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World's cresset. [volume] (JAH-ville [Colony], Fowler, Mo.) 1891-19??, September 14, 1905, Image 4

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PUBLISHED Evkbv Thubsoay
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Paters Diamond Special S'JoO
Shoes is the best.
Kills k Little tells them
Little Eligah IJrincgar is chill
ing at present.
School i- progressing nicely ut
this place,
Ralph Calhoun ha J his arm
hurt very badly on last Wfld.
Go to the Colony Mill if yon
want good, cheap Oak Lumber,
Mrs. JJensley called at this
OrriCB on last Wednoidty.
If you want nice fresh bread,
Just call on the Palmer Hro's.
Mrs. Jmlee Atkinson and sister
paid the Colony folks a visit lost
jroa want any kind of confec
tionary just cull on the Palmer
Pro's, wh i have a Lice new stock
of goods,
3hoetiMl iv l aden ur" enter
prising Merchants, just give them
From our Regular Correspondent's
The data for the meeting tor
Congress is drawing near nipidlv
and the chances are that itiuotiu
the questions that will conn- up
for serious Cdnsiilerut ion istlmt ol
taritl revision whether the
'leaders' m tL- House and Soimtn
wish it ur no. The talk oj r
vision is in the air and it is quite
possible I hat the iiiln-s .it lin-
President in this regard trill I
forced on Congress after tin-
standpatters dad thought the sub
ject more than half dead (tad
were making preparations for
thefuneial. Onethn.tr that, ban
given impetus to the talk is the
defection 01 tho Pittsburg
Gazette, an old and triod Pennsyl
vania Republican organ. The
paper in question is felt to repre
sent a large and growing senti
ment both east and west and it is
possible that tho devotees of a
high protective tariff would
! rather see the question of rovision
Verba Kelley Wbeen on the bwl,hl "P undor act as
S.ckHgt but ik some better at Canon. Pavne. (Irosvenor nH
I Dalell than to wait a little
Iravman is!i ., .
uiiu iibvu inn ou cation
Nfr, Sanders our
iusr vucat-
id t" r in- I'atmer ir
..mi t ti warm mea i
i- cheap us auywhert,
Lots of fat cattle coming into
town this week. Mr, Sofaoefli Id
is buying them up to ship.
For Clothing, Dress (
Ready to Wear Skirts of the
quality, Call at
Bilk ,t Little
Albert Absher i.s boarding ut ;
VV. E. Dawson's at, present, aV
tending acb pi-
Do not forgot toe new restanr)
ant in town, run by the Palnaei
broached in the camp of the
, enemy. So ''Roosevelt luck" may
luvor the President as usual and
the matter that is very near his
heart mav stand a chance of
at i amplitbment. If it is consid.
ered at all by the present House
and Senate, the result probably
lest will not be lolly satisfactory to
the country at large. Rut the
discussion in the present congress
is likely to bo an opening wedge
lor more effective action in the
In a short time nature will
throw aside its light and airy
garbs of summer. Soon the
leaves will turn and fall and
The frost will be on the pump
kin and the fodder in the shock,
And msn and women according to old dams
nature must prepare to protect thsmaeJvea
agnst the winters icy blasts.
8o we invite you to Call ami inspect our Complete line nf
men and hoys tabs, idle, we bavo the nicest lino of dress
goods ever earned in the town from cents to 81.25 pnr yard
also e have 111 different patterns of ready to wear skirts,
which if superb and ail the nwnsl designs in the latost fabric
nre embraced in thern. they are tailored in the lutest ftishions
with the most m;nnte attention to all details That go to make
up a perfect garment, Ca'l and see I hem..
We carry a new and complete line of Gen. Mdr-'o anil
Peters Diamond Brand Shims,'
We respectfully invite you to call on us
Wikifl in town.
T. H Marshall keeps a nice
stock of general Merchandise
and he in soiling every thing at
Cost for cash.
Pravei meeting at the Colony.
Mill next Sttnday at O'clock
i-vi-ry body conn- ami taki- a part.
It is fr-H tor n!l.
KUis ft Little iinv. received
their fall line of Ladle's Drees
tiis, Ready mail" Skirt.
Sfwi and Hoys Clothing,
Tin y nr- op-todate,
-Ther" will lie preaching at the
Colony Mill next Sunday at li
O'clock by Hev, L. S. Garrett and
also at it O'clock,
Miss A I i"H Nmikirk in company
with Mrs, Hi-lmspaid Mrs, Sam 'I
Merritt, one of the Colony, a
pleasant, visit lost Friday.
Come on with your Item Cor
respondents. We want to gft- the
iimws from all parts of the country,
Mr Define v wife paid this
OKFh-p a pU asitnt visit List Tups
day eve, they wore very sorry
the Editor was not at home
There will be preaching at (be
Cjplony mill the 4th. Sunday in
this month, by the l'd. also bap
tiztng and ordioaiion- Every
bcnly invited.
