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JAB, 8. ROCHE tuthorfcei hU an
nouncement as a candidate for tie
Republican nomlnatioa for sheriff of
Alexander county, at the primary
election to re held Sept. 15, 1910.
Fred D. NeUis authorize hie an
nouncement ag a candidate for the
ftcpublican nomination far sheriff of
Alexander county, at the primary
flection to be held Sept. 15, 1910.
John Mulvihill authorizes his an
nouncement as a Democratic candi
date for Sheriff of Alexander county;
subject to the decision of the voters'
at the primary election to be held
Sept. 15, 1910.
Alex? S. Frasor' authorizes, his an
nouncement as a candidate for Sheriff
of Alexander County, subject "to the
decision of tiie Democratic voters at
the primary "election to be held Sent.
15th. 11)10. 'Mr.'Fraser is placed be
fore the Democrats of the county as
the choice of the County Democratic
Central committee and Is the only
candidate who has that endorsement,
The Bulletin it authorized to an
Bounce the name of Fred M. Pool
of Herrln, 111., at a Democratic can
dldate for representative In the BOtl
senatorial district, subject to th
'Democratic primary September IS
The Bulletin is authorized to an
flounce the name of Frank E. Davis
cf Cairo, 111., as a Hepubllcan candl
date for representative in the 50th
senatorial district, subject to the
Republican primary September 15.
Tho Bulletin is authorized to n
iiounco the name of R. D. Hill of Ma
lion, as a Democratic candidate for
representative in the 50th senatorial
district, subject to the Democratic
primary September 15, 1910.
N. B. Thlstlewood authorizes his
announcement as a candidate for re
election to congress from the 25th
Illinois district subject to the de
cision of the Republican voters at
the primary election to be held Sept
15, 1910.
Judge Wm, S. Dewqy authorizes his
announcement for the Republican
nomination for County Judge, at the
primary election to be held Sept. 15
Prof. S. E. Oott authorizes his an
nouncement as a candidate for Coun
ty Superintendent of Schools of Alex
ander county, subject to the Repub
llcan primaries, Sept. 15, 1910.
Asa D. Tvente authorizes his an
nouncement as a candidate for Coun
ty Superintendent of Schools of Alex
ander county, subject to the Republi
can primaries, Sept 15, 1910.
Mrs. Fanny p. Hacker authorize
her announcement as candidate for
County Superintendent of Schools of
Alexander - Country, subject to the
voters of Alexander county to be held
Nov. 15, 1910. .
David M. Mulcahey authorizes his
announcement as a candidate for
county assessor and treasurer, sub
Ject to the decision of the Democrat
ic voters of Alexander cT5unty at the
primary election to be held Sept. 15
Capt. W. D. Lippitt authorizes his
announcement as a candidate for re
election" as assessor and treasurer of
Alexander county, subject to the Re
publican voters at the primary elec
tion on Sept. 15th.
K. E. Ellis authorizes his announce
ment as a candidate for assessor and
treasurer of Alexander county, sub
ject to the decision of tho Republican
voters at the primary election on
Kept. 15th, 1310.
Thou. W. Williams authorizes nls
announcement as a candidate for As
sessor and Treasurer pf Altxander
county, subject to the decision of the
Republican voters of the county at
the primary election to be held Sept
15, 1910. V
.'. Maxwll-Hal Stock Company.
Manager Parks of the Cairo opera
house has arranged with the Maxwell-Hall
Stock Company for a week's
'tsn:re;i!e;f eeimn-nHiig next Him
1sv fvpulug. This company Is Inn-I
cd by Mins Certnnle Maltltind wiuw?
rlaver work has boon recoRubed
wherever she lnn apiwnvl. During
the week Miss Ma-itland will hold a
reception on the stage and present
those attending wiih a photoprnph oi
keipelf. The piny for tho oXMiin.
nllit will lie "A ,Jpi(ihh Wil'p."
Seats are now soiling.
llnv your school books at DeBaun'i
Twenty-eighth and Poplar. t A- full
line of new and second hand books.
The Extra Vote Offer Will Come
to Close Tonight Between
Five and Seven-thirty
Tojight Sees End of Special Ballots as They
Positively Will Not be Repeated and Those
Who Figure on Winning Had Best
Take Advantage of This Offer
Dltsrict Leaders. .
Dist. No. 1. Miss Myrtle
Dist No. 2 Miss Olga Ellis
Dint. No. 3 .Miss Gerald How- -
Dist No. -J Mis Alpha Dank-
Dist. No. 5. Miss Carmen
Candidate, luere is the answer in
a nut shell the special offer on Five
New Six Month's subscriptions will
dose this evening between the hours
of five and seven-thirty. This is the
anouncement you have been waiting
for, now make the most of- it.
