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WIH.TWa..')',WJT,ii.r,vF5Wi,j.,y,fT ,
i W A-N T. A D S i
'Q n
The Want Columns of the Bulletin are consulted by
hundreds of people every morning in peatch of teal
estate bargains, articles for sale, lost or found, sit
nations wanted and vacant.
HATHSt Oo Insertion, per word . . ,01
r Tlnrfcifc InrtlonJ or-r woul . .02 4
One Week,'
tf-.-.-a.i .
io 4v;rtHam i.eritfiW Hess ibau isJtJc.
M p' B
, Rates for Classified Notices
One Insertion, per word 01
Three Insetions, per word .02'a
One week, per word -05
One month, pe word 15
No advertisement Inserted for less
than twenty-five cents.
FOR RENT Eight room, two
story residence In good location. Ad
dress "B. W." this office.
" ROOMS For light housekeeping.
1505 Poplar street
""KOR HENT Six room house; bath
and lights. Apply 2727 Holbrook ave
nue. FOR RENT Rooms. 338 Eighth
Eighth street.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms
914 Walnut street.
FOR SALE Cheap good driving
and saddle horse with runabout and
harness. Apply G. P. Eiehenberger.
WANTED Lady solicitor, salary
and commission. Apply Credit Tail
or's, 1100 Washington avenue.
"KOR SALE Elegant residence. No.
27.15 Washington avenue, corner Char
les" street; modern improvements;
three lota.
Also several
small residences and
cottages, nice
properties, on easy
Real Ebtate Agent.
WANTED FIvo or six room cot
tage with modern convenience, be
low Ninth street, not later than June
1. Address' Cottage, this office.
WANTED Good milk cow. Jersey
preferred. U. S. Marine Hospital.
PASTHRH TO LET Will call and
get stock. B. J. Hargan, Mound City,
This is to notify all who. may be con
cerned that I tf 111 not be responsible
for any bills or debts contracted by my
That Smith girl." I suppose, wtlJ
wear the trousers when she marries
little Jones; but t any .ie, she
won't have much money to spend.
"No; she'll find herself In a tight
He Wonted Doctor.
An English tourist while travelling
In Switzerland, was taken seriously M
at an hotel, and requested the land
lord to send for a doctor Immediate
i.. Ac ho uo lvini? In bed alone In
his room, a well dressed man sudden
ly opened the door and stepie.l In.
"te you the doctor?" inquired
the tourist.
Th vluiinr Eimalv asked: "What
"I feel very poorly, indeed, said
the tourist "I am totally unable to
"What! Not even in the room!
.clarl th caller.'
-No; I cannot stand on my feet."
said the patjem, ana can .i"f .'
stove a whisper."
'pt word 05
,t 1 ft
o e tt & $
wife, or for anything she says or
docs. W. H. TRESCOTT.
FINE bull can be found at Twenty
second and Sycamore streets. Terms
$1.00. Lon Shepherd.
VACANT Government land la
cated by counties open to home
stead entry and purchase. Booklet
containing Information for 25c. C. WT.
Weisenbaum, Altamont, Kas.
WE have 25 or 30 loads of clean,
new shavings. They are free while
they last. Greer-Wilkerson Lumber
bod'ed unmarried men between ages
of IS and 35; citizens of United
States, of good character and temper
ate habits, who can apeak, read and
wrlto Engihih. Men wanted for ser
vice In Cuba and the Philippines. For
Information apply to Recruiting Off!
cer, 415 Ohio street, Cairo, 111.
I will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by my wife. Oliver
LOST Gold ring, plain, inscribed
"Mother to Ella." Finder return to this
office and receive reward.
Advertisements of not exceeding
three lines will be accepted free for
one week's time from any reader of
The Bulletin to be Bled by Advertiser
In person, on regular form, at the of
fl.;o of The Bulletin Company, 701
Ohio street The Bulletin Company
RSHiimes no responsibility for any ad
vertisoment or statement made them
lu and will not accept under this
heading; the notice of any person
known to be employed.
WANTED Two unfurnished rooms
for light housekeeping, down town.
Address P. tiilc office.
WANTED Position by young man
as stem grupher or office assitaut. Ad
dress: "Experienced," Bulletin.
WANTED Position as stenog
rapher or for general housework
Call: Bell Phone 211-X.
ej the other as h- coolly annexed the
invrlld's watch and pu.se," and maoe
Looks That Way.
Bacon "Thought you said your
boy was quite a deer shooter?"
