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Council Chamber, Cairo, Illinois,
cember 8, 1908.
(Second tegular Meeting.)
Present: Alilt'i'iiu'ii Ilurke, Cannon
Mavis, j.Vrguson, (lonnun, Magner,
Meehnii, Nellis, Siullln and Thistle-
Absent: Hon. George Parsons, may
or, ami Aldermen llourgols, Uroaitey,
Kelly an.l Koi'hlcr.
In t lit absence of the. mayor the
meeting was culled to onler by the
rity clerk.
Alderman Scullin moved that Al
(lerniau Meehan be chosen ns mayor
liro tern. The motion was adopted
Alderman Meehan thereupon took
the thair.
A Merman Thistlewood moved the
minutes of last meeting be approved
without reading. The motion was
adopted unanimously.
Reports of Committees.
The street, committee ' reported
recommending that the bid of Hanes
Ai Son to construct sidewalks iiiuk"-
Hie terms and specifications or unu
mi ncc No. 15 for 15c per square foo'
Ordinance. No. 171 for I jc per squar
foot; Ordinance. No. 101 for 13c pi
square foot, and Ordinances 17J an
172 for 1,'lc per square foot each, 1
accented ami contract awarded them
under tin' terms and conditions
their bid and of the respective ordi
nances. '
Alderman Davis moved the report
be received ami contract awarded a
recommended. The motiou was adopt
ed by the following vote: Aye
Ii'ii ke, Cannon, Davis, (lormati, Mag
ner. Meehan. Nellis. Scullin and This
tlewood 9. Nay Ferguson 1.
Alderman (ireaney appeared an
took Ms seat.
The .committee on claims and ac
counts together with their respective
committees to whom they had been
referred,' reported recommending pay
men! of the following
Miscellaneous Claims' and Accounts:
Timothy Mnhotiey, 1 month
foreman street gang. Nov.
.$ r.o.oo
John lliggins, 21'i
streets, Nov. 1!HS
Michael Mriscoil, 21
streets, Nov. lftilS
days on
days on
James Iong, HVi
streets, Nov. 1HUS
John Holland, 23
days on
2:! days on
streets, Nov.
Dave Fowler,
streots, Nov.
Henry Collier,
stiiH'ts, Nov.
J4 .r.o
days on
days on
John Massey
22 U
days on
streets, Nov.
Stephen Dean,
streets. Nov.
Wm. Taylor, 2(1
i itos
days on
I'll IK
lays on streets
Nov. l'.ms
George, Huberts, IS
streets, Nov. V.MS
Albert,. Thomas, 1 Mi
streets, Nov. lftoS
days on
13 days on
slr-ifls, Nov. Plug 10.50
Patrick Carey, it days on
at roots. Nov. l!uS
Austin Lee, 21 day. a on streets,
Nov. 1 :mis
Karl quellnialt., 21
st i ts, Nov. P.niS
James Johnson, 24
streets, Nov. I 'JOS
days on
days on
Patrick Kennedy
.'2 days on
sidewalks, Nov. l!t"S ..
lien lirlitoii, 22 days on
walks, Nov. lln'N
Julius Serbian, l!ttj days
team at i, Nov. liios.
11. FV McCarthy. l'SVi
with team al $:S..0. Nov
Charles Sehullz, 13 days
, 1HOS
cipal assistant engineer,
.V.,v. PtoS
M. Kleiishy. 7 days as prin
cipal assilaiit engineer, Nov.
A P. Ilenekil. 7 days instru
ment win and 23 days as
sistant engineer, Nov. l!ms
Van H. Kit gei aid. 24 days
draftsman. Nov. P.tnS
A. Glauber, month Inspector,
Nov. Puis
M ut hi t) Doiioime, 1 month
iiiMTtor. Nov. r.ms
X. M .tit in. 1 month Inspector,
Nov. r.t"S
John Parry. 1 month Inspector,
Nov. PeS
Put Maheiiey. 1 month inspec
tor. Nov. PS
1 :(t k. K. McNaiuaru, 2 days
tnspi I'tor, Nov. P"'S
J A. Van Cleave, :: days in
tH tor. Nov. I'.t.iS
V. A. Williams, 1.". day in
sector. Nov. PiN
n.iiiiel .McCarthy. 12 days in
spector. Nov. 1 1'S
C. K. Peiiu. hauling account
Park. Nov. 1!"S
John Ocg. watchman and in
cidentals account Park. Nov.
