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Ponder the Path of thy Fast' and lot all thy Ways b 3 Established." Prov. 4-26-
VOL. Ill NORWOOD MO. NOV. 3. 1904. NO. 29.
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, it hi I no
'tV. h. H. (Jahbiitx,
ma v k a h , . SO, 5') ooi t
six months . . 2b oenti
Invariable n AJvdt
'SpfllI-'f'd. OC HOTOS. E irfmroW.tMili.
frvl'' In f' r l-rtf fi, irt'.u ir.'.eiital.illly. Bll ''llu
SK (IMtitu u s ' F- w I'niecuBiHlTra.fc-Mark''
i vn.j.u. ratlfin vrru. i... inivmi 1 111 .:ni..r" t
' C 20,000 PATENTS PHOCUREU THM0CII V,m. , tt.
months . . aft cents a.CV,,X"i, aVI? "!',.
C. A. SNOW & CO.
ffi Opp. U. 1. Patent Office, WASHINGTON, D. C.
hi Jig m W.
Mr. fjlnu lint I Urinal It y Mm
M ill eld, fill tide, w I ' 1 1 fdill. ('ill lw
mi. iii li s 1 1 1 iii Mil (n I ii i 1 JfCk) if
Nii.-.v'i il in I into,
I in sidcnt issued it Thankegivh gj
proclamation sotting aside Tbura
day. Movembei' 21, to be obaerv
( LTBA'S Si l$NDiD PBb
GUKSS. Washington, Nov . i - Grnci a!
Einilio Nunez, tin' governor d
I la ana, who has beep stopping
in Washington tor a few days
with flu Cuban minister, before
ed ns u day ; festival and thanks; j leaving hero today gave a flowing
jjiving by i ll the people ot the picture of the suhstantial ad-
Unit -ii States, at home and
Written for the
If oil vartl to raise your imy
lor t It e pciiitciitiMi y the re i.'. if
t'ery ahnple when be du-4 wimi
,i 10 BCtlWl let Itirn hiafj vvlioti
1st Iii November Jt, und n s i 1
I v bit v e mi abundance J' good m di n
mast lor tbe liogi on which th'
failin riipidly in tlic la'l 'I'tic
uiurliciH uri' pood tor ail our pro uftfoi
ilui t of the liirin, ntid the mccs
sarica ol life can be had uh ebe iplj"
aa in .)tlu;r Bcctiorif, in fact, t heap
ec (ban In Komo BeiJllon" ol th
nets Ittt'o aime mUchii f and ;
vance In almost all linen made i.v
'Cuba sinco the island was to-
leased to its peoj& by I be United
'stalos II" touched on the g!a,t
financial development of political
J aps Captured
parties- He Bfttd tbo situation m
After an aN night Jigbt on foAitfafaL splendid, and tbut lor-
10th. tin' Japs captured Jerdagon, L. u toft in tapidy
H-id it is cud that a uroat poioinn ! , ..
" i in search of s:i!c a-,1, productivo
o( PmI t Author nr on lire canned :
... ..linvestinenta. The goVevnaieat
by tae Rbatlng ol the Japs a ulit'll I
building of public roadAi vide in
D, 'every form h:is decreased and
DK1 1 loir Al. v 1 ol v.n i llKM.(l 1)ils ,M t.nrmous Inv
y.air i.i'i'i.lior rririiia to you
etiiac you r rillgbtior irt the preayj
to of t lit- hoy, bin il in'l oven ru
prliutiiid tin l-'V, w hen he km1s b
htlle larger and I u "toloe iome'
thtinj of a liitlti rnlue and you linl
u tmt, taut;!1 "l b',n !.)
(o; when bo p!lH it aometbing
!li:u eatll hid i'"o .Insliiai Couil j
uml he i fooftd gntl'y and fiorfdj
pay the 11 .c, curse oat the OoOrtJ
thc.hiryand everyone connected
ivltb the matt, and pily tba Imy,
and you will Boon have a splendid j
Candidate, lor the Ponitenliury .