.Egbert "So I did."
"Why I hear he went out the other
tar, tired at a deer and hit a cow 7
"That's what he did. I had to pay
(or the cow. Don't you call that dear
'"TTiJi Chi j r'oc,
Alcohol is the foe of tlu working-
man. Inasmuch as It lessens bis pro
ductive powers, thus lowering hfs ef
ficiency a a workman. It renders
tiitu careless and Indifferent as to
the welfare of his family, and re
sults In the children drifting Into
the workshop and factory at a time
of Hie when they oi ght to be gaining
the knowledge necessary to fit them
for the circumstances of the future.
Co-operative News.
John sop Grass.
If Prejudice could bo overcome,
this U one of the most valuable hay
grasses we have. It is at home la
our climate and can be depended on
to make a crop. It Is akin to sor
ghum and partakei to some extent
ot sorghum's hardiness. Cut the
grass early. Just as the first heads
appear. If too old It is of but little
Novel Farm.
One of the most curious "farms"
In the country ts conducted by Misi
Abby Lathrop of Gran by. Mass. She
has a little piace up among the bills
where she raises mice, weasels, fer
rets, rabbits, guinea pigs, and water
rats. She hts in her charge all
told about 2,500 animals, and her
enterprise has been a success. Les
lie's Weekly.
What He Had Missed.
"Graclo-s! ' exclaimed Mrs. Good'
ley, -Just listen to that clergyman!
I'm positive he s swearing. Evident
ly he's misled his vocation."
"No." replied her husband, "1
thlrk It was bis train." rhlladet
c Stocks Bonds 4 Cereals
Early Recovery Was Not Held On Ac
count of Weakness Abroad dis
position to Take Profits.
New York, May 4. The early re
covery in the market today following
weakness in Inloii did not hold.
The disturbance in Ixnidon was luf
to bad influence of news of tribal dis
turbances amongst the Afghans on
the Indian frontier. Arbitrage brok
ers sold stocks here quite freely for
London account, thus offering direct
pressure on the New York market.
There was, besides a continued dis
position on the part of last week's
buyers of stocks to realize profits ac
crued on their purchases; a disposi
tion which was alrdeay manifest on
Saturday in the sharp reaction at the
end of the day. Influence or renewed
depression in commerce and industry
was predominant today. Variou3
items in the day's Intelligence called
attention to that side of the situation.
Reviews of bank clearings and of
business casualties, for April indi
cated a continued low ebb of business
activity. Today bank clearings for
April decreased 22.9 per cent from
those for April last year, and the
average daily clearings for the month
showed a conatinuance of the pro
gressive decrease noted through Jan
uary, February and March. The 1,
152 business failures for April re
ported by Bradstreets exceeds the
number for any previous April since
1893. An interview by President Me
Crea of the Pennsylvania railroad
was of influence in shaping opinion
and Its views were detldedly con
servative as to the promptness to be
expected In business revival and
restoration of normal financial and
commercial conditions. More con
fidence was voiced by President
Gould of the Missouri Pacific and
that stock made a conspicuous ad
vance contrary to tho general cur
rent of the market.
Efforts to sustain pikes centered
on Southern Pacific and Amalgamated
copper, while Union Tai'lfic and St.
Paul were freely sold to take profUs.
The whole market weakened late In
the day.
New York, May 4. Money on call
easy 1&2 per cent; ruling rate 1;
closing bi.l 1 ; offered at 2. Time
loans steady: sixty days 2U,(tt2 per
cent ; . ninety days 3 per cent; six
months 3it3 per cent. Prime
paper ZYofiri pir cent. Exchange
usior; demand 4SCWSiJSt'4Si;.sr; six
ty days 484.40ffM5. Bar silver 52.
New York, May 4.
Today Saturday
Close Close
Ainal. Cop CO 'j CO '4
Am. Sugar Rfg 127 127
Atchison 80V Kl
Do. Pfd. S9Ms 87
11. and 0 87 88
n. r. t 4 47
('. and N. W 150'fc 151 '4
C. M. and St. P. ...IL'0 12114
Colo. F. and 1 2 1 2414
D. and R. G 20 2814
Do. Pfd 57 55
Gt. Nor. Pfd 127 128
Illinois Central 135 136 V8
Inter. Mets 10 10 '
