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Question Na. 8.
Watt If tb valley of Baca and what
It Baoe, 1 it.
Question Mo, 8:
What li the biglie t pari of the dint
of tua. erili? And define the higheit
part from tba lowest part?
- Kd. ,
Qnaatlon No. 9.
Kind Ed. pleaaa explain tba lat
ofBov. and tell aa whether it was
a iaion or a dream er was it
because he wa the beloved de
ctple. Orlia Watti,
Spokane Wwhiogton
Bro. Usrrett will yon allow mo Jo auk
tbia question through the Inquiry
column of your valuable pappr, And if
no other proacher or person answers It
you plekie answor, wlilrh Is; Please
explain the lam pnMgrsph o( the S3 Ch
of laainli. -K. K. Happlngtnn.
Hegulii Wash.
QUK4.riOV NO. U.
Alio tell me what we art) to tram
from the 40 1'h. of Uuneais where
Jacob call bit ions to gather themselves
together that he might K'l! them wbet
should befall them In the last osys.
-R- K. Ftappii.gton;
Si-guln Waili.
Question N. ti.
Kd. please allow mc apace in your !
valuable paper for some educated
well informed nun to tell me what
that image wa tha' John the Rev.
a poke of in this manner.
And he bud power t giv H(u unto
the Inange nf the Musi 1 lint the iuiaeu
of the beael should both aiak and i-tie
tbat aa runny na would no' woratiip the
linage of the brae t he U led
Kmv IS -15.
Julm Volr.er.
. Continued ItlaatwHk. V ;
Cash, briogiog tSw Oentileu,
and 'Uat'uMMt' kept hM for ages
and ages; for the Jewn obuld net
e how. that Ood was going to
pwnroke them to Jealousy i'h a
people which were not a. popie
fconoe, . Ood ma jifeeted iu the
fleeh wae that vest. At it reada.
By a and l.ivbg way; srbleb be
bath eoaeeorelad for na. through the
nil. that ' to to aay, hla Beth (Hah
Men; of the wise men of old.
utterly tailed to see through thie
vail. Bat many Jsw there are
to day, that can't tee beyond the
wail. Bat to them that bflieve
on the Lord Jesus Chriat, the
vail ia removed, the, middle wall
ie torn down, and there ia no
more of the abominable thing, aa
Paul eo plainly Machos. And
with hie teachings, we "hall
endeavor to confirmjwhat we have
previously set forth, from
th natriarehe and prophet of
old ; for thia ia rightly dividing
the word of truth, and setting
forth the gospel of circumcision
and uucircamciainn.
The portion of acripture wo
have dealt with in t 'to . Old
ToAtntumHit, we labored hard to
make plain, and also r as m
have went in the Now Tr'tament,
including Chriat and i chosen
I apostles, while he was yot with
tbnm iu the flush, (This llh
I or vail we will speak of in thn
future,) Paul, in sotting thnno
myetoriee before th world, comos
out very plain; And God proper
ed him for this holy mission
among tin Gontils and iu the
preparation for the rout wrk
eot bfcforo him, ho va caught up
in tha third hnaveu, and heard
the uuspeakablu words 'of God;
and lib was with Chrixt, nod saw
him as one born out of duo sonsou
for hi was a great mission on
earth, and lie had to bo fully
prepared for it.
llt'iico; his knowledge cnni"
from on high, And on they go
from piano to place preaching the
word of Cod, and confirming the
souls that believe. And ut lust
they return to Antionh, from
whence they had been recommend
ed to the grueo of (ind, for the
work which they fulfilled, The
work which they done wn among
the Gentile, And when they had
reached Ant inch, they gn tiered
the church together, and they
rehearsed all that God hud doie
with them, nnd hov he hud open
ed the door ol fuith unto the
..i.i-.-., A.- 4
?1L e-b a
Aai eertato aaaa: wWah aaaae atowa
eaa iaW-skt & JbreUiiea.' ea
aak XaetV V erreialaa4 afttt the
waaaer at Moaaa. ye eaaaot b aattd.
(Aetata U . H;
(Kw this was reat qaeatton
o( doctrine for Paul and Barnabas
to,Jontend with.) : 'v:
Wbea therefore Paul and Bernabae
had ao as ell dissension and disputation
with tbesa, they determined that Paal
and Baraabaa, and certain other of the,
should go op to Jerasalesa anto the
apoailes and alders' about Ibis question
And being brought on thatr way by
the eharcl, they peieed throagh Pfaenlee
and Samaria, declariay tba eonverslee
of tbe Oantllee: and they canaed great
f i
Joy unto ell the brethren.