John Shechan. 2't lr cent,
oo c-olb-cted in street tax
and 12 .log killed 1 each.
Nov. P"8
rmnk M. M.K.r.', 13 per cent
fi;tiit collected in fines,
NOV. I?"
Ernefct Nordman, express ai-l.
... i:1
I.an' 1" n r !-ek. legal ser
vices rendered. Nov. 1"..
I. I". McCarthy, hauling road
ft a. ler. Nov.
H. F. McCarthy, coal for pile
driver. Tenth St. and ley..
Nov. V-'S
MhrieT A P. in her. repairing
r-.ad roller. shoe, etc. slreet
department. Nov. l-$
IT-.ica.fn Steel Tape Co one
tiel tape, Nov. 1S
VV. J, Dugan, sharpening
nicks, etc., Nov. 190K ; C.OO
Tlllstlewood it Co., feed (2
Del bills) street department,
Nov. 1008 '.. 43.92
n. McMunus, Jr., one pair
hii boots, street depart
ment. Nov. 1008 C50
Woodward Hardware Co. cray
on, files and locks, street
department 3.30
P. T. Langan, lumber, etc., (5
Invoices), sidewalks, Nov.
1908 4C83
Kelley Pros, Lumber Co., fiOO
stakes, Nov. 1008 15.00
Schuh Drug Co., paint and oil
account pumps, Nov. 1008 .. 12.15
Cairo Electric & Traction Co.,
arc lights, Nov. 1908 C30.00
Cairo City (las Co., Kill gas
posts, Nov. 19(18 315.28
M. Luiss, feeding prisoners
97 meals before ami 372
days after trial. Nov. 1008. . 101.73
Thistlewood &. Co., feed, fire
department, Nov. 1008 23.70
Chas. Osterloh, feed, lire de
partment, Nov. 1908 33.00
If. K. Ince, repairs to nozzle,
lire department, Nov. 1908.. 1.25
Cairo Electric and Traction,
Co., sas mill electric lights
(4 bills), lire department.
Nov. 19(18 20.09
Kaufman Ilros, sheets ami pil
low slips, fire deparnienf,
Nov. 19ii8 5.70
Herman C. Schuh, soaps and
salve, lire department, Nov.
1908 51)
Stewart Pros., toilet paper,
fire department, Nov. 19u8 .45
Mrs. Frank Keane, laundry,
department, Nov. 1008 CO!)
Maloney & .P,u'her, shoes,
wrenches, etc, lire depart
ment. Nov. 1908 C
Harrisburg Coal Co., coal (2
bills lire department, Nov.
1008 13.,
1). F. McCarthy, coal, fire de
partment, Nov. 1908 2."
Woodward Hardware Co., 50
feet one inch hose, lire de
partment, Nov. 1908 12.50
John II. Shea, bit, salt, etc,,
fire department, Nov. 1908.. .SO
riiomas W. Gannon, :i valve
boxes, street department,
Nov. 1908 1
Cairo AVater Co., hydrant
rental, Nov. 1908 '. . . 700.0;;
('has. Cowan, second hand
stove, pest house, Nov. 1908
Cairo City Coal Co., one ton
coal, pest house, Nov. lOoS,. :
Tlios. Meehan, removal of gar
bage. Nov. 19(18 150.00
Dr. W. II. Fi.dds, treating
small pox patients, Nov.
1 908 25.00
K. A. Ilurke, use of horse and
buggy account Hoard of
health, Nov. 19o8 1C00
Smith Uros., nnlse. account II.
of H. Nov. 1908 2.30
Kliodeslhii ford Furniture Co.,
mattress and comforts, 11.
(if H., Nov. 1908 3.00
Onrgc Hobinson, hauling pa
tient to pest house, Nov.
19ii8 1.2C
Dr. James M. McMamis, prof.
service to city patients (.'1
bills) Nov. 1!I08 30.00
e, Cross Drug Store, soap.
account it. of 11., Nov. 190X .25
St. Marys Infirmary, care and
medicine account H. of H.,
Nov. 19o,S 43.55
Margaret E. Hatcher, one
month and two days assist
ing in city clerk's office,
Nov. 1908 27.33
Cairo lee and Coal Co., ice
t2 bills) Sept. ami Oct. 1008 IS. 21
Saddv EineatI, 1 do., matches,
lty office. Nov. 1908 5n
Cairo Iw and Coal Co.. ice
f bills) city office, Nov.
