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:A Good Husband1 RELIGION,
And Wife
Brothers and Sisters
in Christ, Read this;
. . r . ! . i
cnrlSvr iwaac was reowmeo
from death thrpo da
Abraham was commanded tooiiVr1
him up. und 1 : i-i i was raised
from tli" dead tline dava after
his actual ci aclflxion. And, last
ly, Isaac became the father of
the Jew-an Christ is the univer
sal father "f Christians.
iSHMAi-TL ft is probable
that Iahmaol laughed and ,r red Wo cannot help but write often
at the great bustle which was, on this subject, for every man's
ade at Isaac s weaning, looking : family should bo oesr and dour to hef,
upon htmsoif a the firstborn, , (ini. ..,, l0 & model husband, the
and by right of that to have the . . . , . . .
.. , .. ,m remembrance ol a good-hvc kisMit "
pnviiodjje of fulfilling the pronv
ise of the Messiah. This gives I the door in the rooming by a lov
a good account of Sarah's car-"g wife, when he leaves for his
wELlS of jmAGiC
Religion, is a wonderful ihir,. It
das ho m;. nv advocates, ilmt it is
For tlic enterprising man, with
netupss for the expulsion not
only of bitn, but of his mother
also; who it is likely flattered
him. and bare him up in those
pretorsioui;. Many think he did
more than mock him. because
St- Paul calls it persecution,
which Hierom takes for beating.
Isaac, who perhaps resenting
his flouts, might say something
that pporoked lshmael to heat
him. And it is very probable
uc mnthur oncoura1'!"- him in
J l I if " - v
tui.-), m '
in his insolence, wnicn was uw
reason why Sarah pressed to have
them both turned out of doors.
JACUIN'. In the dome Of Worts
burg, in front of the entrance to
the chamber of the dead, we see
on or.o Hid on the chapiter of u
column the nysterious inscription
Jflchiu; and at the other side, the
word Boa-, on the stiftCt f a ptl.
1 r. And. the figure of Christ,
Which occupies the top of tin- por
tal ef the. church o.l St.. Dennis
has his hand placed Hi a position
an eye to ontof.the-woy romance
I ?7 often inipoaail.le for be aver- lJ(,P0$1.0 hundreds of magical wells
jiige person to recognise where scattered all over the world, each
ithe true principals aro: It at. the poasessinija plcluresuoe story ol
Hrsl glance, to the eye ot the many, its own ur)J i(s ,niraoulou powers!
. i i ' . L ; ! i ' 1
are not uecernsoie, lor toe mnjeri- U)at ,,., ,ieir (lWn pMalfcrij
ty of all denominations are mpi LDd oij-ounntsncee have arisen Into
posed to fight for their own I promfnanoe sind notsriety.
There are at least it thousand of
And yet this is not the work of jhefl wondorfof wells In the world,
todd christian Un U(mtn i, u...t .,,i .
Poi acbrlstlaD's fight should be joDB( ,nany oi lheir features and
the sumo, i , . , . . i
' close principals are hidden away
Ah o-yful an could be: , ,
' j where even the most Observant
lo fight ii out in Joins' name, . . ,
christian man, may pass them by
Beeause i ho light's for thicc. , .,
I without any suspicion of their pros
These inspiring lines tiro a
moae all truth, fell over the civil-! ' ,. ..
' AT... . r t ... I. n .. ......
;i I r
daily toil, makes bis Work more
agreeable, the day mere bright, ihe
honrfi more pleasant, and life more
enjoyable, And in ll.m mmW lie. , ,, , i -Many ol tlutin, however,
- I isou worm us s sanipiu svanxii. . . A. ,.
... , -f,,,,. i,o,.,i Hun i . . ; made famous the World over,
return;, nt nip;ht, nflei haid days fow toU(.llinj. lBW psthotle. a v , '
, . Such is the max"' power 01 their
work, enco more bo bcci the bright and yot how do fithtfa ly bunror . , , , ,
vr M w s u wmiv vatv mov ten iii,
who lire the lirst to drink ol them
smile end cheerful count tnat.ee, ol our these elegant line are! From
tin Tilh Powler Oct II 1003
W. .). tJ. Tonnell Plato Mo.
Deal Brother;
I seo ly yours of
the 5th Inst, published in tho
ORKst-KT No. 'M that rou bnvo
some masons that the Lodge inot
the church of Hod. "Come let US
reason together.' Suitli the Lord
as it roads;
"(Dine now. snd lei un rtason fogoth?
i, saith tbe Lord, tbougb ytir Bins he
tis nosrlet, they shall be as white ss snow
thoiii'ii iln y be red like crimson, they
shall be as wool." (Isa I 18.)
