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..-r-r.?."?? ' .:- jsapii,rT? TwrtJJisa"?4''.rS;
- Logan Celts was a Cold Spring
visitor Sunday.
J- Tv Lord transacted busi
ness in Bmshyknob Inst Thurs
day. Arch ar.il Oliver Rice made
a trip to the County seat Mon
Scvcr.il dt our citi?.ans arc
attending Circuit Court at Avn
this w. ek,
I nil be
i.M w.
$ro, iiv these scriptures till ful
tilled; Let Gods word reply,
I God says in his worth
'"a n that day will I raise op
Welt Bro Garrett while ignor-' u,e tabernacle of David that is
ance is dopcrable and pn judiee i fai(.n ;;n.l close up the brei ees
Is the out growth of it ;is tho thcroi'; and I will raise up l is
wild irsh preacher sanl thai per- ruins, ,xtui I will bnild it
jinnee was ignorance gone up to
fulfilled, was the sun of God.'' (St. Luke
mingled themselves ,
I' Ihiwa lanfh-.!
i in
i lie sons ot men wi remind
(.(1 it!i tlip boas' s as yuu
sea by reed 'eg
"' 1 said in mine I ioa rt eottia
j with the people of those
! ..a, tic band of tie pi ino
I 'ulers hath been oh of in this I
hath ailed you out of
into ! is marvellous
Po further provi
l'n i were numbered with th
the gentiles'
mt Gi
sonsol men, Vj.jj refer you to whore Chrhl
it manifest them.
Coals an
wood after
went to Nor
new drill bit
seed.) it is also a fne: that to try
to reason with such a spirit is
like casting your p aids before
swin and thev wiil turn again
and rend yon.
"(live not that which is holy
unto the dogs, neither cast vc
your pearls before swln, lest
they trample them under their
feet, and turn agaiii and rend
you Ma'.t 7- li"
But while all things are possi
the ways oi oici .
And I will hring again the cap
tivity of my p. opleof Israel, and
they shall. build tin waste cities,
and inhabit them; and they shall
plant vineyards, and drink the yea, the s
wine thereof; they shad also
in ;ik garden-,, ami eat the fruit
of them.
11 and that they might see that
I they themselves are beasts ,
! or t hat which belallcth tee 1
sons of mi u bo'a'leth beasts; ev
en one tiling t-ef ilietli them : as
Ihe one dietl), so ibeth the otoer:
nu inhered t hem with the la u,;t-
1 for ;i eertaln woman, wlio-el
young daughter had an unclean
spirit, heard of him, nd came
urd fi 11 at his fee t. The woman
was a Gre ka Syrophenieian bv
nation; and
ii oi.le, !
of God;
II ( 1 l'c . ,
t ! W
h l
past v;f re not a
ii ,v ihu people,
d not obtained
iv w I
Peter 2
y the-ii
cir bi
.a mod
l !.
ic besought htm 1
have all one breath; o Ljiat iH, would cast forth tile dev I
that a man hat a no pr
above a beast; for all i
Kocle. ;;-pmp.
And I wiil plant them upon Also:
their land, and they shall no! "9 In these days also sav
more be pulled tip out of their Jews that had ma i ri d wives
ith God. being aide to m( which 1 have given them, 1 Ashdod, ofA tnmon, and of Mo
il out of Ivr daughter.
Hut Jesus said unto her, l"t
the children tirsl ie tilled; for it
j is not inert to take the liuu: -n s
M bread, and to cast it unto the
of dogs-.
b; j And she answered and said ue
Mr and Mrs John Smith of
Dry 0r ek passed
Brushyknob Monday.
create sometaung out. oi nomine .,,.;,k . i, . i ,,, ,i ,i, " Amos n i ,i. a. :a .,i. t,..ir ' i,;,,, v..- r.. ,.,i- .-.a i
II , , .IHU IIH.II I Ilium ll . . ,.... , - ,
D-ll '"' 1 Ila
Now Bro, lias this part of the
. ii i . 1 1 i.i - j' .... . ,
through ! sixth d ty and gave them doinin- I law been tuinnear i ou oi i umw
: we are now thankful to God will answer no, men n in iwu
making tangaele out of
ible. as he did when he
man male and female
created on the
The Crksskt
ion ;
in the speech of Ashdod
could not speak in the
guage, but accoi'din
language of each
and 1 it nth
r th
table en
t of tin
Mark 7 -
ews i ;t n -1 ri r, n s crutnos.