P.tnS 4.31
Mm.iclpal Engineering ( o..
Sub. city office. Nov. 10o8.. 2.00
Municipal Journal ami Eugl-
txer. Sub. city office. Nov.
p.iei ."!.
Ili'lliday Wtteuhoiisc Co.,
dez. globes, city office, Nov.
1!m,8 l.SO
Postal Telegraph Co.. mes-
iges. Nov. patS 50
II. ill. Hrndlfy. '4 dox. brooms.
lt office, Nov. 1908 1.35
Cairo El. and Tract. Co., gas
am; electric lights (3 bills)
city office. Nov. Ptt iS 3C85
Central 1'nion Tel. Co., tolls
(2 bills! 7.H
Prof. A. II. Comings. 1 box
ctrlKin paper, city office.
Nov. 19oR 2.25
M. C. Metzger. supplies, city
oft ice. Yov. 1908 2.00
Mrs. Kleb. rent magistrate
and engineer's ofTice. Nov.
1!'oS 12. "o
Mi.rgaret K. Hatcher, stamps.
city office, Nov. 19'S 5. oil
Cairo City Coal Co.. coal. ity
c ffice. Nov. 1908 13.75
.H.hn F. Rector, supplies, rity
ft ice. Nov. 19is 20.50
Th Pullet in Co.. pub. ord.
nd proceedings, Nov. 19s. 29.43
PiMMIed Water Ice Mfg. ..
ice. fire department, Nov.
p.os .. , 2.'n
Prank E. Iavis. county col
let tor. pewer asst. lots 12
and 13. Mk. 72, c Ity. Nov.
!' 8.18
T(m E. Miller, cocnty clerk.
r lipplemental asst. ord. 103
court costs and commis
sioners. Nov. lfig 345.27
M S. Ean. feed for horse.
Nov. le in. on
Treasurer Children. Home aid
in supi-orl of Chlllrens
Home, Nov. I .30 l
Josph H. H-e,I. 12 tnnd
tarred sisal. Tenth and Ohio
Not. 1"'8 1.50
fin T. Rennie. pi an.l ma
'hine work. Tenth and Ohio,
i.ov. li'ji 22.75
8. Fraser, laying 40 ft. tile
fcewer at 25e ft. Tenth and
Ohio, Nov. 19(18 10.00
S. Fraser, building bulk
head old sewer 3rd H. head
A. S.
' from
A. S.
I rota
river, Tenth ami Ohio,
1908 ,, 25.00
Kroner, building bulk
oM sewer 2nd 11. head
river, Tenth ami Ohio,
1908 '. 25.00
Fraser, building bulk
old sewer, 1st 11. head
river, and VA yards
concrete, Tenth and Ohio,
Nov. 1008 51.8
S. Fraser, building hulk
head, lod sewer, 1st P. head
from river, Tenth and Ohio,
Nov. 19o8 IS.
A. S. Fraser, repairing side
walk at Tenth and Ohio,
Nov. 1908 182.00
A. S. Fraser,
18 ft. manhole
at $1.00 ft
street, Nov.
1908 72.00
A. S. Eraser
belting, etc.,
driving pile,
sewer outlet
Nov. 1908 35.00
A. S. Fraser, building manhole
Tenth and Ohio, Nov. 1908 74.00
L. L Powell, salary lilm. Nov.
1908 r).00
E. A. Lnnsden. salary, asst.
libn. Nov. 1908 17
Marie C. Glauber, salary asst.
libn. Nov. 1908 25.00
Pan! Simmons, " janitor, library
Nov. 1908 35.00
Cairo Electric
& Traction Co.,
gas, electric
er, library,
light and pow
(3 bills) Nov.
P. T. Uingan, material
count library, Nov. 1908 ....
Woodward Hardware Co.,
locks, keys, hinges, etc., li
brary, Nov. 1008
Frank Hillig. binding, account
library, Nov. 10o8
Tribune Co., subscriptions, li
brary, Nov. 1908
Chicago Record Herald, sub
scriptions, library, Nov. lOoS 5.50
Ed. Hicks, carpenter work, li
brary, Nov. 1908 30.51
Harper & Pros., subscriptions
library. Nov. 1008 7.00
A. C. McClers & Co., books, li
brary, Nov. 1908 30.80
Tames Coleman, subscriptions
library, Nov. 1008 124.00
Alderman Magner moved the bills
he allowed as read. The motion was
adopteil by the following vote: Aye
Purke, Cannon, Davis, Ferguson,
Got man, Greaney, Magner, Meehan.
