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Looking hack to the No. 0 the
Cresse t, where w loft off spik
ing, which was (No- 18 July
the 161908) And taking up
our Bibictl Hue of thought As
wt have stated, that there arc
the many who think that Ma
sonry had it origin, and begin-
mng wiwi King ooiomon-cui u
had not, as we have said before.
it reached far beyond this mighty j
King, originated at the hands of
God in the garden of Eden Nov;
there are the many who do not
understand the word Mason, or
A Mason is a Builder, or will
say a Master Builder, the
Masons, or Freemasons ar the
Builders (or fellow-crafts)-
instance Hiram A biff was the
Master Builder And all tho
rest of the workman follow
craftsman Under the direction
of the Great Arohitector, God
Himself, they building the earthly
temple, the natural building- In
like manner L'aul was the Mas
tor Builder (or Mason,) as Paul
"AcenrdhiR to tlia (Since ot U'1 whien
Is given unto mo, an n wise, matter build
tr, I have laid the foundation, mid an
other bulldetli thereon. But let every
nan take heed bow he bulidetb Ihere
upon. For othtr fnnm'.ati'in can no imn lay
than that is laid, which In .Ihsus Christ.
Now if any man build upon this
foundation gold, ailvcr. precious stones
wood, hay, stubble; t Cor. 8-10-11 --
it )
Yes you will see by this, that
Paul was a wise Master Build
r-And that they were all la
borers together, (Sec 0th. vrso.)
And any one building upon the
foundation which He laid, which
wss Jesus Christ, wood, hay,
stubble, or precious stone
Would have to be vary careful
how they built thereon, for er-1
ery man's works should be tried
by the Great Master BaUder J
God Himself.
While Hiram Abiff was a Mas
ter Mason in building the natur
al heuse, Paul was a free and ac
cepted Mason building the spirit
ual house. And it was 'or this
reason that Paul spake to the fel-Ibw-craftin
this manner;
"For though ye have ten thousand in
truotere In Christ, yet have yn not
many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I hao
begotten you through tho gospel,
Wherefore I beseech you, be yu fol
lowers of me. (1 Cor. 4-15-16 )
Many think just of the name, Ma
sonand do not think that the namp
is a derivetive of tbe werk con-
-I I E
necterl with the peopls who eon
noct themselves with tim work
And in like manner when the
time comes we shall show rtiuls I
connection with Oddfeitowahtp
So for the presont, reaching
back to the Great work done by
Tho first thing in building the
, . ... . .. vi... ' 0..11 !
de,., whohad the proper art of
God'a own pm- 60 we shall
rQtt(j (,,,.,.
"I Am! I;in: Snlnmnif nent and
fei biM Hiram oUl nf Tyre.
II whf a widow's ion of die tribe of
Nanhuli, slid hit fMhei ' k man of
Tyrt, t work K in bra; ud he was:
Blled with wisdom, and andoisianiltoig.
10 "vork "II works in lra:. I
p'" Mm Si!'"n.
wrnntfitt an Bi( work,
I'm !ie i"ist two hrass, tf
eighteen cuhits iiiirh apiece; ami line
of twelve cubits diii compass either of
them about' (l Kings 718 -15.)
Two Pillars of brass wore
made by Hiram - Now in this
day and age of the world it
would be vry peculiar, for to
see a man beginning a large
building by hewing out two large
pillows for the first thing, or
first timbers to the building"
Nevertheless this was the design
of the Great Architect above
Reminding u of the fact that
this temple was to be a pattern
of the heavenly temple--This
also reminds us of the fact that
God said that H had two wit,
Desses And also reminds us
that a part of those two witness
er are his two olive treesThen
we have the TWO pillars repre
senting the two olive trees-
These two pillars are given in
Masonry in this language:
The fourth, or front side, was
open, and was ornamented with
a portico Urn oubits iu width,
I supported by two brawn pil
1 lars Jacfeia and Boazi'' (His-
, n , di of rwm:i.
sonry by Mncoy Oliver. Page
' . 1 -
$78 agt BtW)
So we soe that a Masonic Hall ,
is not coinplotp without Neith
er is God's Word without the
two witnesses Aid they are
his two olive trees and his two
candlesticks. Yea there must
be two capjtorfi with the two
pillars, as there are two candle
sticks, connected with the two
olive trees- Those two candle
sticks are to giva light, and 80 it
is represented in the two capi
tors as wa can learn from
pillars of the porch.
It is generally thought that these
pillais were made and erected
supported no building, t
hit f
Aborbitiels conjucturfl is ftot :,M
.probable, that Solomon iind re
spoet to the pi!lar of the ' loud,
' and tho pillar of fire, that wont
before thetn and conducted 'hem
j in the wilderness, find was a Ur
I kon of the divine Providence ovor
; thciu.
,' Those h? tu't at the porch, or
1 entrtthce f the Temple (Jachin
representing the pillar of the
1 'Hoed, arid Bbaa the pillar of fire,)
I praying and hoping thai tin; Di
vine Light, and the oloud of Hi
glory would vouch-aafe to enter
I in there; and by them God and
!ili providence would dwell
among them in this house."
