large Spanish onions. Dip each
ring first Into sweet milk and then
into flour. Drop Into a deep pan of
boiling oil or juttei and fry until
nicely browned.
(Ticcs Pudding.
Cover bottom of pudding pan with
piecrust dough rolled thin, scatter
lumps of butter and cheese to make
thin layer, season with salt and pep
per, another layer of dough, cheese,
butter, seasoning, then another; beat
yelk of egg in cup of milk and pour
over, bake thirty minutes. Dello
lnas but rich.
Potato Poultice.
Raw grated potato applied on tram
scald wfll relieve the pain immediately.
t The preservation of health and prevention against disease is almost
entirely dependent utron pure, healthy blood ; every org-an, tissue, nerve and
sinew of the body draws on this vital fluid for nourishment and strength.
Poisons, humors and germs from various sources often get into the blood,
and then this great life-stream becomes a source of infection and disease,
instead of a nourishing, health-sustaining fluid. Heredity is likewise an
important factor, regulating the quality of the blood. Some persons are born
with tainted blood from diseased ancestry, and Scrofula in one of its numerous
forms is 6ure to crop out some time in life. Not only poisons in the blood
are responsible for disease, but when the circulation is run down and becomes
poor and weak in quality, then we see the effect in a general bad condition
of health, such as weakness, sallow complexions, boils, and various skin
eruptions. . All blood troubles require a tonic and blood purifier, and none
other equals S. S. S. It goes down to the
very foundation of the trouble, and removes
v every particle of the poison or impurity from
the blood. And not only does S. S. S.
antidote the poisons, humors and germs, but
it possesses health-giving, tonic properties,
which build up and strengthen weak, impov
erished blood, and fortifies the system against
disease 7 S. S. S. permanently cures Rheumatism, Catarrh, Sores and Ulcera,
Scrofula, Kczema, Tetter, and all other skin diseases and disorders. Book
ou the blood and any medical advice free.
That all First Class Dealers when you
ask for Soda Water will serve you only
with The Standard Temperance
Drinks Manufactured by
Andrew Lolir Bottling Company.
We guarantee our goods to comply with
all requirements of Pure Food Laws and
will protect and hold harmless all Dcaleis
there, f.
In connection with our Gas and Electric bus
iness we have also taken up
and arc carrying a comp ete Hue of plumbing
fixtures and supplies, such us tubs Iavatorys,
sinks, toilets, pip fittings etc., etc. When In
need of anything in this line kindly call on
616 Commercial Avenue, Cairo, Illinois.
Hickory Stove Wood
We run two wagons, make prompt deliveries.
Clark-Danforth Handle Company
Weit 21it St. M. & O. R. R.
The only place In, town
where you can get a"
Hickory Wood. Two hor
Wagon $1.50.
are the best remedy on the market to
break up Grip and Colds.
For sale by all druggists, 50c per box.
New Firm. New Lumber. Flooring, Siding, Ceiling, Sash, Doors and
Interior Finish, Euilders' Hardware, Screen Doors, Screen Windowt
and Rubber Roofing Paper. Get our prices before you buy. It costs
you nothing and may save you Dollars. Thirty-fourth and Big Four
Railroad. Bell Phone 385.
May Not Neglect Duty.
Men of intellectual and moral and
religious culture, who are not active
forces for good in society, are not
worth what it costs to produce and
keep them. Henry van Dyke.
Definition by a Cynic.
A musical dictionary defines a shou
to be an "unpleasant noise produced
by overstraining the throat, for which
great singers are paid well and
p!illrirr:n pr" pvrl hed
How Caesar Escaped.
Man who's been studying the o-lRln
of the injunction says It came from
the Roman law. Wasn't Invented In
tinip. howvor, to stop Caesar from
the Kubic l::.
Huge Rope of Hair."
In the Hrilish museum there Is
huge rope of hair, weighing nearly two
tons. It was originally made for one
of the emperors of Japan.
mt For Dntaktrnirn, Opitnr,
morpiiint uq
btc Habit
ad NrCTarfhtni.
.141 I
Dlftht, III.
Save your nicklcs and dimes
and waii for the Great
Bankrupt Sale which will tike
place at the Grand Leader in r.x
few days. Keep your eyes on
this paper for the date.
i llMlllll

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