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- I
' rtaajlaaad (ML 'V'
. . i . 41 .
ilali uallf aul 8uiU r '
'i . , al Oktn atrwl rhnn
tubaorlption Rata by Mail
laiarlahly Oaa IS adaaa. r
fMir rai ty and Sundaf
ubacriptlon Rates by Carrier
ij orrlao lu IWIra..
H iirMr oiiUltl ' OatrO...
KM a meatb
Ma OKinlfe
Notlca to tubacrlbara
aUbapr'twrt wtll ooufar 'aor rrla
M thl m. any lac of p-or.pl Aallvary va
la part of carrier
,... ..i a. oairu roatotnu aa ound-olan
at all Matter
Average number of complete and
perfect copies of The Cairo Bul
letlu printed dally and Sunday
during the year 19oS 2084
Avurage number of complete and
perfect copies of The Cairo Rul
letln printed dally and Sunday
during the month of December
December Circulation.
14. .
......2193 .16
2284 17
. .2415
. 2285
....... 22t6
, 1. 1 . 'i'!S7
, 2303
, 247C
n. j...
20 ,
. ; . .2489.
. .24iU
Tbe above Is a correct statement of
the circulation of"Tbe Cairo Bulletin
for.' I be year 1908 and for the month of
December 1908., ,
Business Manairer
Subscrlbed and sworn to before me
, tills fifth day of January 1909.
(Seal) LEO J. KLEB.
Notary Public
Tha Bullatln la on aala at tha follow
Infl placca:
Colvman'a. t1 eighth ttrtat
HIHlay Houaa Nawa ttand.
! front Raataurant
- ' ... January 24.
vAiiiericans surprised and cap
lured the British garrison at
Gorgetun, S. C.
'1S33 --JoKiih ' W. ' Drexel. phllan
throjiist, born tn Philadelphia.
' Died ttr New York, March 25,
-1888. . : :
t856-The- iirisldent fcent a. mtsaafie
tb foftgrefts rotK'erBiiig tlt- 1 B
flcultirl' In-Kansas .; 9 1
"17?l'AtThe;Cnfe.leraten seized , the
United States arsenal, at Aug
-''ftiMa. Ci! ' - .
' 1&73- First liberal Republican mass
lirrMting was held at Jefferson
City, Mo.
1895 Steamer Cliicorn fuuuderel on
I.ake Michigan ami all on board
were lost.
189S--Sir -Freilerick O. Middhton,
liltish commander in Canada
In the Kiel rebellion, died.
" 1905 Allen T. Davidson, lail fur
" 4 YlVOr of the Confed- rat-n SUfHM
congress, died at Ashevide
N. C.
'' ISO Andrew Cornell., ciiuditionalh
' pledged $0'l,U'iO to U-ej .id
lege, Kentucky.
' " B ogranhy.
CT-arlr ' Henry NVIhaus. the w.-ii
known nculjitor, was bom in Cin- In
., nail, Ohio, January 21, 1S55. and ie
' rel've.1 hid eariiy ducatloti in that i-iy
Mr. Neihaus' more lmxirtant urr
' 'ar lite utatnei f liiKalts, Jarti ! I
and Morton In the rotunda tt tie i a
tleiml capltol - at W'aslilnti n, the
Ifrnkrf nioniiuient at Tltu.vl'k'. Pa
' thu Forrest" H)c Ktriair. btatue a
Alenipbls. th Trln.ty Historical Imkos
In New York City. etatLn rf McKiu
lev, Farragiit aiid lJncolti at MuhVe
'f(i"Mlrt "th.v 1 fv tarn . Ma-il-on
"'rtjftil llti"1nwatiir"Mi ih -, i udi.i.e t
V.r ttirecwtu'rt ttta. t'aciiwl, an 1
"thi ftrwr'lf 'iloKhila-o aai mall l.
In front of the tomb cif tbecUiait.'V
prcnident at Canton. Ohio.
fftttltttttttt ttttttttt
" CAIRO IN 1874
fFrom 'The' Ci'ro Bultetirr pwW.tHdi
T .... fJchn M.t5bryJ. ' ' !
! TheC'wioorJiM Siiiging Sceiy eel I
ebrated tm first annle4-iy in'
SchH-l' Card-n on July 1st P. t,
hulf r pri.. nt - lU-ury llan
Jafer anl R H-tarker at-ro no tc
t.ers cf tbe sixb-ty.
f NerniaF l'ulv-ry!iy at Carbon
dal as dedbafd cm July Irid. A!
liiltlitfer i f C'airoite s'ei, .-d tbi cer-I
moD). John J. Bird. co!i.r-d. p.lifl
marlf 'rat of Cairo. as one of lie
, A m thr story tirirk buinei
l.ctis just rompb-te.f at lb ror
w-r cf I.irieti- nth tr"-t and Cimrr -
rial li. uur.li the New York S'rfri j
John Major was
IKa r,,lru.f,r C
O. ratU-r anJ Win. Wolf t-r l-rt f' j
Kr vt ih- X-w York. Stt r-. j
Tb" 4lh cf Juty was .l.-.rat.-.I tor,
tl lllraia Tire cittnt-ariy in Lo
auif liiorr, Cn the wat sule of Waib
Ington avenue, above Fifteenth street
by jluv, Delta Fire (.'ompntiy nl Si.