(History and Cyclopedia of Froe-
masonry by Macoy Oliver- Page
Now there is do nus so blind
but can see the closta connection
of those beaut i
truths, with
the Bible
The Curtain Kail.
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L ., m
j;, jpy j u .1
This wiue spread diicuieion of
lynch Inn- in iloiog some ond.
The people nt large will be
forcod to think aOut the causes of
mobs, livery body Will not think
correctly and all kinds nf errone-
mil conclusion ma' ho reached,
lut in tht end the public ?ll lyavu
more definite opinions about what!
ou(.;ht to be done to check crime. 1
One' truth' will .s made olesr,
and that ia tb need of qoiekor and
surer nio'ii of enforcing tbo lw
Criminal proceedings an' loo
alow and uncertain, The kloka,
oiirves and senseless intrioaciea of
criminal Juriaprudonce could ba
out out of the lav without ondan1
goring tin) inDOcen!. Lawyers
have too Rjueh to say ulioitt when
cases shall be tried. The taxpayers
and the public who do not COtnmlt
crime have sorr.e rights in a conrl
room when they are not litigants.
Cntttinnanaes, fhango ol venue,
special jnrtea aod new tiials all
coat money, ami the good citizen
ie heavily burileaed in ordei that
bud men may ba given ai, oppor
tantty to cheat justice.
Courts are absurdly bsndicapsd
by inherited forma ot law that
have no place in an age of daily
newspapers and wireless tologra
pby, It mav bavo seemed very
very wiso nt one time to raakc tbe
state prove that John T)ro died of
h "mortal" wound and that the
pistol that Itillnd him was "loadml
with powder and bull," but now
tbi person of nrdioary sense whose
r 03 sun hns not been pervar.ted by
tbo fooiiahneaa ot tho law ean see.
no Justitiuation tor many oi thu
usages of coarts, Thera may have
beet) a tune when tho dealers in
real estate had tho fine discern
moot to sow all the ahades nf mean
ing implied by tho words, ''bar
gain.'' ''pell'' '"grant." and convoy;''
but today the maker of a deed to a
pisoa "i land only comprehends
the simple tact that he is Balling
his property.
Hamuli outside of -gaasiwsrtra
to persist in say i tig that V.e "lived,'
"dwelt' resided,' ''domiciled"
and hud his "habitation" on South
aireet that poraon would bn Uiek
ed tip as an insane suspect.
Iho law can be ttaads to con
form to the rules nf common sense.
Tbe thing to do when a person
is charged with a crime in to find
out whether bo is guilty or inno
000 1, The method of investigation
should be direct, and as simple an
possible. Let the testimony go
ttraigt to the alleged deed without
those bowildoring and irrational
tricks of court room legerdemain.
Then, tbe time to try a caso is
while the facts are frosh in the
minds of tbe witnesses, before any
body hns diod or moved out of tbe
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jurisdiction of the court. The in
nocent generally need no continu
ances or changes nf venue. Let tbe
law shako off it venerable non
sense, become quicker and surer aa
tho Nemesis evil doing, shorten tbe
distance between crime and penal
ty, and anarchy will yield to the
power that nr
regularly or-
A 8t, Louis citizen wanted to
take a street ear ride. He planted
liiinneli ou a street corner and sig
nalled the first car that come bis
way. The Btr-ot car sailed right
by . The same performance was
(TO be through with the next two
ears. When tbe fourth waa seen
approaching the irate citizen dreWj
hi revolver and gavo tho motor-,
man to understand that if lie did
not stop hi,', transit Vutgon that ho,
W'uilit be used for a target. The
car stopped long enough for n po-(
1 iceman 10 uo caueo anu tno man t
with a gun to hp placed tinder ar- i
rust. ' i
Tbe police judge, before whom
tho prisoner was arraigned, not
on'v acnuitted him but luatified
v 1 4 kW. i
hia conduct, raying that when a ,
street car refused lo stop w boa
signalled, that a inuu bad Iherght
.. ..I. ..I" . L.
',' wwv, n .ium nt 11, u iiii'iui mull.
t'f course thoro is no law upont! Vi
which to predicate such a ruling.
When analyzed the deeisiop of the
judge smacks very strongly of tho y
mob. law spirit which so recontly
has received the condemnation 0
the president and of the governora'
of several commonwealths. Besides'
the matter and manner of stopping
a street ear with a rovolver bor- 1
ders too eloaoly npon the habits of
tho cow boy in the "wild and woolJ
ly west, to be adoptod in a World,
Kair oity. --Npringfiold Leader.
Aod wo add, frenr'tbe siaod
point, of religious prejudice, mob
law has been fostorod and harbored
in the heart of tbe people until
many times it has become real in
action. Let tbe miniatery In a
combined effort from (he pulpit, by
power ot voice and influence uej
their greatest strength to condemn
tho very spirit that endnote the
leading factors of this awful crime! t
of mob law, Liko Roosevelt we,
beliore every effort should he sotf
forth in the strongest term to
wipo out thia abomination, and'
tho minister)- should he tbe lead
ing factor to do so.
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