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For Pain
.• .V
•Mackerel Adorning Milady's Bonnet
Caused a Sensation on the
Streets of Old Beantown
Introducing the "flsh" hat—latest
-nilUiiiery creation of. staid old Boston,
home of the cod and mackerel.
Tremont street was all agog when
Miss Lucretia Seymour, artist and
•designer, appeared wearing the "flsh"
hut atop her castle clip. Girls nudged
their companions, dignified matrons
gazed in horror, chauffeurs tooted their
horns and things were all upset in
I .genera I as Miss Seymour walked se
vrenel.v down the street.
The object of all this consternation,
envy, admiration, etc., Is modeled
after the mackerel. The color Is
white. Fins are in evidence. Fishes'
-«ycs gleam from the head. The tall
ls Just in position for a swing under
fthc waves. Small celluloid petals are
si used in the construction of the head
$ Miss Seymour declared that it took
eight hours a day for eight consecutive
|lnys to design and construct the "fish"
Getting It flight.
Mr. C. Archibald Sharpe—Newpop's
little boy is dead.
Mrs. S.—I didn't know he had a hoy.
"He hasn't. I tell you the boy Is
"I mean I didn't know he had the
fboy before he died."
"Who said he was dead? It was
boy that died."
'r? 4
The New York health authorities had a Rrocfe
Vu manufacturer ecntenced to the penitentiary for selling throughout
tia filled States millions of "Talcum powder" tablets as Aspirin Tablets
Don't buy Aspirin in a pill box! Get Bayer package]
Never ask for just Aspirin Tablets! Always say,
/'Give me a package of 'Bayer Tablets of Aspirin.'"
Insist that every Aspirin Tablet you take must come
4n the regular Bayer package and the
"Bayer Cross*
must appear on this package and on each tablet.
Adults—Take one or two "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" with
water. If necessary, repeat dose three times a day, after meals.
Proved Safe by Millions! American Owned!
Boxes of 12 tablets—Bottles of 24—Bottles of 100—Also Capsules.
Aspirin ii the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of Mnoiceticacideiter of SalieylieaeM
"How so
Stiff Neck
Joint Pains
Prisoner Really Not to Blame for Hit
Constant Return to Place of
A member of a prison commission,
visiting a penitentiary for purposes of
studying the conditions of prison lifes
chanced to be in the office as one
young fellow was being discharged.
"Why," said the sociologist to him,
"don't you live quietly at home with
your family, instead of committing a
crime that sends you right bnck to
prison Just as soon as you get out?"
"Well," said the young fellow, with
a grim smile, "(hat's just the point—
It's my love, of family that gets me
into jail."
Postum First Found Favor
In the Small Communities
then in the cities, then in the nation's great
metropolitan centers, until today it is de
manded everywhere, and sold everywhere,
as America's greatest health drink for table
use. You can get from your grocer
The Original
Boil it just like coffee—15 minutes after
boiling begins.
It doubles the enjoyment of the meal with
its rich, invigorating flavor and, unlike cof
fee, it never upsets nerves, stomach or heart.
Children as well as grown folks can drink
Postum freely. It'
There's a Reason
Two Sites, usually sold at 15c and 25c.
"Why, my father and mother are
both In prison. But we can never
meet. They go !n, I come out! They
leave, I go In. It's a regular thing,
and it upsets our family life."—Car
toons Magazine.
They Knew.
"Children," said the teacher toward
the close of tin: geography lesson on
Australia, "there Is one animal that
no one has mentioned. It Is quite tall,
and does not stand up on Its legs all
of the time. It cannot walk like other
animals and people, and takes funny
little skips. What is it?" "Charlie
Chaplin," yelled the row of movie
fans on the front seat.—
This Is from a boy's composition on
"Babies:" "The mother's heart gives
4tl\ joy at the baby's 1st 2th."
More Farms Should Have
Berries and Other
Small Fruil to.
are too many American
farms without small fruit, and
yet nothlug else adds more en
joyment and comfort to the farm
home than do strawberries, raspber
ries, blackberries, currants or goose
They are easy to propagate, easy
to grow, require little cure and are
so productive that th^y are always
a source of profit.
Raspberries and blackberries are
propagated by planting suckers or
sprouts taken from old plants. These
sprouts are so numerous as to be a
source of trouble. They may be
thinned out during the winter
months, by cutting off, close to the
ground, the old, heavy canes, leav
ing only a few of the young and ten
der shoots to remain.
As winter trimming
apt to cause
a dying back of every sprout cut,
the young shoots which are permit
ted to remain, should not be trimmed
until spring, but this trimming
should be done before the sap starts
or the shoot will bleed to death.
After the excessive wood growth
Is cut away, the plants should be
left about three feet apart in the
rows and the rows should be about
five feet apart.
A light straw or manure mulch
spread out to cover the ground will
protect the plant and Increase the
following year's crop.
Currants are hardy and heavy
hearing and grow In nearly any kind
of anil except heavy clay. The plants
hould be planted and thinned out so
ns to grow about four feet apart
eiich way.
