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The Leadin
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jkuriMl l ikaOalro Vot 'tfllVttoittMMalMlOa
Ikrnxcb thu null 4 &anmt-9lM retM.
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pioreoidouinerii Illinois s
fill o tj&m, '
. Yesterday' Ca'ro Temperature.
'""Mistirnum , . . . .': ?S
iXflninjuin .7.'.....!;.'.. o:i
'-' 'At T'p. m 7-
"AflV midnight (street record . .
'' Central Condition. ,
1 ''Th? 'day .was clear and quiet.- The
"frAertimttnt' bulletin reported no ran
yfrterdjy. Temperature general'y
. , Forecast For Today. - - :
, Cairo and ; vicinity: Fair; slight
' change in temperature. - , . .. .
i Mindis: ..Washington, March -4
- Fair and- continued warm Saturday
and probably Bundajv, A '.
- e' ,-8n and Maori. ' s .
- SiTO in -.r.ij58 today 6:29 a m.
Kna ,i if lit ' ' V '? .'35, m.
Jdb'bn';n7'i-ri tonighr--', ' ';2S
.fSptVjht'tboyei s'ua. and -moon
rrcrd i ; for UitJOtt' :nd : approitf
ntaVei tht time -tjrCiiro' within a few
minuter , ,-,:vl-? -'
V "fr ' ';,""')'"' ''i;1',"-"' ;'
ore, "liver' and bowe' ' sometime:'
srenj to; balk wltb'aut xauae. The t,
4h' " troubfet-owt or .Appetite-. :
. lni igestiotr, ? Nervousness. '., IVspont'
fflcy. Headache., But such trouble;
fly before Dr. Kind's New' Life fills.
-.the' world's best Stomach and Live.'
remedy. So easy. 25 cents at a'l
drrggists. . . . ; - '
" FOR RENT Furnished room wi)h
br.th. 8J4 Commercial avenue. ' . 1
' LOST Rlack . and .,' tan femals
'canine Answering ' fo ibe .name of
Bunny. Brac'k'ey;- Bros.,; Thrty fourt'
and Sycamort. -",,,
Setting ' Stakes 'For' Pavement on
Twenty-firt Street Progress
on Elm Street.
Ph'asant , weather is" being taken
advantage of by Contractor Williams
to make . good headway with the-various
streets he has under coutfacl.
tkod 'headway is being made on'tVal
nut street. ,
The work of laying the curbing' for
Twenty-first' street will begin in a few
days. The city engineer yesterday
Afternoon was busy - setting stakes
ior Contractor Williams,- ,
.The paving of. Elm sreet has been
resumed. Two blocks from Thirtieth
to Twenty-eighth street has been laid
.and by today the blot k to Twenty
seventh street- wiir be complefetf.'
Dr, ' Merrtam Declare ; Thi Would.
','' ..Wake' High'Pric tit'PrtV'i -;
lm Solve itsel . -
' '.: If' ,'....'"1 ' " ' ' ', ; ' ' ' ' '.
Washington, March "The high
cost . of meat problem will solve itself
and .the price ;'w ill be reduced, two
tWrds l the people will raise deer on
their farina," declared . Dr. C. Hatt
-Me"ntam, chief of the biological ur-vej-,,
hefore. the house committee to
day. He. said xleer farming buld be
tarriptl ' ou' ilrofitably in any. part of
(lie": united, States.' ' ... . '.
'i.Merrlatn said' Ibat 'wolves are in
fieasjpg, in r this .'.country and -that
A ier annual depredations on the cat
heds or the' north and '.noi'tb west
mounted to '$l$,00,(Wft,-. : ' V- v
'. Vi ."' .Til. .. U.... r.