Mary' jarky imI by the Bough aid
Beady fir cVitnpany iit ' SehoH (la.'-
lyi, ci rnor Ninth and (Yiliir streets,
'i'jie Deltas and liiboi nluus each b,-;d
.1 fianiilv,. tht- formec Iclhy l ln Do l.i
City Band, ami the' latter httt..fti by
Pivf .Ktcrer's Bund,
picnic a base ball
At the lilbcrui !!
fame was plu.ved
bet weir Cairo and Mound
City eluba.
hlch was won by the la
ji rily cif 2h rtius.- .
r by a ma
"Tin- i-Jt s'njj , exam bin lions of tibe
(deni'ma School was' sat tsfartory '-m
teachers and parents. Prof. Aneel w:is
principal ( f the schools, and was as
sisted by bis wife and Miss C. Yocuin.
Anions I be pupils who received pr. in
buns wi re Mis. a s Anna and liosa
(loldsliue, Bniha ami .Matilda Alba.
Katie Howard and Una Klein.
The White Hat.
When the Vanc .Musical Comedy
?u in pan y conies to the opera Iioihc
tor a thru) niht. enttayeuieut com
iniricint; Moliday. Jan. iT.tii, they w;ll
present for
White Hat.
the (.peoinK shuw.,"Tlia;i,lahlpr5, almost ini n.ediat. lv lloi d
Tuklns tho mi:sl-:M4S( the engine room of the Repuiili.
conn dy as a whoh4 it mii;iit ee ar
sued that the consistency of lis eon
. ,.st! uiUun anii gifierat w hof' sonie tone
(tf the play is the best feAtur of rts
siiecesht'ulticsa. The nai.sic Is -eat: My.
tin .speiuultii-s are all good, the com
;dy is clever, the chorus is hit; and
flmU the .cat,. j.s. ..wiXlioill qu. s
tioti. the i.est obtaaiitde, the s'asc
-n'ert ore striking aud,the play itself
dlir of tl sa u s soil esi s. Frio s'
IV L'.'i :i.". and Tie. Ladies fre's Monday
ni-'.l.t. special nia'in. e U i il i. s t.i .
S.its en sale .Men. lav at 8:3o a -.it.
Up to Date Smart Set.
There have been all kinds of "coen
-bows" on the road for ihe last few
.Mars. Some of them have h-co're
deservedly popular, but rumor has it
that the "Smart Set" easily I'taki s
the take" in the theatrical cake
walk, it comes to the Cairo opera
house im Thursday. Jan, 2Sth, to
' .'iionstaitrt the fact. nii to eatju r
llt' the loiall tlorliy fel'.MluU .lebiove.
niiliP. Tfcrt. pipcrr, is a. -il is. nsM V-vt.'
t f thve.' ai t a ii-dy. . Fric'tSvi I'
$1. Seats' oil sale YilnI.K ,.
. .. . . . . . .-' ; ,
Comedy With Music.
The Time. The Place and Tl e
;itl" which conies tu the opera bm.s
Til. lay. Jan. L'SUh is designated as
"cieuedy with music,'"., tmt a "mu-iial
ci u.nly." . The classification implies
that It lia ; a plot au.j itiaiaiieis u
it. :in- to a decree of exeeil, nee riot
fi.n found even In straight play-.
C'f course tbtre is a pretty love utori
.-.nd several ery novel charaet rs.
1'he pale of. keat opens Thurslay,
Fn vs: 2- to U
t Sibfria'i Advancement..
, la 1S02 the lirst .earning MStablU-b-merit
in Asiatic Hussia. was ope;ie,J at
XJUisU,. Eiiris, of bides 'ayd ekma
trom.SiWrU Uu:reaj frym Z.b'M tom
la 1899 to 5,200 tons In l'.u2. Morn
than l.COO tons of Sibirian ei-'gs are
exported annually, many of them tiud
lug their way to the London uiuikuL
Dreaded Crirery.
No man will voiun'arlly entr a
draper' t,tore If the experience can
pohsf'jly be avobbj; be feels out" of
dace In suriouniliiKs f on sect a ted to
exclusively feminine usage. The
drapery atmoi-phere t.Trlst?8 a reil-K-nt
idtber than a magnetic influmca
ujion blm Men'a Wear.
' Natural Vcran,. " of Ui.
Then' has never been a time when
men did not wander from a dei-ho for
thanK1", a defre 10 fl.-e fTom the mo
notony Of n.e;e exi-i'ei.ce. 1 here ll
a fever in Tie b;.M !tch drive
men to wand. r. alt-ctinir rtcti and vnit
Elik", mid this is a f.e-to- wtilch no
legislation tan ever f t,''re! Hitiitnat
In dealing rh th? true variant class
In the old dnvs, tlndltie a balr In
the butter wtun't no bu . !, u )iej
w-oiallr klMw ' N-r tte- hair 'ano
friim. bu tn ibf dai of si'it..-,
phrrny r ur! fit, I nal.t lur t- k. i.
