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4Mf4 at U Olro PoctoSW h traaiBlnlaa
tawuf a U mailt Mooad-alkM rstM
5 s
Padueah 40 220 0.0
Kansas City ... 21 22.1 1.8 rise
St. Louis M ZO.l 0.1 rise
Chester 30 2U.I 0.1 rise
C. Girardeau ... 2S Jo.2 0.0
New Madrid 34 30.0 0.1 fa'l
.Memphis 33 30.1 0.2 fa 1
Vicksburg 45 47.9 0.0
New Orleans ... lil 19. G 0.2 ris?
Yesterday' Cairo Temperature.
At 7 p. m
At 12 midnight (street recoid)
Yesterday's River Forecasts.
The Ohio, fit Rvansvllle. will co 1-
t-ioue faillns for sevral days. At Mr.
Vernon, 'Will begin falling today. At
Padueah and Cairo, no material
clKi'lgf during the next 4$ hours.
Tile Touiiessee, it t Florence un I
Rivertoli net niileh change for 3ti
hours. At Johnsonv iile, will con
timie falling during the next 30 hours.
The Mississippi, from below St.
Louis to Cairo, very littie change dur
;3.lng the next 3i! to IS hours.
Arrived Yesterday and Will Be Set to
Work Next Week On River
Plant Much Work In
in Sight.
deep unnrir
The Reporter Got Some New
Lights on an Old Art
General Conditions.
The day was cloudy and rain began
to fall toward evening. The 12hou:
precipitation up to 7 p. m. measured
.32 of an inch, hut the heaviest fall oc
urred after that hour. A violent win. I
and electrical storm accompanied the
shower at li p m. The wind reach
ing a volicity of over 40 miles per
hour. The government bulletin re
poited measurable rain from 14 points.
Extreme temperatures were 90 at Cin
cinnati, Phoenix and Shreveport, and
42 at Winnemucea and Havre.
The Wabash, at Mt. Carmel
continue to fall slowly during
next lie hours.
Temporarily in Charge
th '
Forecasts For Today.
Cairo and vicinity: Fair and
Sun and Moon.
Sun will rise today ........ 4:2S a m
Sun will set today 7:29 p m
Moon will set tonight .'.1:40 a m
Note: The above sun and moon
record 1 for minors and approxl
mates the record at Cairo within a
few minutes.
Washington Forecast.
Washington. June- 8.-ILLIN01S-Falr
Tuesday; cooler except in ex
treme 6outh: Wednesday fair; fresh
northwest winds.
UlUltlUUtU U1UU 1 1 tl
-T llkll W WI I Ilk 11 hllV i.
The river arked 33.7 feet last even
ing on the Cairo gauge showing a
fall of 0.2 of a foot in 24 hours.
The Harry Drown came out from
St. Louis with sis 'Empties and re
turned to that port with two model
barges loaded with wire and nails,
and four barges of coal.
The Oleander, government li;-ht
bouse tender, from Mcynphls went to
Mound City to go on the ways.
The Dick Fowler was the Padueah
packet yesterday and will be iu port
agalnt today.
: Credit is claimed for tlio retire
Lee because the made the run from
St. Louis to Memphis in 28 hours.
There Is talk that the Lee Line
will inaugurate a semi-weekly service
bctwen St. Louis and Memphis this
The Deep waterways meeting at
the opera holism bust night was a suc
cess. Col. Vance ct the Ohio liver
work was pi t sent, and Congressman
Lorimer. Representative Lndly and
State Senator Poter, all of whom
made speeches in the interest of the
Lakes-to-Gulf route. Much enthusiasm
was shown.
Health is Worth Saving, and Some
Cairo People Know How to
Save It.
Many Cairo people take their lives
iu their bands by neglecting the kid
neys when they know these organs
need help. Sick kidneys are responsl
ble for a vast amount of suffering and
ill health, but there is no need to suf
fer nor to remain in danger when all
diseases and aches anil pains due to
weak kidneys can be quickly and per
manently cured by the use of Doan's
Kidney Pills. Here is a Cairo citi
zen's recommendation.
