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"Ho Has Given llio Slate Uusinos*
Admiiii.sf ration Wo OIII I'oint
to Willi I'rid«," Snys
Itobcrt Shabor.
Writing in his Hiiflsonite, Mr.
Shatter tells what, lie thinks of the
Norbeck administration:
"Gov. Norbeck, tho host Kovunior
South Dakota ever had, lias an
nounced his candidacy for a .second
term, and ho ought to ho re-elected
without one dlmuniUnf vote, and ly
(I10 unanimous voto of tho people of
fjouth Dakota..
"if tbo diners of tho populate
nre any criterion, Iov. Norbeck i?
lirin'y nntrendied In tho hearts of
ili« pixiplo of his own date, judging
by the cheers ho received this Hum
mer, every time I heard him talk,
foi ho talks straight from the
shoulder and is for his own state
and Undo yam first, last and all
the time. No frills about the fjov
Arnor he's just a plain, upstanding,
two fisted, one hundred per cent
plus American, every minute of th°
time, virile, vigorous and unafraid
and right on the job every minute of
the time. He has given this state
a business administration that we
can all point to with pride, and he
has seen to the enacting of more
sensible legislation than has been
passed before In a mess of moons,
and he is advocating a lot more of
good, sensible legislation that I for
one would like to see him put across
and the way to do it is to keep
him in the governor's chair until he
has a chance to finish the work so
well begun. And the nice thing
wbotit it all is to see about, ninety
per cent of the papers of the state
come out firmly for Gov. Norbeck
for a second term.
"This paper and this editor is for
Governor Norbeck, for another term,
and knowing the people of this
great state as I do, I am confident
that ninety per cent of the voters
of the state will feel just as I do
about it."
It has been announced that. Gov
Peter Norbeck will make the race
for a socond torm. It. will be a
lonely raco for him as t.hero will bo
no company in the primary, and II
In doubtful if the democrats can even
make it interesting for him in noxt
fall's campaign. Everybody seems
to be satisfied with Norbeck's ad
ministration.—Kingsbury Co. Inde
No Monotony in Nature.
"One of the greatest curses of mill
or factory work, and with much city
work of ail kinds, is Its interminable
monotony the same process repeated
hour after hour and day after day,"
writes David Grayson in the American
Magazine. "In the country there Is In
deed monotonous work, but rarely
monotony. No task continues very
long everything changes Infinitely
with the seasons. Processes ore not
repetitive but creative. Nature hates
monotony is ever changing and rest
leBs, brings up a storm to drive tho
haymakers from their hurried work In
the fields, sends rain to stop the plow
ing, or a frost to hurry the apple har
vest. Everything Is full of adventure
and vicissitude! A man who has been
a farmer for two hours at the mow
ing, must suddenly turn blacksmith
when his machine breaks down and
tinker with wrench and hammer, and
later in the day he becomes dairyman,
farrier, harnessmaker, merchant No
kind of wheat but Is grist to bis mill
no knowledge that he cannot use! And
who ts freer to be a citizen than he?
Freer to take his part In town meeting
and serve his state in some one of the
iinnumerable small offices which form
the solid blocks of organization be
neath our commonwealth."
conflicting winds at vsry
it temperatures, are nil direct
iMning to make this the
constantly etormy region In the
Cape Horn Storms.
The waters of Cape Horn have nev
ier been unvlsited by storms for more
Ithan a week or two at a stretch within
|the memory of man. Standing on the
ootpoet of the world, Oape Horn li (he
meeting place of ocean currents of
vsay different temperatures, from the
Icy cold waters at the Antarctic drift
to the warmth of the Brazilian and
Peruvian return currants. The pte
vautag winds are from the northwest
and west, and these, coming ftom.the
warm felons oC (he Pacific, eoodenee
Into Hogs wMoh the sailors call Oape
Bon Wsnhetw and which are the sure
forerunners of storms. Ibe extremely
law ISTSIS to wldch the gMvi of
Sierra del Fuego descend, attl, the
after mr, only
to MB ertglnal state
—•••••eW Ui li trae of
Ike pnrtellpffe. Tee wllf find It fa
alt' and ornamen-
tte itjrle noet ipprnd et
fci yiidmt momCUT Is thet
tke old
teflU limihlnil no on* knows
Bf lgw hy Thls knMs is
slant :t-iiuii, drop-out type, und Is
made In two styles, either of which
the Jackie prefers above ail modern
pull-out and push button types. The
blade simply I idea In a groove so that
it is opened by tho same movement
which Jerks 11 out of the pocket. When
It has been fouled from long usage,
the entire blade can be raked out and
cleaned. The Jackie prizes Its Hlrapllc
Hy when lie Is up aloft, with only one
hand free, and when his fingers are
stiff and numb. At such times any
o'lier kind would be useless.—Popular
Science Monthly.
There Is no royal road to food
conservation. We can only ac
complish this by the voluntary
action of our whole people, each
element In proportion to Its means.
It is a matter of equality of bur
den: a matter of minute saving
and substitution at every point In
the 20,000,000 kitchens, on the 20,
000,000 dinner tables, and In th»
2.000,000 manufacturing, whole
sals and retail establishments of
the country.
The strain of modern bus
iness life is too much for
the nerves. You need a
nerve sedative. Try
A Nerve Sedative that is
recommended for Nervous
ness, Sleeplessness, Epilep
sy, Hysteria, Chronic Head
ache, Nervous Irritation,
and for use by those ad
dicted to the Alcoholic or
Drug l^abit.
Tho l'res.a
Notary Public
General Land Agent
Jus. White Eyes
of it let-1
ter from Serpennt 1 Carpen
ter. m-miting oilicor for tho U. 8.
