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P"' -
' Kutftlillshcrt 188.
f irtiHh1 Hally and Sunday by the H til In tin
. l'umpmij' at 7(MOulo Hired. rhoneWi.
Subscription Rates by Mall.
,;(!" ..... a
'! ;' i Invariably Cash In Advance.
One year. Dally and Htinday WiOO
! Subscription Rates by Carrier.
By Carrier In Cairo . ic a month
liy Carrier outside of Cairo.. Hoc a aioutli
Notice to Subscribers
Riitmcrllwrt will confer a favor by reporting
to thin office any lack of prompt delivery on
the partf tamers.
Eutertd at the Cairo Poatnfflce as second
clasa Mall Mailer.
WHMI 10 6E
Unsafe Build n:j Owners' Liability.
In ro Insafo lluildi it'. N( s I'll.
218 and 220 Broeme Sir ot. in (iy
cf New Y( r. l'n It r Now Yi rk ( i'y
t:i il.ling Cod. proidinii a tu:.ei: ,o;
conn el r.wiieis rf tin-ale I i'I'iII-r; .oj
make tht.ni safe, inn n ea ;a i f Coin
tiiittmnfntmiktittt .
t; en
ay's Play. , -
will be s rn ul Hi!)
Monday. March 2!Uh,
I e
Average number of complete and
perfect copies of The Cairo Bul
let In printed daily and Sunday
during the year 1908..... 2084
Average number of complete and
- perfect cojiies of The Cairo Bul
letin printed daily ami Sunday
, during the month of Febru
ary, 1309
February Circulation.
"1. ......
3... ....
8 .v.
i 2 i J J
u. . . .
18. ...
. .2279
. .22;m
failure to do .so to reettre r r ir p
ff.riitiince (f 111'1 work by the
and rr.;vii;l:ip f. r re v." y if
expense, etc., h i wn'T crneii lie
held for work dune ae.d expenses in
curred iiiilt'i indent i f n:i, r -liiiiinary
lo Mich prori o ii g ; aid
hence a ps pendens filed by (lie ily
was properly cane led, wnro ! tp
peare.l that a'l epem s fur .iirw ys
and search s hail l ieu j aid. and t ;.t
the owner had din; all t!:i w, rk ro
Itiired to he dine bv the ) r ce.;' i
sut-d in lliv pr.a-.'ediiig,---New To. 1; I
Supreme Court.
Auburn, N. Y., Man h 27.
iin:e ft mm row .Mrs. Mary F
who is I ; .li" in tile elect !.:
ca'.lv Mciiii.iy morning fer the
inn 'i",
d T of '.Mrs. .1 rn li I!eti":'.!i. a Brown
, ulle. wiil have a li'.iel inn rvi -v villi
j ! r hiitla'i.l. Jim Fainier, v.h.i h
o 'i r -i
The above la a correct statement of
the circulation of the Cairo Bulleti.i
for the year 1908 and for the month
of February, 1909.
Business Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 8th day of March. 1909.
Notary Public.
The" Bulletin Is on sale at the fol
lowing places:
Coleman's, 214 Eighth Street. -f.
Halllday House News Stand.
B loo Front Restaurant.
It ftttl tllttt ttttt tl ttttl f
br. rn
March 28.
181S Gen. Wade Hampten. rf
Cuifederule States army,
Died April 11. 1H2,
IS54 England dec'ared war- against
',' Russia. ; ; '
1871 l'arls Conimnne proclnimed.
1895-A)n hundred ,. families, nisde
homeless" by fire in St. Aug-
1907 Industrial Peace FoundatTon
- orKanir.tjd' with Chief Justice
Fuller "as president.
V Biography. , ,
Harold Kyrle Bellew, th we 1
known actor, 'was born In fresco t,
England, Aliarch 28, 1835, the son of
a clergyman of prominence. After
' a 'time In a ship broker's off ice, when
11 years old, he went to AtiHtrali'i,
where he prospected for gold and d'd
ne,'9pa4ier work. He made h's first
stage appearance ,at Solferlno, Aus
tralia. In 1871. playing a nna'l part
In a one act farce.
iBj JS83 he formed a partn'rship
with Mrs. James Frown Putter aid
together they toured India and Aus
tralia for three years. Iniriua; iln
punt. few years Mr. Bi Hew has. re
mained In the United Statis and b's
been seen in a mini her of successtM.