W. W. Stoner. 421 Ninth street
Cairo, 111., says: "I procured Doan's
Kidney Pills at Sthuh & Son's drug
store a few weeks ago and took them
for un acute attack of kidney trouble
which had annoyed me for some time.
They went right to the seat of my
trouble and thus encouraged. I con
tinued their . use. 1 be result was
more than satisfactory. Doan's Kid
ney Pills are to me a most valuable
kidney remedy."
For sale by all dealers. Price 5!
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo.
Vew York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Gambling Boat Arouses U. S.
(Waterways Journal)
A dispatch from Washington, dated
June . 3, says: Formal complaint has
been made and request for action en
tered at the depaitment of justice
against a resort of gambling and vice
said to exist Uion a Mississippi river
steamer. Just now It is operating
somewhere between Dubuque and St.
Paul. The complaint cots frcm St.
Paul. The complaint comes from St.
Paul. The owners of the boat are de
Louis northward. They are declared
to have a complete gambling p!?.:it
aboard. Four men and several women
are said to constitute the "crew." The
boat ties up at a town, and the oceu
pants circulate aboit rustling up
trade. When a promising batch of
victims are secured they are taken
'out to sea" and despoiled. As soon
as the local authorities are aroused
the gamblers haul up anchor an
seek new quarters. Attorney General
Bonaparte Is considering the question
whether the federal government has
authority to act.
The Cairo Excursion and Packet
company, of Cairo, 111., under the
management of Capt. H. S. Davis will
take out their first excursion June 12,
at S p. 111., for the Seventh Oriental
club, a new order which has just got
their charter late!? and whose m m
hers are very enthusiastic over th
growing popularly of their order and
the rapid increase or their member
ship. Good time and a pleasant even
ing are guaranteed on the newly re
paired and equipped fetcamvr Llbeity
owned by H. S. Duvis and Silas
French, both of cur city. The
steamer Liberty has an elega'it
dancing pavilion, the largest up-to-
date electric light plant, all kinds t f
refreshments and good music. Capts
Davis and French have spared no ex
peuse In repairing and furnlnhin
their steamer in a v.-ay which will
make it first among the boats In Ve
excursion business for convenience.
pleasure and liberty. Capt. l)aIs
has hail fourteen years of boat ex
perience and both he r.:id Mr. French
are well acquainted and liked in cur
city and we have no doubt that they
have made a profitable investment In
the steamer Liberty, which has our
best and most sincere good wishes
Their office for the present will be at
411 Twenty-seventh street, Bell
Phone 271 Y. Excursion and packet
business solicited.
The new pump for the Cairo Con
trading and Dredging Company arriv
ed yesteday and will be put on thi
boat at once. It weighs 24, Sod
pounds, has a six Inch shaft, and 52
inch runner; the pump is rectangular
lined with Vlnch sheet steel and will
stand a great deal more wear than the
old machine. Put the most import
ant point of advantage of this new
machine over the old lies in its ca
pacity which at a very low estimate
is more than double. The old pump
has brought in an average of 900 cubi
yards of solid material per day; the
new pump at a low estimate as stated,
will bring in 2.000 cubic yards per day
of 20 hours.
The company's boat lies on the
Ohio side of the city where John T.
Rennie will place the new machine
upon her, after which she will be tow
ed to her moorings in the Mississippi
to resume operations. President Ma
gee expects that the new machine will
be ready for work next week and will
begin at once if the river shall be low
During the late rise in the Mississ
ippi a large section of the company's
piling has been swept away by drift,
and this must be retsoivd.
The company has a great deal of
work under contract, comprising sev
eral hundred thousand cubic yards
and is now properly equipped to
handle it expeditiously.
