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World's cresset. [volume] (JAH-ville [Colony], Fowler, Mo.) 1891-19??, May 30, 1907, Image 2

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gtmr-Tanmriimrintfri mnm
'jfTflm ' mm r ' -HiTMi l'ru
11 if
Km. I. a. tiarroti. Mlwr
JAll-ViHc Colony
i'nlurct,, pr year,
Loot! par I
' abornant iuierti.t. j.
.Li. rrv. Ai.itUj 1..JI f.V.bj. is light and in hira - Jwelleth no
ilir i or ilic w .f.l m1 fl.i) t led J darkness. Then in putting on
..i!ve iuo .11 Bi.!ur. and., tho robe of righteousness w put
Jern.-i!rm .li'.l be ir.rMcn dwo of h r.n tVnvea- Immortality is rot a
(!n ili, until ii. c iire of il.c fieM:li gift viMUUt put it Oil That U
Lffuaicrt. Hi Luke l -9 -31 !l,Mvm U f... .
1'nder the one man theory you A1""4 our selves with it by dress
can not iU. rvcrtI:at Cluist here! our splw,, wit righteous-
..... a i
- t ' " ' . ' l int.do a d ff.TOi! between, two. waencver any one
lHple, lb' ! i.ght us to observe lad to do tliis then the mortal
that tin- one cbs Uho Israelites) I11' I)Uts "n ImmortMl dark-
WllS Ill lie f(Wll l-n'tHt'O
iivsh; or in other words thev out
timt l". ,,..,.,, ..ii n.,. :,mi o r'?rHin '"--H. Then we will under-
20.00jMM.:,kHofin lW,..,ws. Uut ve,jn (ri,tivity unt;1 r,,iu.r dass'Mand that Christ has h.v.von.ar.d
10 00 fdd. that sjccml lest. v.hicl.j(th (j, xtj,-,.s,, ..i-.oiii Id t rod under i w '"st put it on. Th.n v.c see
Immortality is not a
190 00,
Crsatfcn and Fsrnistisr..
3rd. Oussfo'cf Mr,
We answer in the ih-st place,
that thi' righteous enter into
their reward a :.). un they
pass this life. Hut they do not
llVlmii' ilia i'n:'.IllftftJ l'iir liffi ! fv.i.n.l .nf . ... ..,1 '1 ......... .. ...
re. iinr uiitneir lu-ii). Ub: It r.: "nut
bits any tbh.g to say
HUIIIB a urui 1 II BfT II LI II Will . a,v I .... . . :
hi. friendlier to tou-h ft drop kt ,,ud tft ,b- U,ar I V,:r,P", U',a. ,n .r.!v
K'!ks, :;in' ni'iv. sviiilH'.inct le i.e.irt nn
f.0.00',..nt'r into tho rest
.?rl. . 73c -u. monil. j ,,i,ul "I"'11'" of 'H !""''1t ',p- f,t tho ( ity i.r J rusalen. forty uNo th:"
ine. Int. inicrtioa. c3 ., nt ilv ,','",nfl1 r'nl ivi.n!a,ld Uv lli0!lt!lH whit.h wul)l ' Kf t but w.
aff r il.ath. Sifond w must
Lxal alvtrlitfmenh wili it NUV that thf punishni.-iit of the
linuY Milt! tr,f red ul.
WkT Sf-reia! (iint'itcts m tJf m
"lei.ion. Nu. J
Why did IVuI leaion ont el the
law of Mf.e and ont of ibe jiro
phct to mnt'lif I'ipe read.
t . ,i i. .......... . . ...
nil. wnrn intl 1.1 I H f id 1 11 1 I Uim
iwie!;'d is placid upon
. ijuiiji'diatiily !i ft ! d":ih.
uli.- ixif nf tliis fai t we ir
in the rciiil.'r this s.'i-ijil :n-f.
