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latabllshad IMa.
'abttsbaa Dall and Rund- I tta BsllaMn
IViinnki. tia nki. - m -
ubacrlptlon Ratea ky Mall
Invariably Ouk la Adranea,
da rf. Dallr and aaada
ubacrlptlon Ratea by Carrlar
Bt aarrter In Cairo Sfla t aoatU
B carrier, outalda of Cairo sua a uootb
Notica to ubacrlbara
dbsorlberi will ooniar a favor by raaortJas
10 Mil offlos any lack of proiapt dallvarr on
tha part of carrlar.
fiiliH far whorl of bi'Iiijj five times
vvlml It was before, and hence the
small yield of (axes under the ohl
t i ....... Ihnltnll.,.. I . .
...... I'll mih iikomii ion till m .IUC-
(ifih basis. It' lusty bo said that In
.sonic cnscs when) iikkossiiis ' have
rained vuliii'H Mri'(itll)ly tiwy have
mot wilh su-uiiK resistance it oiu own-
ers of properi and ilu'ir efforts have
generally be defeated before the lo
al Hoards of Ki'vifW or Stale Hoard
of Kunallzntioii,
His Generosity Cost Him a Neat Perm
ftatarvd al tha Cairo Poatofflaa at aaoond-otaii
Mall kiatMr.
Average number of complete
and perfect copies of the.
Cairo Hulletin printed daily
and Sunday during the year
IMS 2084
Average minieber of complete
and perfect copies of The
Cairo Bulletin orbited dailv
and Sunday during the month
of January 1H0W
January Circulation.
1 2454 hi 2121
2. 2452 17... 2:!7.t
3 2"S7 IS 2129
4..t 2417 ID 212,)
5... 2414 20 2)21
C.i 2427 21 21.M
7 ...2435 22 2125
8... 241)0 23 2424
9... 24:10 24 2270
10 2380 23... 242')
11 2140 2G 2420
12 ...2410 27 2110
13 2132 28 ,..21.-.K
14 2127 23 2423
15 2421 30 ..2439
31 2380
The above Is a correct statement oi
the crculation of The Cairo Bulletin
forthe year 1108 and for the montli of
January, 1909.
Business Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before im
this 3rd day of February, 11)09.
Notary Public
Tha Bullatln la an aala at tha follow
ing placet:
Coltman'a, 114 Eighth ttraat.
Nalllday Houia Nawi ftana.
lua Front Rsstturant
It is gratifying to the people tf
Cairo that there Is a strong disposi
tion among the authorities ar, 1 in,).
pie of Paducab to raise the. quaran
tine regulations which th? hea'e.,
authorities of Padueali havi .stab
llshed against Cairo, Mounds and
Mound City, it was to be expect ?d
that the people of I'adueah would
lie arorstd by such extravagant
stories m always fill the air when
talk of an epidemic is started; and
It was right that they should demand
prompt action by their Authorities.
It was to he c-x; -c.t d ao that, hav
ing ii :r. 1 i;x m-tii as 0 c nditiena
in Ca'ro, and desiring to be just to
ward their fellow men. the neonle
ur I'aaucah now wis'j the restrictive
t.r.ler reeinded. It is to be honed
that the health authorities if fin
neighboring city will not permit pro
fessional pride to outweieh their
sensa of justice.
a I a r a J al JJ It as 2
February 8.
1 77!) Colitiress l"- j ut t
and Connecticut to reneal tin
emlim-tru upon breadsiulTs fi.r
the benebt of Rhode Island.
1S1! Four pirates executed in Ho
toll. lS2ft--(!eiieriil IW illiam T.rumsi Ii
Mii i'man born. Died i-Yb. 1 1.
IX!' I.
1S17 (len. Kearney proclaimed the
annexation of Calforuia to the
i'nileil States.
I Sill Arkansas'' troops seized Kurt
Smith and the 1", S. arsenal at
Little Rock,
ISiO Finn ra! services for George 1'e.i-
body. tiu philaniliropist. were
held in Boston.
1872 Ear! of Mayl Governor Cent ral
of India, assassinated si t Pert
lilair. Born in Dublin, Feb. 21,
1877 Capt. Wilkes Booth. V. S. X.,
who seized the Confederate
voys. Mason and Sid.lel!, die,!
in Washington. !. C. l'rn in
Xew York April ::, 170s.
Alfred II. Gottsehalk, Cnitetl Statra
oonstil-seiiei-al was horn in Xv- YvU
City February S. 1S7.J. lie receive..
his education at Ken yon college an at
Xew York I'niversity and several
schools abroad. He began his career
as a newspaper and magazine e-orres
on.len and represutd th Xw York
Urald In the Porto Riean canipaia
in 1SCS.
Goes from Ketchikan, Alaska, to T
coma, Wash. Captain Had Not
Been Over Route for Eight
Years and Carried No Charts.
