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EUbll.hed lMt.
hbltiksd Datl nd Bandar by BalUtln
Oompaj at m Ohto StrMt. Phanat fa.
ubicrlption Ratas by Mall
InTarlably Oaak la Advanoa.
Oaa raw, Dally and Bandar.,
Subscription Rataa by Carrlar
(Oa a voath
..(Do a, month
9f earrlar la Oalro .,
By oarrlsr, ontalde of Oalro.
Notice to Subscribers
.jbaorlbaia will confer a favor by npontai
to thti ofltoa any lack of prompt dallTaty on
aa pan 01 camara,
No cause ran bo roi: r.lcl .is n vetoing
worthy cause when its protiiotois find nances.
it necessary or expedient to us .kill a tliin
Bntarad at tba Oalro Poatofflot a oond-claM
Mali Matter.
Average number of complete and
perfect copies of the Cairo
Bulletin printed dally and Sun
day during the year 1907. .... .2116
Average number of complete and
perfect copies of the Cairo
Bulletin printed dally and Sun
day during the month of Juno
1908 2025
5. .
June Circulation.
....2041 16
19.. .
hood and scandal as means of pr limit
ing It before the people.
No man or cause that deserves
popular support needs the liar and
the scandal monger to gain for him or
it dte recognition from the voters of
this community.
Standing upon his own merits. th.
character and personality of ('apt.
Tl.istlewood nrobablv would iiistir..
wi , , . I
nun a large snare or general popular crat
f'lvor; but as the mere puppet of men pom
wlio bave cross iy outraged
ser.nnient and the representative of
methods which mean popular disfran
chisement he can not claim the sup
port of men who have proper regard
for tiie Inchest privilege of American
citizenship. '
the alleged interurban tudi
because it is impossible to
that never was alive.
Having exhausted its own stock of
falsehoods the Keening Citizen draws
upon its contemporaries. Saturday
evening ir gave its readers a storv
fuun the Murphysboro Kepuhlican
Era. a "ring" organ, to the effect that
dipt. V. 1'. (Iieaney, of Cairo's Co. K.
I. X. C. had stated while in that city
that "they intended to vote :,nn D-mo-
at ihe primary eiecti' n for I'ar
aud that there would he tro:b'e
public if an attempt was made in prevent
th.tii from voting. Curry and Fitzger
ald, of Cairo, two Democratic saloon
kerpe'-s, lime also been here in the j
inter' st of Farsons. Mr. Crrry stated
that v. e have got to elect Parsons.
Money is no object. We have got to
led him if some of us have to serve
a term in the penitentiary.
The Kvcning Citizen must have
known that the story was false In all
its main points. It had reason to
iuiow mat neitner i apt. lln-aney nor
Mr. Curry would have made state
ments so foolhh. It Knew that both
arc men of good standing in this com-
iw abiding citi.ens. and
and Commercial avenue; Mrs. Lang's
on Kirflith street, and K. II. Oswald
& Co.'.
AValt F. McKee & lire, were broom
manufacturer, with factory en Four
teenth street, between Walnut and
Cedar streets.
Cairo people were complaining
ibout the price of gas. it being $-..',n
per M. feet.
On May 23rd Cairo was visited bv a
terrific thunderstorm, during which
two respected citizens. John Stafford
and Hart Cashman, were struck by
lightning. The former was instantly
killed and the latter seriously stunned
.oen an. i a .ir. mown were also
knocked down and severely stunned.
It Should Be
in Small Doses
f. 9 9 . 9 t f . 919 9, 9 9. 9.9.9 9
. ... .
The above is a correct statement
of the circulation of The Cairo llutle
tin for the year 1907 and for the
month of June 1908.
; Business Manager.
8ubBcrlbed and sworn to before mt
this Drst day of July 1908.
Notary Public.
.2029 The Evening Cir'ii-en is right in
.2038 concluding that the truth will not
.2020 serve adequately the needs of it s can
. 2060 dbiate, or promote what, he repre
.2032 suits: and from its point of view it
...1936 mw be justified In res-nrlini? to false-
..203G hood.
