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rekllthea Ball and sedar by the Balletls
wiv ai 70 oaio sltmi. . raeaaa a.
ubMriptten Rata by Mall
Iarerlably oaea la Adf un,
Om feat. Dally aa4 Baaday.
ubeorlptlon Rataa by Carrier '
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f camera.
akaleved at Ua Cairo PoatofBaa a eeooad-elaa
. . Hall atataet.
Average number of complete and
, perfect copies of The Cairo Bul
letin printed dally and Sunday
during the year 1907. .... 2116
Average number of complete and
. perfect copies of Tbe Cairo Bul
letin printed dally and Sunday
durljg tbe mouth bf November
matter, will be further, discussed at bytt-rlau church festival on Christmas
next Saturday's Luncheon,
evenin n purse of $175 was present
ed to Rev. II. 11. Thayer. pastor, by
the. couk relation. Hon. I). W. Mimn
made tlii? presentation speech.
Cnpt. Joseph K. Puker, I.'. S. Mu
rine corps, made a holiday visit to
David J. Maker.
1908 '.. .."....2150
v November Circulation.
2180 70 2136
2...... 2039 17 2137
S....V......2038 18 2140
4..... .2506 19.... 2133
6.... 2064 20.... 2134
6........... 2084 21 2138
7. ........ ..2113 22 ; 2095
8. ...... ....2130 3.. 21?9
... ...2138 24 2180
10.,.. 2138 25 21S0
11...., 2107 26 2195
12.. ....2172 27. 2185
13 2170 28... ...2185
14 2114 29 2190
15 20S8 30 ..2193 ,
Despite the full and vivid descrip
tions of conditions In the wont h west
ern part of Italy that the correspond
ent? are cabling; to the newspapers ; hl-i uncle, Hon
It 1? hardly possible for the average '
mind to comprehend the vastness of! On Christinas Day, William C. Mul
the destruction of lift and property key ami Miss Mary Moloney were
wrought by the earthquake and it i united in murriuse In St. Patrick's
sequent evils. To say that a city has church,
been destroyed on the other side of
the earth conveys a certain fact to I Mr. Hlsey Woodward gave a Christ-
the mind! but the Imagination alone! mas party to a number ot his youus
can color, expand and elaborate trie I menus, i- meeii couples were pros-
bare fact into a picture. To erasn the lent
scenes in Messina and Regglo you
mut't gaze with your Imagination
upon miles of debris that was once
upright and intact buildings. You
must conceive the broken pillars, the
ruined roofs, the fallen walls, the
scattered bricks and stone, the twist
ed iron, the stench of decaying
things, the fires that consume the
wreckage, the smoke. You must
consider the people living amidst the
remnants of a city; llvjng, but fren-i
z.?d tortured, robbed of loved ones,
homeless, propertyless. An
must contemplate the dead.
jBanisli Far Outweigh
' - Any Possible
AlCOhoI Benefits
N.w Turk.
The Arab and the
Hcmlv File companies
tised a grand bull ami
New Years Eve.
Rough and
each advei
supper for
Chicago, Jan. 3. After It! years o
service in the postoffice, Daniel Ken
aged 30, was arrested today charged
with taking money from the (nail iu
the "advertised letters" department.
.vou i Kerr, according to the authorities has
There Is ; ....,,
Chicago, Jan. 3.--Tlie. Chicago and
Alton railroad beginning tomorrow in
tend to experiment with a gas-electric
car between Uloomingtoii ami Dwight,
Hi., a distance of 53 miles, if the two
weeks test is considered favorable
more cars will be used.
Tbe above Is a correct statement of
tba circulation of The Cairo. Bulletin
for the year 1907 and for tbe month of
November 1908.
Business Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this first day of December, 1908.,
(Seal) Notary Public.
The) Bui (at In la an sale at tha follow
ing plaeaa: . i . ....
Coleman", 114 Eighth Strut
Halllday Houia Nawa Stand.
. Blwa. Front Restaurant.