Nellis. Scullin and Thistlewood 11.
Nay None.
AM'erman Kixdiler appeared and
took his seat.
The finance committee reported
having received from Thos. E. Ma
honey, city treasurer, October ac-
ociit, $41109.09 in cancelled and
phi. I general lund warrants; $3048. 00
in cancelled and paid speelnl levee
inn.' warrants; $230.00 In cancelled
ami paid siierial Insurance fund war
ants; $:!imi..v) in cancelled and paid
bonds Vos. 1, r, and 0. and $18.00 in
incclled and paid coupons from
bonds 4. 5 and 0, improvement of
Twenty-seventh street; $100.00 in
iiuelled and paid bond No. 11 ami
$00.00 in coupons from bond No. 11,
filling of Center street, ordinance No.
77; $1 77.74 in cancelled and paid
special library fund warrants ami
$109.02 in cancelled and paid Im
provement warrants under ordinance
No. 111. all of which the committee
ad destroyed by burning.
The finance
committee reported
further having received from Thos.
Mahoney, city treasurer, Novem
ber account. $1001.73 in cancelled
tnd paid general fund warrants:
140.20 in cancelled and paid special
library fund warrants: $720.75 in can
dled and paid special road tax fend
arrants; $.:o..o In cancelled and
paid special levee fund warrants and
20.31 in cancelled and paid main
sewer warrants, all of which the com
mittee had destroyed bv burnini.
Or. motion of Alderman. Nellis the
reports were received nnd ordered
The building committee reiwirted
recommending that permits be grant
1 for the following building i'ti-
Fannie Masters, to erect a two-
story frame house to cost $.,00())n on
t 41. block 33. cltv.
M ary S. Johnston, to erect a two
ory residence to cost abut $2ooo o0
n lot 17. block 2. fourth addition.
A. U Sanderson, to erect one he.
o24 ft. on rear of lots 19 and 20. nn I
one she, 20x21 on rear of lots 17
and 1S. all In block 37. first addition
S. I Hmwn. to erect n Hhsl II It.
square, pi feet liigh on rear of lot
block 32 city 211 Fifteenth
James J. Mackey. to erect a two-
tory, nine room dwelling on lots so.
1 and 32. block f.9. firt addition.
M. S. Carter an.l A. K. Curtis. In
rcct two cottages to cost imt les
than 1n.0O each on lots 26 and 27.
block 73.
A. Halley. to erect a on story
frame house to cost $130000 to re
lace the one recently destroyed lit
fire on lots f, and 7. him k 2 first
At the request of Aldermen Nellis
km. Gieaney tne repoit f tiie com
m'tiee on the petition of A. ll.tlley
. lal ! over tin .ler the ni!e.
AMcnean Nellis mmcl the re-
niain U r of ti e rejM.rt ! receje.l
ant permits crnnte.l as rfoinrii"ni
The motion was a !"pte. unani
The finance committee r-prt.
reomm-nJinir that the mhoe-saP-
quor de-r Ixm.ls of A. Sidner Ter
rell and PhPip I. Nassauer b a;-
AMennan N'eilis moved ttie r-,rt
te received an.l Ujnds ar.prrite.l as
iecorcmT,l1. The motion as
adopted r the follow Ir.? vote; Aye
!nrke. Cannon. Davis. Ferguson,
(Kirman. ;rfin-y. Koenier. Alrri-r.
iiechi.n. Nellis. Scullin an.l Thistle-
wuo.l 12. Naj Non.
Alderman Nellis moved, that, tlu
chairman of the pump and water sup
ply committee be authorized and in
structed lo start the Tenth slice!
pump for a test run and that the
mayor and city clerk he empowered
and Instructed to pay the wages of
the men employed for that purpose
upon the vouchers of the chairman.
Tiie motion was adopted by the fel
lowing vote. Aye lturke, Cannon
Davis, Ferguson, Gorman, Greaney.
