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Pate ( Inquirj.
Question No, ij.
Bra JSd. pleue let some preacher
tell sne who is the cause ol so many
divisions : nuking so many different
denominations all fighting each
other with the sword of seisms.
John Volner
Question No. 14
II God it a God of mercy and
justice and if Job was ct a perfe
and upright man why did God
ton bits over into Baton's hand
to smite with sore boils from the
. aole of bis foot nnto his crown.
Job 2-6-7. Ii it fust to punish a
nan for being perfect and upright?
S. G. Merritt.
Question Mo, 16.
Editor Chimit.
.Please tell ui through tha Columns
of the CnaMtT what would hvs been
the remit or effect, on mankind, prssent
and future if Chriit bad not lived or
F. 0; Hint.
Question. No, 17
Wby did Paul reason out of the
law of Moaes and oat of tbe pro
pbets so much? Please read;
And when they bad appointed hint a
day, there came many to him into his
lodging; to whom he expounded and
testified the kingdom of Ood, pursued
lng them concerninK Joint, both nut of
tho law of Mow, and out of the pro
pbsts, from morning III! evening. Arts
Question No, 18
Please tell us why Paul used
this language?
But contrariwise, when they Daw that
the gospel of uncircumciiiiou was com
mitted unto me. ai the gnnpol of tb
clrcumcisloa wan unto Peter; Out. 3-7
Quostion No. 10
Please tell me why that Paul
had to obey the law of Moses
under tbe directions of tbe twelve
apostles after he had preached
aeventesn years to iho Gentiles?
Please read,
And the; aro Informed ot thee, that
thou teacbest all the Jews wlmb are
among lbs Gentile to forsake Moaes
saying that thoy ought not to ulrcumrise
thoir children, neither to walk after the
customs, .i
What Is It thereforof the multitude
must needs come together- for they will
hear that thou art come,
Do therefore this tnat we say m
thee: We have tour men whirh b avo a
vow on them.
Them take and purlfly thyaelt with
them, and bs at charges with that tiiey
may shave tbilr beadm and all mnv
know that those things whereof ilii-y
were inrormed conrerulog thue. are
notblng! but Ibat thm thyself al..
w nrqeny, ami aeeneiii me w.
Astoucbiog the Qvnulvt which lc
lleve. we bave wrliten and conuludod
that they observe no such tliiin;; mvi
only that Ibey keep tbtniKelves from
things offered to Idols, and from blond,
and from strangled, and fiout fornlcu
tlon. Acts, 21 81 ty 85,
Quostleos continued to page a.
Continud from last wwk.
Tuv "Search the Scriptures,'
-fit, John v, 80; Mark iv 11 ,
Timothyii. 15.
The nnder may think it atiauge
wby we have need the above por
tions of scripture as onr text, But
when he will studios them for a mo
ment you will ene that the text
is a good one, and appropriate
for any part of the Bible. Thus:
'Search the scripture; for in them
ye think ye have eternal life;
and they are they which testify of
me ;" is a text for any part of the
"An! he said nuto them, unto
you it is given to know the
mysteries of tbe kingdom of God
but nuto them . that aro without
all these things are done in par
ables," is a text for any part of
the Bible, And, "Study to show
thyself approvod ur.to Ood, a
workman that ueodeth not be
ashamod, rightly dividing the word
ot truth," is a good text, for any
part of the Bible. And with this
three-fold text, we proceed on.
First, to set in order "The law of
Ood, as we find it in the Word
we meau tho law given to Moses,
for tho government of the Jews,
which law, also is the law of the
lotter; or in other words, tbe Old
Testament scripturees," Second.
"The law of faith." And third ,
"Xbe gospel of circumcision,
which was committod unto Peter,
and the gospel of uncircumcision
committod unto Paul:" upon the
gospel of circumcision, and of
uuoircumcision, it is necessary to
speak ; and upon these not being
clearly understood, as God
intended thoy should be, rests
the struoturo of the divisions
among the Christiana, Aud also
in connection with these two rob-
puis, it is farther necessary that
we keep in view along with nt,
the law of Mosoa. But first, wo
would have the readir under
stand that wo aro lint taking up
those three points eoperately, as
wo givo them above, But we
shull present them from a u-iitcd
standpoint, First then, we afl'-rm
upon the authority of God's word
that he has not forsaken his
people, which ho foreknow, (the
Jews ho foreknow,) Though
while they rejected Chritt, under
their blindness, at. his first com.