And Representative Lindly Explain
Merits of Bond Proposition
Interesting History of
"Now don't be overbold, young
man," said Mrs. Sapphlra shaking he,-
finger at the reporter. "Nobody has '
ever dared ask me that question be.
"What pretty iatids," murmured (he
reporter solto voce, i;s he to, U b's cup
of tea from one of them.
"Hi't, as 1 was saying, though no
body has dared ask the qii'-siion I
don't mind telling you that I put
Ananias up to fibbing because 1 want
ed the money fur a spring hat. Now,
don't go and put that In the pHper.
will you? I'm not talking for publica
tion, but simply to be obliging."
"What do you think about the ethics
of fibbing?" asked the reporter. "You
see (diplomatically), I've been told
that you are the world's greatest au
thority on this subject, and 1 make
it a rule of life to go straight to head
quarters for informatii n."
Mrs. Sapphlra shook a manicured
think it's wrong fe tell a fib or do
In spite of the al.nost continues
rain several hundred people gath
ere.1 at the rpera bouse last night
to hear Congressman L; rimer and
others tell about the Lakes-to-Gulf
deep waterw ay, and the $20.00 .1,110
bond issue for canal purposes.
Mayor Parsons was master of cere
monies and acquitted himself credit
ably as always on such occa ions. !!.
fore the business of the evening b -
gun there was a short moving pi.tfr
how just enough to make those
who witnessed it want more.
The distinguished party arrived 0:1
the scene shortly after 8 o'clock.
Mayor Parsons spoke biietly of the
project in hand, and of t;ie mm win
had taken a prominent part iu its
promotion, chltf among whom were
Congressman Iri:i.er and Repre
sentative Lindly. The latter was
then introduced and gave a twenty
minute talk in vwiich he presented
more especially the advantages of b. fore It silos out of vom- month but
if you have a moment to consider.
Hi. N you ' have
parted with a man
forever on the
previous evening
and l.tive stood
straight and
haughty watching
bis equally
haughty shoulders
disappearing out
of the front door
it is irritating to
have your hostess
the following eve
ning semi you two
out to dinner together.
At h ast Miss Westlake bitterly felt
It was so when she found herself walk
ing out to the dining room with Jack
Long. Ever since he had stalked from
her sight she had been bolstered up
with the knowledge that she bad been
beautifully, artistically scornful and
for years
I My
By S. E. Klser
finger at bun. It was a trick with her. that hl8 m,mory woul(1 Hng
,' , euuuuml' meres with her parting words. And now he
no get Ing ahead of you reporters. was , mu ,e mahogany ,halr
What do you mean by 'ethics ." It's for , w.at h ,f d h haJ
,. , "" u" ' smile "Thank you" as if their lasi con
versa! Ion had not been epic In Its In-
A Grand Family Medicine.
"It gives me pleasure to speak a
good word for Electric Ritters" writes
Mr. Frank Conlan of No. 4 36 Hous
ton street. New York. "Its a grand
family medicine for dyspepsia and
liver complicatons; while for lanio
back and weak kidneys It cannot be
too highly recommended." Electric
Bitters regulate the digestive func
tions, purify the blood, and impart re
newed vigor and vitality to the weak
and debilitated of both sexes. Sold
under guarantee at all drug stores.
(excluded From First Page.)
Two New Boats.
The two new government boa's
Just finished at Howard's ship yards
Jeffersonvllle, Ind., arrived at VIcks
burg last Saturday afternoon and are
now lying at the head of the district
feet in the canal at Vlckslmrg await
ing orders. The boats are coblnation
rnn$ and dredge boats. 137 feet long.
32 ft beam and 5 lectin the hold
amldship. They are fitted up with
40 feet steel derricks far raising snags
etc.. and have dam shell buckets for
dredging. The B.-fi Humphreys will
be t'sed Ll the Yazoo river and the
Ransdell will operate in the Orachita
Yesterday's River Bulletin.