Of the Austro Servian Trouble Sug
gested in Cablegrams Passing
Bctwsen London and Vienna.
ecu vie I
!'.; :u::ii's
Mrs. I',
! it'll .1
::u ii "eir l
iTeuch ( f
lie vv.'a ;;
All r.na:;.'
lit '.i lire cni'!
an physiei;:::
WlltlCSS tin
ihe inviia'i
i t.
!::,. ; I ::
' cbliiiei
ilea' ii.
I:' i appeal
coinplciy n
d r
own a
s I (he lie
Slie lciil-;s ve
bi:t in i' spj'iti
i.i ii i i -i
1'u id in
opera tieuti
Willi a special company under the di
leelii n i f W'asenhals and Kemper,
li is a real liesh a id hli.cd j lay an I
nils won the tiii.'iidi's esle,e:u if nil
Xi w Y rk : n 1 Chicago pluyiuors.
tlisiiii vuishi ii cnbi u:id a pi'rl.cly
.'hittl.ss predi!e:ien will be teen In
thet it wiil lie greilcd hciv by a uii'K
;:iid api ivei i .-d tndiene I'ri'-es
2.1c to $1.S. Seals on
"The :n cf the Hour'.
M;t:- of Ihe Lour",
a I
llreadinirst'K fanieus
at , the opura huusi
Mitrelr Z.
' The Man
play, full of ti
phvny f cein
lay w
rr i
a t"
liunm i in'erei-t. It d'-ai:
ihe niDsj litirnin; lepies i
the II .
ly nml
'e:!s fci;- i i- 1-M'trn; u-1
A lliUCber of vve.m-1
:s b:-ve be. li i' it ! to
y!ct-,cui-i:Mj;i .an I hvj (f
us ere at lil ts aeccpt.oj
mm its mm) nnm 1 1 1
(Cairo Bulletin published by John H.
Oberly & Co.)
Frrd Smith, manager cf tie West
cm .ynlon Tclfgraph Co., was t a s
f.rHul n tnJeaan4 tj t?e.&."
b Mr. Frdf S. ,ent;J(j tii Utter
rity. c t;ri ixaii
Tltp i:u le:in t tat rf tha' thi ta'
as.v'l'-.nieia of Cnlrrr prierty. " )- al
,nnd pcrsrnal. In 1S07 wafl t7S''ni:
Sand In 1SG8 $.S0.0(Mt.
. .
,iA .new (ii.ninn Trass band was l-l
bV nCt Witt'e. an! iicn,, "V
Schick. Wm. Alia. C. !hn r. A. Wit
tie. J. Uiibrr, .1. rurg r. lr. t'ary
atid t;us Uvder.
. ., A r-f fhrVfoit'ilt. that cf Th;s.
Braver, .'alia !:).'. TW &. ; ii b' t
known as tha-Cairn I -in i' Viise, wi.
,'A.ccldfd i,In favt'r rf the ilv f.'ttdants
rn Jtilyt i.wh.' In the V. S. (liul
court. Tre case -was c ininvn-nl ii
wJuty TS3I. ami six trials wire I, d.
Tt? Fe( r,vnlv- .f n-e - i th pa t Hi
sbotit 55 irw Incbihd in tic s-in i
fractlcaal ha"f rnd the n r.iws'
rpiarher rf Kcrtion 2'.. and lr?e"iiHl
sections 27 aid S3, in tor ,li; IT.
t;tng rst cf the paid itIjii f
the city cf Cairo. At one t'm Ah
rahaat- Linco'ii was cMgagl ii tlr;
carfe .ott ihe part cf the def m Ijnts.
.Ti Mnn4iav event :c. July i? n, a
itiai ce!!nK w?s h"'d t Wi-itc-'s
tnoW-Hnrftr's) block in fjvor of vet
lng a Ftibscrif ttVn f floo.O 0 to tie
Cairo & Fultrn (rrcw troa Mount T'n)
Official ('iil)H grams ". iieU petM d
betwifii lytiiiiiou a::d Vieuua Imiav
support ihe hi.pe that an umieubie
setili 'merit c-f the Austro-Sorvi.iu crl:
's is apt reriably nearer.