' a fli'MViVlTT 1ia litiiU.:HS ti .Mt.
Children' Saylngi.
The visitor a mini? to b retiial.
and a.-ked t... stojill ti.ai l. n at I i.
lde- "S! nil I p.- i your w ar for you.
II' Me tl I:..t !,e bild te.ll. d
"No. f inK you: it's j nt? nuaij nun,,!,
tio ."- - H,.ii t I a.
The Econcrnical Woman.
"I should like to bear 'h mm r. r :
reiiAi cnmtaoml." at 1 tbe r-.in.-r t
ait-r. 'but tut, A. out th- b.
m 'o : . f you 1. I ti- a tati.
HlliH f.'i il.J I m by r.o lu. in
rich- '.rnaa "
Not Wrcl'f in Va n.
rrl Al!n 8;a-k m
torn from t- fnii-.,il of in , .,
tanre. 'Wtll.' t.f 4 l ,,(.
lalb!y ft.-r a ji-j.l tj , ., f ,
tbou.M. Mia I.'- i n.? ,! ,
af-r ail ll ,r, t,., i-1 a ;.
:, 1
Who l tte l,.i.
who raiiea the re,
i t ..f r'n
'! of n'b. ra
in tTietr j.. nr ta, j r fri
i e
, trr.5t Laie m Arc.
T. bad 1 as . n tf - ;' j. et of rAft,.,ej
ill.-rk.n il'liin tbe lat t., y.lr.
aa4 tbe tt tl.t In a t"i1l of lit
usri It alreraatr lr r r. ai.d
r-a- tn ir- a.-,d jik tui to
Li.r be, a 9i e-Latilikj,-J.
(.Concluded ' From First Pago.)
( iil
,,,, s
and iitatf.l that -she was ir. dl
Ci ii slia u was net at tho Navy
Vied bi.t ililcivrptcd t.'.e a pe.il lit
Prm id; nee harbor, him slarte.l l.t)-
i.itely I'oV N'ant in 1-et. Other win
les.n paralus a'so catght the lll.ig
ii.VsU'o inn A - fn.:a: Kb'irt ( Unitf Ih ' Cut
te" A usi,ii 1 was on lief vay out
treni Woods liol; tlie 'Mohawk, tin
. tber fcventSi! culler. had tt.irtc.l
from .New 1! liord, and t!u Se lei-u
had been ordered out frem New Lon
don. Conn.
The .Mohawk soon ran acround
While the Aciishliol did not Ret ouls-.li-if
V;neard Sound, and lati r came
! nek to nss'st another vessel in ilis
Big Liners Heard Cat!.
Meantime1 the P.altic and l..ilr
raiiii', . both eT which had passed tb.
K I ublic a few boiu S o'arlic-r a ;d
wn. st eediui; into New York, liea d
t h- call for assistance and put a beet.
The I. Urania, which was instea d
Nantucket liirhisiup a!s: cat lii'.ij:
the i!iess;ii;e of me air lilt up h--r
s t ed and pressed on to the Hepi
li s assistant e. 1 he coliisnn b.-inu
an 1 rer: lered her absolutely I el"
less. Foriiinately lu r w ireless eit:ip
rnent was well tnpplied itli stora;;i
baMerios and thi s.1, were used f' i
nrfre than six hoiir. uuti! tliey piad
ticJIy' l.iee.im! ehnu'-t(d. After tha'.
r.ei lirse t Siir'ialitlR by means in
submarine bells w:is a lopted.
Passengers Tratisterred.
f'l the -.dddle Of t!ie l'ol'elio tl il
f'.H'-sfer of passei ,.-ers to the Fbn-i !:
was made. 1! noun tiie Baltic ami
I.J Lorraine were close In the se. tie o;
th" coHislon. but owin.; to t!;e ih'n-e
I'ii4 were unable to locate the epub
lie. although the submarine liel!'
eieiid be heard freiU'elitlv. The
pretcpf closint; of the He u!'ii's
v r t iuht compartments kept he
afloat and nii.louinediy save I the !Uc
of many of tiusf' on board..
l ate in the afternoon it was learned
from the Baltic that tie-so coin imrt
tnntth. jwete still boldiiis. the vessel
above water, but that tho bulkheads
m! xxtiiy.artmuit doors were under a
n.ui till W-ain an.J were liK 'ly .t :ive
y at. any niomitit.
" Tinlay ' collision, was . the second I
v,! .hdj.ihc Jtepublic bad fiun d w Tt III '
little less than t w o ' ens. On Pel -ru:ry
16. 1 '?. the Ib imbi'c colli 1- d
in the Bay of Naples while opt -ri"c
lvYi with the Italian steamer Coiiip
Al' eiii-a. At tl a! titll the liep'ibli
Ie.. I on board "I", sa'on imwi'iici't-.
tf- ait boimli many ol the pa-s lit;, r.
v.ere badly f: iKhtetn-d. nr.nf was i.i
Three "R'a" for the Worker.
"Tha. f hie.' U'" . pf the wcrker
should be Itei;ularlty, liest and fvoi:ta
tii n. Spasmodic habits, never letrine
BpJitel ikH kikowitir; Uow atulwhen
I. to ,i lay- Uave kilJMl . inor. , bu.sinuss
women than all their hard work.