Any suggestion oy anvbedv tiuit
anybody else is stealing any money
Out of Cairo's city treasury lrk:
afoolisii, in view of ' the fact that
Cairo's city treasury does nnf cnn.
tain enough money to buy a box cf
matches, from one year's end td the
other. Any sregtiou that t!u
proaont police department is R"U!m;
money which should go into the itv
treasury also looks foolish In view
of the fact that the present notice
department has turned more money
Into the city tresury taaa any of its
predecessors. Hence, if the preset
!Hce depart. neiit eeti S.-,.im..i : 1-
nually that ought to go Into the ci!y
treasury, as Is c-harsred l-,r arn.
anonymous critic, then It i .1 i,,-...
ter of easy calculation how much
greater rogues the police under for
mer administrat'.o.is ni"st have
been, for they must have t-iiten -
only $.".0o0, but as nnn-h more as i
the difference between what thev
turned In and what has since ! e -n
ti rn"d in. Hut the matter wont. I .,f
deserve serious treatment were it
not that the vile anonymous pl.-oar !
wa given a degree of iiiimsor 1 ! .
by Its publication in ti;e Eve-i-ji..
Citizen, without any attemi.t ,iu"
credit it. and has therefore 1)0
pert of the first move in a djrtv 1 im
MIM tt ft CKCttttttttl
k ra 1 1 a i it it. nnm
(From The Cairo Bulletin pubbshed
Dy John H, Oberly).
The Bulletin of Dec. nth an
ueunced the arrival of a new pirl
baby at the home of PSiil Howan!
and another at Tom SIoo'k Ik )Hse. A
new boy arrived at the home of Yv. P.
Ilalilduy family cn. Dec 1 tth. .-.n.l
also one at the house of Fed VhP-
canip t,n 'Doc. l'th.
CflP't. Walter Falls, one of the eld
est residents of Cairo and viein'C,
died on Dec. leth. lie was born fi
County Fermanagh, Inland, in 1s.1i
and canio to Cairo in tS't.i. For Rf.
eral years he kept a hotel on t,r
wbarfboat Eieif Klrkman. In "44 o;
'4-"i he moved his wharfboat to Ohio
City (now Birds Toint.)
AmoiiR the officers elected bv
Cair,. ledge So. 237 A. F. and A. M.
were .lames S. Keardc-n. W. M. ;:-e!
Paul G. Seiiuh, S. w.
Cairo Encampment Xo. Ill I. (). o.
F. eeleted Jcdin H Robinsi n A tin!.
ley and A. Comhscs ttiw
Tacoma, Wash. Without, charts of
any kind, over u course parts of which
he had not traveled In years an.l in a
dense PuSet Sound four K. Fors.
loiiuer laconmn, tiiiished a voyage.
New York fmm.K,'t'l'i''aii, Alaska, to Taeonia in
ine leiliiv 34 f.il. !,.,.( t.,......l. 1 1 ; . . .j.-.- :
lance, t;;n mi;, s, ws covered in ton
days, winds and thick weather liavim; i
caused delay.
The Teddy ran only five hours the
first day out. the sea ti. iiiL' too i,e,..i
for comfort. Both the
and Ulxoiis entrance -..!.. f,, ,01,!
rather tumultuous for a Go-footer. She
carried, besides Capt. Forss, Peter Os
Innd, the engineer: Mrs. Will Forsa
the owner's datiuhter-in-law, and three
other passengers, Mr. and .Mrs. Newell
and child, of Colby.
At Seymour Narrows a 12-mile enr
rem was encountered. By taking ad- I
vantage of an eddy the Teddy got'
through after an all day pull. In a lit- i
tie cove the men went ashore and in I
minutes Rilled two lame buck deer.
which furnished venison until their ar
rival at. Tacoma.
Arriving at ihe Sound. Capt. Forss
fot'tul thick weather. By instinct n'oue
he made his way without mfshap to
Colby, where he landed the New, !I
family, and then ran into the narrow
entrance of Gig Harbor to leave his
daughter-in-law, who had 1
siding thei-e. lie bad net
these wafers in eie.h! yea:
J rear is considered r tuark.-.M.-. He
staiea that on the enti:e .'raise he
never n:ade a mistake of laore than
half a point in his calculations, II
had charts of 110 rar. tlf ro!jUv.
copies not rjojuj; o!,;;i:r.ah!e ;u Ketch
iknn when he le't. tlee-,..
The Teddy Is fiitea w;th a 2 a horse
power four ey ie (nine. It co:is;::;e-!
2.S0 gallons cf gasoline cm the c rnise.
Capt. Forss is proud of the perform
ances of the launch and cf her tl!B;n
Coe y. -a ,s
Ord. T'P -e
list! '.-.;
n r t'i'ii-"'
"By gracious, as the feller said, mar
riage is 110 lottery." remarked Filch!
Henry, peeking around the tip of hD
left ear to be sure she didn't hear hiin.