. 2036 The Evening Citizen lied when it
oilfilO sale that till. IlW of '.ji,-i.V- rii.u. imn.ili- li!
fintA I . i a
. t.tisii.ess was duo to the wharfage that thev are men of ordinary good
..2039 charge, for the wharfage c harge is not j sense. It knew that Mr. Curry is n t
,.2035 unreasonable, every one knows tiie a "iH-inocratic sa'oon keeper:" but a
,.1936 less of hrsiness is duo to t'uo railroads IN publican who has attended as a
..2033 and the failure of local shippers ti dt legate numerous !'-UilIicaa con
OAOC ........
."" interest f liems.ti.ves 1.1 stoiimli.titts ie.-ntions :it h ,Miir ..t- i...
i lie i-.eiung Citizen lied when it Citi.-zn was nresent. It knew that 1
chi'.rped that Mayor Parsons had th njiln-i of the.-e nu r, woiud tliink or
valuation of his property reduced un-'speak lihtl. or committing a peni
fairly, because the record shows the tehtiary offense, or publicly threat-m
valuriiiou was not reduced below tliat to do so.
' The Bulletin It on sale at the follow
ing place:
Coleman'a 214 Eighth Street
Halllday House News stand.
Blue Front Restaurant.
chard authorizoghis announcement as
a Republican candidate for Senator in
the Fiftieth Senatorial district, at th
primary election to bo held Saturday,
August 8, 1908.
of similar ptimerty in (lie same neigh-j
borhood. 1
Hi" Evening Citizen lied when
charged that Mavor Parsons t
"killed the. Jnteiurbmi railroad'.'
Vet. kilowiii'i all tl is. the I'i'ien re
produces this infamous stoiy. i'i
t black-fa--,, i . ;,;id with a border s
i as te insure its perusal, and with
by every mark of it ova
a ;e,ro a
P. W. TROCTOR, of Benton, III .
authorizes his announcement as a
pcmocratlv. candidate for Represent a
tlv in the Fiftieth Senatorial Ti
trlct, it the primary election to b
held Haiurday. Aug. 8, 1908.
L E. KOEEUTSO.V, of Carterville.
111., authorizes his announcement as a
candidate for member of the General
Assembly from this (the Fiftieth)
Senatorial district, at the Demncratle
primary election to be held on Satur
day. August 8, 1908.
SIDNEY B. ESPY, of Benton, III.,
authorizes his announcement as a
uemocratic candidate lor the lower
house of the Illinois general assemble,
from this (the' 50tn) Senatorial dis
trict, subject to the decision of Me
vciers at the primary election to be
held on Wednesday, Aug. 8, 1908.
GEORGE PARSONS authorizes bis
announcement aa a Republican catidi
date for congress from this the Twenty-fifth
Congressional District of Illi
nois, subject to the decision of the
voters at the primary to be held on
Saturday, Aug. 8, 1308.
DR. JAMES MM AN US authorizes
The Bulletin to announce his candi
dacy for the Democratic nomination
for the office of county coroner at the
primary election to be held Saturday,
August 8.
nn v. v. nnnnnv iniiu.ri.n. ia
announcement as a Republican candi
date for Coroner ot Alexander coun
ty, nt the- primary election to be held
on Saturday, Aug. 8, 1908.
The Republican, voters of this comi
ty and of the entire congnt-isional -lis
trlct "have been put upon the block
ami r'uotioned off to the highest bid
lei. for future delivery two years
The bargain' was made at a meet
ing held in this city about two weeks
The auctioneer was the head of ti e
present congressional machine and
tew of his close as'iciates, and lb
highest bidder was O. J. Page, of Ma
I!y tiie terms of (he bargain Page
Is to give his support to the machine
candidate now, and is to have tie
cengressional nomination two years
from now.
ccerii v
The raai hine has no doubt i r its
ability lo d.-liwr He- goods when tie
two year; are rp. and Page si ems ti
feel the same w av ab,i-t it.
"The pee; if. 1 , '
(. I. Villi' was a candidate for co.--
gross three years aw. against Co
gicssman Hi dlh. hut he felt tile ie-av;
t Miami of tin- nia-bine arid seenis !o
ihave gained respect. f,,r it. In tie
pu-senl contest he was utuleci.le i
which of the aspirants la- slamM
taot. Hi v, as in - ,j toward Mr.
