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Apple Pie Romance*.
This is the season for pie socials,
and many 11 youth is feeling tin* flnnii
•Inl strain, says the Kansas City
Times. A pie social usually is held at
the selioolhouse to raise money for the
library. The girls hake the pies, and
always put. on the packages some dis
tinguishing mark.
On the way to lie social I ho girl
will whisper to her sweetheart: "It's
I he one wrapped in white tissue paper
and lied with pink ribbons." Then it's
tip to sweetheart.
When the package in white tissue
paper and pink ribbons Is held up by
the auctioneer he bids so heavy that
the other boys understand and keep
raising the bid until the auctioneer,
tilled with pity, calls time and knocks
the pie down to the financially ruined
Bui the plunger feels simply re
warded when he withdraws to a se
cluded corner with the maker of the
pie and eats it witli her. Many a
romance has budded over a slice of
apple pie.
State of Ohio. City of Toledo, Lucac
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is
aenlor partner of the Arm of F. J. Cheney
ft Co., doing business in the City of To
ledo, County and State aforesaid, and that
said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUN
DRED DOLLARS for any case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by the use of
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my presence, this 6th day of December,
A. D. 1888.
(Seal) A. W. Oleason, Notary Public.
en internally and acts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
.Druggists, 75c. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Blamed the Bee.
llhe was si slow young man. and .-lie
was despairing of liiin ever attempting
to kiss her. Iut as they stood sit tin
garden gsite. holding each other's
hsind. a. naughty, nasty bee alighted on
his neck, suid its sting made him sud
rlenly lurch forward, with the result
that he found his lips pressed agsdnst
those of Ills sweetheart. So he sealed
llie accident with a kiss.
"(Jeorge!" she exclaimed in amaze
ment, sis she turned her .head to
"It was—or—the bet's—er—fault,'
stsimmered (Jeorge. blushing sill over
his countensince. "I hope you're not
'•Not sit all." she remsirked. with a
twinkle in her eye. 'Tin sorry thero
wasn't a hive full!"
Work of Mission Societies.
More than S11.756.000 was appro
priated during 1910 by national and
state home mission societies and
hoards of the United States for church
lmildine and manse-building, evangel
Ism, and work among immigrants and
negroes. The total reported for activi
ties among colored people was $833,
A man may try to make widow
think he could not help loving her. but
she invariably knows better.
We all want liberty—but the wild
colt will nmbie back to the haystack.
Costs Less
and Kills
That Cold
The standard cold cure for 20 jrean—
in tablet form—cafe, aure, no opiates
—cures cold in 34 hours—grip in 3
days. Money back if it fails. Get the
3, genuine box with Red top and Mr.
Hilt's picture on-it.
Costs less, gives
more, saves money.
24 Tablata for 25c.
At Any Drug Stora
1 VMOlMI fall*
iaytatacM tatr
T. inotni
LY cumrs BUCKLER nu«
fresh, reliablej
preferred bjr
western stock'
OrtMr*s simplest sad sfeoafML
itter products is du« to over IS
Cvrrxft'S. II tisnmiashls.
In the winter of 1 11!-17 the army sur
Geons nutnsig'ed to keep the sickness
rate of the soldiers down, but to do so
they hal to keep on the job sill the
time. Tu reduee contagion they had to
keep down eolds. Some of their experi
ences were such as everybody encount
ers^ every day in civil life.
The men were living in tents. They
banked earth against the side vails of
the tent. During December the quar
termaster's department fitted the cen
ter-hole in tlie top of t.he tent with a
metal cap which prevented hot air from
escaping that way.
About January 1 the tents were fitted
with snug doors. When a norther start
ed the men proceeded to "hole up."
They closed and chinked every crack
through which fresh air could enter or
foul air escape and then they sat
around the stove spitting. Good shots
foul hit the stove a hull's eye poor ones
spat on the floor. The bedding was not
sunned or aired. The men huddled sill
day over the hot stove.