-Mr; ant)., Mrs-Devine of Chi
CaKO forraully of this placp, has
been visiting their host of many
friends in this JReinity for the
A .'
pasi weeic returning noine to day
their friends were sony to see
them leave again.
t .i
in mo same connection the
return of the Taft party from
" " l"" I ll'llpj II ... .
awaited here with jjre.t interest,
Nearly all the mcmberi of tbo
jiarty expressed themselves satis
tied while in the islands that
closer and more generous trade
relations with tho United Sta tes
were desirable and the Filipinos
wer certainly led to believe that
something wculd be done in this
lirection when the party returned
United States dispose of the
Philippines in any way it ear., It
has been suiested that Japan
wnubi bo a ready purchaser and
that tho Filipinos would prefer
had they applied such methods in
the United States. But this is a
very large question and one thot
it is not necessary to go over just
now. Suffice it Judge I'enlield is
going on a pleasant trip and he
will doubtless add lareelv to the
Japanese rule to that of the United ; mau 0f information that is already
States, Of course there i- some j in the hands of the Bureau of Corn
question as to where tti- mooi-y nterce and Labor and in the State
would come from in J spa! ' H'T""""'" files on the subject of
present financial condition. It
l o o k mam
American manufacturers abroad,
But the American manufacturer
to tho United Stales, Whoo they
gat back it is an even chance that' m'M,0D" nDd von' UWtMc ray1"')'
some at least of the party will n,ado ' 11 The whol ""ilKr ''
possible that she might hu witting ! broad will not profit by the in
to hypothecate her camphor m ono I retifOtton till he adopts different
puly in Formosa as thai is about j im-thnds in hunting loreiisn trade
the only unpledged as.et she has 1 n,r,K ""' 01 "i.uiiir.
, . agent! who are ignorant of the
left But the cry ust now for ,p i
i lanuuae, manners or business1
I - .ll l,... ....-.,, r, I
pcrunps- . w.u - metbodi of th coootryl
noisy faction, is to dispose of tbej 'pilC engineers of the Panama
islands in some way on the iore , Canal Board have met again und
that they are not worth keeping j received another batch oi moP9pvniT H XIPD AATTTMW-J
exneuie to the"'1 documents accumulated by ex j , AVjIlftnUrj VjULUlUlVJ
' i-ensive surveys and commissions
many years to 1 '
on the Spot, They w:!l take some
come' time to digest this date and will
Tho mvsterv of the rait few meet oi-ain when that is done.
days at the Stale Department has Meanwhile tbey will go to Oyster Q!R TRADE,
been the coming miss. on to Kurope Hay to call on tho President and
with which Judge I'enlield was the active work on the laal will
charged bj the President. This wait a little lonier.
has been exploited as a "secret ,
IF YOU want to put your binds into the hands pf a LANv
MAN 1., S CA l KlVr T' will treat you right
So list with iiim (or Ha is going to make this a part of His Inisi
nesSi and in the Oark's is the pla'-e to buy a home. We advise
the home seekers lo come to South Missouri before purchasing
elsewhere: It is a beautiful Country and the greatest naturat
inducements arc offered in this part, both .'or thr farmer and
business men. And to the Seeker alter truth it has no
equals on earth.
and will bo an
United States for
either discover t!mt th
- v j v v
misquoted ns to their views on
Philippine trade or they will lay
their tempoty aberation to a
change f air It Is not i.Uoit-
that tho islands, raising as they do
great crop, of tobacco and
sugar will do .'iven anv better
show than they now have at the
United States markets, if the
tobacco trust aad the sugar trust
can prevent it. Ti,e ,,.,
that sur-b action would bo highly
beneficial to tho whole people of I . ..
... ' bably
the I. oiled Slates us well as to the'
PROCURED UNO OertNDCD.s'nd''"1"1-
dr.wtnK "r Hi 4i f"r t M'rrlt uihl fre report.
t ! . vlM- r. h.,w to obtain pftUnt. trwli. uiatIcj,
c-l.yrti.hu.ctc., N o COUNTRIES.
BuskltH Jirft ti'itk Washing tun salts time,
mt n. y tiJ:Jt- 1 1e patent.
Patent ind Infringement Prictlce Exclusively.