"No, sir, by gum. because there'.
nothing in a lottery to prevent you
tearing up your ticket when you lost!
"See what I tueiui, son? You can't
beat it. Woman, woman, lovely worn
an! Only the forethought of wise and
beneficent Providence, which prevent
ed her from ever learning to throw
straight, makes life worth living. It's
so, by gracious!
"Get the Idea? They've cot voer
1 number from the start. They look dif
j ferent, think different, act "different,
ami are different front men. Well f
to beat it? El,"
oi Graft
It Ifi t'lvi
Who SuUvrs
By FRI Dt RICK A. CI.I.V t l, AM).
Tp Iiuliiil Uireclur u( liur. oil of Muii.i Ipi.l Kcruri h.
Alaxanrtftr County,
Population 1(1,147,
afavor, (JUiOtlOH PARKONd,
Clerk. Tt. A. HATCESH.
Treasurer, THOMAS Jl. MAIIOM.-'
City Attorney, PRANK M'OORW.
Coaiptroller, EltNKST NOItf)MAr
Police :ai8trate, A. J. KOSS.
Chief of Police, M. a. laACAK
ea b -ing too io;.''i j '".
he Gulf of Geoia ,ht"' .,",,w VOU
, ,- , ! lei tainly yon can't.
iV ., , Iv-t
and 1
"They've got you going and coming
because they know what you hold ami
what you are going to draw. Tiny
know the man who makes the cards.
They kid you along until you get to
feeling good and then and ihen
"Son, I've been up against this rimo
for years, but this is the ultimate, cur-
nal limit. See tiiise tobacco coupons?!
Bunch of 'em. huh? Weil, sir. there is'
what gets rnv truat. i it
'! "There's exhibit A. Here, take 'em. j
j Pit em 111 jour pocket. Any more ll ,
'. get are coin over the same route. I'm I C"
, done. I know whwi I get mine jwd j
and ph-iity, and I've got it. j ,1,,
"Say, I'm o ma. I I can't talk ar..!
I'm fired of making gestures. Heaven ! ""'
Is my home, but if they ever hear u;
in lieaven ....m(. of the thing. I'm say-; u;i
lug inside umv II! nevr get home. ; f
"H.-roj the ides. Listen ). "'
Don't go 'way; i'ni going to t.dl yi'
som-ef.-ng mat U make yonr ey
"I'm a smoker. I'm r.o ssneltestai
see? I smoke a few cigars four ,
!lve a day g...l sk.oI:' s. Ail the t
Itieeo Mores, pre'ly nar!y. give eei
pores. 1 save ' m. Foiie- of 'e:u 1)1 :
so:ae of 'em gnva. Yea know. Le;
n'ur coiipons.
"Other :., I ; nrire list k,.o
Read it over. Say, son. it's full of goo 1
'Hugs. Seon.s like every ,lo-e.,.., , 1
' iag I t yer wan'e, jri tli-re. lk-t v,n j cam
: oi:t that hut!
.Regular wise obi
"Now listen. 1 it a;j 0V(.,. a,,..
!v'o jut about dtiiditig on a eiw!,,;,.
The common falhu-v thai it is the direct tax
paver who j.tivs for gnift mnl iiicllieietit govern incut
t 1 ) 1 f 1 1 ...
.een k 1 1 i i nny u.-ied ami lan:;l,t by too nmnv
If-.-eekiii'' i! miieo-rues ur'i- sit to tort for oilieors
or for oreani.aitioiis wlncli have abused miblie Irn.sf
Mii-rel juililie. furnls ami iiiisdirecU'ti tlu energies of
trovevtimont by grani!n:r nrivilev'os nnd iioiiopoiies NBU.IJI
for their private out'!, linn ul. Whal is more to ft-.,
jKimi, l.v provokijig elas fe, liny and stimulaliii" ... " cotiitty cmmlKal-Nar.
, ;o,l;..,. ,1 ;. -e, .. , ' i '-NKi.i.K, rrinna.
!"'Ji-'"'o im- aif uiin-ui i in icii sue; -i s, t ai. I llplllj:! I O. V. NEFF
ili.-rt'fi-itjr lo the nce.lv a siiiall jx-rceiilagv of iiie
Stthserled flltl.ls , eiMltlilies illld IIS evid. oee of nor. I
soiiai in k tvst in t heir we arc the e raito.- .,u c..,. I IWIt I IDn rilDn rit'vnirnvp
" ,, .Hi.' e i i ii i it it ii r u w a
IH'lI I Ipp ''tH due to lenveHecoiid Ht.
" ' , mitiii.rth on t'ommf-relnl Aye
bverv r ii. ... it, .a rr.,,., . ... ... ,, 'io
, -t -: , ; " ",- " 11 I'-
t. ,..J 1 "."""u Kt-overy iGminutea
....... ,i. i.,, t, m.
Alexanrtar County, Population 11 Hrt
uonniy uierk, JKSSM H. MII,n
Circuit Clerk, ALFRED PROWN.
