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JAHVille Colon.
Mar. L. I. Oarratt. R'tltor.
Column, pr yoar,
. i25.00
. 40.00
' 15.00
' 7.00
Proiasm'onftl card, . 60cU a Ion.
Locals per linn. Int. insertion. OS
sub-sentient insortions. 0J
Letal adturtttemtnli unit tc ton
tlnu until orthrtd out.
MT Sptcial aittrath uniJf on largtx
Ol, Also on shortir tint
yueiiion No 6
Why did our Ural fathers give bl
ing to Hie Ortt bom?
Question No. 68
What wm the meauing of Ibis bleating?
Gztntplt, the bleating lbt was give
to Jacob that Eau ehnuld have bad.
Queitinn No. 64.
Wat this bleeaing ft ji U-d through
taac, if to wn y but one olcasiug?
Eiud ltd, will you p'letta answer the
above queaiioiia, tbey were handed to
tat to answer, by a Lad) school tcache
aud I will place- thein in your bauds.
-C. A. Hiiuon
Or The Jew And The
After God had sbown Pefcr
this fact then he went to the
house of Cornelious without gain
aavinc. And preached to Cor
nelious and all that waa at ma
house--This all show ua that sf-
ttr Christ had riaea from the
Tomb that there waa two ways
Ql KsTlON No $
The wolf also shall dwell with the
a portion o cur time at t tut
this manner, for Ohrlst aaid;
4 Search the Scripture.; foi in
ye tbink ye bavc denial lift- and j
are tbey wbicb testify of u
And Paul said to Timothy,
Study to shew thyself approve
set forth by God himself this is
wbyhe.aai "son of man ped Q?a. a workman that, wedetb nfij
the two ways" e flimly belteTe
that the intelogtnt readers will
lamb and the leopard aba'.l lie down isw plainly the two ways so we
Page of oqulren
It appears that touts of tha llendeis
of the Curvet do not comprehend that
in tbi rV I la quoted t tbem, that
It it God's word So in order that we
iuav get those who oppose us Ibro'igh
the columns ot the CntatRT-lc- under
aland il before wnli.ie;. we propose for
bem to answer the following questions,
In ibort, Y' or No Of when necessary
Just name it. Ami then at ftat tl piec -table
i,ifa t bo explanation ami proof
But Jutt to add there questions', your
nam'j, Yea or No Or the object iking,
lit. a Creation and Formation the
aamc? YeS or No
2nd. Did Ud create Ibe earib at the
time be laid II" did? -Yea or No.
3rd. W tho earth in form at the
time He fronted III -Yti or No.
lih Wm the earth void wuon (lorl
created it? -fei or No.
lib. Did God crtale darknu't before
Jght? Yes or No,
S;h. Did 1 1 to Spiiit move upon tliej
face of lite wateri? Yea ot No.
7ib, Waa the light created aTler the
Spirit moved on tha waterat YeS or No
,l, Waa light and iUrkuea divided
after the Spi.il moved on the walets? -Yes
or No
lib, Aflei Hod planed a tlnnanicnt In
i want to know the truth. What did
Christ tell us to go too 'r it sin sick or
bodily ick.'
I ec, 1 6 1 904.
Kind Kditor 1 told you 1 could
show you scripture that God did not
repent. I will give some. The ijrtl
chpt and to verse of Numbers 1
Sanuel IJ ch, and 2) verse Kekicl
4 ch. and 1 4 verse.
Now will you please harmonize
this scripture with ynur views I
could give more but this is enough.
Now 1 would like to ask you some
questions but you can use your own
pleasure ab'uit answering them.
What was the first promise to man?
If you see fit to answer this a!i right.
A. M. Nail.
"Is there two way spoken of
in the word of God in which peo
pie are to serve God".
Now this question like the two
prspels no doubt brother Per
kins will deny -for he said there
was not two ROSpe.il when Paul
said to us tlicie was in this lan
atoige Rot eontrariwtta when tbey atw that
the gospel of Ibe unolrcuiDCitioR w
committed unto nj, aa Hie god of the
Olrenmclllon wis unto Peter; (Jul,
And also said this:
U h toe God of lb .lews only? is be
not nl'o of the (.lentile? Yes. ot the
Qantilfi also1.