You have until some Um between
five and seven-thirty' this evening to
get In your five new six month's sub
scriptions and secure your special bal
lot, of 10,000 extra votes.
Do not overlook the fact that ttie
offer will close SOMETIME BET
It may elwe at five-thirty, it may
close at six a quarter or or a quarter
after, and, again, it may not close
until seven or a few moments after.
The offer will close at a certain
time between five and seven-thirty,
and if you bring your rive new six
months suhscriptons in one minute
afterthat time yois wlllbe disquali
fied from securing the special ballot.
A Word to the Wise.
In this case a won? to the wise is
sufficient, get your set or sets in a-i
soon as possible ami tTien there will
be no likelihood of your being teo ia.u
to get the special ballot of 10,000
ot.es. '
Do not wait until five o'clock and
then start to this office for, in cas
the offer should close at five minutes
ifter five, you would then be too late
and your special would take winks
and fly.
Standing of Candidates.
The standing of candidates remain
about tiie same this morning with
Miss Minnie Frank still in the lead.
The contestants apparently prefer to
r-ast their votes siowly and show
others In the race to go to the front,
thereby, in a measure exposing .their
strength, for (hey realize that eve-
time a competitor makes a big jump
in the paper they are drawing on
their reserve fund and are In a wa"
showing their reuJ strength to Hi- n ,
Miss Olga Ellis Moves Up.
Miss Olga Ellis moves up a notch
this morning and now holds the lead
in her district by a small majority, '
Others in the race move up a little
but. practically all remain stationary
The Dark Horse Rumtor.
The rumor that there Is "a dart
horse" in the race will not be dowhe;
and reports reach this office dai'
...... . ' N
mat this dark horse is going to
surprise others in the course of a few
days. The contest department, a
well as the candidates are anxiously
awaiting some move on the part of
this "dark horse " for they are hi the
(talk as well as the contestants.
Race Getting Close.
Right now it is anybody's race, an
there are several of the candidates
bunched together. There Is more in
terest being taken is the contest
now than at ony other rime since the
first anouncement. that The Bulletin
would give away these valuable
prizes, and the result Is that the cor
testants are finding it much easier io
secured the voice and subscriptlan
it will take te- win Subscribers are
showing a desire to pay their sub
scriptiona and thereby effect a sav
ing, for every time a subscriber pays
in advance he saves $1.20 and all
agree that this amount is well worth
saving, in other words they get th
paper fourteen months instead of
Keep Busy.
candidates you must continue to
keep busy if you expect to win.
Never allow a day to pass without
adding something to your reserve and
in the end the work w:;i be rewarded
with the prize.
Contest Coment.
Between five and seven-thirty th
special offer will close, see that yo
njive secured your before it is too
ThJ exact time will not be announc
ed when fhe offer will close, so take
"time by the forelock" and get yours
in early.
To quote one little lady In the con
test it is a cinch to get subscript
Make every day snow more votfits
secured than the proceeding one an
victory will be yours in the end.
mow aoout tnose -etters to your
friends outides of Cairo? Thousands
of votes can be secured in this man
If you will ask at this office fo,'
circular letters they will be given you
aid all that is necessauy is to en
close (hem in an envelope and mail
them to your friends. Do not for
get the special offer closes tonight
District No. 1.
All of the City of Cairo lying north of Twenty-first streeet.
Mtss MyrMe Goldsmith . .. 47921
Miss Alice Byrne 45050
Miss Zorayda Nance 4159D
Miss Mario Williams 32050
Miss Iona Swoboda 27880
Miss Gertrude Curry 25199
Miss Helen Jackson . ... , 19319
Mrs. Clara Schwartze 19-290
Miss Edith Hill .. 78io
Miss Laura Clenrienen ...... 7610
Three doses of S3 Chill Remedy
cures cUlUL ' TlIy
Most Dlls of Life
come from errors in diet, from too little exercise or from the mis
takes we commit Nvithout thinking of consequences. These
sicknesses may be slight, at first, but they hinder work, prevent
advancement or bring depression and spoil enjoyment. What
is worse, they lead to serious physical disorders if not checked in
time; but you CAN check them easily and quickly. They will
Naturally Yield To
such a safe, simple, reliable family remedy as Beecham's Pills. In every
household where this famous and unequalled medicine is known,
the whole aspect of life, is changed for the better. Be ready to help
yourself -am) your family to overcome trouble and to regain, and
keep, good bodily conditions by having onjiand for immediate use
Tat f.m.1.1, Bchtm' Pith r teccUlljr toluM. S. Inrtrnetioa with eh bat.
,v Sold ery-hei. In bnxei lOr. id 25e.
Mr. Harry Thornberry ;. ... ... .... ... 2999
District No. 2.