Do. Pfd 28 27Vi
L. and N' 10C U7
Mo. Pac. 48 48
M. K. and T 27 28
N. Y. C l')14 l"l4
Ncr. Pac 131 133
Pac. Mall 2t; 2(5
Penn 121 '4: 12114
People's Gas 90 90'4
Reaoding 10!ti M9
Rock Island 15 ' 15
Do. Pfd 32Mj 32
Sou. Pac 81 81
Sou. Ry 14 15
Inion Pac 130 138
I. S. Steel 35 ' 3C.
Do. Pfd 100 101
Wabash 10 " 10
Do. Pfd 18 19
Western I'ninn .... 31 6114
Refunding 2s' reg. ..T)3'4 103
Rfdg. 2s coupon ...103 104
Registered 3's 10'l 100
Coupon 3s 100 10114
New 4's reg 119 119
New 4's coupon 121 12114
COFFEE Options closed steady
net unchanged to 5 iKjints lower.
Sales 18.000 bags. July 590; spot
quiet; No. 7 Rio C; Santos 8; mild
dull: Cordova 9j12.
SUGAR Raw quiet; fair refining
398; centrifugal 9G test 448; molasses
373: Refined quiet.
BUTTER Steady; creamery 19Q
CHEESE Irregular; full creams
EGGS Firmer; good to choice 17
f 18.
Elgin, 111., May 4 Butter firm at
26 cents. Sales for the week 539.300
Uncle Allen.
"Some men." muttered Uncle Allen
Bparks after the tiresome speaker bad
at down, "remind me of aa-old water
mlU that's running with empty hop
pers. Their wheels keep on going.
but they doa't turn out any grist
Wheat Started With Excellent
Strength and Corn and Oats Fol
lowed Suit, Closing Higher.
Chicago, May 4. WHEAT Opened
strong on the tadvance og Id at
Liverpool and a decrease of 4, 739,0110
bushels in the amount on passage.
Later these influences were aided by
a decrease of 5,547,000 bushels in the
visible supply in America, and the
smallnesa of primary receipts. Heavy
rains in Kansas and Nebraska check
ed the advance for a time, but later
this factor was ignored. The eature
of trading was the fluctuations of May
delivery which sold between 10114 and
10414, closing at 103. July closed'
1 higher. "No. 2 red 10210414:
No. 3 red 96(5102; No. 2 hard 100
10714; No. 3 hard KG&104; July op
ened 90 to 90; highest 91; lowest
89, closing 9u.
CORN May delivery sold at 70
which Is the highest price since 1902.
The advance was caused by operations
of a prominent trader, who, it is said,
is endeavoring to coiner the market.
In general the market was strong all
lay. Wet weather, small receipts, firm
calbes and the strength In wheat were
bullish iniluences. The close was
strong, July up ; No. 3 CS; No. 3
.vcllow 09C9; July opened C4
C4; highest C4(i5; lowest 0414;
closing C4Go; May 70ffi70.
OATS Firm in sympathy with
wheat and corn. There was a good
lemnnd from commission houses, but
offerings were small. July closed
(f; higher. No. 3 white 50 53;
Inly opened 47ffT47'4; highest 47
; lowest 47; closing 47; May
Chicago, May 4. Tho following car
loads represent the day's movements
Flour 20 15
Wheat 2C. 27
Corn 154 20S
Oats 287 141
Minneapolis, May 4. WHEAT
May 108; July 10714. Cash clos
sd No. 1 northern 109 109 spot:
109 to arrive; No. 2 northern 107
10? spot; 107 to arrive.
Now York. May v. WHEAT Re
ceipts 180.000; soot firm; No. 2 red
110 elevator; No. 2 red 111 f.o.b.
afloat. Options cloned IV&! cent
net advance. May 109; July 99.
CORNRecelpts 8.000; spot firm;
No. 2 nominal elevator and 71'fi74
f.o.b. afloat; No. 2 white nominal and
No. 2 yellow nominal f.o.b. afloat. Op
tions closed Tt cent net higher.
May 80: July 73.
OATS Receipts 30.000; exports 2-
don; spot firm; Mixed 5014: white 58
&94; clipped white 59if;(i5.
St. Louis, May 4. CATTLE Re
ceipts 3,000. Strong; native shipping
and export steers $6.5Ki 7.25; dress
ed beef and butchers $4.75fj'G.2n:
stockers and feeders $3.25 fi 5.25; cowd
ami heifers 1.75(a6.40; calves J3.o0
Ti 7.00.
HOGS Receipts 9,500; ten lower.
Ranged $3.75fi .5.75.
