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Ml I
Sept. 5.
mis. 4as. Painter and children, Mar
vin and Pearl Vivian, returned home
tJiis week froni p.ia:npaign whore
tney hail apent the past two weeks
with relatives.
Mr. and "Mrs. Alva Smith were
Monies visitors Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arch Malhis and fam
ily or Taniaroa, nro visiting relatives
in the city this week.
Robt. Schuler is on the sick list at
his home on Main street.
Jas. Flnley was a Cairo visitor Sun
Jay. .. .
Mrs. L. C. Ent, daughter, Miss Mil
dred and their guest Mrs. Teamoot
pf Ml. f leasant, Midi., spent Sunday
afternoon with relatives here,
.' Hugh Johnston and Geo. Mattingly
or Cairo, were autoing in the city Sun
ay. " Frank Moak, aged 24 years, died
Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock in
Cairo and his remains were brought
to his. home on East First street in
this city Sunday morning. He was a
bright, energetic young man and was
highly spoken of by those- with whom
ho had worked and was otherwise as
sociated. His death brought sorrow
to his many friends. Always genial
and happy, he left hls.;home Saturday
morning earlier than usual to search
for another house before going to his
employment as lineman On the inter
moan railway in Cairo, little think
ins that it was the last time he
should bid his young wife goodbye
He whs always jolly when at his worl-
and unusually so Saturday, so say his
fellow-workmen. It is not known ex
actly bow the accident ocflurrod in'
which he lout hiB life btjt4he was
wftrliiht on a pole at Twenty-eighth
af fl Washington avenue when in
some maer ,he received the shock
which irn,lrc! hlui rn:vhse.!o".t
Other men who were working on ttK
pole -aiw his condition and Immed
iately went to his assistance taking
him. down from the pole and trying
fo,r in hour to resuscitate him but ai'
tfforts were In vain. A number of
his associates attended the shor
funeral service at the residence at
8:'30 o'clock Sunday evening and a
large wheel given by them attested
to the place which he 'occupied in
theh- esteem. The services were con
ducted by Rev. W. in. Margrave, pas
tor of the Methodist Episcopal church
Df which deceased was a member.
He leaves a wife in this city and a
father and four brothers in Cypress,
a brother at Glenwood, la., and a
ulster at Los Angeles, Cal. His re
mains were takn to Belknap Mon
day morning where they will be inter
Aed in the Masonic cemetery. The
service at the crave waa(,in charge of
th! Masonic order of which he was a
nienber. ,. v -, .
Ray Armstrong, returned home Sun
day from -Charleston Mo, wheia he
hart siient a few finis, with relatives
Mrs. Mable Slack and little daugh
le.r, Florence, lift Sunday for War
saw, Jnd. She has been the jrtlest o!
relatives in this Vlclnifcj- the past sav
i e.ral weeks.
H. F. StarUes ma le a business trij'
to Grand Chain 'Monday.
Louis Blatteau, of Oai.ro, wh has
; spent. the iiast few clays with' Tom
Armstrong on Third and West Main
streets, retucned nome Sunday even-
, leg.
Ray Grandstaff of Mounds was the
' guest of friends in the city Suncja:
Mrs. A. C. Merlz and Miss Ida Johr ;
son left Sunday for St. Louis wher
liioy will suead a few days. Mis
Johnson will 'be accompanied ham
by Miss Ava Oilbreaf.i, of St. Itouis
who will assume her, duties as mill
; Iher at Miss Johnson's establlsh'nien'
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Pean, of 'Eh
v ksap and J. R., W. H Jno. and R.
i' L Moak, of Cypress attended thf
i; funeral of their relative, Fronk Moal
In this city Sunday.
The ladies aid. of the Metjodis'
Episcopal church will, meet Wedneo
day afternoon at. the .home of Mrs, ,.
R, Rodman, on High street.
Miss Ha Hardy, of Belknap, is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. "U Compton
mi Main street.
'Miss Willie Har'ley fetni'heij home
Sunday from tyt. Carmel where she
lias spent the past two weeks visiting
Miss Genevra Howard left Sunday
morning to assume her duties a!
teacher In the Public schools at Cob
Miss La Verne Armstrong left, Bun
day for Charleston, Mo., where sbr
will 1:? lb gr.fst.fjf -Mr,, and Mrt,
jno. Rhine.
Mr, (Wear Morris of Jacksonville
wis in the city this week, on bus!
daugftter, Miss Margeruite and Miss
earl Michael, left Monday evening
for their homes in Padiioah after a
few Jays visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Blum on High street. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Fa.hr, of Cairo,
and Miss Sichuler of St. Louis, spent
Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
C. Perks.
Messrs. Ancel Ashby II, V. Hand-
ley, A. L. Com.pt on, H. C. Parker, Rev.