British Kereign Secreiary C.roy an I
Austr.? Ht'.ngarian Fcreiftii Minis'nr
Arehenthal have not as yet dec! 1 1
upor the wording of the note in which
Servla is to ninke a U r:nal renun-!.'-tiens
cf ils aspiiaiU :is, hut she diffrr
elicis between the two mi'iiH'.'is a.
so. small that di louiats hold i
illColleeiViihie Ipat they can rl
the way if an iure-iiniit.
Lit it w;:s -,
I i t!i i:tsta:te-s
bee:: retracted.
ar.K d
tunighi that i:
aecei laiKe h '.I
1 1
The "gnitting" cf tin
einne a:i many til the gre r
this c.nintry is tii central
the Fiery, the particular d
being the passage through
((.illicit of the town where I
i f the piny takes place, of ;
las a p rpi tual fratichis.. to
ralway, an-1 the refusal rf :
to sign it.
ill b-t seen
s a fin ly
I'iliS, witii
Una s-to: y
w i li ii;:''
i i lie i! I-',
'ieal "n '-
cit It s ef
theme of
linea'i it
the ell
ae ttc
I Id I s
a st re
lie in iy
Mil !
. v-l
I "Tha Sunny Side of Br:clway'"'
j At: aniiisenicnt ivnit cf e, re tii.-n
'leiiinary inter, si will occur a1 the i p
era Isoiree on Weiin s lay, March 21s:.
Kiiied Babe, Tried ta Murder Olhet
Children. Oct House on Fire,
Then Suicided.
it ,i:
in i
Therefore, Scene Shifter's Rcq.
Came as Compliment.
Oscar HnmiiiH-sti in w;
the extravagance of tin;
opera house.
"They have tried to cortu-r cj" ra."
he said. "They have o:i their payroll
more stars than tliey cau us :. That
is why they hand out v. eekiy thou
sands cf dollars to sin'ters who have
not sung.
"I know that they tried to rorr.?r
opera In order to crlp le me, ,ut I
will say nothing against tber.:," re
sumed the famous mammer. 'Thev
have heard hard words enr.iiih. In
the produeiion of opt ra. hard wor is
are more the rule than soft ones;
and you feel like 1 lie frosted Canadian
actor. v
A Canadian actor once hnl a cell
reception in New York, bill I " teid
me one night ihat at last he felt i
rather complimented. A scene sifier
from iprival house had spoken to him j
in a .way that seemed, by com! w
son with the newspaper cri itisi.e
i4 In gsktng
this la what the
.f 1
1 1 it
i aH
i cut
M : s
Hi, i Uls ;if;
i.'i' live-v.'i t
e-yi'ar-i.itl s
i. fr, n iK ,1
three other
d and ran
lev a.
i i p
t a i
i I i
t far
1 .1,1
h 2'
i. i:ig
n, Mi
the occasion belli
( i f the ,c .piihtr is
i e imeiMiitis', Murrav
. i- caiiy w r ft n
l'i'1'e Sunny Sid
Ti'ln s: to $1.
X tlH
iind Mai
cf I
HI, Pie,,
: -. ,it:i::.e:
Sinai lr ii
in ill ie
vt hie!",
uti siiie
a r
lllel !u '
to a
' then
a, I'1!'
i "F.111SI
i 1 mora!
j i a! m :v
'grand i a
; stiioii
i .
r s
. i.,
hi u help iirriv. d M
her thnuit and had
It was imp
bo. lies from tie
s. I.vneh 1.
ul .- t th" boa
sible to Icj-c
llam-es until
when hi
! rerun n.
Nej.t 32turda's P
ctni'niao a 1 1
i'liv ee-1 phy, bet a
i f the pla t ! s
: ntbi" cf its wt ir
its comedies ate
es iipily chara
said it was
In iter
a; i!
house was burned to t lie
. The husband of i lie d en
;ir was appl iscd , 'f th
t'edar Rapid h. w .!' re. he v
liess at the t ime.
iir I. '
llted "on
t ra-iu .i ;
lie on 1 u
In use Sal urday
iad night. Prices: 23c lo $1.'
linen ln-23-.'ioc. Seats n-servi
i I i th perferniances and o:i ::
!dav. - ;.
m a.-ure
lie.' a'-ir
a! ill liiee.