Beeini: it l one ti'd- which thai!
''What proof have we of the in
spiration of the Bible?"
If one rocs to eternal torment
the other to everlasting life Where
is the justice in this when bolh were
placed here by the same Cod, on &n
Why 'vould God remove from our
u.idst a minister in his youth when
he was doing all the guJ he could
juntify the Hrcutuciflon ,v Ul111 Kn"
uncircumcision Ibmagli faith.
Do we then make void the law through
faith? Hod forbid; yen, we eitahlish Ibe
law. (Horn; 8-39 to 81.)
This, leads us up to the ques
tion above is there two ways for
poople to serve God we shad
Also, thou aon of man appoint thee 1
two waya. that the awnl of the kind
of Babylon may come; both twain shall
come forth out of one land; and choose
thou a place, ohCOte it at the bend of
the way to the ciiy. (K'k, II 18.1
God strys son of man point two
ways Cod does not Ray son of
with the kid; and the calf ami Hie
young Hon and ihofiiiltnr; together, and
11 hltle child shu'.l lead tbem.
And tiie citw and tit boar b ill lead
their young onc shall ill down le
gclbcr; and ihe lion shall cut IHaW like
the on.
And tbe tncklng child ehall play on
the holn oT Ihe nip. and the woiucd
child shall put his hand on the cocka
trice' den.
They shall rtoi hurt nor dcsiviy in
gl inv boU mountain; for the ar,h
nha'l be full of the hnowli'dje of the
IjIUU) the waters cover the sea
taa 11-4 to 10. 1
Wv prafor to say to you dear
reader that. tlii time ha not
cotno, when tw knowledge of the
Lord has coverfcd b Wrth til
the water cover the sea, Hence
ttwimed, nguiiy iiiviiiiiik in v,,m
tnib (t Timotby 8 18.)
W-4 iarn from the abova
uirestliat w nicst both s.narc
jias to the 26 queation which
reads "did Paul obey the law of
Mioses. after be was choosen an!
o. ... .1... mA'WM liu U'1'
Hposlie 1.0 uiv." ITCUMW "ou ,t
Christy" Yes- We shall quote grants u onunce 01 ti i
you the followiny for the evi-.oi:iy from pur own knol
et ltd snd when Yht aak (ug
id Itave tlisni itiawere iM
And Ihe day foIIOWilg I'SUI went in
wnii us unto Juuie and all li.e eldura
were ptctent.
And wbeti he hml aaluied tbem, he
declared partlciilarl' wbai things tJ d
bad wrought among tbs Uoutllea by his
ml nit try .
And when Ibey bo.rd i'. lite gl I'ilied
the I,oiO). aud n'tid UnlO him TliOtt
s eat brother? haw many lliousandt ti)
Jewt there are which believe; and Ibey
are all . lalous (if tlie law.
A nl ikes tfj infoinifd of then, lb it
thou leacbt'Rt nil the Jews whicll ate
among lUe Qeutllei to forsake Wo.cs
laiy Ing that they uugbt not to ctrcuntolM
thotr cbildreiii nilihcr lo walk aftor the
Wbat is it tberefortj ihe ututHlttdC
must rieedt eou.e togciuer; for lhe
w II he r thill thou nil CUU18,
we are Urokios fori time 18 tliefu
ture a time when the words of
the prophet set forth in the
prophecy may be fulfilled.
