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M . .
On Renting or
House, Flat or
Han you arer thought what a won
derful Idea tha Want columns are ?
oppoM you want to Bant a place to live
r Find a Room. One of our little Want
Ada Will 0 out Immediately to thousands
of Just the people you want, to reach.
Wo tramping, no tired feet or worn
asms. It's all hut a matter of a day
er two and you are put in touch with
fmt what you want. Try thie plan. It
wtrke great I '
Read and Answer
Today's Want Ads.
Ratta For Classified Notfaa.
OB lneertIoa, per word..,. .tl
Three insertions, per word.... .S2
One week, per word .95
One month, per word........ .11
No advertisement Inserted ter lea
thaa twenty-five eeita.
FOR RHNT Conaat ft Semxle
bonding at Thlrty-fourtfc aaff Com
marclal suitable for aaleoa. Keat
reasonable. D. F. McCarthy.
" FOR RENT Brlc cottage 427
Twentieth.. J. B. Reed, 419 Twen
tieth. , .. i.
FOR RENT Six room modem
cottage, J705 Poplar.. ' Fred G. Fahr,
Eighth street.
. FOR RENT Modern front room.
213 Fourteenth street.
" FOR RENT House,. Apply to . P,
A. Doud, of Fourth street.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms 313
Scveenth' street:; Convenient,, to- Alex
ander Club' and The Wenger.'
(uiv KttiN l l nree rooms , wnu
bath, upstairs 429 Eleventh street.
FOR RENT Two nice cottages,
' 724-31 and 720-34. Rent j reasonable.
Inq'ulfie ot "John J. "ferry, "New York
FOR RENT Furnished rooms
Walnut street.
FOR RENT No. 824 Twenty-fourth
'street, modern cottage, 7 rooms and
hn!1. ' ITnt water heat in hll rooms',
large basement, large : modern' hath.
New house. ' $20.00 to good tenant.
Apply on ptemises or C. R. Stuart
Agency. '
FOR RENT-yFurnlshed rooms,
Kuilaiblo for light-housekeeping. 217
Seventh ytrect. Apply to D. L. Wil
JUunson, Alexander Club.
FOR RENT Furnished or unfur
nished flats, The Prances. Call on
Mrs. Farrow or phone Home 338K.!'
FOR a)A4.fc.
t f ';' ' V
?v FOR SALE--Qak table, - rrmhogay
library table ' and1 " larfp, four burner
gas stove. Mrs. Franklin. The Fran
ces. To be seen In morning.
FOR SALE-Flne farming lands ttt
TJxas, Oklahoma and Misosuri. See
Davis and Dennis, 103 Eighth street
FOR SALE Roll top
desk, one
standing desk, typewriter, Howe scale
'' 311 Ohio Straot. Calfo, III.
Start and RoomSf.tt Ml M
t-j X'- '
v- lioait 2ff cant and 00 caatt.
Uaala IS eeata and 28 eaala.
ay Second-Class Colonist Rates
To California.
Los Angeles $32.00
San Franlcsco 32 00
San Diego .32 00
Correspondingly loy rates to other
points on main lines and branches in
Tickets on sale August 25 to Sep
tember 9th and October tst tn 15th.
1310. Every Monday on train N'o. I,
at B..M p. m., through tourist, sleeiv
er leaver Cairo, running via New
Orleans and Southern Pacific R. R.
,-tO'Le-s Angeles and San ; Francisco,
v For full infonhatlon apply to J. 'H.
' Jones, Ticket , Agent, Central lTnlo'n
Station, Cairo, III.. .
A..1I.' HANSON, T." M. '' ' " "
S. G. HATCH, G. P. A
. ; Cmr, hi
Finding a
stake wagon, harness, . horse,
Inquire Bloms-Haillday Co.
FOR SALE -Ui-town" residence, 5
rooms; cheap. Address "B. L." this
FOR SALB-r-Oasoline launch
Adolpn, 35 feet long, 8 foot beam, 21
h. p. engine. Cheap if taken at once.
C. E. Hamilton. ' v
. flOSITION Wanted, by experienc
ed stenographer, references furnished
Address Stenographer, this office.