:igh:s and
t rag 'dies,
eiiei.l t:
lhati a
opt ra
matin- e
F 1-
i., March
b Ii'. f that,
men in th'
aiaini s v i
Thi re is a growing
the large numb, r of
i a i, I In ,i( ito ei eU oi
close tlie coliii ree in me i
agrei tin lit is reaelu ,1 with ti
mine workers. Extra train ir
1 hi put to work
the mines t t-toi
out l
1 n
At Cairo Hirjh SchoaL'i
l!ikn,ig."!ie:it cf tb.et
Kuiertainmeiit ( eursC
tin in prtM'n'ing tor
( (:rineu;ici .1 Kul y
s (!i rrru le Caulk 1 I
pal t'Hir ol tn s
for two f
scene shlf
cc tr t n h
er In!
'It ain't fur mcsi'lf I want 'em. Oh,
gee, no, I seen mi wnnst. ye ki.o v.
They're fur Ihe old woram. I.i'ie all
the women, she jest wants tor siv
she's seen "ini. Ilon t wnny l- ni'
about, the kind o' goats thev ;i' t . A ;
old thing 'II do. Oti'y put 'er mar the
door, so's she kin git out in c.e fcv.e
don't like Mm.' "
Veil' 111
,e ii. ilon
ws ha:
to rush coal from
age plants.
'sp th.
On Hoard' P. itth-ship M i :M n ii'l i.
oft (liialiianamo J iiv, Cuba. Mar. h
2t.--ib'poits of an oxplesi n o:t boar I
the batiliwtiip Mi-sisip i ate witleiu:
fnui,d;i luu. Ti e ship is in pert'- ct
con lit mil and .ill en Ica'd re v.e'l.
For two i!avs t'n- Mi n-isippi h s
be n un.le.goii g ih" laspittiin o,'
Admiral Arnold, and tin acci leiit
anv Kind have occurred.
great pleasure n
II ruby Brothers.
IJuinti t and Wis.
al tor a trans-coiit
country. I'r, bnltly no
iu t'.:e I. yet urn ha-t
gri att r rec'-gnitiim on tl'e r
foil than Ihls coinpany. i
idling arthits. It is one of
musical move'.iy coinianits ever
fi.iv.1 mum the Lyceum i.lat nr:"(i.
is a company barn and not niad'j
live bivittcrs' ranging from., fourteen
t- tweat:, four; ymvig nitifo of the
very hci-' habi's. liileiited ' hud wita
charmim; p n-:e:iiiliti t. pliiJti- K l
u. n sob insintmeiits and giving' a
ii,". t a ri d i n gi'.'lii. They are the
sons i f Frank liruny. Sr., who is n i-
t, d w a clarinetist a
having ha. Id position
cilies of botn heims;
ceivif I
s- Fin-
le. f.
1 1
I over the wo 1 1 I.
i in the hu g' ;-i
lieres mid
,i iii a
t Lie in t
,'. Hi itisl
iT,Finds a Friend In Court.
Jiisifre Harlan of the supreme court
was wt circuit in West Virginia sumo
years ago when there was tried be
fore him a rase in which principal
eouiiKi'i as a lawyer v.r.ose U ix was
quit rlovnii (if hair.
The. day was cold and damp and th
room in which the Killing was had was
badly heated. It wan" not long before
counsel laid lif irnn bis :i -eiiment fVi
he said: i
"Your lumcr. I must pause long J '
enough to request that the window op- I
posite be rlos d more titihtiy. fc l
the draft on my f,"ad."
lr.e court syni) atlues with yon," i.:g
solemnly assented Mr. Ilar'an. "The t
court lias the same kind of a head." , I
Wi'letOfld. Isl
March "7 - Ti e I
iior'nud, Frio.-liind
urn at uilr, pott.
i'id of Curio
inch w.ir-hi s
and IieRuiji.
lave rec Hod
proen-l Mirch .'list.' to the
h Island cf Or-midii, If . is Lc
that t le' ii'ov f lie lit ef t tie
il! pne-elil
t rn Hand.
siliee they
Several of
did pos.tio
I and:- ai d
will appi a:
VVedm sdiiy
or of the Great West
llo'se beys are b in
have studied muaic
In I 1 an Instrument
Is P. l.l snle:'-
f the lies'
could la
I In in have itis )
ns in sum
oil lit s!
li the
IV t T i 111
... The e;
'iiiro High
March 31.
Si lieo!
