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nt -
IAS. 8. ROCHK authorises his an-
ounceffient at ft candidate for the
Republican nomination . for ahcr'ff of
Alexander wuij, mo
election to be held Sept, 15, 1910.
.. ' ...
Fred P. Nellls .authorizes his an
nouncement ai a candidate for the
Kepubllcan nomination for sheriff of
Alejander county, at the primary
flection to be held Sept. 15, M10.
John Mulvihill authorises his an
rquticement as a Democratic candi
date lo Sheriff of Alexander county,
subject, io the decision of the .votera
at the--primary : election to .be held
frei'i- ii. J910. ; -
The Bulletin li authorized to an
pounce the name of Fred M. Pool
oMIsrdn. III., at Democratic, can
titdsyte.-for representative In the 50tH
ionatojial district. , iUDjeci to in
J lemocratjc primary, ' B3ptembet IS
Ml". J ' '' "'
''Ki'VC- ht'r
v;XH,oB"lleln",,s authorized to an
nounce the 'name of Frank E. Davis
cf Cairo. a 111.;1 as a Republican candi
date for representative in the 50th
&4iatorial distiidt, subject to the
republican piimary September 13,
If 10.-, , ,
Nv.B. Thlstlewood authorises, his
announcement as a candidate for re
elrfeWw to congress from the 25th
fJ,Hut)idlstrict-' subject to the de
eUion of the Republican votefrs at
4)e .primary election to be held "Sept.
15,-110. ;. n T
.w;-:fi.r7'. ' - ,
i;Mudgfe Wm. S. Dewey, authorizes his
announcement 'for tie-". Republican
nomination, , for CountyJudge, at the
p-lmnry 'election toi be held Sept 15
Prof. S. E. Gott authorizes bja an
npuncepient as a candidate for Coun
ty Superintendent of Schools of Alex
ander county, subject to the Repub
1khi primaries, SeptJlS, 1910.
Asa D. Twente authorizes his an
nouncement as a candidate for Coun
ty Superintendent of School of Alex
a-ider rnunty, subject to the Republi
can primaries, Sept, 15, 1910.'
'' Mrs Fanny P. Hacker authorizes
her 'announcement as a candidate for
County Superintendent 'of Schools of
Alexander county, " subject" to the
Democratic voters at the , primary,
election 3ept. 15, 1910. . ...
( Hiitft ten scjjattigm IJalmcn )
- - i,
A Charming Waltz arrangement of the popular Song "The Palms
J - 1 ..... '..) 1 "
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-T--f-T?-fp- rM: tH"
-BL. 47 lfe- -1
"TITi "-T-T7 g i i nr " :
1 - -i . . -i
--r- -T r -frr grrpzr
JL , -p-- .-g--"- -f- -, - -t-r "sV- i
. . i . L
, ' -..' ff
( Emi E&EYz. "iESE
j , " -J --T -Jr J
f ' - " . . '.: li
' - i
, I Jb : t.itgzirrrrrrnt:zriCri:3g --r ' j " I
f PFi -" --r .--r5z -rtErrzsi
i . ;;. : ' !'--' ' '.-v-.-:.:--- ,
- - ' -. - ' n
A I irl " " 1 rg J I 1 v Te"l iJ
vi r 1 r r-1- t . -rT.r, , , ; '
( , - m ' . . "-f;
. . . ' : .-...,. v- .v : -' " ,
.v ' ' -'
" rTr r ( c t"t iii' r-f i i -ri
g? I X- -pgrrrr -g-T - ll -
, -Irp- q 1
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-S-T .
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PuUishtd by AMERICAN MELODY Co., New York.
Plm Waltz. 2 pp-zd p.
' David M. WJulcahey authorizes his
announcement as a candidate for
county assessor' and treasurer, tub
ject to the decision of the Democrat
ic voletg 6t Alexander-county at the
primary election t be held Sept. 15
1'JIO. A'" :.'..
Capt. "W., .D. Llppitt authorizes his
announcement as a candidate for re
election as assessor and treasurer of
Alexander county, subject to the Re
publican voters at the primary elea
tion on Sept. 15th.
E. E. Ellis. authorizes his announce
ment as a candidate for assessor and
treasurer . of Alexander county, sub
ject tp;ihe decision of the Republican
voters at the primary election on
Sept. 15th, 1910.
Thos. W. Williams-authorizes nts
announcement as a candidate for As
sessor., and,,, Treasurer of Altxander
county, subject to the decision of the
Republican ' voters of the county at
the primary election to be held Sept.
13, ,1910. '--v..;'". '.-..i.',. . . ,.
Those in Field Early Have Best
Chance to Get the Valuable
Prizes in Contest
I'll! ,
.r -
t t ' t
yesterday's. Cairo Tempera'.ure.
ttt U Al IJ( III ( .( t . J , ,
Minimum' Xf.. .". . .. . ..- ... , ; :. . .
At 7 r.i m. S.:.