I believe all of tlod'" Word,
now it you can show me from
Cod's Word that I am mis
taken; the light will bo rcsiev
ed with delight as 1 want to thor
oughly understand the Word of
Truth, rightly dividing the unrao;
you May thnl ynu often get dis
conraged in trying to understand
the Bible it being tho hardest
Book to understand that you over
read; now let us be careful lest wa
his much beloved wife, who is res.
d)' by tli s lamocarresa of tho morn
ing to welcome her good husband j
to her arms, and bitppy fireside at1
learn tho great truth j
that has been heretofore carefully I
Conoealed, ilmt a hhr'n tit o who is i
married to u god, and ns a rule, aoi'.
eager to remain In tho wf aii 'l'0
after being at tho altar is assured
Ibe upper scat for the rest of their
joint lives; As they till a more
honorable place Thai is if the
other do not come to the same well
t4 1 accuse (rod, as he says his word is
..t .-..:.,t..;,-i htm close of dav.
;;SL UIBIWUWmVU mm, - .v'pii.ui,,! inij.ii imiuivu v.. uuj J ,1 ; I, ,,,! k. i i i ,',,
And to the out streached arms creed. Tne reason' he does 00tL u. -.i .1 ,
! to Faith, the one has been more wis.
ol his little ones ac ithav toddle to wish to no ukea otherwise is most ,. . ,, ,,
01 uia uino iuvi, ; I er lhan the other. Many arc these
meet him. All go lo make blm ooannuHy expr.ssea in mis lino;
1 want 10 go nomo to Jaeaven
foel as though 00 daily toil could
he to hard for him, ho that he may
keep that smilo on the fiico of his
wile and strength in those little BirthtdftV DinilCr
arms, which are want to grnet htm,
Yes give such a man work, plen-
ol work; it mutters not bow hard,
or how long tho hours II" bns a
wife near and dear to him, tender
and loving little children ho loves
.. !.'.. I , 1 !..- 1 on hill ilshiliM tire 10
wall known to all existing r.u-i .
heavy 10 oiiunn iui mom- -wouj
rtstbg upon the floorcloth or up
on the Bible ! the compasses and
the square should lead the
thoughts of the brethren to heav
en. If wo find it has many staves
or rounds, they represent as many
moral and religions duties. 1! it
has only three, they rhould rep
aant Faith, H-po, and Charity.
Draw Fait It, Hope, and Chanty
from the Bible; with these three
encircle the whole earth, and or
der all thy actions by the sl'1',,
of truth; bo shall the heavens be
opened unto thee.
JAH. The inspired writing in
form us that the deity was known
in idolatrous nations,, under his
own proper and significant appeT
f Jehovah. St. Paul says,
trig him8Clf, thai they may not
want for any good thing.
Trying In the name of JesUSl to
lay up for himself treasures in Hea
von, where he trusts he may have
an unbroken family around the
throne oi God; where moth and
rust doth not corrupt, nor thieves
break through and steal.
Therefore, buibande love your
wives, as Christ does tho Chtireb
Wives love your husbands, for this
is the will ot tied. Let no root of
bitterness spring op between you.
To often husband und wife sepa
rates in the morning to he parted
all day from each other, feeling
hard toward each other, by the
hnrah words that had been uttered
by them, before separating.
Oh ! them cruel words that drop.
pod from tho wife's lips, and sank
God, though they I deep down Into the husband's
fckftt t.hev know
glorified him not Si
wore they thankful; but worship-
. iu. ..return rather than the
gu lliw iyR
heart- John you are so mean you
do not troat mo right: An arrow
in the heart, that cause many deep
Given in honor to Mrs M, V.
Robertson, Oct, Sib. 1908: It be
ing the 04th. anniversin-y of her
birthday, To show tho apprecia
tion of her neighbors, the following
persons met at her house with
baskets well.fillcd and partookf
cue of tho grandest dinners ever
served in Clinton Township;
P. A Frye and wife. W. B. Jlal
liburton and family. Rufus Bali
barton and family, Marion ilali-
burlon and family; T.JM, Patter
son and wife, II. M, Dako and fam
ily T. Michnm and family, A. T.
Rncker and wile, Mr, Mary Oxley
and throe daughters, Mrs. M. J.
Brown and desghtor. Mrs Morv
M i-birn, Mrs. Mary Ore and two
daughters and son, Mrs, Culton and
Children, Mrs. Myers, Mrs, Berth
olo and sons, Mrs. Amos, Mrs.
Lane, Mrs. Delia Canada, Mrs.