The-wise, men of the cjty council
will ned, to get their heads together
in the'ivery near future and prepare a
revenue ordinance of , some sort'. Tbe
idea tliat BUggesU itself, most readily
is that legal advice be had as to who
may be taxed, under the state law
ahd then frame the ordinance accord
ingly.; And it must be no petty affair
no' raising of a few dollars here and
a few dollars there. That would bo
child's play.;, The city needs and must
have from ',20:Kff to f.30.or annual
ly more than, she is petting now U
she Is to hold her own in the march
of progress which Is rpon her and all
around h"f, oM.tho erdi ia-.iee to bo
ft a med. must , produ :e that amount
from some . source. me peo-
" t.l must 'have better service
ir various departments ; they
must bvye a better - fire service,
a larger police force, a street clean
ing system, a building Inspector, an!
various other things that go to make
. life safer and more tolerable In a
city.- These things cost money and
tUe money must be gotten. It is prop
er ihat the burden of taxation for these
Improvements shall be distributed as
much as possible and as evenly as
possible, and to this end the proposed
ordinance or ordinances should em
brace all who may be reached by the
tailng power under the state law as
it now stands.
' ' , i
No more Important subject has
been presented for discussion at the
Merchants'. Luucheons than was that
presented by Mr. Jesse E. Miller, last
Saturday. Although a few of our citi-
! puntly attempted to pPOCUr
some municipal legislation which
would bate proclaimed to the world
that Cairo no longer cared to culti
vute. tha good will and business re
lationshlp . of her n ral . neighbors,
this was defeated and the" people or
Cairo are oti record as recognizing
the Importance of offertnu the people
of the country every facility to come
lore and do business with them. And
In line with this sentiment Is .Vr.
Miller's suggestion that the move
ment for road building In the county
be stimulated. In Mr. ililler's care
lolly , prepared statement, and com
ments made thereon, it was shown
that the'eounty board is powerless to
raise funds for road purposes under
too new Intel pretation of the state
la; that funds for road building rati
be raised only by a road district tax;
that Cairo as a part of Road res
trict Nt. 7 Is deriving about $"..0OV
anrually for use on Its streets; that
the remainder of the road tax in this
district has been wisely used that
the roads "In this ' district are in
fine condition: that the roads in Dis
trict No. 2, a4olnln-No. 7 are ioor.
msny fanueraar in district
kpt away from Cairo because of t'..e
laJ roads: that the money collected
for Road District No. 2 is InsrfTirleiit
to meet the needs of the situation
and that this, can be overcome by
rontolldatlng Districts 7 and 2 into
one, which, would permit the now
surplus fund of District No. 7 to
be used In extending its roads into
what la now District No. 2. Th re
would b. no Hicreae" la the tax la
Cairo or In what Is now District No.
7. It would man merely to take up
tbe road work In this district whe-e
It row s. and extend It Into tbe ad
it.lng , district. Tbe proposition
urt to look, good to all concernei
to tbe peci-le of Cairo who want thHrl
grxvl roadi to reartt as far into the
ec.foty as i-cwibi. and to the ifo-
r of th ennntr who wsnt to 1 J
at.'e to risii 'airo wbea the wcat erl
.1 . . !! ...I. ,,..... . .
in- iih)5i uiiucuii ibsk to couipre-1
hend the work of death. Between
lOti.doo and 200, 0o0 humong beings
killed can you take that In? When
the Iroqcols theater in Chicago
burned some 500 were killed, ' yet
that was a stupendous disaster. When
the steamer tJen. Slocutu burned
about l.OtiO perished,, and that was a
historic disaster. Tlie San Francisco
earthquake destroyed ' property and
ended some 1,'HiO lives, and Ameri
cans will never cease to talk of the.
magnitude of the horror. But in ;
Southwestern .taly the loss of life is !
not T"0, or l.Otui, or even 3..MH1, but '
upward of lOO.niiO. pause a moment '
rind take it in if you can.