ing, vol. tlmy worn not left without
a way . to nrve God. For when
the prophet wa looking through
th mystical scene of time, when
Christ should ninko hi first ad-
1 vent to earth Bays,
Atid mi liigliwiiy d'ihH lo there nnil
a wu and it Khull m callm! The wy nf
li(i!:iu . In ,15-8
Ihe higtiwuy in th.i law uoii
i;uvo to the Jew by a,,k.rti l-,r
if ,h('.y 0.y iiis luw Mrifllly,
o, . . , .
nan promised t
HUVtl tllHtll
u;in uiu cannot Hd, lli-oco. it i
the highway, th prnplnt Npuke
of 'mystically; lor tli" pr-pli.t
speaking nguin. roiiCH'niiig tlm
rumnuiit of tho ,, aftr tin-
the advonti'f Chiiet, nt the fall
of Jerusalem, iys ;
4Ui tkae' atMU. m aa Wghway for
Cs rsss H of an stwple whlsh aaaW
swfcfl froas "Assyria tks as It was u
lanst 'JitiSiy (feat he, caaae up ot of
thahuMwl tirpt Isa t '
- Kosss was their leader then.
aod his law is their guide day.
Bat on tho - other ' hand
the wav. is Christ, which 4 mi
the way of holiness ' This' way
was for tho lost ones of tho Jaws
that had mingled with the Gen
tiles who were sinners, which tho
lawoonld not redeem, and oonld
only be redeemed by the blood of
Christ, and it was also for. the
Gentiles for Christ was to rise to
reign over them.
, The gospel of circumcision ws
given so they could repent, and re
turn, and serve Ood strictly ao
oordmg to the law, as this langu
age of the twelve apostles, would
prove, "Thou seest brother (Paul)
how many thousand of Jews there
are whioh believe and they are al
ieaious of tbe law ; These work
toe ones oi tne Jews tnat were
il . w
redeemed by the blood ct Christ,
and brought back into the fold.
. Or we might say by tho gospel
of circumcision: committed to
Peter; those sinners, were brough t
back to the highway, and placed
ttnHc r.ria latsv Tit fkia SVan than
were savd, by Christ; Christ buing
the way, A. id then the Oontiles
were brought iu; that is, aftrr
Christ died and rose. Then tho way;
was prepared for them. This will
plainly give the readur to under-'
stand, the ilifforeuce that exiatB
betwoen tho Jew, r.nd the'-Jeu-tile.
Not as it was in olden itaes
for the middle will was taken
away, which was tho curse ot the
law; but in the wsy of worship the
JeB aro held in bli:. Ju-jss and un
dor tho law; the Gentiles hnve
been brought out I.- m darknpus
jnto light and are 'ind. r the law
of faith.
While the Jews, are justified by the
law through obedience: the Gen
tiles could not be; i was not aufici-
out to bring into subjection thn,r
nature. Life had to be granted,
and the law was too weak
for that. But in Christ, this life.
was (riven to tho Qontiloa, and
now thorn can be no mor sou Is
doBtroyisd with the abominable
thing; of mingling tweauee the
Onntilos are now a pjople, as woll
as the Jews; and all the Jhwm wore
rought back under the Mosaical
Luw by the gospel of circumcision,
And to day the Jews remain
undor the law of circumcision.
hich is the highway, And the
gospel of uncircumcision, was the
way, prepared through Christ,
for tin OentiliM: bet woen those
two churches, there is quit'! n
difference, in t.he way of worship.
ing God, Tho Brut diviiion,
that was tftwoei; tbom, diup-
pnatpd in Cirist, and only If ft u
dilT Tnct; bfitwpi'tl thclll ill till'
wuy ol Worship: tln-y aro both join
unyiiig tii lienvn, the J.wsoi! th'i
highway mid tin, G"niil-s on tb-i
wuy. Tim i, tlmtH tint aiv llv
iiiU in oShmIii'iii-i- to (?!; wcciird
inn n IIm In, lirf(!ti.(l t lijti in
'lll'll of tlll.si: WnVs.