They are easily propagated with
cuttings taken from the old plants
i.i the fall. These cuttings should
about six Inches long and taken
rom tender, mediumly developed
canes. They can be tied up In bun
•lles and kept In a cool dry place un
til spring and planted with the small
fid and one bud sticking above the
imnd. All buds below the top of
ground will form the root sys
the bud above ground will form
t! branches.
1:* preferred these cuttings can bo
plar-* I In the fall and If covered
wit':. .!nr Inches of straw will grow
ear'y 1 Tie following spring.
Cv.-: ,nts should be pruned very
lltti-' the fall, because the berries
are i* educed on old wood and not on
nev.- -od.
(!:•oberrles are grown in tho
earn-.- manner as currants. The va
riety Known as the "Downing" Is
pro :ly the best.
T:= best fertilizer for berry plants
Is lined from a mulch made of
wel! i'.lxed manure, straw, garbage,
woo ashes, leaves and grass clip
pings. This fertilizer should be
spre:' between and around the roots
of cu plants,
Natic 1 Geared Gut Races Ungeared.
De Vero Siacpoola, the author,
writes .0 the London Morning Post:
Son .j time ago I pointed out to your
reader- that the world is really made up
of rati-.-, not of nations, and that to gear
the i..-tiona together in a league of
peace :miJ to leave the rucea ungeared is
not engineering. Viscount Ishii is point
ing 01:1 the same fact.
The major energies of the world arc
to be controlled by minor energies, tho
big wheels d:4ven liy the Ititle without
any belting attached. That is the scheme
of the Wilsorjan engine.
And this a heme is being pushed before
the greatest race war the world has over
seen is yet .-.•Got, whilst the Teuton loathes
the Anglo Saxon and the Anglo-Saxon
the Teuxoi. whllnt the Irish are raving
over race wrongs, the Slavs slewing the
Tartar on. their teeth, and the yellow rrun
beginning to draw coldly apart. To
change Mie simile, the conductors of race
power e-e to rule race, power.
And meanwhile the. committee for the
total abolition of thunderstorms by means
of a league of lightning rods costing
the world, what, in the way of lost time,
loat energy, and lost money?
Victory Coat*.
Charlotte Kellogg, in Atlantic Monthly.
Women of Brussels dyed their stuut
linen sheets an attractive blue, or
or brown, and fashioned them into smart
summer suits, making sandals to match
from napkins. These they wore In tri
umph on the boulevards during all the
summer of 1918. ami for them this was
equivalent to waving a Belgian flag
in tho face of the Oerman officers they
When Dr. arrived in Brussels two'
weeks^ after the German" had evacuated,
and we were walking along the Boule
vard Anspacli, he expressed some sur
prise at the coat." three women In front
of U3 were wearing--tliey were of excel
lent material and very chic.
I smiled. "Yon. they are unusual." I
said: "t'.ioy are •Victory coats' n'nde of
blanlf-ts paved from the Germans by ho.
ing dvec! dari: Mim and cut into ttfese
smart winter mode!--."
1. A- The Newer Airahipo. .*•••
From th" New York
Here rontimiA to come from the British
government reports on the possibilities in
aeronauti'.-: that r. like .lules Yorne.
O110 Jt the late.-t .-|:vK ---itH that rigid air
ships of IO.ijOO.OW feat are quite pos
sible. and that t'e i-euM lift 200 tons and
remain a left for iln-e* v.eeka, t. ivellng up
to 20,000 miles in tha: period.
The "guarantr**" understood to have
been given France still remain a mystery.
They are surrounded by the rroatsst ao
CMCy. and it snuld not be ftgr.jrtajned
wiether they will be included in the
trlaty jln a K-.-pnrie
Prima Donna Had Good Business Rea
sons for Asking for Slight
Change in Contract.
Senator Lodite snutHlal the warning
that ili! articles of the league of na
tions should he weighed carefully bv
{ore being adopted. He asserted that
too many ties might well jeopardize
pur future.
"Indeed." we may well follow the
?x:iuntie of the prima donna wiio was
rending a rough draft of her new_con
"When site came to the paragraph
providing tiiat she should have trans
portation for herself, her maid. Iter dog
ind Sig. (hunheni, her husband, she
irew a line through the signor's name.
"Must make tliar husband.' she said.
'Yes, madam,' assented the mana
ger. 'hut may I nslc why?'
"The diva blushed and coyly fin
gered her hair. 'I might wish to make
a change,' she answered."
Supply Exhausted.
Jennie came home from her play
mate's, saying she was too mad to
play with Jane any longer. Before
night she tensed to go hack and play
with Jane.
"I thought you were angry with
Jane," her mother said.
"Oh, I wns," replied the child, "but
there wasn't aiad enough in me to last
all day."
When your shoes pinch or your corns and
bunions ache get Allen's Foot-15ase, the
antiseptic powder to be shaken into shoes
and sprinkled in the foot-bath. It will
take the sting out of corns and bunions
and give Instant relief to Tired. Aching,
Swollen, Tender feet. Sold everywhere.