Will history a thousand years '
hence give to the Messina an.l Reg-:
glo catastrophes the same romantic,
place it gives today to Pompeii and ;
Hen ulaneum? It is doubtful. The
world move more rapidly now than
it did then and it will move more '-
and more rapidly as the centuries !
pass. The story of Pomieil anu
Hercuiaueura was siow iu reaching ;
the res tof the world, for there were !
no newspapers and cables. The :
story of Messina and Reggio, on the j
Qthet iian I. is told as it Is made. The !
peejde o the earth are permitted to
gpsp anil thrill as the drama itself is
enacted. They practically look on
as, .-the. events proceed. The drama
itself will, soon be over. Then the
disaster- Will have lost its power to
thrill. It will be simply a historic
One of the great results of the
newspaper ami tho telegraph is thi-j
rapid disposal of eventsthe quick j
yyiliging.dry pf , great episodes. They j
happeu and in an instant are past, j
AV.i. are In the habit of investing !
Pompeii and HeiCUlaneum with a I ova and Belief Are Powerful Acentt i
Wrltar of Song Frequently Without
Placa to Lay His Head.
I lie song we know so well mi
"lioma, Sweet Home," was originally
"Sweet Home," and John Howard
Payne was formerly known us J
Howard Payne. The disillusioning
process keei on apace. It Is well
known ihat army bands in time of war
aro forbidden to play "Sweet Home"
ou account of the large number of de
sertions it cuusi's. An officer.. with
the fleet, willing to a friend, referred
to tlie tune in lhes words: "We ul-
Cause of Deacon's Opposition to Pat
tor's Exchange of Pulpits.
Although the Rev. Mr. Carter knew :
that the senior deacon of his new
church was a thrifty New Knglander, j
he was not entirely prepared for some I
uf the evidences of Deacon Getchell's
peculiar thrift. "I don't know as 1
favor your exchanging with the Har- i
borvillrt minister more than once in j
the year." said the deacon, shaking his 1
head at Mr. Carter's suggestion of a ;
second exchange. j
"I thought you all enjoyed his i
preaching," said the minister, with t
surprise. "I had understood so."
"That's uot the point," said the dea
con's chin took on the look so (amiiiar
to his family and friends. Ttijf point ;
Is that we pay $5.i5 more ySuiiday 1
for our pulpit than thojt do over to ;
Harbor ville. ' So when you -go over ;
there it's Just the same as making
the Harborville church a present of '
that sum, and what I'm saying is that
once a season's enough for us to con- i
tribute to their support." Youth
Tlmt tilcoliol 1ms "a cfi-tuiii food vuhie" is true,
!ut it is also true that this value is very limited, and
that alcohol lucks (he chief characteristic of other low it occasionally. at seu, where thu
, i t i i t t ... r,,t,,i men could not possibly desert without
foods, vi.: the cnpm-ity for being stored for future wvvM. Jt w(CU on
use. The statements of sonic advocates f alcohol ,l(ver:" imagine Wlmt a powerful
tlmt more peonle die of excessive eating than of drink- Influence such a tune must have on
. . .. ... . .... ... i- a homesick man, thousands of miles
int.'. is absurd. Kvery physician can testify that d.s- from w(fe BWeil(harti bftb8,
eases arising from overindulgence in food are cither Howard Payne's life was one of re.
fetimorarv or mi to reined ah e after rcinovinii tlie vicissiumes. ur un evening
cntise, while most diseases arising from abuse of al
cohol are fatal, and when once established are in
curable in the largo portion of cases, even after alco
hol is withdrawn.
Admitting even that "alcohol lias a certain food
value," the question presents itself: Js it needed
for our sustenance, and. what is far more important,
has it sutlicieiit "value" as a food for the maintenance, of health and
vigor (which is the sole object of food) that its utility ( !') would out
weigh the fearsome evils which are known to spring from its abuse?
Are there any Other food excesses which till the hospitals, prisons, every heart is familiar with its me)
lunatic asvlnms !iorh,ins,.s ,m,l .-r.ive.5 0-!-v: 'l's. 1 have been a wanderer from
As to the capacity of alcohol to increase physical vigor, many practi
...il ...(. i, ...... .1 ,....,. .1 .1.:, ;. .... . o.. ii...
i u iApiiuirmj uuc i .- i loiiM mi n 1 1 nun uus is an i-iiui. vu uiu iuu- WHALE MUST uauc Hid ODnros
trary, it has been shown by marching tests of regiments or soldiers, etc., I
that the men who were abstainers endured fatknie more readilv than those I According to Showman, Leviathan
who rm-ived alcoholics. Xo laboratory experiment is as reliable as these j Waited Lon8 for Jonah
roctieai tests. Alcoiiol is a stimulant in moderate doses; but like all 1 The Bishop of Marlborough told a
other stimulants it causes the pendulum to swing in tine opposite direction s,or-v 1,1 opening the St. Thomas sale
when depression ensin-s in proportion to the previous stimulation.