One thine we have learned, and
that is this thai till highway
dnnbon of. is the mniatoll law he-
... . . 1. l ! D'i fltercforo title (bat we-tay tot be
t,ms.: v . -V .v Wi. h fiiU(. w)i(li jave M
1 bene
Tbem take, and purify thy-ef wiUi
them, a nd .be at charge! wi h them that
thay niny Abave 1 heir head; and all may
know unit iiioe thing", whereof they
were Itafoimad concerning lliee, are
nolbing; but thou thyself alsc walacit
Orderly, and keepeal the law.
like as it was wham ho brought
the children of Israel up out of
the land of- Egypt -Aud it is
true they cenie up under the law
given to Moses by the Cod of
Israel. Ayain it is true that
God said by the mouth of the
prophet tbil the "highway
',, Wf twii 1 ' " loiicnitiM 1 1111 UfDt at which nc-
.nan point me one wjr ut l ' " thp way-lhey are to be along ,
eve, w hftT-e wriiten nnd concluilfd
ways- Jiien n side of each other at tho lame that tbey observe 1.0 shci thing, save
in this, W0d saiu two ways aou . . ..,ll.hw.iv shaU
We there and a way And there
never was a time before the ad
vent of Christ that those two
but from the knowledge of 1
I , i queginm is a proau oil
gnut portion of groun
trughl l iipi)li"(l to 1 l I
- ... . m
not he fiiivtuinnu by Scnl
The queatioti could nol .-ovl
ajinco nnd t iiin OOQlipiod I
Cruited man bad'ore tin
A I Htit was loiiueit ai . pita
tho garden which time filial
npa;'e of a thnnsatid .m ,
of the Lord. 1 hia creatadj
during this time wre
Stood on fcOiuti fc:o'.iug
those people and that peril
tithe with their eurll
una Uieir wuridiv e -usi
.1 tii
w e enter inn iiein or guri
whicli dwelt the hrs.1 la'J
the fathers itftinired ii'.outl
ijueation tinponniderAt ion
man wus nlaoed in the litrl
was called the son of Uol
we wish to ..otic 1 tlil
character Cain who 1- cal
tho world tne nrtt m
man Aitant who was 1
the ffarden; he did notl
the lileosinar neit her di
titer Aoei t'rxi iiau p'-uw
Is God n.Mure only?
Is man only composed of atoms?
the midst of the water, did the water for Cod?
y ut cover the eartbf Yea or No
llHb. Waa it after Hla pecond day a
wink ofpfOSlion liial He gatbervd the
wiitds together from undei the heaven, 1 . r l .1.
. ' hote are auesiions I wish the
inorder lo let tho dry land appeal?-
Yea or No ihe Eld. to answer tor the sake ol
lllh. Did (Id 1 re ale man male and 'Friend-
female on the algtb da Y'cs or No.
tSt.li; Did Ood tell the nun, male and
female tv til) the groundf Yet or Mo,
lDih. I'id C tl glvt tha ma male
and fcmalw dominion over all Ihe
earth! Y'e( 01 J(0.
llih. Did God give the Creaied man
male and female ricceai 10 evenihing
ON all the face of the cm 1I1 ! -Y a or No.
mini ptuuiu; iiune a pies.nn um: , .1,:.
Pttlt, DidGod plant a garden an.r H- . . . ,r.A . jtvatl tilts.
, , , , . ilnring the holidays, I he new ye"ar In that
put the man, mali and) fenmb niit-1 , ' ,n
y,,s , N ' "x'5 here, and wc ihould all do ; big m
la.i. m i ,1.1 ...... .1.1. ........ more cood than in the nast tba AeeUn
attar he rested ibe .even h flaj f - Yet ot
then in this language ho con
fernis it again.
And an high wuy ' sfiuli be there and
n ivay and It Shell he called The, way
of hnttaaiM; tlie unclean shall hot pass
o. jr ii , but It shall be for thoae: the
w yfaring men. though fools shall not
tir, therein, I Its.' 8n (. I
This scripture conferms the
! two ways, for it says a high way
land a way shall be there: and all
. 1. ,.i'.. , iv.. ..;,.- u... i.l
1 , . ,1,..., . 1 ... . 1 . ... "l- I'uri 1 ,14 mil .wif
"nij, inn, in.-. nt v.i Miriuni nr. i ikiii i
n.iir.a 1 ns-riii in Moi. itnd riv.ni h', ...a was mini lianas noiioiua
I and from tirangled, end from fortilct' Jblesaipg Noah s thru
! oou cetveii t hi same heaven iv
find thpm, set forth in Christ's
mission where ho gave direction
to his apostles in this language:
These twelvn Jesus sent forth, and
commanded them. sa ing. Oo not into
tlie way of the Genttlvfi aud in!o any
f limn I-..U1 iook (HO lien, .ami IIIB ! in DelDL' Oil i led UllO I ill
1 w
e It
ways were presented. Hut Wi,KXtdy pnrtf j iaig himself with them
filtered Ittiu the teinple to tigiilfy the
aeCouipllibiiienl df ibeda't f purlttce
tion, until that an nflVrlng sinned be
oSared for every onaoftbatti, A'is21
18-26 j
now passing over th
termer things we nave moa
to gi't at the time
circumstance when n I
istnhlished fact thnt
Here is plain facts that!1'01" ?na received tl
P-nl ni...v..l tl, l,w n,U.. I-'ok i C pasf ,, t he gn ! I
Mrs. Mattie Bowers.