Sheriff. FRAW. R. DAVIS
State's Attorney, ALKX. WfLJH(r1
County SuprrintetidBnt
B8eaor htd TreawuMr, VRM) x
(Ce:!eii ill in ei i 1 t lilpi.adl tin as il more dosir:i!i!e
cititii than l!:e mail of u.nlih. In this way the
I . t . T . i . : l i i l . .1 . i , , -, .
ei;i "i iu' ; i im is a.iiiuiiy ion io ine innetiiston mat it is the tn in
of tn.-ihli and tied liiinsell' lio std!'i in from id it tea! inlidelitv. In fa.t,
if is nd ut nil im. oiimuim lo hear men seriou-dv 11 tiieir belief that
im crime io steal from the eowrnntt nt.
Ihe M.'ver-i:i;i ,,f revenues, tip taking- of pttidie puds or t lie theft
it'ie itiid. -etviie which are j::i I for by the nnuiie iiiaiitv, is a direct
iK ran,, r rttait to ine -:mnir. . r.-r on, oi wvuldi can prole, t
i.-e'ves: fbey bit vi file means io mi tire for themselves -, holesoine food
lortt.'iiaieiy situated puis; de.ieltd for
Marion aii.i eonsr.M. I la-ir liope ins m
iiox p..,ti.-,.ov! i; ear..' in i ne api'iu-ati.m
s on real
i ia..-s cot
oils e'oeS II').
oii-: vary . hre
."overnmenr. i bereiVu-e,
1; o sv-eu!led taxj.ii t. r,
- individual wealth in
that pi,
; basin, ;
i ail of a sudd
am- to the fs.mt. ?.!.
e-Ver -iv,, way to yoer
It's sure to get you In
i ney nave seen hard s
one lime the engine ran
without repairs of any
were no accidents on the or:
the striking of a ti;;:ber we.
in the fog ne day. Tins to.,
Teddy's shoe, but ,bd no t
The reason f,,r Ca;.t. For
was to have repairs made ;o t;- -launch.
She was u.umgvd so.i;e-.V!..i'
last summer in a collision with ;h
steamer Delhi, whiefe ieke.l onto i;e;
in tne night. Hits will neca ss:t.;; ' r
building her cabins. She ln,s a lace
cook galley and accommodations hji
half a dozen passengers, she is h in-
near th" Eleventh street' bridge.
For three yuus Capt. Forss u-ed ;,js
launch to cany 'lie Finn-d S-,u- -s
mails on one of the most lon'-'y of
Fncle Sam's far flung i-.stal rouo-s.
His route extended from Ketchikan
around Prince of Wales isnd and a
number cf smaller bodies of land f
Wrangel. a dlsfanc- of 22". miles The
tde outfit leiie.
's I til my wife. 'So,
'o y.i'i. I.o.ik over ttc.t
'dugs voi can K..t. pv.-
throeeh ):,. fil(.( ,;,at w,n a ,
Ther bais I.n more or P ss sm-ca
lalion by ieakern at the Miwhrn.
Lanrhxn a to the reason for tl,
fart that the city's revenue from c. r
era! taxes is so little cteat.-r than i
was fifteen or tm-enty ears ae... The
reason Is to be found in tbe state l.iw
hlrrl declares thnt one fifih of ti e
assessor's valuation of property sb. 1!
be the taxable valuation. IMoie tl D
law Was enacted, the assessor's ta!n
atioo was the taxatdp valn. nft.-r It
fca! Iasse4 thrciuth the ban,!
Roants f Ecualization, county arel
state; and the ci'r was pcrmitte! to
reflect two iw-r cent of that valuation
4 for corporation purpniw s. The new law
l'ft tbe two per cent limitation wber
It was. bat cut the profwrty valuation
poo which It could b colbr'e!
to ce fifth. In other words:
mwr-ma anil the oi l law a pi.-ce of
.rortr valued at $1'0 yieblni the
rity 2, tbe same piece cf pntpcrty
wftfc the same valuation yields the
-'T n4er the ew law oii'v 4-) cer:.
Tbe framers cf the n w law
that lft ouM be a ar-st boiwt in
t n p ry Ti5is'ioT,s by a.-t-ssors i,
tb Ct. wb- ft was k'ioa thpt
'''T t f' h of tte assessor's vab-
5..fl Wft.".J I- tgtat,;,, There li:
1- a v-. :t. i. iiv a-ajaatj.