Koehler, Magner, Moclran, Nellis,
Scullin and Thistlewood 12. Nay
nuiiiiing petitions were read as
"John M. Koehler, to erect a two
story tenement house lo cost about
$1200 on lot 18, block 45, first addi
tion. Peter Taylor,
building 21x50,
three four-room
one cottage 23.x:
to erect one stole
two stories high;
cottages 10x12 feet;
0 feet, and one store
room lC3i feet, all to he frame
buildings situated on south half of
unplatted ground joining Farrell's ad
dition. A. O. Phelps, to erect a barn 20x
4; by 2(1 feet liigli on lots 3 ami 1.
block 5, Second Feiichler & Lansden
On motion of Alderman Davis the
petitions were referred to the build
ing committee.
Resolutions and Motions.
Alderman Magner moved that tin-
city comptroller be instructed to or
ler an arc light at Twenty seventh
and Holbrook avenue. '
Alderman Nellis moved to amend
by adding "Ami one at corner of
Eighteenth and Washington."
Ai.ierman rergusou moved to fur
i ner amend ny a.l.lllig "And one al
corner ot Fifteenth and Washinuroii '
The motion and amendments were
ruled out of order bv the ehaii-
The following resolution was In
troduced signed by Aldermen Urea-
new mid Magner:
Resolved: That the city attorney
be and he Is hereby instructed to inn
pare an ordinance for a cement side-
walk on north side of Thirty-sixth
street from Elm to Washington ave
nue. On motion of Alderman Can
non the resolution was adonted.
The following resolution was In
troduced signed by Aldermen Manner
in. I Greaney:
Resolved: That the street com
mittee be and Is hereby Instructed to
have sewer leading south on the west
hie of Sycamore street at Fortieth
street, changed so as to let same
drain off on the east side of Sycamore
On motion of Alderman Magner the
resolution was referred to the street
committee and city engineer.
Alderman Scullin moved that the
city engineer be instructed to take
up with the contractors constructing
the same, the matter of broken nlaces
In cement sidewalks in different
parts of tiie city with a view to have
the same restored. The motion was
Alderman Ilurke offered the follow
ing resolution and moved its adop
tion: Resolved: That the chairman of
the street committee be and Is here
by Instructed lo put Sycamore street
Irom Twenty-eighth lo Subway in
passable condition at once. The reso
lut Ion was adopted unanimously.
The following resolution signed by
Aldermen Greaney an.l Magner was
rend :
Resolved: That the city attorney
be and he Is hereby instructed to
prepare an ordinance for a cement
si.lewlak on the west side of Syca
more from Thirty-fourth to Thirty-
sixth, six feet in width.
On motion of Alderman Magner
tin? resolution was adopted.
Alderman Ilurke Introduced the
following reholution;
Resolved: That A. S. Fraser he
paid his 20 per cent of back money
on rentn street work, owing to
recommendation of engineer and
strc t committee that brick nave
ment cannot Ire laid until spring-
other work doing tiu1she,. ,r.
Fiai-er gave bond for completion of
bll k street.
Alderman Cannon moved tho reso-
lut'oli be adopted.
Tin motion whs adopted by tho
following tote; Aye Ilurke, Can
non. Pavis, rcrguson, Gorman. Groa
ney, Koehler, Magner, Meban. Ne'
lis. Scullin and Thistlewood 12. ?ay
Aid. inian Ilurke moved that the
cltv engineer ! Instructed to out
the intersection at Tenth and Ohio
trots in passable condition for "etn
lii.ry line. The motion was adopted
by the following vote; Aje Ilurke.
Cannon, Davis. Ferguson. Gorman
(ireaney. Koehler. Manner. M-eh.m.
Nellis. Set ll.n and Tlilsti-wood 12
Ni.v - Non'.
The following resolution signeM fcy
ALU niton Nellis and Gorman was in
Resolved: That there le an sre
licht placed at corrv-r of Kighteenth
II,. I Washington. '! Hurt ion of Al
I -man Neiiis the resolution was re
er d to the street cornmitte-.
Alderman Cannon intro.ice, tie
ftoli. wing r, solution an I tiu.o I that
it U adopt--,:
l.oMiUed: Tl at tho chi. f of i-o'.iif
! and is herebv in-tr uct -1 to
th.-.t ordinance No. 3'0 in refrtife
to Ilcensos for eaiinc houses he en
f ri--l. Tie r-soluHon was a.ke t-,l.