"Oh, what a diiference in the morning!" is the popular jest on the
preceding night's stimulated conviviality. Moreover, a man in health re
quires no stimulant: if his flagging powers are sustaiined by alcohol he
is in the position of tlie jaded
he would stroll along the streets look
ing into the brilliantly lighted parlors.
Once' in awhile he would see a family
circle so happy and forming so beauti
ful a group that he would sto;, gaze
upon tlie scene, and with a sigh pass
on. "How often," said lie to an Inti
mate friend, ' have I been in the heart
of Paris, iierlin, London, or some
other city, and heard persons singing,
or the hand orgau playing, 'Sweet
Home.' without a shilling to buy tlie
next meal or a place to put my head
I Tlie world has, literally, sung it until
my boyhood."
Alexander County,
Population 11,147.
Clerk, H. A. HATCIAft.
Treasurer, THOMAS U. MAflONl
City Attorney, FRANK WOORW.
Comptroller, KRN12HT NORDMA
Police Magistrate, A. J. ROHfl.
Chief of Police, M. 8. HA (JAW
Alexander County, Population tt.HT.
County Clerk, JRSSB R, MILI.MI,
Circuit Clerk, LEW B. DAVIS.
Sheriff, FRANK! K. DA Via
State'a Attorney, AI.RX. WiT.HON
County Superintendent ot Sctmola,'
Assessor and TruaauKer, rRBD
'" Board of County Commleilenere,
i 3 J.-.. JKNN1CI.L,K, Chatrmaa.
Ri'll I inP earn itu-to leave Hm-oiuI (St. go
U 11 lillic im-nurth on ('uiiiinirclal Avo.
,cry Ki iiiinuleH In mi I, a. ni. to II p. m.
(iolDij iioi Ui.ipii Wnlmit KUuvery lOinluutea
From 0.-O8 u. in tn U);i.t i. in.
PnnliP CI lino llolbnxilc Ave. oar due
I UM1I OU LII1C lo leave Mccond Ht. ki
liU nortli on Molhr(H)k., at f.tf7;:17; Hrt'i; ft7-7:1-
a.m. nml un the same minutes every hour
mill 10:42 nml 11:1'.' . m.
(iolni wcmI on T-enty KtKhth Ht. at fAH;
:'.; tiM: li:4;i auit 7:IM a. in. and on 8aiue mlii-iir.-n
every hour until WM and 11:04 p. in.
I'oiilar St. cars ilue to (lass Kt. Miiry'n park
ir MiiniitLH after leaving Second St.
Belt Line Owl Cars IVinVmS!
m.; I ill) a. in.; 2:30 a. in.; Mi. ni.; 4:30 a. in.;
,:: a. m.
North on Conimerctal 12 p. m. 1 a. m. 2 a
in. ;i a. in. 4 a. m. & a. iu.
licit and Ow l cars are due to pana Won
rhlrty-fourth St. 10 lulnulea after leavln.
Second St.
ot work at Kxeter. to illustrate tin
difficulty which confronted church
workers in days gone by, says the Lon
don Standard. Sixty years ago he
made a strenuous effort to stimulate
naroenlal hie n ilu itlrei-tiim nt
I Horse winch, stimulated by the spur, reaches amusement, but it was, he said, a
the goal exhausted.
The arrival le warmth jirodticr-d by a toddy is fallacious as proof
of its ftin.ulatiii;r cifect. It is due to the widening of the bloodvessels
of the skin, which it a physiological elfect of alcohol aa it is of certain
other jioi.-ons.