From The BnUetin of n, c. s:
"The society of the Mistic Kr"'.v
was firgani.Te.l iie.iriy siv v.-ars ago
on the nicht cf March ,1. isc.t. wiia
th" intention that ihe n.etnb r
shorld meet, if pos-i! ! -. cuiee . ve -v
year, on that night in airo. lev::, :
to the absence from the eitr , r .,
rfficcrs whe.s-e ,iutv it ,n
Knigh's together. the se.ei tv
not bad a mc'-ing fnr the past three
t'tiniversaries; but. h.dr.e able r.ev
to call a meeting, p is p,.po,..i t .
reorganize the Kn w on a f, t n :
that will enahb. it t , j its ;,.,,, ,,
11 hen after witlmrt faiier
The Obj. t Of. the s.icl.-tv. so f.r
We ran barn lu '.t, o ,
'a J,;!'!! Dtlling; wu!d s-iv. t',
t,reseiif c-fflcers are: ,J. v m ( f
'' T M- I--U. H. S.: I,. M. K -L n
S ; ' - D G. G. v. T ; C i( r
r : -M- s. 1. 4-, c. t.: s v ;
G. G. S. p.; r. c; a; f; T c." (To
gent,!,,. n wIu.m- initia's a:,' tor
"' ' " :rT r-n e-, .;..
- lam. W. M e-;, Th. - 1 , f
r"n M. Kot.zp.. r);i(. s
Far.Jy, Martin S. I., ft i, 's ,,,
Wi;!ian,sot, and f'has. f;i:b.,f..r ' ,
hose jc.ung men wei,. ,,,t , popu'n
m the cjtv j., tp, ir ,Iav T) (.'v Wi
-'"' bis-h.anc.I. cin.ritai.H- (,
fellows, who i (heir ,,,l;t,.f,,i ,,;), .
itxariably !,N.k...l nM,t, t;... p,,,,,,,,'.,',,,.
i ie (,f ever.Mbirii! )
on ut" way, was made i:l a ?
Most of (he stations were crnr."ries
and Indian villages.
Last snntnci and two previ.uis se::i
mors the Teddy was used by Prof. ).
Leiati'l . f ( . t;:nll university ,.ii a
l aity of l.is s?ud.-T,:s on the boun l.nv
s'.mey. This hcc.k is i.ot y t fmisio d.
an ! the oi-'ing i!,,h. d piifeS.s.;r will
lik.-ly charter the laiufh for ar.oth,-,-St'a.-,;.'l.
Mr. F.j.-s livt 1 in Taci.mu seven
or eight ye;,r. ago. ..; eru'lng iaur,f',ts
ami ravine other b ,-ine. -S on ti.e wa
ter fiont.
, Jiairhni-h w
: ! cafnr.
rncke a w isl:
I- " : nature
" 'X'"- I saya, ! 'i had the fua
Flaking the c-i Now I'll b. ,-,
I:lt. It was my money, and I'll bet
'!, y stung me more than the pri, , , "
the prize in reducing the w. ieht of tV
' l-ir, 1,'ir I'm gaiee. I Tom, ;,, t;.(. v, i -of
my be-.,m,' I -ays. p. -sides, i thini- .
' when she s. i s the v. e;ii.ti's tilings sin
can get wi'h those coupons it wiii pin
me in soft. Soft? Did it? Say, I'm
icliii g ibis s'u-y.
' i w ra; s the coupons up in a ni.
butid'e aa.i I u-ts a new book from t!..
fe.oie an tiixitit wnat sw-,i things vvoin
en can set. And mind yim there's not
.'j cents additional ga-g like the ie use I
I I.
It Will Dry Up, Director Newell Says,
But Not for Years.
Washing'..!). Thai 'ie
but an n.cniei'-irjon , t
th" bo't-,ni of a ,t,!,..
mor., fe. . !,. ,, a- s,.:i p .,,
n.ent of f. H. N. ,
!'( lama: rv'rc
I' al -i ;.. Mr. X. -a.-:
puddle c.bicii po.
of a: id .! : . w hu h .
th.: ii,,. r for a -:--w
a ter.
"It is l ot a r, w tb
"but a ..viva! in M
w hut h.is i rob,,lii i , i
in it-, al ,:'.!.
lb- b,i; that t!,. -
! I 'ibll'.-.i to the f.i ,
taiuf.ill in the s -. :'!-.
. t n.
toi t
lb !a ,
,,.K o
in a ;
:rt oi.e
',- :o
i or
in a
. f
:'';' : - of
I'.' " M-,t 'Z,
s1 r- - a .. 1
Entire Northe-n Sect.on Covered by
M ddle of Week-Southern
DiStr ct; Ato.
YVa.-ldnet'.n. F. b r v, -,r ,
the W.Ike f tl.. ,.',,
mo-.e caMari frcra tl, '.r-'t.'.
rst (.,,;-. ,,,,, ..... ... .
n-W (ijli ie .!. . ,. , ..
. Hi n-1 1
the eT:t,r- i,-r,..n ,.,.f!- ,.,
c; nntry in its .-., , ....
t tri'oii. s is a , f ,;,! :)... Ia.t
le fill; the b-.I-t
Mr. New.;! .).--' i ; s -sivje'v the
ak in tt- eo.- , f ;, p ... . ,
ttl'T, the a:.i' ilk,- Tt .! g . f !,.- ...