Flood Stage Chang'?
21 bra.
0 2 fall
0 7 fall
0.3 fa'l
0.3 fall
.:: fall
0.2 Mse
0.2 fall
.l fa'l
Pittsburg 22 2 9
ParVersburg 3 7.5
Cincinnati 5 15.7
LouNville 2S C.7
'"--vIIIp 31 149
ML Vernon 33 14.8
t. Carmel 15 5 S
Nashville 40 10 8
Chattanooga 33 G.2
Florence 16 3.9
RIverton 25 7.t
Johnsonville .... 21 8.0
theless a grave, and to some extent,
an unnecessary evil.
"4. That practical remedies are to
be found in regulation, education, mor
al suasion, and In raising the stand
ard of living.
"5. That the standard of living can
best be raised by improving housing
conditions, by liberal expenditures
for public health, industrial training.
and recreation centers, and by train
ing, and recreation conters. and by
reducing the hours of work and in
creasing the scale of wages of the un
skilled laboring class.
Street Opened.
lentri street was opened to Olio
street yesterday by Jail, r Lutz and
his "boys." The street has been par
tially closed to travel ever since the
beginning of work on the big sewer.
The I se and Origin of Curdled Mill
Older Ihnu History.
Nothing Is oleer than curdled mill
or sour milk, and nothing seemi
newer than the application which hai
beeen made of it.
Civilized people are the only onei
to drink milk 'resh or boiled, whll
fermented milk Is aln.ost the onlj
k'nil used outside the pale of civlllz-
ttlon. The use and origin of cur
dled milk are cider than history
Later the Greeks and Romans also
recognized the strengthening and
tonic effects of sour milk, and thej
performed veritable cures with th
special kind of curdled milk called
In our tlm?3 fermented milk Is it
common use as a daily diet in East
ern countries. In almost all thes
countries, besides being used as 1
food, sour milk has pla.ed and stil
P'ays a great part In empirical medi
cine. Sour milk, atte. being recognized
as a wholesome food possessing rn
diclnal properties, has been proclaim
ed by gome people as a remedy foi
prolonging human llfcr-Medlc
trie canal through i!lmo;s as a reve
nue producer, raying that it would
yield over three million dollars an
nually in rent i f electric energy, and
would therefore pay off the bonds
proposed to be Issued in a very few
years, after which its revenue woui.:
go towards paying state expenses.
The proposed bond issue was not a
tax in any sense, it was merely a
proposition to lend the credit of the
state for a term of years, to secure
an improvement which would be cf
incaiciiabe value to the state in a
variety of ways. Congress would do
its share toward the project if the
people of the stat" of Illinois did
Mr. Lindly was fi IU .wed by St.'t?
Senator Potter of this district wl o
spoke in about the same strain,
promising to give the proposi'io:i li s
earnest support in the legislature.
Congrussman Iulmer was next
introduced by Mayor Paisons. a'ld
he si)oke nearly an hour, holding t':e
e'ese attention of his audience every
minute of the time. He gave a his
tory of the movement to build ti ls
Lakesto-Gulf waterway, telling how
it was taken up some fourteen years
ago and how gradually congressmen
had been interested in it through per
sisteut efforts. He described a trip
he and Congressman Rainey and
others made in a small boat from
Chicago all the way to New Orleans,
stopping at all important points to or
ganize deep waterway associations
whose purpose should be to urge th 1
congrf sstuen from their districts to
favor the project. He said he started
from Chicago with one Democrat and
four Republicans, and ended at Ner.
Orleans with one Republican and four
Democrats. There was no politics in
this matter be said, it was purely a I
business enterprise in which all tlie
people of Illinois, irrespective of
party were interested. Surveys had
been made by congressional direction
and the engineer had reported that
French Thrift.