! T.'r w , ii . ci'niu r M id in. wliii li
l: i!..i.iil in j u';.V hi. I ll:.c
l.'n'ii K...I ' it r t- I .i.ii.'i,iM! ( ? i(- tin)
A I I llli.T''
nt I,
we oarn it an 1 wln.-n we
lasting life is a jrift of d tl
of Liquor nrnr ow th- d of in , ( '; '-.., ,v e.;r
int. mVreDC, a- that w b:S 'Ur, AUh;,u'h ,re (tur or '' !-"ca the debt,
fa.'. Th. I.l,k cup U ijI.c'I ! e-' t,,', J,-r,"at li,a fctto "eau.-.-.you .m.-v.. lwtd w-
over hia f.M he luti hn hv. t ..! . . .co . got n' d.-ar .'Id mot..cr
d.b m.J all i o er. "l;t u.' W,U rcn " hat 9 1,1 v e 0 M! '" .rth
d-iv -d imt.nv. r a nnn i-.wi.tl.: Anath -r R-.od p'a to th-rv: the world o yon 1 she is row,
thst hall k a!., fap." 'e-U cf kitnl.m i in t'.iu l..iris ! .v;i !miov what I any is true. Uut
Th.nm inj:.y kiuJi .Jad:of li!t'e c!n'.Jr- th"T ntvtr if (Jod is Mil! spareiiut her life.,
whhh we mav kj in .-ur R.irdtfn'i,urS:t "d ll" h"' J Cr"w gi H'-y !.vm-la ai t tn.v y.um- friend .-an-cf
life. I havt the apaco toju' l,-v;"1 ',,u i"'ud, :.mo i not e..nt,iin tiie love sh- has !,
mi.ti.ii aM. tut tir it oiih J ;.dd .?riui wli:.m y-m doany l'v. yoo. until she U parted from you
want ery ci. wb.) rad tiai t .il "0dU" J ' ; i.V'U eann-iMvalhe the troe.l s he
trvas ii'i"i xirine3 men i i.' vr-ti ' 7'M Wcr" '", : arcUil ' dtM's ye;', althotijh at liim s she
.... . . ... -. i.i. .i i.:. i . i ,....1 I .
W.. 1. .n then, that in ol.ser-1 ant"1 'lH-st, snid, 'and I
tl('''-lini, .I... .l!'r...-..n.-r tl..-.. v. . imd'to rh etti nal life-' So
jevi-n n.i.v. ir.
. . .i -
i r.fi of ser.'1,,,,l",'r
thi'iv is
will plainly siv thi:t
ving to Cud We will observe U,"M H 11 i'fer.ei' between
that man is not ;1 trial or either 'veilastir' life (See St. .Mm 1:
li.f tin- tw-i; evei!;t-,tint: life or - -VK nnn ortaiity slio-al.l
i immortality. MiitfnrtV.it:.. For ",u ' iot sulticient f"r.Hwtr ture-itli away wrath."
lit is said tin- trial of your faith til'- Mother r any reader weikiud to the err:ni one that
o;v(.rdid Imf.jrr) and I wit. i;, . that vju ijw tlie amn Ki:..i i! , niay set.,i iiurii.iisoni.-. and us...
to the rivrl.t'i.us luiiiiedi-itHy!bl.in,r jn.h flll,l(.RS of tlle 'Kft it on we wear it. Uut ever-i. are y..u m, abundant hjiT. ,.'. of ,"' n n lien you arn old y.-u will l e Jess a-jd e( n di1a-.t yet sh:
U-od ibioqi, thai i tho .-..d. f ; l--it..v-.1. l) jr. t .-t -ma a-d ..I ; lows yon do may 1... uid, Tot
five l k:ij(l-!.er! it Bruiv A i 1 ,IU' rtfU fc-lvr,, l "v sun sj.o will
anuthelruit i nvt and w tio!..'- " "I"11"'-' 'Uttivation nit.i Tan itjij .m moin.-r w.'.s tai;. n iro.-n Die
4 m. S o no tiiii-a th- J..,! ii!yur valaa'.n tin., whtn y. uwhenl wa nine years of uk".
hichwflt..w mav look do-.-jur-i1"1'1 MV"''l- ;: ear a-... but I ren.end.er it
aa-ii.e but retn.-inl'i-r "a n't a.i. I."'-n be ry C!ir...'ul of our :ir- as if h happened yoxterday I
' "'' ' c",r ";!M-'' i : : .) 0..1.1 ! trust thev ,vill ask until tbov nr..
