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•_ MMWUVII^ IS***V!*,
r? tj
CH.VII'IJR FIFTEEN. (Coiii iiuYcil.)
a ii
of the Koussd fain
*»_' ,ln default
heir*, who inherits the i/roner. ..
tuis Perenna." I«''omiee Lcvasseur
"Liuik/ dog!"
'That's what people are say
*"#. They say that this
twnow if murders and atrocities
cannot be Jthe effort, of chance co
tUf.Mwi^y, but, on the contrary,
(uiui to the existence of hii all
powerful. will which he^tn with
ihtt.iMjrder of (Joi.mo Mornitigton
and iw.fj»d with the capture of the
lumdmi millions. And Id give a
mtpiv! ,ty that will, they pitch on
tlitf .(nearest, that of the extraor
dinary, glorious, ill famed, le
wHderjuu^, mysterious, omnipo
tent, ajXd ubiquitous person who
wasS'omiQ MoniiugtonV intimate
friejjil, arid who, from the Itegiu-
J5aS controlled events and
|)icr«d them, together, accusing
audv acquitting people, getting
theui arrested, and helping litem
to gficqjpc,.
Work* it ju accordance with his
interMtfl, there area
.hundred mil
lions touting for him at the fin
wh., And this person is Don Luis
iVfvnna, in other words, Arscne
tiie man with the. unsavory
reputation whom it would he
matW^3 riot to think o" in eon
•i^ctiou \*ith so colossal a job."
Tfcufls you!"
"That1^ what they say, chief
I in onl}' telling you. As long, as,
Mmp: Pauville and Gaslon Sauve
raud were alive, people did not
give much thought to your claims
S3 ivwidoary legatee. Tint both of
tbtfui died. Then, you see, peo
ple can't help remarking tlie real
ty surprising persistence with
which luck looks after Don Luis
Porcnua's interests. You know
the legal maxim: fecit cui prodest.
1 4 1 1
Chief!" "V0"
Luis was
.Tmf**': ,, three days."
?-v ^Ic
ritnUy, "that he manages the
Whole, business and that, if
Iiejiefits by the disappear­
ance of all the Roussel heirs? Don
Luis Perenna."
"The sooundrel!"
"The scoundrel: that's the
word,which Weber goes voarrti" P'a9^ of safety. His excuse fot1
out'"all along the passages of the
I-lice office and the criminal in- hoped_to receive news of Florence
veatigation departmer.i. You are'f
the seotindrcl and Florence Levas
seur in your accomplice And hard
»y any one dares protest.
"The prefect of police? What is
the use of his defendiug vou, of
hi* remembering that you have
tavea his life twice over and
rendered invaluable services to
the police which he is the first to Rue de Kivoli looking vewr
appreciate? What Is the use of
to the prime minuter,
though we all know that Vaien
Rl»y protects youf
others besides the
prefect of police! There are others
ftesidea the prime minister! There
.0f the detective
public prosecu-
'tlw press and, above
W. JWUjUc opuuo^ whi^ has to
aatuhed and wi^eh c^|ls for
expects a cuf~
yourself or
it. fDkafL,Mi|.
irenoe Levas-
didnotmove a musele
w^ou* waited a
,^en» weeiving
wyi3'.4« w4.« (MHK
what you
^%dot To be.
tpr W let me t^jl
I magistrate,

go bed, carry he portmanteau teeth
hit t'l
name of M. Lecoeq.
What for, Chief? Whafdo-s
trustworthy person 'to eany that 'who
portmanteau for mo, 1 have been
waiting for your visit for the last jat
hur-* "Why but
Mazero ix, in his confusion. |C1(?ed *,lat
"Why but what?"
"Had yon made up your mind
to clear out?"
"Of course I had! Rut why
hurry The reason I placed you
in the detective office was that I
might know what was being plot
ted against me. Since you tell me
that I'm in danger I shall cut my
And, as Mazcroux looked at
him with, increasing bewilder
ment, he tapped him on the
shouldei and said severely:
"Yon see, Sergeant, that it was
not worth while to disguise youiS
self as a cab driver and betray
your duty. You should never be
tray your duty, Sergeant. Ask
your own conscience: 1 am sure
it will judge you according to
your deserts."
Don Luis had spoken the truth.