to the -js.
eople, And You can see very readi
(Mill- I
to' '
crip i ures lie
stlinoss civ
n bringing
ilnod nigh unto Gad
in tnis way taiejng down the
wall het,V(en Jew and Gentile,
and when tin sens of God climb-
ou over ue vviih ui '.;'.i v. in i
tain when the sons of God mar
ried those Gentile women or
tnii gling The holy seed in any
wuy wit.'. i , em; it was death.
Now ! wid only a-k you to i cad
; minore scriptn re thai you will
' find record! d in Gen a.
hit llesh with tee hie thereot
that he has caused the divine been abolished as not one jot or j c.intenueu wilh teem, and state of the Gentiles iV this ti
light of heaven to break in upon tittle shall pa.s till alike tulhllcd,
I net ,1,,, ti,,. ti4u-i. (,... ni,-J con d ifi'.' von many mote
' the Ed.attendingC mrt atAva, ed Bro scriptures to prove that the law;
lis week. I yes in the scripture he has I haa not been abolished but is in
Lm,n,i fm. t. fonrl -ve hftvp full fore-and effect to-day as at
ivad with great satisfaction see- tae beginning, 1 will only give
ing by hem. that he has merged you one or two more scriptures
forth' into the beautiful light of j as those already written is
s word, and he is not asha.n-! enough tc convince any one that
i-n,uv it i is ngntiing ior iiifir soui sttivuLiwu
c'i is 1 he blood thereof, shall
not eat.
And surely your blood of your
ires will I require; at the hand
if every belts' will require Iti
md at the hand of man; at the
and of overs' man's brother will
Henry ikomason representing
'lie Fa. ten Hill tobacco company
of Troy Indian was in town
iVedna i lay oi 1 1 ,t week.
cursed them, and smote certain Naturally they were in a oeast-1
of them, and plucked off theirjly state, spiritually tiny were
. , . lL, I... ...'..I, 4. ..nliinl InH 4l,nt ij iiilll-i
iiair. iiiui inaue i.u.'in swcui o,v wiuiuui nivtniuu n.. .n
God. savi-; Ye shall .nor, give out a living soul, and they re-: I require the lile of man
your daughters un to their sons, mained in t Ii it state unl il Chr'n 1
nor tak(;. their daughters unto came went by spirit and preach
Mr Martin of the Mountain
Grove oroeer Co made his regu
lu'tnoto B usnyknob Wednes
ay of las' wuJc.
ed for th,
people to
.instead of trying to cause others
that is Wei! !io ('numbers, an
. 1.1 1 l'..ll I,,,,, tl.r, . nmii
I for th3 1 ln stuuiuie miu itiu iuiu un-
md SGSS 1!)00' lmit tll0-v themselves
)wing and at last send
,i, their own soul dragging those
, , . .i !..!.. i : 1
your son--, or tor yov.rseives. ca 10 iiie spnes m piisuu nun
Neh. '.' -. '2i--' o)ened the orison doors and set
Wovo in tiie lnbvi-lme- vividlv the nrisonors fr-e: orivincr them
portrays the middle wall which salvation, spirituality as you wiil.''1;' I
iiire you nave me awnu sen
tance to nil that climb over the
wall, Death; everytime that the
sons of God mingled with those
sts i()en
-.) they had to pay
vnailv deaih.
honest .ionlession is goo
soul n e.v Bro persever
you may become a bright, and are w
shining light yet, y;,s Bro
Blaine Heard and Lpp fTnl f.nvl
le" asi Tnnrsdav fnv Vn.t.h r...nniito the'hnlv sfilld had min-l that they have caused to stumble
M .vckt lis summer." gled themselves with the people into outer darkness; for fear tbat
I have not given you enougn
was also the forbidden fruit, see by reading;
read- I "But ye are a chosen genera
H171-..1.1 i 4i u,;,.a: ,, ,...,-l ,...i,-,c( l,,-il n hiAr (!enti:
roriney uavu iiiim'h ui ihmu uiuui i uiiui njiuinjijvi, .i ,1' i.r
daughters for themselves, and nation, a peculiar nooph1; tha. ye
for their sons; so that the holy should shew forth the praises of
'ou may see the
partition wall between Jew and
so t lie ioroKKien I run,
te remain yours in Christ.