A nth-man who had not taste,! liquor in two years informed me
thai he was tempted to deviate from his course of abstention by resorting
died na on,! thu ten II , , i ,, ', " 1 '' Wll'Ue-OIlie loou nor U Iiarillle
lieu us and the tradi-j . Lovo and belief in a man can nf vor. , , .
ve beeome entwined jrt Kjin. Rij witty alwy ac,l?S a ':1ut' of physicians of lar-re o
y. If there bad . been ..'apuftio! tUtjride.,'lJi:i'iJs iu-Twiab'.vJevtn'tlioih not a dnirikar
d telegraph wires 'Jti close to a' man's lSySfwhifst it'1.aiT-,,;,'m .," ;.ll.: V,'..
nintkp,! I7l:imaiir rmnfinu., rf tha t..
cot sea by which the story of the two
cities has reached ve and the tradi
tion that . have
with that story-
newspapers an
the days of Pompeii and Herculaneum
the tale would have been completely
and quickly told as the events hap
pened. Poniieil and
w-ith all the Horror of their destrrc-!
tion would carry to us of today
slighter impressions of romantic
erandeur and terror than they lo.
Th?y would merely suggest historic
dales and statistics. Courier-Journal.
for Reformation.
f i
January 4.
H189 Colonel Henry Sloughter ap-;
iKilnted ftoveruor of New Vork. .
lT.SU Horace Bitmey, who made a)
notable fight In congress for '
the 1'iiltfd States bank. In rn i
In Philadelphia. Died there I
Aug. 12. isi:.
17M Treaty of Paris ratified bv
American congress.
1 ST. Steven Thompson Mason, ex
governor of Miihlgan, died.
18.', I Albion, Mich.. collei nartlv
destroyed by fire.
Alabama troops id Koit
Moriidii and tho p.. rfiei
" Mobile. , !
1ST.". fieueral Sheridan ( aauni-l
comtnan.I of thr- deprt merit of
the gulf at New Oi leans
1SS5-Archhshop Rji of Philade'-
phia invented with the pallium.
1 !" Andrew f'anieeie irave tT.o-
(hn for home for Bureau of
American Republics In Wast.-ingtoii.
little or nothing to do with a woman's.
Even ' when the schoolboy falls in'!'
love with the little girl in ulnaforea. i
Herculaneum,: his. first Instinct is to acquit himself I
In her eyes In some magnificent way ;
to knock out some other boy, or i:i
tlmidate a foe.
This instinct remains with men un
til they die, just as girls from the
cradle or inspired by love seek beau'y
to appear lovely In tbe eyes of their ,
And the masculine pride and prow
ess and strength are what the wise !
girl will use in her desire to reform j
some man who Is merely weak.
Nagging drives sueb men Into tha i
depths. Kvery look of derision, snub,
Insult, sinks the Iron deeper Into their '
souls. Kxchange. !
bad failure. The only thing which h
could recollect of the details now was
that there was a smoky magic lantern
which had be; a u.-;ed at Haldon races
and was "caught hold of" by a young
farmer as a proper thing with which
to give an entertainment in the parish,
out it was simply an exhibition of ani
uiuis, and i'-e room, being dark and
i.,. ..i. . . .
in ...1.K- ... , .,. i,; . i,;ii;. t.,i .i v. ,. "'" "oi nisi rate, it was t
, , """"" 7 a p"iuicai i-ainue, uu miserable affair. Suddenly the show
im:uppi's,non mat ne wouiu in itu.-t manner protect lnmseil atunst man said: -you know, children, 1
pneumonia or a severe cold. His 'ood juikim-ut cotuiscled a brisk walk ara exhll,,ti,,K tm' ""imais that came
the i,rt..r .,ir,.l,,,r ,,,,.1 iv-., out of the a,k." Pnfort u.iately, the
' next tnliiR ho exhibited .was a whale.
j nat me rrcipu-nt ue ot au .-oiiol in moderate quantities as a stimulant and a little hoy exclaimed: "There
in health miM ev.-ntmillv .lam.iir.. tho l.l.vwU-.la ..( l-in -m.-l 1 weren't no whale in the ark." Hut
- - -. ...... ...... i . iiiioiii-. j - 'vi t iiv iiiiiJina.v-'i , , .
seiuetitly the heart itself, as well as other organs in which the small ves-'
eels ure dilated by alcohol, just as are the skin vessels, cannot lie denied.