Par-.ous, for he bad been that gr-ji
th man's personal friend ami lie, c pte
hi.- hospitality repeatedly. He was
iiii-o-, i.ieu tint 11 aiiout two wi--ks a--o
In other words, Cairo and Alexan jwben he became convinced that ('apt
der county are to have the congress- j Thistlewood should be the man "f'rr
man for two years and then the office ;t o years." as I xpre.-sed it in h s
is to ! passed over to Williamson paper.
Auqust 3.
rgentlua discovered bv the
Spaniards and settle, by tin m
in 1 :,:,:!.
1797-Sir .b-ffrey Amherst, the UriM-li
general t-i whom Montreal sar
rendered, died. Horn .Ian "9.
iv.''!- Thotiias V. Meagher, who cor,:
nianded the Irish brigade In the
American civil war, born l-i
W'aterfoi ,1, Ireland. Died ne.i:
Fort Ponton. Mont., July 1.
President Polk vetoed the ri( j
ami iiainor lull on the grou;:
that it was unconstitutional.
Sieaui.-r Pampero left New (.)'
leans earning a. lillibusteriti;
expedition against Cuba.
I 'Z i.ieueral llalleck ordered (b-ner
al McClelland to evacuate tht
Peninsula of Virginia.
?M', - Pensylvania adopted a eonstile
tiona! amendment allowing so!
diers to vol".
1.372 King. I Itiakon 'l i . of N'orwa-
1."', Augustus St. Car. Ions, sculptor.
died. Po: n .Ian. s, ',,; f.
Famous Ilallan Journallal.
Alexander County,
Population 16,147.
ip; -
tnitli ami in wnlkiii": n l tit naked one rutii pre
If any of the mail carriers come to
ou and intimate that tin- defeat of
Thistlewood means the n of their
jobs pay no attention. Mi. parsons
win not attempt to de lg,. the civil i
srvef laws. No compet-tit men wit
lose their positions thoi gh some of j
the life time postmaster will u-. I
louhte.llv bave to give son,,, one .c
r-.am-e. It is true, however, ihat
threats of dismissal liave ben n.-e,
to hold the civil sen ice emnloves of
the government in line for Thistl.
wood.--.in rphysboro Independent.
jter ; i-impaign mii, and the fact tha'
j Mr. Pai-oc- is ;i man if means do. s
j 'el- ' ben trem being a friend of
j the ia', n ing m-in. His record on thai
j iin'' s' '",ks fr it .elf.- -Mnrphj-i,,,,.,
! lien p. up
Didn't oimresf-nian Rod'-nhei g ..ay
at I'ninivsMii.'iii Smith's funeral a few
't enths ago thai the a .pi opriat ion tor
a public hull. line for Mn phys' or--.
which Capt. Tlii.-tlewi od is now claim
:ni- the credit or getting, was made
and that the eii might regard it as
the last great thin-: accomplished by
it- p-'omiii.-ni townsman? Why should
Cot.gres.Miian Thistew,Ml now step
:n and claim the honors justly due his
pie.!. . essor" !, ihw bofesf e ,i, .
paiee. argument ?- I b-rrin News.
Iliakon VII. King of Norway, wa
it in August n, 1S7.'. at Cliai-lott u:
bind earile, ill lienmark. Prior to lii
rb'Ctioii to the throne by the Norwe
' 'liarlcs ( f Deiiinark. the second son oi
tin.' present ruler of Denmark. !(
was educated for the navy ami was
know as one of the most popular and
d- liiocrnt'c members c.r the royal fam
ilies of Kurop... In IS'u; he was mar
ried !o Piinciss Maude, third daiigh
!er of Kitg lidwar.l VI I of Croat Brit
.-i.i. There was considerable oniiosi-
lion to the marriage, as Maud was the
li-u:i.t"- of rhe rut II re King cif Kng
laud and Charles was only a Danish
piince. At that time no one dreamed
of ih" hi Pliant future in store for
Prince Ch.ubs. After the mania.-:"
Pi irro Charles was well received i.j
ICngland. His faiher in law becam
proud o fhm and often emploved bi n
in delicate and important mission--.