C. A. Simona.
Percy Hopf v.
11 lad the m's !
to br fxk both bones of
for arm at set ooi 'ast
s'-ni .vi
mind as
an o
at nd
I . r ..... 1 . .. .1 I. .4.1 . V. .. o., I
oi one Jtuni, wiuuiuii uiuuisuucsi
in the blood (the wentiles) andiProof to sabsly youi
vet after tlc-v !the sralitesl had i ere are mme so blind as
nart,,ken so much of the forbid- i that do not want to see, 1 Will
ivr is d.-ii fruit a, id had grieved ;od at ask you to read
!,. , . . ,Uj l tSUli in uie nisu uaa iu .sn.iu
his heart his mercies reached ...
: . ,v , . come to pass, that the mountain
out to them ai d he u aid) cast out. 1 - .
' . , . . . ii f of the house of the Lord shall be
ol Friday on manv nations from the land that I U1 .... ....
ft,.p ., '.,.., ... .!....( established in the top oi tne
i ii. . jwiny in nut may uoe is nunc uuk111 i'yco
v.is Vi s c!
iK s ,i in.:
Bro- St io C iin pmy
City was i B nshy
ot l;u
cnob c
and hi'
,61 in merman Co t C
o! Chic u"o
'eachers E-Vaminatiou ! it the Pcrizbes were md Is rait ten
IS turd i.v. 'they were those people that
1 wi r not a people without, salva
il itesville tiou; those Witt were numbered
''"n with the beasts, and Bro Cham
lSns i bur yni know that it is even
Her n mi in tit tho lnr of mnn to minirle
I with beasts.
Coats amended the' While the Bro has did uttc
x m'n tion at Ava j wdl and i as excepted the light
1 Saturday visiting U far :is hc c'micl 1 xPected t0
. .vit a fri mU in while grouping his way in the
gross darkrit ss that envloped
him; o now 'pray that lie will
No v Bro as you have saw and
recognized the light as it has
shown through the smalll rif int
the cloud, press on and listen to
s' tf r 1 1 an
o.'e S md.'
-K. E Lnaean'')' ::1 and wife
. ere in town Friday Mr Lug
en e 1 is re .ire.-, in the Seneca
S o ;k Food Co. of Tiffin Ohio
'' il r p esi nts t he
itkO 00 per
ami exnen
i i
d I Rii-
D'r mess
id Mtg (
st. r.iuis,
th straight
to men with
it Poultry
;.v r i nle s
(In cor
NO I rc
purt. ' " i u'ties wishing to
questions dirougb this
ei up m any subject religious
r of or vi shall " treated
riend. iu- in no case will
Editor allow any siang or
g p irasos go through its
i ny Gods word as he lias had it
roc rded for you, as the word is
First 1 will call your attention
to the law; as you say that was
I he-middle wal1, between Jew and
Gentile andthat Christ abolished
or took- it out of the way now
Bro, if the law ever was a mid
dle wall it is now as it is it full
force, and theJe vs are under
that, la v today th same as they
.vere at t'ie beginning.
Now m order that more light
may reflect from God through
his word I will ask you to read.
For verily I say unto you, Till
heivenand earth pass, one jot
or one tittle shall in no wise pass
from the law till all be fulfilled
Matt. 3-ln
mountains and it shall be xalted
a.bove tho hill ; a nd peopl shall I
How unto it. And many nations!
shall come and say come and let
us go up to the mountain of the
tj ird and to the house 0f the (lod
of Jacob and he will teach us of j
his way 8) and v:e will walk in
l is paths: V ir the law shall go
forth of Zionand the word of the I
Cord from Jerusalem".