This is particularly true of persons advancing in years. There is no,
more fatal fallacy than the belief that "wine is the milk of old age." j
. i If any evidence were required to demonstrate that alcohol is neither a
wholc-oine food nor u harmless stimulant, it imiv be found in the cxtieri-
-crvalion, that the habitual user of alcohol
ml oilers stun feeble jcsistance to infectious
diseases, e-piiiauv pneumonia, mat tie a most invariably succumbs, it
is a well-known fact that life insurance companies ulwavs endeavor to ob-'
tain an insight into the applicant's u-e of alcolad for this reason. i
It is essential 4r the rising generation that it be dearly instructed in '
the true status of alcohol as a frod and stinaiilnnt, not by appeal to-sentiment,
but by d. tiiotii ration and evidence that it is absolutely unnecessary
in either capacity. The insidious dangers lurking beneath the fallacious
popular conception of the moderate 'nso of alcohol would l!m
home to the st tident.
the Bhowman w as eiiu.Tl, to the occa
sion, and replied: "Xo. little boy, the
whale wasn't there; It was waiting
for Jonah.
Literary Pioneers.
Polite literature, so far as this coun
try Is concerned, undoubtedly has Its
fount ainhend In the writings of Wash
ington living; but the first literature
fOKSOME HwLincs '
smitiiNo-iVaiHOt isfsc
SrAuoxtfir. ff YovnPAWo-NAGcDmsDshAsrtx-TCM
Oh Ttic Way Vou'
prcss ftortt Hottl'lR
You CAitiArroiDS 'or To
to have the positive American smack 1381)61" V CI 1 1 T! ff fll e VCT ff LO
mini. r,t T Punl. a O
be brought
A Harder Job.
The tributes to the popularity of Mr.
Hammond's son pleased the father,
who was the oM-st mimmer resident
of Shiubvllle. They pieaned blm the
more because they cam from native
of the froil whose good oplnlun could
not he forced In Hny way.
"Ilea a real Eood tx.y, that toy o'
yours," said ("apt. HoIIIh Townw, and
("apt. Ijothrop James added hie word
of approval.
"Klike the cut of his Jib." he an
nouitced. with (Jm-IsIod. and I like his
ways; he ain't too forth-putting, nor
yet fie nln't too standoffish.
imng r u is on ami tils ma
haven't triej to have him brought up.'
same as most of the nutnmer folks do
with their children; he's Just ben
'rained' like we were, and that's why
he gen ori wi'h everybody In this
town, air!" Youth's Companion.
Dress to
Ves, a jrreat many women dress to
please men. Some of tlMtit want to and
some of tin-in have to. In the first class
vou may put the marry in;; women and in
the si-ond cla.-s the married women. Of
course tin re are women who retain their in
dmduality in dress as in oilier matters,
whether married or single stroMfj-minded,
if you will, and y t not I.iimiii,.' to be men's
equals Ix-cau-c they lx-lii v
siijH'iior. 1
and flavor were the novels of J. Fenl
mwe Cooper. Coc.;)er's novels were a
revelation to tbe old, world of the lact
that in the new world, a fresh vein had
been struck, something that, was as
much American as Dante was m'e
diaeval or Virgil and Cicero classical.
It Is not too much to call Cooper the
Columbus of American literature
Charles Hro kden Ilrown, a much
greater genius than Cooper, approach
ing In the subtlety of his intellect the
greatest, of the ancients, was prevent
ed by his morbidity and Introspective
ncss from gaining the palm which
I passed to the author of the "Deer-
slayer and tlie "Patkiinder."
House Movers and
General Wrecking Contrac ors.
206 Commercial Ave.
African Courtship.
Among some Afilcan tribe, when
a man professes his love for a woman
and asks her In marriage, she Invar!
ably refuses him at first, iest it should
aprear that she had been thinking of
him and was eager ti become his wife.