When Norway severed her connection
with Sweden and decided to have a
king of her own the name of Prince
Cliarb-s was the only urn- seriously
considered in connection with the
throne. In pn.:, pnnee Charles and
Princess Maud were crowned ;
Trondhjem under the titles of Ki:
liaakfii H. and tmeen Maud. The
ic-y a I couple have on,, child, litt
Prince oiat. now in his sixth vear.
Some 10 journalises in Jiomlon have planned to
found a newspaper Hint shall tell the whole truth, am
publish every day with full particulars the great and
siimll scandals of the courts, of parliament, of the
markets, of famous families. Naturally, this journal
of snvairess cannot 1 print ml with the sanction of Un
laws, which on rare occasions permit the publication
of the truth, hut which nlwuys and explicitly prohibit
the publication ofvthe whofio truth; therefore it is to
lie printed at some place it is not known where
on the coast of iSelgiuiii or France, whence it will be
dispatched under cover by the first mail to London
, , every morning.
As it is printed in English, the unknown men who are projecting ii
nre already aunt ing themselves as publishing it for moral purposes, he
cii'ise. e.jHe;::!iv ill Knglaml, the banner of morals is the only one under
whiih an immoral tr.-iHic can he concealed.
TI..' wl'olo truth! And in a newspaper! .To understand the woeia!
peril oi a ;nir ami printing me wnoie mini niotu any ana all tilings,
there is no l etter way than lo imagine what the streets, the houses, tin
ibiaiers. the parliaifu-nls and the madhouses wotibl become if men walked
,-e.oul .Old I. eil ;n them naked.
In telling the who!.
eiselv the - iine risks. I'ir,-t of all. ihat of being locked up in a cell or a
lunatic asvli-in. Then ihar of liming no friend who dares accomjMin
oil or i a Ik fr-'i-lv with you. Tin n. that of losing at once and forever
-111r eood reputation, that is to sav.-the possibility of deceising you-iiciglil-or
about your own shortcomings.
For a m.-in ho does not scant to wear clothe or who desires to pro
i l.iiid aloud nil that he believes to be the truth, there is no wax- except tA
go lo live on a desert i.-lainl : and even there it i certain that this original
I i m would do much better not to tell himself those total truths which oth
er- nave not wtsneii to hear, tor, tnrougn telling uiciu to inmseit atM .i
lievng i hem, he might linish logically with suicide.
Truth is a medicine: a medicine so dangerous that the honest news
paper tire those which administer it to (he public in small does and at
-v hour-: and the expert public knows this so well that every reader in or-d--r
io swallow this tiny dose every morning and every evening has it prc-pat-'-d
for him by "his newspaper," and not by any other, in the wnv that
s mo-! -'iiicd lo his habits, to bis health anH his opinions. The sntue
! ! i'-,parnl by a jocrnal with other views juits him in a state of excite
ui.'ii'. or of anger, or spoils for some hours, often for the whole dtus. hw
c-i ri 11 1.-; 1 ion ,-md digistiop.
Ai'el lbe-e Fngli.-htiieii would scatter this poison broadcast in the
h- art oi' the oin ! Fortunately they, by keeping even their names eon
eiihd. confess thai tluir newspaper of truth will have just the value of
an .iiioii nii-iis letter. The honest public is forewarned and will leave
the truth to beasts, to savages and to madmen, while it continues to live
liy.'ieii'ciii'y arid to enjoy civilization, education, poetry, art. hvpocrisv,
iiinr.t!:i v and the oilier delicate and tender gifts of'divitie deception.
Clerk, R. A. HATCHER.
Treasurer, THOMAS 13. MAHONflS
City Attorney. FRANK MOORK.
Police Magistrate, A. J. ROSS.
Chief of Tolice, M. S. EAGAN.
Alexander County, Population 22,467.
County Clerk, JESSE E. MIM.ER.
Circuit Clerk, LEE B. DAVIS.
State's Attorney, AIEX. WH.SONr.
Ccunty Superintendent of Schools,
' Assessor and Treasurer, FRED D,
Board of County Commlsalonera. '1
J. J. JENNELLE, Chairman.
UKt.T LINK cum du to lar Hnocitnl nu '
ng north on Commercial Ace,, entry H
itet from a a. m. to 1 1 p. m
Cfolm north on XVAInut St. urnrr IS islnnur
trem (I US m. to I0:M r m.