At J3 .midnight (street, record)..
eral Conditions. '
Was "partly "cloud?.
. Forecasts For.Tlday.
ril nois; JVashington. 4 Aug. 4 28.
ParlIyrloiidy Monday, jirobably loca'
ho we eg IrrThe north ; Tuesday , fair.
iftM itfV r ' ' ' ' ; . . ,
'Suit and Moon. ,
PiiBfWlll rise today.;.., i,'.rjij' a. m.
Fun today..,. .;..j7:4o p m.
Moonrtiy-lso tonight .'v.'iSf: 34 a'.' in.
,i,ioie. i ue a do re sun and mooo
rordi is for Illinois and approx
niaT1nrfltt8at Catt- wlthia a few
minutes. . ," -, t v.-
(. ... ' ; , :
f aimpla, (srit Itt
r When m.y; two per p) be said to bei
half-witted T-rwheathey faava an tin-
Acrsuuding betweieu tbeax
Standings of Candidates Remain Stationary To
day as the Voles are Not Counted Sunday,
it but Great Changes are Expected in List .
for Tomorrow's Paper
W ' AT" . : ' . ' . T '
Ditsrict Leaders.
, Dijt. 1 Miss Anna P. Walsh
.',!i!'Dist. 2 Heine Eichorr
:ir)fst. 3 Miss Gladys Oliver
DlHt. 4 Miss Minnie VtnnM
I Dist. 3 Miss Nell Tharpe
"Another week of hard andenergel-
lc. effort on the part of the candidates
In the race for The Bulletin valuable!
awards has started in anl , startling
changes In the standings oC those In.
the contest can be looked for before
it closes.. , ' . ,. ( '
No Vdtes Counted Sunday.
No votes are, counted fjunday and
the standings of tlw contestants are
the same as they were yesterday, no
change being made. T'ne votes wtll
bo counted today at tlie usual hour
and it Is predicted that1 surprises ace
In store for, Tuesday's paper.
Time Fly ana.
Tha , time ' in which, to win these
valuable prizes Is flying fast and the
end will be tiere ere we realize it.
Some of the candidates who at the
present time seem to imagine that
tliey can wait several days, or weeks
before' starting out to see fheir
f! lends, are going to meet with disap
pointment when they do go. Already
tiie field has een .prospected by en
ergotii' rneri and women, girls and
boys, fither' getting the ;votfs for
themselves, or drumming up the
campaign of some filend In the raie.
While the field is as yet virgin as It
were, it will not long remain so that.
is a certainty, and those who delay
getting out In the field are going to
find themselves out of the . Contest
when they -4o start. So the advke
of the contest department, js to "Oet
Tiusy" and do so as soon as pcsslb'.e.
Plenty of Support. '
There s unlimited support In tlie
fieKl cofered by this paper for Uio.se
in the contest to secure votes and
subscriptions. Now that the elections
are eettlnx close everyone: wants a
paper, and The Bulletin Is the paper
t'uey want, they know that the politl
cal news is carried In The Bulletin
In its entirety and Is printed without
fea favor. This makes t a' con
paratively easy matter for the con
testants to get subscriptions" alon
these lines, and all that Is necessary
Is the asking.
Ask and Ye Shall Receive.
How true the above Is, and par
ticularly in this case. There Is hard
ly a person in this city or the sur
rounding country wlio will not sub
scribe to The Bulletin if approached
on the subject. Of course you must
ASK to get these votes and sub
scriptions, you could nardly expect
them to come to you in any other
way. Although at the : same time
once you have made the start there
will be many subscriptions paid Into
this office for the contestants waich
will necessitate no exertion on tfie:r
part. Of course you cannot expect,
these subscriptions to come your way
until you have made an effort your
self and shown a" desire , to be among
the winners at the close of the con
teat. Make This Week Count.
Be the one to make the contest
tlie more exciting this week by poll
lri a large scar's and taking your
piece with the leaders.
You can do It and now Is the time ,
Theie Is no better time during the
contest to make a good determine I
start than right now. Get the start
now and the end of tlie race will take
cure of Itself. See all your friends
tLis week and get the votes and sub
scriptions that will place you among
tat winners at the final count. ,
Contest Chatter,
' District No. 3. -
All territory In Mississippi county embracing Charleston and all ad
jacent towns.
I Miss Gladys Oliver, Charleston .... 2509
Miss Louise Gordan 24S0
Mr. Harold Kelly 15C0
Mr.. T. H. Howard 13?0
.(' District No. 4.
' AH territory on the Big Four K. R- ro Harrlsburgr, Including Mounds,
Mound City, Anna, Jqnesboro and the following towns: Grand Chain, Olm
Remember the 10 -vote coupon x-j 8ted, L'evings,; KarnacK, Vienna, EldoTado, Parker City, tarrier-Mills, Villa
plres tonight, so see that yours are
all In.
Hundreds of subscriptions waiting
to be picked up by some bright, en
cgetic enterprising contestant. Are
you endowed with those qualities?