Py so doing she maintains the mod-
u v are men (,"y of her snx. as wo'l as teK:s the
, lovw and aba:;: s the piide of her lov.
i i.is u.i y is aiso intetnled to be
Cairo Poullry ami I'l'mlme
Commission lo.'B"r
Solicit shipments front outside
merrbants. Highest Market price
obtained and quick returns from
sales. Hell IMione Main fA '
The Boat Brratkla( irlak la tae Wrl4
IX h
At all teed Bare,
ion, io rtttirn to ineir more numerous r use to the woiiirn In her married
...sters wlio dros to til.-ase men. j life as, should there be quarreling
Maud or ;ladv or MaU-1 in love with
h'-r lover ruea-i's him and li r
thetn sit comfortably, and bi-r sister in hoc with her suitor's money
olilv i e.ii.illv ad. ii able 111 de!. rrdi? to his taste. As a general thin?,
and the husband threaten to send her
awav. she can rem'nil Mm nf h,.ur V,n
If by buying a hat under w hich both of mad n :eated prof -Ksic-ns of his love
and -i .-gently press-vl hfs suit before
be coll II led tn tie, inn,. M ulfu
i r...,...r III,, ,i I ---
John S. Kenne.lv.. retired
V.ik hanker nd phiiavthroplst
tx-rn Jn linarkshirc. Scotland,
sty, 4. lt.1u, ant affr a common
srhif education he Iwgan lif as a
(Tft'With a Hrm In r-.l-c..a- 1.
aViCw 0f r,4 Mr. Kennedy retired from
the banking busings, but continued
to U more or e active In the man
r.ei nient of some of the ast railroa I
pu-Krtie in which he tan Interest -i
"i years be has devoted much
time to (.h'tanthmpic work. IP do
n.itlorm to various Institutions, and
missions amount to mililon of del
rtttitt lattttttt tttttit
1 1. Utile t ..) ..till, it,
1 White Deer and a Black Fox.
Something unusual In the animal
. kingdom lias junt be.-n Villd hr
I Prince Edwaid bun'era and brought
I home. It is a dir pure white In color.
1 save for two atiiail Ida. k p' back
i of its care. Tbe animal is a fine look
; In stag arj weigh atmit 2v) pound
; It bas a niaanitleent pair of antiera.
! Tbe hunters -re r- 'keni as to
whicb niemtwr of the camp captueeil
1 tLla very unusual spvl-8, but It Is
j Understood that Crant HpiagiH' of !I2
; Island was tbe lin k klmt. The ani
mal was found in the noMb.-m pari
, of Kasthigs or I imox and Addlngioti,
Anot?i-r uie.sn .1 kill made Ly one uf
j tl. b-.nterg a a b!a k fo. now a
1 ry rare an'nisl. ' Kkla is ei
laluat.lc Pic'on t -i ; .'svs-bdt-nce To
roL'o Clobv.
Mr. Ceorce Mcl-an of Wilh.barre. '
Pa and Mrs. C. McGe .f Cairti.
wpre marrie. in St. Lojis tn !-.,
II at.
""tfcm ead NrHtaan
ut this sfa'- of hi- wooiii;.' tin tianeu-d youtir tfi ui elects to like any
thing hi Jadv cliiH.-..- to wear, but after marr)ing he iimy :rowr critical
or ti rati nun! or stitiv ami tl in his wife' attire r.bWt hi chyti'e of
-Hint. hc -tiil tin -h lo pt.-a-e liiin li atlse slie iutisl--Liul ile no
longer oh iiM-s b. rs !f. If he li-i s a little liat she must v,-t one, though it
make a fright uf br; if h- is freakish n.iuh tn
brand s'.e inii-t walk abui-' iin i.r it, stvle or no slvle. This is the rcaon
wbv an a-H-mblv "f in.irri'-.! "im-n is hi often a dres parade of dowdiea,
There is a (i-rlaiii la- f wntnen who never haul a mind of their
own and im-t will have one. Tle-v inflict J'rol's or (Jeorge'i or Jack'
ta-ti a atel opinion m every ori". I'nil may not know purple from scarlet.