Don't accept any substitute.—Adv.
St. Louis boasts of the champion
la/.y man. He went to work and was
too lazy to stop.
Ilevenge is a gun that kicks harder
than it shoots.
An acid-stomach cannot digest food
properly. Instead, the food sours and
ferments and, passing into the intes
tines, becomes a breeding place for
countless millions of deadly germs—
toxic poisons they are culled. These
poisons are absorbed into the system
and cause untold misery. So, you see.
It is jtlRt acid-stomach, nothing else—
that makes so many people weak, list
less and unfit saps their strength and
energy robs them of their vigor and
vitality. Biliousness, had liver, nerv
ousness, blinding, splitting headaches,
rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica—these
pnd many other still more Kerious ali
ments often are traced ,'.o the com
mon source—an acid-stomach.
Take EATONIC and get rid quickly
of the pains of indigestion, heartburn,
that horrible, lumpy, bloated feeling
after eating disgusting, belching,
food-repeating sour, gassy stomach.
These stomach miseries are caused by
what doctors call "flyperaciditv." It's
Just ACID STOMACH. And in ad
dition to the pains and miseries it.
causes, ACID-STOMACH is the start
er of a long train of ailments that
most people never dreamed are In
Indigestion, Gas
and Bloat From
And Possibly There Was a Littlt $ar»
casm in Remark Credited te
Real Soldier.
"Don't over imagine that the British
haven't any sense of humor," said
Itohert Chambers, the author, recently.
"A friend of mine, just hack from Lon
don relates an incident that shows that
the Tommy, at least, has a funnybone
somewhere in his anutomy.
"These two Tommies, disheveled,
torn with wounds and altogether un
tidy, were on leave in London. As
they stood in Trafalgar square there
approached a detachment of the Wind
sor guard in silver trappings, waving
plumes, red coats, long ^irnished boots
shining like mirrors, and kid gloves.
"The Tommies looked on In silence
for a moment and then one nudged hi*
"'Looka, Rill,* he whispered in aa
awed voice. 'Them's sojers.'"
She Knew.
An Evansvllle mother and her tw«
children were visiting her sister's
home for the evening, says the Indi
anapolis Star. The growu niece, who
was fond of the children, fed them
candy. All at once she turned from
the children to oifer her young annt
some gum. The aunt smiled.
"No, 1 don't believe I care for any,"
she returned.
Then Nola, the seven-year-old cous
in, spoke up.
"Yes, you do. too, mother," she
piped. "Trite know you always beg us
children for some of ours on the wny
home from here every time we come."
Kill tha Flies Now and Prevent
dlMaaei A DAISY FLY KILLER will do IU
Kills thousanda. Laati all season. All dealers,
orflveMBtexpreMpaldfortl.iUf. H.BOMEB8,
150 De Kaib Ave., -Brooklyn, N. Y. Adr.
More than 2,400 operations are nec
essary in the manufacture of a good
any way connected with the stomach.
Pleasant tasting EATONIO TAB
LETS that you eat like a bit of candy,
quickly put an end to your stomach
troubles. They act as an absorbent—
literally wipe up the excess hurtful
acid and make the stomach pure,
sweet and strong. Help digestion so
that you get all the power aud energy
from your food. You cannot be well
without it!
If you are one of those who have
"tried everything" but In spite of it
still suffer all kinds of acid-stomach
miseries—if you lack physical and
mental strength and vigor—begin at
once to take EATONIC. Get back
your physical and mental punch and
enjoy the good things of life. Like
thousands of others you will say yon
never dreamed that such amaziugly
quick relief and such a remarkable
improvement In your general health
was possible.
Your druggist has EATONIC. We
authorize him to guarantee It to give
you instant relief or refund your
money. C(et a big box of EATONIC
today, it coirts but little and the r»
suits are wonderful!
In Western Canada Grain Growing taa profit maker. Rafcing
Sheepand Hosts brings certain success. It's easy to prosper where you
can raise £0 to 45 bu. oi wheat to the acre and bay on easy
Land at $15 to $30 Per Acre
—Good Grazing Land at Much Less.
Railway £id Land Companies offer unusaal Indaeenents to hoaw*
Beckers to settle in Western Canada and enjoy hex prosperity. I na»« w«t»
for the purchase of stock or other farming requirements can be at low interest.
The Goycra-uccta of the Dominion and Provinces of Manitoba. Saskatche
wan and Alberta extend every encouiugemeiit to the farmer and roudunao.
You can obtain extent land at fow prices on easftenns, and get high prices
for your grain, cattle, sheep and hope—
low tazes(nooe on
improvements), good markets and shipping farflitiea, free
schools, churches, splendidclimateandsurecrops.
ptadKt»r*tar«. maaSidMfristioaotf lead*tatmbIn I
C.A.6*,! HI.
Vn S.B.} V. V.I ,*•••4,1
MIC a^ t,A.Cms*. MlfaUibMt,Sbr«d.l
Canadian Government Agents
IMestern Canada
is as profitable as Grain Grouinql

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