WnV or r.inw to -ut at
S13 Mlath otrM. op Tjalu4 SUtM rlU Oici,
M l-i I K I I'.V I KN'l -
now beep disjiosed of hy (be real
dent who explains that Judge Pen
field 's mission is not to Buropo
but to South America, though
possib'y his work may take bun
to Kurope eventually for a short
lime. Ho is to help the special j
aire ii ts who are now in the Soiiin
Amoiiciin Raids to study the trade
relations of ibe southern republics
as they have bearing on Born pea 11
n-t. :.. . i.... .li,,,.
exports. a - Hv-..v.. Allofnev. V aaMnoton I) (
and one in which the r.-ien hants of;1JniM(i.(J Ui M,sol)ri jnVe,Uors this
weeK. report etl by C. A. Snow 4 Co
Cri Culman, St. Louis, Com-pt-nsaliou
wulch-balai.ee. Jai'ob
on farm, all round good stock farm
for particular! apply at this OrriCK
No. 8 hi Ai res near Norwood Mn
!S seres hi cultivation; oobulldlngi jt
land. 'J pnhlie rusils running pal
T iki it;i acre, can lS liail on reasonable
No.ll. ."ill Acres ntmr Norwood Mo
hII Umbered land, 15,00 per scre t
down; ih iet on easy payments-
No. 10. 180 Ai res :t mile of Nor
Wood Mo. Somt! ImDroVetuinU; can be
bud in i ht; sum of 5.00 pur acre, Can be
bud on easy terms,
No.ii. i6o arres of land South
West of Norwood 1 1 miles on county
road leading from Norwood to Avs,
40 acres in cultivation, 20 acres in
woods pasture, 5 room frame house
inlanders will of course not figure
in the discussion. Local and solf
ish interests prevent a broad con.
aideration of many questions.
There has in laet been a strong ; nesrlv all our loreign trade reports
his eountry should bo aud pro-
111 some future date will he
much interested the n-ports
that have been ulready received at Ijerx, St. Louis, Fire. truck. Muck
the State Department from the (ireeu, Moore City, Boot. lien.
m ft! Ik I . I.. t. I t
; special agents and the consuls l J ", J. m.
... 1 PleasanihiH, Wagon-scale. Frank
iCvi.ifr, , inrllO.-ttl. H-i 111 l:,t'l '
M. Myers, Carthage, Parallel mo-
No I HO Acres laying near Bow
Icr 65 acres in cultivation, partly
good second bottom. 500 apple
tri-es some of them bearing fruit,
quite a number of peach and chor
ry trees and other fruit. Good log
houso 'J rooms, good log barn and
other out hnildings, good spring
water. It can bo bad at tho low
price $525. For particulars call at
tbil OlflCI or write ns al Norwood lathed and plastered 2 story high
No. 5. 120 A. near lluggi ns P. O
tiO acres in cultivation 50 aeri-s in
good ti mhfr, pusture, between
live and six hundred bearing apple
trees' considered one among the
finest orchards in Texas Co. Cood
log house 2 rooms good burn and
Other out buildings, in fact it is a
lino bu m. Call at this Orrics for
Lion. Ahram C. Pcrsini' Willard
propaganda abroad in favor 0' indicate that tho American mi- PMing bub or float. John J.
disposing of the islands altogether I Uclurer does not want the foreign I Sob wob. SjL Louis, BleTetor.
The Palmer Pro,s. from MfjTheidcoot bav it.g a two year! business. Certainly tin few who llatry L. Young, St. Joseph, Tui
Grove have just oppnod up a nice tour of duty in the Phihoplnes i8;K.,rfln0 alter such trade liavr w"
1 1
lone so in a half beared way and , l"r 9Py ay al"'ve Pents
rooms down stairs, good log barn
1 G 2 story high.
No 12 42 .ICRKS for sale; " miles from
Norwood Mo. 2(1 acres in uull, Nvw
and. ti-iod baril.S room fair home, other
out building, line sprilt(tu m tteariiiti
fruit I roes. JtiMi yoiiair trees bear aon
A snap fur some one. Price T1U). Niee
good home.
., ...I .. .... -1. - . , ,, l . .!M!
reswumni in me nyan nuiiuing - not pea8ftIlt to a great many array
iwt man y nuuw u a ui' l y! i s
building. Just give them a call " " W
and get you a nice warm meal, j n beoefit 10 tbeir bea,lh io thi
any minute, j direction would like to have tbc
send ten cents in postage staiyp:
; with lai"; data of this paper to C. A
have shown a,degrctt of ignorance
as to conuiuoo. tuai o...u ,.avC w t. aahinton U! 0
meant tbei- tiosncial annihilation
N o, 0, 120 acres. ar Fowlor
Mo. With a largo portion in cul
tivation, A lino youeg orchard
Good house: Good barn.- and two
good drilled wells: Bulge land but
as good us in this part of Texa
Co. for particulars call at this
No 7 120 Acres 75 in eultivatio u
60 of it in grass, 1;! ucres in wheat
the rest of tho 120 acres can be
cultivated, 50 bearing apple-trees
4 roomed 2 story house, small barn
good well at bouse, ami line pond I
U. 12U serve -Ji from town, Price
$N. -m: sure,
Dud. tltd 1 en I) all 11 fr a t wn.
Pi ice pel SCI.
old. Hill atrres li miles from town,
Price $1 1, per acre,
-Hi.. 80 acres H miles from town
Price 15 per sere.
All good farms bandy to school and
chureh J. I), C6Wditt
Norwood" 'MC

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