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Duty Devolving on Farmers of
This Continent
Western Canada Well Prepared to
Meet the Needs of the Old World—
"The Earth ivs a Machine Which
Yields Almost Gratuitous Service to
Every Application of Intellect"—
Speaking with one of the commis
sioners appointed to make a survey of
the food situation in the battle-torn
•countries of Europe the writer was
told tliat ilie depletion and shortage
•of food was far greater than anybody
had expected. With the investigation,
which at that time had merely started,
much had been brought to light that
had only been surmised. Herds of live
stock were completely wiped out, fields
that had been prolific yielders of grain,
roots and vegetables were terraced and
hummtfeked by bombs and shells,
many of them still lying unexploded
and dangerous. Until this land can be
gone over and cleaned nothing in the
way of cultivation can be carried on,
and even where that is done the work
of leveling and getting under cultiva
tion will take a long time.
Much more devolves upon the farmer
on this side of the Atlantic than was
at first supposed. Herds of live stock
will have to be replenished, and this
will take years the provlsioiting of
the people in the meantime is tne task
the farmers here will be asked to un
dertake. Producing countries will be
taxed to their utmost to meet this de
mand all that can be provided will
be needed. This need will continue
for some time, and during this period
prices will be high. The opinion of
those who have given the question
most careful thought and study is that
food scarcity will be greater than ever
before. The Allies will have to feed
Germany, Austria, Turkey add Russia
and this in addition to the require
ments of European neutrals for in
creased supplies now that there is no
submarine menace.
To the Canadian and American farm
er this means a demand for his grain
fully as great as at any time In the
past. Wheat will be needed, meat will
be required. The slogan "don't stop
saving food" is as necessary today as
ever. The purpose of this article is to
direct attention to the fact that hun
dreds of thousands of acre's of land
in Western Canada are still unoccu
pied, and this land is capable of pro
ducing enough to supply all needs. On
its rich grasses are easily raised—and
cheaply too—the cattle that will be
sought in its soil lies the nutriment
that makes easy the production of the,
grain that will be needed, and In both
the farmer will be assured of a good
profit on his investment. The land can
be purchased at low prices, on easy
terms, and with the abundance of re
turns that it will give, it does not mean
a matter of speculation. The facts as
set out are known, and certainly are
These facts, the low cost of the land,
and its great productivity, combined,
with *the admirable marketing and'
transport facilities at the disposal of
the farmer make farming in Western
Canada an attractive proposition.—Ad
la the glorious feast of knowledge
some people never get any farther
tlian the soup.
A Mttle. disappointment novv
tlien Is a wholesome tonic.
Cenfuied to Her Bed
Days at a Time
Bat Bui'i Biooght« Quick
aid tartiag, Cure.
lb. Herrman. Ruschke, 177 Fourth
St.. jwn£ Island* City, N. Y., says:
"The sains in my.back were almost
unbearable 1 always felt tired aafl
lisAeas aad touncLib almost impossible
to attend to my Housework. Gracfcrally
tke«p*iy increased—day by day my suf
fering Became worse. Of
ten? flashes of light awl
bkcktfcpecks you^
pear befSre my*eyes and
dizz^ spells would come
ver me. My hands and
'eetsVeae swollen and my
head pained me so at
timtfs' I thought it would
split. My Kidneys an
noytfd me, too. I be
catxV despondent. Some
times^ Yould have to take to my, bed
for three or four days at a time,
had {he good., fortune to hear
Boon's Kidnef Pills, so I began us
ing 'them and was soon back in- per
fect health again. My cure btB stood
the test of time, so 1 am only too glad
to wfcommend Doan'a to other kidney
His. Ructtt
Mis. Rusckke gave the above State
ment in April, 1916. and on April 4.
1917, sRe added: "I gladly repeat all
I have said pboHt pvam't Kidney
PilH, for they have eured me ol kid
ney complaint."
ex-King Manuel on the
irone once more. Dispatches
state that the king will not refuse
Effort to Pass $100,000,000
European Relief Bill Still Un
successful In the
By'Associated Press.'
Washington, Jan. 25.—Returning to
hl8 attack on the $100,000,000 European
food relief bill today, Senator Sher
man. of Illinois, republican, reiterated
his belief that some of the money was
to be used to feed Russian bolsfrevists.
The peace conference Russian policy,
he declared, supported that opinton.