Tho ro'tPon ot thixii !, ,y
iii, on iho account in tlm ;',a:itr(;
tluil. tlm Oititil"-! Lad h-pn
urenlcd i-;. it would not ul.
low . Ihem, i (mm! nn I.t
the law, and to prepare the wayiuiHiii this k is founded tie?!
for them, the Jews hud to lirst ho
hliiidorf, and repeatunee preached
& ( I . . V . . .
in me isi jbwh; ana it was lor, oat unto feter, ns chief, wos t"""Ui vine-gen rioin
thm ressK Ch-irt spoke th,.se'coinmiUd the gospul of circnm- the tempor.iry shadiiw with in
MfoidstoihoUsatile woman, .Iti,j N'w rendered, thx law of cii- "j1"1101 "treiiKtb and bt i;ht.
uot .meet' to uo tbo childrvns cumision. . I ched beauty. , .
bread is decs," The ft osoibe
food wbiok a"4s s4rw-th to !
om. doss aot satisfy tho othor, for
asezasople,'. the . horn oosjld oot
live la flesh, aot tb Ilea cid aot
live ho bsy. or straw This teach
ss as that Cbnsts tiiao wbils bo
was oa ths earth was vsry free
Ions to the siloing Jsws.
Tho Gentile's food came after
His death; this was bis reat-
- ........... -fi' v
eat missiou to prpars tho wav
for the Gentiles. , Jor tbif reason
Paul, in Galatians, says tho gos
pel of .uncircumcision was com
mitted nnto him as the gospel of
4rca xcision was nnto Peter.'
-(For be that wrought effectually In
ieter to the apostleship of the elvcum
clslbo Ahe same was mighty In me
towafu; lh Gentiles. Gal. 8 -8.
And Christ, to remind Peter
of his office work, says to him.
lovest thou net more than these? He
naltb unto bim yes Lord tbou knowest
that I love tbee He sallb unto him,
Feed my lambs.
He saith to blm agnin the src.inri
time Hhnon, son of Jonas Invent thou
me? He saith unto bim yes Lord thou
IriiAwSMsit lliail 1 Intra lhasu at aatllk untn
ihimFeed my sheep.
lie saith unto him the third lime
Sinvon son of Jona lovest thou me Peter
wwf ricvod because he eaid lifllo him
1 tiijtuird time Lovest thou my ' And
ijei said unto blm Lord thou knowest
ail things tbou knowett that I love tboe
jesus sallb unto him Feed my sheep.
2t jobs. 21 15 1 17
These words Jesus spake to
Simoc after his resurrection from
the dead; and aho before his death
he said unto him.
Simon Simon behold Mian hath
desired to have you that be miy sift
you as wheat;
liul I lvc prayed for the Hint ihy
f.il III fail not; and when th ii art con
TiTieil K-rengthcu thy brothvrn Luke.
22 ai-33
And in another phco, Jem
said unto him:
Tluil thou art Peter, ami upon this
rock I will build my church; and the
gates of bell nhall not pruvail oniiiKt It.
And I will give unto thee the keys of
the kingdom of beaven; and whateoever
tliou Khwli bind on enrlh nhsll be hound
in hpuviin: and wbiits 'cvor ibou ahull
luuee on earth shall be loosed In heaven.
St. Malt. 18-18-19.
Now a Kreat many poopio say
that Peter really was "the rouk''
upon which the church of Christ
should be founded. Thie is a
false interpretation of th6 truth
of Ood, expressed on the Bible.
The Bible does not t?aoh such
a doctrine, why, just think for
n monitnt, ai.d reason will teach
you lwtter than that, if nothing
niso will. But thnuk God the
liiblo tfnchoH ns bettor. Christ
iinys, ''Thou art peter, and upon
this rock will I build my church.1'!
V uk, was Pter vnr railed a J
Mfck? Nay. But Christ, hinisoif
is bo rock. RmnHinlwr, Peter
whs nothing but a man ; a p'iir,
w..ak hiiman-lioing; and Christ
prayed fur him, that his faith fail
luin imt, fi'ter would have .ti.ii
poor muteril for tbe fouiuf;tti,i;i
of tliM church of God; ho was' s:
weak that Chririt prayw'l for'-n:1n
It is faith fiit'fhhn not. TlPe"1""1 -'""ve " hs "innocence will,;'1'"0" ''f ifrniMig hind Artimhf-
Itiblo p!uinly telU us' that Christ
i ia tlm nii-lr t.h conmr ati.nU- nod i
chureh Ood himsoU the foundation
I All other rounds are sinkiURand-i
i . .
s. J , . .rf. . f
IteTing ooch principles on
wwak) is vain seek to icq air a
good nanus. As . well .expect a
veel to traverao broad ocean
to a deatinbd harbor with no
rodder whereby to controls its
Though a good name is won
only by a life of constant activi
ty and exertion, by self denial,
and an outflow of charity, yet ita
rewards are Rreat and endurinp
aod to fail ol its possession is to
be without the best thing on
earth- Without it go'd lias no
value, "birth has no distinction
V '
station ;. no dignity, beauty no
charms, age no reverence.
