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ISditor ot the WotttD s Cresset.
i. Norwood Mo.
Dear Sir. . . -: -: . .. v '
la one of yoor late issues of
yuur paper yon agnail the Catho
lic Church, and the teaching of
that church.' - .
Now Brother did you ever, be
long to that branch? and are you
well acquainted with the teach
ings? And the martin luther
history? if no will you please tell
me why martin Luther was bar
ed from preo.hing by the church?
what I would like to know is.
1st. What was the cause of
Martin Luther leaving the
Church? Facts only.
2nd. is not the teachings of
Luther as moral and as Religious1
us any of the roligious doctorings
of to day.
8 d. if not, why not?
4th. where wa th rh
that Martin Lutrwr lort founi
edf ' ; .-.
flth Py whom wasitfonndered?,
Oth.. where was it established?
7th. Why is tbU reading on-'
der the 1st. Epistle 4ch, of '1st.
John? under heading, ; .',
He warneth them not to bcliere
all teacher who boast of the
spirit. -But
to try them by the rules
of the catholic Faith.
tear sir if this meets wth
your .pleasare please answer
through your papers.
yours truly,
P, McCaUiz.
Roman Catholicism Exposed,-
The. One Man Theory Condemned
Bible Points Discussed.
"Thou stall have no ethers gods before rue."-' Ex. 20 3.
therefore, .When they tench you these tilings, beware of
what you do; for Gad has spoken, and also warned you ot thk man.
pope, aii hi blaspheming, and lying wonders, be not , deceived;
yea, let God be true and every man a liari For tlila ;m4n ix)pe
requires of all that Is under hltn, to bow down before' these-,, lin- -age,
and pray before litem. And we add, that by this very act,
they make merchandise of you. Wherefore, Jurist says," .My
house is a hous&of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves.".
For by this superstitious worship, they would if they could,
steal God's own gky from Him, and rob Him of Ilia power. ' Hut
t) lis they cannot do. ' 1 '
; Hence they have to be. satisfied with the millions of souls
they steal from God in this way, and rob them of their brilit
home beyond, and place them toy-over in a state of remorse.
Then dear soul, whon he beckons to you; 'lo, here is Christ:"
Christ says heed him nut. He then may tell you next, to worship'
the whole host of heaven. God says to you this is an abomination
to Him,
Ho then tells you, again,, that you must bow down before
images; when God. tsnys to you, Hint you must not; Nor even .u
in uchus make thein.
Hut the Header might ask th tlmi; Does the Pope and his
body claim any virtue in tlies" iin t r . And for the answer we
shall let their own language sp.-il; m ! -oy, 'That one day while".
St. Alphonsus Liofy was pivarh
ni-.iltl, ho was ravished
(Contained from hist week.)
Hence, he says, make to thyself no other Gods; neither must
you serve them, not even the saints, nor angels, as he teache us
by Peter, at the house of Cornelius: and also by John the lteve-
iutor, when he fell down to worship the angel; and the angel said
unto John: " See thou do it not, for I am thy fellow-servant, and
one of thy brethren." And we ask you to read this language,
that was spoken by the children of Israel, unto the prophet, uiwn
this same point, and then read the answer of God; they say to the
prophet, "As for the word that thou has spoken unto us in the
iiviiiv. wi nn, uimui tv m Ti4i uwu iiwiiiivtu uiluu lliUVe UUl Wl n 111 Ctrl
linly do whatsoever tiling goetii forth out of our own mouth to
burn incense unto the Queen of heaven," Then Jeremiah said
unto them, - Because of these abominations, your laud is a des
olation and a curse." (Jer. 44 10 -17 :!:.', Because the? wor
ship the whole host of heaven, as it reads in another place.
Hence, you sec that this is an abomination unto God, yet the
pope will teach you to choose the virgin as your advocate and
have you to ask her to protect you, and yet puts himself' up in tho
l!ii.-e of Christ to pardon you. Oh! Dear Reader, 'is this not
-.lough to Lt yon see his lying wonders, that lie presents to you:
. in t in l ii ! i.ii ii i u ilii ijiiiTb vv nun itiiiii i ii i' it rir un innriiiii n -w i
fore you, as having virtue to help to rescue you from the torments
f l ergatory, as you will learn in this language.
"Most Holy Virgin, my Advocate and my Mother, M iry, you
iv and will always be, after God my hope and my consolation
it the hour of death. From this moment, I have recourse to you
t'lil Iiim nf vim i nudist, inn in flint, mwuxm' " fia lti-.lr
lii answer to this, we will have to say to you just what God
hiiwitlf yni1 niiruif rlmf. unjl l Inif. lu
"Tlmu shalt not make unto thee any. graven imairo or anv
ilicii 'H.s of any thing that is in heaven above ortlmt is in the
n th beneath or that is in the water under the earth." Ex. 20 !.
Then you see God leaches us, that His house is not a house for
he decorated with images, for them to hear and help us: Hut in
'.-I- Ml.'l-'lMltlUIUU WIUIl nllll' ItU, IlltHYlT UI1IA, llli;t3 .ttUV lUKLtft". Ul
lilieness of auything; and then he further says: '
Tl, .hi shalt not bow down thyself to them nor servo them.' Fx.
Hut the j will say, will you try to deprive us of bowing down
i'" e those images of the heave nly hosts; when thoy remind us
!!.' And we answer you, that it is not us that lias said,' you
'i.sl nut how down yourself before them: No! No! Uut God him:
I :l".us it to you,. and says: ' '
into an ecstacy and was seen elevated several feet in the uir:
and a statue of the mother of God, which was at his right, became
quite resplendent and the bright rays it cast, lighted up the
Saint's tao." (Mbsort book 9th. page.)
Oli! What a lying wonder of this po(o through the greatsea, of
(Animal magnetistnVof the power, that was athiscontrolc, to make ,
people believe that this man,' was elevated so many feet in the air;
and that a inarbh? statue, would become alive. Hut this is just .
what Christ warned us against, and whatjlis Apostles pleads
to save us from, is this power of the pope.
Yes we have been a Catholic,
To bp continued.
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