W. D. Margrave and Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Wolfe attended the funeral of
Frank Moak at Belknap Monday. Mr.
and Mrs. Wolfe will visit relatives at
Cypress before returning' home.
Don't forget to ride on the inter-
urban Wednesday, Sept. 7th, as all
proceeds on that day will 'be for char
itable purposes, a part for Mound
ity and Mounds and the remainder
for the K. M. K. C. of Cairo. Lady
conductors will oollect vwr fares.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Parker went to
Cairo Sunday evening to hear Rev.
Dr Harmon's discourse at the Meth
odist Episcopal church. 1
Mrs. Chas. Pryor, of Metropolis Is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs Carl '''Cut
ting on 4th street.
Mrs. Jno. Johnson and children, of
03car, Ky., are visiting Mrs. Ella
Hallerberg and ' their grandmother,
Mrs. Lockhart. a few d-ays. They wm
Med. Travers was n Cairo Monday
' on business.
G. B. Pyle visited relatives at Os
car, Ky., Monday. .
Robt. Schuler, who has been ill the
past week. Is reported to be in a pre
carious condition.
' Mrs. Chas. Dishinger is seriously
ill at her home on Upper Main street.
. Miss Nina Byrne left Sunday for
Cape Girardeau, Mo., after a weeks,
visit with her sister, Miss Ruth
Byrne, on First and Poplar streets.
, Thos. Perks, of Mounds, Is attend
ing Brown's Business College in
Cairo Women
Are Finding
Rslief at
Council Chamber, Cairo, II
5 gust 30, 1910.
inois, Au-
(Speclal Meeting.)
Present: Hon. Gearge Parsons,
mayor, and Aldermen Burke, Fau
dree, Greaney, Magner, Neff, Scullin,
Walsh and Williams.
Absent: Aldermen Cannon, Fe-gu-
son, Kelly, Koehler, McDanief, and
Nellis. ' ' V '
The mayor stated-the 'object of the
meeting was to take such 'ictton as
may he deemed proper In respect to
the memory ot the late C'aude Winter
who had , formerly been mayor and
also alderman of this city; vhis death
having occurred in this city on Mon
day,. August 29, 1!N(.
I - Alderman Greaney moved fnat a
committee of three be appointed to
soon to southwestern Missouri.-' prepare suitable resolutions; that the
H. Calvin, of Levins, .was in the
city Sunday enroute to Kentucky on
Mrs. Chas. Richardson, Sr., of
mayor be autinorizel to procure a
floral piece to lie sent for the city
and that ' the aldermen and cty of
ficials generally attanl the funeral in
It does seem that women have more
than a fair share of the aches and
pains that afflict humanity; they
must "keep up," must attend to duties
In spite of constantly aching backs,
or headaches, dizzy spells, bearing
down pains; they must stop over,
when to stoop means torture. They
must walk and bend and work with
racking pains and many aches from
kidney ills. Kidneys cause more suf
fering than any other organ of the
body. Keep the kidneys well and
health Is easily maintained. Read of
a remedy for kidneys only that helys
and cures the kidneys and is endors
ed by people in this locality,
Mrs. T, W. . Parker, Main street,
Mound City, 111., says: "Doan's Kid
ney Pills live up to the claims made
for them and. I can therefore give
them my endorsement For many
vears I suffered from backache and
other symptoms of kidney complaint.
I often became dizzy and. nervous and
my fiyes. pained me. I rested poorly
at night and arose in the morning
feeling more tired than when I went
to bed. Being advised to try Doan's
Kidnev Pills. I did so an their use
brought almost immediate relief.
During the rast three years I have
had no seriousi trouble from my back
or kidneys." t
For sale by all dealers. Price
cental Foster-Milburn Co,
New York, sole agents for the unitari
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Nine Bands Engaged From Different
Cltits The Schedule By Days.
Prof. Louis Lehman of the Watch
Factory Band. Springfield, will be the
musical director during the State Fulr,
and bands from Springfield, Decatnr,
Quincy, Peoria, Belleville, Champaign,
Joliet, Canton and Woodstock will be
present. They represent the cream oi
band fnuslc in the, State. s
Concerts by consolidated bands will
be given at the grand stand every
forenoon during the auto and aero
plane races, and during the horse races
every afternoon. Chairman Madden of
(he music committee selected his bands
with discretion and no State Fair ever
before had better bands. The music
of the State Fair will be something to
Not desiring to carry over a stock ot
gas ranges to next season, we are making
this special ofter tor ten days ot Single Oven
Clark Jewel, Detroit Jewel and Garland
ranges, purchased in the ten days, will be sold
at $10.00 per range; all standard lour hole
Dr. Haivey Ciippen ard Miss I e Nevs to Facs Court From Iron Dock
,i- -X-.r : f-Llly- -to -4
Hill iilteij'-'-'W
1J 81
4 x j't'thr i h
A Case of "Quits."