, lei
nadroti I a- to do with th"
I'll tr ) mi tie.' S't a le
pe, V. T 1 Tl left II I' ll
ii :
Mere Tran
1, 1 lira
'en is o
e . Wl.-.-le..-. gaz
i: l is to; ii and tat
i.i a i: Id th, ;-.. I., r :
...,! it So:--Li p;v
Tat i
li. ime
urn, Manh 27. Pr i-i dent
.riven nil' i.ority to b iv bis
1 .k fav t ing t!. A :-hip sub
ta'kf 1 today with Kep-i-
Fasi t cf New Ycrk. who
live:- a pi i ii on this snbjo t
fi" Naiioual Mi-re'.an s'
at C'eveiai.l. Ohio, The
at will tli-iess ship subsidy
mesMic to ti.e next r:--,ul r
t I i ' n ;:i 1 1
. far . - . ,v. -1". . . - '-""'i. a
ii , J''4---'t-.--:
' I J if. J. '
r ' " i F 5 i ' ' V ' " I s
Scene frcm ' Paid in Full" t Cairo opera house Monday ni-jht. Marb Zh
Mr. Brown's Remarks Quickly Brought
Wife Back from Borderland.
"William, dear," feebly called the In.
valid wife, who was supjorcd to be
Hearing the end of lier eartbly carear.
"Yes, darling," answered the sorrow-In-t
husband. "What Is ItT
"When I am gone," said she, "I feel
that for the sake of the rcotherjess lit
tle ones you rhouhl marry ngaln." ,
"Do you really think It would be
best, darling?", asked tho faithful Wil
liam. "Yes, William, I rra!!y do," replied
ihe invalid. "After a 'reasonable
length r of time you should seek tho
companionship' of some good woman."
'To you know, my dear?'' tal l the
husband, "that you have ltfteJ a great
harden from my mind? Now, there is
that charming Widow Jones aetcss the
way. She has acted rather, friendly
towtird me ever' since you were taken
111. Of cours?, dear she could never
fill your place, but she hi young,
plump &ntl pretty, and I'm EUfl she
would do her bess to lessen my K"rief."
"Willianil Hony Brown F exclaim d
the female whese days were supposed,
to he numbered, is she partly lr-ised
herself upon the pillow, "if you ever
dare install that redheaded, f.eekh'vl'
faced, squint-eyed hussy In my shoes,'
I'll I'll" And then she fainted.
But the next day Mrs. Brown was
able to sit up. and two duys later the
w as downstairs.
" ' m "
Charm cf tre Ancric-n Cirl.
I 1 1 "'i i I m'on ; vj h n t fin in
Siuk ty says of you! "The charm cf -dl JIipiiLJUUiij.
the Amesiian girl lies in her beauty ) External treatment can nev-
and rocial talents, She is an ideal er cure a cJironiC Sore Or ulcer,
Partner to dauec with, to take in to , h it does BOt reach the
dinner or to sit out a t ienie with, and , , , , , ,,
i-he us.ir.Ilv makes na r.etive ami su- I Wood. 1 IlC place Will remain
cessfui ha'-mai. But when her hus-1 open as long as it is used as a
b;:nd discovers that sdie is never happy ''drainage for tlie impurity
except when going t0 parties, is bore.i : v. hich is in the blood, and in
in the country .Hiless with a h.M.serullj . ; , j
of guests, and is always cravtr.g to ; ' . . ,,
tear from one fashionable resort lo an.- j aiVXlCt)' Caused by an OlJ SOre,
other no rest, no peace If i then i there is always danger of its
that trouble comes In." Much Loudon
Society knows about ft, eh? Granted
you are an ideal dancer, a beauty. an-d
a charming dinner companion, did you
ever "sit out a picnic?'' Picnics are
believed to be obsolete, as far as the
type of girl referrej'to hi're Is concerned.
Wc want to show you in this short, but honest and reasonable talk,
how and why S. S. S. cures Old Sores. We do not claim that S. S. S.
works wonders, but we" do know it will cure sores anfl ulcers, end its
record of forty years past abundantly justifies this confidence.
Any old sore shows an unhealthy and impure condition of the
blood. It is a diseased condition of the flesh at that particular spot,
cause,d and kept inflamed and irritated by a continual discharge into
it of unhealthy matter from the circulation. In various ways the blood
becomes contaminated and
polluted. A long spell of fev
er, or othej sickness, breeds
disease germs in the system;
the failure of nature's elimi
native members to remove the
waste and refuse matters of
the body, the excessive use of
minerals in certain diseases,
infected wcvnds, bites and
stings of insects, etc., all con
taminate the blood with mor
bid matter and germs which
sooner or later manifest their ,
presence by a sore or ulcer
which refuses to heal under
the ordinary treatment of lo-
An epistolary Hint.