111 Ul'.tll inn: .)'.).,. " . . t. ...
il.MHI.iiniii.il " "i inn. in ii.i k c 'i.r It lu nlum I.. K.. ll, ,
fl.'I nf S'-t.'
ll. tl I. II.,' J
Ami .
is O diifereneo betweni
I vi.:t i..i, ii t!i (liiliti.n Wr.iltrn iif
i in. iiii i.. i ... i, .i toon
M i I ri . ii.- till. ii til'- I ii ' ui.'i i . .. ...
I. tin- . ..it! !n wn.-ii fell frim it.f . . ,. ... ... evenastinR lite and immortahty
will hav. the iieriile.vitv whii.-b ...... .... , ..
It i... n over i!.c .!..(?. !. . I V " 1 " " " n ' 11 111:11
lias been iiiiliarisinif to nun. Hitni' mu. Sn i.ir,rmr t,. .....
(line ami ii. Um V ..tt. 1 , , ,: ,.,..,.,.r"
removed iroiii i.u ins vision )"...... juui ".ivum-iii Ni-rvani we
Am! it r.nii! Il .i, Ilif tirvKHr
... .. :.. . i . ..... .
'Iior rinm hu;i. M him nil,, . , ,
i lull , . . . Aliiil ii. i I.-, ii. : ili.j ,c!,
I9l:l.l e ku 2 1'iRi nf (l.iij, ,pr.ii Hl"' VH lerinl.
inn ti.nii ri,r..'tr.iiiip ...ni I nth .ml uf : And ml.. II lis iilu-il i.i in.,
e!of Mn. an., out nf il,. pro- l.cin in ..rm.'iiu. ami c, t ii. Al.talium
Ph.tv fr, mnrnu.,! till fttDinS. Arl.',f,r, Hl, ,,h,irll, i( j.j. ,.,.,,
I ... ... ... . ..
a i.u i.v rr, in miu iii. ii riuii'r Aim
Im..., I,m- in. n y nu mr, Kt,i! .ti l i
the reading of tho,e truths .set ,Sil' ('0'1 ''''' Amkn.
nefore hint. In tlie answer of'
tln .".tli, ipi.'io:i the Ith. will -:
more fully explained. So v.o
pass to tie1 fifth. .
Chicition No. 3
I rur Hint I,.1 limy dip III., tip ! t " K '
'in wmer, m..l r.il my l.inirn.'; fm mu
- I
I'll IIIMI.i:)! ill '... 111.1. V.
l'leact till un wby Paul met! ! ,'"t Abraham .aid, S..d. n-iui.ii.l.ir
lai lauiriliifer ithm IIh.ii iiill.y litelimu K-flvulM tli y
Bm e.mirariWiM, wrrn tl,r- aw thai tlilnj!', and Likewico l.-.t iin.ivil thin,,-!
L.. .... ., . . I '
n n,(r. oi iini iif.iin ii wm mm Mlt n..v lie :t
tn.ttt.ri I,... .... .i ...
Hit K'M H-l II' IBP i
r.ih. rlsTiiJN.
I'm tl.i- i "i.i;; tii,if in i put mi
il.i I'll l !, '!. 11, I II. ji M.'ITI 1-1 lull t I'll!
" Bbsmfisld Ini.