Change Eauly Made.
Five-year-old Helen was industrious
ly bemminss a siprite of pink Kinzhain
for a doll's table cover. She In id It U
and examined It critically. "Mother,'
Kbe said. "1 don't think this is a voi
s l..li tablecloth. I j;u. ss I'll put a
jeii o' s'reoi ia H and c.il! it a cor
ret cuv. r.' The ! l'ne.-.tor.
Where Heroes Come From. . .
In tl.. main It seems as if the hen
type wire nioie tdten found In the
wild'"- jdae.'s than aniotu; factorfe,
and me-:c ball.-, at.d our romantic
fellow of the ptiih.ii . is ipi.W- apt
to have in bis roub mnk'Mip wavs
hii.'iiethii.t M-!- l,t-:tiibr n.tel enviablt)
that has b ri4 wi'tetid in tiie sltmki
utel flare of ioli(.. J and asphalted
to ::s.
Ho He Doe It.
Kli e th.. man of ., u, tt Is en
er.'.llv VMid "He I, .n- ,f ul; b- ia
c'T' ii, e alofi; " N'A'ie.. tl-t in- ittfends
t.. Ids wotk; I i e l.t -; ,e c!.M n't
dtitlkl be . bote -t. h.'el p.l - Hf
i! l.t.-. No man -v. t n . . .1 with
out ti.es.. iputliMos .!.iii..n (Kan l
tllo ....
Cave Sermon Money tT Chirity.
C.,.i..n F' ndt.it t , j 1 1 . -1 ov.-r the
' t ne le y he r-ee(v. d f.,r
tie eo, -''vt if r " .i ' n rTii'.n to
t ".- llil'l-!, If,, ;.!
for Ir.f ui a',' j
an 1 the C.-,r ! ,- lima b ,n,e
Trcube EnoujU.
' Tiiin t te. u . o c. ttifi niad a' a
n.oti t"b t- in' f..;'h." fai l tmi.-Fl-ii
'lt- it.-i..f bah tr.
'iou.li 't In. it joiir N,!tttn' to me
i:a uuy"
To Tl.ll.1
f ... Ill.l'
II, . in. f,t
ri.tlO'.otl .
b . h s; e '
C'tod, a n 1
. " a- . i ir.i'.
Ii v by tb- t
t 1- ! r e t
-1 I- r i r, -- . Tee-
of .0
' u
A to V.'orth Vet No.
.' ' ! i ;.- 1.. r '.
it.s'- I i :-. r. o I 4
n i
t i-t
d ' h.-t. -s i-i tt ;,.n
l.t t..
Dait Trcug'-t.
Se le f .'.r-e u ,4 tt.er
- ?" dtr i, tp, , :;,J p)rf
U'Um "' r ! d 're- r-i.'f.
i. ait-.,; n. f :.;. -i.t Ia.: I ,
ia! ! - K.-i-f I - . 8.
' A Perefa
A I. U ba.-
frr rv , .! f
- in r !
t n Ii: -x a ..n.
t-.r cf the Rate.
. - 1 . . . .-
i. tl 1 1 T. -i i
iri i. 1 !, .
Tb- I' e .., , ,
:. -t
Iii. an
ii.r:ya.ed I.ao-
. 4 l-a of
it. :! ,:i
Among Otheri, It Makea a Dellcloua
' Cabbage Salad Dreaaing.
It Is an nnia.lns thins how much
sour cream Is thrown away In the sum
mer by careless housewives and ig
norant nniiils, who fall to discover In
it the possibilities for Innumerable
tasty dishes. Sour cream make a de
licious cabbage Babul dressing,
whether used iincoaked. xtirrlns It in
at the hist before sei vins the uulad, or
cofiklnj; it In this way:
Chop or slued the cnbbano tine and
put in a deep dish, l'ut into a sauce
pan over a hot tire one cupful of thick
sour cream and s'lr In while heatinn
the '.volks of three well beaten ei;.i.
Add a half teaspooH'ul of Hiisar, two
tiiblespoonfuls or butter, with salt and
pepper to taste. hih coukiui; stir in
a half cupful of st rout; vim war. This
makes a smooth, thick dressing, d".
lii;htfu'!y creamy. Four over the cab
bage while hot and mix thorou;;l,I.V.
Particularly Appetizing Delicacy for
the Dessert.
Two e.etrs, two tablest oonfuls of
sural-, one lemon, one level tablespoon
ful cortistarih. some pastry, one cup i
fti! of boilinq; water. Beat up the yollis j
of tbe eiriis with the suiuir; then add I
the prat oil rind and strained .puce of
the lemon, then add the cornstarch.
Mix all these well together; then add
the water. Place the basin over a pan
nf l.iilir... trrtfui- 'in.? cltt- flu mivfio-.i '
for a few minutes until the Hour is
cooked and loses It3 raw taste. Roll
out the pastry and line a platter or
shallow dish with It. Then pour in
the mixture, hake it in a hot oven tw
ill the pastry is done. Beat up the j
whiten of the e-s stiltly. add .-u;.u-and
vanilla 1-xttact to taste. Heap tbii
merinsue over the tart, then rettia
to a cool ovi n for a minute.