'"Cl1;onopller, ii - tk nam
rn. to a-layer of Incandescent Ttpori
.In'jhe un, enveloping the entire pho
I -isvlipve, The chromosphere consisU
hiefly of hydrogen and an element
) uown . as .helium;. iThe ao-cftUed
;')!oinlnence" .are dne to proer4tona
f Jbydnngen thjtire shot up to enoi
i ou :a!ilt'udY,' wltb !Tlocttlea ex-
edlftf H9 -..nines'' per second. Th
j'AiW throuiospber is 'given to thtt
olur envelope- on account . of . IU
ieutlf;ii rogy )iue. .?, lodge moms, the members went in
;! I'.;. ,H;i tl'(r' l ' bfly f, to the : Union hall, ncarl
''Kow $he tsceped. ' .'Where Hank Ooettle had prepared
;faulifcf, who. had been . aftendlm
cb(jol, f.,r almost twp week, was tell
1 "g ofthe misbehavior of some of ber
4 ttle i.cJttuiats4-, At her mother'
iWtian as to whether it had ever
f een ( neceisary for tbe teacher to
jipetk to her, - Pauline enswered.
ulckly. rph.;' no. - nilumi" Then,
She bad rtj 3.'taV'.fa all the cits but
J t tbt eftemcKin." AVby.- what did.
itt rr'f -Oh, ajhe' said. ;Now. cbll
.. 'ira! wait 'until. Pauline it
ii,'onr.",--He iH'Hnfalor. ' ' ., .
Already Hfr. ' ' -.
The. editor , of a metropolitan Jour
Ml wa; juii-Jhfnje the other, day' with
friend, 4n liwton, wVen soma one b
( xnfUJkiuj,hop(,."to ton .Jpipotel,,
K'-ket fl(i .HrttlvMul..olfnVnlf, ,'.'th
-jHlatVwm xpore- wen jioetrj will
t $Vl be wr rtMi yric, here now'
j-.tnfJiy rcpht-y the editor. . .
M ; , . :(;. ; '' . ? .
Were Elicited, But Most of the Day
Was Taken Up With Wrangle
Between Attorney and
Washington, March 4. The Ral-'inger-Pinchot
investip-ation dragged
slowly through two sessions today.
Attorney Vertrees, for Secretary
Baling-jr. continued the cross exami
nation of Gifford pinchot.
He elicited some Interesting facts,
but for the most part the day was
taken up with wrangles between the
attorc-sy and the witness.
Pinchot admitted his first hand
knowledge of Ballinger's acts ..was
limted, but he reiterated that the sec
retary pf the interior deceivd the
resident , concerning . the Cunning
ham Coal cas an.l had nia'le a
(statement to the president which was
'obviously untrue." -
L Vertrees sought to show that Pin
chot and ; former secretary "Tarfield
were in the habit of doing what they
thought best, regar.llefs ot the law,
add that their antagonism to Bal
linger was brought abort by his' de
termination to proceed wholly with
in the law.
Vertrees spent soma time on the
subject of sending forest rangers to
agricultural colleges, seeking to
show that Pinchot hail adopted the
policy without the knowledge of Scc-
ieiarv Wilson. The men wrtp yent
i ' . ' till;, i,.L-
college In large numbei; thf i
t.a!aries and
, expenses LeUii t JiCd
while there.
Pinchot said his "impression" was
that he had once spoken to Wlson
.about the matter, but was nod will
ing to swenr to it.
Vertrees read a letter from Secre
, tnry Wilson to the comptroller of
J the treasury saying that Tie had
learned of the plan of sending rang
ers to college affer Pinchot had left
the service. The comptroller' held
(that the plan was illegal. The for
mer forester said he still thought it
lawful to send thes? men to college
j He thought that if the forest service
jhad presented the case from its
point of view, the comptroller would
have so held.
,',-iertrees read to the witness' a
long list of expenditures from the
forest service funds during Pinchot's
regime to cover the expenses of th
officials and employes sent out to
lecture to schools anil clubs. OnJ
. Hem .'was $77 for the exp-;ns?s of
, Bilstow Ait'anis, to Chicago to ad
dress f wom"n's club.