Recognizing how greatly the
deaths of Marie Fauvillc and Sau
ven.nd had altered the situation,
he considered it wise to move to
so before was that he
jevasseur either by letter or by
telephone. As. the girl persisted
in keeping silence, there was no
reason why Don Luis should.risk
an arrest which the course of
events made extremely probable.
And in fact his anticipations
were correct. Next morning Maz
croux came to the little flat in
magistrate maintains
Faatille edtntniited suicide' and
o... Idled his soli Edinond, Florence
tin natter. In His opinion the
case inclosed on that Mde.
he's a good one, the a|a
magistrate! .What about
SauTetand's death! I«'tr_..
daylight that floitaM had^^i
inenta Were
1 "All rig" t," said
"'we'll say 11-j more about it. The
future will bear me out, you'll
The days passed.
called as often as possible or
else telephoned to Don Luis all
the details of the two inquiries
that were being pursued at Saint
Lazarc and the Sante prison.
cDer, tried to enter into correspondence
one of the
the infir-
phial of poison and the hypo-
lie will dermic syringe had been intro-
a" s»-'-cl
by tl,.Mtn
"!at' ""I'OHsiUf to I"'
,i1A, .. ,other hand, it was impossible to
.n't "kaiuloning Jlls
in Mn.".' beckoned tings telling of Marie' suicide
had found their way into Gas
»Seigeant, just look under thai ton Sauverand's cell.
.sola between the, windows. And then the origi
serious. Mazer- 'of the marks of
oux instinctively obeyed. I
tlie sofa was a portmanteau.
"Sergeant, in ten minutes,
when I hav
told m.v servants to that had marked the apple, a,,,-
w,K rt
1 have taken a small flat under ilers „ii ti-Lt
Iu as
it tnean«" .everybody was groping the
"It means that, having no .rau?(',f
same means? It was
prove and, on the
how the newspaper cut-
"You've had a narrow escape,
Chief. Weber heard this morning
that thcr bird had flown. He?
simply furious! And you must
confess that the tangle is getting
worse and worse. They're utteriy
at a loss at headquarters. They
don't even know how to set about
prosecuting Florence Levaaseur^1
"Yon most have read about it
iii the fapen. The eMminwjgJfp i| .t^ejeaae^waa coming to an
tha^ is end for 'tom ar
take place in the course of the
following week and fixed it for
the ninth of June.
He hoped in this way to put an
end to an exasperating case in
which the police disjilayed noth
ing but uncertainty and confus
ion. They would decide about the
inheritance according to circum
stances and then close the pro
ceedings, And gradually people
would cease to' talk about tho
wholesale slaughter of the^forn
ington heirs and the mystery of
the teeth of the tiger would be
gradually .forgotten.
It Was Strange, but these last
days, which were restless and fev
erish like all the days that come
before great battles—^and every
one felt that this last meeting
meant a great battle—were spent
by Don Luis in an arm chair on
his balcony in the Rue de feivoli,
where he sat quietly smoking cig
aretes, or blpwing soap bubbles
which the wind carried toward
the garden-of the Tuileries.
Mazeroux could not get over it.
"Chief, you astound me! How
clam and^eaceless -you lookji"
"I am calm and careless, Alex
andre." "Y
nd as if everything
was turtiing oiit perfectly.
But. on the
Mazeroux, when your hand is r.aiscnl against
inc ami you utter words of tri
umph, at that same moment the
ground will open beneath your
Mazeroux feet. The place of your death is
ehoson. The snare is laid. Be-
Vain inquiries, as we know.
While Low Luis's statement relat
ing to the electric chandelier and
the automatic distribution of the
mysterious letters were found to
be correct, the investigation fail
ed to reveal anything about the:five at Les Ternes, next door to
two suicides. jthe bearer of the letter. He knows
At most, it was ascertained that fellow well. It was a stroke
before his arrest, Sauverand had I'-ds wasn't it?"
Don Luis sprang from his seat,
radient with delight.
the marks of teeth in the apple. for I can see that the fight
a vi os us
sion acquitted Marie. And yet it
was undoubtedly Marie's teeth
that had been callcd tho
teeth of the tiger were certainly
hers. Well, then!
said, ev-
upon by the will
the Morniugton heirs
a date loss than
'more than four moutlis after the
tamniered it^tator's decease, suddenly de-
Lupin." v.s
Lon Luis smiled.