May 1007 j
t'r.iitinu. d from last week. j
So it is with ihoy-mag man a. t
. i i l l ... e t . . . i
jj.i il.-ns a 4 u arc J't'iu nL-nriiinj; 1 na in ni: 'T''Ui:ti now site Treated
u.. ' t.t our worlo tin trKf i known by me but untheeontrarvjirrkind
.... ...... . , . '
mar tuk In-art and turn from hi. 'ni t md K H loon. Ann u-i nes ami gooniu-ss l.ei-omes
evil way Ui kind to the ngtl ' n "ot "-' l1' 0':1V' rCiod .!im fn sher in jny memory as time
th.. d-ar old p'.ple O-td b!. th.-m ! ' 1,w! "rom f' "dA-. rolls on. she was my helpmate
tli'friendi ot their youth ar..- n(l i ' !" wir!J n,,(l miwt I never did begin to return
i;..n tiiAirchildrm h:n Imiiin r cik nod -v aeu-rdiiiR to hi. th-help. V.'e nre to earelef:s, to
thnrowii nnd now th-y uci Irit'dirHiMbin nod ilvy nm plait. .l,,ni,,""'p,'1'",l Why I have heard
alta'nneon the ld ho.n..-8t:nd ; fool or wr.vfar.ins mm. i.ed .rrj''."?''' "',,"1'1 U"''U' "'I"1' 10 li"
littins around tha AU,i,t il,U '.. . ' . . ... 'thins-!ind abuse them. How
--- "iiiifrero, can nm ihock ti.ta
taik.iix ol tho noid tim.s nhu. : ,
.... .. , . tii.l.'ts wo suii.ir for it in th-i Ino.
the children w ere lit 1 1 nlin rs.tig ,
their childish prattle. ..r.r and ( n' 1,01 "'' ved -d ' "ot
ovpr. mocked lor whatoHvi r a man
They am left alone iu the dear old ws that h" nhall nleo r.-op.
rjtciimfiiia w nut,, p,.r j,.fj.;
ntii T, .r!i il, nml tl.. .ii ;.i .
Ami lii'il.lt-hII tl.i. IiuIkl-mi in mi. t
ml lull..,' l:
. Alien il.i- c irtiii'ti
;:. ii.:.,nii.'i. ti and
jjini ...'Ml l fcll.ni H'll. nm I llll.l U,:v fl
i.ii !.!..: im inn
,i. i ,.,..,! n ,: ,.',t , a i.T.u. t -! ,u,rr:"1 ' ff firm trail.
home, j
;lwhrihtWiin.tvuutl(.wi Al,"r " ma,,.v .v,'ar
Uhn Jurj;i cine, h, ni U( , Wheu tho li,ius full ol frohc
r-jom with d facaa the for-mai. and fun ;
, f ... :. i: ... i i.. .. i
jHfty ' tne Jurymen fiuda thit! ,:" " '.
young man Kuiltv of murder ml tl"y two, ,
tin. ttrd der.e. The court pro-i"':e more' heRi"i llf "v'ri
n-unoii thu .i.tei.(!e, tteti tlie 8,'n
day mid Imur f .r .xecuti.u, helJ"sta tLe'V Jld "' 1,19 (,,-vs "f!
J'.'t me E I'aron
What Ys Ov. 0
QnetioD o; 4
a .V Hi i.i
.'l I
lle. tell me way Paul .aid M.o
cirti mciBion ihould bo junliflc l by
lailh and tho uncircomciaiou
IhrouU fatthr PIoihi read
I I e lb ij'l of tVf .law. only? ii be
T.-l i't -f Ihn (l,r.uili.. f th.
' -1 ...
?..'.V H It. i.i.f (let. whirl, ..
and I
j.oiily tl. i i.rumc.aiiin by fuitb
ui.. in ..in. ii..n tlirniiKli faiili. Ami li aid. Ny, fmlier Al.mh.ini.