In the letter from Boston
rpccial delivery stamp.
"What did she send that for?" the
woman wondered. "The Information
she wants can he rem in an onlii.'.ny
letter: It won't need to be sent spe
cial." f.
"That starro," said the man, "is a
delicate hizt to be quir4i about ansvvei
ing. It is a hurry-up device used by
many men. It is very effective. A two
eiir.t stamp docs not always spur one
to any ispi rial effort, but a special
delivery stamp mcana that the .writer
watts what he wants, when he wants
It, and the most dil.rory. correspond-t-i.t
alive is not goii.g to lot any grass
grow between the s' latches of hi3 pen
when answc.in--"
I want to recommend S. S. 8. to any who are In
need of a Mood puntter, and especially a a remedy
lor oiei aud obstinate ulcera. In 1877 1 bad my leg
badly rut on th ehaip edrtof abatreland having
on a blue woolen (locking, the place waa badly
poisoni-d ttora the dye. A great (ore formed and
for yearn no one knows what 1 tultered with the
place. 1 toed, it teemed to me, everything 1 had
ever beard ot but I got no relief and I thought I would
have to go through lite with an angry, discharging
sore on my leg. At last 1 began the uko of S. S, S.,
and it was but a short time until I saw that the
place wa Improving. I continued it until it nu
moved all the poison fiom my blood and made a
complete and peimanent cure ot the sore.
23(1 tiavy St., Brooklyn, N- T. JHO. EUIS.
I had a large sort or ulcefron rhy face an4 nothing
I tried would benitlt me. It bean with shooting
pains and soon the itching was tenible. At first it
discharged a waiery fluid which soon changed to
one of thicker composition and tin pain became
very seveie. It was neaily as Urge as a dollar and
terribly ir.flamed in aU the surrounding parts. It
h.id btt-n thete so long aud growing wurse all the
t-me, I became very much dist)u.a,;ed and alarmed.
At last I bt-Kin the uso of S. b. 8. At first the
ulcer seemed to get worse, but I sooa found that the
poison was being removed from the blood and I con
tinued to takeS. S. B. It waa not long befoie I
noted a decided Improvement and I kept up the use
of the medicine until I was entirely cured of this
cancerous ulcer. This has been some tune ago and
thete is no sign uj a return uf lue trouble.
Gary, lia. MRS. W. A. WRIGHT.
Wilmington IT. C.
From the bite of an insect I wai poisoned and had
a dreadful sore on my ankle and took different
treatments with no beneht. I was induced to try
B. S. S., and alit-r a lew bottles It cleared my
svfttein and cleaased my blood and cured the 60rc.
hty metier tuok it tor rheumatism, with success.
1 cheerfully recommend S. S. 6. wbeie a blood
puoller i? needed.
109 South First St. , CIIAS. S. PRIDCES.
becoming cancerous, if a cure
is not effected. Purify the
blood, and nourish the flesh
wi:h a rich, healthy circulation, and then the place will heal of its
own accord. 4 .
S. S. S. cures old sores by removing the causes which produce
them. It goes down into the circulation, drives out all impurities and
poisons, and by nourishing the flesh with rich, pure blood causes the
place to heal naturally and permanently. S. S. S. does not make a sur
face, cure, but, Iking the greatest of all blood purifiers, it begins at tho
bottom and by rebuilding broken down tissue, and supplying healthful,
healing qualities to the circulation, causes the place to fill in with firm,
healthy flesh, while it $:-c:A'.j but surely removes the cause and effects
p. permanent cure. The so:-S C-nnot remain when the blood is pure,
and S. S. S. will thoroughly purify the blood.. Jiouk on Sores and
Ulcers a;.d any medic:', advice free to all who write.-
S. S. S. i for s-'.e at d drug stores.
o The Ressan of It.
' "I wonder what peopl" think Is
predictions of tha world's coming
an end?'
"Oil, there is gene-ally some prophet
"n it." l'a!ir;n; re American.
Frirjht Results in Pzralysis.