.WANTED Packer for wholesale
whiskey warehouse. German preferred
or one that reads German, permanent
position. Address in own handwrit
ing, Lock Box 230, Cairo, 111.
WANTED 50 Union Carpenters
for work on factory buildings at Mo
line, 111., three or four montns work.
Will 'pay 4Sc per hour, .and will re
fund one-half of railroad fare at end
or first week and balance at end of i
second week. Appiy Leonard Con- through the smoke of political bat
stiuctioji; Co., care of Deere & Co. ,'tle l will not always be easy to dis
Moline, 111.
WANTED White nurse to take
care ,of two small children. Apply
2414 Elm street.
TRY Our Bargain Counter, for sell
ing or buying cheap real estate. SpsC'
ml Department, Easterday Abstract
Co., Buder Block.
ENCE SCHOOLS All branches,
'p('rofessfons' in, 'trades thoroughly
taught and 'learned. Most thorough
-course " known. Thorough prepara
tion. Call of address J. E. Lemons.
Representative, C S., 421 8th St.,
Cairo, 111. ' ' -i V '
Advertisements of not exceeding
tl rco lines will be accepted free for
one w eek's tlme from any reader of
The Tiiilletin to be filed by advertiser
in if frsnn. on regular formra tHe of
flff The Bulletin Company, 703
Ohio .'Street'1 The "Bulletin Company
a sumes no responsibility for any ad
y&JJsement or. statement made there
in and will not accept under this
heading, ,the i notices of any person
fcn'own to be employed.
general business experience, office
and bookkeeping. Address "Book'
keeper." this office.'
Awfully Original.
"Don't you think Charley Pawksley
r Is awfully original?" "Yes, awfully. I
Introduced him to Mary Smith the
other evening and he didn't say It
reemed tin If he bad hfjard that name
tome where before.-'
V:i. . . ' ,. m r '
iyTVrMv,..y,.tt,v . - .
Daalera In averythlng thai la gooaT U
Eat, Use and Wear. Exclusive Aaant.
for BLANK ES Calabrataal Co
To Polnta In
Ohio, Indiana and J ouhvlllc, Ky.
Tuesday, September 20, 1910
INDIANAPOLIS and return ....$6.00
CLNCLNCINATI and return ....$7.00
LOUISVILLE and return $7.00
DAYTON and "return $7.00
SPlilNCiFIKLD and return $7.00
SANDUSKY and retnAi $7. .10
COLUMBUS and return ...... .$7.50
Cdrespondlng rates to Intermediate
points. , Tickets good going on regu
lar tialns. " ": .' '"
Return Limit, 40 Days.
For tickets, .and .full information, call
ort J. f. Dyas, Agent Big Four Route.
H. J. Rheln, C P. A. Cincinnati, O.
O P. O. IS?.- .;
jr. : ; , , 'l;
! Stocks, Bonds, Cereals j
' mmmmm . ., i wi I , , M
New York, Sept. 3, 1910.
In August the number of shares
dealt in on he New York Stock Ex
change was only 10,000,000, compared
with 24,C'0C,00O a year ago. The sales
of bonds during the same period were
$31,000,000, as against $113,00,000. In
each case the transactions were tne
smallest in any August for about ten
years. This was rest with a evn-
geance. Such inactivity, however,
cannot be expected1 to be permanent;
and now that the vacation season is
drawing to a close and many of the
uncertainties which previously check
ed business are disappearing, it is
reasonable to look for Increasing ac
tivity during ' the remnindei1 of the
year. Since January 1 the number of
shares of sock sold have aggregated
122,000,000. against 13fi.000.000 last
year and 202,000,000 for the record
year of 1901. In bonds h sales for
the eight months amounted to $43C,
000,000 compared with $934,000,000 In
1909, which was he 'banner year. It
certainly will not be charged that
speculation in Wall street this year
has been reckless or excessive. These
figures prove that operations on the
Stock Exchange for the last eight
months have been conducted upon a
strictly conservative Jjasis.
The Political Campaign.