Chicago, May 4 CATTLE Receipts
20,000. Active and ten higher; uteers
f.5.ii0fa 7.25; cows and heifers S3.f,0tf?
0.75; stockers and feders $3.25ft5.75;
calves 4.75ft 5.75.
HOGS Receipts 57,000; ten to 15
cents lower; choice heavy shipping
$3.6055.70; butchers $5.G0ifj 5.G5;
lights 5.45ft 5.70: packing $5.10(!i 5.00;
piKS $4. 25ft 5.35; bulk sales $5.45ft5.53
SHEEP Receipt; 21,000; Blow and lit
tle lower; 'sheep $5.U0J!5.25; lambs
16.00ft 7.55; yearlings $5.50ft 6.25.
Negro's Method of Disciplining Wo
man Who Had Displeased Him
Was Rath-r Harsh.
Sunday night people on Commercial
avenue in the vicinty of Seventh
itreet. witnessed what might easily
have been a murder. A lot of negroes
who had been on a river "excursio-i
were coming home. In front of Sand
er's grocery store one big fellow with
a woman companion and who was
carrying a basket of bottles, suddenly
set the basket down, picked out one
of the bottles and struck the woman
beside the head with such force that
the bottle flew into a hundred bits
Then he picked up his basket and leU
urely continued his walk, while the
woman reeled, staggered a few stop
and fell. Other negroes came to the
woman's assistance, helped her up.
and she was able to stagger alornr
bleeding profusely frnn a jaeged cut
cn the side of the head. But no one
attempted to Interfere with the brut;
wLo bad struck hfr. nor was any re
port of the affair made at poiice head
Quite True.
He who learns front experience el
dora falls la love with his teacher.
Washington Star. - -
Many a Cairo Household Will Find
Them 80.
To have the pains and aches of a
bad back removed; to be entirely
free from annoying, dangerous urin
ary disorders is enough to make any
kidney sufferer grateful. To tell how
this great change can be brought
about will prove comforting words to
hundreds of Cairo readers:
W. F. Gibson, pt, 416 Eleventh
street, Cairo, 111., says: "I suffered
for years from kidney trouble. The
pains across my back and loins were
so severe at times that I could hardly j
straighten after sloping. If J caught
cold it was sure to settle In my kid-'
neys and a a consequence 1 suffered
more Intensely at such times. I
learned of Doan's Kidney Pills andi
procured a box at Schuh & Sons' drug
store. From the wonderful results
I received I do not hesitate to recom
mend them." (Statement given April
25, 1900.)
On Feb. 14th, 1903, Mr. GlbBon
said: "I have no reason to retract
anything I said In my previous state
ment recommending Doan's Kidney
Pills, and can speak even more highly
of them at this time."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
States. '
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
State of Illinois, Alexander Countv,
ss. Alexander County Circuit. In th
matter of Anheuser-Busch Brewing (
Association s. Albert B. Arey and
Harriet M. Arey. In Chancery. . Bill
to Forecleae Mortgage. Public notice
13 hereby given that In pursuance of
4 decretal crder entered in tho above
entitled cause r,n February 21st A. D,
1908, I, Walter Warder, Master In
Chancery for said court, on Saturday
the 9th dav cf May, A. D. 1908, at
eleven o'clock In the forenoon of said
day, shall cell for cash at public auc
tion at the southwesterly door of the
court house In the city of Cairo, In
cald county, the following described
real estate: ai numbered three 3l,
!n block numbered twenty-eight (28),
In the fiist addition to the city of
Cairo, In the county of Alexander and
state of IMinols. together with all and
singular the tenements and heredita
ments thereunto belonging.
Dated K Cairo, 111., this 17th day
.f April, A. D. 1908.
MaHter In Chancery for the Circuit
Court of Aleyander County, Illinois.
David S. Lansden, Complainant's
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of the city engineer until 5 p.
111. May 5th, 1908, for furnishing the
material and labor and constructing
complete guaranteeing said work for
a period of two years cement side-
walks under ordinances No. 128, 129.
131, 133, 135, 136, 137 and 140. Said
bids shall be marked as such and ac
companied with cash or a certified
check for ten per cent of the amount
of the bid. Said bids will be opened
luring the first regular meeting of the
city council In May. The right Is re
served to reject any and all bids.
City Engineer.
Cairo, 111., April 25th. 1908.
Corrected to May 1st, 1908.
Trains Leave Cairo:
1:32 a. m.. Daily Chicago Vestibule
Umltcd, arriving Chicago 11:30 a. m.