From time to time the English
worklngman has the French peas
ant 1 tnnrt thrown In his face. Th
French peasant may not be able tc
nnd sermons In stones, books In th
running brooks," but he can and
does find food In everything. H
- 1 .
uu n large tamiiy could live on
what an Englishman In the same
altlon wastes. People, however
seem to forget that the habits of th
Englishmen are determined by theii
climate. LaJy.
Ashland, Neb., June 8. Charles G
Whistler, dentist, was drow ned in Salt
Creek this afternoon by the oveiturn
turning of a launch.
Was Probably Thirsty.
The youthful hopeful of a well known
local newspaper man, having been told
by his fond paua that electrlrliv was
Juice broke seven incandescent light
Elobes the other day, looking for
some of the juice. Illustrated Sunday
Lady Gamblers.
The number of suicides which
have taken place lately amonz bus-
Inesg men and speculators In .merl-
ca carries a warning note to women,
wtio. unfortunately, are. manv of
them, bitten with the love of gamb
ling. Nothing Is go fatal or Insid
ious as speculating In stocks and
shares, and women, from their cir
cumstances, are peculiarly liable tc
be misled and cheated. London
Mere restlessness is not a mattei
for which physicians an f tc n con
sulted. It Is. on the face of It. ar
unimportant malady, but when II
exists in sufficient Intensity to forrr
the subject of complaint, and to in
duce the sufferer to seek advice. I
Is usually found to be the superfie
Ia.1 Indication of a grave underlylni
condition. Hospital.
14 foot waterway from Chicago to
St. Iotiis" and Cairo was practicable.
and a 19.7 foot channel from Cairo
to New Orleans. Congress was ready
to appropriate the sum needed to
carry out Its part of the work to 5t.
Louis, estimated to cost $31,00001. I'
the people of Illinois would do their
part In carrying the canal proposition
through. Mr. Ixrimer had a series
of large maps on which he pointed
out details of the proposed Improve
Mr. Irimer was followed by CJ
John I Vance, president of the Ohio
River Improvement Association, who
spoke Interestingly of the state of
work on that great stream. Col. Vanc-
has stopped at ail the Important Oh'o
river towns and met with enthusiastic
receptions everywhere.
All the speakers were heartily ap
plauded by the audience.
There were 0:1 the stage: Congress
man Lorimer, Representative Lindly.
Col. Vance. Congressman Thlstlewood
State Senator Potter, Mayor Parsons
John S. Aisthorpe, and President E
A. Smith of the Cairo & Thebes.
why, I think you ought to consider."
A ring at the bell startled her.
"Say am not at home, Jane," she
beckoned to the maid who went to
1 the door.
"So sorry to miss her," was the re
j ply that was wafted in as the obdier.t
I servant delivered the message.
"A case in point." smiled Mrs. Sap
phlra. She has the whitest teeth.
"I hold that it Is no fib for a woman
to decline to be at home If she doesn't
choose to be at home. Besides, it is
so much kinder than to say she begs
to be excused. There always seems
to be something personal in begging
to be excused. To me it implies, -I
saw you from the window.' "
"Hut this 'sosorry-to-mlss you' busi
ness, what do you think of that?" de
manded the reporter, determined to
get to the bottom of things.
"Oh, social regrets don't amount to
a brass farthing. They are expected.
"It seem.; to me, then," began the
reporter, thoughtfully, "that In society
there's a code of lying that's perfectly
well understood."
"Precisely," asserted the authority
on the subject. "It's a sort of appen
dix to the code of good manners.
Everybody expects it and everybody
knows that a lib under the circum
stances doesn't meat anything at all."
"Let's eliminate the social fib, then,"
the reporter began again, "and come
to lies."