Have Banquet, Music and Speeches
Over One Hundred Present
Want 150 Members
fr 1910.
Cairo Lodge No. 17.,, Knights of
Pt bias, celebrated last night, . the
forty-sixth anniversary of the order.
An open meeting was held in . the
lodee rooms of the Alexander-Lodge,
T. O. O. F. build in?, after w hich the
members went to the rooms of the
Central Labor Union, C02 Commer
cial . avenue, where a banquet was
spread. '
, "Chancellor Cnrnmonder G-o. A.
Piper prcsMcd at the open meeting,
.which was attended by about 1"
J rre libers of the order anil a number
ot out, of towh ' visitors:' The new
' Cunei band enlivened the' oc-asiod
: Willi its nillsfc Rpvpral mnmljira an
visitors Iliads good talVs. and the ar
ditional musical program was carrio
out by doe McNulty's quartette an
solos were sung by High Murphy
and Henry Masenjaeger, Jr.
A, resolution was adopted that
f "our . membership for 1910 must
reach the 130 mark."
After, the feast of reuson at th
satisfying lunch which was fully ap
predated. :
: Oaito lqdge ts' in, a flourishing con
flitlon and its enthusiastic. nfrfin
are f,ttlvhig bard to make It still
vniore so. The officers of the lodge
.are s follows:
' Chancellor Commander O -o. A.
'.riper. i, ' J
Vice Chanret'or V. U Duncflrf.
Prelate C. Dudtev
"W: qt A.r Whitfield Rnnais..
M. if .F.-Prank Touch.
tM. 6t E.-VV, . iPoyce. , '
K. of R. anl 8. George Fox.
M, of- W. Jos. llochenedel.
T. O. Henry Stout.
v O. (V-Miles Axley. -
' London Times I Oldest Paper.
' The oldest English newspaper I th
Londoif Tfmes, founded in 17K.V
vn.f'.-' i'it'":.':'.""'. : '' i'.'. .',;'
,,...,.-. , . ''.:,.. -':.'.'
OUK second grand showing of new Spring Suits, Dresses,
and Caoes. comorising absolutely the newest styles,
o models that are right. The prices are as low as hrst-class, reliable merchaiv
o dise can be sold for. We are showing a very handsome line of Silk, also
o Wool Dresses
A .
In Dress Goods-Silks and
o in 40 and 42
i The new Sheerettes, Flaxons,
cerized Ginghams, 25c to $1.75
' eliKt ArrivpH: nur w Snrina line of Table
ful new drop, patterns, must be seen to be appreciated, 48c up
2 The crranHt line of Lace. Bobinet. Ruffle and Portiere
HF rQ. - " " r . '
1 shown in these parts. Beautiful new designs
dragons in Ivory, Cream, Ecru
nivvayj ouui&iiiui new aiiu uiui
do your shopping. The largest stock,
Kemember we refund car and railroad fare on limited
A Victim of Evolution. , '
Rubicund, genial and rapacious, a
whole easy and humorous age of Brit
ish life seems to have died, with the
cabman. For the future will belong
more and more to skilled speed and
trained efficiency. The chauffeur who
know his business and does it, but
will never be as pouplar as bis pre
decessor, because bis mind must be
inore upon his work, is the Prussian
of the BtreetsThe cabman is only
the victim of evolution. His fate will
prefigure that of the British Empire
unless we realize in time that prog
ress means the remorseless elimina
tion of the obsolete, and that we
shall come to be among the last ot
the nations unless we are determined
to be second to none In '' scientific
thought, technical equipment and the
whole spirit and method, of modern
organization .r-London Observer.