Un wp then nvikc tniil the law lliri.iiijh ,but if on wii.t imt,. tht'in fmni tl.u
f.ith? fiml fm lii.l. yti. w itiitiitilitli
tkl lr 1I..IU. S -Si. aO-S.
tOMtion No, 5
Pleaio tell u why it wat tbtt
Paul aaid thin?
Ai i' .iieeruiuK the lixpel. tliey ara
an.uiiii.t for yum kr but ai l.mcliini;
thn .:.(tinn, thry ire l.uluta.1 fur the
fallirn t.k. Itu.u 11
Uut'Htiou, No. ft
What apai-w del C'hriit hi and on
in time the Ibiuil nf Nonl.?
p'o'vir Kllii.
Uiey whiiMi wi.it .1 mm irnm Ii. ik": l
y.ni r.im.'t ; neither can Kiev "m t w.
ih.it Wi oi Ii) nine ft 'in. tlieme.
Thru u mid, I pray th.'e, I l.t-i i-f :(.
fa'bt-r. tt,t thou w.'iiM.'Ft ten l hiii. I '"'V diff. renee b-
my fathei house jtweell everlasting life and im-
For I hiiw Urn luetlircn, tl.ut he nmy j mortality'?" Yes. there is a
temif until them, left Ihcy :-.. i i.inu : diffen nee Our Text is. this
int.. thin plnve ut torment. i mortal ruust put on imuiortality.
Al.rliniii utiti. biin. ll.ey h.ve ,n ,,lis we J.-aril that when we
'.U.'s.ii iiihI the rnphelv let th.n. l,.Nr I,ut "" H'ortality tho mortal
i part is it.. 'loth. '.1 in immortality.
I And innruVr that we may eomcj
to a eh-ar under st .mding of the j
lead, they will repem. j 1,11,1 siii.jeet we sltall asK
A u.l he i.i. I iinio him. K il,,.y 1(.ar ' .vm to read this. ' j
not M,e und the prophet, ceilhei j Wl,''iil- hnib i it.tu. Tt ! il , .IwellniL'
will ihry be perxnnle.l, tli.oiKli nc r.i.ej in ,1,e Hl w,,i,:'1 " ' 111 ln "Pprnirb j
from tli. dead. at. I.nke KJ-1K to til. . ,""u: W""11 "" "" halb seen lim rial
ll-re is the rowar.ls of eaob. I we- wb"ln ,,e U"1,"ur ",wer
shown up. The .lust in Lazarus; i An,(-'- i' Tun 'i-Ifl.)
tho wicked in the rich man. The t.'hriat then, is the only one
dust the reward of happiness; j that hath immortahty dwelling
th wicked the reward of i in the light there is ipiite a em
of piinishmunt. Tliis example 'trast between our text and the
docs not need any explanation wriptnre minted in Tim. by
and Mrothor IJust will see that it I'aul, He said to tlie Cor. Ilreath
.. . . .... . l
d i i.m.ht I., im. the ,"" r" "' noiir naa couie
i:,.t N w.i. ... p.Hti. i.infter mal,y topi" i-ighte 1
I lip II, V ,r I "l V 1
! don l'10 )''u'i ' tl") tiileiit
l.fore they were nine or ten. j wn,s ,nnt t.xp.8H it: W(
Tie table ig get for two these dayij"ve them our all, whatever it is,
in eiitmren weut ouo ov onu, ;anu yei we eoniess vto are un
of the doath ill. He is placid j Awny from home on their oiji-r. unprotitalile sons aud daughters
on the ui'tlTolfl ami it l,.,l ......... , t,1..,, ............ r.,.. .i .....
... . 1 1 , T
ate wayR,
' Koi' al) we do for them, is unlv
wrong. Wo never pay our par
ents for what I hey do for us.