"Oh, but not so suddenly," mur
mured Mrs. Sapphlra, warming up a
little to the subject. "There are
gradations. The social fib, the tarra
diddle tan embroidered tale), the Idle
story, the whopper (this belongs to
childhood), the lie Indirect, the lie di
rect, and the malicious lie. You
see, an authoiity must he tech
nical else she is no authority, and
even now I am only giving you the
Wasp Has Peculiar Wlngt-
Prof. T. D. A. Cockerell of the Uni
versity of Colorado describes a walk
preserved specimen of a wasp, belong"
Ing to the genus Paratlphla, found li
the shale roeka of Miocene time ai
Florisant, Col., which exhibits a jx
cullar venation of the wings, exactly a
It appears In the same genus today
The most striking peculiarity ia a char,
acterlstie imperfect vein, which per
slats In the aame insect at the present
Much Gold Still on tha Ran
0.1 risM ,a ""maiea oy mining experts at
0.0 I Johannesburg that the amount of gold
0 fall 8,111 tw be mined alon the Rand Reef
1 0 fall t vaiueu al fo.OOU.OOO.noft.
The Haddock's Spot.
The haddock has a supers! Itlot
attached to it. On each side of th
shoulders near the gills ig H dars
spot, fabled to be the Impression
-ade by the finger and thumb ol
St. Peter when he took It up and
found the penny In Its month to pa
tribute to Caeaar with.
Records .Discovery of New Fish.
In communication to the Royal So
ciety of Queensland, Douglas Ogllby
records the discovery of one new gt
nus and seven new sreclea of fish.
New, that Is to say. for Queensland
waters. Among these are slender do
shark, Howe s needle fish, long beaked
larfish, the somber leather jacket and
others. The ladyflsh (albula macro
donta) la recorded for the flrat ttm ia
Australian water.
'I " t Jusu., u uy, tcngVt When he banded her the salt
of cour.e. I think it s wrong to tell a Kne g,lddt,nIy.
d! uu" ' U7 ""v ,IO,,i? ' "l feeling so cheer
olti 8 a,!vbo,,y' V' ! ful." -remarked the joung man in a
one I was so severely reprimanded for bl(ter llmit,one .., WJ afrajJ tbiH
bad a ra.son d etre-you understand - , y0u-going out with me
h b -"vr a b had bt of co , cou, , ..
but 1 should never have told It, ..A, nati;rall wou, have (1oup
assure you. if I had,, t been aw fully If coull .. Bai(, Mm W(.sthlkPi
hard up for a spring hat. O course. evp, ..T,u.ro , no(hi f
ou cant always stop o h:nk wheth- tH 8uftVr , s!U,u(,e , a ma,,iliw
er there Is a lalsou detre for a Lb 1 ......
...... nil.
"Of course, seeing that you are so
uncomfortable yourself ! "
"I hate olives," said the young wom
an, lrritatedly. "I don't s.-e for a min
ute why you think your presence
should distress me. 1 assure you it
doesn't. Didn't I tell you that every
thing was over for jiood and all? We
are nothing but stamgers to each
She turned to the man on her right
and her escort simultaneously turned
to the girl on his other side until be
bent to pick up Miss Wettlake's nap
"Thank you," she said, frigidly, al
though apparently she had not seen
hi in when he stooped.
"No trouble at all. I assure you
he responded as frigidly. "We'll have
to talk or people will notice. We can
recite the alphabet at each other.
It ssn t so much that as having to
talk at all," mourned Miss Westlake.
"I can think of plenty of things to say
to you!"
"I am amazed," said the young man.
"After last evening I did not imagine
there were any remarks of any de
scription left which had not been
hurled at me. I had never realized
how fluent you were. I auppOhe being
angry helps."
"I was not angry!" Insisted the
young woman, fleicely. "I was simply
telling you what I thought of you!"
"So I understood." agreed the young
man. "And it wasn't the quantity so
much as the quality of your thought
to which I objected. I like to be
thought a lot of except when it takes
that form."
"You are frightfully conceited, said
the young woman. "Don't look so sav
and there s no reason why yoif
shouldn't. When a thing Is ended
what Is the use of dragging It up?"