Aid'-rrnan Feici$on int rnlii( e I th
fois-wing res,,-'? ion :
Itr'i.U'-.l: Th.tt there nn 'r
thr idace I t th romor of fif
tetr.th aril Walincton. On notion
cf Al ! rman F'rgnson the resolution
referr-l to the .tre.t rniimiTt.
Alderman Car non lntrf-!-!oi th"
'ollomiiig rsoIution:
I:r-wdved: That the str ronfr't
... - . .
ler w an-l is bert.r mstruosej u
t I
Sanitary Self-Casting joaster
Reasons Why Wc Claim lic Lisk Sanitary Self-Basting Roast-
ers to be tiie Best oh the Market. :
1. It is made of the finest quality of steel, covered with
three coats of Lisk's Imperial Gray Enamel.
It will cook as well on the stove as in the oven.
It is the only Roaster that will make a tough piece
of meat tender and juicy, and retain all its flavor.
It will save 20 per cent in weight of meat over
any Roaster made. '
It requires very little attention and NO basting.
Roasts Meat, Game and Poultry. If this Roaster does not do
all we claim for it, we will replace free ol charge with a
new article, at any time, or reliind purchase money.
Woodward Hardware Company.
place temporary sidewalks on north
side of Twenty fourth street lietween
Walnct and Washington.
Alderman Cannon moved the adop
tion of the resolution.
Alderman Manner moved to amend
hy reterrini? to the street committee.
The amendment of Alderman Mas
n-r was I.-st hy the followinn vote:
Ae -Keifjusoii, Koehler, Manner
r.iii! Thistlewod -4. Nay Ilurke. Can
non. Mavis. Corinan. tireauey, Mee
han, Nellis and Scullin S.
The i.'sidiitii n of Alderman Can
.1011 was then adopt' .V
Aldcimau N'( His offered the follow
ing resolution:
U.soUo.l: That the utrcct oar
company he an. I Is herohy notified
l, remove dirt that they placed on
the uravel street on Twentieth stree:
hot ween Poplar and Washinijton ave
f ii a; mice.
On motion ot Alderman Nellis the
r. solution was adopted.
The lollowiliK resolution signed h
A i.ii rmen Nellis and I ionium v. us In
trndlicod and read:
Hesolvd: That the city ;ittinoy he
and Is hetohy Instructed to piepai.
;i( ordinance tor cement si I. walk on
W ai-hitiKtiin avenue, east i-lde, he
(ween Nineteenth and Twentieth
ftrcits. On motion of Alderman N'el
li-, the r-Holuton was a-lopte,.
Alderman Nellis offered the follow
ing resolution and moe, it l- a. lop'
U sol veil ; That th Usance com
niitt h- and Is hereliy Instructed to
make suitahle arranKemonts with the
present special attorneys for the com
inK year's work, and report liaek at
next regular or ft' lal nei tini;.
The motion was adopted.
Alderman liurke offered the follow
iriR resolu'ion and moved It f adopt
H solved: That the encimcr he in
tructed t have Hich Construction
Co. lo gravel int.-reM-ctirig stre.-ts at
otKO where sewer is completed oil J
Commercial avtnio. The resolutio:i j
was a.lop'e.l. i
Aid rin.in Nellis offeie,! the follow !
ing resolution:
R.-solv I : Th,t th- i'y il.ik !
rd h l 1" rein irisi ru' t'-d to puldif!
!otjr- In ih- .tIioil ii-spMi'r ot
'he jry that a!! !io n s are du an!
rriT!.' - t a' ) l th" firt dav of Jan
::art. and t;at no apidh-athiri
f.,r licefiFe wi'V lie ronsi-?-r-l iin'S"
mcon.i.a.T.ie.1 hy c;.-h or di k for h
fii'l anM.ui.' it tt,e f." for iic-r,s. an
p!;e,f for.
Alierrnan N-!!: nKired the dot
r,B f.f the r so!n?n. The mo' ion
il a!o;,ie,l.
The f,,:!,!fi piisTu'liifl s'crio.1 .y
Ahh-riie-n tlr. an l Mwn-r wasi
atn.it'e4 i tmi:
you m& W
1 ' '
That It Is the sense of
the City Council that the Hoard of
local Improvements he instructed to
withhold all moneys due Hie Rl
Consiruol l.m Co. and Hoy 1. Williams
until the. crossing and sidewalks lie
replaced in order on Sycamore
street, l ophtr street and Commercli'l
Alderman (ireaney
lion of the resolution
moved the adop
. The motion was
Miscellaneous Business.