Union Grove I ems,
the readers of the CUESSKT will j Civ of the Samaritans enter e not
understand that Cod has spoken But ga rather to tbi loll sheep of the j ... . . .k. tm.
this by the mouUi of the prophet 1 house of Israel . (Matt. io-fi-. 1 j ... """ ,l;,l,rt of Ks- '
HnartkaonaHaahvat ra,.n""" " .-- . (DOSS rttllierS weP- nil
t.n knnw wliv it wus that Pater ihl had been pivachintr to theUvho are called in 1
Isauui No then in order that
wo niav get a clear eomprehen-
atill fortbtir the -we (iud them iu heM.Il
ii.n of Qa&'a etetrlitl truths, we and all the rest of Ihe twelve 1 ''entiles this
avhail endeavor to (fit evidence apostles did not know on the claims of the two sjAtntlt nnd lhe'l"! lscendents o! lb
sufficient to teach us. "hat the ; day of pontk ost. that the Gan- Uwo woy-wo ptton tb. 27 quo... I ma" 'vh" we i)lH Pi,k"f,l
.. .- :.. ... ..".1 thnn il :i.. 1....1 1 u l,t ;., . . . - ' .. tUfSt t htllS We StllllJ II tlOl
-hign way imuimi. .." oit-s u.m .er . wi.iuRiiu ...I iifB which reada 'did Pan1 speak: , , , ' , ,1
.i. V.. M. la..tai In on. .i....J. r ttwaJ : lllllt blMOfi- 1 hfise '.V.llfl
win ua au easj 1 uinun ariuiaaia v.
Hello kind Kd we are here hglfft i . yfty-ftVat 'e ask you tO Vjliised hope in Christ Some
iota myttery kept Mi from the 1 1, i.i,,., (,.,;,
may sny rter :tnu me rrsi 01 ,
' I the miostle rtilro'v Knew thai th Y hp '
' Gentiles had come in and we n-
()f I beRinaiag r,1 the world" we gnj there had loj cotnti.ft euj
PlcDse rend;
wi '!) . when ' c road', vc mav un
ia!l there ba
ICgi P' Hi Assi ria and
...11 ......... 11 1,, I . f 1 nil
. ,1 1 . 1..., ,,1. ,t tiirtn 1 nvriiann 111 ',1,. .-. , , - 10 11, , , . . , . . - v
. . 1 . .. r. ".it 1 . 11 rv 1 i.l ,1 i.ii'it, 11. 1 1 , , 1 1 p. - . w
aRte ttt in ioin """ ",v ' i
kc Thomas. whtbs bn atavinu 1 . ..i.. . . 1. . 1 .,,v.. nidi the : God would not of lot tun sheet i "f i.brlt.
a Hi -'.'a down from henven to show rev "'n'-h m other tgei imt made: v nv,a
born of 1 '
; tin i time
eri in cjo,
Wat there any bodtr III (bat land ! at hi Unrle ,?- F fhbmas is absent At. 1 i ms.
of Nnd for (Mn lo fer?--Y(e or No.
1 81I1 Wa theisms of God and tha
Daughters of men, dip same piopii ? -ea
nr No.