"(.iood," he said. Things are
taking shape/'
"Do you think so, Chief?''
lI (To. And who gave you the
"Ah, we've been lucky for
once, Chief! The policeman to
w'loin it was handed 'appened to
What do you mean? Out with
suppose that it! You know who it is?"
"The chap's an indoor servant
employed at a nursing home in
the Avenue des Ternes."
"Let's go there. We've no
time to lose."
"Splendid, Chief! You're your
self again."
"Well, of course! As long as
there was nothing to do 1 was
iginal mystery waiting for this evening and rest-
do you mean?
Doesn't the ease interests you?
Don't you intend to avenge 'Mine.
Fauville and Sauverand? You
are openly accused and yoii sit
here blowing soap bubbles f"
"There's no more delightful
Shall I tell you what Irthink,
Chief Yotf^v^ discovered the
on of the ^mystery!".
haps-• I --have, Alexandre,
and perljiips I hav^n't.'' W
Nothing, seemod'-toc excite Don
4iUs. Hlu
LlOs. 'Hiurg arid hours passed
aM he 'dicl not'stir from his bal
knd ate ttd cfuitfbs
threw to them. It really seemed
.edny. The sparrows now: ."came
which he
of the jmeet-
ingf Ma^^oux entered wilft: abet
ter in his hanii #nd a scared look
on hia fftfe.
V^Kia is for yon, Chief. It waa
to me,. but wi^h an
etfv ininde ^iln your name.
yo«kesjp|i^n thatt"^
tndre^ vThe
eitemy U^iware
cordial re-
lationa^aoidr ap-lib^doea not%no*r
But, hs the
enemy has blundered at last, as
he's given me a trail to
there's no need to wait, ami I'll
get ahead of him. Have at the
tiger, Mazeroux!"
It was one o'clock in the after
noon when Don Luis and Mazcr
oux arrived at the nursing home
in the Avenue des Ternes. A man
servant ope'ned the door. Mazer
oux nudged Don Luis. The man
was doubtless the bearer of the
letter. And, ill reply to the ser
vant's questions, he made no dif
ficulty about saying that he had
been to the police office that
orders: asked
"By whose
"The mother superior's."
"The mother superior?"
"Yes, the home includes a pri
vate hospital, which is managed
by nuns."
"Could we speak to the super
ior t"
"Certainly, bv^t not now: she
has gone out."
"When wili she be in?"
"Oh, she may be back at any
The man showed them into the
waiting room, where they spent
over an hour. They were great
ly puzzled. What did the inter
vention of that nun mean? What
part was she playing in the case?
People came in and were taken
to the patients whom they had
called to see. Others went out".
There were also sisters moving
silently to and fro and nurses
dressed in their long white over
alls belted at the waist.
"We're not doing an^ good
here, Chief," whispered Mazer
"What's your hurry? Is your
sweetheart waiting for you?''
"We're wasting our time."
"I'm not wasting mine. The
meeting at the-Perfect's is not till
"What did you say? You're
joking, Chief! You surely don't
intend to go to it.''.
"Why not?"
"Why not? Well, the war
rant—" ..
"A scrap of paper which will
become a serious matter if you
force the police to act. "Your pres
ence will be looked upon as a
And my absence as a confes
sion. A gentleman who comes in
to, a hundred millions does not
lie lbw on the day of the wind
fall. So I must attend that meet
ing, lest I should forfeit my claim.
And attend it I will."
A stifled'cry' waa heard in front
of them and a woman, a nurse,
who was paining through the
toom at once started running,
lifted a curtain, and disappeared.
Don Luis rose, hesitating, not
knowing what to do. Then, after
four or five seconds of indecision,
he suddenly rtuh^d to the curtain
and down a corridor, came up
against a large, feather -paddNl
door which had just closed, and
en. he t»d »ened it, ^e
foonid himself at the foot of «i
Ibwn -it, "entered
kitchen and, seizing hold of the
cook, said to her, in an angry
"Has a nur^c just gone out this
"Do you mean Nurse Gertrude,
the new one?"*
"Yes, yes, quick! she's wanted
"Who wants her?"