Alderman Meehan Introduced an or
illuanie concerning, peddlcts, huck
sters and hawkers, fixing the license
for such, which ordinance was rend
at length ami, on motion of Alderman
Kindlier, reterrrd to tin' ordinance
Alderman (iieaiey requested that
the hoard of health meet In the
council clianiher Immediately after
adjoin nmeii'.
Aldcrmau Magner moved to ad
journ. The moil.ni was adopted.
Tie- council then adjourned.
City Clerk.
Making Shoes.
Picture a herd of 8,r,oo kids and
gouts, 4o7 horses and colts. Ton calves
and IS4 steer. Theu think that th
skins and hides of all thwuo animals
supply one shoe factory In America
with enough leather for only a slnsi
Th Need of the World.
Tte woil.l must return some day 'l
the word duty, sn.l bo done wish the.
word reward There are no rrsaidi
and it nty of duties. And the sooner
a man set-s 'hat and acts upon It lik
a g.'iitU Iiian or Cntr old baiharlnn.
the better tor hiiii.eif. Itobtrt Louis
Creat y Esaa3r,td-
Although 'he n-rreaumdent who
says line c.fliu. have become remaik
a',.y jH.j.urar In leuna has an estab
lished ! p ra;i.-n for eraolty. It Is in
i, .:!,e n..: to f.-el that he has eiag-
t. J - lio.ostille Courltr Jv'MinaL
Can't Understand It
Many a wife Is seriously wondering
ty her mother in-law ever thought
no woriian was good enough for ter
ho j
Seven Have a Monopoly.
There are only seven establishments
In this country with the facilities f i
rastlr.s broii statuay.
Be Ready.
The rsas who U jrej-arew treblee
els u:-tt- . .
f Chanc." t w m",
Wben you talk of chance, y6u r
only confessing ignorance. The rerjr
spin of the coin Is governed bf the
neiTe, muscle tor manipulation) ol
the thumb and brain that spin It. The
only chance about It U your Ignorance
of tha forces that lift, twist aud catch
the coin. ' If you could calculate the
physical and mental forces between,
the halfpenny's leap aud return yo
might buy the world. But you can't
And it's Just that bit of blludtieae thai
e have to call chance.
First Thing You Remember.
What la the earliest thing that you
remember? This would he a nice
question for an after dinner dlscua
slon. Miss Maud Allan, the dancer,
in her miiaii autobiographical rsiiwy,
tells us I she over that her memory
goeH back to when she was Ave
months old five months! She wa
then kIvcu her first doll. She h4
been told of Santa, Clius, and itl
Chiistman eve had "sped down the
bioad stalrcat-e."
Progress Retarded by Caste.
CjMin India, at once the wealthiest
and oiHirest of nations, hangs the mill.
ton of cate, a damper to all ambi
tion, dad weight to all progress,
lb Sudra may not hope tut adauce
ment or reward. The Urahrjiltt wad
the warrior and the prince leioalu,
superior by. birth and Uw. Hut wUh
holh claskes, each foi bidden to w-imet
tiie other, theit Is a dealre for gala
and the hoarding of gain.
Calf as Thanksgiving Off ring.
A calf was found to be one of the
gifts la connection with the haivett
thanksgiving a.t I'ickmere (Bnglaad)
)q chapel. The anitBai ai
I not present aJosg with the othsir
I rod nets of nature, but soae one tjal
Pointed It on a card, and uBdraeti
the picture WM wrllten, 'Calf U
sold, preseeted by Mr. A. Plait. WW
(hau." The calf was gleea aioog
wiiU fiult, flowers sad vegotables.
Why the Was Absent.
A teacher la one ot the girls' schools
la New York recently had the ftdlow
itig eicue for abeeoce handed her by
usw of her pupils: ".Vtu hliss. It
gives me much pleasure lo write te
)oa. because I have a worry ment. Sal
you tiould pltrsse eicase my Aaaie,
who dix-s not cuoe by you because she
has to go to the boi ttwj with her sis
ter's sore eyes "
tpendthrtft'i Pwrefiaeee,
A spendthrift ia ene sense he has
his Booney s worth by the narchase 4
large lots of repewtaac aad vtlt.
dolorous cu in mod! Jea. fvathsaiei
lis btii l
, , ' , : - e-

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