The political campaign which has
aroused no little concern is now fair
ly under way and the issues ar clear
ly derined. During the next two
months we may look for a great
deal of lieated discussion: and
cern the final outcome. Nevertheless,
the recent declarations of President
Taft and Mr. Roosevelt have clari
fied the political horizon and served
to make the Issues plain. The tariff,
the regulation of corporations an.l
he Important, question of railroad
rates are now the ruling issues and
their agitation must leave a eertain
measure of uncertainty still to be
reckoned with. Nevertheless, there
is nothing alarming connected with
any of these problems. It should not
be forgotten that action" always" runs
on more conservative lines than agi
tafon. We are now in the period of
iWsUirbing agitation, which is apt to
excite and mislead those who lose
their balance. When it comes to pos
itive action, conservatism will un
questionably 1 rule, and those who in
a spirit of vengeance seek to destrov
the tariff, or the trusts, or the rail
roads will not prevail. It is easy to
take an oversensitive view regarding
these problems. Politics may over
shadow the outlook for some time to
come, but the probabilities are that
Justice, order and good sense will
rule in the long run.
Taft's Tariff Idea Good.
Referring to President Taft's re
cent , tariff letter urging downward
revision through schedules consider
ed separately, the Idea is not a new
one, although a very good one. It. was
advocated by me ovpr.two years ago
In. a speech I made !efore the annual
convention of the American Bankers
at Providence. R. I.. July 24. 1908.
in which I said: "I am one of those
who believe that the best interests of
this country demand that the tariff
should be simplified and gradually
lowered, say one schedule at a time,
with six months notice of "any Im
portant change In it. This would en
able Importers to protect themselves
sufficiently to avoid loss on their pre
vious Importations. The reduction of
customs duties on cpmniodlties and
articles of general consumption would
obviously reduce the. living expenses
or tne people, wnleir are now so
git-s 1,1 ha the chief source of the
ioriUfent ofi jjijbor.- ft f ',;
, No Monetary Crisis.
One of the tnost Important uncer
tainties which lately threatened the;
security markets has become a mat
ter of history. There Is now little
or no danger of any serious monetary
crisis this fall. Owing to the warn
ings issued months ago, and the pre
cautions takn In consequence, the
(Concluded from First Page.)
velt will lay tho corner-stone of the
Carnegie library. At 'Island park he
make a sneech. At niirht ho rrua tn
St. Puut and begihH IiIk Journey home
wirif. lie has passed , through i t
ntaies and fro veiled 3,70.1 miles. s
hen ; Roo3eye.lt reached the liotel
here he found 100 little iils waitiri?:
They were sitting on ta (floor In the
hotel parlor, arid eaer? had' a"Teddv
iear In her arms. Some' of the chTI-
dren werre- sollMle tharihey were al
most hidden by the bears. As soon
as tbe colonel aobeared thev ai.i-
"Welcome, Teddy Roosevelt," t the
money filtration is really far better
(than. could have been expected. The
Mnfni.n knnbn .ti. a . i
...i.iui uiiidd ni db aQie to meet
crop requirements with little assis
tance from New York further than
simply utilizing he balances which
belong to them. The force liquidation
of the last two months has accom
plished Important results. Finan
ciers, manufacturers, and merchants
alike have each 'been obliged to liqui
date and shorten sail. The process
was unpleasant, and In many canes
involved severe losses, hut th .
suits are beneficial; and as a result
it is sare to say tnat the financ'al
and business situation in the United
States is much founder "than it has
been at any time1 since the panic of
1907 ' Firm rates for money are prob
able, and even desirable as a ie
straint upon imprudence, but the sun-
ply of loanable funds is quite -abuml-l
ant for all legitimate purposes. Any
outbreak of excessive 'speculation
would probably meet with a prompt
check by the banks, and if conditions-continue
as satisfactory as at
present, gold imports may be renew
ed at a later date.
The Crop Outlook.
Another element of uncertainty
that has largely diminished is the
crop outlook, which Is also nrovloir
better than anticipated a month aeo.