Britisher Slightly Mixed, t
Ersklne L Phelps of Chicago, was
Introduced at Nfee to Lord Dlank of
England.- As he was nmoktng he "said
to. .Lord. Ulahk:, "Will you hare' a
' cigar?" 'Thank you, but I smoke only
one brand, the Henry Clay." "AH
I right; I'll order some." The box was
1 1 1 ought. It was embellished With the
6rmUiar picture of "Harry of the
r V.etst., A he took his cigar, Iord
Blank said: "When old Clay was alive
ho made a good cigar, but his son
jion't keep up his reputation." "Henry
Clay! Why, lie didn't fuake cjgars;
he was a statesman, and ranked as
HifiJr with us as Gladst6no or John
Bright do In your country," "I beg
JJW.UJE- don. I've v smoked these ci
gars all my life, and I . tell you old
Clay made a d sight better clgftr
than his toys do."1 ' -
1 f
, . Mineral W'eaith of Phllippiht. . w'
and buits. 1 he prices are
. " 3 t- ' . I i ... ... ...
inchall we can
fold placers;- coprer; and in .sever
of the islands, noiabIf Ct bu, coal. T
vice-governor of tho ls!unds has
project for building a great coiil pot
at at Manila -which Is to bo si TP 1
from the mines of Cebu ami tin.
ltlch an ocean steamer can be co!e
a a few minutes as is clone on th
great lakes at home. Cheap, fuel I
of course necessary for Industrie fln
electric light, as well as stennv r
The islands have an unused scourt
of wealth in the water ptyvorg ot tl
mountains, which aro certain to !
harnessed before mai years.
there is no evidence as yet that h
Philippines are very much rb her ii
precious metals or In coal t baa Jiian
From a Manila Letter to the Iiosuu
An All Black Dinlno Rsom.
Lord and Lady Droglieda huvo rc
turned to Wilton Creet'ent at the con
elusion of their honeymoon, which they
took, as 1 the sensible modern fash
ion. In Installments, a. visit to Lon
i don being sandwiched between so
journs in Ireland and in Italy. Lady
Drogheda is at present Interested in
. the finishing touches required by her
,new house, which is to be unlike any
.other in London." ''-.'. 'V
' -A wonderful all black dining room
Is one of its features,' and although
the effect In daylight may be rather
aoBiber it is distinctly artistic and
original in the soft glowing, carefully
' arranged electric lights. M. A. P.
l,.' Stmt German Street Names. .
An American student at Berlin unl
ersity writes: "I dare aay that some
of the street name In our country
sound queer and Impossible to the
Germans when they flrtt hear them.
If so, and If they hold them up as
horrible examples to emphasUe thV
H I TF D R Y GO 0 D S C 0 Rli M Y I
$10.00 up $25.00
Wash Goods, and a beautiful line of Foulards 1
say is the grandest line we have ever shown,
Jacquards, Diagonals, rrench andocotcn iMer
per yard.
and Beige, also new two-toned,
vih ji iw v v v -- - . i a
the lowest price?. The talk of the shopping people.
wisdom of using numbers and figures
we may be permitted to call attention
to some of the new streets in Charlot
tenburg, where? I' live. One is the
"Walter Lelstlliow strasse,' named In
memory of an artist, and two other
new streets bear the names, rcspec-,
tively, of 'Ilolderlln strasse' and
'Klaus-Groth Rti'Hsso.' " "", .'',';
. - .... . :j. !.;, ;
Condemn Motor-Speeding..
Bishop Samuel Fallows of the Re
formed Episcopal church, preacbJng
In St. Foul's church, Chicago, recently
on "The Race for Life," took occasion
to warn his congregation against mo
tor speeding. " 'Let your moderation
be known to all men,' should be In
scribed on every car," said the bishop.
"The commercial, military and other
uses of the automobile are endlct.
We therefore hall its advent with joy,
not untemt ered, however, with whole
some fear."
Woman In Important Position..-
; Misa Edna L. Foley has just re
signed her pluce In the Jiotitun con
tiuuiptivu hospital to become the head
of the Chicago tuberculosis institute,
Hhe is a graduate of Smith college
Ciufes of 1901. . The Chicago institute
L;.s bcvcu dispensaries la dl.Teieni
parts ot the city ; and empkiys nine
trained rim'ses to assist in treating the
patients. Mis Foley will lave , the
eutire charge of the t;ii; t.ns:irk'S uuc)
uuisis. -. :. .; ; ,".''