.Mtu itm Corps, Omiili". Neb., with
tin appeal for more nu-n to enlist,
between the ages of l'1 und oG.
and .T. (j. Eagle Boy of Promise
called at the Press oflice today to
get a copy of Hick.-. Almanac, but.
our new supply had not yet arrived
from St. Louis
Ed. O. Eliason cave the Press
!a pleasant call yesterday and re
newed his allegiant In Ihis'Liber
iv Enljpht.ener' for 1 lie has
been out the past fev" days can ras
ing his district in behalf of i.he
Count ,' Agent trurem1nt, and re
ports it cfeting along satisfactorily,
lie also is one of those Patriots,
who, like the editor of the Press,
is in favor of the government giv
ing every American youth a semi
military training
Old England is starting a pro
ject to give everybody electric
light and heat by the establishment
of sixteen immense central plants.
Another reason why Uncle Sam
and Miss So. Dakota will have to
build a dam in the Old Muddy to
give us cheap electricity. For
"dontcher know" we gotta keep
up with the procession.
Peter Norbeck, South Dakota's
war governor, has announced his
candidacy for re-election. The
Chronicle rises to remark that it
is for Governor Norbeck against
all comers he has been weighed
in the balances of great trial his
office has proved to be no sinecure
—and he is not wanting in the ma
terials that, make a good governor,
splendid citizen or American. The
people of South Dakota should unite
upon him for their next governor.—
Armour Chronicle-Tribune.
Governor Norbeck is to be a can
didate for re-election. Mr. Nor
beck has so acceptably filled the
governor's chair
Governor Peter Norbeck, the
loyal war governor of South Da
kota, is. certainly the_ man. in the
X®. A
to have won
tho reputation of being the best
business executive the state ever
had. It is not expected he will
have any opposition aft the primary
for the republican nomination.—
Winfred Dispatch.
Governor Peter Norbeck has an
nounced himself as a candidate for
re-election. From all appearances
he will have no opposition in the
republican primaries and that is
no more than fair. He has made
a good record in his first term and
will land the second term hands
down.—Canova Herald.
Is the Xi*ad«r
When' 7ou Wauxt
Groceries, tDry iGoocls, Hardware
right place, and it would be dan
gerous for the state should Nor
beck be defeated at the next elec
tion. This is no time to experi
ment.—Trent Tribune.
The people will desire to continue
Hon. Peter Norbeck at the head of
the administration of South Dakota
for the next two years. His patriotic
administration appeals to all good
citizens of our grand state.—The
NOTICE is hereby given that on
March 30th, 1918, all of the tin
leased State 'lands 1n Potter
County will be offered for lease at
public auction between the hours of
10 oclock a. m. and Soclock p. m. at the
court house in said county.
Dated at Pierre, S.D.. January 25th 1918
Commissioner of
We will give One Hundred dol
larefor any case of catarrhal deaf­
Kinds of Boots and Shoes
Get oar prices before yon purchase elsewhere, and give us a chance to
tJ *.
Vote "YES" on the Following Amendment
to the Constitution of So, Dakota:
"The State may purchase, own,
develop and operate plants for the
development of power upon the
streams of this State and at coal
mines upon lands owned by the
State and may transmit such pow
er and supply the same to the peo
ple of the State. The State may
pledge such plants and the acces
sories thereto to provide funds for
such purchase and development,
anything in this constitution to the
contrary notwithstanding.
"The Legislature, by a two
(birds vote of the members-elect
t.'i each house, shall provide bylaw
for carrying this amendment into
School and Public Lands
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they can
not reach the diseased portion of
the ear. There is only one way
to cure catarrhal deafness and that
is by a constitutional remedy. Ca
tarrhal deafness is caused by an in
flamed condition of the mucous lin
ing of the Eustacheon tub. When
this tube is inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when it is entirely closed,
deafness is the result. Unlefs the
inflamation can be reduced andthis
tube restored to its normal condi
tion, hearing will be destroyed for
ever. Many cases of deafness are
caused by catarrh, which is an in
flamed condition of the raucous sur
faces. Halls Catarrh Medicine acts
thru the blood on the raucous sur
faces of the system.
ness that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh medicine. Circulars free.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
F.J.CHENEY & CO. Toledo, O.
Notice That lav Deed Will Issue
To G. P. Hosmer, the record owner.
there being no person in the actual
possession of the real estate herein de
scribed, and the person in whose name
the said real estate is taxed:
TAKE NOTICE, that at a sale of land
and town lots made by the county treasu
rer of Potter county. South Dakota, for
tho delinquent taxes of the year 1914. and
which sale was so made on December the
14th A.D. 1915. the following described
real property situated in Potter county.
South Dakota, towit: lots ten (10) to fifteen
(15) in block one (1 and lots ten (10) to fif
teen (15) in block eight (8). all in A. W.
Smart's First Addition to Forest City, So.
Dakota, were separately sold to Potter
County. So. Dakota, for the delinquent
taxes thereon for the said year 1914. and
tax sale certificates duly issued thereon
to said Potter County, by the then county
treasurer of said Potter County, and that
such tax sale certificates have since been
duly sold and assigned by said Potter
County to W. H. Shepardfcon, and that the
said W. H. Shepardson is now the lawful
holder and owner of such certificates, and
that the right of-redemption will expire,
and a tax deed for said lots will be made
upon the expiration of sixty (60) days from
the completed service of this notice.
Dated at Forest City S.D. this sixth day
of February, 1918.
Owner of Certificate
arest ffitg JJrtes
SUBSCRIPTION Price.. .$1.50 per annum
Communications and items solicited
from our readers, which must reach us by
Wednesday night to insure prompt public
Entered as second class matter at the
Postoflico at Forest CIty.S. D.

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