RichmonJ Maids.
There is a cel. Lu .tied cheese ctik"
made from a recipe of one of th
maids to Qu"eu l-.liabeth. and sold ia
a little pastry snop tn ita nmonu, i-.ni;-
land. Utie cupful of sweet n.ilk. on j
of sour, one of suitar, one of seeded
raisins, one letnoti, the yolks of four
eugs. a pinch of salt. Cut tho rai.-ini
In small pieces. Put all the milk ia
the double boiler, and cook until it
curds' then strain. Put the cue 1
thruueh a sieve. Heat the susar and
yolk of esRs together, .add the sraud
find and juice of tbe U mon, the n.:a;ns
and tbe curd. Line little patty pa is
with pie crust rolled thin. Put a lar.;e
spoonful of tho fillins in each and ba'.;e
in a moderate o.i n for 2D minutes.
Needle Protectors.
If yon knit mittens and lace, buy
two small aluminum thlmb'i ?. punc
ture a small hole in each thimble near
tho lim, and sew a thimble on each
end of one-iithth of a yard of narrow
silk elastic. Tie a bow ot btk'ht rib
bon lu center of elastic if you wish,
and you have a fine protection fr.mi
i.e sharp ktiltt1n needles, by slippitis
a, thimlde over the end of the needb s.
It also proven. s dropping of stitches
when the Wotk is lyins; unprotected in
the work' bask. t. All knitters know
how easily the needb s will slip out of
tbe work, but having one. of the:.
thimbles slipped on to each end of tbe
needle this dhtlKi r is ululated.
Creole Baked Apples.
Core and j are the apples and put
them into a bakiiiK dish with a little
sunar. wafer and lemon juice, and bake
until fender, but not broken. Remove
to a serviiiK dish, till the centers with
telly or marmalade, and pour the liiuid
from the hakim: dish over them. Beat
the whites of two ecus till d''y and
add. LO a lu.lllv. two tahtespOOIlflliS of
powdctc l siuar. one fourth teaspoon
ful i f b tnon t:aet. and half a t' ;i
KHiotiftil of vanilla. Put 'bis ne-! initio
on top of tin- apples and bake in a
modi :ute ovi ti .-Ul.t niitnitei.
Potatoes Fried with Egg.
Chop cold boiled potatoes Into dice.
Fry sal otk sines till you have
etioush po; k fa to fry your mta(M'H
,i t,;. e t.iown In. Chop the crisp .oik
in wrh tie p. itoB. Fry potato, s
t.ti.wti, at:d bi ak over them as many
u-'s as .ti teed for the amount yon
have. A sn. il' amount needs but oie
i-- t'tou-h t '. i mnk'S it nicer. S'it
.j.,1 '!'. in 'be oot.i'oos and i-m.v
f ..lu t; ,' s'v -i a- the white Is
I o v
: u.ok!i.r
1 h" r ? r will coiiiiu c
if. t,ii.;'i; . ff th" Steve.
To Bike F.sh.
A", v. ' . ooors know h iw dlfTif-i't
!f Is 'o m.o !. a an tn w-hj.-h fuh b ir
en ' -,!,-. ,j );.. pt-!nntis k!n of tht
f.sh :i !!a "'! - .. t'-i t an yn'il vie.uou
s.o.,,;:,j in t.i " .-i: y to r'-move It
in i
ei i.
i r t'.e I-.- ri w. I!, ar.d th ti spread
a ;:. of 'h'rk wr-ced paper
rit ;' ti. ki',1 e.-'-d to liriectaeV
V S U !:. ?l t'.e fS!l ;s bake it
! ' lif. . f ntn tbe pajrer
h i:i ' i ts s",' f-.tv.'.y cut of the
t H:-f Wade Curtain F'irturet.
In.' t !; . i ! rf rri bakiKSf pot
di r fatij n n.tif i oiind slrei, cut a
an a I t'ro.'t '- fi t of nTi" to slip j
Iri t- fr.i '! . f, ta k or." on eah side
, f tl.e d'.r fr-i'i " for 1-a. ke; for a'
I .d rut a Inn "i 1 andl- 'he rerj il-eii
. t.."vi to ft' i- d..or: either cive the
r -1 a cat if taint or .fc:ac.
Ne D'eas for Hash.
ll' st 5 ;:o i t t:iir Ii ft from a rot
.: fo r.a'o a r ! brown rrarr. fdl
1;, n h if '-.:f it;nrri. ihist 'f
i's. itr-d Ft' -h r : i-hro. m, rhot t d ,
t d a ' :!:': ful 1 rh of rrtrtant jelly , .
'1 '-!.. j,T d in Pure et ie,.. ol 1
tJi-t.'y and
bllcej ifcin
t I
Nose for
" J-! ot the tnoiiey-iiiiilviiijr nose," cries Jsiilori' J a nl,. iii "Jinsi
lie.-.s is 1'tisiiios;" "I've oot tin !)l'lley-liiakill nose."
Aiid, i !o you know, 1 don't think it's much yooil anyonu
attemiitinjr n I'mniicinl enreer. at all evetit.s if lift is nnvliitionn
of hii'li iiccoitiji!ihiiiviit,
)iotli.lil li.ltUl'e.