Referring to reports that President
Wilson planned a continental tour
when he returned from Europe, Sen
ator Sherman said the president con
templated a publicity campaign to
work up sentiment for immediate rat
ification of the peace treaty, which
-vould include recognition of the bol
shevist government. The president, he
declared, would "start a back fire"
against every senator who opposed the
Meyers in Protest.
Indorsing the protest of Senator
Sherman against any recognition of
the bolshevist governments, Senator
Meyers, of Montana, democrat, said:
"I am greatly surprised and disap
pointed that the powers In conference
at Paris consented to enter into nego
tiations with those people or consent
to meet them on a common plane. It
will bring joy to the heart of every I.
W. W.. anarchist, pro-German and,
enemy of organized society in this
country and cause them to increase
their conspiracy and efforts to over
throw this government and all organ
ized society."
Denouncing the bolshevists'as "the
worst criminals ever knows—worse
than the Germans"—Senator Meyers
"Crime should be punished, not re
Doubt* concerning the proper way to
vote has been expressed in speeches
by numerous senators. Smoot, Hard
ing and Cummins, for example, said
they could not make up their minds
whether it would be better to vote no
and deny Europeans Amercan aid, or
to vote yes and perhaps learn later
that they had helped the packers "put
something over."
Convention Adjourns With 44o Action
Toward Reductions.
By Associated Press.
Chicago, Jan. 25.—The convention of
the National Canners' Association ad
journed here today without official ex
pression as to whether prices of
canned goods can be Ipwered in the
immediate future. According to Frank
E. Garrell, of Washington, secretary,
sentiment informally was that the
present scale of. prices must be main
tained until wages and other costs de
£i-Kiaj Manuel of Portugal and Gaby Deslys, the cause of his dethronement. Below is Queen Augusta Victoria,
Mannel'a wife.
Paiva Conceiro ia leading a
royalist revolt in Portugal to
to head the nation again. The re
volt started after tne assassina
tion of the president in December.
Manuel lost his throne because of
liis infatuation for Gaby Deslya,
Chicago, Jan. 25.—Outer defenses of
General Highcost of feivlhg had tum
bled here today.
Butter in two weeks has dropped 13
cents wholesale, the butter and egg
board announced. Pork loins tumbled
8 cents. Veal dropped 5 and 6 cents.
Other produce has dropped in a more
or less demoralized market, due to
stoppage of government and foreign
Reciters, however, stocked up with
high priced goods, have beeiy siow to
follow wholesale .prise,-.. The butter
and egg boad, therefore, today start
ed checJilftg up on retailers who de
clVac to lower changes In conformity.
By Associated Press.
Paris, Jan. 25.—A- general transpor
tation strike was declared in Paris this
morning. The subway lines, surface
cars and automobile buses were affect
ed. The population took the matter
good naturedly and walked to wosk.
South Dakota Congressman
Asks Legislation Barring
Influx of Europe's
Washington, Jan. 25.—The war has
loosened the morals of every country
in Europe, according to Representa
tive Royal C. Johnson. Unless immi
gration is restricted there will be, he
says, a great influx of Europeans, in
cluding many women of lax moral
ideas. Mr. Johnson declares many Ger
mans plan to migrate here, I have been
told by German prisoners. "They think
they can get rich in America. It seems
to be their idea that they can shoot at
us with machine guns one day and
come over and live among us the next,"
said Mr. Johnson. Immigration should
be shut off for four years, in the view
of the South Dakota congressman.
Buenos Aires, Jan. 24.—As a result
of the strike of the marine workers the
packing houses nave withdrawn from
the cattle market. Prices for beef are
dancer. Manuel later married and
with his wife has been living quiet
ly in the country for the last few
years. They are said to be very
happy together.
Declares Before Congressional
Committee Losses of 35th
Not Abnormal—Gives
the Figures.
By Associated Press.
Washington, Jan. 25.—Losses of the
35tn division ('Kansas and Missouri na
tional guard) In killed and died of
wounds during its entire service in
France up to November 7, were 827
men. Secretary Baker told the House
rules committee today in connection
with a resolution by Representative
Campbell, of Kansas, -calling for con
gressional investigation of reported ex
cessive losses in this division.
Allen Statements.