2:23 a. m. Dally St. Louis Night
Limited, arriving St. Louis 1:08 ft. m.
Sleeping car open at 8:80 p. m.
5:00 a. m. Chicago Daylight Express
ixcept Sunday.
5:00 a. m. St. Louis Morning ex
iress, except Sunday.
11:15 a. m. St Louis Fast Mall.
11:15 a. m. Chicago Mid day Special
2:35 p. m. Dally St Louis Limited.
2:35 d. m. Afternoon Express for
Odin, Effingham, Mattoon, Champaign
5:10 p. m. Thebes Accommodation.
7:15 p. m. Chicago and Eastern Ex
2:45 a. tn. Memphis and Naahvt'O-
3:15 . m. Memphis and "Iw Or
eans Limited.
6:00 a. m. Paducan and Loui ill.
1:41 p. m. Dally Mmpbi hdJ N'
1:41 p. m. Dally NHhvii, ChatU
ooga and Atlanta.
4:30 p. m. Fulton Accommodation,
$:50 p. m. Paducan and Lnufltl.
5:00 p. m. Memphis and N-w Or ;
leans Special.
For through tickets. sWplrnr r
accommodations and further Informa
tion apply at Illinois Central Passen
ger Station, Cairo, 111.
J. H. JONES, Ticket Agent
S. A. HATCH. G. P. A.
A. H. HANSON. Pass. Trafflo Mgr.
Time of Trlne at
No. 1, Express daily, lv....2:05 p.m
No. 3, Express daily, lv....2:05 a.m.
No. 2. Express daily, lv....1:35 p.m
No. 4, Express daily, lv.... 2:11 a.m.
J. H. JONES, Ticket Agent,
Several Methods by Which They Out
t Peeteaa Appearaac of Height,
Theoretically, it Is delightful to b
"a Gibson girl," but as a matter of
fset It may be anything but Pjeaa
ant for a woman to be taller than her
escort or in any way out of the arer-
ge. And It Is often a distinct draw
back when a girl U more than flra
feet ten Inches in height she
will do well to decrease the effect pt
Ullness. ;
This may be lessened to a marked
degree by the .careful selection of
the style of dress. Then, ; too, a
large woman should remember to se
lect big chairs to sit In because by
comparison they make her ' appear
small. A small seat, to the contrary,
makes hey aeem gigantic. . It Is too
low proportionately, and does not
hold her easily.
When standing or walking the ef
fect of tallness may, be decreased by
a slight droop of the. head. To al
low the head to hang ) extreme, and
accomplishes nothing' beyond an un
pleasant appearance, ' while the tin
iest droop can do wonders. There
should be no stooping of the should
ers, however, for this wUl ruin th
ngurs and make the girl most awk
ward. She ; should bold , herself
erect thought not stiffly 10. Marvels
may be done In taking off Inches by
the manner of hair dressing.
Large, high pompadours are to be
voided. This Is not to say a 'tall
girl shall not wear one, but It should
not be extreme. If she has the iy$
of face to wblab hair simply purtu')
and brushed back Is becoming this
Is by all means the coiffure to be
adopted. Few can stand It how
ever, and the next best Jblng Is an In
conspicuous style of dressing th
plalu flat, not pljlng them high on
top of the head. Better Is It to
place the mass of hair at the back
of Ihe head or on the neck.
' Big hats are as great a mistake as
are hugo pompadours, for enormous
millinery will accentuate and . draw
attention to the height Rampant list
trimmings should be carefully avoid
ed anl low effects jhoseo In their
stead. Stripes are excellent In dress
materials, but should never be to ar
ranged as to run up and down. This
style makes a woman appear taller
than she really is. Those Tor a wom
an of height should go around in a
bayadere effect.' and floupces, bias
bands and other VecoratUMis placed
at Mlterval trm hem to the knee
and above, are suited to her. !
Exaggerated "straight front" are
to be regarded by her with horror,
selecting Instead Bpft blouse waist
with wide girdles. The latter are
particularly good especially when of
material contrasting to that of the
gown, for In this way they become
more pronounced. '
A Fetching Blouse In Silk Gauze, j
Forma! blouses and and bodices"
have taken up the trend of sheerness
lnauzurated by the lingerie blouse
and some very fetching; models are
shown carried out In silk , rauxe
mounted over tbln China and Japan
ese silks. Simple yet dressy Is tnt
mtixt Illustrated. It Is of natural
color gauze, having the front 1 anj
back laid In deep folds and Jarge pe,
dalllons of embroidery are sUtcied
over the game , with embroidery
tltch for decorative effeot. Th frpat
la tucked chiffon with pointed band!
of tba blouse material Jald : Jlght
across It the ends of the t auxe end
ing under the side of the front folds.