but be is ipioied a- an autl.r !jr on tbe iHm indues of particular color,
and k i fal--ly o i d of j rstidinff a tall, skinny woman to wear
tnj-s "t a sli.-tt. rUui w..ma.i lo aiTi t bi; p!ids. Such women drag in
tlM t rrial m.i-ctd.tie a fiiod court 'f apj aU lo ihtidc anything from
hop and .-iiaks t j:!o. and sh'. Il'a a mental dtfit
lb. ti fj.ain t!re are w.rnen who dr to pW-ase tbemselvei sirnply
and sob lv, ami l!:i re are otlw r- who give no thought i dn u. Their coile
i tins, at horn-: -What !- if -iin f' how we Avb Lire, where tvery
i.!v liiotis Away fr-un Jxone: "What it afetuf Low
wt. dr. h r-. wh-re Ti'lly knowe ?
Ji.i worio n dress to spite ne another.'
Oiia-Hiinl!v, v.-s. (', ii ral'.v, io.
W uiik-u aie iiut I be fui wul.
-ire'.. . jlsGA
A tomforULle code,
Ji iov bad to work U the Cells. Titej Vmrl&s tbe exercises at tbe Prts
i - vr.il s
Advfrtlsliig InTba Bulletin pre C Tb Cairo Bulletin la tbe only Cat
advert!. h-a It rtrrnlaiaa amnre t iper wltn tbe aervlee of tb Ae
hat kite tmar to vf tiaUd Prwa.
Don't Get Nad.
Otir own anger. liiiVe( rloes u more
barm than the thing which makes us
angry; and w miffer much more from
the anger and vetatlon which we al
low acts to rouse In us. than we do from
the acts theniw lvea at which we are
augry ami vexed. Mow much most
people, for iiis'aii-e. allow themselvea
to be distracted and disturbed by
Quarrels and famiiy disputes. Tet in
nine rasea out of t.-t, ? ought not to
Buffer from lioing found fault with.' If
tbe condemnation I Jnt. it should be
wehome aa a warning; if It la unde
served, why should we allow It to dis
tress uaT Sir John Lublxxk.
Greek fr;
Greek Are was a combustible com-
roslMon (now unknown, but thought
to have been principally naphtha)
thrown from engine aaid to have
ben Inven'ed by Calllniru. an en
gineer of Heliopolis In Hyrla In the
eerenth century, to destr.-iv the .Sara
cens' ahipe which wae effected by the
rneral of the fleet of Conatant'ne
Pognatus and .t'l.vOfl men were killed)
a eo-ranii urea ore. pror.ablv a
solution .--f phesphorue In bianlphHe
of the raiiKin. was enirdnred at tte
s'.ene of Chaikatoa la l.iii.
Many Shorthand Seteira.
There ae more tbaa fowr auadrael
CiB.a ef sbortiAtA
Emigrant from the ' Green III Ab
sorbed Americanism.
How long it reauirea an kbshman to
becomo aa American is another story.
The federal statutes, of course, bava
their own crude opinions on the sub
ject ; but those authorities are apt to
bo influenced by prosaic fact rather
than by divine instinct.
It it told of two steerage pa-ner
whose ateamer entered New York on
the moruag of the glorloua Fourth,
that one of them, an Ensllshmaa. lis
tened a few minutes to tbe trtrnendoue
cannonade and cracker firing; that
ushered In the damn of Kn-dora. At
last be turned to tug companion and
wondered what was tba mean ins; of all
the "blooming row."
The other smiled scornfully. "Arrah,
Ifwan, you foreigner! Thla la the day
we bate j-eee!" Sunday Magazine.
Rare Gate In the Air.
Samples of pure air from a height
of eight and one half miles have bn
collected by Teisserence de Port, tbe
r reach investigator. In hi observa
tion on the rare t. eiaiir
argon, neon and helium. The coliect-
Ine; apparatus a vacuum tube drawn
out to a fine point at on -nd
carried up by a larpe aouniln
loon. At the dealred height an der-
tmmairnetle dr!ce op-rat-d br a
harometer broke off the rr-.int admlt
tlnis the air. and a few minutes later
a second orin'act sent a batterr tw.
rent throneh a platinum wire arounj
the broken end. meltlne; the tiass and
waline; the tul.. AM sample tl u,
obtained how argon and tw.n
helium being found la air from ala
'z Z 'S.-"-

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