Norih. Wo have good schools, as
l In- nuunty is not bonded hut b!
ISO.OOO of nchool fund IOOO0)'
louned nut al s per cent interest,
and la xes are low. There are 1 2 5
ki,''hii.il districts ii the county, and
our sehool enamcr&ttftn in 7,707,
! wilh an appio tionmoiit of 81 29 to
ftaflh child ennmi rated, of Slots
j school money.
The country in well watered, s
jsprinBre numerous, one being
lound on every 100 acres usually,
land 80inelimos one fa mar will
hao two and three good Springs
on one farm. There are some
thirteen mreams in the county,
Mary Dopue. ! , . , wiiBtllol iu
lit. Grove, ! (l0 larger one, and small name is
t .and along these slreann also
Much ol the laud in the eautern
F'ro!! fTexas Co I part eoitftf k sui bwviij
limtiered auu it II esninaien uiai
a cur cou'd bo loaded with lumber
every day for twelve yearn from
the timber in ranges six nod sev-
on alone. Largo tracts of this
land in offered at vory low figures,
as much us l,00tj to 20,000 buiiij,'
offered for sale In one body, hut
now that tbe new railroad accins
an ensured fact in the near future
i,. i, I nil hind of mc
.linivli of Christ, Ride land
I that he pul tlo'i'e. )a yxri of
Now, you novtioulars call at
I nnnic of liis h 0 l
i tist or some ctlic
1 aay uo SO' j 75 in cultiva
Thero is n'asB, 1H acres in
Church of Cod Uih12(j aore0tB
NOOK) i.elclll.Cl' ..
l Kay thai th'' tesUmV?Rv
tho tooehing of tlic clnircli ot
And 1 -nv that the church ii
built ilpon Jesus Christ that is bo
is the loundation uud his opostlea
in the teachers ami tim ew
i 4 tin. Doctrine not
tist ehurefa or n CMItMlUtiii I QMnnhelHatn nor Metbodistism
church or u Bout h and North nr ribrmattfsm nor uapnatism
Methodist church I w, bnt the .sm of the New Teste.
' .y, :,.it iii i i. uoiiU of J eetii
what do von nay. I nay that bfi set "" V " " 4... lr.., .ran
tilirni aim nun oun
Now what do you say I ay
mid nothiua else now he told
Continued from CHK8B'( No
Now kind fi icnils lis 1 told you
n 1 inn no bible tcaeaej and
tlurt you have not ans. any
of niv (lucstions that I u'-ued in
Chrssit No. 20, So I thohgbt I
would auk you some more inten
tions and it you don t ans. I will
jut say t hat you can 'I ,
What did Christ come here for?
in inn i.
Did become hew to el up a Han- ,., j
Uvll tt. I . ...
up n church that a
loll III to. and tha
hri"tiiiii bo-
ROthitVg el-e
Writ en foi I be Wiaun's CKKt.
Texas country is aituatod in
Bouth central Missouri, in the sec
ond tier of counties from the Ark
veiling . ...... Ii.,., At 1 1,.. ()iir;
. nunito p in m mu . . ... .. v
TIC 1 I BEX' Regarding the re slprocity mountains cross tbe ouno'iy bom
A . - i xt a.. ' ..n,.il.a..ji 1 1, i r, n 1 1, iv 1 u f ibn eoiintrV
. t tioaty. iJiMleiai IIUUCS saiu minmtnnt iv-r.
It waare butjia rutber rongb and billy in some land .III go up with a bound
. . .l ... a .. ,n Hoiislnii I In enunlv mat. is cell
III IU 11. ii l. "IS " -
can belong to. bu.l do you sVr Ntpodentns tha' h" must be horn
Now tell mo what a person must1 ni?ain of water and the spirit yes
do to be a member of the church ! "-W what do yon nay J say SO.
f , ,. i tL- us nip . un ieiisiuiKi iii' i'j
o Cod now in v riemls this is , . , i,A. ,.( (i, .