'iBih Waa M'x-s a mtirdarar, In K i i '
;ig the RgjpHtnt Yetor N' ,
SOlbj Wat the five aathma Msil dtt
troved of the tama pancta as tU I n-l
itts. Yea or No
la'. Did Clliiat blind a a n ,; 111 ihl
eyes of the latatllta?Yaa PI N".
!iml. Ware thai to be lillndfil iinin
the fulnett ol the Qwuilei come ln? -Y'
01 No
Sllid ta tha tlibaca of (bfl ti ertiitM
c i'ioi in ynl? Yea or N-.
Mil) la ihMo a go.pel of rtitiliio'l
ah in. aiidi'iapel of uneireunoisioti. piiit
en "f in li word? Yea or No
certain I er this fact, fib prove this, we!knnwtYt
from Schecl this week on arcnont his teach, that in a c
, ,, 1 ... , . dav sunken of there shall be a ' shall ask y-ut t road this:
ot ihe sickness of his mother she is Ult-V eW- ' ,
high way out of lv-ty pt to Asynl And saw hagvaii opened, and a cir.
HOI expected to live. 1 Way S,f U not "the i t'di. vessel desrcmlinc -ceo him. as h
I. Ulan i Inert nenier.d achool lal ; w M 'a 'L l spike 0 in-'Of , Den " k' "" f'""
hhm alter an ah.em;0 of M-v,-rl L JL Sit- tU-ti m!inn11.. I '-ormrs, and 1 t down ... Ho-em I 1
tag llliaillll "tlj HI via H.-....V
w:',:"' Aii I t ci- alutll Ij an h ghway for
M.S. , illaj Util ap. nt Sunday wilh the raui-euii of hi- p "p',- Wnloh SMl
l.-'r.n,,.! lldiie Caudle b left Ufa tri llkt 1 H i- "
l-ra-l in ihe diy th II K er.n; Op "U'
ia of men.
i It is
let in,l
11 iw retea'ed iipio ka jj'nlai in
prophi-la by Ibe )irii;
An 1 lo miiVe all no u sre Wloii is (ltn i
felb-ws'-le of Hep mv atari', whi h frem
tin-iriniL, of ihe wnild halh been,
ev 1 1
S. S
hool ai Union Uiove ( biiii-h
i't at ended lat Sibbatb Let
in- C no am! have an evviuieeu
of the las I at Kiypt tJw
!1 hi, t there IWQ wars so -k--n of in
the word nf tlod. in wli'eli licbtt'a He i,- 1 1.,.. . . , .
' r i(iii) iveintig waa very cutemliur.
(i .erve Ood"-1 e or No
Wh; Dni Paul obey ib law -f Mo.es A': ""' ','' ' K ,,,1in 10 8,u"" c"i ,v
afler he waa rkoaen an ap ilbj U ihe ad i'. Vlt'iort were ttafar). Clyde
Gent Ilea by Christ? -Yea or No. Bte'nettand Frank Tl ce.
7th. Did Paul tpatk uf a iu-e'.v PRlTriRV
kept bid frem the beginning of Hi.- (.lilll Ahi.
world? Yea or No. , "
v- ,.i .i, . . ' Ml smllvinpl p.isaed nwav qullly
Aew when the ah-sve qnesnona ar .
aatwered Yea or No In lb r who aami" i,is ' ""o l'i Flaitavilt last Wedma
to oppote ua thee 'ban can begin to
! Wherein were ..'I manner of fou'-'nii
ebaatta 'nf the earth, anil wild b ea s who craa'ed all thin.s by
i and Sleeping ti, ing. in-d fowlt of the Jea-ia t.'hri.l. (1'phc. 4 -"!) I
"ir I The abovo acriptare fully an-1
I Ann 11 cie i-one a voioa i.j n 111. n- e, .... ,l . ....- . . ,
i ,., , swera thu quea'inn. And now or
i Peter; knl, aud rot '
The high way U to. ho like is it I R( ,Vt(.r S(M Ki K. UuV (w , the present wo dismiss tho 27
was when God by t&e hand of have ncvci i-.iien any id im that is com-' qunsiiona which has rema:ned in
Moses led the children of Israel J m"" '"' ""obtan. t,e Ckmikt an Ion, for others to
And Ihe V -ice apike uni-i Inui nunm I
10 - II in 15.)
