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World's cresset. [volume] (JAH-ville [Colony], Fowler, Mo.) 1891-19??, March 30, 1911, Image 1

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Ponder the path of thy feet and let ail thy Ways be established' Prov 4-
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y v- .f..j5 .(a-st.i bsiwtiw gmTwuw iw itwmA 'ktw ... . - -- .
Vol Ix itsEUSHYKNOB. Mo, Thursday, Mar. 30th. 1911. No 9.
WORLD'S CRESST ;imi commence, os mud, be- Washington
loved wife, whe is ready by the
s ttue carress of the morning to
welcome her good husband to
her arms, and happy fireside at
close of day
iblack-leg entourage. Fanners H is mistaken. Japan has 123
land hr-eders are importing thousand, but tbey are mosuy
o ia I?
-i 11
ftj.t er Clydesdale, Norman and Per- san pane, a Kim. oi usmuK , ,, ,
eiDer ho.ses.whieh are far 'carrying tvo or thive persons ! sion .. Congre- s hi op .
I .... . . , . .1 ..!
better. . I ., an.o .Tnnnnose rilf,t 11:1,1:1 '''Proevw .... , ,,
Willi ti iciii vi. . . i
Pvphi "' Iti'jrulwr 1 'ovrcspoiKli'ii!
And to the out streached arms! The Jockey Club of New York j imported more than forty mil-
II is said that the United States & u , , ,1Hve mm.b
to do with the navigation of the
the sei ond tep will be, it r
to mateHatiy reduce he Mr ff
- 1 n 1 , , ,. ,. iu uo wiiu ii"iinii'nni ... ... , . ... . n-. n'( croons
N G GurrettandM M Bower of his little on-s. as they toddle and the sporting gentry all overUons ot dollar worth oi dia- on " 1
' ' to meet him. All go to make biin I th country are wry bitter I ,UOnd lat year This country, Pac fie, foi they are nnexeetu a ti)lis can h ..
- - I feel as though no daily toil could against the "hypocrites" who, s might, be expected, h the ttH gan.,rg and can en-duct a we rn S na'or w i- has 1
fP :, . , . .,' ' ,,1, 4 l. I have been so successfully logis-Urreatest diamond market in ihc . . ., , ,,,,. callid th erea. s'
r i v,i hi. i) Rykiiv Thl'Hsd.VY to hard for him s that he. . , ., ,. ... ra.rrv.ncr trade at less than 'a"
v iii iinr nnrmnisr. Imi'td VJIY'lnir 1 )(:,.-,. 1 .1 1 n m rnxnita Una tin . i -1 i .......
luiliW iiiiiu. - ' nii'l'l, 1" qinw lull"""'" SmCe XorMliUN "M O-P H
II . 31 ..fi 1 'in A . "l i I. ..1.1 I' ... iUn AAAfc ..f OH A , 11 ( l V 1 ( ' ll 11 111 iVl
yrpeuiiiK oj liici' nui.-icn in .izreate.- Jiarvesi; in ute wnnn mr mrwuw " ,. en a t r
! menea has been dooA less given Idiamond thieves If i- said that
1 1-1 v
I itV Toe race hoi se is the least
the ' 9 t-oMi,e .1 Urushyknob I Yes. give such a man won
may keep that smile on the face
of his wifi and strength in
if : (id those little arms, which are want
.w.,; Mrwumhi.r I'.i-H .'!' at tour.'et him.
a stagge'ring blow- -V, t what ol most ladies of the 'Tour htm
lio, r ' "" the
.Ma . rd. 1879,
nit (i p 'i o
'ix W'Ai
i . " . . i . '
Ava o 1 plenty of work; it matters not
' how hard, or how long the houi s,
He htts'a v ife near and dear to I
useful of the equine rac . He is
dred1 wear paste diamonds in
ropenn country; buttketalU of mjqj(,r,g 0, .