Clerical Customer (arousing himself
from a nap In a barber'B chair) All
through, eh?
' Rarber Yes. air: onlte eome time
Clerical Cnstomer-lndeed: Then
must have been Indulging in a quiet
Barber Yon surely have, sir.
Clerical Customer It was certainly
erv kind of you not to awaken me
The rest batf-dona me good, and I am
very thaniuui 10 you lur.wum,
really a very efreshlng sleep.
Barber-Don'tvnentlon It, sir. It's
only a fair returnM attended service
at your church astSunday.-Loiidon
. The Wrong Crop.
Visiting an out of the way English
parish when' the Incumbent happened
to be away, a former archdeacon of
Suffolk was, it is related, shown round
by the clerk. On arriving at the
churchyard he found a fine crop of
wheat growing In It.
"Dear, dear!" snid the archdeacon,
"I can't approve of this. 1 really did
not think Mr. would hare planted
wheqt in tiie churchyard."
"That's just what I told parson." Raid
the eierU. "1 says, says I. 'Ye didn't
ought, to have whoa led it; jo slt '
have tatered it!" "
burner, oven and broiler Clark Jewel,
Detroit Jewel and Garland ranges at a
special price ot $15.00 each tor the 10 days
with connections tree. Period ot sale Sept.
6th, to 15th inclusive.
Cairo City Gas Company
Mr. and
Sept. 6.
Mrs, Moses
Schwab and
Strength Counts
in all life's affairs. Strength conies
of pure blood; good Mood comes
when slotnaeh, liver, 'kidneys and
bowels are kept in pioper cuiidititm
by a little care and
JoM Cvv-wbr. I fcoirt 9. end I5e.
fr "J 1 - 111 I ,., ., 1 ' . 1 f
About Fishes.
Fish nre nearly the same weight as
the vater in which they live, so that
they can move In it with great ease.
The majority of them also have nn air
bladder Inside of the body, which en
aides them to go up or down In the
water at will. When a fish desires ,tc
go down deep It can press the air ouj
of this bladder by means of- certain
muscles and thus Increase the weight
of its body, and when It wishes to ris
again it takes off the pressure. tin
bladder, II!) with; iilr, iignln. am) 1
tiKh to rise
.n'effin-: j...,.!. .nr - .
Ph')t.w by Awetkan rrean AsHOelation. j
1 L' "AZZJ .' -VI
i' - - - - -
: LondonNScpt. fi.Wlien , Dr. . Crip,
pen and Miss Bt.hel je; Neve art
brought tp trial ' in the Bow street
magistrate's -court . they ; will " be sub
jected to the same treatment that is
given all . offenders ' in -.London. In
stead of the comfortable seats, as is
the case in the United States courte,
the two accused wilf lie compelled to
stand within an iron railing motif of
the time while they are on trial. In
slile of tills railinR there is a narrow
wooden Feat or shelf .upon which the
pair may rest at -intervals while ar
guments or motions are bein;; made.
'ourth street has hs her guest Mrs.
ohn Daily, of Chicago.
Claude Crain and F. Wflkerson, of
,'illa Ridse, were in the city a few
murs": Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Abe leaver, of Main
KjikI Second streets, had as their
,uesls Monday, Misses La Verne
fohnson, of Brookport, and Blanche
and May Allison, of America, also Mr.
Harry Stmit of Cairo. The y orng
people, accompanied 'by Miss Leona
Woodand. who makes her home with
her sister, Mrs. Beaver, ei.lo.ved a
oat trip te Cairo. )
' Miss Cora Fullerton an.l "her guests,
Misses Lava and Mary Benji-iim, nc
(iiiipanied by Mr. doe Martin, were
'aim visilorsl Muti.lay. The Mlssos
:enjamin left. Tuesday moruint? t-r
heir home in Lihton, nA.
Mrs, C. S. Brltton and Misses Ka.a
and Blano'ne Darragh and ' Minnie
Boyd wer Cairo visitors Monday.
1. A. donnell'and son .Fred went
to Cairo Monday on business.