Sons and daughters, you that
are blessed with parents, take
li.-'d how you treat them, when
they are gone you will look bael
and see the place they once (ilk ,
lis vacant and cannot bo refilled
then you will see more clearly
i than ever just how ymi treated
i themand you will p-ievo that
;did not tivit them better r;. any
n tear will be shed and l.ut now
it istolati ! Like the good oh!
song- "We must be parted for
awhile" you will meditate und
weep. Now is the time to make
wise action abovo all things,
never, mistreat. Father or Moth
er. I f you do you,!l regret it.
('. S. Towo.
answers his tiestion so wo .ass
to bis Ith.
? m U
i m ct.
4th. OTKSTloN.
(il'KSTIO.N No."
I'm1 uer Garrett pleaie pito ui
an txplaioation ol Melchtxedce
who he wai aad of bia origenalion
w tee lie wan king of KaUru aod
prieil ol tho rooit high God and
without Father aed Mother with
out dement or beginning of daji
or cod ol bio and Chriit wai made
print Inrevor alter the order ol
him plenee give u your explana
tion thrt ngh the good old Crrmit
1. H Rymel.
ren that the mortal had to put
on immortal to Tim. H" snid
that Christ was the only one that
j hud immortality. Th' Mies
I tion must arise, win' : iinmor
tiility Christ has it, and mor
jtal, has t" put it on. h is gencr-
j lasting
(iiii.ti.n No. 11.
Arte 21.53-31. Win wer the
four met. aud what wan the vow?
TattUm-i. to purify
himself wild he at charge with
them when ho in already pare?
Why share their heads?
And what doea it atguify
What ii there to be learned
from thie today.
i, A. Siuiom,
I... 11 llllll' 1,11 ti.i'il 1.. ..!'...
,t,, ' ' " i ,..11.. 1...I: l .1 .i ii t
, t . ... ,.:". "Iie.eu uim till not V O.
bf.' or imniortalitv. ' ',
: man is the mortal part, bit
Kn.ini? Hii lbl t! trvin,- nflW'" 11 f '-: e must J
your faiiti w.uketl. nalicnce, J.ui.e.. t !r,,n'lu,'! lllilt H"' tnortal part ie I
a Jsometliing that must put on im
, mortality and reason does tench
fJoddocs not put us on trial , its that when this body dies it
for everlasting life nor immortal- Join not put on any thing, for it
ity. Uut He does put us on trial lean only molder back to mother
for our faith. Urn. Kust we! dust. Hut we must say that
must say to you that your per there is something in that body
piexny comes irom a misumler- ".at lives after death And that:
standing of the scriptures, And i , the one part that must put on I
whilf you ure under the one; immortality. Then we say to!
man theory and under that theory Mr. Rust, am) our readers; that j
yon can not teach, nor neither can this world is the great dressing '
you be taught toobsfrveallthings parlor for the human families'
which Christ commanded should and there is two suits f..r the!
be observed: Christ sa'd: "Teach ! mortal part of man t . he dressed
them to observe all things." (See 'in, and the mortal part will, und
Mat. :'(.) 1'nder the one man 'shall nut on ,,,. ,,f ,,,
th.mr.v ",;, u e;-,a.'.ro Avae.h,. nor. ope is the robe of riirbteouness
I..K-..1.1 1... . im...: . :. i ' "ifm,
.,,. i hum rout uianianu the other is tlie iT.'TNatiti-..
ded, that we should. For He said I righto..iisncs. And theie is a:
to His disi iples. choice for us. Ifweinit on the I
lint ii no it em that ate with . , . . I
rbii,U.,.l....l , ,,at life mck n 1 ',f ''gbte.iusnvss. e have
Ilium. foi ti.cie h:i. he great j ,n''" ," certain degree put on
d: i. c in tlie !aii'l mid wruib upon Imniortalitv in the liirbt. for fli d i
We do our own Inspection no
Extra Commission.
SAM! OUKKplVXU!l3,-,
A good . Itooni Uouo and ;; Lot it. Lawery City Mo Well Located,
Ij trade for good Jfmth Mo.
- r':.J

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