Cora Hoffartb, Mrs. Jane Stnhhs
und family, Mrs, Jim Melton and
family, Mrs, Bnrres and family,
Bid, J. A. Jordan and Master Mar
vin Parker. Miking 70 persona in
All those pnrties acknowledge a
good time, und join in wishing
Mrs Robertson many anniversaries,
By one that was there.
SO'Callod holy veils which they
say have groat and wonderful re
ligious virtues So say the founders
uf thcni, there ;ire many men today
t hat would thank God to akc up,
and find out that those Wells of scll
ilhneiS were ,eoiie and never more to
rtarn, to call thems-ilves the 1 hurch
or churches, Put would be one in
Christ as he prayed they should Pe.
so plain that a wayfsroing man
though a labl Cannot err theroiu.
A the (Jkissct is open for mor
al roasooing I will invito you to
Ule your objections, we may each
of iis lerrn something,
Yours for truth,
C. A. tiimons.
A Positive euro for Rheumatism,
Blood disorder, Stomach trouble
Liver and kidney complaint, Sick
I Headache; Malaria Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Catarrh
And Rbal Rstatb: Aobmt L tne gtomaoh. Nsrvousness. Skin
ready to do all kinds if lega
business that comes in the line
of his work:
diseases, Bait rhoum Sorofula
Nouralgia, ('an ho had at is Or
kick with Gasrantee.
. t
n....,. od God himself tells sighs doriug the day-and with
os that they possessed the Tetra. hannt npon the memory; how will
grammation. Tetraotys, or as- It he when I return home,
f ed name, which amoagst the Obi if I could but shun those
i.ieu iiui" 1 1 I amilAk in.
Jah, for he says, "imm ; uara nouS -
even unto stead. now sweet, iuo
IF YOU want to put your lands into tho hands ofa LAND
M A N L. 8. UAKKKTT, Will treat, yon rightSo list with
hint. As lei is going to make this a part of his business, aad
in the Ozark's is the place to buy a homo. And we advise the
home seekers to corno to JAH'Vills, Fowior Mo before par
oliaiing elsewhere, It isa beautiful Country surrounding the
newly started Vii.i.aok, aud the greatest natuial indnao
mente am offered at. tins point Loth to the farmer and
business men. yntl to the Seeker after truth it has no
,ii5ls On earth.
" - " i as aw 'ii j
V o r Sale.
Jews was
the rising of the sun,
Kiv would be Husband take the sume
rou mis-
..1... .,..:-Anwtt of ths same,
Hoiiifc mMmAiM to Picture upon you when y
SrSniaVion CndwoHb,) ireat your wife.
vJ2 the Gentile.. And sake let the .11 of the Lord be
5 Z 1 fa titiousty believed that done, and love each other supreme
h Namo WW of "such sovereign I ly above all, save Christ and make
emcacy, asi Ltr-MeaJ And shake from the matr.mo-
to cure qiawwwB, , .
(jlis-; niai un-, uo- m w ---
J night gloom, of sorrow's pain, anu
and foretel future events.'
torvand Cyclopedia of Freema-. night gloom, w u -, . ... -!
2 !S vlvnliver. Page 589-1 place the sunlight rays, of the sP,r-
j its power; over the saddest gloom
of deaths cold pillow.
sonry by Macoy Oliver
To Be CovtinueJ
Any one wishing to buy any of
the following named Modieino call
ou David BkaggS who will sell to
Japanese oil 60 ct a bottle.
Dr. Swan liver and kidney oure
50 uts. a bottle.
Herberts Celery fl. ex. Sarsa
parilla 50. ots a bottle.
Herbert Celery phosphate 50 cts
Dr. Swans uiseara piils 25 cts.
Package Sister Terosa's tea 26
No 4 80 Acres laying near Fow
er 66 acrcH in cultivation, partly
good second bottom. 500 apple
trees some of them bearing fruit;
tintc a number of peach andebor
ry trees and other fruit. Good log
house 2 rooms, good log barn and
othor out buildings, good spring
water. All can bo had at the low
price $525. For particulars call at
his Offick or write ns at Fowler
No. 5. 120 A. nonr Hnggnns P, 6.
(50 acros in cultivation 50 acres in
good timber, past u re, between
five and six hundred bearing apple
trees oonsi-orod ono a mong Ik
finest orobards in Texas Co. flood
log bouse 2 rooms good barn and
other out buildings, io faot it is a
lino farm. Call at this Ofhuh for
No (5. 120 acres, near Fowler
Mo. With a large percent in cul
tivation. A fine young orchard;
Good house: Good barn; and two
good drilled wells: Ridge land,
but is as good as i.i this j,art of
Texas Co. For particulars eall at
this OlTICK.
Wo have other properly in the
neighborhood of Fowler in our list
an sals, call and gei you a nice home
or good location.

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