I'OfbAE BT. LINK Hoi brook Arc, ear
o leai-e Hxt-nnn St. geing ncrtli ou Holhr ;
4.re.. at :7: t.VJ; 6:42: 8:57; 7:13 a. ra. and.-
an ulnntoa eTrx hour ontll 10: u and H
p. m.
(lolnr wit ou Twen.y Ktt;hth St. at.ili
l:l; (!.; :4; aDd 7:04 a. fu.anil on am
llt-t c-Tcry hr.ur until 10:84 ami 11:04 p. in.
Poplar St. cara due to pana 01. Mtry'i
I minatea after Ifin(; Seooml gl.
BELT LINK OWL CAKH north on Waloal
11:30 p. m. 12:34 a. iu.; 1:80 a. m.; 13d a. in
1 SO a. m.; 4.1a. m.; 11:30 a. m.
North on Commercial 1J:00 P- rn. ; 1:00
n. 3 00 a. m. 8 ova. m. 4.00 a. m.6 a. ru.
Belt and Owl cara aie doe to put Wm
Thlrtv foarth 8t. 15 mlnntes after teatinf
Second 8t,
fef S ff Ili-PIMMI-. cfi
, ) Mr l... in nn .
, V 11 Ml Ih, lllllm
ill lltt.f - I I U KI A .1...
I'liailor.r biionn. I,ar;r littl 8I."M
i.llr I0. St ud for Imi.IiIi1 irrr.
Madame Josephine Le Fevi'o
lU lliralnul M.. I'lilliiiin., I'.-
S1' Dy H. C. Schun.
7 jf'm rt For Ornnkennrti, Hpiain,
t'..iMt. III.
U A l l I! OK Till-; DKSKUT.
Nev. port. H. I.. Ails'. Tli" l-:i't
-hip .V. w i :mipsliii e retijrtie l Ik
iou.i i:nio ine lereucelliuiry i ei -iici
t kiii at Quel"-". 'I ,ie iitttWvhii luei a
rouul. kh;isi- from (jceliec. Her wn
less npniiiatM.s w;is IiIohii away. '.
ol In i wire slie stoo-l the storm well.
FRANK M. MOORE, of Cairo,
itithorlzeg the announcement of Ms
candidacy for the Republican notnl
nation for the office of nata Attor
ney at the primary election to be hcH
Saturday, August 8.
W. W. DAM RON authorUos his an
nouncement as a Republican can.il
date for State's Attorney of Alcxande;
wunty, subject to the primary elec
tlon to be held on Saturday, August
8, 1908. -
rAt.VIV V KV.FV ,.lhn,.:... i.:..
announcement as a Republican candi
date for county commissioner eiibjn-t
to the deeiKion of the voters at lb"
primary election to be held on Satur
day. August 8, 1908.
' J. B. WALL authorizes his an
nouncement as a Republican ramli
date for county commissioner, snbje -t
to the decision of the voters at the
primary election to be held on Satur
day, Aug. 8. 1908.
Tli- Rep.-Era is continually ham
mering at Parsons for spenll-R
monc-j to u,-t tiie timi, iimtion an.l in
cjuirc;: where he will c.-t back the
money -e is spemlin. Mr. Parsons
is a man of consi P ratile wealth and OLD SOLDIERS REVOLT,
"ar. afford to bear tin- legitimate -x 'Vith all ti-.. r-i-t an.l low- t'.e
pensex nt a vigorous campaign ati.l hej"ll soldiers U"o their coter.i.le. Ca,-se'-K.v
tie- office not for financial eaiii,!'i" Tliist!eu,o,. the f.o t tliat le ,m
I'll, that tiie may serve his ccmntix in'li-' "machine" a-i I post ina-li-ts' ca i
the national congress. H has ma ! didat", u sinz to I...-,.- him many ,.f
the best mayor Cairo ewr had audit!'1 ii voles. trip through Krankln
Th Philoeopher of Folly.