The only real disappointment In this
respect to cotton, the estimate for
wnicn varies from eleven and a h.tlf
million to twelve million bales
crop of at least 13,000,000 bales ii::v-
ine been considered necessary from
tne business or economic slandnoln
This misfortune will not fall entirely
upon the United States,-but will be
shared by the whole cotton-consum
us nuiiu. uur couon nianiifactuivi'i
will necessarily be obliged to con
tend with very high prices for their
raw material, but the smit.;i will se.
cure ample compensation though the
usual .prpofltg vhich.cctt.ou culture
is just now alfoi.'Jng them. So "far
a,s the, south is. i. concerned, hiuh
prices will be a pood offset to any
shortage in the t iop. It will be an
other month or six weeks before tTTis
important staplpe is out of'daijRcr
from frost. The wheat crop. If not as
large as desire,!, ia turning out better
than anticipated in July. High prices
here are also b-mefitting the grower,
and no great -decline; can be antici
pared in view of the fact that tije
world's yield is about. 30,000,000 bush
els less than last year. Corn, the
most important crop to'' American' in
terests, is making very satisfactory
progress. There Is now a good
chance of our securing 3,OOi,uuo,uOO
bushels, and within a month the frost
danger, which Is diminishing dally,
will be entirely eliminated1. T.iough
the price per bushel is lower, the
vaue of this cro; is quite likely to
equal that of 1909. In fact It Is not
H "'I improbable that the combined
money value of all our crops will
equal the $8,760,000,000 of last year.
Securities Output Less.
Another satisfactory Indication Is
the diminished output of new securi
ties. This simply shows thai, the
country Is taking the much need.!
rest cure, the only remedy for past
excoses, and the only highroad to
true recovery. In j9 posible that af
ter the Labor Day holidays the mar
ket may undergo a further period of
temporary unsettlement; yet good In
vestments are selling at very low
prices on present returns, and all of
the known unfavorable condition ex
cept Politics seem to have been qjiite
uiorougniy discounted1, , It mav b
tnat the continued degression in hn.
Iriess and political agitation will force
prices to a still'' tower level: but on
the other hand, the" time i.at,..tr
llstant when Walhrtreetwttl recover
Us. pefte a,nd, JwfrVi tp iliscount re
cuperation. ; (Jeneral conditions
throughout the Icountryi tare sound
and as soon as the readjustment pro
cess approavhes completion we may
expect oetter . prices for stocks,
Meanwhile, continued caution Is ad
visable until political possibillt ies
can be more accurately measiirH
same time lifting t:w Teifdy bears
in salute. 'i n
"Why, hello," said' : the,- colonek.
"This Is fine. Never, In all the
courts of Europe, did I sec anything
like this."
He stopped and talked to the little
girls. . v
"I would like to stay longer and
tell you some stories about lions la
Africa, but some of you are so little
.',, Unwarranted.
There seems lo be an unwarranted
attempt to classify tho man who
shaves himself with the, amateur car-
dener and; the lady who jtrima her
own raw.,-vieveiana. nam Dealer.
y,!? lapairom SUflar'arta. ' I
i' Exfferiaaenta fc are belng' maoe - 1$
Cuba In1 manufacturing , paper from
sugar cane fiber. Tbe paper ia high
grade, and cheaper than It could t
made from wood pulp.
Color-' Tea? For FterisU.
The counter of a florist's hop wan
such an unusual place to nod it basket
f woolen threads that' ttie curbm
customer was impelled to ask what
business tbey had tbere, , ,
"They have Just been used tot train-
ins: n young man's "mutse of "colon."
wti.l Hie llorlst. "lie bus been worMm:
e,lWnl"Z ? r-onjf. ImimI,
iLf Z iyJx T?"'
ZL ffJjLTSi T!
Every man In n, florist's si, miwi
have As keen a" seiwe for the different
colors -as a ribbon or silk snleHimin.
This map passed tbe exninlnnrlot) till
right. ''but lots of men who Know a
good deal nbout flowers fall down on
the color test."-New VorU Times.
Accuracy at All Coats.
Tbe nice was a neck and1 ueck ne.
The spectators stood with bated
breath. No sound was to be beard but
. ....
the sumneilng of the two horses'
hoofs and the ticking of the tlmekeep-
er's double patent extra special frai-to
Ueclmo never stop stop Watoh,
"Dead heat!" roared the spectators.
A great ronr rent the air. The time
keeper stepped forward and held up
his band. .
"No. gentlemen!" be cried, "lictcher
Boots was the wlnuer. I timed- him
by this fracto declmo ' stop wnttfti.