. 1 :,i,r' l. tb o g;, ,,,., v ,,n
a" r ..: d !;.,. k.; , j .......
of the t,-. ak !,.. .,,-.'
"The sea luav I.o.i , 4 ,. 'r. at
f-oi.. rh- ?1, ,, . ;i ,., j", ,.t an.
tiua'lv." ! e f,,.! f.,. r, u. ,. !r
it ',.'';:'' t ?. . -f t
tote, . . i. . ;. - .1 f , . j , ; 1 ' g ( f
the - . , ,
'i.- !.:: of ii-;' .. ; . . ...
i a a. :.;.-1 '! U . .- a., ,.(
'. !
a c ii J
W,;t cn Cz.:1 is B ri r.j.
.'..: . I 1
! t- re,.'" v .. .
k th
i Wb.it I V:.,',l..
ea'. .l,,g:.e ef
brought 'he . mire thing borne to you
lase Mir tins-. R'ad the !,.,(,t;
tb'i.uuli. And t!u-n b ave it on tl
bur an.' I says, b-eaus I'd like to loo
it ov r again myseir
"Siyv, M,n. she took -m. 'I can s
vou a e not will," s.r ju.-f to...
that. I m ,. : . ., -. , su-pirii.u,! ,,f
H my. wle n ., begin to g, t ge...
ous.' sh- s.tts. Now w-uMn't that !::
tbe win-! out of your sails?
"W, !l. sir. I coui l s. e she lihcj tl,,
I "'!. She n.el i. and r.-nd it. an.
see didn't s ,v atofi.ir. at all. Tie .,
rd,- (ir t.ti ! t'e' coupons. Ev. r S",. ;,
ve,, an n.i,t ii:ail,:.,? W, II. she h .
tie,:--- CfiU-ot.s all ov.-r the t.-.ide. ;y!
ov.r 'hi I'o'r, aii over the (b.-'rs -'
I, t 1 ,ef ;-i bo;r to fount tbe-).
" H v. , !,e , -iys. 'give lee . , ,
!' ' ' !!-' I 1 1 '' it to le r. Sb- Ii, . '
' ''! ' f i'- w , 1 1 -n ;ihnv. ilo atei
' "-' :i f She rg-.r- .1 ail ,
!. ;" . a'! ov.-- .. i e.t!.: .-,! ,.r
r last rb- sain,;
1 '. '' " .-he SI V S.
1, lit it t'"ht. till
'-! did it. but t!,, :-,
t " ' ;.:.,:.:. -lb ,,.y;
'.: '- 'i Oo ? ,,- :;, to s
to g. ' , no of t!;. ,.. ,
-, I t'd j fe r a 'pnr'.
-! '. -"i'. i ; i rn and ..-.'
1 I ut a to -x ; i-.t on if a
k'i' ' -t.nt.g' At last she. sr.iJTs , t
at, ! ?n.. f.g""' -i e s:ivsj:;-f bk- !
., ,!, Urs JiTi-1 fi.';y c nts.'
ih-s.iv. Y' a u e so. rt r.o for to- !'!
l:-ie.o -. ! ti you ).,ie . n t.-tlin t;e j ; i .,
t.ei c, .;: !-it I to bay me anv :
rre - be.- ::. ! ; i would not ret my
w..' 1, th I d.oj t-I rixe.i be-au,e it j
....- i
f: . I v- r -t to th Lot
Th :i- i re ri'if t
!- b -'!. jr1 fif y onts ',
X ! t y.ei i b
! r 'ev v.hi t i
.:. ' : ' is' : : ... rn of
r " r: i t t ;.;! e:,' ;vj u-. -.-J
f to;- ' --.i. Jo 1, .. e
f .' I r a fe w Pat i-nr:.. .....
I ejis irofuiienr. lVrsoits ies
i;,'ti' :.ts on eovonnnem rcg'i
''fl adn.;nii niiioii am! th.
'a, lu- M.ami tn !:'.!h: n-as.
Aio-i oi t!v in v. . are del iv e,l fj-opi real '.-'taie, rnd ta
s- ;i;v it-n 'oy .-: : 1 i . -. I to the eon -inner. 1,'iii, in. i.-a.
! in. r. a-', d iviii-; v id, iner,:::-d r.-uts the r tail jn-ae of :
'" i "' i' ;'D- : : i ' . I t.;i s. All uiiwarnuili'.! ( ,f
'. j 'MHiiau-iy fail- on the t!.ii.-um. r t. -liter H an op
?.j t"1' rati.) of eoiisutiijitioii to in oaio decreases a
I cr. in-, s.
! , .- , , .. ...
i .v..'.-- in mi tbe n.lilcii eo-r oj Ming whe-'i
! what s lost !,v hi'd trow-rtitlteul al! whose !o-s is
:!..,! 'i . , , ,
' ' u'- :::i: ::.iai Hint :'. a eioi.i
1 ..I lb- .... I '- I. '. f. - i:.- .