Whalebone Becomina Ccarcsr.
; V'Jiu bonJ ot,t o.ily 3a, cents ;
YMd hail n tvutiiry, igo- Today I
cimW about live lUjihii s u j.ouild Th.
total i-iodtit't luudyd from the A-.ntr.
can fihtil't-8 dm lisg the inneujiit
century fxwdjd iu.'Wt.00J pomij:
A' 3ltR. wLftlc u. .v.tnti. ijp i;.i' ,,ry
Linens and Napkins, beauti-
in cable and fish
MaWp rhic vniir ;tnrpths ideal nlar to
OOOOOOCDOO ooo ooooooooe
Wise Tenement Dweller Knew by
Their Concition That the House
Wa Unhealthy.
Many a grewsome bit of wisdom la
gleaned by , settlement workers. The
other day a woman ef philanthropic
tendencies - trudged mitetf looking for
rooraa for an 'unfortunate family that
had :to .move- After she bad -made., a
selection that would fit their scanty
means the mother of the family went
around to see the rooms before mov
ing in.
"Oh," .exclaimed that wise tenement
dweller, "we'd bo Worse off here than1"
where we are! This place Is too un
healthy." "How do you make that out?" asked
the settlement worker. "It strikes me
as being better than most houses of
its class." , ' "'J
The woman pointed to the banisters
which ran up through five flights of
stairs to the roof in a ragged, broken
line; . '" .
"Coffins," she said grimly. "That's
what that means. Collins is terrible
hard on banisters. There are too many
deaths here to. suit me."
' And when the uottlement worker
leurned that many tenement dweller
really do judge ot the healthfulness of
a house by the conditions ot the ban
ister she concluded that that place
wouldn't suit her either. New York
Per Cent, of Colored Race,
The negroes of this country formed
In 1S00-18.88 per cent, of the popula
tion; in 1&10, 19.03 per cent; In i860,
15.68 per cent.; In I860, ll.lj : pet
;oiit.; In 1880, 13.11: per cent.; Ir
00, ll.CS per.cent.; And In 1900, U.D9
''''. "nt,J. '.:--'
Skirts, Waists
colorings and lj
to $1.75 yard. ;
Curtains ever ?
nets, filet andj
95C 10 $11 pair.
Making Extensive Journey.
Four Hackensack (N. J.) women
started across the continent recently
on an automobile trip. The car in
which they started contained a com
plete camping outfit, materials for
cooking and utensils, pick, shovel and
even firearms. They expect to arrivo
on the coast about a month from now.
Mrs. Alice R. Ramsey will drive th
t-entlre way of between 4,200 ad 4.E0J
juiles, and If she makes the Journey
lis planned will be the first woman to
ride In an automobile over the moun
tains unprotected by men.
Passing o the Hostess.
The decay of the fine art of enter'
talning is much bemoaned by a Lort
don paper. Once no woman would
think of entertaining at any place but
in her own home. Now she goes to :i
restaurant to save the trouble In the
home. Moreover, there was a titua
when the hostess prided herself on
her own conversational powtrs and
upon her ability to draw out her
guests, who were generally chosen
with regard to eorae ability ia this di
rection. Now nobody talks, but some
body sings or plays and the concert
or rhetorical entertainment has, taken,
the place of brilliant 6nv-eritt1cia.;; '
. t Attraction' In Time "f abTet, iri$f?
; At Kiel, Germnny, instruction in tho
use of the railroad time table is a part
of the curriculum in the elementary
schools. It has been found that either
the plan of railroad train books is
complicated or else that the peop! i
are so dense that the average aduit.
iannoCunderiitand it, lnJ the Kb t
bchools lectures are given on the tin j
tablo and problem are set or que
tiona put as to imaginary tours ai 1
the pupil with' book In hand U re
quired to answer.

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