"I don't want it to end," said the
young man. 1 never enjoyed such a
whole-souled quarrel In my life and I'd
like It to go on Indefinitely. It doesn't
worry me in the least. In fact, I
rather enjoy It."
"I noticed that last night," retorted
the young woman. "You you acted
then as if you were enjoying your
"I had to play up to the situation
said the young man. "You expected
me to be mad. so I acted mad
"Weren't you?"
ot in me least, said tne young
man. "I just did It to please you."
"I hate you," said the young woman
as she turned again to the man on her
The young man spoke again over
the passing of a jelly form. "When
may I come again?" he asked.
She surveyed him with astonished
You said you never wanted to see
me again." she breathed. "And 1 said
the same."
'But I've changed my mind," said
the young man. "The longer I've con
sidered this quarrel the more Inter
ested I've become. I don't think we
exhausted Its possibilities by a great
deal. We really have to finish It up
for It's too good to go to waste. It Is
purely In the interest of the quarrel
that I want to call.'
'I never will make up with you as
long as I live, you know," she said.
un, 1 oitn 1 suppose mat you
would." said the young man. "I quite
realize that we have parted forever.
But let me come Just In the interest
of the quarrel! Simply because 1
think we could enlarge upon the sub
ject and by taking time develop a
specimen of the common or garden
variety of quarrel, which would be
worth something. May I come?"
"Weil," said the young woman, with
seeming reluctance, "since you put It
that way, you may come. Of course,
otherwise It woull be impossible."
'Ob, of course!" agreed the young
man, suddenly cheerful. "I'll be over
about eight o'clock." Chicago Daily
"Somebody was uiliug me recently,"
said Miss Well word, "that you bad
teen buying real s ate."
"Yes," Lauyham .eulled, "I have
a house on my hands. Would you like
to see It? We could drive around that
way. It isn't far f;-om here."
"1 don't mind. Hut what In the
world ever induced you to buy a house
out In this part of town?"
"Don't you like It out hero?"
"I have always thou; hi It was per
fectly horrible in this end of the city."
Lantsham look the whip from the
socket and caused the deliberate horse
to indulge in a sjmrt. of speed that
was sudden and surprising.
"You see," he said, "l got It in a way
no. 11!-' 1
"'' "'u i leave nie any ctiolce con
cerning the location. A friend of m cu
who owned the place was badiv
squeezed during the stringency a . I
bad to let go. I happened to have a
little money that wasn't In use and I
thought I might better Invest It be e
than let my friend bo sold out by thu
"That Isn't at all like the story I
Heard. the girl replied, lookli
straight ahead, as if purposely avo I
Ing any danger of being compelled Id
notice his eager glance.
"What story did you hear?"
"Oh, It doesn't matter. It isn't ot
any consequence." :
"But I'd like to know what it wtU."
"It was someth'y g about your iuten
tion to get maritSd i believe."
"Was the name of the lady men
tioned'" "I think not. If It was I wasn't suf
relent ly interested to remember It."
Langhani took the whip from Its
socket again and their steed Indulged
; - another Intermittent burst of speed.
"It was very tine of you to do that
for your friend." Miss Wellwood a bled
after the horse bad settled down once
more into an easy trot.
"Do you think so?" Langhani asked
with an eagerness that seemed to be
uncalled for.
"That Is, unless you drove a hard
bargain with the poor mau."
"I didn't do (hat. I took the place at
his own figures."