"Oh, hang it all, can't you tell
me which way she went?"
"Through that door over
Don Luis darted away, erossed
a little hall, and rushed out on
to the Avenue des Ternes.
"Well, here's a pretty race!"
cried Mazeroux, joining him.
Don Luis i.tood scanning the
avenue. A moto.' bus was start
ing on the little square hard by,
the Place Saint-Ferdinand.
"She's inside it," he declared.
"This time, 1 shan't let her go."
He hailed a taxi.
"Follow- that motor bus, driver.
I at fifty yard's distance."
"Is it Florenee Jevasseur?"
asked Mazeroux.
"A nice thing!" growled the:
sergeai.JL And, yielding to a
sudden outburst: "But look
here, Chief, don't you see? Surely
you're not as blind assail that!"
Don Luis made no reply.
But, Chief, Florenee Levas
seur's presence in the nursing
home proves as clearly as A BO
that it was she who told the man
servant to bring me that threaten
ing letter for you!. There's not
a doubt about it: Florenee Le
vasseur is managing the whole
(Continued Next Week.)
Dublin (by mail)—Sir Horace riunk
ett, chairman of the Irish convention,
ha? published a series of articles in the
Irish newspapers with the object of in
ducing the government to pass at once
a home rule act for Ireland upon the
lines of the majority report of the con
Pending the putting into operation of
the act, he suggested the establishment
of a purely Irish executive, composed
of men of all parties, and responsible
either to the Irish convention which
has not been formally (dissolved, or tu
the" Imperial government.
He appealed for the formation of a
middle party in Ireland of moderate
Sir Horace's plan was not received
With favor by any section. The Free
man's Journal, representing the Irish
party, objected to the formation of an
other Irish party on the ground that
Ireland has parties enough and that
its difAcuities are "caused as much by
internal dissensions as by external be
trayals." John Sweetman, for many
years a leading member of the Sinn
Fein party and one of the few wealthy
men in its ranks, wrote to say:
"I cannot agree that England can
now settle the future government of
Ireland. She must now govern Ireland
despotically till the peape conference,
and It would be for her benefit to gov
ern us with a little common sense."
This view that nothing can be done
about home rule, till the end of the war
is also the view of the unionists, and
William Jellett, the most active of the
irreconciled southern unionists, has put
forward the opinion as to the im
mediate government of Ireland in much
the same sense as John Sweetman.
Candlestick Art Revived.
From tlie Scientific'American.
While the war has' wrecked some indus
tries In France, it has at the same time
created new ones and revived older crafts.
An excellent and interesting example of
the latter is the art of candlestick mak
ing, which has taken on a new .lease of
life. Even In some of the big towns there
are houses which are not supplied with
gas, where before the war petroleum ot
spirit was used for llsty^ng purposes. Now
that the-use of these-Isvrestrlcted closely,
recourse has to be mad# to the old fash
ioned candle.
This Is true in the country especially,
where candlesticks are In-great demand,
and everyone Is buying them according to
his means or fancy. At first they wero
made of copper, but when that metal be
came scarce brass was employed. Some
of the modern examples have several
branches and are very artistic.
A domestic art metal worker at Alx,
who has specialised in this kind of work,
and has become quite a celebrity, lias Just
constructed a series of tall iron «wiclle
stlcka ot very solid proportions which can
hold several candles. They have been
critically Inspected by art meta? critics
and are claimed to' be true works' of art,
and to appeal to all lovers of lronwork.
China's First Pencil Factory.
From Commerce Reports.
The official opening of the pencil fac
tory of the China Pencil Co. (Ltd.), an
Antflo-Chlnese venture, with a nominal
capital of $100,000 Mexican (ISO,000), has
just tatien plaoe. The machinery Installed
is from Japan, and the factory Is In charge
of a Japanese expert.'-
present output
to estlmated at 100 gross daily, and it Is
expected that MO gross will-to reached.
The general Impression is that the out
put compares Ctvorabty witk the Products
enemy-immftacMtro ^h£h$UH$vin the
tills naHrat. At present it Is
only proposed to manufacture a few
grades of pencils, bat In tke future it
Is expeetMiJaat oolored and copying pen
cils wUt-fe titfbed mt
thass «1»o haven't
who don't
tan thenr and
r* I

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