And whan they were eomo lo Jetnsa-
leu., tbey weie received of the cbureb,
and of the apostles and elders, and tbey
declared all things tbat God bad done
wltbtbem. (Acts. 15-8-1-4,)
"And even now, in Jerusalem
they found men to contend with
thdm on this great question, 7or
there arose up certain of ' the sect
of the Pharasees which believes
saying, that it was needful to
circumcise them; (the Gontile
converts) and to command, them
to keep tlio law of Moses. And
the apostles and elders came
together to onaider the matter,
And when there had been much
disputing, (it came Peter's turn
to hnvo something to any, ns he
waa tho one that opened the door
of faith to the Gentiles,) Petr
roe up, and said unto them, Men
and brethren ye know how that a
goad while ago, God mado choice
among us, that the Gentiles by
amy mouth,, should hear the word
of the gospni, and believe And
God which ktioweth the hearts
bare thoin witness givin? them
tht H )ly Ghost, evan as he did
unto And put. no dittironce
between us und thorn, purifying
their hearts by faith." (3hh Acts,
15th. C",)
Therefore, Peter bring those
thing to their remembrance,
n ml many other things he had
fipoken unto thm ; th sir diaenni
larity was .broken up, and they
wro'.o letter to Antinch, and they
sent two of their own brethren
to curry thorn, showing the flen
tile brethren, that they approved
i a ttr.U tUA Im rarpsK j
ail 4 wM law tala raaaoa Chriat
AaJ waataasvar yeeaall .aak U.ay
ism, thai wRI I (to. taat tba Talber
aay he ejs.b tH Rea
' I ye shall oak aay thlag la say
I wm do M. . fSt. ioba U -U-U.
Chritt if tbia , teaeb aa 4wt
whea a teas aaka in hie aasae he
win grant ifa request aad that we
may aatftraUad mora about tbia
we shall ask you to read this.
Him tbat overaoaaslh will I make a
pillar la the temple uf my Gpd. and be
shall go ao more not. aad I wilt write
a poo hls the name of my Sod, and the
name of tbatty of my God, which la
aew Jerusalem i which oometh down out
ot beaten from my God. and I will
write enoa him my aew name. (Rev.
Here you have God 'a namesake
lor Christ writes Vod's name and
his own name on him, so we re
turn to Paul again.
Then Agrlppa said unto Paul, Thou
art permitted to speak far thyself.
Tueii Paul stretched fortb the band and!
answered for himself.
I tbluk myeelf happy, king Agrlppa,
became I shall answer ' for myself tbia
day before thee touching all the things
berrof I am accused of the Jews.
PtppcUlly because I know tbes to bo
expert Iu all cuiloma and quesllons
wbicb are among Ilia Jews; wherefme
1 beaeecb lhv lo near me patiently,
AclaSS-l-e .S
Then Paul goes on to eiplaiu
tbeae things and be aays,
And new I stand and am judged 'for
ibe hope ut tun proiniae mado of QhI
unto our fathers.
Unto which promise our twelve tribes
inatsnily serving Ood day and night
hope to come. For which bope'a sakea
king Axrlppt. I nm accused i.f the Jews.
I Acs 31-0-7
The Jaws had not yet come to
this hope. Yea Paul waa acoaaed
by his uwn nation, and falsely nc
cusod at that. Ho solved God Just
as God wanted him ti. And he
alHu tells the king how that be
often persecuted the christians,
J a .
ana punisDca toetn in everv
synagogue, and compelled them
. L, .
in umspnomy, oeeunse be wan
exceedingly mad against tbem
And ho did every thins; he could
to Cisco from the minds of the
people the name of Jesus But
now be cco't do enough for the
glory of God. He is ready to di
in the name of tbat same Jesus
whom he formerly persecuted
On bis way to Damascus, with
his heart filled with murder, an
with the intent to destroy those
i3"1 4frtfta fedaaj
' ' ' -' mmJ-9tw'. , r , wsvasajSB9 rnaj
Tbat me perw titi nualaaaa aod thar.