"In that case pet haps you were fool
Ish. I have heard of men who were
various heads. Of course, under eai
there are many side branches of fib
bing which I need not go Into.
them, all the tarradiddle Is the most
Interesting. To this class belong
latchkey wit told as one's origin
story; other people's stories adoptc
by the teller as his own. tales that one
Improves c,n each time one tellg them
etc. Only those of some Imaginative
powers can tell a successful tarradid
die. The Idle story, on the other hand
Just slips out before you know It. You
didn't mean to tell it. You wonde
why on earth you ever told it. an
then you dismiss It from your mind
as being not worth worrying, over
The whopper Is the kind that a small
boy tells to escape punishment. It is
usually detected, or he Is told on by
a truthful brother or sister who are
not averse to seeing him get bis Just
"Then there's the lie direct. Well
to be personal, (this is not for pub
lication, you know) that Is the kind
1 told, and it didn't harm anybody but
myself, so what was the use but we
needn't K6 Into that now. The ma
licious He Is the only one that's abso
lutely inexcusable. Yo tell It with
Intent to hurt, to Injure, and you leave
it to work Its own deadly poison
There, I believe that's all."
The reporter drew a Ions; breath.
"I say," he said slowly, "they ought
to offer you a 1 hair In a woman's col
lege. I hadn't any idea there was ao
much to the good about lying."
"Mercy! do I look like a school
marm? pouted Mr3. Sapphlra. Her
teeth are like pearls.
"By Jove, no." cried the reporter.
"For the moment I was thinking of
you as an intelligence and not a
Mrs. Sapphlra seemed acarccly mol
I say, I'd like ar-fuliy well to see
your picture in that new spring hat,"
flattered the reporter.
Mrs. Sapphlra smiled Indulgently.
I'll go and get i: -but you must prom
ise not to put it in the pa;er."
"Wf'l, we- shall - see."
The World It Her Lobster.
A) bright woman who la also a pretty
woman has the world In a sling.
Memphis Commercial A (ipeaL
yard, too, don't you
mean enough to take advantage of the
generosity of others who desired to
help them."
"I don't think I paid any more than
the place is Worth. Here it la. Will
you get out and look at It?"
Dear me, what an architectural
monstrosity it Is. Whoever built it
must have been absolutely devoid ol
"I'll not deny," Langham said, as he
helped her from the buggy, "that I
would not have had it Just as It Is If I
had planned It. Still, don't von think
I'm sure I feel perfectly calm the surroundings are rather pretty?"
"They might be worse," she grudg
ingly replied. "The shrubbery is
rather attractive."
"Nice big
"I never cared so much for bis
yards, but I suppose it is well to have
plenty of land."
"What do you think of that screened
in porch? There's a door opening upon
It from a fine room upstairs. Wouldn't
you like to go inside? I have the key
wun nie.
"I d rather not, if you don't mind. I
suppose you intend to sell It aa soon
as you can do so to advantage."
"That will depend on what a certain
girl may say."
"Then the story I heard was true
after all."
"Yes partly. What I have told you
about my friend Is true, also. lie had
to sell; but 1 hardly think I Rhould
have bought If It had not been for the
girl. You see I had an Idea that she
would like the place. I did the first
time I ever caw it. I like this part of
trwn, too. It Is going to be the best
residence district we have In a few
years. Look at those two fine trees
over there on the terrace. Great place
1 ...
101 a uummocK on warm Sunday after
noons, eh?"
"Well, I hope she may like It and
and that you may both be very happy
"Thank you. I wish you would take
a look through the Inside. The house
Is much more attractive Inside than
it is outside. If you would, I"
"No; I should feel as If I were D.
"You wouldn't be in the least. If
you would go in I might have a chance
to know what "
He paused and looked anxiously into
her face, which she quickly turned
"Won t you please take me home at
ci.ee?" she asked.
"If you would look Inside I miht
know whether to keep it or put it un
The Yellow Streak.
Gilt-edged security Is often
edged. Life,
for sale. Y'ou see.
you are the girl
I bad in mind when I bought it"
When he closed the door hM.
them. 20 minutes later, she at
the porch and. having taken another
look at the surroundings, said:
What a dear, delightful, nerfo,.
place It is!" Chicago Record Herald
Covert Many Faults.
Success has a great tendency to co.
real and throw veil over th . -ii
d eds of men.
yaw u j

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