The resolution was founded on state
ments \made by Governor Allen, of
Kansas) on his return from service
with the Y. M. C. A. attach/d to the
35th division. It asked for investiga
tion of reports that the division, in a
seven days' tight in the Argonne for
est, lacked adequate artillery support,
ammunition, food, airplane protection
and adequate care of wounded, 1,200 of
whom were said to have been left on
wet ground without shelter for 36
General March, who accompanied
Secretary Raker, said that roughly 300,
000 American troops participated In
the Argonne-fighting. They had be
hind them 4,000 guns, he said, and an
official statement from the chief of
stall of the artillery of the First army,
of which the 35th was a part, stated
that the infantry never got beyond
artillery support.
Welcome* Probe.
Secretary Baker said the war d£r
partmAit invited the fullest investi
gation by congress of the conduct of
the war.
Representative Campbell brought out
the fact that both infantry brigade
commanders of the 35th division. Gen
erals Clarence 1. Martin, a national
guard officer, and McClure, a regular,
iiad been removed on the eve of the
battle. Secretary Baker and General
March said they had no specific In
formation as to the reason for theso re
movals. but General March thought it
was "a preliminary" to the l^attle.
Difficult Operation.
Secretary Baker said the Argonne
battle was "the most difficult opera
tion ever undertaken by American
troops," and General March declared
that no hjnt of complaint had come
from abroad as to the handling of di
visions in that action.
"It was a well planned battle," the
chief of staff declared. "It would never
have gotten through If it had not
The indicated casualties,' he thought,
"were incredibly low," in vjew of the
difficulties »f the fight in the forest.
Representative Campbell asked Gen
eral March if the removal of General
Mprtln and McClure had not tended to
*eraase battle plans "*,
No waiting! When meals don't fit
and you belch gas, acids nnd undigest
ed food. When you feel indigestion
pain, lumps of distress in stomach,
heartburn or headache. Hero is instant
Just as soon as you eat a tablet of
Pape's Diapepsin all the dyspepsia, in
digestion and. stomach distress ends.
These- pleasant, harmless tablets of
Pape's Diapepsin always make sick, up
set stomachs feel fine at once and they
cost so little at drug stores.—Adv.
Sentry Acknowledges Some Anxious
Moments After He Had Halted
Commanding Officer.
In that remarkable series of letters,
"A,College Man in Kluiki," by Wain
wright Merrill, the boy author amus
ingly tells of his tremors as he chal
lenged a general while on sentry duty:
'"Alt 'Oo goes there?"
(Calm, low, voice): "Friend!"
(Harsh roar) "General officer!"
"Advance, One, an'-be-recognized."
Hie fuming adjutant, who wisheefcto
leave at once, came up, and swore
audibly. Smiling sweetly, I said:
"Pass, frjend. Advance, Two!"
Up he came. Ye gods, it was the
general! If ho were displeased, I
might be clinked, court-martialed,
"Show your rank, sir!"
Obligingly did (he much-mustached
old boy extend a sleeve from his bur
berry (British trench raincoat). Criti
cally did I examine the crossed baton
und sword, the crown, and the re
splendent star. Then:
"Very good, sir. l'ass, friend all's
The dear old thing saluted aud
passed on. I breathed well ugain.
Magician's. Real Object.
We do not learn tricks of magic in
order to deceive other people hut to
entertain them. The magician's object
is not to mislead but to amuse.
It often costs a lot to keep virtue
in repair, but the self-starter of vice
is always in' working order.
Keep clean Inside well as ontslde by taking
a gentle laxatWe at least once a week, such as
Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Adv.
There arc two sides to every story
and a lot of them should be turned.
Need Help to Pass the Crisis Safe
ly—Proof that Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound
Can be Relied Upon.
Urbana, 111.—"During Change of Life,
In addition to its annoying symptoms, I
had an attack of
grippe which lasted
all winter and left
me in a weakened
condition. I felt at
tftpes that I would
never be well again.
read of Lydia E.
inkham's ge
table Compound
and what it odt for
women passing
through the Change
of Life, so I told my
doctor I would try
it. I soon began to
gain in strength
and the annoying
symptoms dia
tpp&red aad your Vegetable Compound
has mafie fne a well, strong woman ao
I do all my own housework. I cannot
recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compoundf too highly to women
passing through the Chanpe of Life."
13168. Orchade
St., Urbana, 111.
.. Women who suffer from nervousness,.
"heat flashes, "N backache, headaches
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root and. herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
Use Gaticura Soap
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