Now What? The li.e-. li
lirt uOril sons of tho?
l lie cvea,t ion is why wui
W4 shall answ-sr bv tl
read, for Qbd saiii-
Sniicli'V unto me all
w liffbevvr cpeurih tin
I ie children of Urae). bm
of beail: ii is mine tV.x 1
-This I
i - I! a .Iirrett i teaching attain
I . .. i .a .a t.''
wis w.R rfief a vacatioa of Hirer out or WH mnti oi "'s tf fec,,nd time. What Clod halh
we '. da spoken of, is It) be when ied, that cail not lliotl comiiun
TV ui pin line rontait ai achool la t ! this seriDture is felfllled:
And il abatl come to pa in that day,
that the Lord ahel! att bis hand again
the tccond time t leeovi-r the remiiant
of hit people, wbieh ahall he !"ft, from
A.Mtia anri from H J.I.I, and from I'at
l.roa, and from rush, and from Klam. j manner of four footed beasts
ami from sbinar, and from Haniatb. ai ej there was i'.d boasts also, these
I Inks th;r plao.
Ou thil sheet, were all manner
of four footed beasts: this includ
ed all manner of four footed an
imals, and after there was a.11
writs ibrough Hie Ckrrt bmb oppo.,
ua and to explain their poaitiona and
()iiai(ine and give light on (heat ihinga
But until tbe are anaweied direcdy
Yet or No we tball hold tbem up before
f ur reader as evidence that they can't
tad which will render them unit for
Veaekert and a aoea at (bote are an
wared by any one and proven; we have
many more to stk.
d iy iu -rii'li,;, lie had bum sick for
ininy w.cW Ilia body waa'lald at re.t
I in the Not woo I Omelry Thuradav even-
in t lie wus an old Soldier and a
ta-rnber of the 0, A, It reveial of tilt
eom'aitos were pretant and lo e him io
the lunib. Wa exieud our svuipaihy lo
t ie beiOaf ed one.
Wiabing the ttrssRT a prosli roua
year wt wilt ling oft, to bye bye.
That ibou ahalt tat up
1 . 1 ; L all i It at I openath Ihe
cveiv flrilllnu ilnii con. edl
which thou beat, the mules
Lonn't, (Fx. ii -is i
Thou ah i not delay
lit st of thy ripe frulit, ami of
ibe firalborn of tin sons shaB
unto me. 1C.V. 3i :".).
After Cod oomtuaffj
then Ho said.
: And Ii shall be whotj
fiom the lilanda ut i lie sea. (If. 11
il.) ; , : : ,
And this will not be until this
scripture is fu Killed:
But with righteousness thall be .Indue
the poor, and reprove with npiiiy for
the meek of the etrlb; and be abail
miie the eanh wilh the red of bit
mouth, and with the breath of his lip
tball h slay the w'.CRd,
And righieoustieaa elinll be the girdle
of bit loins, and fuilhfulncaa tne girdle
of hit r.in.
did not have four feet these we
wish to say wa the roprrsenta
tivoofthe Gentiles: For Peter
said God showed him thus he
should call no man common
please read:
And bo laid unto them, Ye know how
dial It ia an unlawful thing or a man
"Why did our first fathers give
a Idegaing- to tha first horn?"
We add that this question has
direct reference 'o the first bom H-U-th thee in lime to m
son- -At least this is the wy we What is tld,? ibat u tbi
.shall argue the question.
And we ahall do this with all
p vt.rane.e lo our Rteat Creator, for
the ben fit of the questioner, and
alto for the readers of the Ckissbt
that la a Jew to keep coronaiy, ro me w "!ial; Srt.V. further there is no
unto one bit another ballon; but God
halh shewed rae tha 1 should lint call
anv man common or ut.ckau. Ac's!!)
-48 1
him. By strength of lias
brought ua r.ut from tgi'l
bouse of bondage: K.v l;l
Now we havo i he &if
as can he why it WAS tin
wut given to the llrst W
j blessing was to be kept
I nrv nl kha. l ord's hatld
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