'1 !,e n.oiiey-makintr
Seniiiic nl io:t it. tiiotili
s i on-'iiett.iu.-i as
wliv, crimps, tliov were
vim li ;: coi;,)ii!iio.-i tins nose is a 'uvat sitt. It is as much tt talon I as tit
f;u l!y fn' nit, litt rat tire, scictu'c,
qualities of iniinl iiti.l liraiti. It is
eiitcf.t ise ui'l icit ihr.t faculty as
iK ni" ti:e M!e it one were trot
ji i r at the n rely eo:ii:tierci;d itiitul, to pour contempt upon the sordid
aey-e-rul.lii r: but w- have clui-ji 1 ail that now. And no really kecti
oiu'd man cit tiosstl.lv do afnthiiiii' else hut admire the dualities of
nun! and ihar.'.ctcr which J Inwards
fo t;
( hati
A man who has learned not only to prasp tlio juvent opportunity,
l.e up the tide at the very moment of llood. to avail, himself of every
e, ! ;tt v.'hn has also trained himself to regard all possihle future cou
ncils, who plays the earn oi limuiee as he would play it jrantc of
1 who ttecr takes hi? hain! oil' his piece tnit'I he lut
ti) what is before hii t as well as what i-s behind liitit
n a-' ti) what i.s ln'iore im t ;is
nd Ui-ovc all, a man of vivnl lni.iinttttoti. lo the j;i'at inlander tin
A of If-iness is the worll of I'omutiec. illid tl vv ll the long :i vciims
! fi si and e'l'ort
he si e - hope w he
: si
And in the mad race fr wealth which,
sent day tiii re is. pei!mps. no more pltia
ti who. without one jot of capacity for im
a v.iin cmlciu.ii' to i:l 11 pocket with gold at the h-a-t pis-ihle cost o
trouble or brains to himself. 1 have known incti f r years who n.-vcr mc
you hut what they wci'.l pull out of tin ir pockets some rotten little pat
ent or :mvi:i:.n w!
ieil t!;ey Vel'e
"Mv di ar fe!!o,v." t!
!ea I ! it. 'h W it !l itli!
he h... md this is
At:-! tla v never learn by evjud-'ciice,
A- - ihetn i r-ivi r ntitl ha'ih r and more foolish and nmr" garndoii:
r; hiit stiil hoja l'ul. nay, even certain, that tlu-y v, .1 . t iJi
iirvs. They hraen't got iLe money-making nose.
: it's that ki en-feat ured, clean-shaven man over t!" re. n-;',
thick 'utib'e to his mise; that man with the eternal ciefarelte and
r mn.itii-r, never ha-titiir, hut iie.-r rcstiiej-, that is the man who is
the 1 1 ii It
tiiak t :t
has the
other is
nioiu v-maKin
of All
Br Mn. Ctherin Wiuh McCultocli.
ImIim, ifir, Umi Jttvr ) tar rrr a ll. i
r. w;'- (vpeited to ha'.'e supper .-team ill',' hot on the tahle. And she
it. Ye, in sptti- of the irre.-p.itisil.ility .,f h.-r liege lord, thtoiiirli
tie :i.;es the h',l'u:lll ran1 hit-' hi ill J. d, ami Will fed. The fact that
MirU'e' to-iiev
in smh a healthy
ruv ;.nd f-.r.'-i-ht of mr pr.'his
M V, how 1 i.ilt prehistiO'i,
it::e h -me co' 1 ami hillHTV
from a
Jie just
a t to s:t ; i", r o i or'ii i ! 1 1 ' te
;eii r of i or'ii d i
aid w mi ti l'p-lii .
,.o, wife he had.
. that's the w;:v il
of fi:r i
v. a l:
rv henti.
d.t mi end I
ti I'd ;i g. ' "I jitu r
to h:S Wife. Al',,1
t.h:i;- . of p'Mt:. n'..r-
oil tho-e ii,'t:. 'a
eel, I,, pt h, r li1".' I
t'! w'a'v v.etr'! ctirir
. . i i , t,!n - v.
! t t:o otie ( isi-
n.ot ttiroi:g!i
to h'Ve ll.it ti re.
rei n a-; tla
: - i to spin ;.t
l ci jitid tla :r
L v. w to ie r i h
1 -
at,. I h.r
.M-h. ad
n n. and t hi v
;.,-.-k "f th,.- vuiii's hi:..wh d-o l.pt
.j.t..r. s;,;! ,1. Woman desin.s tred.t for all our ,itorv.
1 l.'i-ri men linn' wop a n f.r U 'ttu' 1 1 ky. 1 h.p is one of the st m k
har'- iir. i'n.t ti-. Fed trickipess in tin- modern woman i on!v n l.er
t;.re fr'-io her ! hi-t'.ric n;io-!"r'. mi mv, the .ie m.iti w4 in the
,',il of eourej koine in a tii- htim.r tm i fakir."; it out on ),', wife
!'- s ,!:.