ahull pay two millions ol doUers j
nnaatly lot the iospacfioa of meat
wbick they buy later at rates at
mtdinfi vast profits to He beef
trust is the proposition mads to the
House of Representarives by the
Agricultural committee. The
injustice of sach a measure has not
deterred the committee of the wouse
from forroiug and presenting, tub
proposition which is offered as a
substitute for the Beveridge amend
ment that pasetd the Senate, and
which provides for adequate in
spection of meats at the cost of the
The Prci4fnl if emphatically pp
pit d to the me SlUri patented by
the House Committee and il it is en
acted he may veto it or should he
sign it he will attach a memorandum
which will indicate definitely and
unmistakably I.) the country that he
gards the law as inadequate and
satisfactory. If the Uovernment
required lo nay the inspection
charges the provision, in the opin
ion of the President, will render the
law ineffLViive. He is opposed to
the bill in its entirety and has point
ed out to Chairman Wadsworth of the
committee that the failure of the
committee to provide for inspection
at all hours of the day and niuht
is a defect that he cannot overlook
The measure as presented by the
majority of the committee is an evi
dent effort to fivr the packers a,
far as possible and to protect this
interests There are men in the i
House of Represent tivet interested j
in the beef packing business notable
among them Speaker Cannon.'
These and friends o: the beef
trust f-r other reasons, are making
every effor: to prevent the passage
of a bill that will fall bard on the
butcheries and the Committee
measure ia nn effort to compromise
t the expense both in money and
! Hi
i is noj
r,eaaoa ar Justice in imposing tb
batdeaapoa the people. A float
objection to the majority report? is ?
tba setting aside of the civil est.-
vioelswiaod making It possible
to appoint inspectors as tba reeaU
of poiiuoai insoaaee instead of,
merit wbioh handieaps tbsm at I
the start and prevents tbem betag
free agents, . -': ', : f
Se-xt Thursday la the date, est I
by the 8enate for a vote en the
long delayed question of the type '
ot Caaal tbat Is to be eonitrueted
at Panama. A oanvae of the Seqitl I .
..liodicatssthM ?hf Mil pr0vidin
f the doctrine which Paul und raw converts in Christ, be was
Question No, tj.
lira. i?d. pleukC let sonic preacher
'rll me who is the cause nf so many
ui vision Mitukini; so many difTcicoi
ttcnomiiutions all fighting cacl,
ther with theVsword oi seisms,
J.ihn V.dner
anil llieuce mili-il to Auilech. from
wlii' lien Ihey IikiI li'M'n rirnnineMiileit
Inlhc crape o tlml fur the wink which
ilii'V fullllloil.
Anil when Ihev wpp' phiiip, nml IihiI
irntheri'il the church liKutl.rr. Iln-y
rehcarneil all iIihI Ood hail done with
tlifrn ami how he hid opened I lie thmi
of fl'li iinlo th Oi'iUllcn. Aru l
And when Pnl and flamn'ms
had , preached the word of
God at this place, they w-re
confronted by an opposite
doctrine; lor unto Paul and hiR
liarneliiis preached to them
This whs great j y to the Gentiles,
So now, pn4ing over a groat deal
of Paul's life among the Gentiles
brotbeitii, wo !nd him falsely
ccud, and delivered up to
King Agripim, jint what Christ
For I will shew him hnw (,'ri'it llitni;
he iiiiml mifTur fur my iiiimi'i sako.
(Aru. 11-10 J
I,itiii; thought is given in regrrd
to God und his Christ and their
nuniesttke yet Puul was to sutfer
much for their numesuke for God
sny this,
T, . Ft my nnmc's sake w III I defer
mine Hii?r, suit fur my praiMi will I re
fruiii fur thru, Unit I cullliuu U"t off.
Tlieiufnre nfi) unto tho lnm.e of Israel
Thus aaitii tho I.nril Ood- I do not this
f,ir jnur aukri, ) hoiiKe of I.cml, but
... . . ...
nir niini- nniy iiHm-i.a suite, much ve
have piofuiifd iimong ilei tiLKtheii.
whither ye went. iKs 'k 3.-i.)
I tot a ate love! canal will li favor
ed In Bouse of Representatives there
ia a different situation, ttpeeker Cannon
and the majority of the Representatives
favor a lock cana. . If the Issue Is then
referred to a conference committee there
in no tvlllog when an agreement will be
reached, Po nolwlihuanding the Benats
cau e to life so suddenly on (bkmcenUre
afiur iba threat of Senator Hale to attach
a "rider to the appruprintio bill pro
vidlog for the construction ot a ses .
level cane! there seemt .Inleprobsbility
thst Congreas will actuall determine the
type of Canal before next winter.
fci.3rt.ilww to MtaU pant tnito mitt,
Bbtm Greet wkk W mi tingle mm AW,
omrf m eftm tmtfumu
SitMrt US' leMsfamat hietln Uclatlwly.