In the wake of each norther there
came a trail of colds. The record of
measles In camp showed a very definite
relation between outbreaks of this dis
ease and "northers." Whenever the
tents were dosed and the stoves were
set going at a top rate the air became
both hot and dry. It was dry enough
to irritate the nasal mucous membrane.
Undue drying then might well favor
the development of measles as it does
of respiratory diseases." "There is dif
ference enough to give the sensation of
undue dryness on entering an over
heated tent during a "norther.'
An effective measure for the preven
tion of colds was the daily sunning and
airing of bedding. Two hours of direct
sunlight a day is a very effective bac
tericidal agent. The woman who suns
her bedding each day will find that she
has fewer cases of colds and measles to
nurse and care for.
Munson says: "Clinical experience
Indicates that sunning and airing for a
couple of hours will destroy it [the
virus of measles and and the contagion
of colds as welll. but measles secretion
or sputum protected from light and ail
a dark closed habitation possibly
further kept relatively moist by several
layers of blanket or cloth or on soiled
hankerchiefs or linen in a clothes bag
might reasonably—and doubtless does—
retain its virulence for some days."
Speaking of the spread of colds and
then measles under camp conditions
Munson says: "The cots practically
touched each other with the usual
(tuota of eight men to a tent. The
men sis they huddled around the stove
formed a group the units of which were
only a couple of feet apart at the most.
Coughing and sneezing scattered in
fectious droplets through the air which
others were breathing. Men with
measles "colds" soon acquired and
sonstantl.v renewed a film of infection
on their hands from the use of soiled
Once the infection gets on the hands
It. finds its way shortly to the nose
end mouth. The conditions described
are being parallelled in our homes
every day during the cold season.
Serving the Enemy.
From the Chicago Nt'ws.
Students of the new testann-iit know
that the third chapter of James, a homily
on the abuse of free speech, might well
be taken to heart by all of us in this too
loquacious time. "The tongue can no
man tame it is nil unruly evli." How
ever. if the worid is to be safe for de
mocracy the attempt must, be made, even
though to many superficial thinkers the
freedom of that clacking member con
stitutes ilie essence of democracy.
The .American government appears to
be entirely competent to deal with those
persons who. taking advantage of a mis
conception of their constitutional rights,
proceed to litter sedition, it remains tile
duty of the patriotic citizen to censor his
own remarks.
t'neonsciously a great many worthy
persons lend themselves to the designs
of the enemies of democracy by repeat
ing gossip and scandal that come to
them, as they imagine, by chance, hut
that in reality is coldly calculated to
reach their ears and be disseminated by
their tongues. In giving utterance to any
yarn that, however insidiously, assails
the government or any of tlie agencies
charged with the conduct of the war,
without first verifying it, a citizen Is
morally if not legally guilty of giving aid
to tlie enemy. He is permitting himself
to be used'for an evil purpose.
Repetition of slanders injurious to the
cause of the allied democracies Is not
free speech. It is speech in bondage to
the forces that oppose freedom. There
fore, it ie the patriotic duty of every citi
zen not only to avoid spreading such re
ports, but to challenge them whenever
he hears them and seek to trace them t9
their noxious source.
Jordan at Kedron.
From the Buffalo News.
David Star Jordan has at last recog
nized the menace of the Potsdam Goliath.
He has not donned khaki—yet. But
neither did the biblical David take kindly
to armor.
But he has been down to the brook
Kedron, and this is one of the smooth
stones that he has flung at the militar
istic Prussian Philistine .according to re*
"Our nation has gone into the
struggle, and. as 1 have said, the only
way out is forward. We cannot back
out and we cannot sidestep. Shall
democracy or tyranny be on top and
will victory in the field be the death
of democracy at home?"
Well aimed, David! The enrollment of
old time pacifists on the side of the fnited
States ia becoming unanimous.