.-p... .oo o- on ,t iiij.jeo ;or an-: ,
, on H mail, Pis faioily, the eomini:i,:! ,
r"' hud ,:i i'i,t,:r d'dcatioiii'.l nihaiitii... ,-r 'h
j in Hilh Ii.lt been joi'eird i.) live ;,i,i) t;;e ill
el..) i .-io-ee ii jx-rvcrt or u i-;J Odtc;:.-!
J tad.. I iit.on a i'all.ily throiio, sickle:--: a.'t.l it.
! i a-,-s' W!,;.t iuofo.-i b... ,,f , :..,;,,. i :
; Ir on luii')! in i;ii.- iiu'tiirv U He;,;, 'ip., in ,j;.r.
i i -, ,
I'.i'HV' VetilHate.l iijmrtmetitr.? Wl'at luy .oi in - -, i- ,1
of Woi'due or hiik of poli,,. f .ait.vi .. .11 in ,L. :'!
i V'.h" .)- i T Li e l,jl-a .lie '.mi iiife. hd
: i no ji riii-ia'i-. ti i.,in oi the -tr-ets ; h,. are M.e ii iims 0j
I ihe -edae. f. ihe V, lid, V of . I , ! I ! i 1 e I' a o 1 f e,,'-?
i I' i'.e.l U:y J'-UPi of i. W, it is I.ot the idle V,
I"'."- "!' itchieet'v for t!,e vv.i-te of
.hrteti: y i.f 'L ', le ee!' iec. 1 1 i; th"
i i.ai.d,. .il.jl i. t j. ;,. (,,.'
t ' ii t! ,. i,olii.,..,i ,i e.,.1 .,,i ,.
i is the mft of tiie d, ...oi!, r. vie. i- j
Ponlar SI line "oiiimok av car due
1(1 Kecenrt Nt. Ki
ms norm on Mul.iro.ik., nt fcV.": H:'J7: :C2- (if,7'
7:1'J n. in. niul mi t h. ,,,,, ...t. . ',. ...
until l: an,tii:liym;
t:lti; tiitl, :1H und 7:iU a. m. and ,,n name mln'
nt. every hour until tor.i-l mid ll;04 p, m.
I'.ipliir St. earn dim to past! Si. Mary's park "
if. nilttuUn nrti r leavliiu s.ifdna si.
Bell line Owl Cars uVm.i !
..... in,, i.,)u a, in.; a:ua. in.; 4:mia. in.;
Ni.rilioiiCntiimprrini n .. . i . -
ni. S a. in. 4 a. m. u a. m.
licit amldwl cars aredue to paB Wea
1 lid -ty-liuirth St. I& rn!uuu aftnr leavln
sun! t.
:i'.f taKes etita
it r What is tiie
left, it'oni llloei-i-.)
H IS the lo-s eiltiti
1 1 I- ioe iO.-s to iitp
ta.i'.d and ( riniina!
is the dil ress en
ill. from )i'ei-nt,ih'e ,
t ' .O'liiiie; p,,u ,.- re- U.I t
l' noli-. In crov.'.l.
-i r-'o'eil tbr.up
1 1 v. oi re i he vieion
ioi..i r in) stiij, r jr. mi
Die g Ulihief,
i dire, tly pays the taxes
tiblic fiiiids or the i
'.va 'a-, a-iiue; ma.", or v.otiian v.b i j-t
' i lia! lei-oil l.v tiie ni-r-oiial att
os a ( hristmas ttirhev -ii,-h
illl.-d 1 despo il d.
Na '
-;:!:v.c:i-,r:iE3 .aheb, d.d.
i-l-w ie.
y .bo. dd ,o.mi n he oyeti the ballot ?
e ;l,.y are as intin:uly . on. i i n- 1
the I.; as a- it:. :i ale. 'i'hev are
nt to liu ni. If at) iidinini-:,-!-:p"
tb. V have to live uieh v ii.
.. !".' UP V I- e of l!ll I ll-f 1 - lev l:;a .'
-u l ;.:. .m;,p.' i rv e: tn.
For Some JZwJjxes '
Offi i.s f: .iss line 3; a cr
Srii,:;.G -. Vi.'.-rrj; is fi:,x
SrAnoxLiiY. !r YcvsPno
AA cjr&n 2s Li. I 7j(
rcr Cm Ha y ) bvt -
fiiJJ fcOflC iiOWtitft
yovCArtArc. .'.'or To
McRcfaclorcd. Repaired.
Worti ni-nili act uulcklv done In-inm-hli!..
nr liy Pan. I. lirluu v.m'r
sii.ii-9 h it- h lurii in ne. .1 of repairs.
"jt I oiiiiiii -rclal Nct to Hon I Mai l-n.
, t: :
. i 1
1 IT ii
:i t.
r '1
:.t, 1
: ij r-
tl Of 1 11- 1
thi- i:,
i.ldv J.! st;.!, - .
an.' Ai. I y , t ;.