Wilt. MM
waa4iwavosi. o. e.
-. t '
,J : : .. . .
wi.iiigu iu fliiaauurf invcniors una
week, reported by C. a Snow & Co
Patent Attorneys, ashinuton D.C.
Unnritf 4 K. Aid. (I illaiin, Keck voke
health ol the great publio that buys 1 1 ennr Williain J. IUin, Pierce City.
tha beef trusts products. j Condiment holiler Aut Binle. New
. .. i l. k- I "even. InaulMor. Clmrloa A. Co'b)', St.
S iicolhe matter ha boon be I
JilSCnll AtlftcllHIPnl fiir Wti.liilltr titooli
f A. uuniii.i.ll0 a ! n ( m ' .
lore wu..Brr, .u r ,,e,. Kmnk L. Di in.rtini. 8t. LniiU
the publication o! tho Noill-Kcy
confronted by our Lord, and the
deathly pUgue was stayed; and b
himself, became one of the cl.osen
that he might be an instructor to
the people winch But ir dark
neos. An'j he preached Cbrn.
and Inni crucified, mid also that
I e was the lirat l rise from tbi
dead, to )bvw lihgt unto the poo
pie, aud unto the Gentiles; and
unto the Ge utiles Fnul's mission
was And in the eighteenth
verse of the earne lrnty.sixih
chapter of Acin, Paul conflrms
the word elsewhere written; tbnt
tbe people which hiu in darkoea
saw great light: and to tbem lu'ul
sat in the region, and abadow ol
death, which wuh the sinning Jews
great light sprang op; all this Paul
makes plaiu. aud he goes bank
into the dark rei-csitee pi the' paet.
and brings Christ forth from tbe
propheuies, "as a Lamb slain frnm
the fnu.nd-r.iion of tbo wor'd.1'
eblds report exposing tbo on.
speakubly . bad conditions tbat
surround tbe packing bouses of
Chicago and disclosing tbe fact
tbat tbe entire public is menaced
by the filthy decaying aod poison
ous products that issue from them,
the Capital has been infosud wl tb
the agents ot the trust who are
workiug day and night and spend
ing money with lavish hand toj
lobby and prevent legislation
along the lines of the Beveridgc
amendment The entire Congross
knows tha'. in matteri that onme
before the House Mpeaiker Cannon
is practically all-powerful and the
effects i i iiin nteres's in M e pi eking
business is apparent in Chairioar-
Wedsworth'n report A minority
report t the enmrniitre presented
by Representative Rowio of Ala
hnm objects to tho proposition lo
lux the people two millions of
d'dlars nnnnnlly fur the inspec
tion of meat a 'id . that inas.
roe eh .us tKn coin! i lion, which
make uch inspeclion necessary
were created .by the packe's and
that as th health of tbe ponple ia
Kxlnwihlt bracket. K.lward V. Dieter-
el. 8t. L.uiii, Water uester. Adolph O.
E't-hUorn. St, L-'Uir, Pud for gigssddles
nnd bsck hands. David Falconer Ulicn,
Snout piercing tool. Uoorg4 B. Ueury
A. Msrih, Getter. Folding poultry
crate. John W. J.iliiiron. Trentlon,
Hoisting apparrstui. ChurlcsJ Klndel
& It. Ctnperamilli. St Loulf, Dsvin
port bed UanfJ I) MujBuld&E F,
Thayer, Combined churn and Icecream
freewr. Frederick W. Merriwestber
Ksni.sCil) . Bod clamp. John 8. Mill
er Hi. Louis. Coffee roa.tcr. Kichard
OUVIy, 8t. Louk inkhi chluet.
Pnillp T. llltier, St. Louis. Unltv hold,
log and walking devicn. William P.
Bprasr. M"lrly. Sliers. George 8.
SmuiiKm. Qord inrilli. Chicken brooder
Fur copy cf any aliove ptent
send ten cems ic
postage stamps
vim iai ar.te cf this piper to C. A.
ii.. c. Vsiiiiigoa, O C
Fcr Sale.
Saw Mil!, Eoxme U horse
power in d saw rig tor sale. all
at this ( vric if you want a cheap
rig and buy ut once.
We vill take a good taatn 'n on
the mill o' will trade it for acoor
at stake It wou!d be doubtly nicest jpit'co of farming lund or thubc
to saodle bot capeos.. eu she und.

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