As I have proven by God's
word that the lav. was not the
middle wall also that it is m lull
force to-day, I will now try in
a synopsis manner to show you
the middle wad of partition be-1
tween those I wo great nations of i
people, Jew and Gentile- Now ,
Bro. tne middle wall or the for-j
i bidden fruit was the mingling of
the sons of cod (Israelites) with
those people that were without
salvation, the created man that
wiis crea'cd on the sixth day,
and numbered with the beasts!
(Gentile) the man Adam that ood
placed in the garden he told him
that lie could cat of every tree in j
that garden except one and if he
ate of that tree he should sure
r' 'T-i s Hvl a ... v-w -v r -v 1 r h r tta r r . -v
ed up a blacksmith &hop at
what is known as the oici
Stevens farm once owned by-
Paris, and
ne soid to Wnr Morgan and
the Colony bought him.
And i
Baker &
and they
!inan of tho shoo von will find Mr Harry
dr. Wm, ndnegar two of the best of i'.lacksm.t h
are ready to da all kinds of work in wood or iron
Bring your wort: right along.
die, as you will see by the follow-;
ing scripture. And it come toj
1..,,, .nr.,-. t.ni,n in n-inlft'l
Jil.S, Wllvll UJC1I miui ivy Jlllltvl
ply on the fa.ee of .ho earth and
daughters wore horn unto them,
that the sons of cod saw the
daughters ot men that tliey were
fair: and they took them wives of I
all which they choose and (tod
saw that the wickedness of man!
A 1 J.i 1i nd
Seem- it is one God which I was ureal in the earth sd that
-hah ju tify the chcumoision
nd uncircu incision
AND DEFENDED. Bend raorlel, I
., 1 ii ' : piirfh null f rroart. I
I r,w , . how to obuiUi pntcuw, trade murks, j
''') : " '. IN ALL t0bi;TRIE8.
....; liitrtvUlt Washington saVtt time, I
r o . t' ojrtn irn-patent.
? .. InfrlngsmBrt Prtcttcd frftumvel.
Wm- nr vrnio v: -.' (
'jSi EtlKth BtWt, .11 Paftd VfcMOl ''10
WA8HIN070M, C C.
1 . 1.1:1.
I 1 I . 1 ' ' !
iroUjdi faito.
1) we then mat
v id the law
t, rouyh faitoV God for id; ypa
w ' establish the law. II m 3-30 81 j
So ,oe so" Bro, tha' ovet 30
e-ti'S after Cons' as-ension j
Pur an ) th ise of t!iQ imdrcuiu-,
. i established h- 1 iw
w in Matt. 5: 18 as quoted
auuvui XviX uov one jot or tittle'
.very imagination of thethoughts
of his heart was only evil con
tinually. I nd the Lord said 1
will destroy man whom 1 have
created from the face of tlm
earth; both man and beast, (dev,
and G-ntiics) as the formed man
Adam in the gtl'rien was the son
i f God.
"Winch was the son of Enos,
which wa3 the son oi teeth,
which was the son of Adam YrhicU
Don.t think because we are not located in a city that we
can,t sell goods at city m ice, or less, High rents, big salaries
arge expenses, must all bo made from the piofitsofa city
And if yon trade there you must not forget that you pay
for the priviiedge of doing so. It is different with us and the
fact that our business is continually increasing is ample
evidence that the people appreciate the advantage of trading
with us. Our expences ,us smaM and so are our profits. In
the city expences are large and profit are in pioportion.
When you hey from'a mail order house you have to Pay
The Express or Postage on a small quantity and The Kates
Arehlsh. We buy in large quantitas and freights a small item
When you spend a dollar in the City that dollar is gone from
his Vicinity forever whim you spend it with us a part of it
stays here and is converted into taxable property, and there
fore aids your schools, your churches, your roads, and com
munity at large.
Please remember that the buyer of this firm is never
sleepy stupid or indifferent when he buys bargains that wil;
yield us a small profit and saves you money. We can supply
you With all they have ir. any general store, call on'us gettdic
worth of your money in dry goods: Grace lies' FcUbccts
and Shoes Hats and dps &.
Yours Respectfully,
G.G PARIS ITiVrl ) i el k't.

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