- different ways to ne uotn ot too
what the ltuptist. clnircli meineers jpiri! the Baptist. Holiuesi and
tells me what I will havu to doftfhodist tolls me that I must
go to the mourners hench to be
bnm of I he spirit now I will tell
you I never have found no where
in the N W Testament (UiythiOg
about the mourners bunch did
v,m know the Mormon and
CampeUiteiteHme to boltevothat
Uhnsl is t ne son pi woa ""i jv?
are horn Of the spirit.
1 the 5 Ctb, of I John 2 road
thai whosoever belteveth that
jesuftji- the Chrt .loru of God
Now do vo2 U. ink there ia Any
m mriiers' bench in this or any
foolishness in this what do you
soy I say no.
Well kind friends I find that
the Gasssii says its '-nlunins urn
jive to US and so lets Bl them Dp
with something that ! s)methtn
So I will tmvo to close before I.
jteary your minds to had and take
nil too much SpttCe 'ntho paper.
From Your Friend.
Albert Dei-ryherry Jr.
To Be Continued.
tlmt it w. uld h bo likely that
BnglttOd would accept r.,bjetveu-
iky's icpirt, and us ft.sia bus not
oampliod With the reiiuent ol Eng.
land, thurolore the s'uutation is re
Krtidod serious for the Brdjsh
iquadroo is to wateb toe Baltic
.svnduko n it an :iHo;n; sioitv.
i . ..I i I,,, nniinln li.it nwini' 10
I it was yet too early to calculate .
, ,, the size el the, county a variety Ol
i the advantages duo .rom it m
was sure that after it hud a luir
aoaiu heme; called pram laud, the
... 1 !, 1.1 U l'.....,,l In nun
! I I,, I YOUIll III' IOUII.1 Hi iii...-
be.Mi a irood thing for both conn-
t eios.
soil is described us'lu fertile brown
loam, underlaid with a per ms red
tuibsmi," and is admit able adapted
Houston, the county Beat, is cen
trally located, and is a pret
ty inland town Of SOU popn-
heforo 1 can be a member ot the
chinch of Cod you mui't gn to the
mercy or mourners la itch Kavethf
ohriatiaoi to pray lor you and
you must pray lor your self and
you must have an experience or
you in, hi tell something that you,
have seen or heard or smelt or
tUStod of Uofl, then We will ta.vO
on down lo the water ond jinp
tize you at.d .hen you have told
an experience you are a christian
and wli.it you have told an exper
ience an 1 ore baptized you are a
member if the church of Cod.
Now v. hut do you think? What
do v ui any? I say it it bo so it t
so. no v the Campbullites tells
me that alf I have to do is lo just
Bay that you believe thai Chrhrt is
the son at God, and Wfl will tako
you down to i he water and bap
tize you then you will be a mem
ber of th.' CaHureh of Cod. Now
what do you say? I say if so it
IP so
Xov what did Christ say for
latior,and is noted as the,-
you to do? Remember that he
Mt Grove items.
I dideu'l Say lor me to go to the
17 I ' .
mourner or mercy
it and have
Tb.- political sit.mt.on also has ; . , d farm. ; from Cabool lo Houston, which
.i I.. i on ....
improved, no sum, nun iiarvivs , . .
' ' bb Willi au uhitude of about
. ... i i.
home ol the ginseng industij;
His 18 mil from the rail '"'M til, du.jM inhs ,,,- for you or
but an electric road. is to the built kj f,,,. ;)f,ni l0 pal you or me jjft
local are becoming
-Springfield Leader
U. t) A. l
Here I am again with "i.y
bunch of news-
Well for the tit s.! I believo it is
t ying to rain.
Mo'asfos making seems to bo
the order (,f (be day.