All of the City of Cairo lying sovth qf Twenty-first street.
Miss Olga N. Ellis 48ISO
Mr. Heine Eichoff 4(;n.ii)
Mr. G. W. Hurley , '' 37410
.Miss Eva Cunsher .... ... 24980
Miss Lady Fitzgerald ." As-;n
pMlss' Margaret Eller .'. . . 1 2468)
Miss Rose Klee.... ,,,, ... ... 23690
Miss Iiizzle Riley , .; 187C0
Mr. John L. Glass 1136.)
Miss Margaret Strong (10020
Mr. Harold Hessian 268O
Nick Hacker .. 20t0
Mr. Wm. Steagala jgoo
District No. 3.
All territory in Mississippi county embracing Charleston and all ad
jacent towns.
Miss Gerald Howlette 9;igQ
Miss Mary Wllkereon, Charleston, Mo ... ..... 9370
Chas. Scott t t ..... 8(!40
Mr. Cdiarles Simpson, Charleston, Mo.. ..;. . .. ...... 2140
Mr. Leslia Pierce, Charleston, Mo .... .... , 1060
District No. 4.
All territory on the Big Four R, R. to Harrisburg, Including bounds,
Mound City, Anna, Jonesboro and the following towns: Grand Chain, Olm
sted, Levings, Karnack, Vienna, Eldorado, Parker City, Carrier Mills, Villa
Ridge, Harrisburg, Thebes and McClure. ;
Miss Minnie Frank, Mounds 65140
Miss Alpha Bankston, Mounds , ,. , 22590
Miss Agnes Cahill, Mound City .. .. 19490
Miss Camile Norris, Anna 16880
Miss Charlotte Wiggins, Anna ;.- 15310
Miss Leia Harmes, Dongola 11190
Miss, Ruth Eshleman, Pulaski .. . ... 10R70
Miss Anna Tapprich, Ullin 106(10
Miss Gene Beal, Vienna ... 9739
Miss Hazel Rosenbarger, Grand Chain , G960
Miss John Andrews, Anna 7789
Miss Nell Barnes, Harrisburg .. , t 4550
Miss M. Muabaum, Jonesboro 3250
Miss Jennie Stokes, Anna , ,..f..- 3090
Miss Ethel s Little, Pulaski 1630
MissGeorgla Smith, Anna:...- , , ,,,, ioo)
District No. 5.
All territory south of Cairo to Fulton, erabraplng WIckliffe, Bardwell,
Arlington and Fulton.
Miss Carman Andrews, WIckliffe 17390
Mrs. Edda Bryant, Arlington ,. 14790
Mrs. Minnie Vance, Arlington gsj!)
Miss Cue Johnson, WIckliffe ...... 85ti0
Miss Ida Scot Fiegle Arlington 39
Mr. T. Hudson, Bardwell .... .. ,', . J ,2810
Miss Clara Stewart, Fulton , ,. . 2580
Mr. R. Bodkin, Bardwell 1003
1 -
Better than meat or soggy pastries
with berries, liked
bananas or other
fruits. A delicious,
nutritious, whole
some dish for the
Summer days. Quickly and easily prepared.
then cover with berries or other fruits and serve with milk:
or cream, adding sugar to suit the taste.
ance. , ,
At a spoeial meeting of Egyptian
Chapter O. E. S. on Saturday evening
Mrs. Alice Vander Plym was initiat
ed into the mysteries of the order.
At the conclusion of the work iqe
cream ami cake were served and a
social hour enjoyed toy the ' large
number present.
Mr. Jim Chapman Is recovering
from his serious illness.
' Little Bessie Dwyer who has been
quite ill of tonsilitis Is able to toe up
today.. '
Miss May Elklna and brother Lloyd
(.Concluded on Fourth Page.)
Not desiring to carry over a; stock of
gas ranges to next season, we are making
Sept. 9.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas Curren and
daughter, Miss Hazel left Thrrsday
morning for a three weeks' slay in
Chicago and St. Louis.
H. A. Bride of Pulaski was in town
Thursday on business.
Mfs. Wm. Wilson and Mrs. Alva
Smith were among the many visitors
to Cairo Wednesday.
Miss Flora Schuler of St. Louis, Is
In the city vvisiting relatives anl
friends. She will remain here und in
Cairo about two weeks. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Westerman were
In Cairo Thursday.
Gardner Bride of Villa. Ridge and
Miss Blanche Gould of Weston, XV.
Va., who has been a guest of his
lionio anfi of other relatives in 'this
vicinity the past summer, left Tlmr
day for tiie latter's home where Mr.