anv one nation controlling t'.a
. n or wo do la
me ; a s x 1
' more legant m d n.( ,rt eoatifort
1-1 "13-. I . , n,.l,,n l nn0f n; it
nrrtAP tn avoid the PTnosure ol 'P a CAauH
smad, a tight weight carrier, all th(jjr rea) ,,,,ms ,0 th(. (.upidiiy
hot sand aDd ginger.', unfit fori f f.,, i;,'ri,i.rin..vd PxnertsJ
f0 cents
(the saddle, unless it is the saddle. I Good s(.ll(M1!(,t hnt w,v pBy for
ab'e att.ir
under, and loving little j liybt weight jockey, and is
children he loves and for whom ; fl( or-nMtlljnR but jjamblii
the re?ii if the spurious will do
"' ' no hardships are to heavy to eu-1 f sed wUh a eold blooded
ljeentS ..... .. ...i n, I, tin anlf!
uure ioc uibui i-" j horsS of good bone ana size, a
that they nay not want for any . , fld carriage horse
'00U tllll'.gS
Trying in the name of Jesus to
lay up for himself ti easures in
Heaven, where he trusts he '"ay
... ,v,o will make us up' have an un-broken family around
ive Subscribers, se id i iho throne of God
lav and hold the titty Husband's love your wbes, a
ir ab. or n Club Christ does the Church Wives . , ,ir.tn tin swiftest rac.
at toe s ane alio, ' ,iy your husband, for this i- the j 10l.sGj whie tor courier purpose;
as well.
Itapp 'tirsthat the distinguish-
I n
; nd m iihHW exnerts of ' ranee i
may be obtained, but there is no ,mj qg1. n.my IXVQ Btrenuouoly at
looger anv domand for the wm,k U) th.u th(1 Unitpd
thoroughbred rare norse in.Btatea llnd ,Tapan must tiglit.
peace or in war. The tplephone , ThearRDment of the Herman
" wireles telegrph with motor j pxpprt h thatthe control (,f the
cycle or the automobile will call ... , e(,sontin t0 tie cora-
it'fnu thu doctor much . . , ......... .
We wish to say to the People who corn? to tee mee ng
xistanceof Japan, and tn the Colon v Farm. that, those meetings ate lor tlx b . r'
that inorder to maintain this
he cause of Christ, And we invite every bod iocoic, vt,
111 ' !ocK Let ,K' 0t btt' j In time of war or in str ss of , of Gmm m, HftWaii
i . . . . : .... u , .t ...... .11 i i 1 1 . . i
terne- s s iniiK u ucuwucu ...,. , ,,, neam wire ess
-n II 1 k...,lrl nillntOll.
Ill IIL'IUIUSUOIIU nru ut.-.
.M'THOiilZKn to an orates in the month
u . I uc (;tiusc ui v. ill isi , vim we in im.- . i ,v
supremacy Japan must haw the
if , , , n ,.,:: u will behave tin mse ves, and conuct themselves as bt-ct ir
nr.n wi nf i mm a m nlw as '
e in V
a Mr
to bel.
amot parted all day from eadi other, i - , llol Sl, t() t.oraba,t.
I oi
n e
ion 'i
i i County Su-pcrin ftc.iug haul towara ea h other UIr ut imong complains ihat the J' ' (
:e ictiie school dec i,v tl.o harsh words. , that had ...,, if.jai .,, ,, i.nfnuf.d to . ! '
Bnn'riii oi uuniii Mini i..,i..iii n.i
e. the telephone and wireless coalinfr8tiitions and bases of sup- Law-abiding Citizen, to do, at such a place or as b c m- m
raph; to say nothing of fly- j ply But can Japan control the person at a religious meeting, as provided b the law
machines, hav put th(J paPificr Will not Er.glnd, Get- Our Farm is not a public Farm. The hou-e w e hold tn etn t-s it
.... 4-n ..m-ll.ot- I ..... 1
many, France, litis si a and other is n:,t H puh'ic house, Hut a private house u d for hi purpose o'
2nd Tm sda.v in Apr! I )GGn ute red by them, before sep
111. We ic i-vd that the ieo)le ernting Oh! t h -m cruel won
lido no better than e'ect Mr. tlint dropped from the wife's li
. van t the saute place he now j sjnix- ,.p down into the hu
t I o .
in powe
have refused to ( thing to say with re!