Mrs. Johnson was on the sit k
list last week but is better now.
Mrs. Dorxybeny was on the
.s'u k list last week but islet'tr
X pi t si n.
J. W- Johna n a-d fa oily have
b'on up from Ui rob Tree visiting
t.'i,'if father ai d mother- Mr.
and Mra 0 U- Joboaon-
Well it is fiW.in J down here
how is it other placet
Mrs. Bhva Is ba 1 t'v uli itW -tune
of loosing a c last, wei k
by getting foundered'
W. ll 1 ftel s bad I " Hi have to
slop, so I wish you all success, so
good bye, I wtjl try to come
l.HOl) about the sea level, the air
is pure and invigorating and ma-
I laria is unknown. The tempera.
jluio rarely drops below iro in
u . rfWAD 1 T1 17 fl Q winter, or runs up high enough m
MACOMB ITEMS.; , lo hei,lh
Well here I cbme after a few
weeks absence:
Dry and dusty.
Mr. Hale of Mitinmoth Springs,
in in this City at present;
George Williams was up from
lTn.i-ftiMa ftt.n rH ft Vj
ICls and lor us to pray with j Mf g M 1Q' ftlui wjf6 wore
while and aHtboguest ol George vJSUieand wife
VrrA Hunch of Cabool was in
this city Tttesday of last week.
our minds a
onceJiimp up and begin to shout sunday.
nod hnllijuh glory gkuy etc. and j
go down to the waters and 09 bap
L, S, Garrett and At'y
Norwood was in town
on Utisines?.
.r .i . I . ..
will Open up one el tne ncsi aee
tionsn the tiks for devolop
ment. Mireruls in pying qaantb
ties have been lound in different i.,cl no indeed he, didn't tint He Wiley Zir.-chky and Henry Smith
ShlppfhK fteibties could not bothy fiwl wall all tny imai lliro1Kh (hi . ,.ilv Sunday on their
.nil i n- ,.iitii an tnv eotii wr.ii jin 'oy i u There' no p ace Iiko
tiummertobeu menace to l.calil. prt t.iu'.dy developed. Farms can .TA,.i , ( ' ,Wa : .... '
I i III III II II U I I III. i--"'ii .nm ' ... i W) .11'. If, I ne i ".-.
nod comfori, while the r.igbls are be bad from (8 to $10 per acre, L.,beW,tJiy aelf hike up the' Thosofror town who attended
' iinuiLl'lf courun.l lileasaiu. While I ranging in s:xe 401 o IliO acres, and
..... t.l , I. , ,1. . A..ni I',A Jlillllill- I, U -
I cross anil loiinw me gnu nn-v uiai un; o)u ."""I'l -
n o . I . .. .. . . .. , ,. , i- i . .. i : not 1,1'ove ' lliiav IUS1IU, wom
W " along the Small streams the Soil is e are p.easeu io see ui.ui .... ,,,,,cw m- snan nave " . -ftd Dtdlk Dtoa
cek!r,cl, and deep, and grows us iuel,crs from .her section, locating ;'V;;;;;s;; J"; ' J 'Ji,,,;,'; Fhra Parker Delia mi I Peart
..-..... .' f fh. ,..,! here, aswehuverooma.nl a 00. ,,.,.,,,,, Dehney, Ola Hhinchnrd, Dehlah
I i -i n I ' j . - - - j . I 1,1'nl ' , , " "
' v . ,, . ! ' Ferguson, l.ena BOTlia, i-.va tun-
. . ....?i n .... lii,l iv.i fiiniii fur all t.roe r. ssi vo ikl.i n t... ,;,t il,...- .. . i ... .... l iiar
, j ri . i; .. I,,- -,r lii-iil' K'""lnK cuiiiiii it?, yci um miii imi . i - i mu wasn i in: n." nm. (livellter l liil .uCBiis iiuv jmo.v,
i i trlw .in.i 1 1 iv l- Is I'lriijV arc ioju n . , . , . . . i , ' - . . a, . .. ..
lag a ..r ol apph s here I
his week.