Bride will attend school the ensuing
Mrs. Anna fEwekenkamp and
nephew, 'Walter Mulroney returned
home Wednesday from a week's so
journ at Dawson Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Whit sett of
Commercial avenue had - as their
guests Sunday the latter's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cleveland of Grif
fin, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Raw
lington and baby. Mr. and Mrs. Clar
ence Sharp and son, and 'Mrs. Susan
Sharp and son Luther of Crossville.
Mr. anil Mrs. Griffin remained here
until Wednesday when they returned
(o tiieir home in Indiana. They were
accompanied by Mrs. Whitsett as far
as Crossville where she Will visit '
relatives and attend the county fair.!!
Mis Genevieve Clark, who sient a
lar.e portion of the past summer with"
hi- mint, airs. Otis Miller on Fifth
street, was married Sunday. Spt. 4tb
in WIckliffe, Ky., to Mr. F. Barne4t
Miss Clark was quite popular wMi
the young iwople of oar city during
her sojourn here.
Mrs. Harry Lawler was a Cairo
shopiier Thursday. '
Mr, and Mrs. Chas. Walker of Los
Angeles, Ca., and Mr. Harry Walker of
St..: Louis are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. C. G. Willard on East Second
and Main streets. '
Mrs. Abe Brewster of Liberty was
shopping In the city Thursday.
mis. u. v. Meyer entertained the
Chee-Kta Club in honor of Miss Rose
Mulroney at' her home on Third anl
Walnut streets Wednesday evening
This , i)eautiful home was brilliantly
lighted for the occasion' and tfie mem
bers of the club greatfy enjoyed the
affair. The gnes'.s were each "klveii
a kitchen towel to hem with a prize
for the one who finished first and th
was won by Miss Kate McNeiie, the
hooJiy prize being won by Miss Edna
Miller. The towels were then given
to .Miss' Mulroney with a wash rag
and bar of soap. This caused much
amusement ns did also a contest
Mlsinalod Lovers" In which Miss
Mulroney was the winner. A lovely
two-course luncheon was served. Thin
s the hist meeting of the club' in
wlileh Miss Mulroney will take part
before her nnmage. The guests
were Misses J&tna Mtller, Cathryn
McNeiie, Cora Victor, Clara tWIester-
man of New Orleans, Kate Conley
and Rose Mulroney. ,
Miss Kate Masterson left Wednes
day lor Memphis to visit Mr." and
Mrs. Ed Carepn.
Mifl. Bernard Rutland and little
son, Roy, of Herri n are tho guests of
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Pyle on First
C. E. Ridiey made a business trip
to Cairo Thursday.
Sept. 7. '
The Vienna imblic schools opened
Monday morning with a good attend-
this special oiler tor ten days of Single Oven
Clark Jewel, Detroit Jewel and Garland
ranges, purchased in the ten days, will be sold
at $10.00 per range; all standard four hole
burner, oven and broiler Clark Jewel,
Detroit Jewel and Garland ranges Tat a
special price 01 $15.00 each for the 10 days
with conncciions free. Period of sale Sept.
6th, to 15iii inclusive.
Cairo City Gas Company
' We shall ha ve easily
of money In electrical
service In 1925." I
AVE you ever thought . of the enormous business of
supplying electricity that has sprung up in the list 20
years? Of the wonderful uses of electricity lighting
homes and cities, driving machinery, running cars? Of the
prodigious amount of capital invested in central stations
whicn produce and distribute electric current?
, The, biggest of these in the world-r-Commertwealth Edison
Company, Chicago is capitalized at nearly $G0,(XX),000, is
paying 6 dividends on capital stock and yet is doing only a
fraction of the business which it will do in the near future.
. This Company . is retailing electricity in a territory that
covets 200 square miles, but that territory is only "tapped, "so
to speak. The number of possible customers can be enormously
increased and, besides, the amount of electricity per house
hold is steadily growing on account of its varied uses for
heating, cooking, etc, ; '' ' '
Yet, gigantic as is the retail business of the Commonwealth
Edison Company, it forms only one-third of its total business,
two-thirds of which is wholesale. It supplies electricity to
1250 miles of street and elevated railway track and its service
to smaller central stations extends 85 miles to the north, 55
miles to the south and 35 miles to the west of Chicago.
Wouldn't you like to have an interest in a business so pros
perous in the present and with such a splendid outlook for the '.
future? '
Well, you can. You can become a stockholder in the
greatest electric central station organization in the world, and
receive 6 dividend per year possibly more on your stock.
ihis stock is listed on the Chicago Stock Exchange.
We'll be glad to send you full information and answer
all inquiries. Fill 'out and mail us this coupon.
Russell, Brewster & Company
New York Stock Etching
Chicago Stock EichMga. .
137 Adams Street,
. Chicago, IU.
) jp y y y .',
o. . ytfs
. ' y y y y&fji
Cairo. 111. Bulletin, III.

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