There are sixty seconds tn a mluute
sixty doodars In a secoud and sixty
wlffwaOt In a deodar, and' Bercber
Boots won by a quarter of a.wlff-
waprr-Londoq Mall. '
;'; V ';i Taaohins 'a " Parrot. ; "" " 1
.Po'n't try to tesreb Polly to-talk no-
leas-she is perfectly fame and tiilte
conflding!:; Bejin no a oue syllabled
word without "th" r "ch" In It; then
. .
ici ucr iMiiiiouuce uer nnme. isepear
the word you're trying to tench her
endlessly and always In exnetly the
same tone' Of voice. If. as sometimes
happens. Polly can't be tnugbt to talk
repeat over and over again a whistle,
a catcall or any other unusual' sound.
This will teach her to imitate, and sbe
may from that go to repeating words
and sentences. Suburbanite.
A Rare' Luxury.
Every man has Ideas in bis mind.
One of them, held almost universally.
Is to own two pairs of suspenders nf
once, so tbat he will not be obliged to
change these valuable supporters con-
tmmiiiy rrom, pants to trousers, tew Hundred and Fifty-eight Dollars and 5J p- m. Thebes Accommodation,
achieve it. however, , It Is not mat,- Eighty-one Cents ($33,258.81), -ind I' P- m. Chicago and Eastern Kx
ter of money, for many well to do an&. showing that the Cost of nald Umai int. Press. ; '
even rich men are tied to one pair of
suspenders through early habits of
i hJa F' ' r
m nr1inoiaa on1 iha lta Afrnra Whan
wo see a man who owns. two sets of
suspenders we snr to ptirselves. "There
goes a king!'' Jflnneiipolls Journal.
Th Daon'a Doubts.
"1 got ter preucb a sermon 'bout d,
ol' man," said the colored deacon, "an
ylt I makes no. doubt. but Satan gok
him." f '"'. '
"Why." objected a l.rother. "be wui
a mighty good man."
"I well .knows he wust,'' replied the
deacon, "but Satan got mighty queer
ways 'bout him. sometimes wants
a saint ter season de soup!" Atlanta
Constitution, '
Finanoial Disaster.
The Italian fruiterer wbo had vain
ly endeavored to instill true commer-.
clal instincts into the mind of bis er
rant son was bewailing bis fate at bit
offspring's perverse conduct:
"I lenta him for two mlnoot ata ray
stand, and whata you tink? lie rutoo
the bus totals ruin, tie sella- the
front row of the orange." New York-
Times. : , ,
Good Luok.
Mr. Jugglns-A Wack cai came t
our back fence las night. Mrs. Juggins-Did
it bring you good luck? Mr.
.Tugglns-That's what it did. I hit it
the very first time f fired.
The Board of Local Improvements
of the City: of Cairo, Illinois hereby
gives public notice to all persons In
terested that it did, on the 26th day
of August, A. D. 1910. file In the Coun
ty Court of the County of Alexander,
In the State of ; 'Illinois, Its : certain
written certificate' showing that the
cost. of the construction of the local
Improvement provided for by Ordi
nance No. 86 of said City of Cairo,
adopted July 10th, A. D. 1S06,' and ap
pfoved July llth A, D. IS06, " upon
Commercial avenue and Tenth street.
Itf" Bald City of Cairo." consisting of
the'eonstruction irndn the.a.d
of main concrete ' sewers: first. ' a
sewer In Commercial avenue from a,
point eleven (11) feet north Of the
Cairo City Transfer Line
tuceeasora to Staltx 4 Wilton -
J. H. , KIERCC, f frept ' v :
All Klnela of Hauling Dona Prompt l
oth Phona 1tS.