If so, get after these subscriptions.
And hundreds of people have not
been even approached for their sub
scriptions as yet. They are there for
some one. Get them.
The contest will settle down Into a
pretty race from now until the clos
ing date. ''
Never allow a day to pass without
getting votes, it is the steady per
sistent worker. who wins out in the
Great surprises are promised this
wee! Watch for them.
District No. 1.
All of the City of Cairo lying north of Twenty-first slreeet.
Miss Alice Byrne , ....... 15&90
Miss Anna Plerco Walsh . ... 15870
Miss Marie Williams .......... 104 50
Miss Zorayda Nance .., 0550
Miss Certrude Curry .. .... ... . . . -7290
Miss Iona Swoboda ... ... .. ... 7OC0
Miss Myrtle Goldsmith . '. . . 7000
Miss Helen Jackson .,. .... 900
Mrs. Clara Schwartze ...... .. 6080
Miss Pearl Youngs.. ;.. ... 41.10
Miss Grace Sells 3090
Mr. Harry Thornberry ... .. . . . 2970
Miss Mable Engler '. . ....... .... 2010
Mr. Elbert Zook . 1170
Mr. Ito Smith 1010
Everett McDonald 1000
District No, 2.
All of the City of Cairo lying south of Twenty -first street.
Mr. Heine Elckoff .'. :.
Ridge and Harrlsburg. , "
Mis3,Minnie Frank, Mounds..". . T1S0
Miss Agnes Cahl'l, Mound City ... ... ... . 67CO
tWiss safronla Tuttle, Anna 6390
Miss Ester Tibbets, Jonesboro 69C0
Miss Charlotte Wiggins, Anna 4560
Miss Blanche Darragh, Mound City..... v 488 J
Miss Nell Barnes, Harrlsburg .. .. 4190
Miss Irene Balance, Vienna M 3990
Miss Jean Greer, Jonesboro .. .. 3960
Miss Hazel Rosenbarger, Grand Chain.... 3910
Miss Gene Beal, Vienna 3790
Miss Ida Johnson, Mound City 2560
Miss Alta Frost, Jonesboro ' 2560
Miss Nettle English, Jonesboro 1090
Miss Mary Crawford, Jonesboro . . . . . 1090
Miss Nell Perkins, Vienna; .... r ................ . ...... 10W
1 District No. 5.
All territory soujh. of Cairo to Fulton,, embracing ;wickiffo, Bardwell,
Arlington and Fulton. ,
Miss Nell Tharp, WtckUfle ....L ., X . . 2G7G ;
Miss Clara Stewart, Fulton 2570 '
Miss Carman Andrews, Wlckliffe ....... ... ... 2110
Miss Cue. Johnson, Wlckliffe .... ... ... 1890
Mrs. Edda Bryant, Arlington .. ...... 1410
Mrs. Minn.Ie Vance, Arlington . .. ... ... '..'. .... .... .. 116
Miss Olga N. Ellis ..
Mr. G. W. Hurley ...
Miss Rose Klee
Miss Lady Fitzgerald
Miss Margaret Filer
Miss DeRosset
Miss Eva GAnsher....
Miss Uzzie Riley ...
Mrs. E. Nottage ....
Mr. Harold Hessian .
Miss Margaret Stone
Miss Grace White.,.,
Mr. 'Wm. Steagala ...
Mr. Charlie Glass ....
- 3890
The Road to Ruin. !
Lord Alvanley remarked In good
humored coutempt of a former ac
quaintance: "Poor fellow! He mud
dled away all bis fortune la paying
his tradesmen's bills."
There Art Others. ' j
The 'supervisor of penmanship lit
the Yonkers public schools has de
clared In court his Inability to Identify
the band wilting of bis own wife.-
New York Sun. .. j
Household Ballistics. ;
Mrs. Newbrlde "Boohoo! Henri
threw a- biscuit at me. One that I
made myself, too!" Mother "Th
monster! He might have killed you!"
war or uapioion. , ' j
Never show that you suspect, not
accuse till you have found that youi
suspicion was well founded.
Getting Even.
Recompense to no man evil for evil.
Provide things honest in the bight o
all men. Romans 12:17. i
' 1
Has Aristocratic Idea.
"She seems to be such a precocious
child." "Yes, sb has already begun
to look down with, contempt on other
little girls who. want more than one
' Sympathy. "
ni git sorry fer yerself. There's
always lots of other folks you kin be
sorry fer. "Mrs. Wlggs of the Cab
bage Patch."
One Difference.
It is wrong to suppose that there Is
no difference between genius and
mSdnesS. ' Madness gets three square
meals, a day. Llpplncott's.
nii victory.
A more glorious victory cannot b
gained over another man than this:
that when the injury began on his
part, the kindness should begin oo
ours. ,!.-';-,-.'. , 7
VVhtre Her. Weapon Falls.
' No woman has ever had the cour
age to rely on her hatpin In dealing
vltb a mouse.

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