The tall collar Is of lace and th
sleeves of gauze finltbed with btd
of black ribbon relvet.
H'ralths of Broadway.
Lower Broadway, New York, after
7 o'clock on the average night Is
pretty well dese--d ejevpt for pnt
:ls of wemen. They are asaally
over fifty; they Invariably wear shab
by black gowns and shwls and their
bats are the stranges: and most won
derful concoctions that ever were
turned out under the name ot mil
linery. In the dim light of that
invon thev sugaest all sorts .. or
Tories of trarsdfes. of nnsuccetsful
. for they fairly slink along In the
leepest shadows. But H you chance
to pass two of them together their
talk Is cheerful enough. They have
"good Jobs" as the scrub women of
the office buildings that employ their'
services every night after business la
lone. "
To Detect Sewer Gas.
Here is the test for the detection
n an apartment of swer CM: Satu
rate unglazed paper with a solution
it one troy ounce of pure acetate of
lead in eight fluid ounces of rla:
water; let partially dry; then expose
la the room suspected of Containing
tewer gas. The presence of gas in
ny considerable quantity soon
jackens the test jtaper. . -
Condmnt!o of Srvtstlty. . '
I would not : enter la my UU ol
fxlenis n man who needlessly aetn
toU upon trowm ou. . . .-'
U R :!'"' - S71TiiV
M vt ilf. It - -,
0pHMll s'4 tn th bfevir.f d un
si lor m pH! oaii tw q K!vlt n
r Skat eanac be qat.lre ti r IU'v"ww
W W-9
JSMITH brothers;
Dealers In Everything that la pM o
Eat Ue and Wear. Exclusive .AunU
for BLA NICE'S CtdiA-atc.l Culfae.'
v- r. : v.. , 1
I I -
',. .-' -1 f4 '
C. E. GRECCRY, Mof.f
1106 Washington ATGane.
: Alexander ;
County NatioruiK
-f Bank
.. , ; 1 r
Cemmarelal Avenue and Eighth yfi
f " . 1 '
Captltal . . v a tap, cuo
Surplus , :V, motXl
' ' , OFFICiet. "-
H. ' Ai' BQdcr' '.;.'...; ", . .prrcl at
Chas. Feuchetr Vic PiokU. t
J H. Oalllgaa Cbsh;r
F. Spencer Awlstant Caibler
Accounts of corporations and Individ
uals especially lollclted. Bxchah
furnished to any part of th world.
Alexander Cotmiy
Savings ;.Ba;ik
t v
CplU IJ"X)
uTtue frJ,CO
B. A. Buder .....Vrtaldcrjt
C. O. Patier Vice Prtwiaout
J. H. Galllgan ....Cashier
Frank Spencer .. ..Assistant Cashier
E. A. Buder.
Thos. Boyd.
Wm. KJuga.
ChM. Fetich f,
D. a. Lzt&niL:
J. 71. GanigftB
C. O. Patter.
C. r. fiet
Uro.e 1'atfKf,
Uitaraat Ps:S en Tin.e tief.ta
Cairo Chj Ttmkt
P'.KecSOJ4 to VtoltX & V,lt.
J. H. hitCE, PRO!5-
'i Kiuds cf JI,T'ilrs Vh. I"w ,;'.
Uorh Poi.s, 123. '
1111 Washington Ave, Ca'r f wiw
River Ire portal
Lee Lies Stearin
For Memphis tnt WT Lsndlnse.
Steamer bpartui
Sadie Lee, Friday, May 8, 5 p. ml
Ferd Hero'd. W?4, My p.
Fee Cincinnati Wsy f
f'ttc.s Lt. Surdjy. Vay iC. p. m fi
for St. arnf Way Ln;
I F?H Hrreid, Sund.-y "0, a. ft
r.-.r rr-srfct and FMfi i&1
at Hallldsf A FisUUs Wf-
boat Oalnn. 1
General Mahiser, O.F. A PJu
General Office, 4 Sswtli Front St.
Memf hla Jinm,
"I am very glad to hear it remark-
tiila Press. ,
May, 1st, 1908. - Cairo, III.

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