U0I Commercial Avenue, Calray lil t
. CMididatea, aiid.ikur ftiemld; .wiit ir' Beading in-iMMiiMbs tai?;tw-sim & l.miiie-of. 100
with the uarofl on top eonpoivf - V. . . . , I ,
Mimt Tl
south line of Thirty-eighth' street to
po.nt tea (loj feet south of the cen-
ter- line of Tenth street; and second,
a sewer id Commercial avenue from
the north line of Second street to a
point ten (10) feet south of the ceh-
ter line of Tenth street, the, two sew-
. era converging Into a third concrete
sewer to be constructed In Tenth
street extending from the intersection
0t a Une ten (10 '.outl Of the
e ' of Tenth street with the
, et line of Commercial avenue along I
nne parallel o but ten
(10) feet'
south of the center line of Tenth Council of the City of Cairo. Illinois,
street to a point in the Ohio fiver, will be received it:the offlod of in
one hundred and thirty-eight (138) City Clerk of said etty of Catro, up to
feet east of the east line of Ohio 7:30 o'clock, p. m., Tuesday, Sep tern
street, with necessary concrete man-; ber 6th, 1910, tor,reririnf Firpta
holes built thereon, and with neces Moa No, I as ollowa:. -sary
inlets connected therewith, and Tearing do wa and , rebuilding th
with necessary street connections Bront vail from the- groundf up to th
for lateral sewers to be connected second storr. reDalrlne th roof un-
therewith, ,fnd with necessary house
slant connections for house drainage
purposes, and with necessarv null.
iary sewers for nouse conneotloU pur-
poses, and of the construction of on
main gate . In said Tenth street sew
er and also one emergency gate tn
the sutil. Commercial' avenue sewer,
and of the readjustment of the prea-
ehfc.pump well,-pump box, etc., in the
present pumping station now located
on tne corner of Tenth street and
Ohio street, sq, as ,to adapj the same
to the said new Tenth street sewer,
and of the purchasing of a new pump
Bhaft of the required length, with one
.additional impeller wheel therefor ttrtd
lfl"K. tbe same, together with tW.!
tnr Imueller wheels which are noW
upon ine ol": P) shaft, upon said
new uiimn hot on.) .n..Mi.
- - -" .i.u .
new pump shaft .with- said pumping
station,''.' was and is the sum Of One
Hundred and Eight Thousand, Eight
Hundred and Thirteen 'Dollars and
Ten Cents ($108,813.10), and showing
that the amount estimated by the
said Board of Local Improvements of
the City of Cairo, Illinois, to be re
quired to pay the accruing' interest
on the bonds issued and to be Issued
by tbe said City of Cairo to antici-'
pate the collection of the special 'as-'
scBsmenta IpvIo.I In n t tk. mir.l
ing of said local Improvement is the '
sum of Twtnty-three Thousand. Two
provement Including the said amount!
estimated by the mid Board: of Local .
'inn-rovements of said Cfty of Cairo
' 1 , , Vf '
Interest on the bonds issued and to
be issued by the aid City of Cairo to
anticipate the t-.jctlon of the spec
- f ,r ww. UIH
ial assessment, levied to pay for the
making of sabt local Improvement,
was and Is the sum, of One Hundred
atxl' Thirty-two- Thoiiann". Seventy
one Dollars and Ninety Oao Cents
($132,071 91), and showing that sail
Ucal- iMproveaient has oen flnisHed
and completed by the Rich Construct
ion Company, tbe contractor making
said local Improvement, and showing
that . said 1 local improvement, as
finished ami completed by the 'said
Rich Construction Company, conforms
substantially ' to the requirements of
the original ordinance providing for
the construction of said local lm
provement, and showing that said
local Improvement' was accepted by
the Board of Local Improvements of
the said City of Cairo, Illinois, on the
24th day of August, A. D. 1910;, that
the said Board of Local Improve
ments of said CitrTnf Cairo, on
said 2f,th dav of Aiuniat. A,, rv 1 fi rt
also filed In said County Court - of
said County of Alexander its certain
written application or petition show-'
ing the. filing by it in said Count?
Court of said written certificate and
asking the sabf County Court of Said
County of Alexander to consider and
dntermlnn wtiuthur rtr nr th rant
stateil in the said certificate are true,
and asking the said County Court of i
said County of Alexander to fix af
time ami place for a hearing upon
-aid petition and to enter the same
of record; that the said County Court!
of the said County of Alexander has
made and entered of record an order
fixing the 15th day of September, A.