A C t'",e
ah. 1 Ie v its
r'ng for th.
i.'-'e to
h i. In n
o it
it ' r- S!
ihil lr. 11
C ,;t the I'T-t
r 1 , 1 1 or, 1
: wotidi rful v , :ai.
Yoti tAtl .-11 f-T
an rn.- ssl t.ait 1
th.itr... atd. !.';""
i- ii this t m a 'h - ti' it v. oith lg't.
pi' ft. j.', - tie ( I', d.t. Atel th" .i!;,e
ti e . . i.t:;r:- -.
1 g .' e "U t' -e .h fl 1
1. it man 1 as prog
rep vol wrh
T s ! I' tt'f, s PI sp.te I
VfV ! S 1.1 1 .'..Tl tO
e ;n tiudiv In ..:i to ;
f h If II. Ihfi.il'r. ! t1
hav-' -fiii!. f.. ! gliini.f r it
pj n ;a'e 1 r. ( 'rr - x -'
:t v of mi n ai t! - r 1 ; Te
t' c gr- at lr.;l j-'
1 . .
,11 at i. .
mel the r ht to
A lue.rj.
It (I.ms J ok .-:::i ' i:ti-s a if no ene
ever !iie to t a !;'.- fi i.'ow
tbo.e bo cr. t af'-rd it. 1)aI;s r
4 f i
Facial Index rf H
to Faculty for
Gold Getting
unless he is possessed of that ail-i m-
,k( iw not without a liiit of tin
1 have known .lews whose poverty
their uo.-os were nrdinarv, which wai-'
failures. The tnoiiev-inakiti'' faculty
or uiatliciiiitties. It calls f.r sjieei;:
as futile to attemjit n fjtvut. liiiatieitil
it would ho to atle:nt to huild a l.i"-
till engineer. It ll-e.l to be the lasiuotl
the making of a really otvat fitian-
made ipiiti
well as wnat l-s liebttiil lit m : and I.mv.:ii I
ic'n .iredailv opeiiiiie uti j'or the keen and viid
daily opeiiinir npor
e only a dun wall blocking all further
is so characteristic of thf
!e sight than that of tin
ttev-ttiakinj'. r.oes aoi.iit ir
pef, - nade,l W'.USel lltilke their fortune.
ev will say to you. "look at that chap who invented
la-ruhhcr fops! Weil, he made tmllii.tis out of it, and
worth all his p.-m ils put together!"
thi'M- poor wretches. Year after
oiilv making n noise. I'oit then In
Alt the facts tlint science 1ms heen ahlc
to yuthiT flliOUt the stone age telld to ehow
t'ttit woman did till the work. Adam was
a loaf.-r and live hud to do all the hn-tlin;'
fo keep little Cain and Ahel clothed and
. The prehistoric man w:u a iinnti r. Tie
spoilt his d.iY-i chasing ii-hihyopteryt'i:in.
over tne pulooiianthropie swamps. iu-n
he "Tot tifed he came ll'itlte and slept. Some
times he killed a ditiosauriati and sometime-
he came home empty-handed. Any
Wiiv, he felt that his responsibility ended
ns soon ns he set f.nt in-ide their ave
the tir'hi-torie wife ju-t like her tno h rn
state is due almost entirely to the
man must have si-hed in comfort when he
liukle - s hunting ( p. ditioii to cat t.
meat and crawl into the warm hod
lay there and sit"...,! and thought
W'hi n 1
ciitee home from a hunt
1 - . I 1 .
w ii it i r
she. .
ne j;isi niio to s.iv souie-
ir Wolliilli. -he jil-t 11
to Til : k to ami a Kimi word li..;;t ber
Ill .
liall a ilo.'.-n -at:ngs lis, that
feu Tut. She tatt.'ht Iter iliii'-hter
us h-v to make their lir-t Ih.ui and nr
d spears. Her ihiujht.r taught what he
in turn taug! t their i liil-ln-n. that the
growing all the time.
J'h..t i- Jl.HV
Ui at;-.- his v, if,-. )
as s!roi;j ;is he.
11. 1
and ran away fr ,tu him
I s''po l-
1 ha t oil : ,r. o . . ,M
1. r ours w a4
' 7. ,...!. th" ho
of eout s. . t:
yo'T-.'.w-: tl at si
an. S'h
1 a v ' !
at 1 - ! . 11 ' . h f-
- I r iloe t i 1
i' ri' a . 1-1'
wiii.ng; to eln. t tl.st
Substitute for Sunlight.
A'n"i tic -.- trleity k J';.t.1
,nc.i'.f; b,nt IT t the arrtlc
cbms. Lere tlere- ia tut little fua-
1 f i
HK man with a
constitutional hor
ror of automo
biles eat bolt up
rlnht in the iui.1
die of the bat !;
seat with a r.f'l
on each kM i
"' of him. lie w ia
securely sua; id
and therefore was
almost as lulsei
able as my u;ij
could be.
"How fast ate
we roIiis; now'.'"
he shouted nt the
nian at thewhei 1,
who owned the
car and who, having Insured it, wua
willing to trust tho rest to fete.
"Now, Mr. Htarbord." said the jrltl
with the green veil, "you aren't ner
vous, are you? Nothing can happen,
The man who was afraid sniffed as
h caught his rap from a dash of wind.