have sum
Ol'i nee
i-jvorv m
ir an d-
V shoui
to i'in, and to th"
it 00
v m :
en .
e-ktss at the
. . i ... ii i . l.n mlVi Ia tnmci ri I hni,
i I... Bofnuoii t.,i ... . ... ..:.i r iioiuiiiii mteiincTs loran anu ev?rv one wuu ifn .,..ui
u,v ijutiiu' ci uu,c ... i...t . i tning in say wan i i m i-
P I recognize the great good racing ! control of ' the 'Pacihc? ureal meetings and behave themselves while here, and while theyan-
! was accomplishing for die lm-,Bratain h easily five times as on this same Farm. W- invite no one here that will not , strictly
,S I ,.i' O... I....v.,ll,,l' l,.u...,,t, ..V,1 ,,n ,1,.. gag ,1 a Tn tin 11 . .1 i i Ml ...I. .. ll, .1 g-o . tt'QTri ttial Op A
iii'io. oi 1 1 1 ... i ii;.. i. ii. i . i ii mv u i i ii i ."I Hue .-..I. .,. "i i ooeyiiioso ruies. anu win s y ihiuiii nun u wi .1, .....
It is onlv snorting moo of the and vet she does not pretend to ,.,.,,,. , , ,, ,.: .. ,.sennduet. on thi-farm.
hand's heari-.lonn y. u are so character that claim ' contro toe Atlantic or even thei .,, ' . ' ., . , Kt.
,..,, von do not treat me right. , , , ., ,f ,. , , For we will lully prosecute the offender ol the sam. Again w
mean, you 00 no.. 1 u r- that racing does any good for the Mediterranean ol which she
An arrow in the heart, thai cause imiirm, ,m,,,t ,)f ,he ,,., (1. holds both the gates Suez and ".v to the young that we wish to treat, you right and give von a 1
many de-p sighs during the day lt doubtless improv s a breed Gibraltar, The Mediterranean 1 the moral pleasure thai a christian man can ai Bnf von
and Willi t 10- liaunt upon . , ,rhnt Uind of a. breed? U an oiien sea. Janan cannot 1 innst, rosnpft, mil' 1 iirhls sind rnl. and reirula'ion
f-Torse doubtless will long be control tbe Pacific Hopolng that this will be ail the warning needf.o 0 'u-e
used for the saddle, for drift tt is doubtful if she could c m- j t)C p0op.-, when iliev co.r.e to the me tings on this farm and at
,,11 1 ii,. rnnrla mid on farms- or trul the inlsnd sea of Japan, 'o... . . , . ... . ...., 4-i.n Limn, aancntallv
. ' ' . 11 ns piace 10 come uie av imu iiu uwiij oniuv., v..-,,
mm iira-.uu, u,i i i iay I ) v. 1 1 I i 14 01 ine i 1 "'mi .1.-11,
niemorj ho v
return home
vil, it be when !
d hu-.b.. d, t e rem mber- ( )!), j j c.oUid but shun them
darlc frowns and see smiles in
won 1
hya l0V'"ff stead Howsw et labor ro me ; , , ,m extent, to which th' . nf nhhll, !ind other con"
I hq. Husband take trie ; 1MoU), Vobides have In a very ; tfguous waters. The Pacific is
licture upon you woen .vow s!,0l.t time ta.cen the place of , ,)y , d(Js ti, biggest of oceans,
M -. Belmont, has an- and n0 nation or natons c
or is
'1 re ig e
it, and life
And in this
id"- t after a
cp more be
str. at your wife And f rGod
sake let the will of the Lord b
Inounced that he will ship -o control
Die same writer
d lovo each other snore Britain four ef his best ......,. r;i,i
meiy above a 1 -ave t a'isi, aim ., )t Well let them u, - a ..,,.hina in the
, , i i : f , ., ! . ' uaa il .) i
malfe nome iipp.i 1 "
nd chi er- blessi
uwith thMr joekeys and their Pacific, while Japan has I
on the Colony Farm.
Yours Respectfully.
Pes . j. S. Garrett.
,ww am id mtnmmmmmiam
i-a m mil m
"We are determined to satisfy our customers.
. ,' mi.
i m ki a i

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