An engineer at a paper 'works at
K'ss.'iiiie, Fiance, recdiMy pushed an-
other rmploye Into a h!g dye tub for
a joke. When the victim had
chilli gel his clothes be retirned to tins
works, rod. relying the engineer, ninte
ns though to drop him over the para
pet on the second floor. The (engineer
was to frighien"d ihat paralysis en
sued, the whole of his right, side
being seized. His condition- is very
Best Medicine Is Sleep.
The best nerve fcod in the world H
sleep. Good, soiiud, lef.e.sliiiig nieep
will do more lo replenish the n"rve
cent era :inl ImiM n,. s. f:i r.l ,-?,I,
man nr.j-tiing thgt c n bo devise.
Nervous people ought to cultivate the,
practict -of . sleepin; afie.r tfit.u.er,.,, A
short nap after the 1.0011 liieal will
strengthen the nerves, , and , make It
much more liable that the rtst of tho
day w 111 ho spent in some , sort . cf
ewbtfo's M&tptcide
The criminal remedy thtt "kills the d&ridruff germ"- cln exquisite h:r dressing.
9 .
Till: l.tlUK liaiKl r to a gnminv and sticky lialr tin ss
,n or one that Is full of siMlim ntary chciiileals Intemb it to ilye
th, lialr. 1lirniarl.nl rri ft renrf- lor clean ami dainty prep,
kratlon. partioiiUrly one thiit ercono-n i-xcesslxe iIIIiiiwn
and It a a the lialr lli;hl ami ft 1 ft V . W Ti tle ltd In tlicenof
111011s sale .f SevhM't Hi i ,i lib . Piseiinonaiiiii; holltH
coiik 1 ntl-nslasilf o ( r Its nfic -lilnn duality anil crqnblte
A MOM V T III: Fill TT V nniht Itur pretty hair. Ihe
r at art i 111 ;iy te title plaht or even hiotiely. ct If I lie tu ad In
rrowneil n Hli an aliun.iant c tf lHauiif al ba r. attr.it ti nis
will tint Ixe la'-klug. Tl"' fort navs: ' lair trMia man Im-l-rial
race t iooiarr.'' lit r ).lt .l Elvi the lialr a cdamiing
dl tint tlvi rn .. that Im 1 liar act, rlMic nf no oth, r hair dri- lri!f.
)ft:l l II til: A MI.U1H M't ( rsliihtly or itlf
rtd lialr l a mNloettine In more v. a Ihari one. There Is ti e
ftltovra removal or lltltinlng if nattirt-'s protection to Hie
luad. A Im nti condlthin of the hair fined woman'n dHpti
sltl..n t" a iiiarWc J ilt ree. I f the hair Ir dull, brittle and life
lens, omIuk I" the ri-a-!icc of a mtcrnhlr gnvwth, the effect la
to i!ani.co line's spirits and caiic a loss of Interest In fx rroiial
appearanc.. Ttieuj of ( wlri,s llprplrldo ovtreomes the
rav anes ef the dandrnfT mlcrolxr. alter which the natural beau
ty and almn lancsiof the hair will return as nature Intended.
MmoKt marvelous nutills follow the ntwof lltrplrltle. licri
Hemen will tlnd Ncwbro'i llerplcldc In use at all Important
K-irlH-r Rhopx.'
.riti-t rrx iiiNo if th R srii.p almost instantly
-lit aartllnu l.'ee no "tit of , whm's Ilerplcltlr. an article that
your Aki nt left a trial Imtilo wlih me to lest: I have preerl ld
It In srv eral Inslancon and base bad favorable repot t there
from In eac h case."
tSIgtiili lifTII M. W0011. M. It.
actual li.iiii v to the hair f illleU -s anH the ronseiui nt lcr
tlilnnlni; of the hair: this may can-e dlLat' that Koiiietlii"" 1 Lincoln, Nt h.
Ill vi r.OV Tilt: 1 11 sK-lOl Itl.MOV 1. TIIK I FF? CT.
Smd nrc-.it-. In iHmji fir svin it . fHK II K.TMfl MR f.M PAW. -pt. I.. Detroit. M!rh.
'ne )o'iar I! ittlc mat aimed. At lirnC Stores. bm you tall f.tr Hi iptrMe. do r-t accept a siitttttite.
Applications ai prominent liarhcrsimt -
PAUL G. SCHUH & SONS, Special Agents.

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