"1 hare Herer : married. says the
hi5oother of Folly, 'oecanpe sup
torting a family iooka to zne lika noth
- f tut a pu ap Jcb."
has iieconie fiat ionally ii "milieiit
thioiisl' his efforts for 1h- deep wat-r
na speaking of campaign funds,
who is going to pay back th mail cat
rieis. clerks ami oihers that peition
of their salary that lie-v ,-n-. c en
pellci to eough up to boost Thistl
wood. Mayor I'arsons. if elected t
crt gross, will not pinch off any of
the icail carriers bard eati.. monev
i ..i : ty , here tin- P eling is l.it t.-r
au.-oii-t th.. "riua" rule and "Ims-ism,"
ll.l. c(i ince.r MIHIIV f pa,s,ls
irii nds and snpiioi lers Ihat the sol
di: r '.oh- there will revolt strong y
j re, net o. lie. used as inere tools by
tl,,- politicians even jf the 'ring' is
plaeiiig before tln-ni one of their com
ra.,es It is a trick Ihat is not-going
to v.oik this time iterrin N".
Santa Cruz, Cal.. Aug. 1. W
Mis. Mariotf. wife of the editor of
an t rancisco weekly paper, and a
e'mtifieiii Mere traveling in an ant
limbic oe, Reaver Creek ion, I. the
macr.itie went over thr grade near
Van l.one Summit and both occu
p.mt lUT killed by the fall.
Wilmington, N. C. August. 2. Ail
unknown tour in.ist"d schooner f!vinT
. ignals of disiiess. U r'Ooite, strand
"d. wit It ,,ails ami spais gone, off Caic
Lookout. I h" Wilmington tug. Sen
King lias gnu,, to her assistant-". No
further details are obtainable.
9 9.9,99. 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9. 9. 9. . j
' i
Mac r,th the German school
et iidien he'.d a picnic "in-Flora Gar
den on Park avenno ami Twenty fifth
street. In the evening the Turners'
Singing club Hang several songs, and
Judge Bros cixike in German, fol
lowed by John H. Oberly. in English.
On May 17th the corner stone or
the Southern Illinois I'niversity at
Carlwndale was laid w.tii elaborate
ceiemonies by the Masonic, order. The
Cairo Kn'ghfs Templar and others
eurr-brin in all 14) Cairoitesi, wtnt
u;i c-n a special train.
A Republican mass meeting at the
t-ruiit house mi May 21st, appointed
d'-Ii g.:(e;s to vaitocs conventions soon
to l h"b!. Among the pantcipant:
"r John W ood. ' f Ud iihu Artc-r.
Venn? man Artr." A. Comings, t'a
pet Vest. Cha-. pIiP and P. Sanp.
Congressman Crebs of the Cairo
district, bad succeeded in having an
item of i;u.uen incorioraed in the
general appropriation bill. for the
prosecution of work upon the Cairo
cus-ten house an.l.postofTioe.
The Bulletin of May SMitl wrote up
the leading millinery stores of that
period. They were Mrs. C. McGhees,
Mrs. Fv.nnder's corner ol Ninth btreet
I.OUIH-. ille. Ky.. August 1!. --Every sa
loon in luiisville about leu. may lia.v
i'i close its doois Momiaj night. N i
licenses have been granted bv the
present board. If liceses are not r
t ewed by midnight of August th'
saltKiiis must close forthwith.
Dutance of Earth from Sun.
During the winter the earth is near
eft to the sun, being then M fc-iV.OW)
miles away. During the summer ft is
furthest away. 92.?U.no1 miles The
aveiago or mean tlistancp of the tuo
bodies is Pl.t'.onrt miles.
Gossip Is a hJti of smoka that
Comes from the ilirty tobacco-piies of
those who diffuse It; It proves noth
ing but the bad tasie of the smoker.
k George Eliot, "Daniel Deromla."
Hare. The Bulletin on your break
fast table efry niornlnn. ft wilJ cost
you culj ta XBti per &tj.
l , in '
. I,!
l"p to the pre.-ent time only the balloon
lias enahl"fl uuin to risu n-i'ly in the air to
t'onsiileralile lieilit and to travel tliroti":!i
it for loii; distances. Soon after the inveii
lion of the livdroeen balloon in ITS-'l. it wn
proposcil to eontrol ii direction, utul our
illustrious countryman, Benjamin Franklin,
after witnesaini' the early ascension,- in
Paris, shrewdly remarked '.that perhaps nu
i'bnic art may find eusy means to i" them
(the balloons) progressive motion in a c:;in
ami to plant them a little in the wind."