Only a few erratic, self centered, self
admiring, aelf seeking thinkers continue
to feel It their duty to oppose tlie method
adopted by the greater part or the world
to bring the menace of militarism to an
end through decisive military defeat.
The first big job on hand before the
League for the Enforcement of Peace can
be organized is the chastisement of the
nation that for'generations has glorified
No Matter of Goography. ~7
Prom the New York Evening Post.
The tendency for successful men and
women to gravitate to the larger centers
Is ao general that we have come to regard
such removal as inevitable. The Mayos
gave the country the rare spectacle of
people from New York and San Francisco
taking the train for Rochester, Minn., not
to view the scenery, but to consult a spe
cialist. Yet laboratories for such advanced
Investigation, one would have said, were
not to be created on a prairie, nor were
•killed assistant* to be obtained or In
duced to go there. Perhaps the greatest
service the Mayoo have rendered Is the
blow they have struck at the notion that
opportunity is a matter of geography.
Why use ordluury cough remedies,
when Boschee's German Syrup has
been used so successfully for tifty-one
years in till parts of the United
States for coughs, bronchitis, colds
settled in the throat, especially lung
troubles. It gives the patient a good
night's rest, free from coughing, with
easy expectoration in the morning,
gives nature a chance to soothe the
inflamed parts, throw of!" the disease,
helping the patient to regain his
health. Sold in all civilized countries.
30 and 00 cent bottles.—Ailv.
One Happy Thought.
A party of "Jocks" were partaking
of bully beef and biscuits in the
trenches. They sighed as they chewed
and then one burst out:
"Just think o't, boys, hvo eggs.
fower slices o' bread, and a howl o' te
for half a franc 1"
There was a sudden silence, and
when the little party hail recovered
from their dizziness one asked:
"Where can ye get all thatV"
"Mae place," answered the first
speaker sadly. Nae place. Hut just
think o't!"
That Itch and Burn Are
Eczematoua—Cuticura Quickly Heals.
It needs but a single hot bath with
Cuticura Soap followed by a gentle
application of Cuticura Ointment to
the most distressing. disfiguring
cczenuis, itellings and burnings to
prove their wonderful properties. They
are also ideal for every-day toilet use.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Betting on His Temperature.
The junior partner of the Wall street
firm was indisposed and the senior
partner was calling liiiu up every two
or three minutes.
"Why do you telephone Bah so of
ten?" iiuiiiired a friend, "is he seri
ously ill':"'
"Oil. no," was the reply, "hut his
temperature iluctuates considerably
•ind some of our customers are specu
lating on he lllletlllltiolis."
Most any good soap will do, but Red
"ross Hall Blue Is the only blue.
Makes the greatest difference. My
vlothes are a dream—snowy white. I
an't use liquid blue. No, not me. Give
me Red Cross Ball Blue and I'll show
you some beautiful clothes.—Adv.-
No, Iiorothea. tlie clearing house lias
no eolineeiiun with the weather bu
How this Woman Suffered
and Was Relieved.
Fort Fairfield, Maine.—"For many
months I suffered from backache caused
by female troubles so I was unable to do
my house work. I took treatments for it
but received no help whatever. Then
some of my friends asked why I did not
try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound. I did so and my backache soon
disappeared and I felt like a different
woman, and now have a healthy little
baby girl and do all my house work. I
will always praise Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to women who suf
fer as I did."— Mrs. ALTON D. OAKES,
Fort Fairfield, Maine.
The Best Remedy is
Paper String and Sacks.
I'aper string is being used in Kng
laud for coinincrel.il purposes. Even
tissue paper can be used in its manu
facture. Paper is being used for
making sucks for connnerclul use in
plnce of burlap, and these have been
found to equal the former sacks in
every way.
Young folks in the country often
muke love at a rattling gate.
Wbeo Your Eves Need Care
Try Marine Eve Remedy
Will Remember City of Clissen.