D. 1910, at the hour of nine o'clocp,
a. m as tbe Unie, and the County
Court room, in the, County Court
house, in the City of CalrOj ijn Jjo
County "of Alexa'udcr and" State of
l All persons dealriqg to.do .aom'aiy
fjlo objections to the said certificate
or the said petition, or to both of
them, In said court, on or before ttje
said day fixed by tbe said court for
the hearing of tbe said petition, and
may appear in, said court on tbe bear
ing of tbe said petition ; and - make
their defence thereto, If any, defence
they have, not later than nine o'clock,
a. m., of the last named d,ay. .
Dated this 20th day of August, A.
VOIII AFTKK Hoptombor A, 110.
Cairo Bulletin Grand Automobile Contests $
Goqo, FOB
riippM VnlT From Taper nr T(il Nn II
a 'd. 1910.
Board of Lochl' Improvements
of the City of Calroj Illinois. V
sealed hMa addrenw. fa-h Cltf
der the Cupola, plastering the walla
and colllna- of the second tory wnere
It Is neednrf arid .najntia th. inntdn
wood work of tire second1 atorjr, and
for repairing Fir Station Nto, 3 a fol-
low$.' .
Tearing off and replastering ; tn
alls and ceiling of - the second story
andi paintjpg the inpMc wood work ot
second story, th painting on both
stations to b -.,tw coats. 5 r ' .
The City Oounoll reserves tha right
10 rr&n "T "' bl'-
Dated at Cairo, Illinois, thlt Rtbilay
ot AuaT". A. D. -JIO.
, rt" City Comptroller
' , ' "J ''- ' 1 ' "
f f mf j4f rtfrWr A W
Iff ,1,1 1 vill. .Y.4 1 1 f fll .
t !! Vay VW 4
CorreMSMt tn Sen iqiyi ,
Train Leaves Cairo:
1:10 a. m. Daily Chicago' Vestibule
Limited, arrlvrng Chicago 10:40 a. m.
3:19 '. ra. Daily SV Louis Night
LI)IUt, arriving, St. Louis 7:20 a. ni.
Sleeping car open at 8:30 p- .ra.r
3:?o a. m. Sf. Louis Special.
6:00 a. m. Chicago- Daily Express.
11:15 a. m. St. Louis Fast Mail.
11:15 a. m. Chicago Mld-day Special
2:315 p. rt. Dally- St. Xoula Limited.
3: 35 p. m. Afternoon . Express for
O.lin, Effingham Mattoon.Champalgu
' 10:19 P- f. Chicago nigh express,
arriving at Chicago 7:15 a. m.
5 320 a1, m: Memphis! atfd Nashville.
2:25 a. m.. Memphis and New Or
leans ' limited.' , . '
5:10 a. m. Seminole Limited Tor
Birmingham, and Jacksonville, Fla.
6:00 a. m. Paducah and LnuisvlII
. t : 41 p. m. Daily Memphis and New
Orhans. !: ' . . .
, ,1:fl p. m. Daily Nashville. Chatta
uooga and Atla'nta. - '
4:3 p. m. Fultoa and Mayfleld as
'cotnmodntlon. , 5:50 p. tu. Paducah and Louisville
5:55 p., ni. Memphis and New Or
leans. Special. . .
Po' ihrqugU ' tickets, sleephig car
accommodation a, and further informa
tion apply at Illinois Central PaRsen
ger Station, Cairo, ' III.' v
M. JONES, Ticket Agent
3. O. HATCH,. Q P A
X. ,H. Hnofl, Pt. Traffio Mgr.
'.r .' 1 ; '-..i;'" li: ' : !
(Corrected to Sept. JsL 1910.)
Time of Trains at Cairo.
1 .' "
' :' Nsrthbound
No- 2 EjtlrPM. ly.....2:10 p.m.
No 'Express, Dally lv.....l:45 a.m.
1 Express, Dally lv..
,.1:45 a.m.
2 Express, Dally lv . . . ,1:43 g.m.
H JONES, Agent.
'' . ' :i' ,-. ...
D tiros TincnAif nlttri
fUVtX 1 ruUSpOriaUUIu
Lee line Steamers
On Wy"TTTO - Reun4 Trh
Maala A Sartli lnoiuiil anreuta only
. Pot St. Louis and Way Landings
.. , - WEES LEE, rf :
Tuesday; NJflhf
For Memphla and Wy Landlnga.'
Wednesday 2 p. m. '
a.t eaiaio, ill.
District No.

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