. fb r lie ir h i,
,).. i :,), t- .1 tn;
i h. V ill"
,1 v
rt t
f ti.
a re
i e or 1,'tijip.t t'ey
hi;,p.' i rv v. !;
j: 4 to w.i. neii v.'.. :,! i
:t. i'.l if uoiiii n had a
i I i "-1 tb.. women in
' "f A! ,U --aehllse: is .V)
l! e leu. hi fs tbe e, jli.lt
ei.e'ian uith f.:tiiers.
:.' ",ee, -i we;-,, ote e ( n-
i t long', ini.'.j. r: '!ii.
A. ' f. a. f..r half a (.ntttry.
Casper Vellinirneytr k Co
Kjuse Movers and
General Wrecking Contrac'crs.
206 Commercial Ave.
W. C. N tenui s.
K. I'. K I i.. .,t.n;,
i.t of 4
!!" PI.
r woiii
ii." tl M
I ' . ...
- tl
:n v
:. i .
i : -
0 t;
'it ti.
.'l i-' ' j ai
'.. ii hat it:
w 5
1 I .
in 'le
"i ;
h. j.
a 1
. 1
' - ate
f ii ir
And ih-
'. that
' I to i
r "
I w. ;
. b
I ! 1
S v -..i
i.t f- t t,,
. t.
t !-
I '
n .
i t
are pi,! '
a it re
-1 a io .:
at.- ' . i
is . .'.. nl I v ;
- of
of i!.. V
! or o; 1 1
, - : t -. 1 -
In v
! in i.
"it ,rt
' -:, . .,. ''t ,,
t l . ,'i , o Ii! oliieliniei
'. 'hildreri Itdbibv an.l
.is r: ."i,ii.l.i..iii;l ,,., ,
:.' i,iiiii women in littsi
"i ; f ii-,. w.iin
V - i h'' !j ii.dlv a!
' .!- h !"d i.iily tbeil
"il liieii a ii.iw, tl vol
;. ..o,-..: f ir tin :r wn
It if she Mil!
tie there il!"
.ut jp eord n ;
t tf tbe ,a,,.e
.dr .f in- n
Kilcoyne Electrical Co.
House Wiring and Fixlurc Work
a Specialty.
Temporary If eadqtiarlers
'!." UatlGnuton Avanuc.
I '..in !' "il!
I:. .! .ill.
Sec us for Contracts.
, .ti
n t
d ! j .ii i f,
1 of
' z to
a vt,
, e
. -i
t w
n "1
I ra ii:. d tb
T the J, p. v
v KS .; .-.
I I- n : i
. ' I t I '
I: . e i i.
tf the 's M.-, u i ... .
teres will prevail m er e w"':t
li-tfirts. aev-trlit." tn ,,,.,,i:
lite Weatbc-r ...-. ' .'t. ' ! VAN O!
triertncnwtr ree-ss f.-w., m i Avaliable f .r ri..,. ....
- .'.o:i'a
.i ,iv.a weu war.t int . north-.' Kirhth St ij.. ij.
:n(,i.Uz. jlluaie I; ,ut.
nor 4.
, .' in 1.. !.
! . r ' t-'1 c , ':'",
, ft ,. n Tat:
: -t lei l.ae.
far. ii"!..-t, tas yca b--a
d I
" t'
-rn tr.d
-. , 1
il ie I".
t'e ! ,:' 1
f T-l . .-- ?:
r 1 . ,,! at. I -,v.
. To V. I !'..
' . i , ii i f.-r
tfca Jul aWrahlr Prlak la (ka worn
If BaiTLra
it all road Bat, lirif.rii aa Ktaa it
f;rJ: TwtTRCELt?
. v : - . .i.
r.rst ft -t J ,n Un e4 States.
Tbe Pref ti k p-int.-d Sr h l"i.ite5 I okw.V rs f,
Bidding H rrtetf ef H,s Crcuch.
A !. ri.t I' h-ru.9 'be we 14 t?iat
Iavin; f";.ir' ivcry WoJm-s-l.ir
f,t 5 j.. in. at,. Munj.his
c very M.iti.I i v at 5 j.. m,
I r rid. t.j'j.J v to
Kp a?-k Casidy,
H tr;e r bor e TV" n hltxh St
1'- h. I'.
1 m-
.;0t Svc-amor. j s:ia:,- vnuti4 "ll.e Ff e ;,ian a j man t'st tn ;,r. '--e-3 tmt
teit'.l t :r
We j'-t cf Lead ef Grapes.
A l"sl f t'Si-H, ....j.hi T,.a.;r a Aixfn.'.rg iTl PuHi-tin pfjal
U-n. at 3 jh Ms mju-aUdag ua kr v ' arartlsa Wa.it tt cf rmiun tarn f
a;kos if ii,. 1 ., . , .
. -: ' r t r. ii. ft s!-4

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