The ancient fortified city of Ules
sen in Hesse-Darmstadt. CJernlauy,
will for long he remembered among
British especially among Canadians
as iIn* place where several thousands
of their soldiers captured in battle
were held as prisoners of war. notes
a writer at the front. These fine men
who held the way against the •Senium
advance at St. .lulicn in the spring of
il»lr*. were so tenacious in holding the
positions absolutely vital to the al
lied cause thai they were absolutely
without ammunition or food, when sur
rounded. A few survivors only of
those regiments which in' the words
of the general commanding. "saved the
day." were left, starved and stunned
and worn out to he gathered in by the
enemy's hordes. These were sent on
by stages to Glessen, and there some
I of them remain to this day, having
been joined by many othehr captives
from various armies, until it is prob
ably 10,000 or 111.000 men are held
Important to Mothers
Examlue carefully every bottle of
C'ASTOllIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and sec that it
Bears tlie
Signature of|
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Not by an Old Hand.
Exe- -Because it wasn't nil taken.
A new broom may sweep clean. Af
ter the first round it is new no longer.
If you can't lose without carrying a
grudge, don't compete.
Mrs. Exe—It isn't right, to charge
Willie with taking that money out of
your pocket. Why don't you accuse years, which proves ite merits as well
is a healthy, active, industrious liver. Small doses of these pills
taken regularly insure that. You may also need a purgative
sometimes. Then take one larger dose. Keep that in mind
it will pay you rich dividends in Health and Happiness.
faces usually show it* absence. Aeon- nTPD'O TO,
dition which will be much helped by
faces usually show its absence. A con-
Backache of Women.
@f'lure m&md £M§
IWtf dbmt [email protected] trtf it
Too Old to Learn.
"Why don't you try to manage I hut
liorsc without profanityV" asked an
officer of a cavalryman.
"It wouldn't do any good," said the
cavalryman. "It ain't fair to this
horse to ask it to start at its time of
life to learn lot of polltu words."—
To keep dean and hcaltliy take Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regu
late liver, bowels and stomach.—Adv.
Strive to be the cream of your pro
fession, remembering that cream nl
wuys rises to the top. Jr(
Women Suffer at Home.
CORYDON, IOWA.—"Some years ago I
was restored to health by taking Doctor i,
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. I wont
down in health
due to my hav
ing woman's
weaknosa. Ia
was nervous,®
suffered contin
ually with back
aches, paina in
my side and
S? .**- Small
and could
not eat nor
sleep. When
Favorite Pre­
scription' was recommended to mo I be
gan to take it. and it proved to be all
that It is recommended to be for It com-
pletely cured mo of all womanly trouble
and built me up in health and strength. It
Is the most wonderful medicine for women
II have known."—MBS. EMMA SHANKS.
I BAT.FOUR, IOWA.—"I took six bottles of
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and
would advise everv woman troubled with
nervousness, hot flashes and palpitation
of tho heart to try It."—MBS. ALLIE MUX
This herbal tonic for women is made
up in liquid or tablet form and can
be obtained In almost any drug store.
Tablets, GO cents. It contains no
alcohol or narcotic, and its ingredient!
(derived from nature's roots and herbs)
are printed on the wrapper. It baa
enjoyed an immense sale for nearly 50
as the statements made by users. If not
obtainable of your dealer's send 10 eta.
to Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Sar*
gical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., and ha
will mail trial package of the tablets.
SIOUX CITY PTG. CO., NO. 48 -1917.
Small Pricc
or HEALTHY COLOR indicates Iron in the Blood. Pale or
Might Have Invisible P. S.
She has rejected mo lctrcr. There
Is no hope."
"Arc you sure It's final? Nothing
written between tlio lines
"There's only one line."
Righteousness ultereth a man hefoiv
It exnlteth him.
•ay bt checked, sad more aertoua cendt»
ttoaa of the threat will be often ifoidd
by promptly rivius the child a deM of

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