Miss Margaret Fisher, of Mounds,
entered, Brown's Business Sollec; in
Ca'ro Monday as a stuflent,
a body.. The motioi was alopied by
the following vote: Aye (t'urke,
Faudree. Greaney, Magner, N'eff, Scul;
lin, Walsh and Williams S. Nay--
The mayor appoints 1 the coii'mit
lee on lesolutions as follows: Ab'fr
men Greaney, Neff and Williams.
' Alderman McDaniei appeared and
took his scat.
Alderman Magner moved to .id
Joitrn. The motion wis adopt? I.
The coii'rvl then t !
ROB 1'. A. H-r(lltH
. City Clerk
Our Big Trees.
The fine firs of the raclflrt north
west are ho colossal that after the
trees are hewn down the stumps ara
used for children's playgrounds,
houses fir families to live In or or
dancing platforms. Indianapolis News.
But Without the Charm.
An old coquette has fill the defects
of a young one, and none of her
charm. Dupuy.
Anyone Can Try Samose, the Remark
able Flesh-Forming Food.
When one of the leading druggists
in Cairo tells you that they have a
preparation which they so thoroughly
believe in that they will refund your
money if it does not do all that Is
claimed for It, it shows that the1 ar
ticle must have unusual merits. It
is in this way that Paul G. Schuh &
Sons are selling Samose, the remark
able fleH'n building food.
This great discovery Is destined te
work a great revolution In treating
the thin, the weak and the sick
There can be no doubt that it helps
people who are weak and sickly. Who
are tired, and who have poor digest
ion, restoring them quickly to health
and strength -and Increasing the
weight so that life Is a pleasure na l
a .Iy- ' , :
Samose is In reality a concentrated
food, and restores life and vitality at
once to' the Mood. . It mixes with tne
ordinary foods and aids digestion
Pretty Thrifty.
"Excellent n" thrift. said n Pitts
burff millionaire "it may yet be car
ried too far.
Monert. ti'f cNJiinple, on a hot after
noon entered ti Pittsburg saloon t get
a glass of cold lager, perceiving
Smith at the bar. he said generously:
"Hello, siuiib: Will you have n
beer?1 v
"The thrifty Smith, as he pushed
away Ids empty glass, answered:
' "No, thanks, Jones. I don't car for
another beer, but you can pay for this
one I've jst finished if you like."'--
lietroit Free Press.
A Tiger Story.
There' Is a story current at Kuloang,
central China, about a tiger which
-cave trouble in that quarter. A mis
sionary nnd bis wife had been wor
rlcd by the tiger prowling Uightly
around their home. They determined
to be rid of it and one nlgbt tied a cow
up in the back yard and a dog at tha
front of the bouse. Then they armed
themselves with guns and kept watch
The tiger appeared. The missionary
fired and killed the cow. The wife
rushed to see what had happened, and
in her absence the tiger nte the dojr.
A Whiskey 1 for the S!cicR6iDiti
l Bhould be selected with the greatest care, as much depends
J. upon its rich, nutritious properties and absolute purity,
0sVett can always rely upon i v
enswerint; every requirement; It ia distilledrafred and boM
tied with special csra and tor the express purpose or tx-inf uaei as a
hnaltbful stimulant or tonic in the home. SlINNY BROOK Bottled In
Bond is V. S. GoTeroment itaadat d (1N) proof and every bottle bears
l&e f'Green Goferomeat stamp" snowing tue correct age ana quanmj .
Intitl an setting (As irertoine, accept no suosnc ate.
;';v 6UNNV BROOK. DIST1UEEY CO.. JeOettoa Co, M.J.
From anj o( the following Distributors: . ... .
r r iMYTitt . Cairo. HI. I
I. V MI1H1"'! , , VI
Some Grocers'. Stales.
A good many grocers, It appears, use
am'bnsh scales the kind that He in
weight, St Louis Post -Dispatch.
An Uneasy Place.
The man who burns the candle at
;ioth ends is right in the middle -of
the candle. ..
First District Prizes
The Bulletin Automobile Contest
The candidates winning these vauable awards will bo- entitled to a full
term course in typewriting, stenography and bookkeeping including all
necessary supplies in tne way of books, stationary, etc., during the time
they are at the school. '
Is directly responsible for the successful start In business on over a third of a
million yonng people every year, aud the candidates to win these scholarchlps
will on graduation from the college be fully equipped I o take their place in the
business world and command a handnorae salary. Many consider thst the schol
arships are more valuable prizes than the capital prizes, and no doubt they are in
(ha long run, an th contesUnt mwiring thorn have something that will always
be of nun to them.
Day School Begins Sept S, 1910. Night School Begins Sepl. 12, 1910.
That is the position the winners of thebnsiness courses will be In when they have completed their course.
Will draw a aalary for what they KNOW not what they do.

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