"That may be," he remarked, "but I
read of six fatal accidents In thlJ
lnorninR's paper. One was because the
chauffeur sneezed. Yon don't feel ai
thoiifih you have a sneeze comlnc do
you?" he asked of tho man at the
wheel. "You can utop it by pressim
your upper lip hard, if you do. Per
haps you'd better press It anyhow--
The man nt the wheel righted tho
car after it had cone over the lump In
the road and shot u nrlin look at bla
friend in the hack seat. "We're ten
miles from even a suburban street car
line," he said. "But if von'd like to
get out and walk, Lemuel, Just say tbe
word. What the dickens!"
The cur stopped after an exp.lo.don
In its Interior and a few cusps.
"I didn't say anything." protcimd
the man in the hack seat, "flo on."
"He can't," explained the (.'iri with
the blue veil, us she Climne.l oat. "I
can tell from the sound that this U
one of the exceptional cases when;
utter taking the whole automobile to
pieces and reducing it to a heap of
Junk you find the trouble lies in a half
Inch "piece of infinitesimal wire that
has moved an eighth of an inch liom
alignment. If I were you, Peter. I'd
take an ax to It you can demo!!, h it
quicker in that way, and you know
you'll never think of the wire till
you've gone through all the prelimin
aries!"' 'There are sandwiches and cold
chicken In there somewhere," said
Peter from beneath bis car. "For
goodness' sake, find them, and s If
they'll distract your attention! Is
there any gentleman or lady prvs -nt
who can oblige me with a wrench a
monkey wrench? There's one in the
toolbox! I'm Horry for the delay!"
"Oh, yoti needn't be sorry," protest
ed the man who was afraid of auto
mobiles. He had beamed cheerfully
nnd rcllevedly from the mom. nt the
car stopped. "We're very comfortable,
I assure you. J'm having the pleji
nntest time of rtiy whole life! Wh. ie
did you say that precious cobJ.chlck.il
was? Well, I declare!"
"Isn't It a beautiful day!" sugg.-tod
the girl with the green veil. ".Inst Imk
at the autumn foliage on those trees!"
"I'd rather look at another id.ee of
ebb Io n," said tbe man who was nfiald
of automobiles. "I to you suppose that
If I crawled iind.r to Peter and ti.k
blm a ra com! joint be could bold It In
bis ti.th and eat as he woC.il? It
really ibw-sri't e. tn iliibt to le-ive onlv
th" neck for ones ho-! pet, r, don't
vo-i mi; 1 use the tioii'de Is that the
nn bin etr, 1 Is on the hbiM or that the
clutch is lliUscle Iii 1 11 iii ?"
A I'd and dii.-ty face phm-d out
from betieii'h the in iii-ti in.- ami then
th" tlrl with th" blue veil r all.- d that
nun. thing must be done ijuiihly.
"(Inc., ui en a time," Kb" be-,ii
hastily, waving a chicken bone In the
air, "three persons went for an auto
mobile i lde and ben they ran im r
bumps tbe gttl who sn! all Khme In
the totineuu rat'Je.I tinmnd till hho R.
most jui red b. r back teeth l,-e. So
when th-y met a cow with ptien ev...
brow and Ink teeth she invlt. d the
III ,IO (ill Up ti e empty sent la ,,lr.
her. And the row said (la nn,
I-ctuui F"
"I rant," protested the man. mho
wa nfiaid of an'otnohilos. How ;4 1
aurd! Miat I? Well the row ..it;
'Thin Is the i hitire I've been .M.i i.ii
for. WJe n I was a nuall rnlf of tu
months I ri te. n.-r my toother t iin.g
Ine that a fairy would c-etne al.nr;
mine day nnd whisk no away fa 4
land where cir rmU on!d be ftivor. ,
with petiieftial vanilla.. So Fve p .j
dear, for jn-i.' t tbla tbriili is t:,.e
mint (ill Ol. Ihiily!"
Tie pir! Ph t), eun u l to..;- a
bit- from a fr-sh sandwich nd rja !
up. "At IbU.- he n!d. tbe tin, , t
cria'uro kicked p r f, ts arij , (1
joyously toaatd a red hea l, d t...y ,. ,
a'I'r acl.in, Interidir to t. il e,,
h.r elad tty. 'HaifT lx my iia-.i--.'
Jirfid sVie. Y(ii don t ),h !t.' I t-,e
1 1 . ...
n il o m! 11 iiwi IM (,,w ti
ib ) ,n, P '1 r!"
l r,f-r" tsi a thie ant a w
a- i
peter ff1 up rj
"Ail fT"d!- he ra'!.
'll' I - h :
d. 'T!'-jih Ir."
" a ciaa;.!e and in a t. .-.
tti.r r wb'rtlr.a: aN.r.a; a
t-teen roms i f k'.,' mn n ,:-4 tt . ;
I d p.t ra'her , j, -. k
tber"." ti. urn: 'it '4 il- man ko
a'ruil .f a:.-!! '-'.j;, "ar,j f , j
ly tt.t f-a.ti-h low .t put.ilK.g
a.;ound .'h iira yi bt'-wi.-"
X &
A '

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