Without it every treasure im;
poveriahea, evr grace deforms.
every dignity degrades, and all
the arts: the decorations and ac
complisbments of life stand like
the beacon blaze upon a rock
warning that its contact is death.
He who has it not, is under eter
na' quaratine no friend to greet
him in bliss, no home to harbor
! him in heaven.
And in the midst of all that
ambition can achieve, or avarice
amass, or rapacity plunder, he
feels himself alono, destitute of
the sympathy of others And
at Inst the soul reaps ita reward
with unbelievers in eternal tor
ment. "A ood name Is better
than great riches-" Though at
ta'ncd under the most bitter
trials of life, it is precious. A
good nnmu is gained by perse -verence,
by patience, by suffer
ings, by hard ships, by pui-i-ness
by righteousness, by Godliness.
And if there be any thing else
it is imbraced in this one Hay
ing keep yourself unspotted from
the world.
A goon character is a sure
protection against suspicion and
evil reports. A man of bad or
doubtful character is suspected
of a thousand acts of which he
may not be guilty- And if he
does a jrood deed it is apt to be
ascribed to a bad motive, lie
has lost the confidence of his
Tiipy know him to bo unprin
cipled a"d hollow-hearted, and
are therefore ready to believe
all the evil that is thought or
said of him. but none of tbe
good. On the other hand, a man
of fair character! of tried and
established rnputatinn. stands
out to the eyes of the public as
one who is above Huspicion, end
above reproach-
The envious may utttmpt to
larnish his 'air name, but t.hi'ir
fforta tecoil upon their own
lie is concir-us of acting from
correct principles, and bene
known to the public as a raun of
j intspity and worth, he need
aever grieve WmMlf mu. h ('.in-
crn hs to any unfavorable re
ports that may b ciix-ulnted re
s;wcting him,
They ncut him wil limit t rial,
out the judffouient of a court.
Slander maj, indeed, for a iiu-m-tit,
lis :! f,ins on a m)o:ic.k
character, but such a character
l)as within itself an antidnU' fij
I 3 . . - I
.fc! agoud.name will secure
for you the esteem aoi confides
e of your fcP9Wf"en.'hrw will'
it increase your capacity and
extend the, ipherc of four ae
f ulneaaf Tly r tta men wfaneo -
friendship la moat ljy valuodV
whoso opinions 'have greatest ' i
weiybt. whose patronage ia moab
eagerly sought, , and whose in
fluence Is moal ; extensively v
sought In the countiy? '' Are tbej--not
men of principle men of
known worth aod established re-
A fiood name draws round ita
possessor warm friends, and
opens for him a- sure and easy
way to heaven, to honor, and-'
Reverse the picture, and think
of the direful ev.ln -of a ruined
- It will expose you to a thou
sand painful eusHcions and
blasting reports; it will deprive
you of all self-reapect and peace
of mind; it will exclude you from
the confidence and esteem of
your fellow-men, and bring npon
you their neglect and contempt;
it wi'l cut you off from all means' "
of usefulness, and degrade you I
to a mere cipher in society, rend
oringyour ultimate success im
possible. A good name is thus a protec
tion against suspicion and evil .
reportKjitis tho source of the
purest and most lasting enjoy
ment; it secures for us the es
teem and confidence of our fellow-men;
it incredsea the power
and enlarges the sphere of our
usefulness ; it has the most
direct and hnppy bearing on our
success in IhV; if stands connect
ed with the happiness of our
families pn? friends, with the
welfare of societv, with tho tem
poral and eternal hapniness of
thousands M;iy God help us to
work fur a name that is bitter
than great riches.
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Phlegetnn, Mo.
Who ban had .yearn of exporicm.o imd
who (inn not hit ,jrj.rt- fr c,impict0
i For rufcrriirc, Mi', Funk Ninlcirk
an.l (he Kit. or Ciikkhkt. AIo ho wl
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foundaiions. H, A. CAW
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