Not until lli I years Inter was tlm sue-
ci-ssfully iiccoiuplishi'd in a citrar-sliaped Im!-
lo .Moss,. 1,'enard and Krebs of the French army, which
o-t:n- point live tim-s out of soen. This balloon, driven
,ier ilectrie motor, attained a speed of 11 inih-s per hour.
Tie- ! P'hl ",j;o!lne motors which have been deelopi-d for the autotno-
li.-r. !i I'M ih" clot f factor in the recent jirore. in aerial narigat ion,
loreimi military balloon, of the types of the ill-fafed 'a trie in France
'. pe'iu"- -J-.Mjuic air-hip in (lermnny, tin- la Her having double en-
Dtre--tpr T-lur If i'i fllvrvaiorv, and
Prrsidrni erollubol Kngland.
1 1 i -' riu-K
: i:- , 'o its
Kin hor-
lower and capable of carrying .a dozen inen, are pro-
lar - iiiiiiiiiii.ci; ion. 'in,!
in oil', nsive wariiire.
'it- that tiie practiial flvinj machine will be of tha
I :. .. ,1 .. .!., :. ...:it ...i l . r i . i .,
u',i in 1 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 i -e , i im i i, 1 1 ni inn on mi i mi i ei i u v a jras-tiajr, l be
iii'pirteii to an aeroplane on account of its rii'H con
through culm air at a speed of about 3D tnih-s tin hour.
TI.e-e balloons, therefore, are independent of ,-t wind l loiin-: with
!-- "!oe;t, uhich may he taken "as the normal tav jii-va.litij: a
few llioii-ani! I'i "t .ili.oe llie surface of the earth. The bulks ga. ba', with
its tlel . ate fabric, cannot lie driven ihroiiLdi tlm a-'r at a much greater
f jHid. eell if siilljeielit !y powerful motors COIlId be built of tie' l'"pli-iti;
buhl tie-;. Therefore, ii may be jiil'nm'd that dirigible balloons .
wav.s be i ti l! i : ' i ii ci t i iy .-ttong wimls, and cannot serve as a mcan of ri g-u-
iniiiun.ci; ion. i,ni!i!i' tia ir most important apnlicaiioii m reconi.u:
term,'' ami jM. -u
Aiiibor-Ji. ,
i r
speed V. b'l ll i all
-tnnt'op ami - nail bi.nl te-istaiice will enable it to make headway affaiii; t
all but the struti.'-e-:! wind-; but the hih speed necessary to maintain such
a ip.eelidi" mi tin air will g-reatly iiierense (be diilieulties of lauin hiiii; an-l
landing', with the aili nd.-int thinner to aeronaiit-s and land-men.
Wniie '!,. I -mi is es-a-iitially a French invention, tin- first fuu-ces-i.
in! motor aeriiphiiie i-' American. The gliding experiments of I.ilionthal
,ii (b i.i,,io .. . lei the way of the exjierinients in the Fniteil States' bf
' i'.'io'i'e. Laic . and the 'ri"ht brothers, the latter having no doubt.
co e-i-d ti'e .iii..',-t lli-ht .'l miles, at the rate of :!8 ;iiib-s an hour on
a nu.chim- 'i.-aM- r than air, three years a-'0. 'l'he French c xpt-rimeiiter-c,
1'a rn ,m .iiol I . i i'iai'.'e. have only this year blown a muc h shorter dis
tdin. e.
In vii w of these rt suits, it cannot be denied that human flight ia
not on!-,- .:.ilile, but nr.ictioally re.il':-:el. flh'iouh mauy vears ma? bi
re-jiiiica to pfrie-t fro ,irf. t cloes not appear prohanle, however, that
flyirv' machine- of any kind can ever compete with vfjsels or railway
trains in iriti-j., m tuej heavy material?, so that such machine, hefideii
their u-e in sport and warfare. Mill be limited to carrying passengers or
the mails in an "air hue," regardless of
mouniiiiiis. iai.es, r.UTs, or pontica
'i-u.-it.:- Maile by 'i i ii cllcrs in llio
A rlil Wastes of the Souiliwct.