The M romih Fri-i nine ctpste"
the ridges is belter suited lui , larmers who tare to come to
1 wheat, rye, hay, Iran and similai i laud cl the tsuuny UznUs.
, i;no tvKvti i " 1 ; .. 01' eilier ann .ueniio
our that believe that 1 am Christ and j,,ju, K-mreigh and Walter Grimes,
a;-- teipii.-d shall be ncvoil and: . Laster is reported quite
M 1 1, .. k.i;.. ,,,t uli.ili In- ilnm. . . .
!,.,,' ill., I lllll'Vl' lull - I I ' i 111111111' i . . . I
. . : . . . "'.' " . . sick at nreseiii.
crops. It yields on an average j Ha inuny n (luiriu'i in ragar.i to , Now what do you nyr 11 r!,.u it. pm hh of Cnhoul vt8itd
this section is a mx on ono's timo sa no auo ikwuhk - ' ,vj,, frieuttt and his attraction iu
JeaOS said i hat upon tins rnoa 1
will build niv chureh a id the
Kates of he!', shall neve" prevfttl
loif wi-h the So. riy Point IijII i-tamLbOUf iff 2a bushels of wheal j
i he o h. ' , ! per acre, 15 to 80 bashe'i of corn,
:'"(-.:', - j ' ' ' j ::t :! "i
i ic .ii i,- ryotbu alllu cs wheat- potatoes
Hendi i sen and Sm ill M)on lie j - 1
, , -1 1 hand a-i vegeinbies do wall and hay
rea.lv to move into their Wge lUtO-1
il ail are unsveped, and 1 htivc
answered almost a huudred in.
this city Sunday.
1!. C. DePtie and wife were the
,-,m- prevail i : , Milliiran and wifo
u nion ti n nasi tbree1 ncnin it. well now mv friends if ;
' -II."" -. - I "?.' ' " lollll.'...
Schoo' is pHgrefeiiriJ nicely at ihin
place we've enrolled one hundred
pupils, we are expecting a visit from
feoff. Wolker soon.
Mr. Editor if this misses
wjate haskel we'll come again.
J . .. . . -f k 11 i.., .......'iiilo.l
IS especially profitable. Tbe yield months and take th.s method w jot gii - - , -
! ol any of tho variouf crops vary
largelv, owing to the taanner oi
.-.nil i vnl inn seed. Httfl nare. HA tlic
D,a..n,ir,.. i,.,..,r ,,,. J lullv i-iven ii tho writer incloses , t.nir ,iiKre:it feantift cliurcke
Jl H II'". oi - UI Wl; VVUU14 Ulf' V 1 I
oliewhere. ! an extra stamp -W help pay for , the church of Christ is only ..-no
.... ... I .,,.,. ifenif oincr sir, no iiete i iui
e nave very good oui side " J
... : ,t ni'fillis , t . li can not ou ius-i.i
giv r-g troucrai information m ad-i"5"'"- , , . , f
b . !tit (.rmeihedisi. tor the gates of
vance. Any further Information . M .,igt
notoinlained In this will bo cheer- . , hre i((v jg three 0r
! stock range, in which tho cattle.
j sheep, h g, etc., run from April
Mio Annie. lloffartb.
nod South Baptist and tho Free
I Will and the Missionary what do
Will lIotTiirth tb Fowler Mer
chant was in this city Tttesday,
M. S. Dopuo and wife left Fri-
tlav night for Michigan, where
they will visit their son Charlie.
Mary Dopue is contemplating
on going to Cabool Ip the near
Well as news is scarce and timo
ia short. I'll close. 1 would have
been hero sooner with my Items
will ami ii "-".. - - - -.- .
. Fowler Mo .. you say? 1 say if so let it be so, but I've just arrived

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