O.ie of the clile.' dangers to trav
c' cis in cross'tig such dreary and
in i;l vast,; as ,he far famed Death
V.W;- in Nevada arises from Ignor
ance :,s t i the character of the In-
fr-ij-i"'t po'iU of i.ater along the
rout.-," sail T. K. Smalley, n mln-li-c
e, -?;nccr of Denver.
"i'ae teiiu rfoot, growing faint
;ir(i--t' a lila ,!ng nm; will want to
rjn.'m'li his thirst when he comes to
a shallow hole, whose water, clear
as crvstal. seems absolutely pure.
He ran with ilirTiclty be restrained
from ill inking It by some experi
enced companion, who knows, that
cue c'rauglii will probably causo
serious if not fatal Illness. Tho
water, for all is seeming purity arid
r'e:..nicss Is leaded with arsenic,
and many a man lias lo t his life by
It:, Use.
' Curiously enough, the only wa
ter in the desert that is nafe to
drink, is loui looking and is Inhab
ited by bugs and snakes. When
vou com" to a muddy poo on tho
surfyc" of which .nseets are tleport
it's themselves, h.iwc'ver repulsive it
may be hoth to the eye and palate,
you may drink It with impunity, de
spite its looks, as a man will who
Is crary with thirst produced by tha
burning sands Hnd merciless sun."
Probab'y Not Far Wrong.
"Von made a mistake 'In jolir pa
per." said the indignant riian.' enter
ing the editorial ..anctum of a dally
journal. "I was one of the competi
tors a' an athletic, entertainment tart
night and vou referred to me a 'the
well-known lightweight champion.'"
"Well, are you not?" inquired Ilia
or t ing editor.
"No. I'm nothing of the kind'" was
tl..- angry nsponrc-; "and it's con
foan.ilv awk- ard. beu-use I'm a coal
d'alcr."- Philadelphia Public Led-c-r.
A lopr-, I'cnce.
After five w-.r-., wmk Austrp.l'a'
rrbb-'t proof fen.-o has been cotn-P'"''-l
Mr lengrh Is 2.0?,6 miles,
and th" erst o, ;( erpctlon ha boeti
I'railv f :::.. eon I, is frp'...-:Fr t
l-t-rva;.: ot five or rix ml'ca w'th
s..cc:u. ot f.ips in aIocIi hundrodn
of r.-'bb't.: aie captii'ed and d'-siroy-e
1 : j i 'v.
Can You E.xpliin
Why the swf-et.gir! giadgVu. u 8"
Cn 1 C-f fi'.U' CU.-ll Vl .- IKCilt-i?
The Cairo Bulletin Is tha only Cairo
rtr with tha errtc of th Apo
ciU4 Tret.
, S'Ct!e.i Ki n't. '
S - etice ra f .r I ff ii-:- d to furn'sli
any e-:,anati-H Of r.'.yyfry of
s -e.il, ..--s fru'ts . Th -y ..rr not the
ei;tr:;iat. f th" w- rU of man. Man
. er,f tunics them; he ,;oes no
riore. Tiie seedless orange was fonnd
in a state c.f tcrd'.rt , : ress.
Th" l eek of India.
In Irt'lia the pr.nt-i b-nk i re
garded a vnlear. if net irreverent
and no de-cut H n-ico wnuid allow
h's fg-rPd Jr.!irr to be contawl
rod by toman v.'-, lent r rr
parcd torn the hide of t. nie animal's
tlead bodv.
t'ci-,1 r;iiiv..
-Water ll.l ,;i2 cm i,e f-9rrial
o w l!i safe-y to a -, :!, of 2H
feet pruvidcl pra..er Ki 'ouutiuus aie
t..!:cn and su:ubi- :.;d:aijc,p3 at a
iisr.1. ,:c(ordinK to a report of tie
Erith h adn-'raliy eouinrttce appo nt.
ed .0 tcresiigate tai Vtfcct.
mnmmr a

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